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1st and 2nd Semester Examinations

April/May 2016
1. Date of commencement and eligibility to sit examinations
January to June Semester (Both Regular and June Intake) Final Examinations will commence
on April/May 2016.
All students with valid semester registration shall attempt the final semester
2. Closing date of applications for Repeat Candidates.
Students who have repeat subjects in the 2014 June to December semesters of and those with
repeat subjects at the other previous semester examinations are required to submit their
examination entry forms for the examination on or before 31st March 2016.
No late applications will be entertained.

3. Change of Subjects for which registration has been sought

Any student who wants to change subjects, for which registration has been sought through the
original application, should request for the adjustments in writing from the
Manager/Examinations before 01st April 2016.
Any requests for changes received after this date will not be accepted under any

4. Registration Process for repeat candidates

The examination entry forms are available at the reception counter. Completed entry forms
should be handed over to the cashier with the bank payment slip in order to obtain the SLIIT
official receipt.
Students will be registered on the basis of the submission date of the complete application for
registration and NOT on the basis of the date the payment of fees to the bank.

5. Payments
Students will be required to pay Rs. 2,500/- per subject. The payment should be made:
At Bank of Ceylon (any branch) in favour of Sri Lanka Institute of Information
Technology (Gte.) Ltd to Current A/C No. 1630552.
Sampath Bank (any Branch) in favour of Sri Lanka Institute of Information
Technology (Gte.) Ltd Current A/C No. 003990000033.
The payment receipt should be attached to the examination entry form

6. The eligibility Lists of candidates will be displayed on Courseweb

on the 07th April 2016.
Any student who has duly registered for the semester and students who have applied to attempt
the examinations as repeat candidates should check the eligibility lists and immediately contact
the Manager Examinations essentially before 08th April 2016, if his or her name is not
appearing in the eligibility list.
Students whose names are not in the eligibility lists (Examination attendance sheets) will not
be permitted to sit examinations. Examinations Supervisors have been requested to enforce
this requirement on a strict basis. Therefore the students are advised to complete the
registration process on time. No appeals will be entertained.

7. Note:
It should be very clearly noted that those who do not register by submitting the relevant
examination entry forms along with the applicable fee on or before the closing date of
applications will not be permitted to attempt the examination under any circumstances
and appeals will not be entertained.
Students who are not registered for the semester either on a regular or a prorate basis
,those who are under punishment for committing examination offences and who are thus
ineligible to sit the repeat examination are advised not to pay examination fees for the
repeat examination.
Refund forms received from such student/s that is/are not eligible to register will not be
entertained and payments made by such persons will not be refunded under any
Rashmi Edussuriya
Manager/Registry and Examinations