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All human beings want only happiness in life. It is impossible to have such
a supportive life as we wish all the times. So we have to learn how to live
happily with the situation we get in our life.
What we have yesterday may not be with us today and what we have
today may go away from us tomorrow. If we celebrate our birthday then
in our life we have lost one year, that is the real meaning for celebrating a
birthday. We are getting older day by day. If any problem arises we should
not feel bad for that, because worries will not give us solution for anything
we face. Shastra says there is no use in worrying when problems come, it
will take our strength from body and mind. So our enemies will become
more powerful.

Alumr c zMl zUU cmimri !

Aq mwrli q xq zM ql: Mj: !!
In our life span we will get happiness, sorrow,
gains, loss, birth, death etc. all will come and go in
the routine manner. Wise people understand these
changes and will not get much worried or happy
whatever that comes in life.

xZ c S:Z c pupu, c spsp qUh eui c !

mrmU: xuqi xmzli, ixqU l c wr zci !!
Remembering this very well we have to lead our life
in a satisfied manner with what we have in our life.
Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Bharthi Tirtha Mahaswamiji.

We submit our magazines in the lotus feet of our Jagadguru Mahasannidhanam Sri Sri Sri Bharathi
Tirtha Mahaswamiji and Sannidhanam Sri Sri Sri Vidhushekhara Bharathi Mahaswamiji


qS pau
Sbh Msl Alih MquS Wrql uuMulWiMl Akqh Apprql
kq mukql c Akq, eai: xji mUmmsrw: x ASMi lUrhZr uwh:
pqxr oh ohiuxr Uhj SuYr uxSuS Azl Mwh: Ms xopu!
deergheNa kaalena anuSThaatRUNaaM kaamodbhavaad heeyamaana vivekavijnaanahetukena adharmeNa abhibhooyamaane dharma pravardhamaane
cha adharme, jagata: sthitiM paripipaalayiShu: sa aadikartaa naaraayaNaakhyo viShNu: bhaumasya brahmaNo brahmaNatvasya rakshaNaarthaM
devakyaaM vasudevaad amshena kruShNa: kila saMbabhoova!
Lord Vishnu to protect the Dharma, took the avathara of Lord Krishna. He was
born to Vasudeva and Devaki. As the anushtana(practice of dharma) on dharma
was left by the people, adharmic activities started growing. To eradicate
adharma and to bring back the path of dharma Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord

ohiuxr W Uhl Ui:

xrS uSM kq: iSkliuS uhqpSlq!

braahmaNatvasya hi rakShaNena rakShita: syaad vaidiko dharma: tasadheenatvaad varNaashramabhedaanaam!

Vedas are protected by the Brahmanas. To protect the vaidika dharma,
protection of varnashrama dharma was necessary.

x c paul lrzosuriep: xS xm: ahiqM uwhu xu

qr qsmMi uzMir Ae: Aurr pilq DU lirzoqxupu:
Am xl xuqrr SWul Cu ei Cu c sMlaW Mul Cu sri!
Sa ca bhagavaan jnaanaishvaryashaktibalaveeryatejobhi: sadaa sampanna:
triguNaatmikaaM vaiShNaveeM savaaM maayaaM moolaprakRutiM vasheekRutya aja: avyayo bhootaanaam eeshvaro nityashuddhabuddhamuktasvabhaava: api san svamaayayaa dehavaan eeva jaata eeva cha lokaanugrahaM kurvan eeva lakShyate!
The swaroopa of bhagavan are jnaana, aishwarya, shakthi, bala, veerya and
thejas. Through his Maya shakthi of Maa Vaishnavee, he took human form
although he does not have any birth or death. He is always truth, no end and
beginning for him. Although he has all this characters(gunas), for the sake of
this prapancha to be in the hands of dharma, he took the human birth as

xumrelpu Am pilebr uSM W kqrq Aelr zMqWqWSk

lqalr EmSSz, ahkM: W aWi: Alrql: c kq:

mcr aqwri

Svapayojanaabhaave api bhootaanujighRukshayaa vaidikaM hi dharmadvayam arjunaaya shokamohamahodadhau nimagnaaya upadidesha, guNaadhikai: hi guheeta: anuShTheeyamaana: cha dharma: prachayaM gamishyati ithi!
Although there is no need or benefit for Lord Krishna for himself, he made Arjuna
a tool and did the upadesa for the world, to overcome from the worldly
attachments, sorrows, etc and showed the path of dharma and made a path to
spread it.

i kq paui

rjmS uSurx: xu paul aiZr: xmip:

zsMzi: Emloolk!
TaM dharmaM bhagavataa yathopadiShTaM vedavyaasa: sarvajno bhagavaan
geetaakhyai: saptabhi: shlokashatai: upanibabandha:!
This grantha of Geeta was composed by Sri Vedavvyasa in seven hundred slokas
as said by Lord Krishna for benefit of the Universe.

iS CS aizx xqxiuSjxUxaWpi Surjq!

Tad idaM geetaashaastraM samastavedaarthasaarasangrahabhootaM durvijnoyaartham!
This Geeta sastra sara is very difficult to know the actual meaning as it contains
JJall the vethantha sara.

4. The Qualification of Shishya (Shishya Lakshana)
In this chapter Sri Shankarabagavathpadacharya describes in excellent way, the
basic qualifications that one should have to be a shishya for his Guru. One should
have the grasping power of what his guru says in the right path, memory should
be sharp, what he learned through his guru should be in his mind and thoughts
should be in proper manner and should follow them in his life in action. When he
has these qualifications he is qualified for the self-knowledge as said in previous
those qualifications under
four heads: Discrimination,
Dispassion, Discipline and
Desire for freedom.
To have the enquiry about
the Brahman, one should
have the discrimination of
analyzing the good and bad
in the calm way with mental
control and should longs for
the true freedom.
Why our acharya states these four qualifications for realizing the Brahman? Four
qualities are prescribed in this matter by those who-as steadiness in the Reality
results only when they are present and does not result when they are absent.
Now our Acharya explains each one as follows:
First have to differentiate the Nithya vasthu and anithya vasthu( i.e. that which
exist always and which cant be a permanent one), thereafter the absence of
desire for enjoying the fruit of karma available here or elsewhere, practice of six
kinds of disciplines like control of mind(sama) etc. Those who have no desire
alone can reach the goal, especially those who have control over manas(mind
and thoughts) will control his external organ from going in its path. When these
qualities are there, automatically the desire for freedom will come with strong
mumuksha(teevra itcha). This is clear.
Brahman is true,(satya), the world is illusory(mithya). It is clear that when we
are able to differentiate the real truth that is permanent and exist always and the
unreal which is not permanent, and then we will get the clear picture of the
Brahman. Through this we can get the vairagya.
It should be noted that the Acharya here clearly states that Brahma is the truth
(satya) and the world(Jagath) as(illusion). In another way self is the truth and
all external is illusion.


Lord Surya was very much happy with the pleasing words of the purohits and
told what is inside the pot to them in a secret manner. The next day morning all
assembled in the Kings court and the Buddhists told correctly, a snake is inside
the pot. But the Brahmins told, there is an idol of Lord Mahavishnu inside the
pot. The king was upset as Buddhists alone told in a perfect manner what is
inside the pot and the Brahmins were wrong.
But at that time an akashavani was heard by
the king not to worry and open the pot
because what the Brahmins told was true.
When the King opened and saw the idol and
was shocked and felt the grace of the lord.
The King realized the power and greatness of
the path of Veda and accepted immediately
Kumarila bhatta is the best and ordered to kill
all those who are against vedas. He also
ordered that from Himalayas to Kumari who
are all against Vedas should be killed and no
age bar or gender should be considered in this
Who so ever done wrong should be punished
is the stand. He quoted as Sri Parasurama
even punished his own mother as she did
wrong. Then he starts to spread the marga of
Sri Kumarila.
Here our author Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri
Vidhyaranya states a beautiful comparison. Jagadguru Sri Nrusimha Bharathi
When the Lion kills those elephants, which destroy the trunks of the trees; they
will grow in a fresh manner. Like that Sri Kumarila who is the incarnation of Lord
subramanya, who came as a Lion and destroyed the elephants like Buddhists
and made the trees of Vedas to grow again by spreading the veda marga, which
are destroyed by Bhuddists and others who are against vedas in a fresh manner.
Lord Parameswara was very much happy on the excellent work done by his son
Sri Kumarila who made the karma marga which is the basic one for making the
mind and thoughts pure. Lord Chandrashekara decided to take birth in human
form to make the people to understand the real Jnana marga and HE was born
as Sri Shankara in Kalady.
From the next episode we will see the BIRTH OF LORD SHANKARA.

Lord Shiva

Shiva is the next Upasana Devatha that we are going to see in this month.
Lord Shiva is the father of this whole Universe. There are no words to describe
his mahima or greatness in just a small page. We will try to see some of his
mahima which is like a ocean.
We cannot count his names. One saharsanama will not give all his names.
Parameswara, Shankara, Chandramoulishwara, Sthanu, Chandrashekara,
Neelakanta, Trayambaka, Chandrachooda, Rudra, etc.
He is beyond birth and death. There is no form to him. We worship him in the
form of Linga. We cannot see his head nor his foot when we do ahankara. There
is a very well known story. Once Brahma Deva and Lord Vishnu had a debate
between themselves to know who is the supreme but when Lord Shiva came and
stood before them and asked them to see his head and foot. Lord Brahma took
the form of Hamsa(swan) and flew towards upwards and Lord Mahavishnu took
the form of Varaha(pig) and went drilling the earth.
After several 1000 years they were not able to complete their task. Mahavishnu
accepted his defeat and came back to Lord Parameswara and told that he was
not able to see his foot. But Brahma Deva who went upwards saw a flower that
was falling down from Lord Parameswaras hair decades before but still not able
to reach the earth. Brahma Deva made a trick to win all and made the flower to
accept that it should tell in front of Lord Parameswara and Mahavishnu, that
Brahma Deva has seen the head of Lord Parameswara and the evidence for that
is the flower.
The flower accepted and when it was told in front of Lord Shiva, he got angry and
cursed Brahma Deva that there will not be any worship in temples separately for
him and grace Maha Vishnu that he will be worshiped by all. Such is the greatness Lord Shiva.
In next issue we will see even more about Lord Shiva.


Explanation given by Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Abinava Vidhya Tirtha Mahaswamiji
(Continued) The time when we should perform Sandhyaavandana..

Eq xrxWi qkrqxiqi Uu
Akq iUMmi xr xlkr k qi !!

(SupauimUhq 11.16.5)

The evening Sandhyaa (arghya) is

uttama (best) when there is sun, it is
madhyama (middle) when we do after the
sun sets and the adhama (last) stage is
considered as when the star shines thus
says Sri Devi Bhagavata. We have to do
sandhyaa in any of these three categories
but should not skip; the skipping of
sandhyaa is an offence. One is not
considered as Brahmin when he does not
do Sandhyaavandana.

xr mi: xS xlkr r um l
Emxi !
Mq ilkqM Ue zSMqx reri !!


The King has the right to make a Brahmin to do other works apart from veda
adyayana, if he fails to do the sandhyaa in morning and evening daily thus said
in Boudhayana dharma sutra. If sandhyaa is not done in the correct time then
the phala (result) we get will be reduced, but if for continuously three days
sandhyaa is done after the specific period, then it is considered that sandhya is
not done for a whole day.
There are three types of karmas; they are Nithya, Naimithika and Kaamya
karmas. Now we will see in which category Sandhyaavandana comes under.
Nithya karma means that are performed Niyata-nimita. Those karmas that have
to be done again and again in various periods is c alled Nithya karma. For
example sandhyaavandana that has to be done three times daily, the shraaddha
done for ancestors every year comes under the category of Nithya karma.
Naimithika karma is performed in Aniyata-nimita way. The Grahana anushtana
(epics) which does not occur every year but when it comes we will do it. The last
type Kamya karma is done as per our personal wish. There is no papa when this
Kamya karma is skipped. As Sandhyaavandana should be performed thrice a
day it is a Nitya Karma.


Self -satisfaction is the realization of atma
Self-satisfaction means
realization. Realizing of what is the truth
that resides with in us is another meaning
for this. How one can realize the truth i.e.
the Brahman that is inside us? Practice of
seeing the outside in inside, which means
searching and seeing God inside us. For this
upadesa from Guru is important. Without his
grace we cant know the truth that resides
inside us.
Once we get this tattva, then we will be
satisfied with our life style. Whatever
in our life we will not get
emotionally carried away whether it is joy or
sorrow. To get away from this span of life &
death circle, we have to know the atma tattva. Once it is realized then there will
not be any attachments in our life which leads to samsara sagara.
In our life when we surrender to our Guru who is the living legend Jagadguru His
Holiness Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Teertha Mahaswamigal we all will surely cross this
samsara sagara by realizing the truth with his grace. True surrender alone is

xkxlkqkr xUuOmuOmUui
qhm lmmului cliqhaW !
zuMU qgc mUqzumrlsr

iu klr: Micl cSllSsWUq !!7!!

Sudhaasidshormadhye suraviTapivaaTeeparivRute
maNidveepe neepopavanavati chintaamaNigRuhe!
Shivaakaare manjche paramashivaparyangkanilayaaM
Bhajanti tvaaM dhanyaa: katichana chidaanandalahareem !!7!!
Oh! Daughter of Himavan! Those who are blessed in the previous births alone
can think and chant of your nama. With the punya they have earned, they are
now able to meditate you in the form as you sit in your beautiful place
Manidweepa, in the cot which has Lord Shiva as one leg, Lord Vishnu as another
leg, Brahma Deva as another leg and the fourth leg as Sri Rudra. These three are
the four legs for your cot and the lap is Lord Sadashiva. You are sitting in His laps
as Kameswara Kamesari roopa and ruling the whole prapancha.In Sri Vidhya
mantra the moola beeja for kamakshi is kleem.

Life History of Sringeri Sharada Peetam Acharyas

Sri Bharati Tirtha (1333-1380 A.D)
Al eu ij uij uuMlq |
xuw xZS ij pUiijqr ||
That Ganga which is the sin-removing refuge to the ignorant, That esoteric knowledge that is the refuge sought by the wise,
That refuge which is good for all who seek Bliss, Unto that Bharati Tirtha, I bow!
Sri Bharati Tirtha a native of Ekasilanagaram (present day Warangal, Telangana)
and younger brother of Sri Vidyaranya, in his purvashrama, ascended the throne
of transcendental wisdom as the 11th Acharya by succeeding his Guru Sri Sri
Vidyatirtha. He occupied the throne for 47 years until 1380. The Acharyas reign
was one of the most momentous periods in the history of India. It was under the
guidance of his successor-designate, Sri Vidyaranya, that the great Hindu
Empire of Vijayanagar was founded in 1336. The Acharya knew that the sacred
religion of the land could be preserved only if the temporal powers were retained
by the Hindu rulers. In order to prevent the minds of the public from drifting
away from spiritual goals and also to retain the influence of the Mutt on the
common man for spiritual good, he consecrated a golden image of Sri Sharada
in the place of the sandalwood image installed during the time of Jagadguru Sri
Adi Shankaracharya. He took up the task of renovating the temple and Mutt
buildings. During the time of founding of the Vijayanagar Kingdom, the Vidya
Shankara temple also was built. King Hariharas brother Marappa and son-in-law
Ballapa went to Sringeri in 1346 under the direction of the King to present nine
villages to His Holiness for the undisturbed performance of His tapas and the
support of forty Brahmin attendants. On the occasion of the consecration of Sri
Vidyashankara temple, the Jagadguru divided lands yielding 600 pagodas into
120 vrittis of five pagodas each and gave them away to 120 learned Brahmins
who thus settled near the Mutt. This was the beginning of the present town of
Sringeri. Scholars proficient in the Vedas and Sastras were honoured with titles
and gifts. The Acharya is noted to have endowed one hundred and twenty
scholars proficient inthe Vedas and Sastras with vrittis or small holdings of land.

Sri Vidyaranya (1380 - 1386 A.D)

AuUhrMliU pqi mhl xS |
uqamSU uUhra r ||
To souls that wander in utter dismay in the dense woods of mental ignorance, He shows the path of true wisdom; Homage to
the great Saint Vidyaranya!
Sri Vidyaranya coming five centuries after Shankara Bhagavatpada was the 12th
Jagadguru of the Sringeri Sharada Peetham from 1380 to 1386 A.D. He brought
fame and glory to the Mutt by his dynamic leadership and unique contributions
to spiritual and Vedantic thought.Sringeri, a cluster of hermitages, became a
spiritual imperium with state jurisdiction during his pontificate.

To the Vyakhyana Simhasana (throne of transcendental wisdom) in the Sharada

Peetham was added secular authority over the newly created Samsthanam,
which served to enthuse a courageous spirit of unity and self-confidence among
the people of South India.
Sri Vidyaranya was a great force in the regeneration of our spiritual, moral and
cultural values. He built temples at Sringeri and Hampi and established Mutts to
propagate Vedanta. He was not only a sage and empire builder, but also a savant
and a scholar par excellence. His works constituted the greatest treatises in
post-Shankara Advaitic literature. His marvellous interpretative skills reconciled
many apparent differences in philosophic texts.
No other thinker or writer has acquired a reputation close to that of Adi Shankara
in spreading the truths of Advaita. Special importance has been given to two of
Vidyaranyas popular works on Vedanta Panchadasi and Jivanmukti Viveka. As
invaluable treatises to the sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) and sanyasi, they are
famous for their clarity of thought and abundance of quotations from well-known

(source: www.sringeri .net)


Lord Mahavishnu incarnated in ten forms to protect this world. They are called
as Dasavthara. In that the fifth avathar of Lord Vishnu is Vamana. Now we are
going to see about Lord Vamana.
Once the Asura king Mahabali grew powerful with the help of Asura Guru Sri
Sukaracharya. He concurred the swarga loka(heavenly region) of Indra with his
army. The sick Devas feared with the strength of Mahabali and approached their
Guru Sri Brihaspathi. He advised the Devas to hide themselves in the earth and
do Tapas towards Lord Mahavishnu who is the protector of Devas. Until the
proper time comes for the down fall of Mahabali chakravarthi, Brihaspathi
advised Devas to utilize the time in Tapas.
Mahabali declared as emperor for all the three worlds with full strength. All
Devas went out of the heavenly region and went to earth and did Tapas towards
Lord Mahavishnu.

Aditi, the mother of Devas on hearing the conditions of them got worried much
and was unable to do anything. She was waiting for the arrival of her husband
Sage Kashyapa. On Kashyapas return, Aditi told the condition of devas and she
asked for remedy for this and Indra to come back to rule Swarga loka(heavenly
Kashyapa advised her to worship the supreme power Lord Vasudeva to change
this situation and to do th worship in full devotion with pure concentrated mind.
If she does her prayers in such a manner sure Lord Hari will appear and will give
the boon whatever she asks.

As per the advice of Sage Kashyapa, Aditi observed this vow for a period of
twelve years. She meditated with staunch and pure devotion and concentrated
mind. Pleased with her devotion Lord Vishnu appeared before her with yellow
silk dhothi(peethambara), Vana mala, Kausthuba mala and in His four arms with
conch, discus, mace and lotus(Gada, Sudarsana chakra, Panjajanya and lotus).
Seeing Lord, Aditi with joy and happiness started shedding tears and started
praising Him with full bhakthi. Hearing her praising words Lord Vishnu said to
Aditi, Oh Aditi, I am well aware of your desires. Your worship will yield soon the
fruits. I shall be born as your son and fulfill your desire of restoring to the Devas
their position, wealth and prosperity.
Hearing the words of Lord Hari, Aditi with joy and happiness and felt the blessings of HIM did namaskaras. Lord Hari then disappeared. Sage Kashyapa, knowing the truth of what happened with Aditi through his forethought went to his
house. He felt that Lord Hari had entered him.
After some time, Lord Vishnu was born to Aditi as a beautiful divine child full of
brilliance with special decorations, weapons etc. in order that His divine identity
might recognize by His parents. In front of the eyes of His parents He transformed Himself into a short-statured Brahmachari (Vamana).
(Will continue in next issue..)