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ATTORNEY GENERAL ANNOUNCES NEW CHAIR AND VICE CHAIR OF THE AG'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Janet Napolitano, United States Attorney for Arizona and Gregory Sleet, United States Attorney for Delaware, will be the new Chair and Vice Chair of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee. The committee, created in 1973, is a select group of l7 United States Attorneys which advises the Attorney General on matters of law enforcement and policy. Napolitano and Sleet will each serve a one-year term. The appointments, which were made today by Attorney General Janet Reno, will take effect on November l. In her announcement, the Attorney General had high praise for both Napolitano and Sleet. Attorney General Reno stated, "Janet Napolitano and Greg Sleet have had impressive tenures as United States Attorneys and will be an effective team to lead the Advisory Committee." Reno said Napolitano brings leadership qualities and management skills that are necessary to guide this distinguished group of United States Attorneys. She is a valued expert on Native American issues and is a leading force in the Department of Justice's Southwest Border Initiative. Napolitano has served as a member of the Advisory Committee since February 1, 1994, and at age 37 will become its youngest chair. Reno said Sleet has been actively involved with young people in an effort to assist them in finding constructive alternatives to involvement with drugs and violence. His greater public visibility as United States Attorney has enabled him to expand his efforts in this regard. He has served as a member of the Advisory Committee since February 1, 1995, and has represented the United States Attorneys on the Department's Inter-Agency Bank Fraud Working Group. Napolitano replaces Michael R. Stiles, United States Attorney, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and Sleet replaces Lynne A. Battaglia, United States Attorney, District of Maryland, whose terms expire on October 3l. The members of the full Committee are: Janet Napolitano, District of Arizona, Chair Gregory Sleet, District of Delaware, Vice Chair Kent Alexander, Northern District of Georgia Lynne A. Battaglia, District of Maryland Alan Bersin, Southern District of California Janice McKenzie Cole, Eastern District of North Carolina Gaynelle Griffin Jones, Southern District of Texas Kathryn E. Landreth, District of Nevada Sherry S. Matteucci, District of Montana Thomas P. Monaghan, District of Nebraska Janet Napolitano, District of Arizona

P. Michael Patterson, Northern District of Florida Randall K. Rathbun, District of Kansas Emily Sweeney, Northern District of Ohio Michael R. Stiles, Eastern District of Pennsylvania Michael Troop, Western District of Kentucky Mary Jo White, Southern District of New York Eric Holder, District of Columbia ex officio J. Russell Dedrick, AUSA, Eastern District of Tennessee ### 95-491