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Tek Mµs¡k

The problem?


What is the project?


How does it works?


What is required?


how does it function?


How does it succeed?


what exists?


what can be done?




What if there was a way that everyone could try an instrument or even make music without having any background related with music? What is the project? Technology gave men the opportunity to do the impossible and during the 20th century the computer has become an essencial utensil in every field. we have musicians and composers that developed their music skills only using a computer and music software. But what if they have? What if there was a way to go around this question? 3 The answer for the above questions is this project. music software and music books are still expensive as music instruments and not everyone has the means to have access to them or explore them. as also the common user start exploring the musical software and generating music. Most of Dj’s only use a However. In plenty 21st century. 4 . Not only musicians keep exploring the possibilities in using technology. Moreover. the ones who born.What is TekMµs¡k? TekMµs¡c the problem? Not all born with talent to play a music instrument or even sing. many of the times their families cannot afford a musical education to their children. Essentially this project focus in giving everyone the opportunity to learn and explore music software in order to create his own music. This also happened in music and nowadays every musician uses the technology not only to develop more his/her own skills but also to compose and create music.

At some point the project will evolve and the same curators should use the workstation in order to promote cultural events or masterclasses about music creation. which could lead to other projects regarding electronic music and with a logotyp TekMµs¡k · 8 different midi controllers (keyboards and pads) 5 how does it succeed? · music software such as Ableton live. this project is presented to the public as a workstation made by computers and midi synthesisers where everyone can try for free the music software and hardware in order to create his/hers own music. · 10 computers machintosh (since most of the music software is built for the OS X architecture) · With frequent people attending to. at some point there will be a community. Then each curator should be present or work by turns in order to explain the software functionality and the basics of creating music. within a more idealistic spirit. NI Reaktor. What is required? · The softwares are for beginners or for experts (and the curators are there to help) · 3 music curators to explain how the stuff works (they should be composers from different music fields (art music. Processing (freeware) among others… 6 . rock /dance music) · The point is grant everyone the opportunity to try to create his/her own music.How works TekMµs¡k? TekMµs¡c how does it function? The computers with the midi controllers should be placed in a common space where many people walk or pass everyday as for example a library. others are interested in developing some existent knowledge. How does it works? within a pragmatic spirit. Pd (freeware). this project tries to create a non amateur musician community where some only are interested in experimenting. logic pro X. electronics/ experimentalism. The important is that it is for all and for free · Everyone has the opportunity to learn about music and how it is created nowadays. MaxMSP.

Enough documentation and tutorials to support the project. Promote collaborations between artists from different fields. · motivate artists to do research and develop new stuff using technology. · Two brains thing better than one.joaopedromiguell. England and Portugal. We professional musicians do not imagine ourselves playing forever in an orchestra where everything is classic and only a few times the new technology takes place.Past or future? TekMµs¡c What exists? New in Sweden. having the experience of someone who has already done it. with · Demonstrate how Sweden is advanced when comes to use newer technology and new music. We just need a chance to let it mobil: (46) 073-878 53 50 http://www. We want to share our knowledge and experience with others and most of us are also graduated in composition. however the same project already exists (with other names and slight different in the idea in other countries such as Holland. Nowadays it is important when doing something. Contact 7 Pedro Miguell info@joaopedromiguell. What can be done? · Develop a strong community not only made of people who want to do music but also people interested in other digital arts · Promote events related technology and art and music. Germany. All the projects in the other countries have been successful and all of them created a community of artists that continue nowadays exploring new stuff in order to develop new things. even if for the first time. France. and for this type of social and cultural projects there is a enough documentation to let it 8 . · Give to everyone the opportunity to do music even if they do not process any prior music or art education. Motivation from a new generation of musicians.