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The Art and Science of
Tooth Whitening

The Business of Dentistry:
Admininistrative Skills

The Business of Dentistry: Patient
Appointments and Scheduling

Inflammation: The Relationship
Between Oral Health and
Systemic Disease

The Business of Dentistry:
Financial Management for the
Dental Office

Patient Care Coordinator: Are You
Ready for a Challenge?

Xerostomia: Recognition and

Addressing Language and
Cultural Barriers of
the Spanish Speaking Patient

Hand Hygiene for the Dental

seating and removal of impression trays. oral pathology. The foundation is a nonprofit organization funded by dental corporations. UPDATED 09 Course Number: 0813 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Setting it Straight — Advanced Orthodontics Extending beyond the content covered in the basic orthodontics course. instrumentation. orthodontic bonding materials and techniques. this course includes information on the six keys to occlusion. pouring casts. chairside and laboratory materials and procedures. treatment risks and limitations. Course Number: 0510 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 . Ascertain various ways of creating study models. and office operations. early treatment considerations. Course Number: 9801 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $18 :: Nonmember: $27 The Use of Pit and Fissure Sealants in Preventive Dentistry It is the responsibility of dental professionals to assess each patient for possible sealant placement. It addresses clinical data collection and recording. The American Dental Assistants Association wishes to thank all foundation contributors for their support of the dental assisting profession. Sponsored in part from an educational grant from DUX Dental. alginate tray selection and preparation. proper methods for handling syringes. preventing/managing emergencies. anesthesia. Highlights infection control including disinfection protocol. and how to manage emergencies. gypsum. mixing techniques. as are their applications and common problems. with the goal of peaking interest in this specialty of dentistry. UPDATED 09 Course Number: 0806 1 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Local Anesthesia in Today’s Dental Practice The success of contemporary dental practice largely hinges on the use of local anesthesia for patient comfort and safety. separating and trimming casts. state and local ADAA components. prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. inspection of impressions. Dental assistants should have a basic understanding of local anesthesia. Long term success of sealants relies heavily on placement technique. Course Number: 0613 CE Credits: 24 Hours ADAA Member: $88 :: Nonmember: $115 Alginate Impression and Diagnostic Study ModelTechniques Learn step–by–step procedures for taking alginate impressions. use of adhesives. patient preparation. and the latest technologies. but from a patient’s view. INTRAORAL FUNCTIONS General Chairside Assisting: A Review for a National Chairside Exam This course reviews the major aspects of general chairside assisting. Course Number: 0713 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Wired for Learning — Orthodontic Basics Orthodontics specializes in the diagnosis. and providing education to springboard an individual considering a career in this specialty. bite registration techniques. oral anatomy. dental instruments. Developed as a preparation aid for the Dental Assisting National Board’s General Chairside Exam. dental specialties. archwire alloys. Discover alternatives for obtaining bite registrations. and recare appointments. with the goal of familiarizing dental assistants with the more advanced aspects of orthodontics. possible complications. patient education. patient education and oral health management.This comprehensive course combines theory with practical information to teach correct chairside and laboratory procedures and how to manipulate the dental materials involved. it simply creates great smiles! This course introduces the general dental assistant to basics of orthodontics. Sponsored in part from an educational grant from 3M ESPE. Both low and high pressure air abrasion procedures are explained. individual ADAA members and other interested parties.Types of materials available and placement procedures will also be discussed. and finishing and storage of models.CONTINUING EDUCATION WORKBOOK COURSES ADAA FOUNDATION The American Dental Assistants Association Foundation was established to fund education and research for all dental assistants. Course Number: 0517 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 Air Abrasion in Dentistry This course familiarizes dental assistants with the history and applications of air abrasion and addresses new equipment and materials that have revived interest in the technology. pharmacology.

Areas reviewed include medical assessment. the recording of in–depth information in the patient record. UPDATED 09 Course Number: 0814 ADAA Member: $25 :: CE Credits: 2 Hours Nonmember: $37 Dental Implants: A Second Chance at Dental Health With the increasing popularity of dental implants. Learn how to locate and use current research to make informed recommendations for your patients. mechanism of action. basic and surgical techniques. Course Number: 0312 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Maxillofacial Surgery Basics for the Dental Assistant — Part I This course reviews the role of the dental assistant in preparing a client for oral surUPDATED gery procedures. finishing. Included is the importance of the initial examination.The module covers the benefits of oral irrigation for gingivitis. and instrumentation. mobility and furcation Course Number: 0817 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $15 :: Nonmember: $22 TREATMENT OF DISEASES/CONDITIONS Home Irrigation: An Evidence–BasedTherapy Gingival Health — Periodontal Assessment This course focuses on the effectiveness of home irrigation as an important self–care therapy.dentalassistant. and patient instruction. Sponsored in part by an educational grant from Ultradent Products. Course Number: 0512 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Fabrication of Provisional Crowns and Bridges This course gives dental assistants the know–how to fabricate temporary UPDATED crowns and bridges. Step–by–step procedures for patients are included. selection of tips. It is designed to give the dental assistant insight into how oral surgical procedures are performed. flap designs. sedation. 09 Course Number: 0807 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Maxillofacial Surgery Basics for the Dental Assistant — Part II Independent of Part I in this series. including reasons for extractions. Oral hygiene maintenance by the patient directly affects the prognosis and success of an implant. and side effects. Sponsored in part from an educational grant from 3M ESPE. Includes information on materials. periodontal maintenance. Course Number: 0517 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 Course Number: 0605 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 2 . Also covered are the pitfalls involved with inaccurate sulcus depth readings. detailed instruction on fabrication techniques. applications for their use in everyday practice. and management of hemorrhaging. This course will cover whitening success factors. An introduction to finding. and sterilization and handling. and types of clinical evidence that can be found on radiographs. including those with implants. and assessing periodontal diseases. this course reviews the basic principles of oral surgery. management of impacted teeth. The course covers the history of dental implants. anesthesia. clinical protocols. benefits and risks. whether performed in the general dental practice or specialty clinic. safety. 09 Available only online at www.WORKBOOK COURSES CONTINUING EDUCATION PowerToothbrushes: EverythingYou Need to Know to Make Informed Recommendations for Your Patients Are you overwhelmed with questions from your patients about power toothbrushes? Feel like you can’t keep abreast of the newest products on the market and their effectiveness? This course describes the newest products. Sponsored in part from an educational grant from Oral–B. A comprehensive overview is designed exclusively for surgical and restorative assistants. selection parameters. locating. Also covered are the types of antimicrobial irrigants. polishing and cementing procedures. Course Number: 0702 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 The Art and Science ofTooth Whitening One of the fastest growing areas of esthetic dentistry today is the management of NEW discolored and hypoplastic dentition. and special needs patients. regional surgical anatomy. Learn how to help patients and dentists enjoy the benefits of dental implant therapy. Tooth whitening (sometimes referred to as bleaching) is a popular available option. orthodontics. techniques — as well as the benefits to patients — have improved. 09 Course Number: 0810 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Oral Health Maintenance of Dental Implants With the demand for dental implants rising. various systems. the role of the dental assistant has become integral to successful treatment. and diabetes. and proper use of an oral irrigation device. This course discusses the required long–term professional and home care maintenance to ensure a healthy peri–implant program.

Course Number: 0706 CE Credits: 5 Hours ADAA Member: $48 :: Nonmember: $61 Osteoradionecrosis: Oral Health and DentalTreatment Osteoradionecrosis is a potentially debilitating complication of radiation therapy used to treat carcinomas in and around the oral cavity. possible side effects. The course is designed to teach professionals specific skills they may utilize to help tobacco users become free of their addiction. Dental patients continue to request these therapies to prevent invasive procedures. during cancer therapy. prevention. ability to function and mental status. Many different methods of alternative treatment are covered. and after the cancer has been eliminated. epidemiology. Diagnosis. and how to ease patient discomfort. Our course is presented especially for the dental assistant in a clear. the use of meth is on the rise. and treatment are reviewed. spit tobacco consumption is on the rise. Unlike many other street drugs. most dental practices are likely to treat patients with this disease. and save on cost. drug interactions with medications and dental treatment considerations. Course Number: 0701 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Understanding the Dangers and Health Consequences of SpitTobacco Use While cigarette use is declining among adults and leveling off in teens. Course Number: 0402 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $18 :: Nonmember: $27 Understanding Nicotine Addiction and InterventionTechniques for the Dental Professional In recent years. including oral health recommendations.The use of immunosuppressant medications. UPDATED 09 Course Number: 0801 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 Oral Cancer Genetics: From Diagnosis toTreatment Understanding oral cancer genetics can help dental professionals treat patients immediately after diagnosis. and hyperbaric oxygen is described as a preventive and treatment modality. the AIDS epidemic and crowded living conditions will continue to present a challenge to our healthcare system. pathogenesis. lifestyle. Clinical professionals and everyone in the field will welcome the insight into this vital subject. spit tobacco use continues to receive relatively little attention as a public health issue. intervention. National Cancer Institute and others. Even as the popularity of this known carcinogen reaches record levels among young people. Course Number: 0610 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 An Introduction to the Herpes Viruses The herpes viruses continue to affect patients worldwide.CONTINUING EDUCATION WORKBOOK COURSES Diabetes and Periodontal Health Due to the growing number of individuals with diabetes. relieve anxiety. Course Number: 0607 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $18 :: Nonmember: $27 . UPDATED 09 Course Number: 0809 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $18 :: Nonmember: $27 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Techniques Available for Dentistry Complementary and alternative medicine used in dentistry is inclusive of various treatment modalities. and treatment of various types of herpes viruses.This will aid in delivering appropriate dental treatment. precise edited format. the stage has been set for all dental professionals to become actively involved as facilitators and leaders in tobacco education and control efforts. patient education and prevention. It describes the appropriate method of taking blood pressure and how to determine recommendations for follow–up and lifestyle medications for patient treatment. Course Number: 0407 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $18 :: Nonmember: $27 Prevention and Management of Oral Complications of CancerTreatment:The Role of the Oral Health CareTeam The useful information in this course was drawn from many impressive sources including the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research through its National Oral Health Information Clearinghouse.The dental team is in an ideal position to use the “teachable moments” that occur during a dental visit to counsel patients on the dangers of tobacco use and support them in cessation efforts. Dental professionals must have knowledge of the symptoms of use. This course includes helpful information for dental professionals to meet the challenges of treating this patient population. Learn to recognize signs and symptoms. Course Number: 0604 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 3 Understanding Meth Mouth and Oral Interventions Methamphetamines (MA) directly affect a person's health. Course Number: 0502 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Blood Pressure Guidelines and Screening Techniques This course teaches the dental health professional to be aware of the causes of hypertension. transmission. the effects of various cancer treatments on the oral cavity. Learn the symptoms.

UPDATED 09 Course Number: 0803 CE Credits: 5 Hours ADAA Member: $48 :: Nonmember: $61 Eating Disorders — Understanding the Dental Ramifications An eating disorder is a term used to describe health and psychological disorders characterized by a disturbance in one’s attitude and behaviors relating to eating. This course will review methods of evaluation for xerostomia and practical measures for management of the patient with dry mouth. Sponsored in part by an educational grant from P & G Crest Oral–B. Also provides scenarios of medical emergency situations and how to handle them. It reUPDATED views medical conditions that affect preventive and restorative treatment and offers a variety of resources for patients with xerostomia and physical disabilities. 09 Course Number: 0802 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Sports–Related Dental Injuries and Sports Dentistry Participants learn about soft tissue injuries. Course Number: 0611 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Geriatric Dentistry: Reviewing for the Present.TMJ injuries and other problems related to sports injuries. The use of oral medications to relieve pain and promote healing or oral irritations may also be warranted in individual patients. if possible. NEW 09 Course Number: 0805 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $18 :: Nonmember: $27 RADIOLOGY Introduction to Basic Concepts in Dental Radiography Prep for a National Radiology Exam! Included in this fact–filled course are all the basics needed to expose high-quality radiographs. Preparing for the Future The physical and dental characteristics of aging are examined in this course.This course will survey some of the more common disorders encountered in dentistry today. Consideration should be given to including the prophylactic use of antimicrobial rinses. vitals and what should be included in office emergency equipment. jaw fractures. Course Number: 0703 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 Current Concepts in Preventive Dentistry Dentistry in the United States today includes preventive practices (prophyUPDATED laxis. The role of inflammation in oral and systemic health will be discussed. full-mouth and bite-wing radiographs. body image and thoughts about one’s self. Statistics relating to sports/dental injuries are presented as well as differentiating mouth guard types available and patterns of wearing by males and females.This course outlines aspects of pre- 09 vention that dental professionals should address during patient examinations. 09 Course Number: 0804 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 Importance of Oral Hygiene During Orthodontic Treatment A rigorous oral hygiene regimen during orthodontic therapy is important to help prevent soft–tissue problems. Translating this information into practical application for dental healthcare professionals will be addressed so that both inquiring patients and astute clinicians can capitalize on the opportunities for improving total health. Sponsored in part by an educational grant from Colgate. It is the best help a dental assistant can get in prepping for a radiology exam. Emergency treatment is discussed. background information on emergencies.WORKBOOK COURSES CONTINUING EDUCATION The Dental Assistant’s Management of Medical Emergencies Improve your ability to plan for. It is important that the clinician obtain patient commitment and adherence to an appropriate oral hygiene regimen. the cause of the xerostomia so that appropriate management can be instituted in a timely manner. body weight. cultural differences and effect of peer pressure. and sealants) and early detection of dental caries and periodontal disease. fluoride treatments. determining. Sponsored in part by an educational grant from Colgate. Understanding these concepts can better prepare dental team members for interaction with this fast growing group of individuals. Learn how to: • Promote radiation safety • Mount and label exposed radiographs 4 . Course Number: 0714 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Xerostomia: Recognition and Management It is important to perform a complete evaluation of the patient with dry mouth. manage and handle office medical emergencies as part of the dental team. Course Number: 0812 CE Credits: 5 Hours ADAA Member: $48 :: Nonmember: $61 Inflammation:The Relationship Between Oral Health and Systemic Disease The purpose of this course is to review how the inflammation process functions in the human NEW body. Includes discussion of the importance of a thorough health history in dealing with medical emergencies.There are many different types of eating disorders encountered within the dental field.

Course Number: 0707 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 PRACTICE MANAGEMENT The Language of Dentistry Dentistry has a vast and precise language that may be difficult to understand by people new to the healthcare professions. and acronyms commonly used in dentistry. digital imaging receptors.The subsequent information will provide an overview of radiation biology and the safety and protection measures that the dental assistant can implement to reduce radiation exposure to dental patients and minimize occupational exposure. prefixes. and Implement quality assurance procedures in dental radiography facilities. Be aware of warning signs. and storage. Practical information and the background needed to maintain a patient chart are included. periodontal disease. An appropriate child abuse and neglect protocol in the dental office may be the best defense for children in these unfortunate situations. it is important to speak the language with office staff and other healthcare entities and to also translate technical terms to the patient. Course Number: 0715 CE Credits: 18 Hours ADAA Member: $68 :: Nonmember: $90 Digital Radiography in Dentistry: Moving from Film–Based to Digital Imaging The latest advancement in dental radiography is the use of digital technology in recording dental structures. procedures for correcting an entry. suffixes. transfer. abbreviations. HIPAA (including the Privacy and Security Rules). and know how to report suspected cases. Guidelines for minimizing exposure to legal risk. A routine using correct technique for exposing and processing films is critical to maximizing the information garnered from dental radiographs while minimizing patient exposure to radiation. it also is required under state law. and developmental abnormalities of the skull and jaws. Operator error can occur while exposing or processing films and is due to incorrect or improper techniques.CONTINUING EDUCATION • • • • • WORKBOOK COURSES Identify and correct errors related to dental x-ray procedures Apply infection control techniques to dental x-ray procedures Process radiographic film Expose and evaluate dental radiographs. developmental 5 anomalies and regressive changes of the teeth. Course Number: 0712 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 . Includes discussion of proper techniques for bitewing radiography as well as the use of paralleling and bisecting angle techniques. Comparisons with film–based imaging as well as the diagnostic utility of digital images are discussed. acquisition. Course Number: 0409 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Radiation Biology. necessary equipment. Safety and Protection for Today’s Dental Assistant This summary demonstrates how the study of radiation biology began and how radiation safety and protection measures evolved from early research efforts to formally established organizations that examine leading scientific thought and provide guidance and recommendations on radiation protection and measurement. enhancement. and other areas of vital patient record concern are detailed.This course also focuses on the appearance of conditions such as tooth and bone fractures. know what to consider when an injury is identified.The course presents basic principles and concepts of intraoral procedures. It not only is within the purview of dental practice to identify and report suspected cases. and healing of extraction wounds. diagnostic–quality intraoral radiographs reveal evidence of disease that cannot be found in any other way. Course Number: 0704 CE Credits: 5 Hours ADAA Member: $48 :: Nonmember: $61 Intraoral RadiographicTechniques When examined under proper conditions. Course Number: 0505 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Maintaining Proper Dental Records Maintaining complete and accurate records is a sign of quality care and an integral part of the dental team’s responsibilities to its patients. Course Number: 0405 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Dental Radiographic Pitfalls and Errors Operator error is the cause of the majority of dental radiograph retakes. As a healthcare worker. periapical pathology. Course Number: 0606 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Diseases of theTeeth and Jaws Learn to recognize the radiographic appearance of dental caries. imaging technique. Information included in this course provides the clinician with a basic understanding of digital imaging technology. Course Number: 0609 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $18 :: Nonmember: $27 The Dental Assistant’s Role in Identifying and Preventing Family Violence Abuse and neglect are growing at ever–increasing rates in the United States. This course includes root words.

scheduling preference. emphasis on basic common dental terminology and Hispanic culture and traditions is included. To perform this function the dental business assistant must understand dental procedures as they relate to time duration. Suggestions are included for screening patients for systemic conditions. Emphasis is placed on choosing a dental computer system that meets office needs. and billing and management reports. orienting and supervising employees. appointment management. and facilitating the timely and coordinated progression of treatment for the patient. hiring. ethical. maximize productivity and make effective use of practice time. and assisting in business office functions while integrating current technology into the practice. this course summarizes common responsibilities of a dental office manager including decision–making. and treatment–related items that must be represented as well as requirements for confidentiality and updates of information. and treatment protocols. HIPAA and system management. and infection control procedures needed between appointments. including office design and arrangement. This course will outline the patient responsibilities. general office management.WORKBOOK COURSES CONTINUING EDUCATION The Business of Dentistry: Admininistrative Skills This comprehensive course covers an overview of basic concepts and administrative proceNEW dures of dental practice management. Course Number: 0516 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 The Business of Dentistry: Patient Appointments and Scheduling Scheduling appointments is important to assure smooth patient flow. insurance processing. recall. patient communications. appointment control. records management. insurance management. office protocol. HIPAA regulations. This course is approval by the Hispanic Dental Association NEW 09 Course Number: 0705 CE Credits: 18 Hours ADAA Member: $68 :: Nonmember: $90 A CD–Rom including common Spanish words and phrases needed in dentistry is also included. requirements. How a dental practice receives monies for services rendered and makes payment to outside entities is the focus of this course. including the legal. The course will also review basic dental office communication to ensure patient needs are being met through the services provided. infection control AND MUCH MORE. Areas covered include patient data. inventory control. Basic Concepts of Dental Practice Management Course Number: 0709 CE Credits: 2 Hours with CD ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 This course for dental administrative assistants offers an overview of the skills needed to successfully implement basic business concepts. The course addresses computerization of patient accounts. 09 Addressing Language and Cultural Barriers of the Spanish Speaking Patient The Hispanic population has exhibited tremendous growth in the United States and is impacting many “unprepared” dental practices. Course Number: 0603 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 The Business of Dentistry: Financial Management for the Dental Office The administrative assistant plays a key role in the smooth operation of any dental practice. Learn the basic components of a patient medical history. NEW 09 Course Number: 0815 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Introduction to Computerized Dental Systems This course provides an overview of the functions available to enhance today’s dental practice with computers. third party carriers. Course Number: 0711 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Patient Care Coordinator: AreYou Ready for a Challenge? The purpose of this course is to introduce the concept of a patient care coordinator (PCC) to NEW the dental team. and the basic components of the federal HIPAA regulation. After completing this course the administrative assistant will be able to apply standard financial procedures to any dental practice. appointment scheduling. Intended to help dental professionals improve their communication with Spanish-speaking patients. and interactions with the other team members of the patient care coordinator. 09 Course Number: 0808 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 6 . financial transactions. accounts payable and receivable. telecommunications. inventory. NEW 09 Course Number: 0816 ADAA Member: $30 :: CE Credits: 3 Hours Nonmember: $43 Designing a Comprehensive Health History A guideline for creating or updating medical/dental history forms for any dental practice. Course Number: 0513 CE Credits: 5 Hours ADAA Member: $48 :: Nonmember: $61 Advanced Dental Practice Management Concepts For the dental assistant whose primary responsibility is managing the dental office. this course emphasizes risk management and quality patient care. The PPC can be a vital and integral team member. following CDC guidelines. clinical considerations. enhancing the introduction of new patients into the practice. It also outlines data entry and retrieval.

positioning. this course explains modes of transmission. neoplasms and neurological disorders. and standards are highlighted. epidemiology. Course Number: 0514 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Hepatitis: What Every Health Care Worker Needs to Know An overview of the hepatitis A. This course provides important information to help dental professionals make informed decisions. Combined use . immunizations.CONTINUING EDUCATION WORKBOOK COURSES PHARMACOLOGY Eastern Medicine Meets Dentistry:The Use of Herbal Supplements in Dentistry With the widespread use of herbal supplements in the busy lives of our patients today it is important for the dental team to become familiar with the more commonly used supplements and possible contraindications for dental treatment. and D). infection control precautions. such as the “bird flu” is a worldwide concern. Not All Face Masks Are Created Equal – What Is Best forYou Not all face masks are created equal. instruments and operatory layouts can affect your musculoskeletal health. Course Number: 0608 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Course Number: 0709 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 This course is designed to help assistants prevent work-related pain and injuries. great strides have been made in the treatment of disease–related opportunistic infections. federal control. This course will cover some of the more popular herbals. as well as proper stool adjustment will be discussed. and postexposure management. C. Course Number: 0612 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 The Importance of Pharmacology in Dental Care This comprehensive learning and reference tool for dental assistants describes prescription and over–the–counter medications. Learn anatomy and mechanisms of microtrauma affecting the assistant. and preventive measures against these potentially life-threatening infections. Discover how body mechanics. alternative uses in dental treatment. and potential drug interactions with commonly used drugs in dentistry. Included are sections on basic microbiology and disease transmission. Course Number: 0412 CE Credits: 12 Hours ADAA Member: $58 :: Nonmember: $80 Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health Care Settings Understanding current infection control regulations and recommendations for dental settings is critical to ensuring the health and safety of patients and dental team members. Sponsored in part by an educational grant from the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP). B.AndYou Infection Control in the Dental Office: A Review for a National Infection Control Exam All aspects of infection control in the dental practice setting are covered. and presents facts about prevention and treatment of both “bird flu” and the more certain occurrence of seasonal flu. and important precautions are described. This course describes seasonal and avian influenza. Infection control guidelines. News of deadly new strains of influenza. suggests how to recognize flu. regulations. Risks in the dental setting are addressed. and the use of drug reference guides. It reviews various types of drugs by classification and action and addresses prescription writing. 2003” sets a standard of care for dental infection control. including vaccine recommendations. Course Number: 0507 CE Credits: 1 Hour ADAA Member: $18 :: Nonmember: $27 The Ergonomics of Dental Assisting: Preventing & Managing Work–Related Pain Course Number: 0411 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Management of HIV/AIDS Patients in Dental Practice 7 Since the first reported outbreaks of HIV/AIDS. D. Many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a face mask for personal protection. Learn how strong postural muscles help protect the back. Pros and cons of assisting stool features. The CDC’s “Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings.This course reviews significant infection control publications and supports optimal dental infection control and safety. medical histories and standard precautions. and E viruses (with special emphasis on the bloodborne viruses B. and common side effects and contraindications. and the importance of chairside stretching to prevent muscle imbalances. C. UPDATED 09 Course Number: 0811 CE Credits: 5 Hours ADAA Member: $48 :: Nonmember: $61 INFECTION CONTROL & OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY The Flu…. their uses in treating patients. Dental offices also must comply with OSHA mandates as well as any state and/or local regulations.

ADAA Member: $10 :: Nonmember: $20 Mercury in Dentistry — The Facts Relative to both the patient and the dental team.50 $50 :: Nonmember: $93. It moves through a typical day for a chairside assistant. recognize signs of skin irritation and locate reliable resources for hand hygiene. ADA–723 Book and VHS Video ADAA Member: $62. the biological effects associated with high levels of the gas. describe different types of hand hygiene. a $285 value for only $240 Mark your order form “3–Pack” to claim your savings 8 . begin- JUST FOR YOU Get p re pp ed to take a na ti o na l ex am i n at i on that will prove competency to your patients and employer that you have the knowledge to be the best clinical assistant that office has ever had as part of their team.95 :: Nonmember: $104.) 0412 0613 0715 Infection Control in the Dental Office: A Review for a National Infection Control Exam General Chairside Assisitng: A Review for a National Chairside Exam Introduction to Basic Concepts in Dental Radiography A $214 package to members for only $159 For nonmember. A certificate of completion is provided. A self–test for 2 CE credits accompanies the book and will be graded by the ADAA. (For separate pricing and information covered see individual listing in catalog. with policy statements from dental organizations and government agencies. and ways to assess and minimize trace gas contamination in an outpatient setting. correctly select hand hygiene products. 09 Course Number: 0818 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 HAZARDOUS MATERIALS IN THE DENTAL SETTING ning with the morning meeting. Includes a workbook and CD–ROM. Course Number: 0614 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $39 :: Nonmember: $55 Hand Hygiene for the Dental Professional Dental healthcare workers spend a great deal of time performing hand hygiene procedures.95 5 CE Hours with test completion. Learn the consequences of HIV/AIDS for today's modern dental practice. Course Number: 0708 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25 :: Nonmember: $37 SPECIAL OFFERING BASIC TRAINING: A Video Introduction to Dental Assisting This video from the American Dental AssoWHILE SUPPLIES LAST ciation is a wonderful introduction to chairNEW LOWER PRICING side dental assisting. Course Number: P550 CE Credits: 5 Hours ADAA Member: $69. OSHA compliance and customer service.75 $75 FAST–TRACK TRAINING: The Basics for Dental Staff From the American Dental Association a thorough introduction to the dental office for new employees. indications and contraindications of N2O/O2 use as well as facts and myths surrounding chronic exposure to nitrous oxide. Also covers the basics of infection control. ergonomics and motion economy. and responsibilities during procedures. submit testing fee with exam. NEW Discomfort due to skin irritation can interfere with adherence to recommended hand hygiene practices. This course is designed to help the dental professional understand how to perform hand hygiene correctly. CLINICAL ASSISTANTS Course Number: 0717 CE Credits: 3 Hours ADAA Member: $30 :: Nonmember: $43 Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation: An Update This course will teach about the desirable characteristics of nitrous oxide. The chapters cover everything from day–to–day dental office tasks such as scheduling patients and working with third–party payers to the intricacies of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.WORKBOOK COURSES CONTINUING EDUCATION of multiple antiviral agents and preventive treatment for pregnant women has increased the number of infected persons living longer and seeking regular dental care. cleaning and setting up the treatment room. current information on mercury in dental restorations is summarized. The three parts of the national exam are covered in separate courses and can be taken together or individually.

Policies Continuing Education Credits. The current term of approval extends from 04/10/1992 to 05/31/2011.dentalassistant. Mastership and membership maintenance credit. we recommend that the courses be completed within a year of purchase. please contact our office within 30 days for a replacement. however.00 :: Nonmember: $52.00 WEB BASED COURSES Visit www. diagnosing pain. DANB does not. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry. Shipping Information Please allow 2–4 weeks for normal shipment. Due to course revisions and updates. Only tests for courses currently produced by the ADAA are accepted for grading. an $8. Wacker Drive. IL 60601 Attention: Division of Education For bulk and special orders. *Dental Practice Management courses are not approved for credit by the California Board of Dental Examiners.00 will be assessed. impression. 211 (8:30 am–4:30 pm. All ADAA nonmembers must submit a test processing fee of $10.S. currency. or exchange. This course is recommended for the experienced assistant. Only the original answer sheet will be accepted for grading (no photocopies allowed). provisional. so please call 312-541-1550 ext. and final restoration.00 charge will be assessed per order for restocking and handling. Make check or money order payable to: Clinical Procedures in Fixed Prosthodontics This interactive learning CD–ROM developed by 3M ESPE takes the dental professional step–by–step through the basics of the crown and bridge procedure. shipping prices vary. Course Number: CD–1-03 CE Credits: 4 Hours ADAA Member: $40. 9 American Dental Assistants Association 35 E. and sensitivity and vital tooth bleaching. A printed test is included with the course and must be returned by mail for grading to receive credit. It demonstrates how multiple layers of composite can be used without adding significant time to a procedure. Charge your order by fax at 312-541-1496 or call 312-541-1550. any necessary adjustments will be made to your order. no workbook is needed.00 :: Nonmember: $35. Navigation through the programs is by procedure: diagnosis.* "DANB Approval" indicates that a continuing education course appears to meet certain specifications as described in the DANB Recertification Guidelines. The course also showcases the esthetic results that can be achieved using direct restorative techniques. and shipping must be prepaid. An invoice will be sent for the additional postage and the order will be shipped when remittance is received. Prices are subject to change without notice. Materials must be received in salable condition. refund.00 :: Nonmember: $52. Upon return. 211 for a quote. 2009. Shipping and handling fees are nonrefundable. Sponsored in part by an educational grant from 3M ESPE. and this interactive CD–ROM developed by 3M ESPE covers theories and background information. . If material you receive is damaged or incorrect.00 Sensitivity in Dentistry Sensitivity in dentistry is a widely discussed topic today. stating your reason for return and letting us know whether you want a replacement. CT). Rush orders cannot be accepted.S. The ADAA is designated as a nationally approved sponsor by the Academy of General Dentistry.00 with each test (no fee for ADAA members). cervical dentin sensitivity. Sponsored in part by an educational grant from 3M ESPE Course Number: CD–2-01 CE Credits: T4 Hours ADAA Member: $40. Illinois residents must add 9% sales tax to the total amount of the order.CD ROM COURSES CD ROM COURSES CD courses are self–contained. Direct Restorations: The Art of Shade Selection and Composite Layering This informative program details the art of creating natural looking direct composite restorations by layering different opacities and shades of composite material. a charge of $11. The formal continuing education programs of this sponsor are accepted by AGD for Fellowship. endorse or recommend any particular continuing education course and is not responsible for the quality of any course content. ext. If this occurs. All ADAA courses are approved for continuing education credits by the Dental Assisting National Board and most state agencies requiring dental assisting education. simply return it within 30 days. ADAA CONTINUING EDUCATION IS ONLINE! Courses will be added online throughout the year…so visit often. Foreign Orders All foreign orders must be paid in U. Prices All prices listed in this catalog are effective January 1. preparation. Tests. Check with your state board if you have any questions. Sponsored in part by an educational grant from 3M ESPE Course Number: CD–1-01 CE Credits: 2 Hours ADAA Member: $25. postoperative sensitivity associated with direct and indirect restorations. Suite 1730 Chicago. Additional shipping charges will be applicable to destinations outside the U.00 ORDER INFORMATION Returns and Exchanges If you are not completely satisfied with your ADAA continuing education product. On orders of three or more to take many of these home study course offerings at reduced online prices.

Wacker Dr. 1730. please copy form) Name _______________________________________________________ ADAA Member #________________________  Nonmember (Not CDA#) Address _____________________________________________ City _________________________________ State ________ Zip _____________ Daytime telephone ( ________ )_____________________________ E-mail address:_______________________________________________  Check or money order enclosed Card # ________–________–________–________ Exp. charge your order by fax (312-541-1496). Chicago. Please call 312-541-1550 ext. IL 60601. please copy form) Name _______________________________________________________ ADAA Member #________________________ c Nonmember (Not CDA#) Address _____________________________________________ City _________________________________ State ________ Zip _____________ Daytime telephone ( ________ )_____________________________ c Check or money order enclosed c Visa c MasterCard E-mail address:_______________________________________________ Card # ________–________–________–________ Exp. 10 .00 $31–$50 $6. ext. ext. IL 60601. 1730. Attn: Div. 211 (8:30 am–4:30 pm. CT). Attn: Div.00 $31–$50 $6. Make check or money order payable to American Dental Assistants Association. Date __________  Visa  MasterCard Name_____________________________________________ Cardholder’s signature _________________________________________________ Cardholder’s address _________________________________________ City _________________________ State ________ Zip______________ Course number Course name Price _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ Shipping/Handling Schedule $0–$30 $4.00 $200 and over $12.00 $71–$99 $9.. Make check or money order payable to American Dental Assistants Association.00 $71–$99 $9. or call 312-541-1550. Ste. Please allow 2–4 weeks for delivery.00 $51–$70 $7. 211 for a quote.00 $200 and over $12. 211 (8:30 am–4:30 pm. Date _____________ Name_____________________________________________ Cardholder’s signature _________________________________________________ Cardholder’s address _________________________________________ City _________________________ State ________ Zip______________ Course number Course name Price _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ _______________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ____________ Shipping/Handling Schedule $0–$30 $4.00 Subtotal ____________ Illinois residents must add 9% sales tax ____________ Shipping/handling (see chart at left)* ____________ Total amount ____________ *Bulk and Special Orders: Shipping prices vary. Please call 312-541-1550 ext. charge your order by fax (312-541-1496).Wacker Dr.00 Subtotal ____________ Illinois residents must add 9% sales tax ____________ Shipping/handling (see chart at left)* ____________ Total amount ____________ *Bulk and Special Orders: Shipping prices vary. 35 E. of Education.00 $51–$70 $7. CT). Please allow 2–4 weeks for delivery. Ste. Please print or type (For additional orders.00 $100–$199 $10.00 $100–$199 $10. of Education. Chicago.CE ORDER FORMS Please print or type (For additional orders. or call 312-541-1550. 211 for a quote. 35 E..

not only for you. call or write: American Dental Assistants Association 35 E.dentalassistant. the dental assistant. Those holding Registered Dental Assistant status from a state may apply for RDA credit (awarded on a state–by–state basis according to established criteria). To become a Fellow of the ADAA. the assistant and the 11 . you can move forward too.FELLOWSHIP IN THE ADAA Reach for the new National Standard of Excellence in Dental Assisting Thousands of dental assisting professionals have proven their skill and dedication through earning the Certified Dental Assistant or Registered Dental Assistant credential. a dental assistant must hold ADAA Active membership prior to application and must accrue 300 hours of continuing education credit after enrolling in the program. and press releases announce the awarding of the Fellowships to hometown media and relevant professional associations. Suite 1730 Chicago. the ADAA is offering Fellowship. Now. enrollees are recognized at ADAA Annual Conferences. As the profession of dental assisting moves forward. this recognition program encourages a higher level of skill that ultimately benefits all — the patient. but also for the patients you serve and the doctors with whom you work. a challenging path to: • Increased value to your patients and practice • Enhanced confidence in your dental assisting capabilities • Public recognition of your professional achievement • Increased professional status • Satisfaction of increased education • Building self–esteem Patterned after the renowned recognition programs of the Academy of General Dentistry. your achievements and skills are recognized and rewarded. Take a step in an upward direction: Strive for higher achievement and more recognition as you become a Fellow of the American Dental Assistants Association. (Exception: CDPMA earns 100 points). National recognition is provided through the ADAA’s professional journal. Those who are already Certified Dental Assistants are halfway to achieving Fellowship and automatically receive 150 hours of credit upon enrolling. IL 60601-2211 Telephone 312-541-1550 Fax: 312-541-1496 E-mail: adaa1@aol. Fellowship is a program of many benefits. For full details and an enrollment form. Wacker Dr. Upon successfully completing the Fellowship Program. And as a certified or registered www.

President RE: ADAA Membership. Thank you for your attention. Major Medical & Disability programs are available in most states for those who qualify.  Prescription discount service. NO GRADING FEE for members. Spadaro. The list in the adjoining column is impressive. let me add a few more reasons: < Life.dentalworkers. < Free resumé posting via our website. < Only 48% of all professional member associations provide group insurance programs to their members. and we hope you agree that this means your membership grows in value along with the value of this list.  On–line employment service at www.  20% discount on membership in LifeLock's identity theft protection service. Major Medical and Disability programs are available in most states for those who qualify. In addition. The Dental Assistant. < Only 14% provide a credit card program.  Free continuing education in The Dental Assistant.  Member discounts on educational seminars from ADAA — automatically. JOIN NOW and continue the benefits and professional support of the ADAA. < Only 19% offer scholarship programs. Health. “The people who make dental assisting a profession!” 12 . Now! Will you please take just a moment to review the many reasons why you should become a part of American’s leading dental assisting professional organization.  $2. Health.000 professional dental assisting liability insurance in your name — automatically.PRESIDENT’S LETTER AMERICAN DENTAL ASSISTANTS ASSOCIATION TO: Dental Assistants Everywhere FROM: Stephen E. ¡ Se habla espanõl.  Discounts on home study continuing education courses — automatically. HERE'S THE PACKAGE Included in your dues are:  $50.  Life.  A subscription in your name to the awardwinning journal.  Eligibility to participate in ADAA's fellowship program. Visit our website to learn about our easy debit payment plans and join us today.  Credit card and signature loan programs in most states for those who ADAA DOES ALL OF THE ABOVE AND MORE! I know I can count on you to stay with us.000 accidental death & dismemberment insurance — automatically. < Only 30% employ staff to monitor legislation.

. . . .MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION 2009 NEW ACTIVE MEMBER APPLICATION Send payment to: American Dental Assistants Association Suite 1730. . . . . . . . . . . . .00 in the 1st installment and does NOT appear on the 2nd installment invoice) TOTAL DUES (if paid in full) . . 35 E. . . . . if one exists. .$10. . .$________ Plus 50% of State Dues . . .$________ + Professional Liability Insurance (not optional) . . . $105 plus state dues (See table for state dues) Dues are paid through 12/31/10 Example: National Dues: $10 insurance charge is added $131. . . . . . . . . . . . .50 .$________ Plus professional liability insurance (not optional – this insurance is paid IN FULL .$________ + State Dues (enter amount from list opposite or percentage) . . . . . .$_______ You will be billed for the balance of your dues 2 months prior to expiration dates Want to arrange Direct Debit Payment for your ADAA dues? Visit our website: www. . . . . . . . . . . .dentalassistant. . . . . . . . . . Chicago IL 60601-2211 Not valid after 12/31/09 PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE AND FILL ALL APPLICABLE SPACES ADAA member previously? (if yes.25) plus state dues $105 plus state dues (See table for state dues) (See table for state dues and multipy by 1. .00 Applying in November or December – $52. . . . . September and October 2009 New Members joining in November and December 2009 Amount of Payment: Amount of Payment: Amount of Payment: Full year’s dues – both state and national. . . . .75 Dues are paid through 12/31/10 Type of Payment: Choose any payment option G Check or Credit Card for full year If you want to pay in full: G $10 insurance charge is added or two Semi Annual Payments G or Direct Debit System If you want to pay in two installments: – $52. . . . . . . . . . . . . you also become a member of a state and local organization. . . . . . . . MEMBERSHIP FEES New Members joining in January through July 2009 New Members joining in August. .25 = $168. . . . . . . . .$10. Wacker Drive._________ Cardholder Name _____________________________________________________ Cardholder Signature ___________________________________________ Cardholder Address_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13 .$________ ADAA New Active Dues (from above list) . . 125% of national dues (131. . . Local membership will be in the same state as state membership. . . . .25) Dues are paid through 12/31/09 $10 insurance charge is added Full year’s dues – both state and national. . . . . . . State/Local dues amounts are listed opposite.$________ Plaque $20 (optional) – oak laminate & black leatherette . . . .00 TOTAL DUES (if paid in installments) .50 . . . . . . .25 plus state dues: $30 X 1. . .$10. .$________ Semi annual fee (does NOT appear on the 2nd invoice) .50 . when):_________________________________________________________________________ Date_____________________ Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Apt.$________ Choose one: Applying in January through July Applying in August through October – $62. . .org TOTAL PAYMENT ENCLOSED $______________ Payment made by:  MASTERCARD  VISA  CHECK (payable to ADAA) Account #_______________________________________ Exp. #_________ City __________________________________________________________________________________ State ____________ Zip ________________________ Business phone (_____)_____________________ Home phone (_____)___________________ Cell phone (_____)____________________ E-mail ___________________ State Dental Assistants Association (if other than the state where you live) ___________________________________________________________________ Local Dental Assistants Organization (if left blank. . . This amount must be added to your ADAA dues. . . . we will assign a local where available) _______________________________________________________ Sponsor (if any)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please check applicable area:  Chairside  Business Assistant  Office Manager  Educator  Other ______________________________ Please specify (if applicable): CDA #:_________________________ RDA #:_______________________ NOTE: By joining the ADAA. . .

professional liability insurance and accidental death insurance insurance become effective following receipt and processing of application. subscribe now. Payment required with is the site for you! lets you post your resumé free of charge! An on-line resumé guide helps you build a professional resumé that impresses potential Anniversary renewal DENTAL ASSISTANT SUBSCRIPTION Name ____________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________ City/State/Zip _______________________________________________ ¡Se habla español! Si usted se siente más cómodo discutir los beneficios de la asociación de ADAA en español. funds. much $20. pero se pueden discutir en español. Dental Assistant Recognition Week. Date________ Cardholder Signature__________________________________________ Cardholder Name____________________________________________ Cardholder Address___________________________________________ Cardholder City/State/Zip______________________________________ 14 .00 July/August Single copy price $10. Allow 6–8 weeks for subscription entry and change of address. • for a competitive circle of employers looking for qualified candidates in all dental assisting positions.00 September/October Canada and Mexico $30. become a part of the para educación o iguillen@adaa1. and $2.and there are special benefits for ADAA members who use this service too.00 November/December Other Foreign Countries $75..  Check enclosed — payable to ADAA  Invoice please. 211 o 213. administrative and sales.)  VISA  MasterCard Account #___________________________________ Exp. email JOBS@dentalworkers. Nuestros materiales educativos son en inglés. • No portion of ADAA fees is refundable or transferable. $50. the official publication of the American Dental Assistants Association. your school or office library. If you’re in charge of finding the pros to fill your dental team vacancies.. If you’re not a member of the ADAA who receives this publication. srobles@adaa1. is published bimonthly. O mandenos correo electrónico a nrod@adaa1. Take advantage of the opportunities at dentalworkers. your boss? We’re America’s leading magazine for and about professional dental assistants.A. ISSUES REGULAR RATES January/February One-year subscription March/April Dealers and Individuals Same rate May/June U. • Membership includes a subscription to The Dental Assistant. llame nuestro numero 312-541-1550 extensiones 201.. Alabama $10 Alaska $15 Arizona $15 Arkansas $10 California $40 Colorado $15 Connecticut $18 Delaware $ 6 para beneficios de miembros. business concerns of dentistry. Journal of the American Dental Assistants Association ISSN 1088 3886 Someone near you needs a subscription to The Dental Assistant — a co-worker.000 professional liability insurance. educational issues and much.S. Submitted articles are accepted and juried by the editorial review board. of Columbia $12 Florida $25 Georgia $12 Hawaii $12 Idaho $12 Illinois $23 Indiana $35 Iowa $25 Kansas $20 Kentucky $20 Louisiana $12 Maine $10 Maryland $18 Massachusetts $20 Michigan $40 Minnesota $30 Mississippi $15 Missouri $10 Montana $10 Nebraska $15 Nevada $20 New Hampshire$10 New Jersey $20 New Mexico $10 New York $20 North Carolina $15 North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming $15 $20 $12 $12 $20 $18 $12 $20 $25 $25 $15 $10 $24 $12 $15 $20 $10 ONLINE EMPLOYMENT PACKAGE Looking for a job? Seeking professionals to fill your dental team vacancies? dentalworkers.S.dentalworkers. Employer or employee call 877-235-9855.JOURNAL ORDER FORM The Dental Assistant Journal LISTING OF TOTAL STATE/LOCAL DUES You must enter an amount in space provided under membership fees.. (We can only invoice if this coupon is accompanied by an educational institution’s purchase order. 2009 Rates/lssues: The Dental Assistant.00 Payable in or check out the website at www.000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Claims must be received within 90 days of cover date. Topics covered include infection control.

Inc GC America.ADAAF SPONSORS The American Dental Assistants Association Foundation thanks the following companies and organizations for their generous contributions that have aided in the funding of worthwhile educational activities throughout the year. Wacker Dr. Inc Sunstar “We make dental assisting a profession” www. 3M ESPE Procter & Gamble Crest Oral–B A–dec Patterson Dental American Dental Cooperative PennWell Publishing Benco Dental Pentron Clinical Technologies Biotrol International Planmeca. Inc. Suite 1730 Chicago.dentalassistant. IL 60601-2211 Telephone 312-541-1550 Fax: 312-541-1496 E-mail: adaa1@aol. Inc Vident Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company VOCO America Ivoclar Vivadent. Inc Harry J Bosworth Company TIDI Products Henry Schein Dental Tom's of Maine Henry Schein Practice Solutions Ultradent Products. Inc Premier Dental Products Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals Pulpdent Corporation Crosstex International Sci Can Danville Engineering & Materials SDS Kerr Corporation Darby Dental Septodont DentalEZ Group Sirona Dental Systems Dentalworkers ShoFu Dental Corporation Dentsply Professional Sonicare-Philips Oral Healthcare Dux Dental Sultan Healthcare. Inc Young Dental Nash Institute for Dental Learning Zenith Dental OSAP Zirc Company Thank you 35 . Inc Heraeus Kulzer. Cetylite Industries.