27 Dalewood Gardens Northgate Crawley West Sussex United Kingdom RH10 8XP Dear Sir/Madam I am excited to present

to you for your attention a copy of my book proposal: DR EAD, RASTAFARI AND ETHIOPIA The definitive historical report of the beginning an d the rise of the RastafarI movement in the Commonwealth of Dominica. I have included a detailed outline of the main chapters with short summary and b ullet points highlighting the main topics to be covered in each chapter. My research is likely to require me to travel to Dominica, where I will need to spend several weeks gathering materials from the reference section of the Roseau Public Library; The archives of The Chronicle Newspaper; parliamentary record a nd hansards from the Ministry of Legal Affairs . While there I will interview an d photograph former black power activists and Rastafarians such as, recently rel eased from prison, Eric Joseph for the killing of Farmer Ted Honychurch in 1981 who was the father of Dominica‘s most illustrious historian, Lennox Honychurch ( whom I will also interview); politicians, police officers and other stakeholder s from that era of 1970 to 1980. I will also need to track down, Dominican, Desm ond Trotter in Shashamane, Ethiopia and other notable Rastafarians, Ras Mo in Ca lifornia, and Nasio Fontaine, Lazo and others who also live in the USA and aroun d the world if needed. Finally, Here in the United Kingdom, my research will foc us on drawing on resources of The British Library , The Colonial Office, the Dom inica High Commission etc. The preparatory ustrations, and storical papers istian who have work will also requiring the publishing rights to additional ill photographs especially from police and historic archives, and hi written by such persons as authors, Irving Andre and Gabriel Chr written on the subject, albeit only in brief.

Tentatively, I am looking to produce a coffee table book - 10inches by 11 and ha lf inches of approximately 200 pages and having between 10 to 15 chapters, plus an introduction, index , glossary , and bibliography. The book will have roughly 100 illustrations, plus sidebars and vignettes. These visuals will include tech ni-colour and black/white photos, full colour reproductions of art work, line dr awings, and a few charts and graphs. Part of the appeal of this book is the emph asis on visuals to attract the general reading public, to aid in reader retentio n of the textual material and to document the people, places and things for post erity. ExaABOUT THE AUTHOR Albert Williams, (47) was born in Emsworth in the United Kingdom (UK) on June 10 th 1962. At the age of ten, he migrated to the Commonwealth of Dominica with his father. mples of such a book would be the 2007,coffee table book: ‘Reggae Scrape Book’ ( ISBN 13: 978-1-933784-23-6) by Roger Steffens and Peter Simon I estimate that a polished draft will be delivered to the publishers in 24 month s from signing the publishing contract. From the age of 12 he became a follower of The RastafarI movement and by age 15, upon graduating from the Dominica Grammar School, he dropped out of society and

left the comforts of the town and headed for River Clear, a fruitful valley wit h a rushing river of clear cool water. There he joined a group of his contempora ries, and attempted to live the lifestyle of the dreads and proclaim the divinit y of Emperor Haile Sellassie. Between,1981 and 2002, his by-line appeared in all the local periodicals in Domi nica: The Chronicle, The Tropical Star, The Independent, The Voice of the People and The Sun as a free-lance contributor and columnist of scores of articles, sh ort stories poems and other features. From June 2002 to March 2004 upon receivin g a diploma in journalism/Short Story Writing from Harcourt Learning Direct, a c orrespondence school, he was invited to join Dominica’s oldest and most read new spaper: The Chronicle as a full-time reporter and photographer. While at the new spaper, Albert joined the Media Workers Association of Dominica (MWAD), and serv ed as its secretary for a few months. Albert is recognised as a talented individual who has show a keen interest in ma ny areas of the fine arts. Besides having written and self-published three bookl ets of poetry and a collection of short stories, namely: Honourable Natty Dread, (1982,1990&1996); One Dominica-Odes for I Beloved, (1985) and Through The Far E ye ISBN 976-8155-00-0(1996) and Haunted Heritage and Other Stories ISBN 1-4241-0 680-X, In 1997, he was nominated for the DBS Radio FAME Award for Best Radio Pro gram for the one-hour, literary radio program that he produced and presented for the Dominica Writers Guild (DWG). The show, Review was aired on the Dominican F M radio station, Kairi FM on Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Sunday s. Albert is also a founding member of the Dominica Writers’ Guild (DWG) established in 1982.In ad dition, to being one of several young persons who founded the Frontline Cooperat ive Bookstore in 1983. He has worked with organisations such as the Inity of Rastafari Idren, The Movem ent for Cultural Awareness (M.C.A.) and the Ethiopian World Federation Incorpora ted (EWF Inc.) for which he served first as Sergeant-at arms and then secretary. He has also worked along side persons such as Alwin Bully and Ophelia of the Go vernment of the Commonwealth of Dominica s, Division of Culture; the Black Histo ry Awareness Committee (B.H.A.C) and the Roseau Public Library, with which he ha s organized dozens of public readings, book festivals, African liberations march es and Bob Marley Awareness Days. He has also been called upon to facilitate wor kshops in creative writing and is also noted as an excellent performance poet. H e is married to Memphis-born, Tempie, author of Feelings ISBN 1-4241-0706-7 "Within the decade, the works of a few radical poets gained local attention sinc e they defused some apprehensions about Dreads which had built up in the previou s decade. Not only the works of Ras Mo but that of Ras Albert Williams accelerat ed the rehabilitation of dreadlocked persons with the community. As one of the f ounding members of the Frontline Co-operative and the DWG, Williams was partly r esponsible for the resurgence of interest in poetry during the decade." irving w . andre author of distant voices , pond case press (ISBN 0-9699857-3-8) 1996 Sincerely Sgd………………….. Ras Albert and Tempie Williams





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