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Decante & Body Parts

This is a matter to wonder, why there are moles on certain parts and why certain parts of
the body is more susceptible to cuts and bruises than other parts. However, this is not all,
why should we know the influence of planets on different parts of the body. This is a
invariable part in medical astrology and can be used to track which planet is influencing
the body parts under trouble. Jyotish is a beautiful too to uncover, even those things
which are covered in the eyes of a seasoned medical practitioner. This makes us
appreciate the association of the cosmos with all of us in this world, whether perceptible
or imperceptible to our senses. We are ad midst of the play of the cosmic drama and we
are the player. The director is none other than the supreme consciousness, for whom the
principle of operation of a universe and a cell inside human body are the same. Alas! We
do not realize it with our limited senses. However, we can infer, from whatever we can
sense, that there is an invisible reality, which is truer than what we assume to be true in
this material plane of existence based on our senses.
2. What Classics Say?
Decanates and Bodily Limbs. Head, eyes, ears, nose, temple, chin and face is the order of
limbs, denoted (by the various Bhavas), when the first decanate of a Rāśi ascends. In the
case of the second decanate ascending the order is neck, shoulder, arm, side, heart,
stomach and navel. The order for the third decanate ascending is pelvis, anus/penis,
testicles, thigh, knee, calf and foot. (BPHS 12.12-12.14)
Left/ Right Parts: The portion already risen indicates left side of the body (while the one
yet to rise, i.e. the invisible half, denotes the right side of the body). (BPHS 12.12-12.14)
Limbs Affected: The limb, related to a malefic by occupation, will have ulcers, or scars,
while the one, related to a benefic, will have a mark (like moles etc). So say the
Jyotishis. (BPHS 12.15)
Marks from Birth or later: Should these planets be in their own Rāśi, or Amsa at birth,
then the wound, or mole are right from birth. Otherwise these will be caused later on (in
appropriate periods). (Saravali 4.6)
3. Interpretation
The three decanates divide the body into three parts. In each sign the decanate where
Lagna is placed, would show some part of head (upper part: above the trunk), the 2nd
decanate (from that of Lagna Decanate) would show the organs of the middle part (from
neck to pelvis) and the 3rd decanate (from that of the Lagna) would show the organs in
the lower part (below the pelvis).
For illustration if the Lagna is rising in the 2nd decanate, then 2nd decanate of all the
signs shall show the part of the head, the 3rd decanate, shall show the parts of the trunk
and the 1st decanates of signs shall show the parts of the lower third.

Saturn is placed in the 3rd decanate of 7th. In the following illustration. Saturn is placed in the 7th house however is in the visible half (cusp to end) of the 7th house and hence shall represent the left side of the body part.The classification of the body parts are shown below: * The body parts represented by Lagna and the 7th have both the right and the left part. Thus one should remember the association . Thus it is noteworthy that the visible part of the zodiac at the moment of birth (from 7th to 12th) show the left part of the body (controlled by right side of the brain). Lagna: The two side of the Lagna cusp represent two sides. . 7th house: In the seventh house. falls in the visible part (yet to set in western horizon) represent the left side of the body part.Left. Thus the body part influenced by Saturn is left foot.Right. From the beginning of the Lagna sign (0deg) to the cusp falls in the visible half and shall represent the left side of the body part and from the cusp to the end of the sign falls in the invisible half and shall represent the right side of the body part. while the invisible part of the zodiac (Lagna to 7th) shows the right side of the body (controlled by the left side of the brain).Visible. b. Invisible . the torso by the 2nd decanate and the part below the navel by the 3rd decanate). They are described below: a. the head is ruled by the 1st decanate. the duration of beginning of the sign to the cusp of the 7th (equal to Lagna cusp in equal house division) falls in in the invisible half (already set in western horizon) and shall represent the right side of the body part and from the cusp to the end. which represent foot (since Lagna is in 1st decanate.

wounds and sores etc can be predicted from the placement of planets in different decanates. warts. I have for sure wound marks or scars in my left knee where Mars is placed. Illustration: Maharishis say that the moles. Posted by Sarajit Poddar at 10:05 PM 8 comments Links to this post . whereas my right knee is perfectly fine.4. In the following horoscope. Saturn is also not lesser in anyway in inflicting its pain and marks in left foot. the planets are placed in the following decanates: The planets are placed in the following decanate: The above mentioned body parts can have some moles or scars based on whether it is occupied by benefics or malefics. birth marks. Lets see how it works. why am I so susceptible to wounds and bruises in my left knee when I was a naughty kid. I always used to think.