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Changing perspectives within ESP speaking

The successful communication have to be rise by both of speaker
between native or non-native speakers. Because native speakers also need
language training to understand the differences of language. In aviation
aspect, communication is limited between air traffic controller (ATC) and pilot
also. So it has own protocol, pronunciation and grammar. Such as between
pilot and air traffic controller have some codes when they are take a
conversation and It has a specific meaning.
The further of the explanation, every L1 speakers have different way to
express like greetings and closings. More 36% between pilot and ATC get
misunderstanding because they cannot follow the required scripts. for
example, in aviation English word “hold means stop” and “colloquially means
continue or maintain”.But actually, being native speakers of English is not
necessarily. Because non-native speaker could act well than native speaker.
The conference forum
It means that the ways when take presentation in a conferences. The
aspect of it is include posters and papers. Those aspect could be explored in
a research by individual or group. We used both of them because a part of
student prefer to like by using paper when taking presentation. On the other
hand, students prefer to by using poster in same condition. Kind of poster
presentations need speakers to remain at their assigned location for a
specified period of time, during they have opportunities to interact with and
get feedback from attendees.Lacking the control gave by a conference
presentation paper, poster presenters have to be good at reading the
audience on many stages including interest in the research and the quantity
and level of detail to provide.
Move Model for paper CP introductions (based on Rowley – Jolivetand Carter Thomas 2005a )

2. Contextualizing the framework Situating the talk within the larger conference experience or research area Examples: • Referring to other presentations/conference events or other acts of intertextuality . Move B.hearted remarks • Thanking the audience for being present at a less than ideal time or expressing thanks to collaborators or those providing financial support.1. Meeting interpersonal aims: Establishing rapport and projecting a persona Examples: • Greeting • Joking • Offering personal anecdotes • Making light . Meeting discoursal aims: Preparing the audience Examples: • Presenting the topic in a light different from what was previously stated or written • Enhancing the contribution of the research by using evaluative language to indicate novelty (possibly absent from the title or abstract) •Indicating one ’ s stance toward the topic (possibly absent from the title or abstract) • Outlining the talk.

centrality or need • Establishing the continuation of previous work. Especially. typical of research article introductions.) Move C. The proficiency in English may contribute to successful CP or other speaking events. for compare between speaking and writing in differences and similarities. Conference presentation is the most important for all ESP research. The Conference Presentation findings are relevant for all presenters without to know of their L1. are absent due to time constraints and the cognitive burden this would place on the listeners. In global economy. Indicating the research rationale 1. The talk is situated by assuming shared knowledge. Conclusions and Future Directions . Stating motivation Examples: • Highlighting problems. gaps or counter – claims • Asserting relevance.• Alluding to previous work likely to be familiar to attendees (Literature reviews. 2. Responding to the motivators Examples: • Raising questions • Stating hypothesis • Previewing results or solutions • Outlining research goals. native English will learn ways to provide agents in a different cultural and linguistic background for make understanding between them.

. material designer and curriculum are clear. when spoken in English between native or nonnative have accuracy for effective in communication context. So that. ESP have aims to make researcher. the ESP speaking is an approach to teaching language. instructor.In conclusion.