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Now Make IRCTC Payments Through Paytm Wallet!

Posted: 29 Apr 2015 05:09 AM PDT

Next time you try to book tickets through IRCTC portal, it will be that much easier for you as you will be
able to make payments through Paytm wallet.
Paytm wallet and IRCTC integration happened a few days back, however Paytm officially announced it
today. We spotted this integration around a week back, and tweeted about it as well.
@vijayshekhar Nice.. Now IRCTC supports @Paytm wallet for payments…This should given a good
bump in transactions!
— Arun Prabhudesai (@8ap) April 24, 2015
Over last couple of years, IRCTC has added many different channels for making payments, including
their own wallet. The site also supports other wallets and cash cards like ITZ cash card, OXi cash card
however, these are not used widely as people have to go through tedious registration process. Paytm on
the other hand is extremely simple and used by millions of users in India.
Earlier this month, Paytm announced that they have crossed 50 million digital wallets making them the
largest mobile commerce platform in India. Now, with integration with IRCTC, the number is surely going
to rise in coming months.
Mr. Amit Lakhotia, VP-Paytm said in regards to this tie-up, “We are delighted to partner with IRCTC and
offer the added convenience of Paytm Wallet to IRCTC customers. This is a major partnership for us as it
allows users to book train tickets via Paytm wallet. IRCTC is the second biggest consumer-transacting
platform today. Launched recently, the service has received positive response from our customers, with
the usage of Paytm wallet on IRCTC’s website crossing our expectations in just a few days. We are
elated with this association and we wish to take more such worthwhile strides in the future to make lives

simpler and easier for our customers.”
Launched in 2014, Paytm wallet has grown quite rapidly and now has nearly 60 million wallet holders and
a network of 21,000 merchants where Paytm wallet can be used.
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IRCTC Starts Mumbai Darshan By Air On Helicopter For INR 5580
Posted: 29 Apr 2015 04:32 AM PDT

Approximately three million tourists visit Mumbai every year to soak in the legacy of India’s economic
capital. But the greatest hindrance to road based tour packages is that it consumes time and leaves you
How about an aerial tour, which takes 15 minutes to complete and gives you bird-eye view of the
IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has understood the problem, and have
come up with an innovative and exciting offer for tourists: Mumbai Air Darshan.
This special, one of it’s kind tourist service has been launched in collaboration with a private helicopter
service provider, and starts with Rs 5580 per person for a 15 minute ride.
As per the official portal: “Helicopter joy ride 1000 feet above the city or the coast is an unforgettable way
to experience the breathtaking beauty of Mumbai and its surrounding areas.. Enjoy the panoramic views
of the Mumbai and it’s coastline from your armchair in the sky.”
As of now, the service would be available between April 22 to October 21 (Monday to Saturday, 11 AM to
4.30 PM) .There are only 39 available slots between this period.
As per the itinerary, there are two routes: North Mumbai and South Mumbai; for both the routes, Juhu is
the central hub.
North Mumbai tour will start from Juhu and in the next 15 minutes, tourists would be able to fly over Juhu,
Varsova Malad, Gorai, Pagoda, Essel World. South Mumbai tour’s itinerary covers: Juhu, Bandra-Worli
Sea Link, Haji Ali and back. The North Mumbai Route.
As per reports, there can be another package which is currently not displayed on the website: a private,
chartered tour for Rs 20,000 covering 15 minutes of flight time.

Some interesting pointers:
 Children below 2 years of age would not be allowed on this joy ride
 Mobile or camera photography is not allowed (this can be a major deterrence)
 Passengers sitting next to pilot should not wear sarees; besides that there is no other dress code
 Only those pilots who have more than 2000 hours of flying experience would accompany tourists
in the helicopter
 Only three passengers would be allowed inside the helicopter at a given time
 Passengers are encouraged to carry a medical certificate while boarding the flight
 IRCTC would not be responsible for any air crash or accident (???)
This is the first city based aerial tour package started by IRCTC. Some other air packages which are
currently offered by IRCTC includes: Bengalore-Goa, Shirdi-Chennai, Shrdi-Delhi, Golden Triangle of
Karnataka and Himanchal’s Delight packages.
Besides their official portal, tourists can SMS “HELI” to 09004082742 for registrations & bookings.
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Cyanogen Ends OnePlus Partnership, Now Seeking Tie-Ups With
Other Vendors
Posted: 29 Apr 2015 03:10 AM PDT

Everyone out there would be surprised to know that Cyanogen has decide to end its partnership with
OnePlus. At the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, Kirt McMaster, the CEO of Cyanogen said
that, “Without Cyanogen, OnePlus would have sold like one device in international markets. Essentially
they built their brand on the back of Cyanogen.”
This statement from the CEO was a clear indication about the end of the partnership. Kirt was not happy
to end it up, but he did wish OnePlus the best for the upcoming releases.
The Chief Technology Officer of Cyanogen, Steve Kondik, said that, “The two companies ultimately had
different goals for its software and, as a result, there were collisions between personal as the two
attempted to proceed with their own visions.” He further added that, “That’s probably the last you will
see from that partnership, unfortunately.”
There are around 100 smartphone companies in China which include small and large ones. And
Cyanogen is aiming to work with few of those to scale at much quicker pace. However, as of now, there is
no such confirmation about Cyanogen working with other Chinese manufacturers. It doesn’t matter who’s
going to partner them but with this, the Chinese brands will surely boost their presence all over the world.
On this note, Kirt said that, “It’s a great way for them to build some identity outside of China using a
brand that’s already reasonably well known.”

OnePlus One’s OS and Its Controversies in India:
OnePlus has been designing its own Android based OS since few months and it released OxygenOS at
the start of April for OnePlus One users. And that’s one of the reasons why this partnership came to an

end. Even with all the controversies. Will the Cyanogen provide support for the OS which is already installed in lakhs of OnePlus One phones? There’s no need to worry because Cyanogen will be providing the support to the users who have already installed their latest OS.. $100M In 4 Years! IoT Startup Happiest Minds Aiming To Break Records In India Posted: 29 Apr 2015 02:04 AM PDT Very seldom you come across stories when a 60 year old entrepreneur establishes a start-up. which is aiming for $100 million revenues within 4 years! Happiest Technologies. OnePlus One sold quite well in India. they were able to sell sixty to sixty five thousand units in India What About OnePlus One Users with Cyanogen OS? The users who have already received the CM12s Lollipop update for OnePlus One phones would be worried that what’s next if the partnership ends. What’s your choice? The post Cyanogen Ends OnePlus Partnership. Now Seeking Tie-Ups With Other Vendors first appeared onTrak. which was founded in 2011 by 60 year old Ashok Soota is well on it’s way to . In first couple of months since launch in India. . Right from OnePlus One ban in India to theCyanogen being unfair for both OnePlus and Micromax. There were many controversies when OnePlus One was launched in Mobile Apps: Android | iOS. It would be interesting to see whether and how the new users will adopt OxygenOS in the upcoming OnePlus smartphones or will they shift their choice to new newer brands giving Cyanogen OS.

once again proves the fact that Indian startup is right now at an exciting stage of growth. As of now. and they crossed $100 million revenues in 2014  Mu Sigma breached $100 million annual revenue mark in 2012 This success story of a technology based startup. 64% of its revenues comes from USA and they have operations in United Kingdom. He co-founded MindTree in 1999.5 million as Series A capital. they reported annual revenues of $50 million and achieved breakeven last quarter. Ashok was able to raise $52. Ashok Soota has been able to form a solid team which comprises of Sashi Kumar. this company was ranked # 2 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2014 and ranked #13 as Asia’s fastest growing technology firm in the Deloitte Annual ranking. Already declared as third fastest growing startup eco-system in the . Mobility solutions. and they crossed $100 million revenues during 2012-13 financial year  Snapdeal clocked $100 million revenues somewhere between 2012 and 2013  Myntra was founded in 2007. Happiest Technologies has plans to go public within 2 years.  Redbus was founded in 2006. Social Media and Big Data. which rose to become a 9000 employee behemoth with annual revenues of $350 million. Fastest $100 Million Startups In India Flipkart was probably the first Indian startup from eCommerce niche which crossed fastest $100 million revenue mark. they have plans to clock 25% of their revenues from Intellectual Property solutions. Last year. By selling his stake in MindTree. and they crossed $100 million revenues in 2013  Ola Cabs was founded in 2010. He left MindTree in 2001 to launch Happiest Technologies in an entirely new niche: Internet of Things & Cloud technology. Last year. Unified communication. founder of Happiest Minds Technologies is a veteran entrepreneur. They breached this milestone within 5 years of their birth. Cloud based technological innovations. with 100+ clients and a team of 1450 specialists. Singapore. they are clocking revenues of Rs 26 crore every month. which includes business intelligence. Happiest Minds use technology to offer a comprehensive IT services platform for businesses. Ashok Soota. CEO (who was earlier CSC India Head) & Narayanan Venkatraman who was the CFO of Sonata Software and more. Canada and Australia. Interestingly.create some new records. As of now. which means that they are not completely into services but focusing on their own customized products as well.

Low Profits Due To OTTs Theory Debunked Posted: 29 Apr 2015 12:19 AM PDT One of the major arguments proposed by telecom players supporting their discriminatory Internet plans was revenues. Idea Profits Surge On High Mobile Data . The post $100M In 4 Years! IoT Startup Happiest Minds Aiming To Break Records In India first appeared onTrak. It is estimated that by 2020. hence they justified their anti-net neutrality plans for balancing it off. And the majority of this increased revenue came from mobile data usage! Airtel: . Airtel. more than $1 billion worth of mergers and acquisitions have taken place. They claimed that they have invested heavily into telecom infrastructure and due to the OTT players. around 800 startups are founded every year in India. But these claims of low profits have been totally debunked now as both Airtel and Mobile Apps: Android | iOS. more than 2. their revenues are dropping.5 lakh people would be hired by startups. which are India’s top telecom companies have reported record profits for the quarter which ended in March. 2015. and in the last three years.

their revenues increased 70% to reach Rs 2324 crore. as the options would . which is again 3.which is an increase of whooping 86. We are still not able to understand why Airtel is trying to kill this Golden Goose. Now the most interesting part: Revenues from Data Usage on Mobile.039 crore this year. As this data contain Africa’s revenues as well. and now. which is an increase of 59.3% to reach Rs 92.6% of overall revenues for Airtel. Internet usage accounted 17. their net profit increased by 30. For Indian mobile data usage. Airtel posted net profit of Rs 5183 crore for the financial year 2014-15. which is only increasing in its size.1% compared to the same period last year. Total revenues for this period stood at Rs 23. As per the records. In the same period last year. which is an increase of 309%! Data usage per customer increased to 41.2%. Total revenues which Airtel clocked for the mobile usage during the period January-March 2015 was Rs 3085 crore.5% to reach Rs 1255 crore. Airtel Zero will only contribute to finish this data usage. Compared to Rs 2773 crore of net profit in the financial year 2013-14. Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for data usage increased to Rs 176 from Rs 43 last year.6% more than Rs 22.016 crore. every year. its even more.Sunil Mittal led Bharti Airtel announced their quarterly report for the period January-March 2015.219 crore revenues for the same period last year. Overall. If we analyze the annual revenues then again Airtel has posted record growth.they had net profits of Rs 962 crore. up from 11. Revenues also increased 7. and there is no reason they should seek shelter of decreased profits to impose anti-net neutrality plans. Airtel’s Indian customers are now using more data than voice. we will focus only on India.5% last year.9%.

they will start avoiding Internet as a] The post Airtel. Total of 54. compared to Mobile Apps: Android | iOS. their consolidated net profit stood at Rs 941. data usage is now at an all time high. Users are free to choose and access the website which they want and .5 billion Mega Bytes were consumed during the last quarter as revenues from Internet usage increased to 24. Idea: Idea Cellular’s results for the quarter ending March is mirroring Airtel’s results. And this can put some severe dent in telecom player’s growth plans. Idea Profits Surge On High Mobile Data Usage.5% last year. an increase of 19. Once they have the restriction of free access to few websites and paid access to the rest.reduce. The revenues increased to Rs 8422.5% compared to last year. as their users consumed 18. Trak. and that is why they are consuming Internet like never before.5%. Data usage on Idea’s network exploded in this quarter. Launches A Marketplace! Posted: 28 Apr 2015 11:31 PM PDT . ARPU of Idea Cellular now stands at Rs 179.8 crore against Rs 589.5 crore. Low Profits Due To OTTs Theory Debunked first appeared on Trak.3% more data compared to last year. Overall. [Header Image: Shutterstock.9 crore in the same period last year. and users would feel trapped. And the major reason for the same is fair Internet accessibility. hence an increase of 60% YoY. then not only the overall data consumption will decrease. one fourth of which comes from Data! As evident by the quarterly results of Airtel and Idea. Google Wants to Buy Your Patents.

which Google could actually convert into real products in future. the transaction will be done for the amount decided by the end of August. you can file your patent to Google from May 8. Patent owners sell patents for numerous reasons (such as the need to raise money or changes in a company’s business direction). “The ‘Patent Purchase Program’ is an experimental marketplace for patents that are simple. Some patents may also help them with their existing products. easy to use and fast. the usual patent marketplace can sometimes be challenging. the search engine launched this program. However. IP is priceless and Google understands it. 2015. 2015. Why Did Google Do This? There are only a few platforms where you can sell your patents. but often it is seen that they never fetch a right price. Unfortunately. if selected. especially for smaller participants who sometimes end up working with patent trolls. and hence a platform like Google Patents! . And.” If you have something special to showcase and believe that the idea is unique. Right after the closing of portal. the main reason obviously is to unearth some patents and inventions. Google will open a streamlined portal for these 15 days where you can tell Google about your patent and the price at which you want to sell it. the patent will be reviewed by Google and most probably by June 26. 2015 to May 22.Do you have a dream to work with the leading company in the world? Do you have a brainstorming idea but unable to find the right way to implement it? Here’s is a chance for you! Google has launched a marketplace which gives you a chance to sell your patents and inventions Google made an announcement that. Google will let the Patent submitters know whether they are interested to buy the patent or not. To solve this issue and let the patent owners get the right price.

in line with its 'mobile first' strategy. you can do that on your own. . you need a lot of resources and time to do that might be a major hindrance to most people. 7:10 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare8 NEW DELHI: Flipkart. you should start on your own rather than selling patent to Google. has acquired Appiterate. But. Which One is Worth? Now. a mobile engagement and marketing automation company based in Delhi. if you have the resources and believe in your idea. this is tricky! If you have an idea to implement something new. Appiterate's mobile marketing automation platform will be integrated into Flipkart’s mobile app. the country's largest online retailer. But the fact that. It’s quite hard to say that you should sell the patent or implement it yourself. Yes. Google’s patent platform is something you should seriously look at Flipkart acquires mobile automation company Appiterate Post the acquisition.Startup or Sell a Patent. if you don’t have the resources or skills to bring the idea to fruition and have patented your idea.OUR BUREAU | 29 April 2015.

"In a short span of one-and-half years. senior director for corporate development at Flipkart. said: “This first of its kind distribution tie-up and it is a cultural fit between the two firms. Paper Boat." Post the acquisition. It did not disclose the size of the deal. Flipkart said in a statement on Wednesday. plans to make up to 10 more investments this fiscal year after its acquisition of Freecharge and is rapidly stocking up on ammunition to take on Flipkart and Amazon in India's $3-billion ecommerce industry." said Nishant Verman. Appiterate's mobile marketing automation platform will be integrated into Flipkart's mobile app. 5:15 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare . MD at Indo Nissin which makes Top Ramen noodles.”ET Bureau | 29 April 2015. This will help in precise targeting of users based on their activity on the app and website. Snapdeal. Flipkart plans to invest in and acquire other companies in this domain and help in building the mobile ecosystem in India. Appiterate has carved out a niche in the industry as being one of the most disruptive companies in its space. "We are really excited to have them on board. Indo Nissin ink distribution tie-up Gautam Sharma.Appiterate has helped leading ecommerce companies combine the power of mobile apps and big data to allow them to do one-on-one targeting of their users though push notifications and inapp messages. another major online marketplace.

Through this partnership. MD at Indo Nissin which makes Top Ramen noodles. said: "This first of its kind distribution tie-up and it is a cultural fit between the two firms.NEW DELHI: Beverage maker Paper Boat has inked a strategic tie-up with Japanese food giant. NewsletterA A . and kokum." Paper beverages are available in variants like aamras. Gautam Sharma. a joint statement issued by the firms said. Indo Nissin Foods. jaljeera. aimed at strengthening distribution and brand presence in tier II cities and rural markets. Paper Boat will distribute new packs of 200 ml exclusively through Indo Nissin across the country and will help to unlock potential of differentiated niches in consumer spaces.

tech firms like IBM. SAP brace for revenue growth Sales analytics.As retailers spend on technology to counter ecommerce. About 39 million Indians shop online." said an expert. Technology firms such as IBM. it is growing fast. They have started making investments on omni-channel strategies. customer analytics and web analytics lead the way in priority order for retailers with marketing analytics not far behind.enterprise . Oracle and SAP are gearing up to win new business. Traditional retailers are realising it is a market they cannot afford to miss. "In last two years. executive director . we are seeing brick-andmortar stores are realising the need for omni-channel offerings." Kamal Singhani. according to an April report by research firm AT Kearney. since the recent ecommerce business started. Though it is a small proportion of overall population.Jochelle Mendonca&Neha Alawadhi | 30 April 2015. a boon for tech firms who had seen revenue growth from retail decelerate in the last few years. 8:00 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare3 MUMBAI|DELHI: Brick-and-mortar retailers are beginning to spend more on technology and omni-channel strategies to combat the growing threat from ecommerce.

applications and mobility leader at IBM India. the kind of capital expenditure required to actually build the whole omnichannel experience has not happened yet. An omni-channel strategy implies that a retailer's customers get the same buying experience and treatment in both physical stores. chief executive at retail and consumer products consultancy Third Eyesight.Rasul Bailay | 29 April 2015. very large investment. Otherwise it is very." said Devangshu Dutta. But experts say these are baby steps and retailers still have work to do on technology to compete with deeppocketed online players such as Flipkart and Amazon. Pantaloons. Flipkart ropes in Sriram Venkateswaran from McDonald’s as supply chain Director Venkateswaran was working with McDonald’s India’s western and southern franchisee Hardcastle Restaurant as director for national supply chain for the last eight years. It requires significant investment in the back-end to tie-in inventory and logistics to make it work. "One of the first things is that they should look to move away from in-house hosted systems to cloud-based solutions. 5:35 PM IST NewsletterA A inShare . Reliance Retail. and time taken is significant. Future Group partnered with SAP to drive its omni-channel venture. "While retailers are investing in systems. Singhani added that Indian retailers would need another 12-18 months before strategies become competitive. CEO Kishore Biyani has said that to implement the strategy. the retail business would have to become more technology and big data-focused. Future Group has been the most vocal with its plan to spend Rs 100 crore on its omni-channel strategy over the next year. told ET. Shoppers Stop. online and through mobile devices. and even the Tata Group are investing to win a slice of the online shopping space.

cms? utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst Corporate bigwigs like Amazon's Amit Agarwal. which operates more than 200 McDonald's-branded fast-food outlets in about two dozen cities. Google's Rajan Anandan invest in Dazo By Madhav Chanchani & Malavika Murali. Hardcastle. ET Bureau | 29 Apr. . Corporate bigwigs like Amazon's Amit Agarwal. ET Bureau | 29 Apr.. the country's largest ecommerce company.indiatimes. has hired Sriram Venkateswaran. announced earlier this week that it is promoting Vikram Ogale to replace Venkateswaran. as a senior director in the supply chain. Google's Rajan Anandan invest in Dazo By Madhav Chanchani & Malavika Murali. Read more at: http://economictimes. who was handling supply chain at McDonald's India. Venkateswaran was working with McDonald's India's western and southern franchisee Hardcastle Restaurant as director for national supply chain for the last eight years.31AM IST 7 comments |Post a Comment MUMBAI/BENGALURU: Amazon's country manager Amit Agarwal and Google India chief Rajan Anandan are among a who's who list of people who have invested in Dazo.New Delhi: Flipkart. 10. 10. an app-based service that curates and delivers meals.31AM IST 7 comments |Post a Comment READ MORE ON » TaxiforSure | Sumit Jain | Rajan Ana .

indiatimes. TaxiForSure founder Aprameya Radhakrishna and former FreeCharge CEO Alok Goel.Commonfloor founder Sumit Jain. ET Bureau | 29 Apr.. e ..indiatimes.cms? utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst StartupsCorporate bigwigs like Amazon's Amit Agarwal. Read more at: aggregates meals from different partners but does delivery on its own to ensure a seamless process. Dazo has had over 4. too. Read more at: http://economictimes. who set up the company with . earlier known as Tapcibo.31AM IST 7 comments |Post a Comment READ MORE ON » TaxiforSure | Sumit Jain | Rajan Ana .cms? utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst Dazo. aggregates meals from different partners but does delivery on its own to ensure a seamless process.. Read more at: http://economictimes.. 2015. "We have been partnering with restaurants which have spare capacity and can make special meals for our customers." said its 29-yearold co-founder & CEO Shashaank Shekhar Singhal. who set up the company with Monica Rastogi in October mobile app downloads and gets more than 150 orders a day. "We have been partnering with restaurants which have spare capacity and can make special meals for our customers." said its 29-yearold co-founder & CEO Shashaank Shekhar Singhal. earlier known as Tapcibo. Google's Rajan Anandan invest in Dazo By Madhav Chanchani & Malavika Murali.0 .indiatimes. 10. Read more at: http://economictimes. which it hopes to increase to 1. are among those who have invested undisclosed amount in the Bangalore-based startup.cms? utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst .cms? utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst Dazo.

which trains students in making drones. plug-and-play units that can condense research and development time by a couple of years. 8:34 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare BENGALURU: Heralding a second wave of drone-making in India. which could take a day or two. Aero360 are building improved drone applications Bengaluru-based Edall Systems.Krithika Krishnamurthy&Malavika Murali | 30 April 2015. a few startups have advanced to commercialising the brain that controls these remote-controlled flying robots. said its hardware unit helps reduce research time and quickly develop new applications. . To that end. Making drones these days is akin to assembling Lego blocks. But getting the pieces to work in harmony takes a couple of years .How aerospace startups like NavStik. aerospace startups such as NavStik Autonomous Systems. Edall Systems and Aero360 are building software and hardware solutions.precious currency for startups.

not just a controller unit. banned for commercial use in India. The six-year-old drone-maker said for commercial purposes. National Aerospace Laboratories and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. according to research firm MarketsAndMarkets. NavStik's 4-gram hardware packs in sensors. wildlife surveys. Pune's NavStik counts almost all premier aerial-robotics research labs in India as clients. With a readymade controlling unit and software to sell to drone-makers. Toonz aims at giving better customer reach and maintain price sanctity between online and offline . Bengaluru-based Edall Systems. The global market for drones is expected to reach $10. weighing not more than 50 kg. including those at state-run Defence Research and Development Organisation. whose one-year-old company clocked Rs 40 lakh in revenue in 2014-15. Toonz Retail targets Rs 100cr revenues this fiscal. the latter funded by venture capital firms Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. With online foray. It saves them at least a couple of years. is expected to reach $33. as well as tournaments such as the Indian Premier League. gyroscopes and global positioning systems.000 SKUs but on an average only 3." said the 34-year-old. are mostly used by government organisations and police in applications such as surveillance in disaster management.53 million by 2019. to thwart theft of intellectual property. In India. said its hardware unit helps reduce research time and quickly develop new applications. "Customers are excited about getting started with development immediately. sensing surroundings to decide thrust required from rotors or the turn of the rudder.573 million by 2020. Startups are now pushing the envelope for drone applications with deeper analytical and decision making capabilities.500 SKUs can be offered at the store level due to limited space. the Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science. while crunching development time.Drones. accelerometers. among other things. to open retail portal “We have around 10. who has published white papers related to unmanned aerial vehicles in several international journals. they would prefer to sell the whole package." said NavStik chief executive Nitin Gupta. Combined with software. which trains students in making drones. the market size for small UAVs. it becomes an autopilot system. "Our USP is that our hardware is one of the lightest in the world. The firm competes with USbased 3D Robotics and Airware.

channel. "We have around 10. Toonz aims at giving better customer reach and maintain price sanctity between online and offline channel." said Sharad Venkta. while other offerings would be exclusively available through its own portal only. . increasing its store count to 100 by the calendar yearend. Toonz Retail also plans to expand its offline presence.000 SKUs but on an average only 3. Snapdeal and Jabong.” said Sharad Venkta. The site would be live in May first week. With online foray. he said. managing director at Toonz Retail. 5:20 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare New Delhi: Toonz Retail.Avinder Batra | 29 April 2015. a one-stop shop for products for kids from 0-12 years.500 SKUs can be offered at the store level due to limited space. The company added around 30 stores last financial year to take its total count to 70 stores. Sharad said the company will continue promoting its private labels WowMom (0-3 years) and Super Young (3-12 years) on other online portals such as Flipkart. managing director at Toonz Retail. plans to open its own online retail shop to push sales and post revenues of Rs 100 crore this financial year.

Flipkart to remain Motorola India’s exclusive partner Motorola will continue its exclusive partnership with e-tailer Flipkart to sell its devices in India. 8:17 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare2 KOLKATA: Motorola will continue its exclusive partnership with e-tailer Flipkart to sell its devices in India. Middle East and Africa and India) Marcus Frost said. .PTI | 30 April 2015. even as its Chinese rival Xiaomi ramps up presence through online and offline distribution channels. "We have an exclusive tie-up with Flipkart and it will continue in the foreseeable future." Motorola Mobility senior marketing director (Europe.

it has been selling its devices through Flipkart only and has no plans of tapping other e-commerce portals or foraying into brick-and-mortar model as of now. 8:05 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare . Frost said India ranks third in global priority markets but shied away from giving 2015 sales projections. which had also begun its India journey through Flipkart." he said. is now selling its products through other e-tailers like Snapdeal and Amazon as well as physical outlets such as Airtel stores and The Mobile Store. The company said it had sold three million units in February-December 2014 period. Chinese handset maker Xiaomi.PTI | 30 April 2015. Pepperfry homes in on 11 cities to open 20 showrooms be furniture (where sales are higher by value).He added that since its re-entry into the Indian mobile market.

Ashish Shah told ." founder and chief operating officer. "We opened our first 'Studio Pepperfry' in Mumbai in December and will open 20 stores in 11 cities by year-end. he Pepperfry. The next showroom will be in Bangalore. including NCR. . the online to offline (O2O) commerce model is gaining traction globally. Globally. he said followed by other top cities. 'Studio Pepperfry' is a concept showroom manned by designers that will feature Pepperfry furniture to serve as design inspiration for the customer before they ultimately make the purchase online. starting in May. Hyderabad and Pune.Mumbai: Leading furniture and home product marketplace Pepperfry will open 20 showrooms across 11 Indian cities from next month. a top official said today.

"Presently." he said. and has set out to raise another USD 60-80 million (around Rs 300-500 crore) over the next "two to four months". and will double the presence to 400 Indian cities. he said. "The company's focus is and will strongly continue to be furniture (where sales are higher by value). Pepperfry has raised USD 28. Shah said. and distribution over 400 cities". up to 30 percent of furniture orders come from smaller cities. he added. which are "being deployed to increase the reach through studios. 8:24 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare ." Shah indicated. Price capping takes sheen off condom sales following government decision It’s condom makers turn to seek protection as sales of male contraceptive have plunged drastically following a government decision to dub it essential drug and cap its price.Pepperfry is present in 200 cities currently. The company is cash-positive. including tier-II and tier-III towns.5 million (around Rs 176 crore) over three fundraising rounds so far. and we are focusing on seamless logistics and delivery to all centres. offline marketing. Sagar Malviya&Soma Das | 30 April 2015.

mainly due to price cuts.we need profitability. sales were hit by de-stocking due to the price correction." said Ranju Kumar Mohan. "Condoms were promoted for pleasure enhancement instead of as family planning tools. As a result. which form the bulk of all condoms sold. new launches and even innovation. But not for the range of dotted. if products become cheaper. But that's still not enough considering that most value-added condoms. The contraceptive segment was growing at double digits until the government in Novembe r2013 included condoms in the list of essential medicines and fixed their ceiling price in the Drug Pricing ControlOrder (DPCO). was hit harder and is now shrinking at 3% compared with 14%growth a year ago. the company that owns brand leader Manforce with almost 30% market share.BENGALURU | NEW DELHI: It's the condom makers turn to seek protection as sales of the male contraceptive have plunged drastically following a government decision to dub it an essential drug and cap its price more than a year ago. Volumes or actual units sold slumped to negative 1. they should sell more.4% growth in the October-December 2014 quarter compared with 8%growth a year ago. said companies. JK Ansell. which isn't happening any more. In the first few months. The price point mandated by the government has gone up from Rs 6. For investment on advertising spends.Value growth. a first for the segment. Generally. were priced at Rs 30 earlier. "Once the prices of luxury condoms are capped. said that even though products from its stable didn't witness negative growth.56 a piece in 2013 toRs 8. they didn't clock the high growth they were expected to. which sells KamaSutra condoms.flavouredandevenglowing contraceptives that were promoted as away of spicing up users' lives. it has consistently slowed each quarter and has now hit a negative growth number. director.35 now. from around 15% expansion then. ribbed. And consumers were driven by excitement over the product. it leaves very little room for any promotional . Mankind Pharma.

even masspriced condoms mainly government promote dones areal so showing declining sales numbers. which commands about 18%. According to industry estimates. with 13% and 12% market share.4 billion condoms annually. The priciest. In India. India will be the cheapest place to buy condoms. of which about 600 million are given away free. founder and chairman.expenses. Durex Real Feel." Juneja said. followed by Ads by Google Add to My Page . 2015 Last Updated at 00:46 IST Simply Sell @ Snapdeal Sell to 40mn customers across India Register now for free with Snapdeal sellers. $6-8 in Australia and $5-7 in Dubai. while another 800 million are subsidised through some form of government intervention. premium condoms were priced at Rs 16-20 per piece. Manforce is the market leader. "There is a need to 'Robin Hood-ise' the condom market by asking private players to market a fixed limit to the bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers.snapdeal. "The overall awareness campaign for condom usage run by the government has also weakened a bit over the last three years or so and that also plays a role in determining consumption of condoms in the country." said Ramesh Juneja. Reduced advertising and marketing across the industry could have had an adverse impact on the condom segments. brand consultant and CEO of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc." said Harish Bijoor. a packet of 12 premium condoms on average costs about $7-9 in the US. The size of the commercial market is only around Rs 800 crore. costs about Rs 50 a piece (the exact rate depends on pack size). Surprisingly. respectively. Mankind Pharma. Next in the pecking order are Kohinoor and Moods. Commoditising the entire sector would be detrimental in the long run. experts said. Snapdeal hires Jayant Sood from Amex to lift prepayment Sood will report to Snapdeal co-founder and chief operating officer Rohit Bansal Digbijay Mishra | New Delhi April 30. The government move has squeezed the industry. At this price. Indians use close to 2.

com/Verify Ads by Google Snapdeal has hired former American Express executive Jayant Sood as its chief customer experience officer to push prepayment at the online marketplace. "We are looking to boost prepayments at Snapdeal by creating a single platform for resolving the consumer experience.RELATED NEWS      How Snapdeal gains by acquiring Freecharge Snapdeal founders to invest more in TinyOwl Banks left out as 'Kunal calls Kunal' for e-commerce M&As Snapdeal to spend $1 billion on 5-6 acquisitions this year Breakthrough year for e-commerce? Top 10 Mutual Funds Buy Mutual funds online." Sood said.www. Enquire Now! . Sood will report to Snapdeal co-founder and chief operating officer Rohit Bansal. Open Free A/c Background Verification Efficient background verification services to employers.myuniverse. Indian e-commerce sells 60 per cent of products by cash-on-delivery (COD).Select from 5000+ schemes.firstadvantageindia. says Morgan Stanley.

According to Kunal Bahl. 1:25 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare . which also helped it build a database of potential customers. it increases efficiency. co-founder and chief executive of Snapdeal.OUR BUREAU | 29 April 2015. Localbanya enters Delhi The company had launched a highly visible advertising campaign in Delhi.Snapdeal recently bought online mobile recharge payment platform FreeCharge for $450 million in one of the biggest e-commerce mergers in the country. the 20 million consumers from FreeCharge all pay online. with the FreeCharge merger. "The percentage of Snapdeal's COD will drop by 20 per cent over six months. So. "The cost of returns goes down and logistics problems are solved." he said." Bahl added.

The company had launched a highly visible advertising campaign in Delhi.KOLKATA: Online grocer Localbanya. our teams have received the necessary training and are able to cope with this surge. We always knew Delhi would be a key city to operate in. which also helped it build a database of potential customers.000 per day be the end of May. The addition of Delhi has now pushed the amount of daily deliveries by Localbanya to close to 1. its third city after Pune and Hyderabad.200 and the company aims to hit an average of 2. NewsletterA A . Rashi Choudhary. "While this has been a challenge to execute. said the firm is already averaging close to 300 orders per day after just a few days of operations in the capital." he said. co-founder of Localbanya. The company plans to roll out its services to an additional city every has started its services in Delhi.

fashion e-tailer Jabong 60-65 per cent. home-grown start-ups are churning it up big PURVITA CHATTERJEE PRINT · T+ inShare Ads by Google Company Registration . Morgan Stanley says. . sells 50 per cent of its products COD.Flipkart. Read When MNCs are deep-freezing yogurt brands. Affordable & Quality Assured vakilsearch. and Foodpanda 50 per cent. April 29: Home-grown frozen yogurt start-ups. are preparing to raise fresh capital at a time when MNC brands are on the verge of putting their Indian operations into the deep freeze.Register a Company Online. Snapdeal's rival. including Cocoberry and Yogurt Local sourcing of raw materials helps domestic players expand rapidly Mumbai.

For the next round of funding.Shambhavi Anand | 30 April 2015. Yogurt Bay. said. Rahul Deans. Local sourcing However. 6 crore through a special purpose vehicle in Mauritius. will spend 60% of the campaign money on television while the rest will be split between digital and outdoor. it is local sourcing of ingredients and equipment that has made players like Cocoberry survive and even acquire assets of some of the distressed players.” Of the 20-odd frozen yogurt brands. most of the MNC ones have been forced to scale down operations. We are cash positive and profitable at the store level today after starting out six years ago. As a result. Aditya Pittie. CEO.’’ The balance stake in Cocoberry is owned by its promoters (GS Bhalla and his family). Last year. They believe in American costs and Indian revenues which does not work. “MNC brands depend on imported raw materials that are subject to high duties. said. 8:23 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare . Brand Capital and certain HNIs (high net worth individuals).’’ said Deans Digital payment firm PayU plans Rs 60-crore advertising campaign PayU. promoted by entrepreneur Robin Chatterjee. which rely on expensive imports. I would be increasing my stake by another 10 per cent and investing another crore into the company. we have valued Yogurtbay at Rs. belonging to the Pittie Group and now CEO of Yogurt Bay. market leader Cocoberry with 31 stores is all set to receive its second round of funding of about Rs. unlike MNC brands. Roping in PE funds would happen only after we have reached about 20-25 stores. the Mumbai-based family of Pittie Group picked up 50 per cent in Yogurt Bay. 10 crore. 6 crore from US-based Henry Klein’s fund — Cherry Capital.which started operations in India in 2011. is getting ready to invest more before approaching PE funds for fresh funding. such as US-based Pinkberry and Red Mango. “In the next three-six months. “Henry Klein invested in Cocoberry in 2011 and is now ready to infuse fresh equity and increase his stake to 74 per cent with a second round of aboutRs. Cocoberry Retail. US-based Pinkberry and Red Mango as well as Korea’s Yogurberry have reduced their store count due to high costs.Indian players have been able to sustain business through lower costs by local sourcing of raw materials and equipment.

Bookmyshow. has appointed Leo Burnett as its creative agency following a multi-agency pitch.7 million in two months and the number of merchants to one lakh from 65. to be launched in a few weeks as it looks to more than double its user base in a couple of months.000. Nitin Gupta. will spend 60% of the campaign money on television while the rest will be split between digital and outdoor. PayU. said the firmintendsto increase its user base to 8 million from 3. Cleartrip and Groupon. PayU. including Snapdeal. . It provides payment solutions to several ecommerce companies.which started operations in India in 2011. Jabong. with the help of this campaign.NEW DELHI: Digital payment company PayU has earmarked Rs 60 crore for its first ever brand campaign. which is backed by Nasper. It has signed Mindshare as the media agency. co-founder & CEO of PayU India.

Executive Chairman Jack Ma told staff.. according to a transcript of the April 23 speech carried on Alibaba's . this year our entire group headcount will not go up by one person. according to a transcript of the April 23 speech carried on Alibaba's official messaging app Laiwang." Ma said.. 4:17 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare14 SHANGHAI: Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is freezing hiring for the rest of the year because it has grown "too quickly". "Alibaba has really developed too quickly .Alibaba's Jack Ma says freezing hiring after growing 'too quickly': Report "Alibaba has really developed too quickly .29 April 2015.." Ma said. this year our entire group headcount will not go up by one person..

which handles more online commerce than Amazon. 8:12 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare . the company said in January. cross-border trade and other internet services.e-commerce. Cainiao logistics. As long as gross merchandise volume was under 10 trillion yuan ($1. a 49 per cent increase from the same quarter the year before.000" was already enough for now. In January. Ma also that Alibaba would consolidate its businesses into seven segments . "When one leaves. The hiring freeze came to light about a week ahead of Alibaba is due to report March quarter earnings on May 7.COM | 30 April 2015. was 787 billion yuan. A headcount of "over 30.3 trillion yuan.6 trillion). 2014. Alibaba. said the company will replace employees who leave. we'll bring one in. Ant Financial.official messaging app Laiwang.081 employees. headcount should be below 50. however." Ma added. 31. For the whole year. As of Dec. reveals that B2B online sales will account for close to 27 per cent of total manufacturing trade.000. 31. advertising. Future of B2B Online Retailing. it totalled about 2. 2014. reported slowing revenue Inc and eBay Inc combined.7 trillion by 2020 New analysis from Frost & Sullivan. a 63 per cent increase from a year earlier.ECONOMICTIMES. he added. He. Ma said. the company had 34. big data and cloud computing. Headcount had been growing quickly at Alibaba. Gross merchandise volume in the quarter to Dec. Global B2B e-commerce market will reach $6.

generating revenues of 6. B2B models will continue to move towards ubiquitous online platforms that allow buyers and sellers from anywhere in the world to transact goods and services with ease. reveals that B2B online sales will account for close to 27 per cent of total manufacturing trade. face certain challenges while implementing B2B e-commerce strategies. however. Future of B2B Online Retailing. As marketplaces and cross-industry public platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon become popular. Unlike the B2C setting. online platforms.7 trillion $ by 2020. Moreover. and public market places that are employed for on-the-spot purchasing. as clients need to understand the way products work and interact with other systems that they already have or are considering for purchase. Instead of a model where one company invests and builds an e-platform for its suppliers. which is expensive and cumbersome to handle. wherein a customer buys a device without a real . The black box effect. private industrial networks." explained Frost & Sullivan's Visionary Innovation Group Analyst. in the B2B e-commerce setup.Business-to-business (B2B) online retailing has been witnessing strong growth due to the rapid migration of manufacturers and wholesalers from legacy systems to open. according to a report by Frost & Sullivan. China and the United States will lead the B2B online retailing market. executing marketing or educational initiatives in the B2B setting is complex. necessitating a flexible shipping and logistics solution. the preference will be for a solution in which anybody integrates an e-procurement process and facilitates the purchase of goods online. As legacy systems involve the use of electronic data interchange. prices are variable and order volumes are high and of a wide range. these seller-driven B2C-type open public networks will help provide more visibility and storefront capabilities to sellers. which is likely to hit 25 trillion $ by 2020.2 billion $ by 2020. Tax and regulatory concerns also impact sales highly. "With businesses buying more than selling online. where specific companies come together to exchange products. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan. The latter is anticipated to double its revenue contribution to 1. the B2B online retail market is expected to reach double the size of the business-to-consumer (B2C) online market. In fact. "As such. and providers typically employ large staff whose only responsibility is delivering products and services within these restrictions. Geographically. have gained prominence over the last decade." Retailers will. B2B online relationships are likely to move from a one-to-many to many-to-many business model.

business use of online platforms will rapidly grow.37 crore in its consolidated net profit for the fourth quarter ended on March 31. "The emergence of cloud platforms that offer more scalability. 2015. with technological advancements facilitating the procurement of goods on the move through smartphones and tablets. 8:40 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare . barely exists in the B2B context.39 per cent increase to Rs 161.39% to Rs 161.37 crore Textile firm Welspun India today reported a 97. both as a software and infrastructure service.interest in learning how it works. too is pushing businesses towards B2B online retailing." Welspun India Q4 net profit jumps 97.PTI | 30 April 2015. "Nonetheless." noted the analyst.

07 crore of the previous fiscal year. Company's consolidated total income from operation also increased 21. The firm had reported a consolidated net profit of Rs 81." In the year ended March 31. Goenka said: "One of our key focus areas in the coming year will be the domestic market through our brands Spaces and Welhome.373. Welspun Group Chairman B K Goenka said that company's focus on innovation as well as strategic partnership with its clients has helped it increase the market share. Welspun's consolidated net profit grew over four folds to Rs 539.37 crore in its consolidated net profit for the fourth quarter ended on March 31.NEW DELHI: Textile firm Welspun India today reported a 97.75 crore during January-March quarter of the last fiscal.96 crore of the same period previous fiscal.302.80 crore during the quarter under review as against Rs 1184.25 per cent in FY 2014215 to Rs 5.26 per cent to Rs 1.51 crore as against Rs 4. Total consolidated income from operation of the company also increased 15.365. 2015.39 per cent increase to Rs 161.02 crore of FY 2013-14. Over the future outlook of the company. 2015. .79 crore as against Rs 92.

The company's board also recommended a final dividend at the rate of 75 per cent (Rs 7. Shares of Welspun today closed at Rs 448. taking the total dividend for the year to 105 per cent (Rs 10. leading to a winning partnership.25 per share on the BSE.50 per share).39 per cent from previous close. Citizens connect through Whatsapp for fair milk prices The battle against overcharging by milk retailers has found strong support from common Mumbaikars.50 per share).Bella Jaisinghani | 30 April 2015. . Scores have signed up for a WhatsApp group on the issue and roped in the department of weights and measures as well. up 8. Scores have signed up for a WhatsApp group on the issue and roped in the department of weights and measures as well. leading to a winning partnership. 8:18 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare MUMBAI: The battle against overcharging by milk retailers has found strong support from common Mumbaikars.

One member is a brand consultant while another is a Diva lawyer who arrives for every meeting in south Mumbai. We will also inform buyers to pay only MRP and there are no refrigeration or transportation charges.The core group is also planning a PIL against milk firms and the distribution network." A WhatsApp member from Bangur Nagar. Goregaon. Fifty-year-old computer software entrepreneur Sanjeev Agarwal says he was inspired by the Jaago Grahak Jaago campaign on TV. we discovered the MRP includes storage. "Every retailer who is overcharging has complaints with dairy farms or the government. Yet another is an ALM member from Goregaon.Reuters | 29 April 2015. How can dairies and retailers justify this?" Agarwal says milk is already too expensive for a basic commodity. Its members report unscrupulous vendors. We also found retailers have genuine grievances because their margins have not improved in years." says Pandey. who is spearheading this initiative against overcharging. during this past fortnight. "We plan to educate consumers and monitor the overpricing in our area. who says. volunteer and arrive for meetings at the cost of their work. The big fish are the dairies who have the bargaining power against farmers and retailers. Young Adesh Bhagat arrived all the way from Diva to voice his anger at Saturday's public meeting called by the department of legal metrology. "As we began to debate on the group. He says. Why are they then venting their anger on us helpless people?" he said to applause. We plan to collect in groups in the morning to check the distribution pattern as milk lays on the streets and chances are adulteration starts from here. None of them has a grievance with the common man. says. Abhijit Banerjee. "I have been observing the price of petrol and diesel reduce several times over the past year but the cost of milk continues to rise. "They strategize. controller of legal metrology." Wal-Mart to build 115 new stores in China by 2017 US retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc will build 115 new stores in China by 2017 and upgrade 50 stores this year. conduct field research and argue articulately before aggressive dealers and dairy owners. Residents of all areas highlighted instances of overcharging. Even Sanjay Pandey. he has turned "from citizen to activist". It is heartwarming to see their wholehearted participation. refrigeration and transportation costs. plan. the company's chief executive said on Wednesday. And then to have to pay Rs 2 more than MRP is terribly unfair. is proud of this WhatsApp group. 3:50 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare .

BEIJING: US retailer Wal-Mart
Stores Inc will build 115 new stores in China by 2017 and upgrade 50 stores this year, the
company's chief executive said on Wednesday.
"China is a key strategic market for Walmart. Over the next three years wee will increase
investment across our diverse business operations in China," Chief executive Doug McMillon
said in a press release issued on Wednesday.
The company said it would open 115 new stores in Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen
and Wuhan between 2015 to 2017, and also plans to invest more than 370 million yuan ($59.64
million) to remodel more than 50 stores this year.
The giant U.S. retailer has been changing tack in China to stave off slower growth, closing some
under-performing stores and giving more emphasis to the faster-growing online grocery market
through its platform

Global Consumer Products
eyes $200 mn turnover in
five years
"We are looking at five-year basis. We expect turnover of $200
million over the five years," A Mahendran, Chairman and
Managing Director, Global CP told.PTI | 30 April 2015, 7:57 AM IST
NewsletterA AShare on email


Global Consumer Products is aiming to achieve $200 million in turnover over the next five
years, a top company executive said here today.
"We are looking at five-year basis. We expect turnover of $200 million over the five years," A
Mahendran, Chairman and Managing Director, Global CP told reporters.
Global Consumer Products, which today launched chocolate under the brand LuvIt, is set to
foray into the FMCG market with product offerings in confectionery, beverages and snacks.
The company will foray into beverages segment including fruit juice, water packaging, packaged
tea and coffee, in the next couple of months, he said, adding "We will start with fruit juices."
Global CP was incepted by Mahendran in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Ventures
with a capital of Rs 315 crore.
"We have three dedicated (contract) manufacturers--two in Hyderabad and one in Mangalore.
Depending on market, we may go for another two in Kerala and Tamil Nadu," he said, adding
that "investment will be aggressive and as per need".

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How to Network When You're an IntrovertThe Best and Worst U.S. Cities to Launch a
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3 Tips to Better Use the Social Networks You Use Every Day

Social Media

it's much easier said than done. The advice to reach out to others in order to improve the outlook of your business is well-known. we use more technology than ever before. Connect with other event attendees on LinkedIn.How to Use Social Media to Boost Your MBA Application CYNTHIA JOHNSON Personal Branding Your Personal Brand Needs a Growth Strategy CYNTHIA JOHNSON APRIL 28. As new businesses become more technology and information driven. Connecting prior . Here’s how to do it as painlessly as possible: Network and make connections online Connecting with people online before you meet them can be really helpful. Facebook and social media platforms before an event. 2015 In today’s workplace environment. How do we set ourselves apart in a world full of successful and smart introverts? We become great at networking. Even if you feel that your strengths lie in being a player behind the scenes. the quieter an office becomes. Twitter. you can still benefit from networking. but for those who are introverted.

bring up an opinion that you have or . introverts often stay in the shadows and seldom celebrate their achievements publicly. meeting allows for you to feel less alone when you arrive. Alumni Marketing and Communications at the Harvard Business School (HBS). -Robert Bochnak. In my role as Assistant Director. we stay connected with alumni through four social media channels -Twitter. Related: 3 Tips to Better Use the Social Networks You Use Every Day Discuss your goals and ideas There’s no need to prattle on about 100 different ideas that are floating through your head. Harvard Business School Talk about your accomplishments This one is hard for introverts. Familiar faces. but if you’re looking for something to talk about when you meet someone in the industry. can be really comforting. It’s not a bad thing to let people know what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished – and talking about these achievements can help you to make connections that you are able to help. and Instagram. even if they belong to a stranger. LinkedIn. By definition. You can also use this to find new events by connecting with people who are a part of or work at organizations that you belong to.

and when that happens. Even if you feel like you made a few social blunders. Sharing your connections is a great way to gain new strong connections. This goes both ways. don’t dwell on it. leave your interactions and networking attempts alone idea that is specific to your industry to jumpstart the conversation. look at the card and then at them. When they walk away. After the event. Don’t overthink it When you go home. Takes notes It's important to remember the faces and names of the people you meet after attending a networking event. send an email to them and let them know that you enjoyed meeting them. . it will help you with your networking to maintain that connection and create a solid relationship. or whether or not you were well received. type a small note into your phone or on a notepad so that you can remember them later. No need to go over and over what you said. Make sure to speak for your other connections and listen for opportunites for them as well. Ask the person what their goals are and take time to see if you know anyone that could help them. Maintain strong relationships Every so often. introduce you to others. and make your networking easier. you’ll make a strong connection. how the other person responded. When someone hands you their card. This person may be likely to speak up on your behalf. Concentrate your energy on the positive things that came out of your networking attempt and let your mistakes inform your choices next time.

Cities to Launch a Business20 Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Create4 Reasons You Need to Embrace Transparency in the WorkplaceThis Simple Psychological Trick Can Make You Feel More Productive Become A Better Leader Sign up for weekly leadership advice you cannot afford to miss Sign Up .S. However.Networking is dificult for anyone and for introverts. Do you have any additional tips? Chipotle Becomes the First National Restaurant Chain to Go GMO-Free TODAY'S MOST READ How to Network When You're an IntrovertThe Best and Worst U. as you start to make connections. it can be painful. the benefit will soon outweigh the work.

Image credit: Monica Dipres | Entrepreneur 18K 310 89 5 .

Fashion How Startups and Style Icons Aim to Spark a 'Fashion Revolution' TANYA BENEDICTO KLICH Manufacturing Why This Entrepreneur Says Sustainability Is the No. 1 Business Opportunity GEOFF WEISS .KATE TAYLOR ENTREPRENEUR STAFF Staff Writer. Covers franchise-related trends and topics.

Sustainability Is a Must-Have Strategy DAVID BANK APRIL 27. 2015 Chipotle has finally reached its goal of going GMO-free." reads the company websiteexplaining the decision. The company explained the decision by pointing to inconclusive research on the long-term effects of genetically modified food. rancher and grower to follow practices that make sense for their business. "We believe everyone should be given enough information about where their food comes from and how it was raised to choose for themselves what they feed their families. The burrito chain announced today that all restaurants will now only cook with non-GMO ingredients.Impact Investing For This Financial Group. the potential negative impact of GMOs on the environment and customer demand for non-GMO offerings. even if they do not make sense for ours. This makes Chipotle that first national chain to completely strip genetically modified items from the menu. "We hope these principles of transparency and honesty extend beyond consumers to everyone who has a stake in the food system." . and Chipotle respects the right of every farmer.

There are a few exceptions. Chipotle plans to gradually increase its pork supply over the summer. Chipotle began testing an organically sweetened root beer in select location – a test that suggests the future may bring more GMO-free beverages for the chain. . Two major culprits were corn. Chipotle has now either removed these ingredients or turned to GMOfree variations. and soy. due to a pork shortage caused by a supplier's violation of the company's animal-welfare standards. such as sodas. beverages that contain corn syrup.Related: Meet Dos Toros. including those fed at farms that produce Chipotle's meat and dairy. Most animal feed. contains GMOs. Additionally. instead of ordering a new type of burrito. Last week. However. While most corn and soy products made in the U. which was used in tortillas and cooking oil. which was an ingredient in tortillas. the NYC-Based Burrito Chain That's Not Afraid of Your Chipotle Comparisons Chipotle began labeling menu items that contained GMOs in 2013. still come from genetically modified crops. will still not be GMO-free. but will not be able to offer carnitas at all locations until the fall.S. Chipotle's stringent food quality standards are currently cutting into sales at the chain. last summer. the chain has stated that its next area of focus in terms of boosting food quality is stripping additives and preservatives from the tortilla. simply stopped visiting Chipotle until pork returns to the menu. such as sunflower or rice bran oil. the company revealed that fans of carnitas had. In addition to testing GMO-free soda.

Cities to Launch a Business20 Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Create4 Reasons You Need to Embrace Transparency in the WorkplaceThis Simple Psychological Trick Can Make You Feel More Productive Become A Better Leader Sign up for weekly leadership advice you cannot afford to miss Sign Up Image credit: Dennis Hamilton | Flickr 1K 332 69 1 .S.This Simple Psychological Trick Can Make You Feel More Productive TODAY'S MOST READ How to Network When You're an IntrovertThe Best and Worst U.

SHANA LEBOWITZ FROM BUSINESS INSIDER Productivity 5 Alternative Locations to Get Work Done When You Need to Escape the Office THOMAS SMALE Virtual Assistant Do These 3 Things Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant BRANDON TURNER Productivity 4 Methods to Increase Employee Productivity HERB AXILROD APRIL 28. 2015This story originally appeared on Business Insider .

you'd choose the latter option." When we're engaged in different tasks over the course of a long period of time — say. . But when we're constantly switching up our activity within the span of 10 minutes or an hour. Would you labor uninterrupted over a single project — or would you divide the hour into a few different slots. the key to happiness. we actually feel less happy. the first group said they felt less productive. one for a client phone call. According to research from professors at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. we generally assume that multitasking will make us happier than focusing on a single activity. than students in the second group. researchers instructed some college students to spend an hour studying for a bunch of different classes and told others to study for a single class. one for weeding through your inbox. When the hour was up. and one for making headway on that project? If you were like most people." study coauthor Jordan Etkin tells Business Insider. But you wouldn't be doing yourself any favors. In one telling experiment. a day or a week — we do in fact feel happier. "But we don't always experience variety as positive. "We are told over and over again that variety is the spice of life. And we're right — sort of.Imagine you had complete freedom to structure a single hour of your workday for maximum productivity and happiness. and therefore less happy.

for example. mentally bucket them under a single category. But few of us actually have the liberty to do so. That leaves us feeling stressed and limits our ability to perform well on any single task." Etkin says. which in Western cultures is key to happiness. is enough to make us feel happy and productive. not when the boss needs a project update in the next 15 minutes and there are 12 urgent emails in our inbox. So. Fortunately. Of course. .The researchers suspect that it all boils down to how productive you feel. we don't feel as productive. you can bounce around between working out. when you've got a whole Sunday to spend as you please. Or you could imagine that all those tasks are helping you get a promotion. without changing anything about the tasks themselves. the easy solution would be to divide the day into hour-long slots in which we focus on single tasks. If you're obligated to perform multiple tasks at once. while you're responding to those emails and banging out that project update." Etkin says. Switching back and forth between different tasks over a short time period is "costly in terms of our cognitive resources. the researchers suggest a simple psychological hack to overcome this problem. cooking. Simply reducing the perception of task variety. "Even if we accomplish what we set out to. tell yourself that everything you're doing is workrelated. Then. and socializing with friends — a surefire recipe for feeling happy and energized when you're back at the office Monday morning.

S. Cities to Launch a Business20 Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Create4 Reasons You Need to Embrace Transparency in the WorkplaceThis Simple Psychological Trick Can Make You Feel More Productive Become A Better Leader Sign up for weekly leadership advice you cannot afford to miss Sign Up .More from Business Insider 5 Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Improve Sales TODAY'S MOST READ How to Network When You're an IntrovertThe Best and Worst U.

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Brisk Sales A 4-Step Plan for Customer Follow Up WILLIAM BALLARD Sales Strategies When It Comes to Sales. the Phone Is Your Most Powerful Tool GRANT CARDONE .HAMPUS JAKOBSSON CEO.

you may not be sure how to put together a sales approach. you need sales. effective sales techniques. here are five strategies for entrepreneurs looking to improve sales at their newly started businesses: 1. however. stop looking. For example. Related: Close More Deals Faster Using This 5-Step Approach Also. there is no magic formula for sending your sales through the roof. right? Trouble time. Customers will often lead you to believe they’re interested in what you’re offering when they actually aren’t. your most precious resource -. Understand when a "yes" is really a "no." When you run a startup. or you don’t. many entrepreneurs spend a fair share of time at trade shows and events and collect dozens or even hundreds of business cards from potential customers. With that in mind.YouTube Listening Helped This YouTube Star Build a Multi-Million Dollar Brand LINDA LACINA APRIL 24. stop buying the popular belief that sales is a profession where “you either have it. So.even more so than capital or product -. 2015 If you've just started a business. The reality is. tactics and skills can be taught. and this can be a significant drain on your time. And. the truth is.” As with any job. that many of these prospective customers offered their card as a way of excusing themselves from the .

If prospective customers don't reply. not your solutions. If recipients then respond that they did receive your first email and aren’t interested. you don’t need to waste any more of your valuable time selling them. This will make them feel more invested in your solution and provide clues as to how you should be positioning your wares. do it for them. This accomplishes two things: It allows the recipient to view the content of your original email and glean the intended information. He or she wants more of your time and will inquire about your pricing. right? It won’t when you put this strategy into action: When it comes down to it. ask about customers' problems and they will be happy to tell you all about their issues. Second. etc. people are interested in their own problems. 2. the customer will fade in and out of focus waiting for you to finish. Sounds counterintuitive. If you detail your product’s five most impressive features. Talk about the problem. not the solution. reply to your own. Maybe it’s your ninth and tenth most impressive features that will actually benefit them. Related: 6 Secrets to Sales Success Hidden in a Girl Scout Cookie 3. Say a client hasn't responded to your message. . The key is to decipher who is truly interested. When someone is. that person will likely ask a lot of questions. it allows you to inquire directly about receipt of your initial correspondence. Rather than send a new email and change the wording to make it seem like a first communication.conversation. ways in which you deploy your product. However.

but individually that work often operates to the detriment of the team as a whole. sales. There are direct and ancillary benefits to cultivating a positive dynamic within the team. you know where you stand and can proceed accordingly. 5. Don’t pit your sales team members against one other. peer teaching. 4. information sharing as it pertains to customers and leads and. This direct approach has an extremely positive success rate with customers responding for two reasons: 1) They are interested and for whatever reason haven't been able to get back to you yet. discuss how your product or service would benefit this person specifically or perhaps touch on personal experiences that can be applied to this person's business. Either way.Some. ultimately.this time asking directly if the recipient prefers you to end the contact. will just bounce back and say they’re sorry and areinterested. The best sales teams are the ones that work together. Include private anecdotes. make sure he or she knows it. or 2) They accept the out you've offered to stop contacting them. Creating synergy within your sales force will lead to increased communication. Whether your small business is just you and an employee . If you are taking the time to write a personalized message to a prospective client. give it a few more days and reply to your email one more time -. though. Competition can spur hard work. Don’t ever let a customer assume an email is just an automated direct marketing outreach if it isn’t. If you don’t hear back at all. Personalize your communications.

teamwork will always trump rivalry in the long run.handling sales. Focus on doing the small things right and leave your competitors to wonder where your magic comes from. working together.S. Inflated sales aren’t a result of trickery or some mystical strategy. or if you have a more robust team in place. listening to the customer’s difficulties and utilizing your resources correctly with the right leads. BASF says net profits down in Q1 Katy Perry risks China Firework as she dons Taiwan flag RBS still keeps making massive losses How to Land a Job at a Startup TODAY'S MOST READ How to Network When You're an IntrovertThe Best and Worst U. but rather a product of the details: investing a personal touch. And so now you know the truth. Cities to Launch a Business20 Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Create4 Reasons You Need to Embrace Transparency in the WorkplaceThis Simple Psychological Trick Can Make You Feel More Productive Become A Better Leader Sign up for weekly leadership advice you cannot afford to miss Sign Up .

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International Communications Professional. Founder Adiree and Africa Weekly Group Women Leaders The Guide to Developing Young Women in Business Globally ADIAT DISU Inspiration 5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Oscar de la Renta ADIAT DISU .ADIAT DISU CONTRIBUTOR Creative Entrepreneur.

They’re magnets for prospective recent graduates and a fair number of ex-entrepreneurs! There's no doubting the reputation startups have acquired over the past decade or so: the rock star-like young professionals. Although ex-entrepreneurs may not like to admit it. The startup world is an attractive prospect for ex-entrepreneurs in that it allows them to work as pseudo-entrepreneurs -. 2015 As a startup owner who receives resumes daily. I’ve noticed an interesting advantage most startups have over corporations.Sports-related Businesses How Startups Can Capitalize on Global Sports Events Like the World Cup ADIAT DISU APRIL 28. the (eventual) perks. and they continue to set the trends in hiring tactics and practices. .they still get to flex their entrepreneurial muscles while gainfully accepting the consistency of a paycheck. the hip offices. Startups are prime workplace real estate these days for every prospective new-hire. the need to re-enter the workforce could happen for different reasons.

When failure knocks on the door. who aren’t afraid to set trends. Startups need workers who are eager to take the initiative and make decisions that others won’ their startup. What have you done? Clearly state what you've accomplished either working for yourself or for someone else. many others make a different fundamental mistake: They never state.Related: 3 Ways to Be Constantly Recruiting Star Talent Through Social Media Turns out new businesses have a high failure rate. Mark Zuckerberg once said in an interview. in clear language. Here are three factors that have big impacts on who gets hired at a startup. three out of every four venture-backed businesses fail to provide investors any return." This is where you. On the other hand. will be invaluable. “I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person. Shikhar Ghosh. Only those that succeed in making these essential hires. one of the options entrepreneurs might entertain would be to going back to work for someone else -. what they’ve done for a previous employer or in their academic pursuits. Many candidates are guilty of overstating events and accomplishments on their resumes. According to a recent Harvard business school study by Dr. 1. . as an ex-entrepreneur. have any chance of survival.

something has to catch his or her eye before that window of time runs out. what you successfully did in a previous role. You’re trying to say why you're the best person for the job. Placement matters Do list your accomplishments as close to the top of your resume as possible. Another key thing to do is to frame points on your resume as tangible achievements instead of responsibilities. If it's hard to read. How many prime candidates have made the fatal mistake of letting their finest achievements get lost in the clutter of words that is their resume? As previously stated.No one has the time to decipher the finer points of your resume. a hiring manager at any organization is sifting through thousands of emails to find that one gold nugget -. Let your finest achievements be listed as close to the top of your resume as possible.a daunting task. Explain clearly. Most hiring managers will spend less than 10 seconds on each resume -. you want your nugget as close to the top of that pile of dirt as possible. If that's the case. in as much detail and jargon-free language as possible. If you broke sales records for software sales by selling a million units in two weeks via a sales method you derived yourself. . Related: Google's Head of HR: It Doesn't Matter Where Candidates Went to College 2. state it clearly with figures included. your resume will be thrown aside.

Cities to Launch a Business20 Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Create4 Reasons You Need to Embrace Transparency in the WorkplaceThis Simple Psychological Trick Can Make You Feel More Productive . 20 Lists Every Entrepreneur Should Create TODAY'S MOST READ How to Network When You're an IntrovertThe Best and Worst U. However. salaries and compensation. look like you fit the job. Startups have earned the reputation of being much more laid back in attire choice than your traditional corporate workplace. many candidates have taken this to mean they don't need to try hard to look their best at a startup interview.Your best bet is to maximize the space and really make an impact on your resume at the top and the bottom of the page. and it would be smart to take advantage of that small glitch in the human psyche. No matter what the culture the organization favors. Look the part To swing things in your favor when meeting the hiring manager for the job. Numerous studies have proven the human mind and eye have a bias toward more attractive-looking individuals. 3. individuals that are more attractive will always be favored when it comes to offers. Candidates need to make an effort to look their best to subconsciously influence the hiring manager's decisions.S.

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Instructor. Brainscape. TechStars and General Assembly Books A Busy Entrepreneur's 3-Step Guide to Reading Business Books ANDREW COHEN Leadership .365 1 ANDREW COHEN CONTRIBUTOR Founder & CEO.

great communication skills. This skill may not sound sexy. Dropbox folders. contact lists. Trello boards. 2015 Being a startup founder who is obsessed with my own personal growth. an eye for talent. but there is absolutely no way an entrepreneur can succeed without obsessively maintaining updated lists of all resources and projects that will contribute to his or her endeavor’s success. I frequently get sucked into blog posts with titles like “The top 5 traits of all successful entrepreneurs. a data-driven mindset. Evernote files. Related: 5 Traits All Successful Startup Entrepreneurs Have . and the ability to galvanize team members toward a common long-term vision. Salesforce files. Yet there’s one extremely critical skill that I never seem to hear anyone talking about: list management.The 6 Most Important Roles of a Startup CEO ANDREW COHEN Software Why Do Huge Companies Such as Google Still Have Bugs in Their Products? ANDREW COHEN APRIL 28. Such lists may be in the form of spreadsheets. persistence. inspiration. paper to-do lists or any number of other accessible formats.” These articles tend to cite characteristics such as passion.

How to prioritize and act upon list items Below are several examples of lists that I have built over the past few years at Brainscape. leaders of all types must constantly be able to recognize three things: 1. Existing investors' and advisers' skill sets It is important to maintain a list of your existing investors’ skill sets to help you remember whom to ask for particular advice or favors (Example: If one of your investors used to work in media. 1. Potential investors Over the course of running your business. When to make a new list 2. 2. and remembering to catch up with them individually from time to time is your secret weapon to multiplying your army of evangelists. What should be sporadically added to each list 3.). you will likely hear about many potential angel investors or venture capitalists who would be perfect candidates for your company. keeping a log of your conversations with potential investors will make your life much easier once you are ready for your next fundraising blitz. I’ve divided them into two types: People Lists and To-Do Lists. get started now. Keeping your investors engaged. you can ask them for PR help. If you don't have these lists going already.Whatever the preferred style of list management. These people should be added to a potential investors list as soon as you hear about them! Even if you are not currently fundraising (or if you are “too early” for particular later-stage investors). .

Maintaining a list of your potential acquirers. A simple spreadsheet -. getting introduced to the right people in their organizations and logging your conversation notes are important activities to prepare your company for an eventual exit. it is important to maintain great communication with them. Note that many of your current or potential partners could also be potential future acquirers of your business. 4. Whether you’re logging ideas for dream introductions. Most successful acquisitions are actually the result ofongoing conversations between the startup and the acquirer. Potential partners Are there companies you’d like to partner with in the future? Did someone just mention a great potential future partner during a meeting? This is a job for the potential partners list. so you may want to . a central list of potential partners can keep all your corporate development activities organized. Just be sure you’re targeting the right person within the potential partner organization. holiday cards or any other helpful correspondence.listing all your partners. the nature of your partnership.can help you remember when to send them exclusive company updates. the key champions within the partner company and any additional notes about the relationship -. 5. Potential acquirers Companies are almost never acquired as the result of a single discussion. or just keeping track of conversations you’ve already had.3. Existing partners If your business has any content or distribution partners.

” Keeping an updated list of all your journalist buddies can help you quickly get the word out when the time is right. 8. 9. retweet them and favorite them. Just be sure to stay in touch with them (and even do occasional favors for them) so that they pay attention to your next email! 7. I tend to just use a Gmail contacts list for this. If you regularly comment on their posts. 6. They can help with confidential advice. Journalists you know You never know when your company may do something that is “story worthy. Awesome talent you know Did you just meet an amazing engineer who you'll eventually want to hire as an Android developer (once you raise some money)? Or perhaps an . they can attend your startup’s parties and they can introduce you to your target investors when you’re ready for the intros. they can serve as potential partners on key initiatives. CEO friends Your fellow entrepreneurial buddies can be among your most important assets.condense these two lists into a single corporate development spreadsheet. they’ll eventually notice and engage you in a conversation about what you do. Journalists you want to know There may be a handful of influential journalists who regularly write about your industry. Keep a list of them! I’ve found Twitter lists to be a particularly helpful tool for this.

Short-term CEO tasks Things you need to do in the next few days.” Related: An Efficient and Effective Way to Ask for an Introduction The second type of lists that startup founders should maintain is to-do lists.or if you may want to refer them to opportunities at your friends’ companies. Keep them in a separate contact list. You never know if you may need them -.will make this update process much easier. friends and even your family -. I personally use Gmail’s built-in Tasks feature for this. 10.which might include investors. entrepreneurial friends. Having an up-to-date master list of these people -. “People to update” Sometimes you just want to blast a whole bunch of “relevant” contacts with an important update about your company (particularly while building hype for PR or fundraising blitz). Startup to-do lists come in many flavors: 1. and I have an iPhone app that allows me to access this list on the go.amazing future vice president of sales who loves your company and wants to stay in touch? Don’t lose touch with these people. . journalists. I maintain my own version of this list by simply tagging all my relevant Gmail contacts with a label called “General Updates.

6. Pending conversation agendas Talking points for your upcoming weekly team and/or individual meetings. The most successful entrepreneurs are obsessive about archiving emails that have already been addressed. 5. 3.” .2. I like to have at least two to three bullets ready for all my scheduled discussions. we generally don’t have a detailed long-term road map. I tend to just keep these talking points on a written notepad by my desk. since we prefer to re-assess the product backlog every few weeks and determine which items should be added to the short-term tasks.” I use a Trello board for this. Short-term product tasks Things your product team is currently working on. Product backlog Features that you hope to “eventually” build. 4. so that anything still in the Inbox is essentially a form of short-term “to-do list. Long-term CEO projects Things you need to do “eventually. I generally sit with my executive team each month to re-prioritize this list and to make sure I’m working on the right things. Your email inbox Correspondence that requires action. add it to the product backlog. At Brainscape. If it’s not an emergency. This helps you remember what’s important before you bother them with a trivial new idea.

promotional videos. . ad campaigns. LinkedIn and/or for a major publication as a guest author. email blasts.Mailbox or Google Inbox). You can chip away at this list either by scheduling some regular weekly writing time or by just saving the list for whenever you have some “down time. either for your blog.” 8. Marketing ideas Ideas for slogans. contests. I keep this list in the standard Notes app on my iPhone. giveaways. 9. 7. or should be “snoozed” to come back to later (by using a tool such as Boomerang. so you can remember to thank them once you do read it (even if it is years later). This list often tends to grow faster than you can attack it. brand ambassador activities and any other marketing initiatives that you might want to explore at some point. You should add to this list whenever a good blog post idea pops into your head. Brainscape maintains a shared Google spreadsheet where everyone on the marketing team can add their ideas and review priorities at our weekly meetings. One useful tool is to record the person who recommended the book to you.Any emails representing longer-term projects should either be immediately transmitted to another form of to-do list. My personal goal is to reach inbox zero at the end of each day (although that rarely happens). Blog posts to write Ideas for articles you’d like to write. Books to read Novels or nonfiction books that will somehow make you a better entrepreneur.

I have found that the most successful founders tend to be those who are most obsessed with keeping such lists for everything in their lives. If you don’t think you are good at lists yourself. your “idea muscle” can get weak when you’re in a groove. feel free to copy some of my list ideas as a starting point. when or if you ever exit your current company. and you’ll find that it gets easier and easier over time.See this link for other tips on how entrepreneurs should read business books. As James Altucher writes. so be sure to write down the ideas when they come to you! My own list currently has several dozen business ideas (most of them pretty dumb. helping foster the growth of startups in its flagship location in New York City. AlleyNYC is one of the world’s largest innovation hubs. but still worth recording). Even founders who have suffered from ADHD (which actually tends to be a common entrepreneurial trait) are typically very good at maintaining organized lists -. 10. If you would . Future business ideas Ideas for companies that you might want to start one day. Having spent a lot of time with entrepreneurs over the past few years. Entrepreneur Media is a partner and investor in AlleyNYC. Have an entrepreneurial list type of your own? Feel free to share it in the comments section below! This article was written by a member of the AlleyNYC contributor network.possibly because they once had to compensate for forgetfulness as a student.

like to learn more about AlleyNYC and how to apply for membership visit here. Motivational . Related: 5 Valuable Concepts I Learned Working for a MultibillionDollar Firm Sign in or Post as Guest Motivational PPT « Negotiating with your Interviewer l Project Report on Stock/Share Market Finance & Marketing. Free Download » Some Valuable tips to Success…l Be a Winner l Download Free Motivational PPT Career.

If you study a person who is . 1. Yet the opposite is true. Success is achieved by accomplishing your goals or desires. If you follow the recipe or guide in this article. Acting it out. all of which must be equally considered. The process for truly achieving success in work. Doing this will allow you to be and see things from the perspective of the person (or position) you desire to be.There are only a few good definitions for the word success. The people that figure out ways to get more done by exerting less power are the ones that truly get ahead – big time. 2. Act Out The Things You Desire Act as if you already have the things you desire. the more you gain. leads you to it by taking the precise steps for getting there. or social settings contains several moving parts. Doing Less Creates More Most people believe that the harder you work. there are however thousands of interpretations. home. you can achieve just about any goal you desire.

go out and meet more people. you must keep the things that inspire you close. when the inspiration settles. Respect Your Expectations If you expect that doing something will not provide you with what you need or desire. Albert Einstein was not born a genius. etc. In order to keep being inspired. do something in that moment that will push your motivation levels . If you expect that living your passion would be the highest joy. More times than not. do it. Keep Your Intelligence Up Successful people always grow. do not do it. When you see that there is enough. 4. people tend to stop taking action in the direction that inspiration leads them. Act On Desire The moment you have a desire to achieve something. intelligence is created. If you obtain the desire to own a sports car. 7. 5. you will be led to success. do not do it. Do crosswords. act on it. If you respect your expectations. read a book that will help you grow. 3. then you are learning what it takes to be successful. you will have more than enough 6.successful and follow the way they do things. Direction of Abund Successful people always realize that there is enough of everything to go around. play chess. If you expect that going to a job everyday for the rest of your life will not get you anywhere. Inspiration Fulfillment Inspiration is an emotional charge that drives you to take action. he was a genius because he stuck with the problem longer. Intelligence is not something people are born with.

limits success. from the consciousness through habit. Even if you cannot afford the car. A leader is a person who is willing to test something new. your goals will start walking towards you too. Tell Yourself Positive Things The subconscious mind believes everything it is told without question. Limiting experiences. 10. In other words. 12. . Make a Win-Win Situation When you share something of value. Use Imagination Through imagination. 9. it does not have the ability to reason the difference and make decisions on logic. Be a Leader Success comes from going against the grain. Long-term success is only achieved. set. Eventually the subconsciousness will turn positive things into a belief. If you feel that you’re stuck in a job because you have no choice. or go test drive one. your subconscious picks up on it. and found through the process of giving value.The majority of people are not successful because they are followers. 11. limits experiences. use imagination to allow yourself to see more opportunity. un-open. activated. When you walk in the direction of your goals. you open a window to more choices. people will naturally desire to share with you as well. It is only through imagination that one can find a solution. Limiting opportunity. and inflexible limits opportunity. 8.higher. go talk to a dealer. Be Flexible Being fixed. The subconsciousness makes decisions based on memory through the day and carries out things like habits. even if you do not consciously believe the positive things you tell yourself.

and perfect. respond to the ones that need responding.13. When you start seeing opportunity everywhere. Stop organizing and perfecting everything. Get things out first. If you must correct. Optimizing success is about not letting the little things distract you. Whatever it is. organize. 18. Even in the worst of negative situations. 15. Therefore.get the big things out of the way first. Optimize Your Success You can optimize your success by not putting things off for later.Therefore. while it is there. then optimize. Express Ideas Ideas enter your mind and leave your mind just as fast. Stay Out of Perfection Perfecting everything slows down success. 16. allow the natural successful flow first. 17. Do the Big & Important First To keep from procrastinating. you must continue to be successful everyday to see results. Doing the most important things first. See Opportunity Everywhere See opportunity in everything you do. take care of it or do not allow it to be there. just allow things to flow their course. Do Successful By Being Successful Being successful is not a one-time thing. there is an opportunity to grow and learn something. 14. you start seeing more. The mind can only retain a limited amount of information. when you get an idea. do at least two things everyday that move you in the direction of your desire . will gain you the most benefit. write it down immediately. When reading your email.

Just add your thoughts on the same to make the list comprehensive guide for better Career. Continue reading… 1. 3. . 2. « Resume Writing Tips & Download Free Resume Formats Enjoy Your Life. The job you went to college for? That’s not the job you’re going to end up with.You Dont Have One More Chance l Download Free PPT l Mbahotspot. You will spend a good portion of your work day with nothing to do. The career you think you’re going to have? This is not the career you’re going to end up with. 70 things one should know while starting career and during his career take off time…. Interviews After years of experience in job and feedbacks from friends in other Company led to following list of things that we should have known and should know when we start our » 70 things one should know while starting career and during his career. Meetings almost never solve anything and never end on career. Career.

Pay is really about sitting or standing. the more you get paid.4. way overeducated for the job you’re in. Calculate how much more money you’d have today if you had started contributing the day you were hired instead of 2 years ago when you finally broke down and did it. 15. 5. 8. The more you are sitting. 9. You know that 401 k matching plan? It was really a pretty good idea. A good 30 thousand of those student loans you’re still paying off were wasted. You’re probably way. . The company’s stock will not always go up. Grab a calculator. Now faint. All new employees are inadequately trained. Learning to look busy is a valuable survival skill. 13. 7. 14. The movie Office Space isn’t just a comedy. 12. 10. and possibly endanger your career at at least one (and maybe more) of your office Christmas parties. You’re unlikely to ever meet a happy accountant. No one really takes the time to adequately train you. You will seriously embarrass yourself. Trusting co-workers can be bad for your career. Some workplaces function EXACTLY like high school. Having a passing knowledge of current sports events is a critical skill for office small talk. There are plenty more important things in life than your career. 6. 11. 16.

When your career is the only good thing you’ve got going in your life. No one will believe in you more than you. you’re not going anywhere. That temporary job you settled for… is it really temporary if you’re still in it after all this time? 21. 28. always moving forward. . 29. they are the key to everything because they keep the world turning.17. 24. The mistakes you make are sometimes more valuable than the things you did exactly right. Office gossip can be positively deadly. Your boss is a human being too. office bathrooms can be gross. It’s rare that your colleagues are actually smarter than you. Dear lord. 31. And if you don’t believe in you. Sometimes the game is rigged. Be nice to the administrative assistants. You never really get to rest. 26. Old white guys are not old and wise guys. 19. 22. 27. A career is about always building. it’s all confidence. it’s time to reassess your life. 25. 30. no matter how small. 23. Upper management is more focused on improving their golf game than improving their company’s bottom line. 20. 18. Tuf wars and office politics exist in every office.

but sometimes that is really what you NEED to do. Just add your thoughts on the same to make the list comprehensive guide for better Career. The car you drive to work is very important. Plan and prepare for the long haul. Take the lowest paying job with the best job description and title. 43. . 40. Office workers put a lot of value judgments on fellow workers vehicles. even if it pays less than something you’re good at. Do what you love. To land a meaningful job. Lunch – try to never skip it. 37. You fear taking your eye off the ball. 38. It Is possible to one day wake up and realize you hate your dream job. 44. Timing. 39. “Follow-through” is a great characteristic to be known for when you are first hired. prepare for a really tough interview. 35. 41. rather than the best paying job with the worst job title. After years of experience in job and feedbacks from friends in other industry led to following list of things that we should have known and should know when we start our career. Set personal goals. You do not earn points for working through it and it helps you stay sane. 36.32. like location. Networking is not just a buzzword: it’s the most valuable thing you can do for your career. Stay away from those who say “You Can’t”. 42. 33. is literally EVERYTHING. 34.

Develop a backbone. Keep improving through the job search and beyond. . Develop a personal board of advisors for support. Know your competition and do not underestimate them. 60. You may need a reference or two eventually 52. Some people will like you for the job and some will not. Some will laugh behind your back when they find out you are applying for a certain job. 58. 57. 61. Be mindful of what your associations can say about who you are. Surround yourself with a diverse group of people with diverse thoughts. outside and under the box. 53. Think transferable skills. Don’t burn your bridges behind you. Be open to the fact that you might be underestimated. 56. Don’t expect your career paths to be logical to everyone looking on. 54. 46. 55. You don’t need to have all the experience in the job description to apply. Job descriptions get rewritten all the time. 48.45. 51. 59. The way forward may not necessarily be clear or straight ahead 50. Think around. You may have to say things during an interview to impress your future boss. 47. Even successful careers can have disappointments 49. The real work begins after you land the job.

68. 64. regardless of what you are doing. Education and training mean something. 67. Hard work and discipline pays off eventually. You have to build consensus to move ideas forward. You are always preparing for your next career opportunity. then you are letting others have control of your Life.” . Many people are not working in their college majors. no one else is obligated to do that for you. and last 70. You may find people want to hang around you. Learn to accept total responsibility for yourself. 63. Management. It is not a shame to strategically plan your career. 20 Tips for Self Management l Mbahotspot. just because you are successful – not because they care. 65. 69. If you do not manage yourself. The more people who support you and your ideas. the more successful you will be. Motivational You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. These tips will help “you” manage “you.62. Keep track of your accomplishments.

  3.  . Instead of telling yourself.   10.   7.   8. “I can do this very well.Here is a list of things that help you in self management and which will in turn lead you to the path of success: – 1. When you reach 10 points. Agree with yourself in advance that you will have a good attitude toward the upcoming task. Be a professional who exhibits self-confidence and self-assurance in your potential to complete any task.” View all activities as a challenge. Do it right the first time and you will not have to take time later to fix it.   2.   4. Give yourself points for completing tasks on your “to-do” list in priority order. Do not view things you do as a “job. reward yourself. It may be helpful each morning to take 15 minutes to gather your thoughts and say a prayer. Look at every new opportunity as an exciting and new-life experience. Frequently ask. Accept responsibility for your job successes and failures. Practice your personal beliefs. “Is what I am doing right now moving me toward my goals?”  5.” say. “I can’t do that very well. Do not look for a scapegoat. Use your subconscious mind by telling it to do what you do want.   6.”   9.

You are only talking about a present undeveloped skill or part of yourself that if you so chose.   12.  . The added urgency will help you feel motivated to have it done.   17. Believe that you can be what you want to be. Practice self-determination. Be pleasant all the time-no matter what the situation. Talk to yourself. wanting to do it for yourself. Never criticize yourself as having a weakness. A self-talk using positive affirmation is something that is common among all great achievers.   13. You do not have any weakness. only untapped potential. you can change. Challenge yourself to do things differently than you have in the past. It provides new ideas and keeps you interested. Make a commitment to show someone a specific accomplishment on a certain date. They convince themselves that they can accomplish their goals.   15. 11.   14.   16. There is no such thing.

 18. Change your perspective and look at it as someone outside your job would. Keep looking for what is interesting in your work. Keep Happy How to get more tax breaks this year ShareComment .   19. Also keep your goals listed and pictured on your board. It is an easily visible way to see what you need to work on. When an item is done. Stay interested in what you are doing. remove the note.Establish personal incentives and rewards to help maintain your own high enthusiasm and performance level.   20 . Create your own “motivation board” by putting up notes of things you need to do on a bulletin board or special wall space. Be Happy . Hope this will help you for self managenent and motivation.

000 in tax . 2015 09:57 IST Use deductions introduced in the Budget to save additional Rs 24.To get such articles in your inbox Enter Your email Text size: A A A May 03.


PPF. What they don’t realise is that pay hikes often lead to a higher cash outflow in the form of taxes. insurance/pension plans. Budgeting for a change The Budget 2015-16 presents new avenues to save tax. Those in the 30 per cent tax bracket will especially benefit. to take advantage of an additional deduction of Rs 50. which can be factored in while computing the monthly salary/tax deducted at source (TDS).Most employees look forward to a new financial year in anticipation of a pay hike. Sukanya Samriddhi Account has been introduced this year and enables parents of a girl child less than 10 years old to claim deduction under the section. It also includes tuition fees of your children and the repayment of principal on your housing loan. Sukanya Samriddhi Account. as they can save about Rs 15. one can explore the option of revising the compensation package to include tax-free components or modify the limits for each of the components as well as invest in tax deductible schemes.000 over and above the limit under section 80C. Section 80CCD: One can contribute to National Pension Scheme. infrastructure bonds. five-year fixed deposits. The scheme will earn . Contributions by your employer are tax deductible in the NPS under Sec 80CCD(2). One needs to ensure that the enhanced limit is part of your compensation.600 per month. equity linked savings scheme. If the payroll policy permits.5 lakh across investments such as provident fund. Please note that 10 per cent of the salary contributed towards NPS is eligible for a tax deduction up to Rs 150. NSC.000 in tax annually just by using the additional limit. or the NPS. The total benefit under NPS can go up to Rs 2 lakh. Transport Allowance: The limit has been enhanced for transport allowance from Rs 800 per month to Rs 1. Section 80C: This section allows a maximum limit of Rs 1. This can be avoided with a little planning and right communication to employers.000 under section 80CCD of the Act.

Healthcare: Deduction under section 80D on health insurance premium has been raised to Rs 25.000 in cash.000 from Rs 15. 33.000 is allowed toward medical expenditure for very senior citizen above the age of 80 years who are not eligible to take health insurance. From this year. 47.000 from the existing Rs 20.000 for individuals. Deduction of Rs 30.990 Rs. meaning the interest earned and the withdrawal amount will be exempt from tax.000. Charity: Donations made to certain institutions. donations made to Clean Ganga Fund and Swachch Bharat Kosh will be eligible for 100 per cent deduction. Looking For A Samsung Note 3 N9005 Mobile Phone? Rs.9. For senior citizens.2 per cent for FY16 and is exempt-exempt-exempt.999 Add to cart New Industry & Industrial Studies (General) Books . are eligible for deduction subject to specified limits under section 80G. the limit has been raised to Rs 30. There is no deduction available for donation made in excess of Rs 10.

the value of perquisite is Rs 3. Owned car versus leased car: In case an owned car is used partly for official purpose and partly for private purpose and where the employer reimburses expenses of Rs 10. The HRA component should especially be looked at by employees who have recently been transferred to new cities or shifted to rented accommodations.700 per month (for cars with engine capacities above 1. an individual can claim deduction for the rent paid even if he does not get HRA. swapping a portion of other components with HRA could be a good tax saving option.Best Selling Personal Finance (General) Books For You Using existing options House Rent Allowance (HRA): If the HRA is not part of your compensation structure yet. The individual. the value of the perquisite is Rs 6. In case a company leased car is used partly for official purpose and partly for private purpose and the expenses are reimbursed by the employer. The salaried employees staying in rented apartments can claim exemption under Section 10(5) of the Income-Tax Act.000. subject to certain conditions. 1961 (‘the Act’) in respect of house rent allowance by making the HRA a component of their salary.6 litres).300 per month. The deduction will be the least of rent paid less 10 per cent of total income or Rs 2. Under section 80GG. Most of the employers have a car scheme for their employees and if . If your annual rent exceeds Rs 100. his spouse or minor child should not own any house within the city limit or where he ordinarily resides or performs duties of his office.000 a month or 25 per cent of total income.000 you will need to submit a copy of your landlord’s PAN card to your employer. business or profession. The Act provides for exemption for HRA subject to specified conditions and there could be a situation when the entire allowance is tax-free.

which is mostly a little less than the equated monthly instalment (EMI) for a car loan in case of an owned car. The amount is limited to the economy-class airfare for the shortest route available to your destination and does not include expenses such as hotel bills.the vehicle is company-owned. says Prof RSS Mani. humility. 2015 08:57 IST It does not matter you went to one of the leading business schools in the country and have a fancy MBA degree to your merit. The current block of four years ends on December 31. You can claim exemption for two journeys in a block of four calendar years. by claiming tax exemption on reimbursement of your travel expense. gratitude and focus. Leave Travel Concession (LTC): Plan a holiday within India. take leave and save taxes. etc. Nangia & Co 0 valuable things you won't learn in business school ShareComment To get such articles in your inbox Enter Your email Text size: A A A April 29. this could result in significant tax savings for the employees though there would be some cash outflow towards the lease rentals. Rakesh Nangia & Neha Malhotra are managing partner and manager taxation. local conveyance. What is really required to survive the corporate rat race is patience. 2017. .

Here are some skills you must acquire in order to make it to the top. However. . in real life.A leading business school may well teach you the basics of management principles and perhaps even train you to deal with difficult life situations. the corporate habitat demands you tackle challenging situations and individuals in a far superior way.

Not being focused on the goal often results in constant job hopping and poor quality of performance. . Needless to say effective listening skills is the hallmark of a successful manager. No task should be perceived as mundane or routine and must be completed meticulously. 2.1. Being goal-focused MBAs are rightly perceived to be people in a great hurry. Computer and Internet skills In today’s computing and internet age. Listening skills Every MBA programme emphasises on presentation skills BUT overlooks this important aspect of communication. However they are unfortunately not ready to invest in time and commensurate efforts to achieve these goals and laurels. complete all allocated tasks on time and display a high level of enthusiasm. As a consequence the quality of work suffers and they gradually lose focus. 3. For the initial few months the best strategy to be followed is to learn as much as you can. They are seen as extremely impatient professionals who want to achieve all laurels in a great hurry. Thus the common tendency is to HEAR and not LISTEN. mastery of these skills are expected by most employers. Most people tend to believe that speaking is the most important aspect of communication and listening is an inferior activity restricted to the ignorant.

Humility One of the most important attributes we seek in an MBA is humility. Corporate business etiquette It is often noticed that most MBAs lack the finesse and grooming that is actually required in a corporate assignment. They often come across as being casual. Similarly. Business etiquette skills seems to be lacking and this creates a bad impression at the workplace. 4. rude and snobbish and this ruins their interpersonal relations at the workplace. They should learn to respect their seniors and indulge in active listening and not show off their power of theories and concepts. Basic manners. in fact some humility would help you cross several hurdles. More than often we hear that the new joinees come with chip on their shoulder and tend to be over-confident.However the problem is that most MBA graduates have mastered PowerPoint but have poor skill level of Microsoft Excel. 5. resistance and resentment would get you nowhere. they are comfortable with emails and Facebook but are unable to use search engines and LinkedIn effectively. . Let us appreciate and accept that indifference. etiquette and appropriate grooming are often overlooked. This could ruin their credibility.

Stellar Helmets . 999 Rs.Autofurnish Open Face Helmet Macho (Glossy Black) Rs. 349 Add to cart Looking For A Egg Master Vertical Grill? Rs. Patience and persistence Patience is one virtue that can help MBAs done a lot better in their organisations. . 799 Rs. 739 Add to cart Want To Spend Less On Maxi Dress? 6.

Very often MBAs who join as management trainees complain that the training appears to be an extension of their MBA education. Gratitude We must be conscious of and admit that there are many people who contribute to our success. This will increase your confidence and also impress your superiors. These include family members. Do take up projects and assignments and complete them successfully. Hence do not complain! 7. Hence it is our duty to recognise their contributions and keep in touch with them. Concentrate on how to add value and not fault finding. This should be the sole objective of the new incumbent MBA into the organisation. mentor and such. guides. Our competitive environment makes us very self focused and we begin to believe that we know it all. 8. Ensure that deadlines are met and quality is of the highest standards. DO IT. Let us always remember the acronym that TEAMS means together each achieves more success. then prove it. . don't forget you are now being paid a salary to do so. Teamwork skills This is one of most important skills that an MBA needs to develop. Let us realise that the blue chip company you have joined has been running successfully without you. If you think you are great. our professors. If you think that you are doing an extended MBA. Prepare for every meeting you attend.

We need not wait till we retire to start contributing to the society. It is very easy to show off your mettle by boasting that you have another job offer within three months. In today’s world everyone talks about Corporate Social Responsibility. and such to name a few.Very often many people take a very opportunistic approach and tend to overlook their contributions. 9. support for geriatric patients . Resilience If you are a high profile MBA then have the guts to stay on and contribute to the organisation. . cleanliness. Through ISR we can all contribute to making the world a much better place. By loyalty. afforestation. This not only speaks of indifference but also displays a poor sense of character. I am not referring to the number of years you have spent in an organisation but to the contribution you have made to that organization. let us work towards being better human beings contributing towards a better society and a better nation and be successful HR professional too. However we must remember that each one of us must be responsible citizens of society and contribute to its well being at all points in time. Do remember that the attitude of gratitude will ultimately determine your altitude. To summarise. 10. You must prove your loyalty and commitment to your current organisation first. Practice ISR Every one of us must learn to practice individually socially responsibility (ISR). But the real challenge lies in your ability to combat the odds and contribute. We may contribute towards causes such as education for the underprivileged.

ITM Group of Institutions.The author of this piece Prof R S S Mani is Vice President-Institutional Development. the speed .. This obviously means we know the direction of the market.. Let us look at some myths regarding risk. Do you understand 'risk' in investing? ShareComment To get such articles in your inbox Enter Your email Text size: A A A May 03. 1. but there is no proof that we understand risk... Risk is one of the least understood subjects in investing. We all keep saying that it is the other side of returns and such vague statements. Risk management means we must have an ability to SEE TOMORROW: Too many people think that risk management means that we should be able to predict where the market is headed. 2015 09:00 IST Let's find out.

how long it will be there.. Proctor & Gamble was LESS risky at a price of Rs 1200 than it is today at Rs which it will reach a new destination. Believe me like John Templeton says 'I do not know anybody who knows anybody who knows how to time the market'. Pouches? Looking For Bike Accessories.. when it will go up or down again. but the ability to predict the next trend is surely not needed. Looking For Mobile Cases. Apparels? Looking For A Weston Wel 3200 81cm (32 Inch) HD Ready LED Television? . Risk is NOT with a product. and have a good UNDERSTANDING of the market. but with how your co-investors will react to a given circumstance: The risk is with a product and at a particular price. 2. Seriously you need to know the long term trend of the market. This is simply because the PE (price earnings multiple) has got higher.

kid moving out of the house. No business model or risk model can understand human behaviour for long periods of time. etc. on Thursday. impact your risk profile. Pay attention to this and alter your portfolio accordingly. 2015 07:54 IST The latest round of petrol and diesel price increase. A risk model will save you: A risk model is exactly what it says it is -.950 Add to cart 3. etc. having a baby. Far more importantly we CANNOT predict how our co-investors will behave. Big institutions constantly analyse their need to take risk. 4. However individuals do not pay enough attention to their risk profile. their need to grow their corpus.a model.. How petrol. 15. In economics we assumed that we have considered all the factors and kept saying 'other conditions remaining neutral' -. diesel prices varied under Modi govt ShareComment To get such articles in your inbox Enter Your email Text size: A A A May 02. 20. need for cash flows. met with opposition from many corners . kid's education.000 Rs. It is clearly a survival of the fittest. because risk is a dynamic concept. marriage of a kid. divorce.Rs. Your risk appetite will remain constant: This never happens.losing a job.this NEVER happens. Many events -.

however met with opposition from many . taking into account the average cost of import and the rupee-dollar exchange rate the previous fortnight. on Thursday.Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. The latest round of petrol and diesel price increase.revise the prices of diesel and petrol around the first and 15th of every month. state-owned oil marketing firms . Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) .Typically.

But diesel prices raised by 50 paise a litre (excluding VAT). The price of domestic non-subsidised liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) reduced by Rs 2. Aug 15: The retail selling price of petrol reduced by 2. A statement issued by IOC cites a “significant increase in international oil prices in the previous two weeks owing to the geopolitical unrest in West Asia” as the reason.2-kg cylinder and that of commercial LPG by Rs 32. and that of diesel increased by Rs 0. Jul 15: The prices of high-speed diesel for bulk consumers (such as state transport corporations) reduced by Rs 1.18 a litre in Delhi (including state levies) Aug 31: Petrol prices cut by Rs 1. Selling price of non-subsidised LPG cylinder cut by Rs 19 per 14. Organizers To Choose From.corners. Come Get Yours! . Here’s a look at the variation in petrol and diesel prices since the Narendra Modi government took office in May last year: 2014 May 31: In the first fuel price change under the new government. and that of commercial LPG reduced by Rs 4 per 19-kg cylinder in Delhi.50 per 19-kg cylinder.82 a litre in Delhi (including state levies).2-kg cylinder.69 a litre in Delhi (excluding state levies). Jul 31: The price of motor spirit reduced by Rs 1.50 a litre. resulting in an increase of 57 paise a litre in the retail selling price in Delhi. the retail selling price of diesel was increased by 50 paise a litre in Delhi (excluding state levies) Jun 30: The price of petrol was raised by Rs 1. 289 Planners.50 per 14.09 a litre in Delhi and that of highspeed diesel for bulk consumers by 72 paise a litre (including VAT).09 a litre (in Delhi).

499 Add to cart Sep 30: Retail selling price of petrol in Delhi reduced by 65 paise a litre (including VAT). while diesel prices cut by Rs 2.41 a litre. 7. in Delhi (including state levies) . the retail selling price of petrol in Delhi comes down by Rs 1. 1 Selling . Oct 14: Selling of petrol cut by Re 1 a litre (excluding state levies).21 a litre (including VAT).Blackberry 8830 Mobile Phone Rs. 2. taking advantage of a change in the rupee-dollar exchange rate.999 Rs.Want To Spend Less On Office Automation Products? The No. Oct 31: The price of petrol cut by Rs 2. With this price revision. Oct 18: Retail selling price of diesel in Delhi cut by Rs 3.37 a litre (including VAT).25 a litre.

Retail price of diesel lowered by 84 paise a litre.09 a litre. Apr 1: International prices decline marginally and are reflected in a price drop of 49 paise a litre for petrol.25 a litre. Apr 15: Retail selling price of petrol reduced by 80 paise a litre in Delhi (including state levies).Nov 30: Retail selling price of petrol reduced by 91 paise a litre in Delhi (including state levies). in Delhi. and diesel price slashed by Rs 1. in Delhi (including state levies).21 a litre for diesel. IOC in a statement cites a sharp increase in international prices in the past fortnight and the rupee-dollar exchange. The increase comes on the back of a notable rise in global crude oil prices. 5 easy ways to learn new skills every day ShareComment To get such articles in your inbox Enter Your email . Apr 30: Petrol prices increased by Rs 3.37 a litre. and Rs 1.96 a litre in Delhi (including state levies). Jan 16: Retail price of petrol cut by Rs 2. Dec 15: Retail selling price of petrol and diesel cut by Rs 2 a litre each in Delhi (including state levies). The price revision is ascribed to a steep rise in international prices.42 a litre in Delhi (including levies) and diesel by Rs 2. Feb 28: Petrol and diesel prices up by Rs 3. diesel price by Rs 2. Retail selling price of diesel hiked by Rs 2. diesel prices by 61 paise a litre. Feb 16: Petrol prices raised by 82 paise a litre. respectively. 2015 Feb 3: Petrol prices lowered by Rs 2.25 a litre. Explaining the reason.42 a litre in Delhi (including state levies).30 a litre.18 a litre and Rs 3.

Text size: A A A April 30. Read on for easy hacks to use your time and resources more productively. 2015 08:30 IST Do not let your busy schedule come in the way of learning a new skill. .

Most career experts will advice you to 'learn a new skill'. you may ask. But 'how' you will learn is the question. Given the busy and tightly packed schedules. . how can one sneak out the time to learn a completely new skill.

use those breaks to learn something new. if there is a will. Have you ever tried using it? Use online learning resources to learn on your own terms. 1. 10 Maxi Dress That Will Actually Leave You Stunned Want To Spend Less On Crop Tops? . Read on for simple things you can do so that you learn a new skill every day. Explore the internet You have easy access to training material on internet. then there is a way. Use your breaks productively Instead of taking out time for Facebook or Twitter. Benefit from online training library and online book service 2.Well.

142 Led Tv To Choose From, Come Get Yours!

Watch a training video on your gadgets.
Devote 20 minutes from your lunch break to watch and learn something you do not
3. Sharing is expanding
Be like a crow and learn while sharing knowledge with colleagues.
Share courses and watch them together. This way you can benefit the team.
You can let others take the lead on training topics on different days.
4. Learn during workouts
Prop up your gadget and watch or listen to a course while sweating it out on a stationary
bike or treadmill.
You can also involve and engage others in this process.
5. Utilise your weekends
Find time during weekends and holidays for professional growth.
Learn a new technology online or listen to a podcast to solve office problems.
The new learning will provide you enough inspiration for Monday.

11 important points investors must know
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May 02, 2015 15:00 IST

Before you enter the big, bad world of investing, trading, etc., beware...

When I see people trying to invest I see them make many mistakes. Clearly as an
amateur you will not know how to hit sixes and fours... all you need is to know where is
your off stump and spend long hours at the crease. The runs will follow.
Let me enumerate:
1. On free sites/blogs/groups people come and talk like experts. Let me repeat just
because you have access to all the tools that Pattabhiraman Murari has
made, it does not mean you know how to apply the calculators. It is not easy. How many
people can use it honestly?
2. Costs are important, but they are NOT everything: One swing of the bat and it could
be a home run. This of course is a baseball saying. Please understand that a good fund
manager is worth paying the money.

3. It is not easy to know when to shift and why to shift. So if you have found a decent
comfort with the way a fund works, it is not too bad to stick around even during bad
times. Sadly there are people who will suggest jumps, but if you do not know how
reversion to the mean works all such jumping could be futile.
4. For 99 per cent of the people reading this post, SIP works. If you were 100 per cent in
debt and have now moved to 10 per cent in equities reading about equities is NOT going
to help. In fact in your overall portfolio, there is going to be very little impact.
5. Almost all literature in the investing field is from the US. Almost all the good writing
is from the 1930s to 2015. Remember such a Golden Period -- when US was (is) a
military power, controlled oil prices, currency rates, world political view, had cruel
policies of exporting cancer (tobacco, McD, acid drinks), had NOBLE investors like
Warren Buffett (his health is luck and his personal life is not really exemplary)... and
controlled the press. So what you read has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Look for
literature from other free markets too.
6. Confirmation bias: Once you decide something, the Internet will throw you tons of
literature that will make your brain look good. So the 'selecting' part of your brain
selects stories that you WANT to read rather than stories that you MUST read.
Dangerous zone.

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73 Glucose Monitors To Choose From, Come Get Yours!

7. Recency bias: The latest sounds best. This is sad because I get 50 research reports a
week ATLEAST in my inbox. I do not read anything outside my range of about 75 stocks.
I read nothing about the economy, oil, gold, interest rates. It helps. The latest report is
not necessarily the best.
8. The best share may already be there in your portfolio. With Cholamandalam in my
portfolio I did not look to invest in M&M Financial services and L&T Finance (except for
some trading opportunities). Many of the 'investors' I am meeting churn as much as
traders. Not knowing whether you are a trader or an investor is harakiri.
9. Politics: I am not at all sure that the press is telling us the truth. We are hearing what
they want us to hear. I actually have no clue whether NaMo is doing a good job or a bad
job. For me to find this out (no frankly I do not care, but just giving an example) I have
no clue what to do. Reading newspapers is ONE SURE WAY TO GET IT WRONG. So
stop spending time on the political situation.
10. Cherished myths: ITC is a good company, if you had done SIP in a single stock like
L&T you would have got better returns than many mutual funds; a SIP in stocks will

All are absolutely true. Nothing wrong with as well as a SIP in a big fund. 11. but know that personal finance sites which do not sell do not exist. Most 'solution offerring' websites are here to sell something. 2015 10:19 IST . So do your homework. do not copy. Do your homework: As a blogger I can say that I offer no solutions. but we do not know whether it will be true over the next 20 years that you are planning to invest. 'As a nation we don't learn lessons from our past' ShareComment To get such articles in your inbox Enter Your email Text size: A A A Last updated on: April 28. Learn. so go and find it yourself.

Image: Muslims in Meerut stage a protest demanding justice in the 1987 Hashimpura massacre case. Photograph: PTI Photo 'Communal killings take place routinely in our country and yet we don't ever convict the offenders.' .

Though deeply disappointed with the judgment. Uttar Pradesh in May 1987. and appeared on behalf of five Hashimpura survivors and the families of those killed. were these killings a fallout of the riots that had taken place earlier in Meerut? Former chief . having followed the case in its long and final struggle. they have decided to go in appeal. Speaking about the challenges she faced. Following Rebecca John and Vrinda Grover's intervention. They were among the around 50 Muslim men rounded up on the night of May 22. "I had a chance to meet and interact with the incredible men and women of Hashimpura who reposed so much hope in the system.'The riots of 1993 and 2002 would not have happened if justice was given to the 1984 Delhi riot victims. allegedly by PAC personnel. on the initiative of the Supreme Court. the case was transferred to Delhi's Tees Hazari court following a petition by families of the victims and survivors. John conducted the final arguments in the case in mid-January 2015. 1987. In September 2002. People lose so much and ask for so little in return. John told Rashme Sehgal. but we fail them again and again and again. It took a nine-year struggle for 19 PAC personnel to be chargesheeted by a Ghaziabad court in 1996. the Delhi court framed charges against the 17 surviving accused in July 2006." "All I can say is that it has been an incredibly humbling experience for me.' One of the longest legal trials extending over 27 years saw Additional Sessions Judge Sanjay Jindal of the Tees Hazari court in Delhi acquit the 16 surviving personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary accused of killing 42 Muslims in Hashimpura. Senior advocate Rebecca John has been associated with the case from 2004 along with advocate Vrinda Grover. The court significantly listed 161 people as witnesses to this case." To put the Hashimpura massacre in perspective. and taken to the upper Ganga canal in Murad Nagar and the Hindon river to be shot and their bodies thrown into the canal.

The UP government appointed under-qualified special public prosecutors and they had to be removed as their appointments did not fulfil the mandatory requirements of the CrPC (Code of Criminal Procedure). was a crime against humanity. They were all serving in the Uttar Pradesh police at the time. Final arguments in the case commenced from the middle of 2014 and concluded in January 2015. Witnesses. although within the department the identities of the accused were known. in a premeditated and calculated manner without the slightest provocation on their part. . 1987. which the state administration was unable to control. moved the Supreme Court and got the matter transferred to Delhi in 2003. seeing the lackadaisical pace of the trial. Why should it have taken 27 years for a judgment on such a crucial case? The incident took place on May 22. Had the accused been in custody.information commissioner Wajahat Habibullah made some reference in the public deposition held recently in New Delhi that then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi visited Meerut following the riots there. other than the five survivors. the 19 accused chose to ignore the summons as also the non-bailable warrants issued against them by the court in Ghaziabad. Yes. Meerut was in the grip of communal frenzy. The chargesheet in the case was filed in 1996. But what happened on the night of May 22. Finally. till 2000. The three investigating officers in the case died during the long trial of the case. 1987. The local police and the CB-CID (Crime Branch-Criminal Investigation Department) chose not to arrest the culprits. a qualified special public prosecutor was appointed in 2007-08. the law would have required the filing of the chargesheet within 90 days. failed to appear despite repeated summons from the court. Trials like these take 28 years to conclude because the agencies entrusted with the investigation of the case have no interest in placing true and correct facts before any court. The victims. at the request of the victims. when men in uniform proceeded to execute innocent citizens. After the chargesheet was filed.

Image: A survivor of the Hashimpura massacre shows the bullet wound he received on the night of May 22. Photograph: Uttam Ghosh/Rediff. Delay ensures that prime witnesses die and the record of the case disintegrates. when the PAC shot . 1987.They collude with the accused and ensure that the case dies a slow death.

Sometimes it's important to record these findings and shame those responsible for the deliberate suppression of evidence.999 Rs. 1 Selling .Iws-Crt-24 Rs. The judgment has not attempted to fix responsibility on any officer or officers for these failures. 1.while doing that. the judge has marshalled the evidence and has come to a finding that. it failed to record the finding that the accused were hand in glove with their investigating team and for these reasons a shocking case of custodial killings was going unpunished. In that sense. The judgment failed to take note of criminal lapses on the part of the agencies investigating the case. the judgment could have listed the culpable failure of the investigating agency in not collecting material evidence.How will you describe the judgment acquitting the PAC personnel in the massacre? I will answer the question in two parts. Two -. cannot become the basis of conviction. The No. sadly. the evidence raises some is not the job of a judge to produce evidence. in his opinion.Iws Blue Traditional Designer Carpet 5 Ft X 7 Ft . but suspicion not being a substitute for proof. failed to do that. It is his job to examine the evidence placed before him. One -. 549 Add to cart . This judgment.

and hence they were in no condition to identify the accused. Also. It was humanly impossible to make identification then. in court. These were not men previously known to them. they were wearing helmets. That was not done. had the prosecution attempted to put them through a test identification parade in the summer of 1987.Best Selling Regional & National History (General) Books For You Best Selling History: Earliest Times To Present Day (General) Books For You The judge cited 'lack of sufficient evidence regarding their identity' as being the ground to let the 19 PAC accused go scot free. The firsthand account of the survivors has been further corroborated by the then superintendent of police Vibhuti Narain Rai who has also given a first hand account of the bodies he saw in the Upper Ganga Canal in . The survivors saw the accused for the first time after the incident 20 years later. they were in uniform. it was the middle of the night. But should not the evidence of the five survivors have been given more weightage? The five survivors did not identify any of the accused men and they have given truthful and credible reasons why it was impossible for them to identify them. the complainants were in a state of terror. some identifications could have been made.

some 613 RTI applications were filed by members of the 43 affected Muslim families to find out if the accused PAC men had been suspended from service. . V N Rai. 2007. the men responsible for these heinous crimes were not vigorously prosecuted. the judge has completely believed the five survivors and has given a judicial finding that the incident of custodial abduction and murder took place in the manner in which they had testified. the judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to conclusively establish that these men were the same officers responsible for the crime. The RTI results highlighted that no adverse comments had been made in their annual confidential report. who was the SP of the area. threw no light on the identity of the accused either. Why was no departmental inquiry initiated against them? No action was taken against the accused because they had the backing of successive governments. It shows how deeply communal our system is because it is unthinkable that a crime of this nature could have escaped departmental action. Why would this evidence also not have been given more weightage? Please understand. The political establishment and the police protected each other and as part of this quid pro quo arrangement. No departmental action was initiated because I believe it served the interests of the political class to bury the truth.Muradnagar. But on the question of fixing criminal responsibility on the persons who committed this crime. On May 24.

Image: A policeman out on patrol in Lucknow. The matter has been referred to the Delhi legal . Photograph: Adnan Abidi/Reuters What kind of compensation has been given so far to the survivors as also to the families who lost their bread-earners? The trial court has directed the payment of compensation to victims and their families under Sections 357 and 357A of the CrPc.

we send out a message that future offenders will also be protected. the court acted as per law and directed that compensation be paid to the victims. Some meagre compensation was given to the victims by the administration in 2007. As I have already stated. The nexus between the State. We as a nation have not learnt any lessons from our past. What kind of timelines do you see such an action taking. The riots of 1993 (Mumbai) and 2002 (Gujarat) would not have happened if justice was given to the 1984 Delhi riot victims. Communal killings take place routinely in our country and yet we don't ever convict the offenders. All the survivors are planning to go into appeal to a higher court. Do you think we as a nation have not given enough weightage to the kind of harm that custodial killings can do to the psyche of a democracy. In your experience fighting cases of victims from the minority community. do you feel that a lot of custodial killings continue to be directed at members of the minority community? That is a sad reality of our times. given that it has taken them 27 years to receive this verdict? . In all of this the politician and the law enforcement agencies act in unison. we would not be doomed to repeat them.service authority to determine the quantum of compensation and the manner of its distribution. its agencies and the accused is so strong in cases of communal crimes that investigations are thwarted at the very beginning. If stricter action were taken by the State. The Supreme Court has been looking at the entire issue of compensation in custodial killings. The subject of reparations is of critical importance to victims of crimes. When we acquit. It reflects very poorly on the system of checks and balances we claim to have established in our country.

landline players offer freebies ShareComment To get such articles in your inbox Enter Your email Text size: A A A May 02. 2015 07:53 IST BSNL. We believe it is a fit case for the introduction of guidelines to ensure that no police force is allowed to act in this manner in the future and no administration is allowed to protect its rogue officers from the law Eyeing a comeback. We are going into appeal not just to have this order overturned by a superior court but also because we believe that a superior court can examine the evidence and give findings that may have a direct bearing on other cases where the State and the police have acted with impunity. MTNL launch free night calling to win back consumers lost to mobile boom . Hashimpura is a rallying point for so many affected people.We are planning to appeal to the Delhi high court.

In a bid to revive their fortunes through winning back some of their customers.India’s fixed-line telecom service providers have seen major erosion in their user base in recent years. thanks to the rise of wireless technology and mobile revolution. state-run landline players Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam .

started this free fixed-line calling offer between 9 pm and 7 am. which provides telecom services across the country except in Delhi and Mumbai. BSNL.Ltd (MTNL) have introduced some attractive schemes. initially applicable for six months. Starting Friday. will be reviewed depending on response. such as unlimited free night calling. The plan. .

MTNL.Following BSNL’s move. which offers fixed-line services in Delhi and Mumbai. is .

The Rs 49 pack is only for local calls. BSNL. and Rs 99 one for both STD and local calls. BSNL and MTNL together control 75.13 in February — urban wireline teledensity and rural wireline teledensity stood at 5. the number of wireline subscribers declined from 26.6 million landline connections at the end of month and dominated the market with a 62. A few days ago.also introducing unlimited free local calling at night for its landline and broadband customers to any network. retain the existing ones. The company had launched special plans priced at Rs 49 and Rs 99 a month. was the biggest loser of fixed-line customers. respectively. Though similar night packs were introduced earlier too — where wireless providers slashed rates or offered free minutes — this is the first time that landline operators are aiming to attract new customers and. Apart from the drop in the number of landline domains.14 in January to 2.556 users in February. The free unlimited calling facility is also available for Delhi MTNL landline customers to any network to Mumbai and vice versa during the same hours. STD call charges have been made local by making call charges rate at 180 second per pulse. using which its broadband customers could make free voice calls to any network.” it said in a statement.44 per cent of the wireline market.72 million at the end of February.60.87 million at the end of January to 26. The company. more importantly.54 and 0. which lost 162. “MTNL has decided to introduce unlimited free local calling for its landline and broadband customers (combo) between 10 pm and 7 am to any network. Airtel had also announced free voice calls to both mobiles and landlines for its broadband customers. which dominates the landline market. it said. . According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (Trai’s) telecom subscription data for February.26 per cent share. still had over 16. The overall wireline teledensity (Number of landline telephones in use for every 100 individuals living within an area) also declined from 2.

the fixed-line service providers’ fresh attempt at reviving fortunes might help them get back some of their customers. which is sent to the nearest police control room This SOS Alert will contain the exact vehicle location. central England. Uber had introduced a series of security measures to ensure that their customers are safe during a ride. which promises a better. Uber has announced the introduction of an ‘Integrated SOS Alter Solution for Law Enforcement’.” How Will It Work? In the month of February this year. whenever a Uber customer will press that SOS button:  The rider would be able to connect with the police via call. From now on. . Given this. robust and integrated security system for riders. This will enable the law enforcement agencies to act swiftly and precisely incase of any mis-happening. SOS feature was part of this new strategy. and encourage law enforcement agencies to embrace new technology and improve accountability and traceability in urban mobility. Deval Delivala. Image: Amateur contestants pose in telephone booths during the annual European Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and Convention in Birmingham.The changing trend of dropping numbers shows the landline operators’ losing battle against mobile connections in the past few years. immediately  A real time ‘SOS alert’ is generated. Uber’s India Safety Lead. said in the blog. “We welcome the opportunity to partner with more Police departments around the country to ensure your safety. tracked via GPS which is projected on a security devices monitored at the police control room. Photograph: Darren Staples/Reuters “Uber Introduces Real Time SOS Alert System For A Safer Ride” plus 1 new trending articles! Uber Introduces Real Time SOS Alert System For A Safer Ride Posted: 02 May 2015 04:15 AM PDT In a latest blog post. as more Indians now opt for the wireless mode of communication. Note: Image used for representation purpose only.

the online taxi service industry in India was rattled after an incident of rape happened in a Uber cab. They immediately increased their fares after adding this service tax. which prompted the Govt. Uber has installed such monitoring devices across all major police control rooms. Delhi Transport Department rejected their license. “Yes. Ola and TaxiForSure. their operations are running without any Mobile Apps: Android | iOS. Although Uber re-entered the market with a radio taxi license in the month of January.Interestingly. Uber is one of those disruptive business models which has changed everything. Govt. to immediately ban all such apps such as . . and the question of survival loomed large over them. The post Uber Introduces Real Time SOS Alert System For A Safer Ride first appeared on Trak. which helped them to legalize their standing. at their own expense. After the General Budget.” Uber & The Issue of Security Last year. Uber and other taxi aggregators were included in the service tax bracket. Infact. even thought about banning their IP address to stop people from using their apps and to book cabs. Uber is well on it’s way to charm their customers once again. Trak. There was a huge public outrage over this incident. we’ve paid for the equipment we’ve given to police control rooms across the country. and now as they are paying taxes and recognized as a radio taxi aggregator. And now with enhanced security measures such as map based security and real time SOS alert with GPS. Deval said.

Need for a new platform for raising funds in India SEBI observed that due to tough rules of listing. this new protocol of raising funds will provide an option for angel investors. The New Listing Rules for Startups . without opting for an IPO or Initial Public Offering. which deter them from investing. Similarly. some drastic changes have been proposed for ‘Alternate Capital Raising Platform’ for SMEs. Venture Capital funds. foreign locations such as Singapore and Hong Kong are fast becoming a preferred location for raising funds. The deadline for sending in reviews expired on April 20th. SEBI acknowledged that the new age. and as per PTI’s notification. knowledge based products are not understood by a large majority of investors. To stop this outflow. SEBI will introduce the new norms by end of this month or early next month. Citing examples of USA. Review of other regulatory requirements” which sough public’s opinion on their proposals. which would be way different from IPO. SEBI has highlighted the need for a similar capital market which recognizes and encourages entrepreneurs and innovators. which startups are not able to meet. In March this year. but would act like one.SEBI Is Working on ‘Alternate Capital Raising Platform’ For Indian Startups Posted: 02 May 2015 04:07 AM PDT Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is working on a new set of guidelines which will allow startups to raise funds from the market. Alternate Capital Raising Platform and 2. HNI etc to make informed decision about investments. Termed as ‘Alternate Capital Raising Platform’. Europe and China. SEBI had published a discussion paper titled: “1. where such products receive greater acceptance and investments.

As per the number of applications for IPO submitted to SEBI this year. Only the broader objectives need to be shared. Venture Capitals and Angel Investors would be eligible to invest in this alternate platform  Raising of capital would be allowed on Institutional Trading platform (ITP). IPO Route Is Complex & Crowded This is certainly one of the most exciting news for an entrepreneur. In the next 3-4 months. having said that. whereas more than Rs 13000 crore worth of investments were executed by VCs and Angel Investors in this sector last year! We hope that the new guidelines for listing and capital platform for startups help the entrepreneurial community and enable more innovations and more success 4 things to do before you take up a new job ShareComment To get such articles in your inbox Enter Your email Text size: A A A . Only HNIs. it is expected that Indian companies are looking to raise close to Rs 25. considering the risks involved. as against a detailed and pro-longed documentation which is currently required. around 38 SME IPOs were able to generate only Rs 250 crore. India is witnessing a flurry of IPO offers this year.  Retail investors would not be allowed to invest in these startups. and the complexity of rules and regulations often deter small and medium sized startups from listing their firms. This will allow the promoters to use the funds quickly and easily  Disclosure of objectives and business model will be made easier for startups. Last year. 11 companies will offer their shares to the public via IPO route. However. against 3 years which is the norm for normal IPOs. as raising funds via IPO route has some of the most stringent and tough rules. which is expected to raise close to Rs 5000 crore.000 crore worth of funds from IPO this financial year.Some of the major changes announced:  Pre-issue capital is expected to be locked-in for a period of 6 months. small and medium sized startups are left out due to the norms and regulations. However. This new proposed platform will have two categories of investors – Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) and Non-Institutional Investors (NII).

2015 08:30 IST Have you tested the waters? Do you know what you're signing up for? Before taking up a new job or career. be sure you're not jumping out of the frying pan in to the fire. .May 04.

Getting there usually takes years of building skills and experience. and sometimes even across multiple industries. often through multiple jobs. .Very few people enter the workforce and immediately land their dream job right out of the gate.

if you lack experience and training in the new field. you need to take extra steps to make yourself a viable candidate. but until you get some real experience. here are some tips to help you avoid common career change missteps. "You may think your new career is perfect for you. "Many career changers assume that they just need to revamp their CVs to highlight their 'transferrable skills' for the new career field and start applying for jobs." warns Christie Garton. are committed to it and are up-to-speed on the industry. you're just guessing." Get the right education . job search specialist and principal of executive resume writing firm Kelly Donovan and Associates. Don't succumb to 'grass is greener' syndrome. take classes in the field and network with people in the industry to find out the pros and cons of the career you're considering." This kind of preparation will not only help you be sure this new industry is right for you. Volunteer over the weekend. You need to demonstrate that you have a passion for the new field. it will also make the transition easier by making you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.a dramatic shift in the type of work you do or the type of organisation you do it for. CEO of social commerce company UChic and author of Marketing to Millennials. Look before you leap A career change is not a move to be taken lightly. ideally. gaining some experience before actually making the move.At some point. you may find yourself considering a career change -. Whether you want to course-correct your career path back toward your dream job or you're simply not sure your current job is right for you." says Kelly Donovan. "Test the waters before you jump. "However. That means doing your research and.

However. 398 Add to cart Immensely Cool Dualsim Mobile .990 Add to cart Looking For A OEM Mi Xiaomi Power Bank 10400mah Power Bank? . 21. you've likely already thought about some of the new skills you'll need to gain in order to make the transition. 15.If you're considering switching careers. you should also be conscious of how you pick up those skills and what that will mean to employers.Sony Xperia C (White) Rs. 599 Rs. Looking For A Premium Apex Juicer Extractor Fruit & Vegetable? Rs.490 Rs.

You can also put your professional network to use. you'll already be on the wrong foot.Rs. Look for ways to incorporate them into your current job or outside opportunities to display your new skills. but if you're not prepared for the changes you'll need to make. "Before you switch careers. Once you've settled on a program. ask yourself the tough financial questions. 4. free and paid alike.find ways to practise and hone your newly acquired skills. Employers may be impressed that you took the initiative and gained some education.990 Rs. Look into alternatives. don't assume it will be enough to convince potential employers of your ability -. Use informational interviews to determine how companies weigh the value of a completed training course on a candidate's CV. Be realistic about money… One of the most dangerous traps workers considering a career change can fall into is not taking enough time to carefully evaluate their financial situation." . 765 Add to cart Don't just sign up for the first class or conference you find -. "Is your new career offering less money? "Can you afford to live on a revised salary? "Will you need to work two jobs to make ends meet for a while? "It's one thing to follow your heart. doubly so if you go the extra mile to add experience as well. Ask your contacts about training programs or classes they are aware of or would your research." says Garton.

It takes preparation." Ultimately it comes down to caution." says Michael Lan. but that doesn't mean you can't be smart and careful about it. doesn't necessarily mean it will make you happier. 2:57 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare45 . Transitioning to a new field doesn't have to start with quitting your current job.56 per cent in intraday trade.ECONOMICTIMES. "Just because a job's pay is more competitive.…But don't over-value it While certainly worth factoring into your decision. "If your new job doesn't suit you. senior resume consultant at Resume Writer Direct. Future Retail surges on merger of retail businesses with Bharti Retail Future Retail rallied over 18% in intraday trade while Future Lifestyle Fashions surged 14. Changing careers is unquestionably a bold move. Do your research and lay some groundwork so that you can start your next career phase off right.COM | 04 May 2015. money should not be the main impetus for a career change. it is only a matter of time before you become discontent and want to change careers again.

Future Group operates over 17 million square feof retail space in different formats and categories across 166 Indian cities. The combined entity will have over 570 retail stores in 243 cities with operational retail space of over 18.15.m. Bharti Retail operates a network of over 200 'easyday' stores in multiple formats across 114 cities with presence in key markets like Punjab.5 million square feet. up 14. "Bharti Retail's strengths and network compliment perfectly with that of Future Retail. It will bring us closer to millions of consumers and provide new opportunities for our supply partners. on the BSE. It will operate 203 Big Bazaar and 'easyday' hypermarkets. The operational efficiencies that can be derived from the merger will create significant value for our shareholders. The front-end retail operation is proposed to be known as Future Retail while the second entity is proposed as Future Enterprises. Founder and Group CEO. Bharti Group will hold about 10 per cent stake in both listed companies formed.each. the retail business of Future Retail will be demerged into Bharti Retail. Meanwhile. Future Retail was at Rs 132. Future Retail will issue 1 fully paid-up equity shares of Rs 2 each. the retail infrastructure business of Bharti Retail will be demerged into Future Retail. for every one fully paid-up equity share held in Bharti Retail. FBB and Foodhall. 197 Food Bazaar and 'easyday' supermarkets.22 per cent.40 per cent to touch intraday high of Rs 137. investments and assets of both the companies. Uttarakhand and Bangalore. and 171 other stores comprising of Home Town. Bharti Retail will issue 1 fully paid-up equity share of Rs 2/. It rallied 18. National Capital Region. Meanwhile. At 02:40 p.MUMBAI: The Kishore Biyani-owned Future Retail has agreed to merge its retail operations with Bharti Retail to create one of India's biggest chain with more than 570 stores across the country. Future Group." said Kishore Biyani. Haryana.. It will host the infrastructure. Western Uttar Pradesh. for every one fully paid-up equity share held in Future Retail. . As per the scheme of arrangement. eZone. The deal will result in two-listed companies which will operate in front-end & back-end operations.

64 per cent. It rallied 14. 5.56 per cent to touch intraday high of Rs 88. 10. on the BSE.70. up 9.Future Lifestyle Fashions was at Rs 84. or 20 Minute Pitch (+ Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs!) 0 58 SHARES FacebookTwitterLinkedInMore .50. What to Say in Your 1.

When you’re pitching your business. So how do you know what to include in pitching opportunities for varying lengths of time? We’ve got you covered. ten minute. In this article. I’ll review:  What to include in a one minute. the time allotted will impact a great deal of what you should do and say. you will need to approach that differently than if you’re giving a one-minute presentation. five minute. If you’re going to have a five minute time block followed by a Q&A. and 20 minute pitch  Tips from entrepreneurs who successfully pitched their businesses for funding .

Think of a one minute pitch as the absolute heart of your business: What problem is your business solving? Projecting confidence and having the clearest.How much time do you have? The one minute pitch This very brief time slot is a little brutal as far as pitches go. There’s no better way to learn than mimicking something that worked! SEE ALSOBad Body Language Ruining Your Pitch? Here’s How to Fix It The five minute pitch . you have to know what the problem you’re solving is and how your product/service will solve it. Jackie Wu of Jackie. a company that makes flying security cameras and received funding after pitching an incubator. most concise explanation of your product or service possible is key. but if you’re nervous about speaking in front of people. That is the one minute pitch.” Palo Alto Software founder Tim Berry shares a great example of an impactful one-minute speech from the Rice University business pitch competition. The challenge of course lies in using the time as wisely as possible. says: “The biggest thing is. We articulated that very clearly to the investors. there’s one big benefit: it’s over quickly.

Caroline suggests you do the following:  Tell a story  Explain your solution  Describe your successes  Define your target market  Explain your plan for customer acquisition  Outline your competition  Describe your revenue model  Provide your financial projections  Introduce your team  Clarify your funding needs  State your exit strategy . Forbes has a great example of a winning five-minute pitch from a pitch competition. but you can include other important details like what your competitive advantage is and why your team is the best for the job. The 10 minute pitch Palo Alto Software’s VP of Business Development Caroline Cummings has successfully raised nearly a million dollars in angel investment. In terms of the structure of the pitch.A five minute pitch is when you can start branching out from your core message. In order to help entrepreneurs achieve funding success. The winning entrepreneur offers some important advice: avoid unrealistic financial projections (you’ll look like an amateur). and has even created a great format for a 10 minute pitch. In it. Not exactly the message you want to be sending. A typo or misspelling in such an important event says to investors that you aren’t detail oriented. and always copy edit your pitch deck. she’s distilled the process into a series of manageable takeaways. you’ll cover the problem your business solves and how you’ll solve it.

The 20+ minute pitch If you have the opportunity to pitch for 20 minutes. Apple’s former chief evangelist. which is a good guideline when it comes to longer pitches. whether this is a physical structure in the form of slides or just the highlights of what you plan to say. you should be able to pitch from these in 20 minutes. It goes like this: If you have a pitch deck of slides for your presentation. SEE ALSOWhat to Include in Your Pitch Deck . use no more than 10. in which to cover both the pitch and the Q&A. 20 minutes gives you plenty of time to not only hit those high points listed under the 10 minute pitch. and you shouldn’t be using a font smaller than 30 points. Guy Kawasaki. like 40 minutes or an hour. know the key points you’re going to mention and have an order in mind for them. but also time enough to really flesh them out. You could include a brief product demo that shows off your technology. has what he refers to as the 10/20/30 rule. its safe to assume you probably have a larger block of time.In order to present a polished and professional pitch. or more details about your smart and efficient business model that you might not otherwise have had time for. If you start from the heart of your pitch—the one minute version—then each longer iteration allows you to provide more detail expanding from that point.

and collected their advice on how to prepare for your pitch and what makes a pitch successful. This happened to me. no amount of technical difficulties will stop you from using it. but you can bet that having a plan in place will make your pitch that much easier to create. It’s common to be a little jittery. You just want to get so familiar with all of the pertinent material that you could answer relevant questions in your sleep. Here’s what they learned from their experiences: Assemble a solid team Have a great team working with you and know why they are the best people for their jobs. so that there’s little risk of drawing a blank when the pressure is on. in a cohesive and relaxed manner. a shipping company. and it is. president of Touchstone Compliance. and you’ll have something to direct investors to should they ask. won the Liftoff Houston Business Plan Competition after a four minute pitch and 10 minutes of Q&A. “I would highly recommend that you print a copy of the slides in case the projector or computer fail. this can make you sound robotic or mean that an interruption could throw you off.” says Roman Diaz. is a must. “Why are you guys uniquely capable of doing this? Do you have a lot of experience?” Be able to concisely say why you and your top people deserve funding. Inc. You won’t need to submit a business plan before every pitch you make. Jackie Wu says that your team is one of the most important things to mention in your pitch. She recommends answering questions like. the better chance you have of staving off nerves when you really need to. . but it’s also a guarantee: If you have a hard copy of your pitch deck on hand. especially if you’re the nervous type. but she says she never would have gotten to that point without writing her business plan first. Practice Practicing. Bring a backup It sounds old school.Advice from the trenches: Pitch to win I talked to entrepreneurs who had successfully pitched their businesses and received funding. Plan and structure Jasmin Augustin of Swift Logistics.. Remember that practice doesn’t mean memorized. but you don’t want it to distract from the great idea you have for your business. So the more you can get used to explaining your business to people.

or controversy. investors want to see any kind of external validation of the usefulness/coolness of your product or service. a pathway (a general suggestion for solving the problem. says that this can be done in one of two ways: “1) talk about all the traction you’re getting. Greg Archbald of Greasebook. advises thinking of your pitch as a compelling story you have to tell. an oil and gas technology company. and above all else. piquing the interest of your audience is a worthy goal.” he says. “Every story has characters (who is your product helping). but you’ll stand out from the crowd. “Tell me more. stimulate interest.In the words of Palo Alto Software’s VP of Business Development Caroline Cummings: “If there’s one thing I can’t stress enough. a problem. social enterprise and nonprofit ventures. Remember. Follow Angelique on Google+ Read more » Click here to join the conversation (0 Comments) LIKE THIS ARTICLE? PLEASE SHARE IT: 8 . Here is an example video of his pitch during Greasebook’s participation in Surge Venture’s accelerator.” Make them say. She is interested in business ethics. Stats and humor are also helpful. the less you’ll require investors to take a leap of faith. The more traction you can show. SEE ALSOHow to Develop Your Business Strategy Have you used any of these tactics during a pitch? Do you have a pitch-related question? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Angelique is a copywriter at Palo Alto Software. be memorable. Tell your story Every startup has a story. and a solution (our product).” I heard this one from quite a few people.” she notes. or 2) not only inform but entertain. and likes to envision innovative ways businesses can make a positive impact in the world. a language learning company that has won two pitch competitions. You can do this with penetrating new insight. it’s the importance of rehearsing your pitch. humor. She has a background in anthropology and performing arts. We start this section with. Longer pitches spend more time explaining the product. Lida Zlatic of ClassTracks. The next best way to stimulate interest is to entertain. Not only will the investor appreciate this. ‘If only…’).

. you're in luck. You’ve taken the steps to start.. Online business planning software makes it easier than ever before to put together a business plan for your business. How LivePlan makes your business more successful If you're writing a business plan. so now all you. 2. and the LivePlan Pitch: What’s the Difference? What’s a business pitch? Clearly that depends on who you. 3. 4... Business Pitch. ... Is a great pitch without a plan even possible? You’ve got a great business idea.RATE THIS ARTICLE ▶ Recommended Reading For You: 1.. Elevator Pitch.. 14 Tips on How to Pitch and Get Funded [Webinar] You made the leap. Our Favorite Tools to Create Your Pitch Your pitch deck is probably the most important piece of.

though. Let's take a look at those common hurdles. It'll help you get over the three most common business hurdles with ease.bplans. and We've Got the Science to Prove It .As you'll see in a moment. Click to continue Recommended for you Business Planning Makes You More Successful.Bplans Blog The 7 Website Mistakes Small Business Owners Make 14 Business Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Know About .Bplans Blog Read more: Uber Launches Pune-Mumbai InterCity Services Posted: 04 May 2015 04:10 AM PDT . It's a knowledgable guide combined with a professional designer coupled with a financial wizard. and see how producing a top-notch business plan sets your business up for success. LivePlan is more than just business plan software.Bplans Blog Power to the People: How to Create a Profitable Social Enterprise .

If you need better and bigger sedans. Since launch. And we are excited to present uberINTERCITY. Generally the charges for travel in normal hatch-back car is around Rs. 3000. Sanil Bhatia. “Since our launch in Pune. the Pune-Mumbai or vice-versa ride rate will be fixed at Rs. Uber’s Pune General Manager said. Uber in its announcement has not mentioned the kind of car that will be available. for the first time. seamless & sustainable urban mobility network between Maharashtra’s financial and industrial hubs at the push of a button. 5000. the app will have Send Status and SOS Button for safety of passengers. the costs can rise upto Rs. but thats not the case with Uber InterCity. Unlike based-on-distance pricing. Availability? .” The service will work. 2. which further strengthens our commitment to building an efficient. Uber had been plying cars Intra-city (within the city). Called UberINTERCITY. launched inter-city services. How Does the pricing compare? Pune-Mumbai is one of the busiest roots for road travel and hence demand is high. the service has been launched for travel between Mumbai and Pune. We will continue to create & implement innovations suited to the local market & take learnings from India to our other markets globally. Generally. they have. Many travel companies offer Pune-Mumbai transport services. 3999/-. Uber is known to price their rides quite competitively. but this is for the first time that they have launched a service for travel between 2 cities. Like in the normal rides. our riders & partner drivers have often asked us to connect the two cities through our app.500 to Rs. the pricing is definitely on the higher side if normal hatch-back or sedans is provided for riders. however. The users will just need to pick uberINTERCITY rather than normal UberGo or UberX. just like normal services.Uber is steadily expanding it’s wings in India – On the Maharashtra Day weekend.

org Becomes ‘Open’ . cars plying on Mumbai-Pune route might be less. As the service is just launched. Any App / Website Can Now Participate . but we were quite surprised to see no cars available! The post Uber Launches Pune-Mumbai InterCity Services first appeared on Trak. Mobile Apps: Android |iOS. but we could not find a single car on the map. Trak.We tried looking out for uberINTERCITY rides.

After such a backlash. any apps that are closed in nature or have high bandwidth usage will not be free for all! While anyone can join Internet.Org. after it was launched in has been facing much flak. which are: 1. and hence it may not break Net Neutrality principles. Does it Break Net Neutrality Now? If the participation of apps and websites is open and their acceptance is done transparently. video. Prima Facie. they will have to make them efficient and less data consuming. Efficiency – the apps on internet. Technical specifications – Websites must be built to be optimized for browsing on both feature and smartphones and in limited bandwidth to allow zero rating and therefore can’t require JavaScript or SSL/TLS/HTTPS and must meet these technical guidelines. The protests were so strong that some of their partners in India decided to ditch internet. file transfer. with this platform opening up. which seems to be fair. it seems Mark has listened and has now made Services should not use VoIP. Cleartrip was one of the first startups to move out of So. In addition. very few actually bought his reasoning. 3. While Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg tried valiantly to defend Internet.Posted: 04 May 2015 02:57 AM PDT It seems Facebook has heard the cries of Net Neutrality campaigners – They have now opened up their much talked about Internet. NDTV and Newshunt also decided to get off the boat. websites must be properly integrated with platform for all developers. bandwagon. 2. or high volume of photos. Mark Zuckerberg in his video has also reiterated the fact that they do not receive or offer any compensation to either telecom operators or the participating sites. Explore the entire internet – Services on Internet. high resolution in support of Net Neutrality. even the startups and smaller outfits will get equal chance to get on theinternet. and then others like Times Group. If developers want their apps/websites to be part of Internet. Here are 5 reasons we stated why Mark Zuckerberg was completely wrong about Internet. they will still need to adhere to 3 basic stating that Net Neutrality and Internet. especially in recent can co-exist. Websites that require high-bandwidth will not be included. who can now bring their apps and websites to become part of the platform as long as they adhere to certain should encourage the exploration of the broader internet wherever should use data very efficiently. . it theoritically will not break Net Neutrality.

I cover some of the recent tech trends employers are using to make employees happier and more Mobile Apps: Android | .org is implemented in open and transparent manner! What are your thoughts? The post Internet. And employee engagement is no exception. A quick disclaimer before I move on: I work for an employee engagement company named TINYpulse. I’d like to give benefit of doubt here to Facebook and say that they are not breaking Net Neutrality principles ifinternet. Any of .However. Some of them I use everyday. Trak. In this article. But while I’d be excited to tell you all about our product. Any App / Website Can Now Participate first appeared on Trak. it will be available on other networks as well. internet. The Top Tech Trends in Employee Engagement Posted: 04 May 2015 01:19 AM PDT It turns out that what they say is true — there is indeed an app for that. Becomes ‘Open’ Platform. In this article I’ve selected tools from across the employee engagement is only available on Reliance network right now. I’ll keep that to a minimum.

But the effects of employee unhappiness do not stop there. There are many different tools out there but. the bad news doesn’t end there. Unhappy employees are less likely to go the extra mile in the office and provide poorer customer service than their satisfied counterparts. Fortunately. But first… Why You Should Take Employee Engagement Seriously TINYpulse has collected over 200. And until the new employee is fully trained.them I’d recommend. there is a new generation of leaders who are leveraging new technology to improve employee engagement. . they serve two distinct functions: 1. Not particularly concerned about attrition? You should be. The costs associated with replacing an employee can be substantial. It takes time and money to recruit top talent. What we’ve found is shocking! Employers using TINYpulse send out a weekly one-question survey to their employees. Sadly. Improve Communication and 2. When employees are this dissatisfied. generally. 49% of employees are not satisfied with their direct supervisor and only 21% of all employees feel strongly valued at work. productivity sinks. Facilitate Recognition.000 anonymous survey responses from employees at more than 500 organizations. Here’s just one statistic: 64% of all employees do not feel that they have a strong working culture. it affects everything. Happier employees are nearly 20% more likely to see themselves working for their employer in one year than their unhappy counterparts.

At TINYpulse we use Slack all the time to keep the team communicating with each other regularly. Again. This lack of recognition is a huge contributor to employee happiness. it delivers this functionality with the sleek. there are a variety of tools which employers are using these days to increase the amount of recognition in the workplace. Tools that Facilitate Recognition I included this statistic at the beginning of this article but it deserves repeating: only 21% of all employees feel strongly valued at work. There are several tools which employers have used to increase communication in the workplace. friendly culture. Here’s just a few examples: Slack: In spite of its counter-intuitive name. this tool is an easy and fun place for colleagues to collaborate and share creative ideas. each employee is given a monthly allowance which they can use to . 20% of employees responded that their peers are the primary motivation for them going the extra mile. this tool facilitates real-time communication.Tools that Improve Communication In our research we’ve discovered that peers — not money — are the #1 influencer of colleagues. It’s critical then that organizations do everything they can to create a cooperative. Here’s just a few examples: WooBoard: With this tool you’re only one click away from recognizing a peer. Additionally. Bonus. In fact. and it could easily result in an employee leaving. Yammer: Modeled after the social-networking Using this program. This cloud-based platform also includes a points system where employees can compete against each other for fun. format which younger workers desire. Facebook.

this tool allows co-workers a simple way to “Cheer” a co-worker. and every statement and content that came out from this campaign was carefully engineered to disguise actual reason behind it.reward their peers. Net equality and consumer choice. in case you’re wondering…it is a selfie. And yes. Cheers for Peers: Built-in to TINYpulse. He spent five months living in Hyderabad/travelling through India and loved every minute of it. He can be reached by email atzachary@tinypulse. it is a deliberate attempt by COAI to confuse people about a subject that already not understood by majority of users. Infact. Sab ka Vikas” campaign received support from over 40 lakh Indian mobile users in under a week’s time. . Interestingly. On 22nd April. Of course. these tools can make a big difference. The extra dose of recognition can become infectious. the campaign has a single page website that only has phrases that give a impression that this is a initiative for everyone’s benefit. COAI launched a hurried campaign called SabkaInternet. We have published articles earlier that clearly points that the basic premise of SabkaInternet is actually against Net Neutrality. But coupled with a genuine commitment from management to increasing communication and Mobile Apps: Android |iOS.. It’s not a large sum. Have a look at this page. Trak. About the Author: Zachary Sisco is a communications associate at and his twitter is @zacharysisco1 The post The Top Tech Trends in Employee Engagement first appeared on Trak. by themselves none of these technologies are enough to completely solve the employee engagement issue. Even as of today. that picture of him is in front of Golconda Fort in . In fact. The real question is – Whether these 40 lakh people who supported for SabkaInternet Campaign know what they have approved of ? First the backdrop. Do 40 Lakh Users Who Supported SabkaInternet Know What They Really Supported? Posted: 03 May 2015 11:52 PM PDT COAI or the Cellular Operators Association of India announced that their “SabkaInternet. but who doesn’t enjoy a little extra cash. the press release states that SabkaInternet is actually a campaign for Net Neutrality.

org are prime examples of such discrimination which were initiatives launched by Airtel and Reliance respectively. it is clear that they want to charge separately for OTT services with premise that these OTT services are eating into their revenues. they want to charge separately for WhatsApp. While they may give it even free or at very affordable rates. COAI saying that they support Net Neutrality is completely a hogwash. In other words. COAI has time and again said that #SabkaInternet campaign actually supports net neutrality. these statements are clearly positive and something that they will not think twice to extend their support.The entire page has phrases like “Support #sabkainternet for a Digital Bharat” or “I believe that people should have right to affordable internet”. it means. So. What’s even more is. Airtel had slammed Internet. which may prove to be too costly for consumers in coming years. they are discriminating (positive or negative) between different services on the internet and hence breaking Net initiative exactly for the same reason and who incidentally . COAI is association of these Cellular operators. in reality they want to break up internet. Do remember. For 99% of people. Reason Why #SabkaInternet is against Net Neutrality It’s very simple – if you read the telecom operator’s responses (except Reliance Jio) to TRAI consultation paper on OTT services and Net Neutrality. Interestingly. Airtel Zero and Internet. so While Sabka Internet speaks of Net Neutrality and Net Equality. or Facebook or Twitter and other services.

50. WOW! TRAI has offered over 10. Weekly Wrap-Up: Google Search . iGate Acquisition. Thoughts welcome! You can read our coverage in regards to Net Neutrality last week. most of them have little idea about the reality of this campaign. OLA Groceries & More… Posted: 03 May 2015 09:42 PM PDT It’s Monday morning and time to do a quick wrap-up of posts published on trak. The post Do 40 Lakh Users Who Supported SabkaInternet Know What They Really Supported? first appeared onTrak. this wrap-up is a good way to catch-up with everything that happened in Tech-Mobstartup space in India. Now. Bottom line is – Out of 40 lakh people who supported #SabkaInternet campaign. If you were offline for any reason.000 Net Neutrality supporter email IDs of users all across India to Spammers and advertisers on a platter. Trak.According to new update. . you can now send directions. Google Search has integrated few more features that should be tremendously helpful to all Android phone user. send notes and even set alarms and reminders directly from your desktop computer to you Android Mobile Apps: Android | iOS.went on to launch a very similar service just few weeks later.

18000. The basic premise that a video generates more buzz than a simple text post is universally acknowledged. On the occasion of World Labor Day. Effective May 1st. Ratan Tata. has become the first Indian to invest in the Chinese mobile startup Xiaomi. Quikr. reports are coming in. Just a few days back they announced launch Ola Café. World’s largest software company Microsoft and one of the biggest phone vendors Motorola are planning to set up their manufacturing base in India very soon. And the ever green Personal Computer market seems to have caught their fantasy. which can give mobile plans a tough fight. manyTelco’s and startups extended genuine help to affected victims It seems that landline is slowly making a comeback in India. which has recently overtaken Samsung in India and have sold more than a million units in the last 12 months. this will be the largest acquisition of any IT Services based company. 300 million gadgets which can access Internet will be sold in India during 2015. India’s leading online classified listing platform is now slowly taking steps to get into eCommerce marketplace business where users can directly make purchases of products listed. Video Marketers are using this syllogism world over to alleviate their brands by rightly syncing social media and online video presence After Samsung. In a latest blog post. incorporation of a new business will require only one form to be filled. which makes it the largest merger and acquisition of any IT company founded by Indians. are now looking for diversification. They have now introduced a “Buy” button through which a visitor can directly pay cash to Quikr representative for making purchases. as top telecom players have introduced sizzling plans. but sadly only 44% of Indians can afford to buy one as of today according to research reports by 2 leading agencies. Nepal experienced one of the worst natural disasters ever and While one company Lenskart botched it up. against 8 earlier. Globally. Sony and Ford.Padma Bhushan. Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) introduced a major reform for entrepreneurs in India. it is soon expected to come to India priced around Rs. an online food delivery business and now it seems they are also entering into a vertical in which more companies have entered the space in last 3 months than previous 10 years – The Online Grocery business. Uber has announced the introduction of an ‘Integrated SOS Alter Solution for Law . While it is currently available only in China. Lenovo has unveiled a power-packed smartphone ‘K80’ with 4GB RAM and humongous 4000 mAh battery. Capgemini is acquiring iGate for $4 billion. Indian born Micromax. Padma Vibhushan & Chairman Emeritus of $100 billion Tata Sons. Ola is everywhere… Literally.

They made an announcement that.while 48% Can’t Differentiate Between 3G & 2G! India’s largest Digital and mobile wallet company Paytm has partnered with IRCTC. 8999 [Open Sale Details] Posted: 30 Apr 2015 09:06 AM PDT . Now. Although India is the second largest mobile market in the toonsfor some fun! The post Weekly Wrap-Up: Google Search Update. Vodafone. Trak. check out our trak.000 crore rupees for building 100 smart cities across India. Micromax Yu YUREKA Available at Rs. “The ‘Patent Purchase Program’ is an experimental marketplace for patents that are simple. Airtel and Reliance communication have decided to reduce mobile roaming charges by upto 75 percent.which promises a better. Future Oneplus phones will not come with Cyanogen on it! Airtel and Idea cellular announced their quarterly results last week and their Profits have Surged On High Mobile Data Usage. 65% Of Smartphone Users Face Network Issues. 48. they have approved Rs. So all the talk of Low Profits Due To OTTs has been completely Debunked! Do not forget to check out our Indian Startup Funding page that is updated daily and also. and going forward users will be able to book their train tickets to Paytm wallet. Good news for Indian Entrepreneurs – SEBI is ‘Alternate Capital Raising Platform’ For Indian Startups.Enforcement’. robust and integrated security system for Mobile Apps: Android | iOS. Very seldom you come across stories when a 60 year old entrepreneur establishes a start-up. easy to use and fast. Major telecom operators in India including Idea. Google has launched a platform which gives you a chance to sell your patents and . iGate Acquisition. In another initiative. 5580. The long standing partnership between Cyanogen and OnePlus has ended. IRCTC has announced that they are launching Mumbai Darshan tours by Air. which is aiming for $100 million revenues within 4 years! We are talking about Happiest Mind Technologies… Government seems to be on mega urbanization drive. you can cover entire Mumbai in Helicopter for a price of Rs. OLA Groceries & More… first appeared onTrak.

it is not YU but YUREKA) has been launched and suprisingly the phone is priced below what most would have expected. But at Rs. there is nothing much to complain about. The registrations for the phone open tomorrow and will be exclusively available on Amazon.the phone probably has one of the highest “Value For Money” quotient! While most of the details we put up yesterday (read below) are bang on. At Rs. Also. Yes. It will be available freely to everyone without any registrations. Now. that is right. You can check all the details at the bottom of the page. you will not need to wait for flash sales on every .[Update2: May 4th 2015] Here is something that will make many users who have been waiting for Micromax Yu yureka very happy! The much sought after phone will be available in an open sale on May 6th and May 7th. Yu Yureka now comes with with the latest updated Cyanogen OS – The CM 12 OS [Updated1: 7th April 2015 – Check at the end of the post for Flash Sale details] Micromax Yureka (yes. 8999/. The phone is firmly targeted at mid-range users and competes with likes of Redmi Note 4G and second generation Moto G. you do not need to worry about device getting out of stock in mere seconds. so you can buy it at your own convenience. 8999. we expected a 3GB RAM phone with higher storage space.

2 aperture with a blue filter.Here are the official specifications of the Micromax Yureka phone.5GHz Octacore and Adreno 405 GPU. Full 4G LTE CAT4 Support. 3. 13MP shooter with Sony EXMOR sensor with f/2.5 inch HD IPS Display With Corning Gorilla Glass 3. . 5.: 1. 2. 5. Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Cortex A-53 64bit SOC ARMv8 clocked at 1. Cyanogen OS 11 4.

5MP front facing selfie camera. as it checks most of the boxes that people want. Overall. 13. followed by events in Mumbai (19th) and Delhi (20th). something very similar to OnePlus One (or even better). 11. Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma is expected at all the 3 events. but will also come at a price point that is extremely competitive! Yes. it has CyanogenMod on it. 16GB Internal with 2GB RAM. December 18th. 9. The launch will be in New Delhi on 18th. . The phone is definitely going to appeal to millions of Indians. Once this phone is updated to CM12. it is an excellent phone for the price We will post a detailed review as soon as we get our hands on it! [Earlier – 17th December] Finally. Dual SIM 12. 10. which should help with battery life. Expandable storage. What we expected was that Cyanogenmod OS would launch their Lollipop CM12 update. Warranty will still be there if u root ur YUREKA. the phone is not only going to be a beast. 2500 mAh Li Po battery. the much talked about Micromax Yu Branded phone will launch on Thursday. the phone is really going to shine with their 64bit SOC support! The only downside we see with this phone is the battery. The 5.6. Doorstep replacement/repair. It is dual Sim. 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps video recording with 120fps coming soon. Thankfully. but that did not happen. which means it is not going to stutter even with some heavy applications running.5 inch screen on Yureka is going to guzzle battery like crazy and it should just about pull through the day with normal usage. 7. And from what we know. has expandable storage and comes with decent 2GB RAM. 8. Here is the invitation we have received from Micromax.


7:49 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare3 Five years ago. Bharti Retail and Future Retail. Walmart would provide the backend infrastructure and Biyani's Future Retail . I am relieved only in the sense that I have got a good strategic partner"Rasul Bailay&Chaitali Chakravarty | 05 May 2015. there are enough funds in India.Kishore Biyani is a good strategic partner: Rajan Mittal "I don't need foreign funding. Bharti Enterprises vice chairman Rajan Mittal andKishore Biyani met to discuss a possible alliance among Walmart.

there are enough funds in India. front-end partner. It is a merger. From the business point of view. I am relieved only in the sense that I have got a good strategic partner who will handle business and people well. In October 2013. When we took over from Walmart. it was just a strategic way of thinking what he wants to do in his retail business. What went wrong in Bharti-Walmart? . even if you open up. When I was a partner with Walmart. I am happier. "The intention is to merge into a larger entity for us to grow at a certain pace. It's a strategic fit for us. If someone were to ask Kishore. Kishore has seen our retail business and he knows best how we have done. It's not the intention. the foreign partner always made money. If I am saying I am struggling in this business then I should not be staying in this business. Were you disappointed that FDI in retail didn't take off? This deal has got nothing to do with lack of FDI. with Kishore. do you think insurance was less struggle? Every business around the world is struggling." Rajan Mittal said in an interview to ET. cash-guzzling business. Do you think telecom was less struggle. I don't need foreign funding. You have Tesco there. but when foreigners are struggling back home. We have been running this business on our own since we split with our partners. it's hard to say whether they will come. I was happy. Bharti was expecting retail to be the fastest billion-dollar earner for the group. FDI in retail hasn't found too many takers and the Mittals had a noncore. his group and Kishore himself is the retailer which has been in the country for ages. Retail business takes a certain number of years to grow. (making it) a larger piece because for us as well as for them to start growing it's better to be on a larger scale. What went wrong with your retail business? Nothing went wrong. The Mittals have always taken pride that in any partnership that they have forged. Your retail business struggled compared with your other businesses? You don't see the labour pain of the baby that has grown up and looking beautiful. It is not my lifeline. I would say. I could have understood if I were taking a cheque from Kishore Biyani and walking out.would be the downstream. Edited excerpts: Are you relieved that Bharti Retail has finally found a home? I was never stressed. The intention is to clearly merge into a larger entity. so there is a personal equation. the Bharti-Walmart joint venture split. For us. the struggle never ends. Even in telecom. we always work with partners and strategic partners. where I have to buy spectrum that is gulping billions of dollars. FDI is only one piece which stands out. we shut unviable stores in different territories and the footprint and management team fits well with Future Retail. be it BT or Singtel. Only timings can be different. That plan didn't get off the ground as the Mittals sealed a deal with Walmart. why did you sell Pantaloons--were you struggling? No. Who knows whether FDI will come or not? FDI is allowed in India on paper. I know Kishore for many years. It's not that I am selling out.

7:46 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare8 . We have a part in pushing growth of this business How Kishore Biyani's Future Group sealed the deal with Bharti Retail Biyani has been the script writer of India’s retail story: He was the first to dream big in retail when most thought it was another fad. Cash and carry is a good structured business and profitable too. Is there an exit clause for the Mittals in this merger deal? I asked Kishore to keep a Bharti nominee on the merged entity's board but he has invited me to join the board.Arijit Barman | 05 May 2015. I don't think anyone has gone back unhappy. I think any foreign player that comes to India should stay here for a long time.Retail is a long-haul business.

to generate resources for a diverse retail empire hamstrung by debt. Biyani has been waiting for a big bounce back. Always a votary for consolidation. Many of the foreign players who had set up shop despite the restrictive regulatory environments were struggling too. as debt rose and the retail story occasionally faltered.has been driving the group's retail operations. But both sides kept in touch. Biyani has been the script writer of India's retail story: He was the first to dream big in retail when most thought it was another fad. So perhaps it was better to wait and watch. just a year back. Ever since. Rajan . Some said they were hoping the sector would open up post elections and a new foreign partner would replace Walmart. Tesco too had flirted with them before. Biyani was forced to let go of apparel and fashion retail chain Pantaloons to the Aditya Birla Group.MUMBAI: Right after Bharti and Walmart parted ways in 2013. a Biyani-Bharti combination would have been an ideal platform to scale up. Kishore Biyani sensed an opportunity to join forces with the Mittals of Bharti. Old timers recall Rajan Mittal had made a courtesy call on Biyani when Bharti first ventured into the space. said sources who have been keeping tabs on the two groups and the exploratory discussions fizzled out quite early on. Over the years. especially among domestic players. formally through various industry forums and also as old business associates. . More so. The Mittals were cold to the idea at that point.the younger brother of Bharti group chairman & Group CEO Sunil . Biyani looked around for partners. After all.

cousin Rakesh Biyani and CP Toshniwal.was a key input that came from Bharti." said Rajan Mittal. The option was not to exit but have a larger role as the sector itself keeps evolving. However. vice chairman and managing director of Bharti Enterprises. a pure play apparel retailing company. Biyani parted with Pantaloons. The convenience stores Nilgiris. They were subsequently joined by the top legal team from AZB who chipped in with their inputs on tax and structuring as did the advisors from Edelweiss and PwC to tick all the boxes. also listed. the complementarities emerged--economies of scale. as it was said in the press conference. In the past three years. . It still bothers him at a subliminal level. service offering in a separate front-end company . western Uttar Pradesh. brand-focused. he has become far more conservative and careful. In the end. it was all about "increasing the pin codes that we could cater to. Future Consumer Enterprises Ltd and Future Lifestyle Fashion. Led by Biyani and Rajan Mittal. But now. The Mittals too didn't want to cash out yet but ride any future upside. The telecom template . By March this year. Kishore (Biyani) told me let's together make a larger piece. But this time Biyani got a call from Bharti's Rajan Mittal. The hyper and supermarkets food and grocery retail chains Big Bazaar. cost efficiencies and a footprint of 570 stores in multiple formats across 243 cities and an overlap in only four. Biyani has streamlined his retail empire into three separately listed entities Future Retail Ltd. the National Capital Region and Haryana. Most were expecting an announcement earlier but family engagements had kept the Mittals busy. As the discussions progressed. it was time for another marriage: on the business front." Three years ago this month. Future Consumer also owns food parks and more than three dozen FMCG brands. Most of the meetings took place in Delhi and Gurgaon with Biyani flying north to attend. Biyani has always been a sharp keep the back-end infrastructure in one company under one consolidated entity just like tower operators and the customer-facing.though still dismissed as non-competition by large chains have been winning over shoppers with heavy discounts and were already consolidating even though they were less than five years in business. even as a junior partner of a much bigger entity. both sides wanted to act fast as the industry landscape has been changing rapidly. Biyani gets access in the north in states such as Punjab. "After painstakingly deleveraging his balance sheet and restructuring his empire into a clutter free format of three separately listed companies. this time around he didn't want to splurge on a mega cash deal and was more comfortable swapping shares. Retail never really became core to Bharti's conglomerate ambitions and has been loss making throughout. "When we met first. KB's Conveniently Yours. This will be his sixth retail M&A in as many years. Big Apple and Aadhaar are part of Future Consumer.Patience pays and certainly did for Biyani. strategic steps were essential as profitability of large retail chains across the country continues to remain under pressure due to higher overhead expenses such as rentals and low product margins. Online retailers .the Mittal family brains trust for all things strategic. group CFO at Future on one side and Manoj Kohli and his team . he's back in the headlines with the biggest deal retailers have ever seen in India. Bold. In came the lieutenants . both sides were back at the discussion table. Those out of the way." said a source who has worked with him in the past. Food Bazaar and Food Hall are included in listed flagship Future Retail. . Ads by Google Add to My Page RELATED NEWS      Future-Bharti merger to lead to further consolidation in retail Future Retail.Future-Bharti merger to lead to further consolidation in retail Consolidation began when Aditya Birla bought South-based Thrinetra Super Retail for its retail foray in 2007 Raghavendra Kamath | Mumbai May 5.myuniverse. Enquire Now!www. Invest in 2 Mins.firstadvantageindia. 2015 Last Updated at 00:50 IST Best SIP Investment Plans Invest in best top funds & avail higher returns. Bharti Retail to merge Retail arms' merger: Multiple gains for Aditya Birla Nuvo Aditya Birla group plans mega retail merger via share swap Future Retail posts Rs 8 cr net loss Background Verification Efficient background verification services to employers.

existing ones have gone away. "Consolidation is long awaited. US-based Walmart is only in cash-and-carry operations. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) India. Enquire Now!www. While new international firms are yet to come in. Lasts Longer & More." said Rachna Nath. Indian retailers require some kind of scale to allow them to grow faster. Kishore Biyani's Future Retail recently bought Bengaluru-based Nilgiris supermarkets to strengthen its footfold in the south. . which is starved of funds. It is a question of who blinks first.Blocks Noise and Rain.Fenesta UPVC Windows Saves Energy. Indian retailers have always found peculiar problems regarding funding — lack of depth in Indian markets for the segment and global retailers staying away due to policy issues and trouble in their own markets.” Consolidation began when Aditya Birla Group bought out south-based Trinethra Super Retail for its foray into the segment. retail. which is starved of funds Indian retailers face funding problems. a retail consultant: "We haven't had many billion-dollar retail companies. partly due to a lack of depth in Indian markets for the segment Said Arvind Singhal.fenesta. Carrefour of France had exited and Britain's Tesco is treading slowly. AISLE BE THERE FOR YOU The Future Retail-Bharti Retail merger is expected to lead to further consolidation in the $500 billion retail sector. The merger will encourage many more such deals in 12-18 months in fashion and supermarkets. chairman of Technopak Advisors. in Ads by Google The Future Retail-Bharti Retail merger is expected to lead to further consolidation in the $500-billion retail sector. leader.

Thee chain’s losses came down from Rs 209 crore in FY13 to Rs 166 crore in FY14. Enquire Now! Ads by Google Add to My Page . Raheja-owned Hypercity and Tata-led Star Bazaar. Spencer’s missed its break-even targets on a couple of occasions in the past and is looking to slip out of the red in the next couple of quarters. are still making losses. Spencer’s Retail." he said. "Most of them are making losses. set up seven years earlier. 2015 Last Updated at 00:49 IST Background Verification Efficient background verification services to employers. With 490 supermarkets and 14 hypermarkets under the More brand. posted 20 per cent growth in sales over a year earlier for 2013-14. respectively Digbijay Mishra & Nivedita Mookerji May 5. Spencer’s Retail. We feel privileged that Bharti has chosen us: Kishore Biyani & Rajan Bharti Mittal Interview with Founder and chief executive of Future Group. all of which either launched or started serious expansion during 2006-07. ABR.firstadvantageindia. which opened stores under the Spencer’s brand in 2006. according to its parent CESC's Qualified Institutional Placement documents. posted eight per cent growth in FY14 sales numbers. Its losses widened from Rs 583 crore in 2012-13 to Rs 596 crore in FY14. says its too early to comment. and vicechairman of Bharti Enterprises. it was looking to break even in FY13. a consultant here. an RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group company.Sanjay Badhe. Aditya Birla Retail (ABR). There could be some natural synergies but I cannot see these.

There will be a price advantage. Excerpts: How has the journey in Indian retail been? Mittal.RELATED NEWS      We feel privileged that Bharti has chosen us: Kishore Biyani & Rajan Bharti Mittal Future Retail. Kishore Biyani. Future Retail and Bharti Retail announced a merger. I don't think I can find a better partner than Future Group in India.fenesta. they (Bharti) have chosen us (laughs). India's #1 Window & Door Fenesta Windows & Doors European Quality. what does this merger mean to you? Biyani. as you were reportedly in talks with many companies. spoke to Digbijay Mishra & Nivedita Mookerji. Bharti Retail to merge Future-Bharti merger to lead to further consolidation in retail It will be a new extension for us in South India: Kishore Biyani The Mittal way Best SIP Investment Plans Invest in best top funds & avail higher returns. founder and chief executive of Future Ads by Google On Mittal: It's an evolving process … We had a partnership and that's over. what does the Bharti deal mean to you. and Rajan Bharti Mittal.www. We always want and look for a strategic partner that would bring value to the board in our businesses. Invest in 2 Mins. vice-chairman of Bharti Enterprises. Made for India. You . including Carrefour? Biyani: We feel privileged that after Walmart. Though it is being touted as a win-win deal for both. who is the real winner? Biyani: The consumer is the winner in every way.

Isn't this merger a step back for the Bharti group? Mittal: These are strategic decisions. . What investment would the expansion of stores require? Biyani: Quite a lot will be franchise-based. It's a great story from our point of view . So. if you can give the price advantage. it is all about selling a product to the consumer … by whichever means. But whatever surplus we generate.000 stores in five years. Could Bharti exit at any point? Has that been discussed? Mittal: We have just entered. as we have merged with a larger entity. We aim to open 4. The scale and efficiency of this merger would enable that.will be the ultimate winner. that would require more people. Look at how we built the telecom business … We started in Delhi … Now. you need more people.. there are structural challenges within this sector … Let's say they got 180 hypermarkets. because there is no real estate. Why are you making us exit? You need another conference for that … Why are you wasting your pen on that today? Bharti Retail has over 5.. depending on the time of the business. Today. it's the other way round. it will be invested in retail. Biyani: We are a growing organisation … Big Bazaar is growing 20-25 per cent a year and when you are growing at that rate. there are structural challenges and issues. we have a national footprint. there are 60-70 hypermarkets. There is no cannibalisation of stores. If you see the entire sector. Is the merger meant to give you more strength to compete with other bricksand-mortar companies or is it to fight e-commerce firms? Biyani: For us.000 employees. I don't know how long it would take to build that in India. What happens to them after the merger? Mittal: All store employees will remain with the stores. Bharti built a retail business and got foreign investment from Walmart (for cash-and-carry business). Employees are not an issue. So. Also. It looks great at this point.

and we will continue to do that. Whether these are e-commerce or traditional retail. Fashion runs on brands.Aditi Shrivastava | 05 May 2015.You could use technology or physical stores. Fashion is becoming a key segment for online and offline retailers. Is the growing online business a threat? Biyani: How could we grow 25 per cent every year if online was a threat? It has been hyped up lately. fashion is growing about 25 per cent a year. Housing. the best models that are scalable and profitable are a combination of physical and digital. How do you plan to take that forward? Biyani: For us. 8:04 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare51 . board to meet on Tuesday ET had reported on March 12 that investors were considering a plan to remove Yadav. we keep adding and deleting brands. Globally. who studied at IIT-Bombay along with the other co-founder Rahul Yadav resigns as CEO.

Yadav has been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons he became embroiled in a social media dust-up with Sequoia Capital Managing Director Shailendra Singh and later the Times Group. Housing shot to fame as one of India's startup success stories after Japan's SoftBank led an investment of $90 million ( Rs 550 crore) in December. capping several weeks of drama at one of India's most watched startups and leaving investors with the challenge of restoring normalcy at the online real estate services company. Since then. who studied at IIT-Bombay along with the other Housing co-founders.BENGALURU: Rahul Yadav has resigned as the CEO of Housing. ET had reported on March 12 that investors were considering a plan to remove Yadav. wrote a scornful resignation letter on April 30 to board members and investors denigrating their "intellectual capability" and giving them a one-week deadline to "help in the transition". valuing it at Rs 1. 26. due to concerns over strategy and his conduct. which publishes this newspaper. ET has seen both letters. The board of Housing will meet on Tuesday to discuss the resignation and chart a new plan for the company. com.500 crore. . The investors responded a day later through the law firm Morrison & Foerster LLP acknowledging the resignation. Yadav.

said developments at Housing will be watched closely for their impact on the startup industry. According to the sources. On Tuesday. Crowded board agenda People familiar with the investors' thinking said the majority shareholders would like to have Yadav remain in the company and involve himself with technology development. SoftBank's Vice-Chairman Nikesh Arora resigned from the board. SoftBank executive Jonathan Bullock will take his place. "I don't think you guys are intellectually capable enough to have any sensible discussion anymore. Housing competes with CommonFloor. Housing was a poster child for a dramatic run-up to sky-high valuations.Late last month. "Everyone is waiting for a valuation correction to happen. The company has also made some acquisition bids without the consent of investors. Helion Venture Partners. so this may be the trigger that ends the valuation bubble. sources told ET that the first item on the board's agenda will be the appointment of two new directors Ritesh Banglani of Helion and Sujan of Nexus and formalising the appointment of Bullock in place of Arora.57% stake in the company. but how he reacts is still a matter of concern. and Helion Ventures and Falcon Edge about 10% each. 99Acres and MagicBricks. Helion's Ashish Gupta and Nexus' Suvir Sujan did not reply to separate emails. Nexus Ventures owns 19%. Housing has spent nearly Rs 120 crore on its "Look Up" promotional campaign while the original budget was much lower. The Housing board consisted of three directors Yadav. The view is that there is no perceived threat of a boardroom fight because Yadav's shareholding is minuscule. people aware of the details said. This is something which I not just believe but can prove on your faces also!" Yadav wrote in the opening paragraph of his letter resigning as CEO. Sharad Sharma. the resignation of Arora as well the events involving the Times Group and Sequoia. Qualcomm Ventures. a co-founder of software products think tank iSpirt." said Sharma. Sharma and Arora. Falcon Edge Capital to be present for the meeting which will be held at the office of the law firm AZB & Partners in Mumbai on Tuesday. especially in Internet commerce. Nirvana Ventures. Housing co-founder and board member Advitiya Sharma and investors including SoftBank's Arora. (With inputs from Madhav Chanchani in Mumbai) . Documents accessed by ET show that Yadav owns 4. recent marketing expenditure and acquisitions. the board will discuss reporting structure. Yadav. SoftBank has asked all shareholders including Nexus Venture Partners. chairman and a member of the board. the sources said. SoftBank 32%. owned by the publisher of this paper.

The Rahul Yadav saga: A tale in two letters Text of the letter written by Rahul Yadav Dear board members and investors. Won't give more time after that. Chairmanship and the CEO position of the company. Thank you. I was requested to send you an express acknowledgement. So please be efficient in this duration. competition from e-commerce firms Sapna Agarwal inShare5 5 inShare 1 | P. I'm available for the next 7 days to help in the transition. Cheers. on their behalf and without any other effect on the terms of our agreements. Sanjai . of your April 30 resignation from your positions (1) on the board of directors (including as chairman and managing director) and (2) as CEO. In a discussion among the Investor group.R. I don't think you guys are intellectually capable enough to have any sensible discussion anymore. This is something which I not just believe but can prove on your faces also! I had calculated long back (by taking avg life expectancy minus avg sleeping hrs) that I only have ~3L (hours) in my life. ~3L hrs are certainly not much to waste with you guys! Hence resigning from the position of Directorship. Rahul Text of the letter acknowledging his resignation Dear Rahul. With best regards Noah Carr Morrison & Foerster LLP Big Box Retail forced to think out of the box Bharti-Future merger illustrates change in strategies to cope with high rents.

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Its stake could potentially increase to 15% in both over 18 months. but the going hasn’t been easy for companies in the business that have been forced to cut. chop.Photo: Bloomberg Mumbai: Around a decade ago. On Sunday. merge and change strategies to cope with issues such as inefficient supply networks. On Monday. senior partner and director at The Boston Consulting Group. . the name of the new entity that will house the group’s apparel business. “This is the start of consolidation. modern retail (or organized retail. Future Retail Ltd and Future Enterprises Ltd. Bharti Enterprises announced the merger of its retail business Bharti Retail Ltd with the retail operations of Kishore Biyani’s Future Retail Ltd. we will see similar moves going forward. Aditya Birla Group announced the merger of all its branded apparel businesses with Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd to unlock shareholder value and give investors an opportunity to invest in the fast-growing fashion space through Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. and increasing competition from well-funded e-commerce firms. The conglomerate will end up with only a 10% stake in the two retail companies created by the union. or big box retail) was the new new thing.” said Abheek Singhi. high rents.

but only in states that were amenable to foreign-owned outlets. . which allows for 100% FDI. estimated that the share of modern trade in retail would slip from 17% in 2013 to 13% in 2019. are offering consumers huge discounts. leader. making it the country’s largest hyper. Think India. The current government is opposed to any foreign investment in hypermarkets and supermarkets. creates a larger network of stores that is more visible and boosts the efficiency of warehousing and logistics operations. That has shut off a source of capital for modern retailers—at a time they need it most.” said Rachna Nath. In November. The combined entity will have annual revenue of Rs. It also allowed for up to 51% overseas investment in supermarkets and hypermarkets (termed multi-brand retail). In March. flush with venture capital. E-commerce companies. Future Group acquired grocery chain Nilgiris. he explained. the Indian retail sector consolidating was just a matter of time. The burst of consolidation doesn’t come as a surprise to experts. “Now that foreign direct investment (FDI) has not happened in multi-brand retail. Ltd and lobby group Retailers Association of India. Aditya Birla’s value retail unit Aditya Birla Retail Ltd acquired Jubilant Retail’s Total hypermarket chain in Bengaluru.15. while that of e-commerce companies would jump from 2% to 11% in the same period All the same. In September 2012. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. or wholesale retail. another report by Boston Consulting Group and Retailers Association of India said. It’s happened with the Aditya Birla Group within its own group companies and with Biyani across the value format. Ltd. And “it also will help them to raise money”.and supermarket chain. The resulting confusion resulted in the exit of Carrefour SA and the break-up of the BhartiWalmart joint venture. Think Retail. a February report published by property advisorKnight Frank India Pvt. India allowed 100% foreign ownership in single-brand retail. PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Future Retail operates around 350 stores spread over 11 million square feet of retail space. Bharti Retail currently operates a network of over 200Easyday stores in multiple formats across 114 cities.000 crore. the retail opportunity in India is big. remains in India in the so-called cash-and-carry segment. The overall retail market will double from around $500 billion this year to $1 trillion in 2020.Such consolidation results in larger scale. retail and consumer. opening the doors for fashion retailer Hennes and Mauritz AB (H&M) and furniture vendor Ikea.

“Modern retail 1. the Mahindra Group acquired babyoye. Retailers now know what works and what does not work. value format. Mahindra Retail Pvt. the Godrej Group acquired Ekstop. Ltd is reducing the number of Mom & Mestores by a fourth.Piyush Pandey | 04 May 2015. And e-commerce itself will help the cause of modern trade. In February. In September the company started opening its so-called value format stores again. he added. churning staff. The Mahindra Group and Godrej Group are making early inroads into the online space. an online groceries ordering and delivery platform that it merged with its retail chain Nature’s Basket. In the same month.“Older and larger retail companies are behind the curve of online retail companies. Reliance Retail. Even the new company will look at selling its products through ecommerce.” said Harish H. 3:00 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare . sapna. retailers are becoming more conscious about the profitability of their real world chains. after a three-year On Birla's Mega Merger: We don't need a strategic partner. which was the land grab.” said Mall of Reliance Retail. says KM Birla E-commerce is here to stay. It's a global phenomenon. said Damodar Mall. one a week. at any cost. Reliance Retail. Even as the quest for market space. chief executive officer. has moved Mint reported on 26 while restructuring its retail business. Such firms are restructuring or consolidating their retail operations to gain financial muscle and scale. partner at audit and consulting firm Grant Thornton India Llp..0 phase. is over.a@livemint. has seen at least three shifts in strategy and two in leadership since its inception in 2006. which turned profitable last year. and relocating to less expensive premises.

.. ecommerce play . Even the new company will look at . We plan to invest between Rs 400 500 crore every year for the next three years by adding be tween 250 to 300 retail outlets for Madura and about 35 out lets for Pantaloons each year Madura has been growing faster than the industry average.MUMBAI: Kumar Mangalam Birla. Birla unveiled his retail dreams. on Sunday announced the creation of India's largest branded apparel company . retail is significantly small but will emerge as a significant business for the group in the next 3-5 years. Excerpts. In an interaction with TOI.As of now. What's your take on the growth of e-commerce? Isn't it a potential threat to traditional retail? What are your plans to enter the ecommerce segment? E-commerce is here to stay. Aditya Birla Group. while giving the Narendra Modi government full marks on close to a year of its term and dismissed talks of takeover of Century Textiles' cement business. It's a global phenomenon. chairman. The growth of this segment is de-linked from the growth of the economy . Where does the retail business now stand in the Aditya Birla Group's scheme of things and what's its future? The merger will create the country's largest branded ap parel business under the new company . Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail.

Has it lived up to your expectations? Yes. Post the demerger. . so no acquisitions in this space. 'More' will become profitable. Can we expect the 'More' supermarket chain to be merged with this new company in future and when can we expect it to be profitable? 'More' is a different segment and will continue to grow as it is under a different holding structure.. There were talks of bringing in a strategic partner for your retail business.. This transaction will do away with the conglomerate discount as each Nuvo shareholder will get a stake in the new company. They are all rumours and UltraTech is already the country's largest cement player. The growth rate of retail stores will slow down with ecommerce. It's not possible to expect that a full change will happen in a year. We are looking for organic growth. what will Aditya Birla Nuvo be left with to grow? Doesn't it get discounted by investors as a conglomerate? Aditya Birla Nuvo will keep on investing in its existing businesses of NBFC. In another two years. Will you please clear the air on the demerger of Century Textiles with UltraTech getting the former's cement business to become India's largest cement player? I categorically deny this. The Modi government will complete a year in office this month. housing finance. We have also applied for a payments bank licence. We are evaluating an ecommerce foray but it's too early to talk about it. we don't need any strategic partner. That was one of the options initially. 100% to my expectations. mutual funds and insurance.. But with today's transaction.. The focus is in the right area and he (PM) is doing the right things.selling its products through e-commerce but we don't want our brands to be sold at discounted prices.It will take another year to see things moving.

How 'try and buy' allows niche online retailers like Lenskart take on giants like Amazon 'Try and buy’ as a scheme is costly for niche retailers but helps them convince people to buy even products of high individual preferences online.Evelyn Fok&Harsimran Julka | 05 May 2015. 7:57 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare .

"Home trials work for specialized categories where people want to be sure they make a right decision.000 monthly shipments.BANGALORE | NEW DELHI: For niche online retailers. allowing product trials at home is proving to be lucrative and more than a defence against electronic marketplaces such as Amazon. 'Try and buy' as a scheme is costly for niche retailers but helps them convince people to buy even products of high individual preferences online. Lenskart has been offering home trials in 42 cities the past five months. The conversion rates are higher and results in half of . a standard industry good practice but a drain on ecommerce firms." said cofounder and chief executive Peyush Bansal. companies such as online eyewear retailer Lenskart and jeweler BlueStone have been able to push through higher value purchases while significantly lowering product returns. This gives them an advantage over ecommerce giants such as Flipkart and Amazon in the specific category they operate. "We have seen that about 6070% of the user send up placing an order. The initiative has translated to over 8% of the company's 150. because offering home trials would complicate the inventory-light business models of these electronic marketplaces. with delivery boys taking to customers' homes five selected frames to pick from. earning their loyalty. By allowing buyers to try items before placing an order.

Home trials cost Rs 70-100 per visit. "Since it's a highvalue category with the average price of an item sold on our site around Rs 20. charging Rs 299 for the service.regular return rates of 7% for items ordered online. estimated to be valued at $1 billion. according to various industry estimates. "Inventory players have better quality control and hence try and buy is likely to be more successful in them than a marketplace. incurred mainly on transportation for online retailers who own their own delivery networks in major cities. Bangalorebased online furniture retailer Urban Ladder last month began allowing customers to choose from swatches of colors and fabric to customize furniture such as sofas. In India." said CEO Gaurav Singh Kushwaha. But online lingerie retailer Zivame ended its 'try at home' scheme after a threemonth pilot and now instead offers fit assessments in person and via its call centre. 10-12% of products sold online are returned by buyers for various reasons. the country's largest online marketplaces. 'Try at home' schemes have long been deployed since ecommerce began to help bridge the 'experiential shopping' gap." Flipkart. For billionaire Ratan Tatafunded BlueStone. he said." said Aamir Jariwala. do not offer home trials. outlets will only be needed to test the look and feel. Amazon and Snapdeal. all free of cost." said Seema Gupta assistant professor of marketing at the Indian Institute of Management. This has also helped bump up transaction value. member at industry body Ecommerce Coalition of India and founder of Karma Recycling. Globally. The cost of exchange can be recovered from the high margins in these products. excluding shipping costs. Tiger Globalbacked Caratlane sends jewelry consultants for home trials on request. at no cost to the customer." On average. where the touch and feel is not that important. lets customers pick five eye-frames to be shipped over for a five-day home trial. For example New York-based online eyeglasses retailer Warby Parker. but they have their eyes trained on potential longterm benefits. Bangalore.000 per piece. returns have dropped to zero from buyers trying on replicas of their solitaires and necklaces at home ahead of placing an order. an online seller of . "Try and buy policies will work for specialized companies that deal in high-value and highmargin products to lock in the customer. "Over time. Each return costs an additional Rs 70 for ecommerce firms. a 'home try on' more than covers the cost of bringing the samples to a customer's doorstep. industry experts predict a faster phase-out of retail stores in branded categories such as electronics and books. with home trial items having a higher than average value.

refurbished electronic products. "For products where touch and feel is less important today such
as smartphones, tablets and other electronics, the opportunity to phase out large offline
locations quickly will be even greater."

E-tail market booming,
may hit $50 billion by
2020: Report
"E-tail is the most recent segment, but its highest growth
rates and success will be the key driver of the overall eCommerce market."PTI | 05 May 2015, 8:14 AM IST
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MUMBAI: The country's e-tail market is expected
to grow 10 times from its current level to $ 50 billion by 2020, primarily driven by better Internet
penetration and higher incomes, said a report today.
"E-tail is the most recent segment, but its highest growth rates and success will be the key
driver of the overall e-Commerce market," said a UBS report.
The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) estimates that the overall Indian eCommerce market, of which e-tail is a segment, is currently worth $ 16 billion.
The report made a specific mention of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation
(IRCTC) as "the best example" of a successful Indian e-Commerce venture.
"We estimate that IRCTC had an estimated total sales of $ 3 billion in 2014 with an online
penetration level of 43 per cent. Its success indicates that the Indian consumer is willing to

accept technology if it is a compelling value proposition," the report stated.
The marketplace model of e-tailing will gain prominence "as it is scalable and requires less
capital and time than other models".
"Current regulations and the presence of large unorganised sellers (mom-and-pop shops) also
support this model," it added.
Multi-product e-tailers (Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal) are moving towards the
marketplace model while e-tailers in niche categories such as furniture, baby products and
grocery have hybrid business template, the report pointed out.
At the same time, it played down investor concerns about e-Commerce being a bubble in India
are "misplaced".
"Analysis of the supply chain for offline retail by category implies adequate margins for e-tail in
future," the report stressed.

Homeshop18’s CEO
Sundeep Malhotra quits,
Sanjeev Agrawal of
Skechers to succeed him
Sanjeev Agrawal, MD of Skechers South Asia will be
succeeding Malhotra. Agrawal has over 14 years of experience
in the retail industry.Dearton Thomas Hector | 04 May 2015, 5:10 PM IST
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Television shopping and e-commerce firm Homeshop 18's CEO Sundeep Malhotra has decided
to step down, from the company he had founded seven years ago.
Sanjeev Agrawal, MD of Skechers South Asia will be succeeding Malhotra. Agrawal has over 14
years of experience in the retail industry. He has been the CEO of Pantaloon and later joint
CEO of Future Value Retail.
According to people with direct knowledge of the resignation, Malhotra would still be part of the
company for three more months as part of the succession plan.
Malhotra has confirmed the development, when ET contacted him, but refused to provide further
details. Sources said that he wants to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures.
Malhotra who is considered to be one of the pioneers in the industry, has over 20 years of retail
and FMCG experience. Prior to Homeshop18, he was the Executive Vice President, Sales for
PepsiCo India.
Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) of Mukesh Ambani owns Homeshop18 through the acquisition
of Network18 which happened last year.
Homeshop18 had plans of listing on NYSE to raise $75 million, before the acquisition by RIL,
but later scrapped the proposal as part of re- evaluating its capital raising strategy.

Mondelez India slows down
to mid-single digit;
Cadbury Dairy Milk share
tops 40%, its highest ever
Mondelez's Indian arm, that has been growing more than 15%
annually since the last few years, saw its March growth
tapering down to mid single digit.Sagar Malviya | 04 May 2015, 12:16 PM

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revenue was up mid single-digits and we held share. This is despite aggressive product launch and marketing stance by both rivals Nestle and Ferrero India. prices of which went up by 20% in India last year." The maker of Oreo cookies has faced higher cost for its chief commodity. that has been growing more than 15% annually since the last few years. Yet. cocoa. Mondelez CEO Irene Rosenfeld has said. chocolate price increases tempered consumer demand." Rosenfeld said in an investor earnings call last week. our second-largest emerging markets chocolate business.Price increase in chocolates impacted the category growth in India in the second consecutive quarters ended March. We expect category and revenue growth in India to improve as the year progresses. its highest ever. "However. Mondelez in its first quarter analyst call also said Cadbury Dairy Milk share topped 40%. adding that the Cadbury Dairy Milk maker expects the trend to improve as consumers adjust to the industry-wide price increases implanted last year. Mondelez's Indian arm. saw its March growth tapering down to mid single digit. although the category slowed. . "In India.

e-Commerce IPOs may build up. they noted. as well as see several consolidation moves in the next 2-3 years. preferably in the US. experts said. they added. The PE and VC funds usually have investment commitments in the range of 6-10 years. Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) funds turned towards the Indian market around 2008-09 after the sub-prime crisis hit the US and the debt problems in Europe. the investment scene is certainly not drying up as the e-Commerce market is attracting huge attention from investors globally and there will be more funds and companies coming into the country to invest in this space.PTI | 05 May 2015. experts said. The funding varies on company-specific circumstances as well as market conditions. these funds could look for a closure in 2016-18. However. after which they have to return the amount with assured benefits to their Limited Partners (LPs). Considering the investment cycle in India. . These funds started investing in the nascent online shopping market. consolidation ahead Private Equity and VC funds turned towards the Indian market around 2008-09 after the sub-prime crisis hit the US and the debt problems. 8:26 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare1 NEW DELHI: The over $ 6-billion e-Commerce market in India will see IPOs gaining traction. where they expected huge returns in the medium-to-long term.

Without giving a timeframe on exits. value-added exits. etc. for instance. "As this space evolves and grows in coming years. Dhamija added that funds look at a 6-10 year window. Printvenue and the like." he added. "The e-Commerce market is booming for VC and PE funds. to keep the value of their investments high. the new government is focusing on lowering barriers for ease of business. investors will look to diversify among existing and promising new players as well. given the strong potential for e-Commerce in India and its demographic profile and vast rural areas where further penetration will occur in coming years. there have been numerous investments in recent months in this space across various start-ups as well as more established players. KPMG India Accounting Advisory Services (Partner and Head) Sai Venkateshwaran said: "We could potentially see exits for these PEs happening through a number of routes -. . On the funding scenario.. but generally VC funds consider 7-8 years as the average age for RoI (Return on Investments). Aristotle provides financial and legal solutions to e-Commerce firms such as Jabong. going ahead. Considering many funds invested around 2010."When investors put in money. there will be more value creation through both consolidation as well as back-end and front-end integration. they also have a commitment that is generally around 7-8 years after which they have to return it to their LPs." he added.IPOs. many funds will look for IPOs or consolidations. sale to strategic investors. Start-ups with good ideas and business models will continue to attracts investments. payment platforms or supply chain and logistics management. But many would wish to stay and will sell some stake to maintain their RoIs as well wait for valuations to go up.. So." Aristotle Consultancy Director Deepak Dhamija told PTI. Also. New funds will most likely enter the market. All this augurs well for the e-Commerce sector as well as other industries in India. other PEs. "Let's not forget that there is a very strong engineering talent base in India and we will see a lot more innovative solutions and products coming into the market. FabFurnish. we will see either these e-Commerce firms going for IPOs or we will see consolidations to shore up value. given the positive outlook for India in the foreseeable future. Mathur said." Mathur said there are other options like M&A deals leading to high-quality." India Venture Capitalist Association President Arvind Mathur said: "It is not as if only the current funds will be there in the next few years and then taper off. FoodPanda India." he added. However. he expects more funds to enter the Indian e-Commerce market. KPMG's Venkateshwaran feels that with evolution of e-Commerce ecosystem. etc. GoJavas. An investment banker who did not wish to be named said these funds now are also selling or in the process of selling some of their stake to other funds.

Naspers. The US has also tried to make its markets more attractive for emerging growth companies by relaxing the regulatory and compliance requirements. Branded jewellers like Gitanjali and Tara tie up with Amazon. Snapdeal. He tied the possibility of exit through IPOs to many factors. VC and PE funds have invested over $ 5 billion in the online retail sector since 2011.000. but the investors will in some time look at the RoI dimension and start pressurising the firms for results." he added. including the market conditions at that point in time. the firms in this space have so far not been able to produce profits or have given an indication of the timeframe of benefits to start pouring in.Venkateshwaran said. 7:53 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email . "This sector has generally viewed the US markets as more suitable. Snapdeal to cheaper products sell online These jewellers are tying up with etailers like Amazon. Major funds that have invested heavily in e-Commerce firms in India are Tiger Global. So. The choice of market for an IPO would also depend on the existence of a favourable regulatory environment as well as a suitable investor base. Steadview Capital. considering the depth of those capital markets and also because investors in those markets are perceived to understand this sector better.000 and Rs40. Aristotle's Dhamija feels that despite the future growth projection of the e-Commerce sector. There is no sound profit generating model. Accel Partners and the like. DST Global. Venkateshwaran pointed out. Kinnevik. Flipkart to sell smaller items that cost anything between Rs25. "We are talking only of discounts." he opined. According various analyst estimates. firms are burning cash fast.Sutanuka Ghosal | 05 May 2015. This does not mean that the sector is going down.

000 to Rs40.000 through these etailers. The company gets 15% of its revenue from the retail business in India. and now we have tied up with Snapdeal. Flipkart to sell smaller items that cost anything between Rs25. For every footfall.000 to Rs25. "We have 19 brick-n-mortar stores which sell high-value products whose ticket size starts from Rs65. Tara Jewels is also focusing on the shop-inshop format to sell products ranging from Rs15. we have seen that there are 100 website visits. . told ET. we had tied up with Amazon to sell our products. "We have reorganised our retail business format to check the threat of cheap gold that enters the market through illegal route. Earlier. We are selling products worth Rs5. and are opening stores only for high-value products which customers want to touch and feel before buying.inShare KOLKATA: Branded jewellers are tweaking their marketing strategy to cope with high rentals. About 85% of its revenues come from exports and it has tied up with chains like Walmart & JC Penny to sell diamond and diamond-studded jewellery.000.000. These jewellers are tying up with etailers like Amazon.000 and Rs40. Tara Jewels. Snapdeal.000. source gold from the grey market where it is available cheaper since the 10% duty is not there. CMD. thin margins and competition from neighbourhood shops that a section of the trade claims." Rajeev Sheth." Sheth said.

5 billion in the next 5 to 10 years. The young crowd is a major buyer of jewellery through online. In online business. managing director. PN Gadgil Jewellers. it accounts for less than 0. "This is emerging as a major parallel marketing model for us. on Monday. Currently. there are no intermediaries which reduce our cost. We have tied up with all the major etailers.995.1% of the $55-billion jewellery market. said they have become careful about opening new stores. nearly Rs150 crore comes from the ecommerce platform it is fast growing and will benefit jewellers as their overhead costs will come down. respectively. "The rentals are inching up and the market isn't very vibrant. The ticket size is also low now but it will increase in the next couple of years. Timex Group plans to tap wearables market with its smart watches and fitness bands Timex launched the Ironman Run x20 GPS smartwatch and Ironman Move x20 fitness band.995 and Rs 8. Mehul Choksi. chairman of Gitanjali group. Of our Rs6.Danish Khan | 05 May 2015. We too are giving more emphasis on the ecommerce platform and shop-in-shop concepts. People nowadays prefer light jewellery unless there's a wedding or some important occasion in the family." Pune-based PN Gadgil Jewellers said they too have tied up with leading etailers to sell their products. 8:19 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare .According to industry estimates." said Saurabh Gadgil. the online jewellery market may be worth as much as $2.000 crore sales. priced atRs 11.

told ET. the market is at a nascent stage. according to Counterpoint Research. With a Rs 999 price tag.08 million units with smart watches contributing to 40% of shipments and smart bands contributing to 60%. "We are aiming to sell more than 5 lakh wearable devices in India by the end of the ongoing financial year.995 and Rs 8. . Amazon will be the sole distributor of these devices in India in the current year. Sales of wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness bands totaled 1 lakh units in India in 2014 and is estimated to rise to slightly above half a million in 2015. which will go on sale May 5. The smart wearables market in India during the first quarter of 2015 was 0. Timex launched the Ironman Run x20 GPS smartwatch and Ironman Move x20 fitness band. It's looking at gaining a share of as much as 15% of the market. Motorola and Alcatel OneTouch. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi recently launched fitness device Mi Band. respectively. via its own ecommerce website. he said. the Mi Band is expected to provide a much-needed push to the country's wearables market. priced atRs 11. on Monday." Anupam Mathur.995. head of sales and marketing at Timex Group India. This would account for 10-15% of overall volume and value sales in India. Sony.NEW DELHI: Timex Group is planning to tap India's wearables market with its smart watches and fitness bands. selling a handful of products such as smartwatches and fitness bands launched by handset makers such as Samsung. In India. according to Counterpoint Research.

reports femalefirst. The New York-based label has welcomed Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne into its team to oversee all the brand's collections. reports Vogue. and have said they are "extremely proud" to be joining the company. .IANS | 04 May 2015. a true The pair will split their time between their own Public School label and DKNY. which was founded by Donna Karan in 1988. "We are extremely proud and excited to be joining the company and to contribute to the next chapter of DKNY. left her position as CEO of the label in 1997 before it was bought by LVMH in 2001. It is one of the brands that helped change the game for us and for American fashion. 4:57 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare Fashion brand DKNY have announced design duo Public School as their new creative directors. Chow and although she continued to oversee the production of all the collections after stepping down.DKNY announces new creative directors Fashion brand DKNY have announced design duo Public School as their new creative directors. one of the most iconic brands created by Donna Karan. who will report to the label's CEO Caroline Brown. said in a statement: "We both grew up in New York and DKNY has always been part of the landscape of this city in our formative years as designers and New Yorkers." Donna.

On Monday. Biyani's Future Group will acquire Bharti Retail in an all-stock deal.Kishore Biyani's Future group acquires Bharti Retail in an all-stock deal valued at Rs 500 crore The Mittals will get an immediate stake of 9% each in the BSElisted Future Retail as well as in the yet-to be-created entity of Biyani. Mittal and Biyani announced the sewing up of a deal. 8:10 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare1 NEW DELHI: There was a time. about two decades ago. when Rajan Bharti Mittal used to get his trousers from Kishore Biyani's Pantaloons store in south Mumbai. Since then.ET Bureau | 05 May 2015. Bharti Airtel has become India's biggest telecom company while Biyani has built one of India's largest retail empires. valuing the latter at Rs 500 crore .

analysts said. Biyani creating two separate units Parallel to the deal. they said.800 crore of the virtually debt-free Delhi-based retailer. ET had reported on April 16 that Bharti and Future were in advanced talks for a possible deal. the largest consolidation in India's retail segment. Biyani is also restructuring his flagship retail business by .in equity after adjusting for accumulated losses of Rs 1. eventually taking Mittal's stake in both the entities to about 15%. The transaction could pave the way for other deals between the two groups such as Biyani leveraging Bharti's telecommunication network and Airtel getting a retail footprint in Future Group besides possible synergies in payment gateways and mobile wallets. The Mittals will get an immediate stake of 9% each in the BSE-listed Future Retail as well as in the yet-to be-created entity of Biyani and a board seat in Future Retail. will create an entity that may outpace Reliance Retail as the country's largest brickand-mortar retail company. Both companies can take advantage of their existing businesses to possibly rival the linkages that Reliance Industries Ltd could build between retail and the telecom network that the country's largest company is setting up under Reliance Jio. Bharti Enterprises will also receive Rs 250 crore worth of milestone-linked convertible debentures that can be converted into equity in future. The transaction.

creating two separate entities. Future Retail will have the front-end stores such as
Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Home Town, eZone and other retail chains that will be
clubbed together with Bharti Retail's Easyday chain. The other unit - to be named
Future Enterprises Ltd -- will house Future's back-end assets and investments as
well as back-end infrastructure of Bharti Retail.
While Future Retail is already listed, Future Enterprises will be listed at some time in
the future.
As part of the restructuring, Biyani will also shift Rs 3,500 crore of Future Retail's Rs
4,700-crore debt to Future Enterprises, leaving the flagship retailing arm with a
more comfortable Rs 1,200-crore debt on its books.
With the latest deal, Future Retail will enhance its footprint with more than 200
Easyday stores in 144 cities. Biyani's company currently doesn't have a presence in
77 of those cities. In November, Future Group acquired Chennai-based supermarket
chain Nilgiris in all-cash transaction for about Rs 300 crore, giving Biyani a muchneeded presence in the southern states. The Bharti deal will help Biyani open up in
new areas including Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh.
"Consolidation is the way forward and everybody has to build scale so we are joining
hands to build scale," Biyani said in an interview. "This is the merger of minds
(rather) than body and soul." He denied that the merger was in reaction to the rapid
growth of online retail.
D-Street cheers move
Investors cheered the development. Future Retail rose 12.06% to Rs 129.65, while
Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd advanced 6.08% to Rs 81.95 on the BSE. The Sensex
ended 1.77% up at 27,490.59 points.
Biyani said a chance meeting with Mittal in The Chambers at the Taj some weeks
ago led to the merger discussion, which culminated in a deal. Manoj Kohli,
managing director of Bharti Enterprises and a company veteran, will oversee the
integration for the Mittals. PwC was the transaction advisor and Edelweiss Financial
Services was the independent valuer.

"We have great comfort level, which is important for any deal. I have taken a
commitment from him that he will not exit the business," Biyani said. "For me, he
(Rajan Mittal) is FDI (foreign direct investment)." Biyani was referring to India's
inability to attract much interest from overseas retail companies even after the
rules were relaxed for multi-brand retail.

"Obviously there is no foreign investment coming into groceries, therefore this
allows people to kind of make investments," said Abhishek Malhotra, a partner with
management consulting firm AT Kearney.
Mittal said the merger will help his company be part of a "large picture" retail play.
"Our intention is to merge into a larger entity to grow at a certain pace," he said.
Biyani said the acquisition will further boost his grand omni channel plans as Future
tries to leverage its pan-India network of physical stores to deliver goods to
consumers' doorsteps.
While Biyani said sales per square foot at Bharti-run Easyday stores is high, a retail
sector veteran who has worked at Future Group in a top position said margins are
narrower for grocery heavy shelves.
"You need a margin of above 20% to be viable and Bharti's small stores are doing
only about 13%. But things could change for the larger stores as Biyani will bring
higher margin products, including apparel and fashion products," he said.
With annual sales of Rs 14,000 crore, Future Group is the country's second-largest
retailer after Reliance and operates 17 million square feet of retail space. Reliance
Retail overtook Future Group in terms of revenue last year.
Future Retail, which houses Big Bazaar, posted a total income of Rs 7,569 crore with
a net profit of Rs 64 crore for the nine months ended December. This includes
revenue from consumer durables and home retailing.
NewsletterA A

Amul owner tastes Rs 20k-cr mark in annual
FY15 sales ahead of combined food business revenue of Nestle, HUL and ITC
Viveat Susan Pinto | Mumbai
May 5, 2015 Last Updated at 00:58 IST

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FMCG shares on a roll; HUL, Marico, Nestle hit record high
Investors cash out of FMCG stocks ahead of results
Weak consumer sentiment dragging down FMCG stocks
Amul plans to set up processing plant in WB
Our global e-tail business to equal HUL's turnover: Paul Polman

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Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), owner of Amul, has hit a top
line of over Rs 20,000 crore for the first time in the financial year ended March 2015 equivalent to the combined revenue of the food businesses of its three closest rivals
Nestle, Hindustan Unilever and ITC (based on their figures for FY14).
The Anand-headquartered major reported a top line of Rs 20,735 crore for the year

ended March 2015. The co-operative does not disclose bottom line figures.
Nestle's CY14 top line, according to its latest annual report, was Rs 9,806 crore. HUL's
revenue from beverages and packaged foods was Rs 5,043 crore (or 18 per cent of its
FY14 top line of Rs 28,019 crore, according to its last annual report), while analysts peg
ITC's foods business at around Rs 5,700 crore of its Rs 8,100-crore FY14 turnover for the
non-cigarette FMCG business (called FMCG others by the company). If combined, the
total top line works out to Rs 20,549 crore. The three companies have not announced
their FY15 numbers.
Speaking to Business Standard, R S Sodhi, GCMMF's MD, said, "Yes, we are ahead of
these companies. But our top line growth for FY15 was 14.28 per cent over the previous
year's. While this rate of growth was lower than what we had achieved in FY14, the
domestic consumer business grew at the rate of 21 per cent during the period under
GCMMF, for the record, derives the bulk of its revenue from the domestic market. In
FY14, GCMMF's top line grew at the rate 32.1 per cent, ahead of its five-year compound
annual growth rate of 23 per cent. This was on account of soaring milk prices, which the
co-operative could pass on to consumers, resulting in better value growth, FMCG
analysts said. In FY15, however, milk prices crashed by as much as 20-25 per cent, as
private dairies cut purchases resulting in excess supply to co-operatives such as
GCMMF. The latter was therefore unable to raise prices, they said.
This up and down movement of milk prices has prompted GCMMF in the last few years
to shift its attention to value-added products, which, according to industry sources, give
the co-operative about 35-40 per cent of its top line today. The balance comes from
liquid milk. Five years ago, liquid milk was 80 per cent to 90 per cent of the company's
top line, say experts tracking the sector.
However, categories such as as UHT milk (or milk in tetra packs), dahi, butter, milkbased beverages and ice-creams have seen higher growth, Sodhi says, in the region of
about 25-35 per cent per annum. In contrast, liquid milk has been stagnant, growing in
low single digits, experts say.
Youth products, in specific, is something that the dairy major, Sodhi explains, has been
focusing attention on aggressively this year. "Products such as Amul Cool, Epric icecream, a malted beverage called Amul Pro and an energy drink called Stamina are some
of the products that we are counting on," he said.

increased spending on segments like education. Urban consumers avoid cutting lifestyle spending: IMRB study Average monthly expenditure of households up by 14% in 2014 on higher costs of goods. While Epic ice-cream has been launched in metros such as Delhi and Mumbai. Amul Pro and Stamina were launched in the last two months. says study Suneera Tandon inShare4 4 inShare 0 Comments Subscribe to: Breaking News Enter email Editor's picks Daily Newsletter . Epic ice-cream. GCMMF is expected to take it to more cities and is expected to begin promoting Amul Pro and Stamina in the next few months.Of the above four. The co-operative will also launch Amul Cool in PET bottles shortly.

 The house that Rajesh Patil built  Big Box Retail forced to think out of the box  How laws have been getting better .

 Facebook opens platform to app developers  Govt seeks to replace 44 labour laws with just five .

Bhavna Chaturvedi.The share of household expenditure on food and groceries fell to 36% in 2014 from 40% in the previous year.000 households in 190 cities. “We avoid clubbing the two. according to a study by market researcher IMRB International. The share of spending on household products dipped only slightly from 6% to 5%. leaving consumers with more money to spend on non-food essentials. “They don’t want to compromise on an aspirational lifestyle. the taxes are only spiralling. consumers were not willing to sacrifice spending on goods that they have become accustomed to.” On average. “Priorities remained clear. which covered 36. with the share of expenditure on entertainment and eating out holding steady. group business director at IMRB International. showing that urban consumers remain in pursuit of an aspirational lifestyle. Her family now either watches a movie together or eats out. and the share of education went up by 6 percentage points. the share of household expenditure on food and groceries fell to 36% in 2014 from 40% in the previous year. who saw the cost of her child’s education rise by 10%. The study suggested that urban consumers refrained from cutting back on lifestyle spending in 2014. found newer ways to stretch her budget. Despite rising costs.” she said. the study said. “We’ve started consuming cheaper variants of packaged rice for the house and even curbed spends on certain toiletries. . Incomes rose by 46% in 2010-2014. Growth in personal-care spending held steady at 5%. according to the Wallet Monitor study. a Delhi-based homemaker. Average monthly spending went up by 14% in 2014. the total household expenditure of consumers targeted by the IMRB study increased by 29% between 2010 and 2013. It’s a conscious decision. 35. said Mathew. In line with the trend that emerged in 2013. leaving consumers with more money to spend on non-food essentials. Photo: Mint The share of households’ monthly spending on personal care products and household items held steady in 2014.” said Deepa Mathew. although the frequency of such consumption dipped. on higher costs of goods and increased expenditure on categories such as education.” said Chaturvedi.

spending on leisure. Education seemed to garner the highest share of the wallet. According to a 6 April report by Mumbai-based brokerage Edelweiss Securities. services and healthcare will grow faster than expenditure on food and groceries. The research for Wallet Monitor was conducted at the end of 2014 across 18 states. “Once your basic needs are fulfilled. across socio-economic categories.37%. . down from 10.” The executive predicted that over the next five years. who was not authorized to speak to the media.” said an executive at a top retailer. which are concerned about a slump in rural consumption. Overall spending on education increased by 61%.Spending on non-food items has been rising steadily year-on-year. were interviewed for the study. The report comes at a time when news of a weak monsoon has rattled consumer firms.92% in the year-ago period. The proportion of consumers eating out at restaurants at least once in an month fell from 22% in 2013 to 18% in 2014. emulating consumption patterns in more developed markets. growth in coming quarters will be more volume-led as firms pass on some benefits of benign raw-material prices to consumers. you will look at spending more on other items. Average inflation in 2014 cooled to 6. Even the percentage of consumers visiting fast food restaurants declined from 34% in 2013 to 30% in 2014. “It’s a natural progression. Housewives aged 25-55.

as it looks to expand . 8:01 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare MUMBAI|BENGALURU: McDonald's is giving its customers in India an option to choose their own burger buns. which McDonald's introduced over the weekend.Sagar Malviya&Richa Maheshwari | 05 May 2015. in a global first for the world's largest restaurant chain.McDonald's set to give Indian customers a choice to choose burger buns The burgers with the healthier Focaccia buns. will cost an additional Rs 15 over the regular ones.

"These premium buns provide tremendous taste and flavour for the consumers. For the past four years. the industry is under pressure to increase volumes and profitability. Some experts and analysts feel the move will help McDonald's woo health-conscious young customers who currently prefer restaurants that serve healthier food such as Subway. or about Rs 5. each one is restricted for a specific burger. whatever burger they order. operator of over 200 McDonald's and 30 McCafe outlets across western and southern India. McDonald's in India has been building its menu towards the healthier side. It also cut almost 50-60 calories on an average from all burgers. The eating-out market in the country is estimated to be $94 billion. which McDonald's introduced over the weekend. about 40% fat content in sauces and roughly 20% sodium in fries. The burgers with the healthier Focaccia buns. by investing about Rs 750 crore. all struggling to grow amid an economic slowdown. With olive oil as one of the ingredient." said Abneesh Roy. The chain's latest offering takes a cue from its new global programme of 'Create your own taste' or 'Build your Burger' where consumers can choose sauces. fillings and a bun-less burger option. it is also healthier and has less sugar than existing buns. will cost an additional Rs 15 over the regular ones.000 crore. McDonalds India has nearly 370 restaurants and plans to open another 175-250 in the next 3-5 years. It has rolled out an all-grilled product breakfast option. associate director at Edelweiss Securities. "For a consumer. Customers across western and southern India can now choose from two buns. at a time when leading chains have been reporting negative or singledigit growth for at least six quarters. added egg burgers and introduced ice-creams with less than 3% fat. While McDonalds offers varieties of buns globally." he said. While there is a common supply chain and product development team for McDonald's outlets across the country. vice-chairman at Westlife Development Ltd. but only 2% of it is organised with national and international food retail brands.85. Yum's KFC and Pizza Hut and Jubilant FoodWorks. which operates Domino's Pizza and Dunkin' Donuts. a premium offering will improve margins at a time when sales are under pressure. With major chains such as McDonald's. the two burger option will be restricted to west and southern India for the time being. . "Also." said Amit Jatia. a burger is considered junk food and McDonald's needs to innovate its health quotient.its customer base with healthier options and revive stagnating sales.

12:05 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare Does shopping online while visiting the neighbourhood mom-and-pop store make sense? For the smartphone-hooked urban population. or for want of assistance.How Ipay is converting local kirana shops into etail shopping stores Ipay.Vinay Dwivedi | 04 May 2015. However. the idea may seem bizarre. for Krishna . taps consumers who are unaware of e-retail or uncomfortable buying online due to lack of trust. via its brand Dukan Line.

who founded his first ecommerce company at the age of 21 in the US. 37. and their purchase behaviour. assisted e-commerce platform in 2013. Ipay places the order on their behalf to the distributor/manufacturer.3 crore." says Lakamsani. Ipay's performance and potential has won it a place among the top 10 emerging businesses in India. The firm's 2014-15 revenue stands at Rs 3." says Krishna." says Lakamsani. benefit from the commission they get from Ipay. it is actually a win-win-win-win.5%." he says. using Dukan Line business boxes. taps consumers who are unaware of e-retail or uncomfortable buying online due to lack of trust." says Lakamsani. one that made perfect business sense. the sellers and the consumers. Maharashtra and Gujarat over the next two years. the customers of the kirana store. Ipay is present in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He has founded and exited three businesses. The firm has spent a lot of time understanding the need of local mom-and-pop stores. Buoyed by the response. 26.Lakamsani. "We have laid a strong foundation and now is the time to build on it. to tap the millions not part of the traditional e-commerce companies' customer list. identify the item they want to purchase. are able to expand their consumer base. we are acquiring a new customer every five seconds. Manufacturers. The research has been key to the company's growth. rated by industry body Nasscom. Lakamsani. Ipay has a tie-up with 60 sellers who offer more than 7. "Ipay. "Our brand Dukan Line now contributes an average of 22% to these kirana stores' monthly earnings.250 make online purchases a conversion rate of 10. . founded Ipay.000 products via Dukan Line. the company has grown its gross transaction value (total value of merchandise sold) to more than Rs 45 crore. This is because besides selling goods from his own shop. Basically. The strategy of using the neighbourhood corner shop to bring in customers has worked. Kerala. a one-of-its kind. where it has a network of 3. or for want of assistance. assist in shopping and serve as Ipay cash points. via its brand Dukan Line. Lakamsani. and also his first in India. "All of this went into writing and rewriting our software. it was a breakthrough idea. Ipay is his newest project. Tamil Nadu. And. "Currently. by listing their wares on Dukan Line. Lakamsani expects to expand the company's presence to Karnataka. free delivery. ranging from home appliances to footwear. Thus. etcof online shopping. and pay cash to the store owner. Of the 2 lakh-odd customers that visit the stores with Dukan Line business boxes every day. who delivers it to the customer. Its GTV grew 21% quarter-on-quarter in 2014-15. "It's a win-win-win. stockists and distributors. Given that in less than two years. the customer is able to avail of the benefitsdiscounts. the store owner now sells goods from 19 virtual shopsDukan Line offers goods across 19 categories. Odisha." says Lakamsani. who did not have access to this section of consumers.305 kirana shops. is a serial entrepreneur. the shopkeepers who instal the business boxes.

market. In its flagship U. and business in Europe has been weak.S. . Sales in Asia took a big hit after a controversy over a major supplier this past summer. McDonald's is fighting intensifying competition from a variety of players and has admitted that it failed to keep up with changing tastes. The plans are to be detailed just two months after CEO Steve Easterbrook stepped in to take charge of the world's biggest hamburger chain.McDonald's to detail latest turnaround plans The plans are to be detailed just two months after CEO Steve Easterbrook stepped in to take charge of the world's biggest hamburger chain. 7:23 PM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare NEW YORK : McDonald's is sto unveil its latest plans to revive its sputtering business on Monday. executives said the menu got too complicated and gummed up operations. Customer visits at established locations declined for two straight years.AP | 04 May 2015.

More recently. targets to add 2. had more than 36. progressive burger company'' and has described himself as an internal activist. McDonald's has tried a number of moves to inject some life back into its brand.'' NewsletterA A Pepperfry to double headcount by 2016. revamped its grilled chicken recipe and said it would curb the use of antibiotics. Easterbrook. McDonald's Corp. says he wants to turn McDonald's into a modern. which has raised a total of $29 million so far. The company also said last month that it would double its planned restaurant closures this year to roughly 700. it said it would start trimming its menu to simplify operations and make room for new offerings.Prachi Verma | 05 May 2015. At the end of last year. 8:29 AM IST NewsletterA AShare on email inShare .K.200 locations around the world. business. it began testing an all-day breakfast menu in San Diego. It hasn't yet revealed its updated plans on overall restaurant count growth. who previously headed up the U.Already. is also in the process of raising another Rs 500 crore. Back in December.500 staffers The online furniture and home products company.

The online furniture and home products company. Currently. It is shortly opening one each in Delhi and Gurgaon and two in Bangalore in the next two months. its core team has about 500 employees. "We are in a massive ramp-up mode. "We call this an exceptional midyear cycle where we give bonuses to only a few deserving employees based on the last sixtoeight-months' performance. The company is also hiring designers from premier institutes for these stores to get direct feedback from customers while designing furniture and other products. It is targeting to add around 2. which has raised a total of $29 million so far. Flush with funds." Shah added. For this year. Also. We still have plenty left from our last rounds to fund our operations. He added the company will break even by mid-2016. Apart from the annual appraisal. it is aiming to launch 20 such studios. besides 650 in the delivery team. we are raising $60-80 million and are not in a hurry to close this till we find the right investors. the company also goes in for mid-year appraisals. is also in the process of raising another Rs 500 crore.100.NEW DELHI: E-commerce company Pepperfry is looking at more than doubling its headcount by 2016.500 people (including delivery operations) to its existing headcount of 1." Pepperfry's founder and COO Ashish Shah said. Pepperfry is also increasing its delivery vehicles from 150 to 450 in the same time period. Work is on to launch 'Studio Pepperfry' all across key cities. JOIN TO BOOKMARK SHARE . Pepperfry has about 25% of its workforce in the top performer category. Most members of the senior management team at Bertelsmann India Investments and Silicon Valley-based Norwest Venture Partners-funded Pepperfry are from premier institutes like the IITs and IIMs.

you’ll want to pull you subject away from the background far enough so that shadows don’t fall on the screen and you’ll want to minimize the reflection of the screen on your subject. When shooting against a greenscreen or a blue screen. . SPACE The first element in pulling off a key is the type of space you have to work with. Your space will determine what kind of chromakey shot is possible.5 ELEMENTS OF A GREAT CHROMA KEY In the greenscreen history lesson I talked about the processes filmmakers have used to make traveling mattes – in this lesson I’ll dive into the necessary elements you need to pull off a great chromakey.

BLACKMAGIC CINEMA CAMERA SHOOTING 24MM LENS ABOUT 10 FEET FROM ACTOR ED COSICO Shooting outdoors is also a possibility especially for certain shots.GET SUBJECT AWAY FROM SCREEN TO MINIMIZE SHADOWS AND SCREEN SPILL ON SUBJECT. and shadows. . you’re not only going to need a larger space for a screen. but some distance to place the camera so that your subject looks natural and isn’t distorted by a wide angle lens. With smaller spaces you should be able to pull off a reasonable talking head shot – that’s where the shot is just the head and shoulders of the subject speaking. For a full body shot. noise. just keep in mind you’ll have to deal with all the issues that come shooting outdoors including wind.

Still you may want to use blue screen in certain cases – say you’re shooting a green monster. In fact on the Sam Raimi’s Spiderman. The Green Goblin had to be photographed on a bluescreen because the suit would have been lost on a greenscreen.. but green is the preferred color for digital keying. Green screen also requires a lot less light than blue screen and is less likely to match the clothing of your actors. Why? Because many digital cameras use a Bayer pattern of Red Green Blue photosites where there are twice as many green photosites as there are red and blue. Spiderman on the other hand had to be shot on a Greenscreen. . This makes digital cameras much more sensitive to green coloring. because his suit was red and blue.OUTDOOR GREENSCREEN SHOT THE SCREEN The first question you’re going to ask is green or blue? Blue screen was a traditional color in the film days and is still used today for many productions.

The screen itself can be made out of paper. or muslin background clothe. . but I prefer foam backed cloth because it scatters the light more evenly so you can avoid hotspots and the foam keeps the screen from wrinkling when not in use.When it comes to the material of your screen you have several options. The first is to paint your background using a chroma key paint. This is the most permanent although labor intensive way to create a chromakey background though certainly necessary if you are planning on installing a cyclorama. SAMPLE SHOT OF AGREEN CYCLORMA ALSO CALLED AN “INFINITY CYC” The other option is to hang your screen You’ll need background stands and clamps to hang your screen on.

These kits are really handy for quick portable setups or outdoor use and built in frame keeps the screen from getting too wrinkled. These are awesome LED lights that put out a lot of soft even light which is an absolute must properly lighting a greenscreen. foldable chorma key screens are available. In tight situations you can combine the lighting but you could end up with shadows on your screen and that will make for a much more difficult task of pulling a good key. These are hung in front of the screen using a truss system. . Here I’m using 2 ikan IDMX1500 dual color fixtures – part of the ikan 5 piece dual color chroma key kit. Start by focusing on getting a clean and even light on your screen without your subject.For small setups. LIGHTING When lighting for chroma key you have to think of lighting first for the screen itself and then for the subject.

Now if you’re an avid DIYer you may try to use long fluorescent tubes to light the screen. Another DIY option. is the Hollywood strip lighting fixture – this one I found on a street curb being thrown out – and it made a nice shadowless screen light. .

Keep in mind the final composition and try to light your subject that will match the scene you’re attempting to composite. I’m using the ikan MD7’s built-in waveform monitor. You want to get this band as tight as possible. If you can’t get your hands on a waveform monitor. Zebras tell you what part of your image is overexposed... This means that are screen is evenly lit and there’s not much variation on the screen itself.To check to see the quality of our lighting on the greenscreen. . Once we have a well lit screen it’s time to put our subject in place and work on the subject’s lighting. Notice the tight band. you can use your camera’s zebras settings. if you lit your screen properly you should see the entire screen turning into zebra stripes at once as you open your iris to over expose the screen. WAVEFORM SHOWS A RELATIVELY TIGHT BAND – AN OVERALL EVEN LIGHTING ON THE SCREEN. not slanted or have spikes which are hotspots.

Just take care when lighting your subject to avoid casting shadows on your screen. getting a reasonably acceptable key is much easier because the pixels are so much smaller. 4:2:0 throws away a lot of color data – data that can be very useful for achieving a quality key. and even then there were some funky artifacts. I was working with DV in standard definition. You had to be exact in order to get an acceptable key. THE CAMERA When I first started experimenting with greenscreen. . These lights can be set to 3200k which will match great with the tungsten lights I already own. But the type of compression can be a detriment to quality greenscreen. But I’m happy to say that with HD. Most consumer cameras use a 4:2:0 compression for handling color – I talk more what color compression is in the lesson on Non-Linear editing if you want a refresher.Here I’m using the ikan IB1000 LED lights – part of their chroma key kit.

by all means shoot RAW – just know that it is expensive in terms of the amount of memory it eats up. My tests have shown that the compressed 4:2:2 is pretty good for pulling a good chroma key but the RAW is simply unbeatable in terms of ease and quality. I’m not saying you can’t pull a decent key using . The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is capable of recording in 4:2:2 compression using ProRes or DNxHD formats or even recording 4:4:4 uncompressed 12 bit raw. I’m using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera decked out with ikan’s Tilta Rig.In this demonstration. If you want the best chroma key.

But there are a lot of professional keying software solutions available out there that can help you pull pretty good keys even out of so-so footage. My favorite. This plugin is incredibly robust with all kinds of features like matte choking.anything less than 4:2:2 color compression or RAW as in the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. but a camera like this with it’s compression or lack thereof sure makes a the key a heck of a lot easier. POST PRODUCTION Most of the basic keyers you find inside NLEs behave like hardware chroma keyers in that you’ll most likely be let down by the results. Keylight is also available for purchase for other editing platforms. happens to be one that comes bundled inside of Adobe After Effects called “Keylight” made by The Foundry. Plus After Effects is just a good platform to be working doing your compositing in the first place. spill removal.and even masks that you can apply to fix little chroma key mistakes here and there. . de-spotting.

By considering your working space. you can create a rough mask around your subject and throw away all the other junk in your frame thats unimportant. using a camera with as little compression as you can get. using a quality screen. This is a great way to work in smaller spaces – just make sure you subject does cross into the garbage matte Once you have a good clean key. and compositing foreground elements to really sell the effect.Now if you can’t pull a perfect key off the entire frame – don’t worry as there is a technique called garbage matting. it’s a matter of compositing the subject into your background plate adjusting the color to match. lighting it evenly. Using After Effects. and finally using a good software .

and it will take a little practice. – Another tool for you use in your quest to make something by kind permission of the author. The Netherlands ©2001 by Barend Onneweer. All rights are reserved. . Gouda/Rotterdam. Used at CreativeCow. Good chroma keying is a skill. Barend Onneweer has put together a list of things to consider when shooting for chromakeying.keyer. you should be able to pull off a great key. ARTICLE FOCUS: In addition to his tutorial on how to pull a usable matte from badly lit blue or green screens. Shooting for Chromakeying SUBSCRIBE COW Library : Lighting Design Pros Tutorials : Barend Onneweer : Shooting for Chromakeying inShare2 by Barend Onneweer. but the reward for your patience and experimentation can be quite liberating.

it's recommended to capture from the analog (preferably component) output of the DV-deck. but during the process of chromakeying the compression results in jagged fluttering edges around the foreground objects. This may seem strange. shoot on Betacam or Digibeta. If you have to shoot with DV. However. don't be afraid and read on. . but a good DV-deck features highly advanced filtering algorithms that will reduce the damage done by the in-camera compression. Until the footage is taken into post-production that is… Badly shot screens often result in huge disappointments (and post-house bills…) and rotoscope-jobs. This feature is often called 'contour' or 'aperture control' or just 'sharpness' or 'detail'. using multiple layers of the footage to create a combined matte. the difficulty and complexity of decent chromakeying is often underestimated. and in combination with my other tutorial. when using Betacam or Digibeta. which is often accentuated by the compression. or with as little compression as possible. Most of these are common knowledge for the seasoned professionals. I suggest you hire an experienced Visual Effects supervisor… It is possible however to create high quality mattes from DV footage. so if your budget won't allow for anything else. If possible on your camera. but have the possibility to capture uncompressed from a good DV-player. if only for the shots that involve chromakeying. but I thought it would be a valuable resource for the less experienced. Make sure to capture the footage uncompressed. DV OR NOT DV . Of course the higher resolution and better color depth of these formats will allow for extremely high quality compositing. and sometimes even motion blocking. This results in overly sharp edges between the foreground and the background (screen). I've compiled and rewritten them for this article. will allow you to produce highquality results. Not good. I left High Definition Video and 35mm film out on purpose. The artefacts may seem almost invisible at first glance. but when working with these kinds of budgets. The tips below have been collected over the years. that will make postproduction a lot less depressing. If at all possible. The DCT compression produces JPEG-like artefacts. SETTING UP THE CAMERA Video cameras often feature image enhancing circuits that artificially increase image detail. there are some things to consider when shooting for chromakeying. DV is far from ideal for chromakeying.THAT IS THE QUESTION First of all. I have also written a tutorial for the COW on 'procedural matte creation'.INTRODUCTION As many posts on various forums have shown here on the COW. a technique that allows for extensive control over the matte. from all kinds of sources. turn this feature down or even off. otherwise you're not really better off than shooting DV.

Make sure your screen material is not glossy or too reflective. use a vivid hue. green is sampled 4 times because most images have a large component of green. Reducing the size of the screen will reduce the amount of reflection of the screen color on the foreground (spill). And avoid the screen color in any foreground objects. but if the wardrobe is not carefully selected. so is easiest to separate from actors. This will help soften the light and lessen visible highlights on the screen. socks. It sounds simple. although it's not always necessary to fill the entire frame with screen: you only have to place the screen behind your foreground. all channels can been used. give the screen surface a slight curve on the vertical axis. You may need a pretty big screen for this. THE COLOR OF MONEY… UHM Traditionally blue has been favored as the color for the screen. Blue. If possible. making keying much simpler. green screen is better for video. This will effectively hide the inevitable imperfections in the screen. GREEN GRASS TASTES THE BEST That said. In 4:1:1 or 4:2:0 compression ratio's.255. blue or red. or its rotoscoping time… LIGHTING THE SCREEN It's important to light the screen evenly. If you are using textile. This means more information is used in the green channel then in blue or red. Most important to the choice of the screen color is what you want to shoot in the foreground. if you use some other paint. Film also used to be most sensitive to blue light. And it will prevent your subjects from casting shadows on the screen. USE A BIG BARN AND GIVE YOUR COWS SOME SPACE It's best to keep your talent or foreground objects as far away from the screen as possible. which makes it more suitable for extracting a high-quality matte. make sure to get the wrinkles out of the background. that comes in the direction of pure green. Make sure your background screen is a color that is opposite to the colors in the foreground.0). you can use depth of field to create a focussed image of the foreground.Besides this. Check for instance your Photoshop color palette and look up pure green as (0. red or green. no more than necessary. but leave the screen as blurry as possible. The television and movie industry use special blue and green paint. this will cause the green light to contaminate the edges of the foreground to the point where you cannot extract a decent matte. Basically with current video effects software any color can be keyed out. although this is less true today. Green is represented in the luminance channel of the YUV signal. . Just make sure none of the talent move out of the screen. shirts or even eyes can disappear in the key. Blue is the complimentary color to (caucasian) skin tone. as will anything that reflects the background color (especially whites and metallics).

When shooting against green screen. You want an even. Don't over light the screen. If the background is going to be a 3D animation. use an orange or amber gel. use a magenta gel on the backlight. So if you're shooting against a green screen. this will make the overall look much more consistent and convincing. I always try to create my background so that there is a source for the backlight in them. This will make keying a lot easier and prevent the hair and fingers from disappearing in the key. those were the tips and tricks that I wish I had known a lot earlier…happy keying! And remember. Depending on the background you're going to place the actor in. A professional lighting kit is best of course. If the lighting setup of the foreground does not match the inserted background at all. but it's quite possible to use 500W worklights from the hardware store to light your screen. to achieve a more even and diffuse screen than when lighting the screen directly. If your background footage is an exterior. In that case you're best off bouncing the light onto the screen (using foamcore boards or styrofoam) . you'll end up with a white halo around your subject. This is achieved partly by keeping distance between the talent and the screen. though. LIGHTING THE FOREGROUND When lighting the talent or foreground. Well. If possible. consider to shoot the foreground in sunlight also. the effect is going to look pretty bad. make sure the light doesn't hit the screen. but an over lit screen often results in serious spill of the background color into the foreground. or the barn doors on the lights to keep the light away from the screen.If at hand. which can be a piece of cardboard on a stand. though. even the cleanest composite will look fake. This effectively separates the foreground from the screen. do never use a green gel on the foreground lighting! It's common practice to use a color filter on the 'kicker' or backlight when shooting for keying. You can also use 'flags' and. make sure to pass on a diagram of the lighting setup and camera setup to the animator. Which brings us to the next issue… MATCHING FOREGROUND AND THE BACKGROUND LIGHTING No matter how successful your keying efforts are. Don't overdo it. the grass is always greener… Barend . If your backlight is too heavy. this might look very odd. make sure to stay away from the keying color. use a reference image of the background footage when setting the lights for the foreground. if the foreground doesn't look as if it belongs to your digitally inserted background. For blue. saturated color. use a video waveform monitor to measure the brightness and color of the screen to make sure the screen is lit consistent from corner to corner. If you add color your lighting. and reduces spill: the reflection of background color you get around the edges of your subjects.

Barend Onneweer explains Procedural matte creation by combining multiple keying types into a single matte for extensive control over the final matte. If you'd like to see Barend's Procedural Matte Creatiion tutorial which was mentioned . click here. Like to see who Barend is? Click here. Drop by and discuss this or other effects. drop by the Pro Lighting Cow where we have two award winning lighting directors leading the forum. If you have a question regarding lighting. In that article.Barend Onneweer is a leader in the Adobe After Effects Creative COW . This is essential for pulling those difficult mattes from badly lit greenscreens. This tutorial is for the use of Creative COW members and visitors and may not be reproduced without permission by the author and CreativeCOW.