A. Grading System B. Requirements for Validation C. Fees C.1 Timing of Payment C.2 Account of Information C.3 Confidentiality C.4 Fees 2010-2011 D. Professional & Ethical Requirements E. Academic Dishonesty F. Attendance Coursework & Conduct G. Code of Conduct H. Course Requirements I. Religious Observance J. Student with Disabilities K. Student Names L. Student Responsibilities


Grading System

At the beginning of each course, instructors will provide a clear statement of the basis on which the final grades are assigned, the term work expected and the weight, if any, each assignment will contribute to the final grade. Students' progress in courses and practical will be monitored under the Procedures for Monitoring and Reporting on the Student Progress.

2.1The grades for all courses or components of the programs are: V Verbal PA Pass F Fail

2.2Additional academic record entries are: IN CR AG DR Incomplete Credit Aegrotat Dropped

2.3When a course is made up of two or more components, candidates must pass all components in order to pass the course. 3 4 The Credit (CR) shall be recorded only for those courses or components, which the Faculty Board has determined, are not to be graded. The Incomplete (IN) is a temporary designation, which is used when, in the judgement of the instructor, a candidate merits an extension of time for the completion of a course. At the end of the course the instructor will complete an Incomplete Grade Statement indicating work to be completed and the due date with a copy provided to the candidate and the Faculty Registrar. Both the instructor and candidate must sign the Incomplete Grade Statement. Incomplete (IN) is automatically converted to Fail (F) if the candidate has not successfully completed the course by the time specified or, in any event, no later than twelve calendar months from the original completion date of the course. The Professional Studies Committee has the authority to make exceptions to these rules where, because of extenuating circumstances, a candidate has been unable to complete the course due to, for example, serious illness. The Committee shall report all such exceptions to the Faculty Registrar and any Faculty members involved. The Aegrotat (AG) may be granted by an instructor in cases where the candidate because of serious illness, has been prevented from completing a course or component and where the instructor feels that the candidate would have completed the course or component successfully had not illness intervened.


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No grade may be changed by administrative fiat.

It is the responsibility of each course instructor to report final grades to the Education Registrar's Office within ten working days of the last day of the term or session. The only exceptions to this shall be those courses determined as such by the Faculty Board. 7.1An enrolled candidate who wishes to question academic or faculty procedures should contact the Administrator of the School. The Administrator will advise the candidate concerning faculty review and appeal procedures. Appeal of A Failed Grade 8 Students have the right to appeal a failed grade assigned in a course subject to the marking scheme set out by the course instructor(s). 8.1As a first step, the student should request an informal review with the instructor concerned, and instructors are strongly encouraged to consent. This request should be made within 10 working days of the grade being received. Normally the instructor will provide a reconsidered grade within a further 10 working days of the receipt of the request and any further information being submitted by the student. 8.2If the request for an informal review is denied or if the student is not satisfied with the decision, a formal appeal may be submitted to the Administrator. The appeal must be submitted in writing with copies of all relevant documents not later than 10 working days after the reconsidered grade being received . The reconsideration will be by two reviewers appointed by the Administrator; one reviewer will be the original instructor, if possible. The work under question will be reviewed and the student will be informed of the reconsidered grade, normally within 10 working days of receipt of the written appeal. Appeal to Retake or Subsitute a Failed Course 9.0A candidate who has received a grade of Fail (F) in a course, and who wishes to retake the failed course, or to undertake an alternative course in substitution for the one that has been failed, must appeal in writing to the Administrator for permission to do so within four weeks of the grade being received. The letter of appeal should cite any extenuating circumstances affecting performance in the failed course (with supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate), and contain an expression of commitment to complete the course successfully if permission is granted. Permission is at the discretion of the Administrator after consultation with relevant members and/or officers of the Faculty.

B. Requirements for Validation
To be eligible for the validation , a student should be able to pass all written, oral, actual tests. A candidate must have grades of P, V, O,AG, or CR in all the minimum required courses or components of the program.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make changes, without notice, in the scale of fees. If changes are approved after publication deadlines, every effort will be made to notify students affected. Lack of notification or error on the part of the academy does not exempt a student from paying the appropriate fee.

C.1 Timing of Payment
The minimum registration payment is due 1 week before the class prior to registration. Payment details will be published in the Guide to Registration and Fees. Students may register with a minimum payment of fees .

C.2 Account Information
Students will be given a QCARD or written notification for account balance.

C.3 Confidentiality
The contents of student records, including student fee account balances, are considered confidentialpersonal information to all authorized users at the Academy. Unless compelled to do so by law, or authorized by the student (on QCARD or in writing), the Academy does not disclose the contents of student records to any party outside the Academy.

C.4 Fees 2010-2011
Bartending 1 Month Course Php 30,0000 Laboratory Uniform Manuals Flair Bottles Certificate ID Trainers Fee Barista Training 8000 500 500 450 50 100

1 Month Course Php 25,000 5000 500 500 50 100

Laboratory Uniform Manuals Certificate ID Trainers Fee

Food & Beverage Training 1 Month Course Php 25,000 Laboratory Uniform Manuals Flair Bottles Certificate ID Trainers Fee

5000 500 500 450 50 100

All of the above are subject to change

The Administrator will ensure that all coaches/mentors conform satisfactorily with the general professional And ethical requirements of instructors

Forms of academic dishonesty are considered serious offences within the Academy community and a student who commits such an offence runs the risk of a range of sanctions including a failure

in the course or a requirement to withdraw from the Academy.


a Students must be registered in a course(s) to be eligible to attend or otherwise participate in lectures, tutorials, assignments, tests, and examinations associated with the course(s). Students are expected to be and, at the discretion of the instructor, may be required to be present at all lectures, tutorials, tests, and examinations in their courses and to submit assignments at the prescribed times. Student conduct in lectures, laboratories, tutorials, tests and examinations must conform to the ACADEMY Code of Conduct. b A student who claims illness or compassionate grounds as reason for missing lectures, tutorials, assignments, tests, or examinations is responsible for making alternative arrangements with the instructors concerned. In most cases, this should not require medical or other documentation. If there is a significant effect on attendance or academic performance so that the student may wish to request, for example, extensions or other accommodation, or an incomplete grade, the student is responsible for obtaining appropriate documentation at the time of treatment. The student must provide the documentation with any request for accommodation and appeal directly to the instructor in a timely manner.

All students are required to adhere to the Academy Code of Conduct. The following conduct is unacceptable and constitutes an offence within the Academy community:

a b

a violation of published rules and regulations of the Academy or of any authorized rule-making body within the Academy; failure to comply with the directions of officials of the Academy acting within the scope of their authority;


theft, vandalism, and willful or negligent damage to the property of Bistro Academy or of a member of the Academy

community, and/or organization;

d ii

assault of any nature; discrimination or harassment, based, among other grounds, on race, religion, gender, handicap, ethnicity,

national origin or sexual orientation; e all forms of academic dishonesty such as cheating, furnishing false information to the Bistro Academy, forgery,

misuse of Academy documents; f. a violation of the rights of any member of the Academy community.

g. Any reprisal or express or implied threat of reprisal for making and pursuing a complaint under any procedure

authorized by the Academy is deemed to be an offence against the Academy Code of Conduct.

Instructors will provide students with a written description of course requirements and the means of evaluation at the beginning of each course. Candidates are expected to fulfill requirements as described in these course outlines in order to be successful in their courses.

Any student who has an exam or assignment scheduled on the same day as a religious observance should contact the Education Registrar’s Office immediately. Individual arrangements will be made to accommodate the needs of the student.

Bistro Academy is committed to facilitating the integration of students with disabilities into the Academy community. While all students must satisfy the essential requirements for courses and programs, the administration, faculty, staff and

students at Bistro Academy are expected to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation may require members of the Bistro Academy community to exercise creativity and flexibility

in responding to the needs of students with disabilities while maintaining academic standards.

This policy acknowledges that fundamental to the academic and personal success of students is their responsibility both

to demonstrate self-reliance and to identify needs requiring accommodation.

As the Bistro Academy is committed to the integrity of its student records, each student is required to provide either on application for admission or on personal data forms required for registration their complete, legal name. Any requests to change a name, by means of alteration, deletion, substitution or addition must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their course registrations are accurate and complete. This responsibility includes making available to the Education Registrar's Office any necessary documentation.

List of Non- Teaching Staff
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Jupert Valguna Geif Dungca Gem Eric Dong Seligbon Myrna Pangilinan Sophia Arceta Marilu Rivera

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