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Section A

[10 marks]
[Time suggested: 15 minutes]
Questions 1 - 10 are based on the text. The first and the last lines are correct .For the
remaining lines; there is one grammatical error in each line.
Underline the error and write the correct word in the space provided. An example has been
given. The correct word must not change the meaning of the sentence. There are no spelling
errors in this text.

One delightful summer's day, a duck sit on her nest waiting for
her eggs to hatch. A shell cracked. Than one after another, the sweet

e.g sat

creatures hatched. When the largest egg do not break, the mother
duck became worried. A nosy old duck paid her a visit or said, "This


one must be a turkey's egg. Just leave them.


“At last, the larger egg cracked and out jumped a large
duckling. "How ugly! No doubt this is a turkey's children. If you put it in
the water it will never learn to swim," the old duck say.
As it was such a sunny day, the mother duck decided to take
she family for a swim. She jump into the water and the little ducklings
followed her, splashing about. The ugly duckling also jumped in and


paddled along happily from his family.



2 . Hibiscus tea also contains bioflavonoids. Bunga Raya’s red color represents courage. Hibiscus flowers are used in landscaping. Then. it was declared by the government of Malaysia that the hibiscus would be the national flower. It is also believed to have some medical properties. The hibiscus is literally known as the "big flower" in Malay. food and cosmetics. containing several hundred species that are native to warm temperate. the flowers are boiled in oil along with other spices to make a medicated hair oil. Whereas. answer questions (a) – (j) Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family. It is quite large. which can increase the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Symbolically. or less widely known as rose mallow. which are believed to help prevent an increase in LDL cholesterol. Malaysia and Haiti. On 28 July 1960. Hibiscus is the national flower of South Korea. Member species are often noted for their showy flowers and are commonly known simply as hibiscus. As a hair treatment. life and rapid growth of Malaysia. Malvaceae. hair loss or hair greying. preparation of beverages. The Bunga Raya (Hibiscus) can be found in abundance throughout Malaysia. and the resulting lathery paste is used as a shampoo plus conditioner. paper-making. whilst raya in Malay means "big". The word bunga in Malay means "flower". The roots are used to make various concoctions believed to cure ailments such as cough. each of the five petals of the Bunga Raya represents the five principles of nationhood of Malaysia. subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. The leaves and flowers are ground into a fine paste with a little water.SECTION B [10 marks] [Time suggested : 20 minutes] Question 2 Read the text below.

Questions (a) – (j) Using the information from the text. National Flower of: a) _____________________ b) _____________________ c) _____________________ Medical values: The Hibiscus symbolizes: d) ___________________________ e) ___________________________ f) ____________________________ Used in: i) ____________________________ g) __________________________ _____________________________ ___________________________ j) ____________________________ h) __________________________ _____________________________ ___________________________ 3 . complete the following graphic organizer.

Selangor. fried noodles. There will be satay too.00 p.SECTION C [10 marks] [Time suggested : 15 minutes] Question 3 Read the letter below carefully. fruits and others. Then answer the questions that follow. Hope to see you in two weeks’ time. It has been a long time since I last heard from you. That’s all for now. I take this opportunity to invite you and your family to my birthday party. Yours sincerely.m. 43000 Kajang. No 22. sandwiches. I am going to celebrate my twelfth birthday in two weeks. Ryan a) Who is the writer of this letter? b) When is Ryan’s birthday? ____________________________________________________________________ c) Who will prepare the games? 4 . My mother and aunt will prepare the food. My brother has promised to prepare some games. 23 March 2015 Dear Daniel. Taman Mawar. The party will start at about 7. I sure hope you can attend my party. Jalan Kiambang. I’ve invited a few of my close friends and relatives. There will be curry. How are you getting on? I’m fine.

. Kelvin took ________ bath five minutes ago. Mother bought _______ apple from the market yesterday. ________ car and __________ lorry collided with each other. Ginny managed to get on _______ train before it left__________ station.a C) A.. A) a B) an C) the 4.....a 3.a the.. A) a B) an C) the 2... A) a. B) a.. 1.a B) the.. A) A..the 5 C) . an._____________________________________________________________________ d) Where does the sender stay? _____________________________________________________________________ e) Who is the receiver of this letter? English Grammar (LEVEL 1) [15 marks] [Time suggested : 20 minutes] Circle the correct answer with a.

the B) The. Siti is wearing _______ raincoat. A) An B) The C) A B) an C) the 11.5. ______ cat got out and ran away. Jim will give you ___________ call later.. Sally always throws ___________ tantrum when she is angry. ____________ sun rises in the east and sets in ___________ west. A) a B) an C) the 7. A) a B) an C) the 8.. A) a B) an 6 C) the . I bought _______ bouquet of flowers for my mother. A) a B) an C) the 10. A) The…The. A) a 12. He is __________ man whom I saw last night..a C) 6.. She only sleeps after drinking _________ glass of milk. A) a B) an C) the 9.

a B) An.. A) the B) a C) an 20. A) The B) An C) A B) an C) the 14. A) An. A) the B) a C) an 19. Uncle Sam likes to sleep on ___________ sleeping mat. A) the B) a 21.the 18. Danny drew __________ beautiful portrait of his mother. Do you mind passing me _______ pen? A) a B) an C) the 16. A) a 15. Abu and Haslam bought _________ pair of shoes each.13. A) a the B) an C) 17.. ________weather yesterday was very hot. We’re going to __________movies. 7 C) an C) An. I saw ______ airplane crash into the woods. Whale is ____________ largest living mammal under __________ sea. __________ egg a day is ___________ good source of protein for our body...

.the B) the.. Greed can cause __________ person to become evil.a C) an... A) the B) a C) an 25. We went to _____________ library to borrow some story books.. ___________ dingo can be found in Australia.a 24. Jim has __________ red Proton Wira while John has ___________ blue Nissan Skyline.. A) the B) a 8 C) an ...... A) the. A) The B) A C) An 23.a C) the..A) B) a.