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Elementary Department
4th Periodical Test
Name:_____________________________________ Date:______
I. Retelling Stories. Change the verb in paretheses to the past form. (1-40)


David and Goliath
The Philistine and Istraelites were at war. One of the heroes of the Philistine
camp _________(be) Goliath, a giant of a man. He _____________ (stand) ten feet and
___________ (wear) a bronze helmet and breastplate. He _____________(have) metal
protectors on his legs and ___________ (carry) a spear seven feet long.
He ____________ (challenge) the Istraelites for a champion to fight him. When
King Saul and his men ________________ (hear) the giant’s words, they ___________
(make) no move. None of his warriors ____________ (go) out to fight with Goliath.
Every day for forthy days, Goliath ____________(shout) his challenge, but still
no man of Israel ___________ (dare) fight him.
David, a shepherd boy ___________ (come) bringing supplies. When he
___________ (hear) Goliath, he readily ____________ (accept) the challenge. At first, the
king _____________ (be) worried about the boy, but David ______________ (insist). The
King ______________ (give) him his own armor and sword; but, David
_______________(take) them off. Instead he _____________ (pick) up his shepherd’s
staff in one hand, and with the other, he _____________ (get) five smooth stones from
the brook. Then he _____________ (put) them in the shepherd’s bag he ______________
(wear) on his shoulders. He ______________ (take) his sling and _____________ (walk)
down into the valley to meet Goliath.
Goliath _____________ (laugh) when he________ (see) the young boy. But David
_____________ (run) towards him, ______________(take) a stone from his bag,
____________ (sling) it and then ___________ (strike) him in his forehead. The giant
____________ (fall) down upon his face on earth. David ____________ (run),
______________ (stand) upon the Philistine, ____________ (take) his sword from him,
and ____________(cut) his head off.
When the Philistines _______________ (see) their hero dead, they ____________
(flee) in panic. The Istraelites _______________ (follow) them and _____________
(defeat) the whole Philistine army.
II.Dictionary Respellings. Write the correct spelling.
- land covered with grass.
- intersection of two or more
- pause in doubt.
- feel great joy
- continue to live or exist.
III. Tag Questions. Fill in the blanks with the correct tag questions.
46.The princess didn’t get fine, ____________________?
Teacher Tina will come and see my mother, _______________?
Robert didn’t enroll this year, _____________?
The pupils in this school are intelligent,__________________?
We won’t be sorry, __________________?Keyboard – Computer
12.Ysa – condo
13.Jess – pet
14.Maid-of-honor bouquet
- _______________________________________
15.Andres – book
- _______________________________________
16.Margaux – shoes
17.Cover - book
- _______________________________________

D.Rex – ring _______________________________________ 20._______________________________________ 21.self pronoun in each sentence. Use the correct . anything) about your work. .Barber _____________ 58. anything).Grinning_____________ 60. 41. a. Identify the description wether it is an abridged or unabridged dictionary.Cart – wheel _______________________________________ 19. 63. 40.Cortez – treasure _______________________________________ III. A. 65.Wonder _____________ C.A book about words that teaches people to pronounce and syllabicate. 26. Ex. An itemized description of a summary using letters and numbers.Her skin is as white as milk.We didn’t saw (someone._______________________________________ 23. 38.18.Is (somebody.The lizard was a dinosaur in the field. B. anything) for the Pasig River. anything) I can do? 37. She hurt herself . V. 33.Gabriela imagine ____________________ winning in the raffle. 29.A shortened dictionary.Teachers – conference .Words that have two vowels that can make a short or long sound. Divide the word following the VC-CV pattern. 49.I learned that (someone. Write the described word(s) on the space before the number.(2pts each) Ex. IV. Nouns that shows possession. 67. Use a hyphen. Identify the figure of speech used in the sentence. 50.Matter _____________ 57._______________________________________ 22. I went to Manila by ________________. 48. Never do (something. anybody) is taking us a video? 44. 35.I see _______________________ walking in the stage. 36. anyone) of our visitors is coming today. 31. anyone). 47. 43. 45.strap . Write only the letter.A shortened version of dictionary.Rowena doesn’t say (something.Self pronoun that is used as object in the sentence.Is there (something. 32.Composed of library and audio visual sections. anything) that you can hurt your sister. 66.Self-pronoun used as emphasis. 34. 28._______________________________________ 24. anybody) home? 39.Do you remember (something.sandals . so we can tell to the police.Roy bought ___________________ a brand new laptop computer. Army – ar-my 56.Newspaper – headline . Identification –simple recall. 27. Wrirte wether it is reflexive or intensive.Expressions using words that have different meaningd from the dictionary.He ________________ is to win the game.The tree danced in the strong wind. Reflexive 1.Hair – Strand .Part of a word that contain one vowel sound.Picnic _____________ 59. simile b. Underline the correct indefinite pronoun. 46.Her lips is like a red apple 64. 30. and it is light and compact. personification 61. metaphor c.The dolphin is a mammal 62.Are you aware that (somebody. 42.It is thinner because it doesn’t have complete etry words.There is no (some. one) on the sight.Let’s do (something.

This dictionary gives the idioms and ethymology using such words . 70. 69.This dictionary has complete information about a word.68.A dictionary that you would never like to carry.