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Elementary Department
3rd Periodical Test
English -VI
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I. Modify True or False
Write TRUE if the underline word is correct. If false, write the correct word(s) to
make the statement true. Writeyour answer on the space provided before the
1. Synonyms are words with same or almost similar meaning.
2. Story map is organizing the main idea and supporting details.
3. Resolution is the goal of the main character in the story.
4. Plot tells where and when the story happens.
5. Homonyms are words that share the same spelling but have different
meanings and pronunciation.
6. Supporting details is the most important information in the paragraph.
7. An Outline is a visua way to organize stlory elements.
8. Two –word verbs is made up of a verb and a preposition or adverb.
9. Dictionary is a book that lists words in an alphabetical letter and
presents synonyms and antonyms.
10.A tag question is a structure added at the end of a statement to turn it
to a question.
II. Completion Test
Complete the sentence with the correct tag question for each statement. Put the
correct punctuation.
11.We must take good care of our parents ________________________
12.A leopard cannot be a pet ________________________
13.Shukran is not an english word ______________________
14.You do not have cash _____________________________
15.Agnes works in Manila ____________________________
16.Your teachers do not know your problem _________________________
17.Lita knows her rights _______________________
18.He worked here last month ___________________
19. Yuba thought that the parrot is ungrateful ____________________
20.Rico was kidnapped by the kidnapper __________________________
III. A. Write an antonym for the word in the parentheses that makes sense in the
21.Thao ran his hand along the (smooth) ___________ surface of the wood.
22.He knew he would have to (stop) _____________ sanding it.
23.Only after sanding would he be able to (destroy) ______________ a table
24.He would try to (forget) _________________ not to sand it too much.
25.I have (friend) _______ name Luzia.
B. Write S if they are synonyms, or A if they are antonyms.
26.brave, courageus 31. country, nation 27.start, commence 32. quick, slow

loud noises 40. 46. Identify the reference book to be used for the following information. popular 30.My mother was to planned to (put on. Circle the letter for the best definition of each underlined homographs.She grabbed a stick to arm herself against the threat. Are) this tool ready to be cleaned? 42. part of the body b.(Is.28. 44. bright b. a. are) the chairperson this week.Kinds of flower.are) my gloves? 45. 62. 56.Map of Camarines Norte and its town.Ryan. a.Mute people (put up. 52. fringe of a hair b. are) the sandwiches ready? 47. V. Underline the two –word verb that best complete each statement. 48.My nephew was able to (put up. a. take out) his mother’s suggestion to stay in the country. aloneness 29. (is.The author of “The Prince”.The newspaper (is. pronunciation of words.Syllabication. 54. 41. modern C. are) making peanut brittle. dry. Get off) the car and help me with these bags.are) too ripe. 61. put away) their message through sign language. Put away) your books for the test.Who (was. 53. solitude.We do not need to (put down.The room is light because it has many windows.This tomato (is. a. are) these your books? 49. Underline the correct verb to complete each sentence.Bill (is. part left over b.happy. were) that person on the corner? 50. 59. take up a weapon 63.It is getting cold. 67. inactive period of time 37.begin.were) at my house this morning.The heat in the desert was unbearble. put out) the fire 58. 66. to abandon b. end 35. V.Sara jumped at the bangs of the exploding balloons. Write your answer on the blank. put up) her new project. (is. grin 34.She (was.Daniel. 43. 65. put across) his message to my sister through cellphone. put across) their message through a sign language. 55. put on) our jackets.(Put down.Lee ate the rest of the meatball sandwich. a. 57.Richard plans to (take in. sad 33. 51.We need to (putoff. 64.Where (is.Youngest scientist of the world .(Get out. known. not heavy 39. 36. 60.The population density in Marikina. outdated. barren land 38. Let us (put up.They (is.The greatest boxer of the year 2010. turn down) applicants who manifest incompetence.Companies (turn off. are) the early edition.

Facts and information about the effects of acid rain.Magazine articles about fire. 70.Idioms and etymologies of the words. . flood and landslide. typhoons. 69.68.