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Beijing Woos Foreign Talent To Zhongguancun Tech Zone
Preferential Visa policies to attract foreign experts

Charles Liu, January 15, 2016 11:20am (

The Ministry of Public Security has announced a pilot project granting preferential
policies to attract high-end foreign talent to the nation’s capital. Beijing follows
Shanghai in becoming the second city to introduce such measures.

Starting March 1, the project strategically targets high-end foreign professionals,
including overseas Chinese who graduated from foreign universities and have started
businesses in Beijing, foreign exchange students, and foreigners who work for
entrepreneurial startups in the city.

One of the goals of the project is to provide a steady stream of foreign talent for
scientific and technological innovation in Beijing’s newly re-tooled Zhongguancun
National Demonstration Zone, said the Ministry’s Bureau of Exit and Entry

As part of the new policy, overseas Chinese in possession of a doctoral degree received
abroad will be given permanent residency, no matter how long they stay in the
capital. Additionally, foreigners who have worked at Zhongguancun companies for
four years, staying at least six months per year, will be given the permit as well.

Other highlights of the program include allowing foreign students to have part-time
jobs while starting their own businesses in Zhongguancun, allowing overseas
university students to have short-term internships in Zhongguancun, and providing
easier access to permanent residency for foreigners with doctoral degrees.

Wang Huiyao, president of the South China Global Talent Institute, explained the
benefit of the policies: “The threshold will be lowered for overseas Chinese and highend foreign talent, which is definitely a real benefit for them,” said Wang.

Meanwhile, policies designed to mold Shanghai into a global technological innovation
center have resulted in the issuing of more visas and permits.

Since loosening visa policies in July of last year, 715 permanent resident permits have
been issued in Shanghai, which is up 60 from the same time the year before.

One of the benefits to lowering the entry requirements for foreign experts in


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