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Vijayakumarathunga Mawatha, Colombo 05.

Individual Assessment:
The assessment for this module is of 1500 words and carries 100% of the marks.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Reflection via critical evaluation on personal development needed to become a successful
qualified manager in an international context. (Reflection)
Reflection –Meta Cognition

You main aim is to become a successful qualified manager in the global business environment
and this may be the first chance you have had to really take control of your career and make
plans for the future. By acknowledging, evaluating and reviewing some more of your current
management strengths and weaknesses you will build a more positive and confident basis for
your future.

This assignment is designed to help you to see and evaluate yourself and your future career more
holistically and objectively so as to aid your CV development.


Critically evaluate and reflect upon your life experience (Strictly Study or Work related).

a. Specify the reason for joining the concerned course or job.

b. Critically reflect how your understanding of your learning has been enhanced by your
chosen course or job experiences. Explain why this understanding is vital for your
career as qualified manager in the global business environment.

 Evidence of reading and research. Results: forecast how your career goal should benefit] Guidelines 1) You will be assessed on:  Understanding and application of relevant theory.  Overall structure and presentation of the report. 4) Must follow Harvard Style referencing.  Critical analysis and evaluation. 3) No emphasis on the number of pages and you are encouraged to use graphs. BBA (BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION) c. 6) Your arguments should be supported by relevant theory. tabulations and pictorials if and when necessary. “Actions” and intended “Results” framework. 7) Clearly state all your assumptions with adequate justifications. ------------- .  The ability of applying real life experiences. 5) Plagiarism and collusion will be seriously dealt with. Actions: describe and justify what actions you will take. Produce and justify a set of plans to improve the weaker learning styles. by considering your “Problems”. given your goal of becoming a successful. 1. 2) Please use Times New Roman -12.AIMS COLLEGE Vijayakumarathunga Mawatha.A.5 line spacing.R. with evidence of wide reading around the subject. 8) Please submit the completed assignment hardcopy to the AIMS office prior to 30th April 2016 while a soft copy is emailed to the Module Leader. Colombo 05. Do this by outline a P. self-development action plan. [Problems: analyze a specific learning style problem you have.