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Five Reasons to Vote for Jackie on May 6th

Re-elect 1. Defending Jobs & Services - Jackie was the only

Dr. Jackie
councillor to oppose the Labour/Liberal/Green £250-400m
council cuts package. Instead of making local people pay with
job losses and service cuts, the council should follow Jackie’s

lead and stand up to the government and demand that it
recoups the £1.4tn in bailouts the bankers are now pocketing
in bonuses. The banks should be brought under democratic
public ownership to invest their super-profits in jobs and
“Re-elect me for a fighting voice
on Kirklees council. I will fight to
defend public services, building 2. NHS - All the parties plan to freeze real-terms health
expenditure which means £20bn cuts to our health service.
campaigns in defence of jobs,
The local health trust has reneged on promises to keep
rather than let the banks and MPs
services from St. Luke’s in Huddersfield. We need a mass
continue to get away with ripping
campaign that builds on the one Jackie led in 2006 to defend
us off. I will continue donating my
our NHS.
allowance to local causes and
3. Schools & Childcare - In 2007, Jackie and local parents
take no additional expenses.”
successfully fought the closure of Tiddlywinks nursery. Now
through the supposed ‘Schools for the Future’ and academies

Defend Jobs and Services programs, the council are intent on privatising our services.
Jackie will continue working with parents and Trade Unions to
fight these attacks.

Stop the Cuts 4. Expenses - MPs have been taking us for a ride with their
expenses. This year they’ve claimed even more and local
councillors aren’t much better. Unlike the rest, Jackie donates

Vote for a campaigning

all her £12,000 councillor’s allowance to local and national
causes and is the only councillor to have returned her free
parking permit. She calls for elected representatives to take a
councillor on May 6th 5.
workers wage rather than lining their own pockets.
Taking Up Local Issues - Jackie has organised campaigns

3 X
alongside local residents to defend Post Office services in the
area and against using Johnson’s Quarry for dumping
household waste. She also deals with varied cases on behalf of
residents and is contactable on 07814223177, or on her blog at
On May 6th you have two votes. In the local elections make
Printed &. Promoted by Ian Slattery, 56 Newsome Rd Huddersfield HD4 6NQ on
sure you vote for a voice who will fight to defend your jobs and
behalf of Jackie Grunsell, 111 Dryclough Rd Huddersfield HD4 5JB public services from the establishment parties cuts.