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We will also be learning how to play tag rugby

competitively and a team will be formed for a local
sports competition. !


This half term we will be setting up a scientific enquiry
which will involve cleaning coins for the museum. !

This half term in Art we will be studying art and design
from Ancient Greece. We will use this and our art skills to
design and develop our own pottery. !




With a focus on modern Greece, we will study the
physical aspects of the country including land, climate
and vegetation. We will also be investigating trade, land
use and use of natural resources as a way of living.!

In music we will be listening to different compositions
and starting to compose our own for use the Flowerton
Museum. We will make and use a Greek lyre. We will
continue using Charanga to develop our skills. !


This half term we will be learning all about Ancient
Greece and how it has had an impact on the western
world. We will look at the way of life, language, alphabet,
myths and legends, Greek Gods and Goddesses.!

We will be designing and creating our own clay pot
based on a traditional Greek design. !

We will be developing our speaking and listening skills
through the learning of new words and phrases. !

In RE this half term we are continuing to learn about
Christianity. Our focus will be on Jesus.!


Will you please ensure that your child has a
suitable PE kit in school on Mondays and
Thursdays. Please bring the correct kit: trainers or
sandshoes, shorts and a white t-shirt. Please
encourage your child to change in to a PE kit for
PE rather than attending school in a kit. !
If you need to speak to Mrs Patterson, please do
so at the end of the school day unless urgent.!


In computing we will be learning how to use search
engines to rank and sort information. We will also be
securing our knowledge and understanding of how to
use technology safely.!



This half term we will be working as accountants for
Flowerton Museums to help work out profits and
visitor numbers through use of inverse operations to
check calculations.!
We will be learning how to use positional and
directional language, co ordinates and grids to show,
explain and calculate the movement of the Ancient
Greeks over time. We will use lines and shapes to
plot routes.!
Finally we will be collecting, recording and
presenting information in the form of graphs and
charts. We will then use these to analyse our findings
and give explanations. !

This half term will have a focus on Gymnastics. Mrs
Robson will be returning to develop the children’s
gymnastics skills further. There will be a focus on
flexibility and movement. !




This half term we will be studying myths and legends
typically focusing on Greek myths and legends.
Learning will involve researching and reading a
range of myths and legends, retelling them orally and
using styles and typical features and characters to
write our own.!
We will also be taking part in role play to develop our
group work and speaking and listening skills.!
Our final unit will be explanation texts. We will study a
range of explanation texts, learn the features and use
this to start to plan, write and redraft own for the








We will be working for Flowerton Museum helping to
collect and present information for the Ancient
Greece exhibition.!

This half term Year 4 are taking part in the
Routes for Empathy program. This will involve
the whole class, Mrs Patterson, Mrs. Rozgoswka
and a lady visitor with her baby.!
The aim of the program is to develop children's
empathy, respect and care towards others.!
This will take part once a week for the course of
the half term and will help children to reflect on
their behavior and attitude towards others.!