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Greeting people, asking them how they are. Reacting to what they say
  A: Hi! How are you? B: I'm fine, thanks. And you?   A: How are you getting on? B: I´m excellent / I’m great! How’s it going? I’m OK. How about you? How are you feeling? Not too bad, thanks. C: I’m feeling (relaxed / happy / sad / tired...) Not too well, I have a headache.   Oh! Really? I'm sorry to hear that

Offering & accepting apologies 
A: I'm sorry ... I broke your vase I’m terribly sorry I’m really sorry B: That's OK Never mind No problem Don’t worry

Buying something and asking/telling the price
A: I’d like to buy this jacket. How much is it?/How much does it cost?   B: It's 14 euros, please / It costs 12 pounds. A: Can I pay by credit card? B: I´m sorry, we don´t take credit cards, you’ll have to pay in cash, but don’t worry, there's a bank near the shop.   A: Excuse me. I really like this sweater. Do you have it in a medium? / What size is this sweater? B: Yes, of course. This is a medium A: Do you take American Express? or May I pay with American Express? B: Yes, madam/sir.

Expressing likes & dislikes
I like playing tennis I hate onions! I love English, but I would like to know it already! I like travelling, knowing other places and meeting new people. I dislike getting up early in the morning. I don't mind doing my homework Do you like driving? I would like to buy a scooter

Inviting someone Accepting & refusing invitations
A: I would like to invite you to our next meeting. B: That sounds good, but ... I’m afraid I’m already busy / I’ve already got plans. A: Fancy going to the cinema next Saturday? B: OK, that's a great idea! Let’s watch ...a comedy! A: I'm doing a party in my house next Saturday,would you like to come? B: Sure! I’d love to!   A: Why don’t we... have dinner tonight? B: That sounds good/fantastic. Where shall we go?   A: How about going shopping tomorrow? B: I'm (really) sorry, but I have to study for an exam.

Asking for & giving basic information
What’s your name/surname? My (sur)name is ... Where is she from? She’s Spanish. She’s from Spain What’s your mobile / phone number / email? It’s ... How old are you? I’m twenty-five (years old) What do you do? I’m an engineer Where do you live/work? I work for a company called DRV What do you like doing in your free time? I like doing sport. I usually go to the gym twice a week   Do you speak any foreign languages? Which ones? Yes, I do. I speak a little French.

Basic structures
Are there any children in the picture? Yes, there’s a child Can you type? Yes, I can, but not very fast. Does he smoke? No, I don’t / Yes, I do. What sports do you practise? I play tennis once a week Where were they yesterday morning? They were at home Why did you run away? Because I saw a ghost! What is she doing? She’s doing her hair Where are they going to stay? They’re going to stay in a hotel How long have you lived here? I’ve lived here since May/for a month Will you come with us? I may/might go, I’m not sure yet

Asking for & giving directions
Excuse me, where is the museum? is there a bank near here? Sorry, I don't know Yes, but I don't know where exactly. Sorry is Queen Street near here? I’m afraid I don’t know. Yes, it’s near the square can you tell me the way to Queen Street? Certainly. Go straight on, then go past the church and turn right at the traffic lights. I think it´s the second on the left. The bank is on the corner, opposite the church Could you tell me where the nearest shopping centre is, please? Of course. Go straight ahead and turn second left. How far is it? It’s (only) 5 minutes away.   Sorry, could you say that again, please? Thank you very much / Thanks a lot

Asking for simple information about  a trip, a course...
How much does the course cost? When do the courses start and finish? How many students are there in a class? Are there Business English classes? Where can I stay? Where are the teachers from? What time does the train/flight leave?   There are single and double rooms. It depends, there are two different levels: the low level for beginners costs 60 euros and the high level for professionals is 90 euros I’d like to book ... the (morning) flight.

Asking & answering about work & free time
Where do you work?   I work in an office What time do you go to work? At about eight o ´clock How many hours do you work? (It depends) I usually work about eight hours a day, from 9.00 to 4.00 Do you earn a lot of money? I earn about 900 euros. And I don't have paid holidays What kind of music do you listen to? I like all types of music but l prefer listening to Irish folk music Do you play a musical instrument? Which one? No, I don't play a musical instrument. Can you play any sport? Yes, tennis How well? Very well / quite well / not well

Making arrangements & plans (what to do, where to go, when/where to meet...)
A. What are your holiday plans for next week? B: I´m going to fly / I'm flying to New York with two friends. A: Really? Where are you going to stay? B: We’re going to stay / we’re staying in a hotel in Manhattan. A: And what are you going to do in New York? B: We're going to go shopping - the shops in New York are fantastic - and in the evening we’ll go clubbing. A: Are you going to see the sights too? B: Oh yes, we want to see the Empire State Building, the statue of Liberty, Central Park... We could meet in my house at 8, what do you think? All right / That’s fine for me / Let’s do that!

GIVING PERSONAL INFORMATION I'm Helen and I'm a typist. As you can see, in the picture I'm using a PC. I work in an office in a building near home. I work five days a week.

Describing yourself
What does she look like? She’s tall and thin. She’s got long brown hair and big black eyes. Her skin is white/tanned and she wears glasses. She’s wearing a nice blue dress. What is she like? She’s a sensitive/quiet/shy person She’s intelligent but lazy. She’s quite nice, hard-working and adventurous. I’m fit and I sometimes go hiking. You can trust me.

Describing the place where you live
I live in Arucas, which is a town on the coast in the north of Gran Canaria. It’s only 15 minutes from the capital. It is a beautiful place and it’s great for walking around. There is a famous church of neogothic style. There are also some museums that you can visit. They open every day. The weather here is wonderful in summer; it’s usually sunny and warm.

Speaking about your hobbies & interests
I love music and I like writing songs. I love listening to all kinds of music. I am also crazy about computers, and I enjoy looking for song lyrics on the Internet. I can play the guitar very well. I want to sing in a music group I would like to study German next year. He goes to the cinema once a month.

Describing your educational background,job...
I did science at school. I studied abroad when I was at university. He has a degree in Economics. She can speak English and French. I'm a nurse, I take the blood presure, glicemia,I give advice healthy,... On Thursday I'm in the emergency ward.   I work as a doctor She works for the CIA. I have worked in many different companies

Describing past activities / experiences
Last summer we flew to Rome with British Airways. We stayed for a week in a small hotel near the Coliseum. The hotel was nice and quite cheap. During the day we walked around the city. We saw all the famous places and we took a lot of photos. At night we went to popular restaurants and had fantastic pasta and red wine. We had a great time. Rome is full of history, (it) has a special atmosphere and Italian food is wonderful. We only had two problems: it was very hot and it was very difficult to cross the road.

SITUATION: you have to organise a party. Think of different ways of expressing the same idea (inviting everybody)
• different tenses & suggestions Last time we made a barbecue, why don’t we go to a disco this time? We have organised a party for Saturday, do you want to come? We’re going to make a party, would you like to come? • conditionals If people wanted, we could go to a restaurant. We can have dinner in a restaurant, if you like. • modals We could invite everybody in the class We may/might go to a restaurant, what do you think? We should have dinner in this restaurant, people will love it! • Other new structures: I used to come to this restaurant, how about having the party here? Everybody was invited to the party. 

    Great job! 
(The students of NB2  from EOI Arucas  hope our presentation  helps you!)

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