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Lacul Izvorul Muntelui

(Mountain Spring Lake)
The hydro-energetic arrangement project at Mountain Spring for the
electrification of the entire Moldova, provided a large factory in the village Stejarul,
from the Pângăraţi commune and closing Bistriţa with a dam of 127 m height and a
length of 435 m.
The construction started in November 1950 and thousands of inmates
worked for creating the hydro-energetic dam , Mountain Spring. It came into operation
on 1 July 1960. It is a concrete charge dam built connecting Mount Gicovanu with
Obcina Horstei, located upstream of the confluence with Spring Mountain Bistrita. The
average flow of the dam is 42 mc/s, and the highest recorded is 178 mc/s.
The lake "Mountain Spring", also known as the " Bicaz Lake ", is the largest
artificial lake arranged on rivers interior of Romania, with about 20 km long and
numerous areas of lateral expansion. Located on the upper Bistrita river, the lake
formed following the construction of the hydro-energetic dam. It also represents the
powerup that the power station Bicaz-Stejaru is getting from, and it is equipped with
six generators.
The appearance of lake meant sacrificing the forests in the area. Biologists
are still wondering if this is favorable or not, because at the same time many forests
have disappeared with thousands of species of plants, animals and invertebrates, all to
build an anthropic ecosystem.Some native species have disappeared due to the fact
that they could not migrate.But all of these have a positive aspect too. Once with the
silting of the lake,multiple species of fish,birds and frogs, including reeds and rushes
The Lake’s Fauna includes: roach, chub, huck,barbel, bleak, lake and
rainbow trout, bream and broad snout. On the left side ban there is a trout stockfarm in
Unfortunately, today, the lake is facing the unwanted phenomenon of PET,
those objects floating invades the water surface of the lake Spring Mountain. Guilty of
this are the residents of the villages located on the Bistrita Valley, that are throwing
the uncontrolled waste in water beds. The phenomenon is amplified every spring with
the increasing flow rate of Bistrita, carrying all the dirt to the lake from its basin.
The waterways have been used since ancient times to transport timber
from small communities. Because there were vigorous wooded areas where the wood
could not be removed, they were using the rivers to carry it. First of all, the wood had
to stand 5-6 months dry after cutting and then be bound and turned into rafts and left
into the water. Rafting season was between 15 March - 15 November, in which a man
could attain up to 26 rafts. The wood transported on Bistrita stopped at sawmills in
Piatra Neamt ( "Moldova", "Bistrita", "Dorna", "Pângăraţi) from Bacau (" Cosmeşti "),

and the 9th in height in Europe. Tourists are able to accommodate on the lakes banks or at one of the hostels in Mountain Spring. Also. The largest amount of wood went straight to plants in Galati as merchandise of import or transit. Records: Mountain Spring Dam is the third highest dam in Romania. . Near the dam there is a port arranged where tourists can enjoy recreation at Lake Mountain Spring: you can take mini-cruises by boat on the lake or you can rent boats. fishing enthusiasts will find plenty of places for fishing activities.and in Galati and Braila too. motorboats and hydro-bikes.