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GEAS Refresher

1. A wooden plank x meters long has one

end leaning on top of a vertical wall 1.5 m
high and the other end resting on a
horizontal ground. Neglecting friction, find
x if the force (parallel to the plank) of 100
N is need to pull a 400 N block up the
a. 6 m
b. 5 m
c. 4 m
d. 3 m
2. A 500-kg block is resting on a 30 inclined
plane with a = 0.3. Find the required
force P acting horizontally that will
prevent the block from sliding.
a. 1020 N
b. 1160 N
c. 4236 N
d. 5205 N
3. A 40-kg block is resting on an inclined
plane making an angle of 20 from the
horizontal. If the coefficient of friction is
0.60, determine the force parallel to the
incline that must be applied to cause
impending motion down the plane.
a. 77
b. 82
c. 72
d. 87
4. A 50-kg block of wood rest on the top of
the smooth plane whose length is 3 m,
and whose altitude is 0.8 m. How long will
it take for the block to slide to the bottom
of the plane when released?
a. 1.51 secs
b. 2.41 secs
c. 2.51 secs
d. 2.14 secs
5. A simply supported beam is 5 m in length.
It carries a uniform distributed load
including its own weight of 300 N/m and a
concentrated load of 100 N, 2 m from the
left end. Find the reactions if reaction A is
at the left end and reaction B at the right
a. RA = 810 N, RB = 700 N
b. RA = 700 N, RB = 800 N
c. RA = 810 N, RB = 780 N
d. RA = 700 N, RB = 810 N

6. From a speed of 75 kph, a car decelerates

at the rate of 500 m/min along a straight
path. How far in meters, will it travel in 45
a. 795
b. 791
c. 797
d. 793
7. With a starting speed of 30 kph at point
A, a car accelerates uniformly. After 18
minutes, it reaches point B, 21 km from A.
Find the acceleration of the car.
a. 0.126 m/s2
b. 0.0562 m/s2
c. 0.0206 m/s2
d. 3.42 m/s2
8. An elevator weighing 2,000 lb attains an
uoward velocity of 16 fps in 4 secs with
unform acceleration. What is the tension
in the supporting cables?
a. 1,950 lb
b. 2,150 lb
c. 2,495 lb
d. 2,250 lb
9. A shot is fired at an angle of 45 with a
horizontal and the velocity of 300 ft/s.
Find the height and the range of the
a. 600 ft and 2500 ft
b. 700 ft and 2800 ft
c. 1000 ft and 4800 ft
d. 750 ft and 3000 ft
10.A coin is tossed vertically upward from
the ground at a velocity of 12 m/s. How
long will the coin touch the ground?
a. 4.45 sec
b. 3.45 sec
c. 2.45 sec
d. 1.45 sec
11.A ball is thrown from a tower 30 m high
above the ground with a velocity of 300
m/s at 20 from the horizontal. How long
will the ball hit the ground?
a. 24.2
b. 23.2
c. 21.2
d. 22.2
12.A plane is flying horizontally 350 kph at
an altitude of 420 m. At this instant, a
bomb is released. How far horizontally

from this point will the bomb hit the

a. 625 m
b. 577 m
c. 785 m
d. 900 m

bolt required if the allowable shearing

stress is 70 MPa.
a. 17 mm
b. 18 mm
c. 19 mm
d. 20 mm

13.The wheel of an automobile revolves at

the rate of 700 rpm. How fast does it
move , in kph, if the radius of the wheel is
250 mm?
a. 73.3
b. 18.33
c. 5.09
d. 34.67

19.100 g of water is mixed to 150 g of

alcohol ( = 790 kg/m3). Calculate the
specific volume of the solution.
a. 0.82 cc/g
b. 0.88 cc/g
c. 0.63 cc/g
d. 1.20 cc/g

14.A horizontal platform 6 m in diameter

revolves about its center at 20 rpm. Find
the tangential speed, in m/s, of a point at
the edge of the platform.
a. 6.34
b. 6.28
c. 6.46
d. 6.12
15.An iron column of annular cross-section
has an outer diameter of 200 mm and is
subjected to a force of 74 kN. Find the
thickness of the wall if the allowable
compressive stress is 10 MPa.
a. 12.75 mm
b. 12.57 mm
c. 17.75 mm
d. 15.75 mm
16.A force of 10 N is applied to one end of a
10 inches diameter circular rod. Calculate
the stress.
a. 0.20 kPa
b. 0.15 kPa
c. 0.05 kPa
d. 0.10 kPa
17.If the ultimate shear strength of a steel
plate is 42,000 psi, what force is
necessary to punch a 0.75-inch diameter
hole in a 0.625 inch thick plate?
a. 63,000
b. 68,080
c. 61,850
d. 66,800
18.A single bolt is used to lap joint two steel
bars together. Tensile force on the bar is
20,000 N. Determine the diameter of the

20.A 16 gram mass is moving at 30 cm/sec

while a 4 gram mass is moving in an
opposite direction at 50 cm/sec. They
collide head on and stick together. Their
velocity after collision is
a. 0.14 m/s
b. 0.21 m/s
c. 0.07 m/s
d. 0.28 m/s
21.What average force is necessary to stop a
.45 caliber bullet of mass of 15 grams and
speed of 300 m/s as it penetrates a block
to a distance of 5 cm?
a. 12.5 kN
b. 13.0 kN
c. 13.5 kN
d. 12.0 kN
22.A 60 ton rail car moving at 1 mi/hr is
coupled to a stationary rail car. If the
velocity of the two cars after coupling is 1
ft/s (in the original direction of motion)
and the coupling is completed in 0.5
second, what is the average impulsive
force on the 60 ton rail car?
a. 50 lbf
b. 3500 lbf
c. 1200 lbf
d. 60 lbf
23.Two steel balls of masses 500 kg and 50
kg, respectively are placed with their
centers 0.5 m apart. The two balls attract
with a force of
a. 6.67 x 10-10 N
b. 6.67 x 10-7 N
c. 6.67 x 10-6 N
d. 6.67 x 10-3 N

24.How much does a 30 lbf weigh on the

moon? Gravitational acceleration in the
moon is 5.47 ft/s2 and in earth is 32.2
a. 2.0 lbf
b. 3.2 lbf
c. 3.4 lbf
d. 5.096 lbf
25.A 60 ton rail car moving at 1 mi/hr is
instantaneously coupled to a stationary
40 ton rail car. What is the speed of the
coupled cars?
a. 0.88 mph
b. 1 mph
c. 0.6 mph
d. 0.4 mph
26.A firm borrows P 2,000.00 for 6 years at
8%. At the end of 6 years, it renews the
loan for the amount due plus P 2,000
more for 2 years at 8%. What is the lump
sum due?
a. P 5,679.67
b. P 6,789.98
c. P 6,034.66
d. P 5,888.77
27.A sum of P 1,000.00 is invested now and
left for 8 years, at which time the
principal is withdrawn. The interest that
has accrued is left for another 8 years. If
the effective annual interest rate is 5%,
what will be the withdrawal amount at the
end of the 16th year?
a. P 706.00
b. P 774.00
c. P 500.00
d. P 799.00
28.A bank is advertising 9.5% accounts that
yield 9.84% annually. How often is the
interest compounded?
a. daily
b. monthly
c. bi-monthly
d. quarterly
29.A contract calls for semi-annual payments
P 40,000.00 for the next 10 years and an
additional payment of P 250,000.00 at
the end of that time. Find the equivalent
cash value of the contract at 7%
compounded semi-annually?
a. P 444,526.25

b. P 598,589.00
c. P 694,138.00
d. P 752,777.00
30.Mr. Rankine bought a piece of property for
P 100,000.00 downpayment and 10
deferred semi-annual payments of P
8,000.00 starting three years from now. If
the interest rate is 12% compounded
semi-annually, what is the present worth
of the property?
a. P 143,999.08
b. P 148,555.02
c. P 152,444.05
d. P 166,888.01
31.If money is worth 8%, determine the
present value of a perpetuity of P 1,000
payable annually with the first payment
due at the end of 5 years.
a. P 9,187.87
b. P 9,178.87
c. P 9,272.64
d. P 9,272.46
32.A man is left with an inheritance from his
father. He has an option to receive P2M at
the end of 10 years; however he wishes
to receive the money at the end of each
year for 5 years. If the interest rate is 8%,
how much would he receive every year?
a. P 400,000.00
b. P 532,533.00
c. P 232,020.00
d. P 200,000.00

To maintain his newly acquired

equipment, the company needs P 40,000
per year for the first five years and P
60,000 per year for the next five years. In
addition, an amount of P 140,000 would
also be needed at the end of the fifth and
the eighth years. At 6%, what is the
present worth of these costs?
a. P 689,214
b. P 512,453
c. P 549,812
d. P 586,425

34.An equipment costing P 250,000 has an

estimated life of 15 years with a book
value of P 30,000 at the end of the
period. Compute its book value after 10
years using sinking fund method
assuming i=8%.
a. P 103,333.30

b. P 125,666.67
c. P 138,567.60
d. P 132,622.60
35.A company manufactures electric motors
has a production capacity of 200 motors a
month. The variable costs are P150.00
per motor. The average selling price of
the motors is P 275.00. Fixed cost of the
company amount to P 20,000 per month
which includes taxes. The number of
motors they must be sold each month to
break-even is closest to
a. 40
b. 80
c. 150
d. 160