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Earth is Collapsing AWAKEN TO TRUTH

Human struggle is a search for Truth and quest to take control of his destiny. In the past we were guided by spiritual knowledge centered on God an Unseen Entity governing everything. This knowledge completely gave to material knowledge probably after Christ Calvary Sacrifice. The modern science and knowledge system that rules us came into being when the Christian clergies were ruling the west and amassing wealth in the name of unseen God. A new religion and philosophy [Muslim] also came into existence during this period. The foundation of science was laid by isolating mind and consciousness from matter. It was founded on assumption that the Truth exists in matter. Thus it began to focus its mind on matter. In the process of its exploration of truth in matter, it learned the art of unleashing the power of matter. This power is being is driving humanity. It is being used to construct and destruct humanity. The Truth however, is eluding the high priest of temples of science, who took the control of the mind of public. In the absence of truth the material force is being exploited recklessly to advance “self” thus breaking the structure of family, community, society and the whole world. This reckless exploitation of nature without knowing the Truth of Nature is also reflecting it self in break down of earth and its forces. We are feeling this reality as climatic changes and climatic catastrophes. In the ignorance of Truth we are leading earth to collapse! With quantum science, science came one circle to speak very clearly that some how consciousness and intelligence of human influence the way nature enfolds and unfolds. This broke the foundation of science in1920’s and liberated human mind from the clutches of traditional physicist. The world has grown since then in an uncontrolled manner and is endangered by growing partial material force and spiritual force; both of them seem to threaten the very existence of humanity in the absence of Truth The search for Truth calls for retreat to the roots. From scientific perspective we need to retreat to the quantum level and understand the secrets of quantum world. We need to know how consciousness and intelligence manifest at the fundamental particulate level and then extend it to the universal level. These aspects are disused in my site 1] “Awakening to Truth” – 2] “Biology and Physics of Bible” 3] “Truth of Nature” Let us now see how earth is collapsing

How Earth is Collapsing

Earth is designed with external space, internal space and middle material reality. We all know that the world is made of energy or spirit. Einstein proved it by virtue of his E=mc2. This means the matter that we see is simply an enfolded form of energy in space. Einstein’s equation suggest that the matter we see is the product of two opposing light particle. His relativity theory suggests that no material system can be accelerated to speed of light. This suggests that there is energy to matter ratio in the matter particle and all matter particle work to maintain this ratio with in certain limits. The struggle to maintain the ratio manifest as resistance and creativity in material matter, which leads to formation of molecules, compounds and so on. In life

particle it is the source of dynamic information build up and creation of elaborate systems that sustains life. The fact that a matter system wind and unwind [enfold and unfold] means the two particles of light from which they are formed are not equal. Equal and opposite cancels. The enfolding of this energy particle thus goes through non equilibrium manner and any enfolding in non-equilibrium system in space creates a space within. It also creates a path ways to communicate with internal and external space. This design is applicable to atom, a molecule, a collection of molecules, systems, the earth and the whole universe. This formation of quantum system from quantum particle is discussed in my site “Awakening to Truth” I over look any further discussion here The above thinking invariably means earth has an inner space and an outer space. A communication takes place from outer to inner space and vice versa and this communication and flow actually sustains the system. This reality becomes evident when we observe life, its structure, functioning and sustenance. It also reflects in the design of Earth into day and night cycle that helps it maintain the energy flow and the balance of the system. The second law of thermodynamics becomes applicable even to this communication and thus deterioration of the world is inevitable. Survival and perpetuation of the world depends of information enfolding and unfolding. This is the core aspect spoken in all the article of my site “Truth of Nature”. Earth is designed as right and left or west and east. When sun light arises in the west and the material matter in it unwinds to go into disorder, east sleeps to darkness and winds to maintain order and vice-versa. The east and west are instantaneously communicated. Any change disturbing its balance is perceived by a center point and is communicated in time through 12 points that exist in four layers in group of 3. This design is reflected in the day and night cycle. This 12 hour day night cycle is embedded in 12 month climatic cycle, this turn is embedded in 12 year cycle and extending it the ancient perceived a great cycle with an End of Time, where the darkness peaks to give way to light and vice-versa. The material world as we know is governed by gravity or centripetal force. The second law of thermodynamics is applied to it, tells us that it should collapse to a point, but some how the collapse does not occur. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity applied to the material world tell us that in the End of Time matter loses energy and collapses to a point at which all the laws of science breaks down. This is known as the Big Bang Theory. The sign prior to it is the increase of energy or heat of the environment which shears down all the systems enclosed in it. Now I ask a question are we not experiencing the shearing force of heat from the environment. Can we not relate the recent climatic catastrophes to this shearing and disruption of the energy cycle? The series of earth quakes that we witnessed could be related to the matter of earth loosing its energy and winding to collapse to a point. What this means that, when the environment out side gets heated and begins to shear, the environment inside also begins to shear mediated by the material earth that is loosing energy and is increasingly winding to a point. The logical end is the eruption of volcanoes that turn the belly of earth inside out. The preceding events that results form the winding of earth are series of earth quakes. This disastrous end, to which science is leading us, was predicted by me as early as 1992-93. A few

weeks back the world saw what a mild volcano can do to human society and its social structure. Archeological exploration have shown proof of many civilization buried under earth and sea. This and the present source of oil and gas are related to possible volcanoes of huge order which turned the belly of earth inside out. Volcanic scientists tell us that many major volcanoes are due for eruption. The earth within limits is designed such that it can resist the collapse. The working of earth and the energy flow in day and night cycle resembles a double pump or heart. Earth works to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter. When this working is disturbed, then the earth unwinds to survive. Beyond a point it cannot do so and then the earth reacts to collapse into new order, destroying the elements that are disturbing its functioning.

The Cause for Earths Collapse
In order to understand the cause we need to bring life into the above picture of energy flow. Now imagine plant life in the above day and night energy cycle. The plant
absorbs the light and energy, thus it cools the environment and works opposite to disorder. As the night falls the plants use the absorbed energy and matter to create a biological mass that grows against gravity or centripetal force. Thus life and matter are two opposing worlds that sustain the world. Now imagine animal life along with plant life. The animal life gives a third dimension to energy flow. The nature is designed for self sustenance. If plant alone existed then the plants would have led the universe into anti-gravitational collapse. Thus herbivore control plant growth and carnivore control herbivore. Above all of them exists the Humankind made in the image of the Creator. [Arguments from spiritual scriptures - what this signify we will see later] Now imagine adult human beings in the above energy cycle. We now see fourth dimension or time direction to the energy flow. This fourth dimension or time dimension comes from adult human mind that becomes self centered. It begins when he distances from the parents and seek his self. Every one errs in this critical state and become slave to material world. The magnitude of error in individuals differs qualitatively. Those who have good lineage and good upbringing exist connected to parents and God. At the individual level it means disconnecting from the consciousness and intelligence within and come to live a mind centered life, which attaches to money and matter and works for material power. Here the individual views the opposite as enemy, exist in fear and assumes that the cause of his miseries and death comes from external world or the opposite. The truth is that the cause of death exists within. Modern world has created an environment that makes people totally attached to material force and matter. More and more of the new generation falling into its grip and is taking the path of death. This is a huge social problem of modern world that can only be changed from paradigm shift in thinking. We must recall the creation written in Bible. It says Adam and Eve were created in His image and they were given the dominion over His Kingdom. However, he restricted Adam and Eve from eating from the tree at the center. From the scientific context we can interpret this law as resistance to humanity from de-linking from his consciousness and intelligence that give life and order and aligning himself with material force that directs to disorder and gravitational collapse.

The law was only a resistive principle. Creation of humans involves two realities. One is the original spirit/matter component of God, the other being the image created from spirit/matter component taken from mud. By the law of time, individuals and humanity as a whole are destined to fall from the Grace of God and His illuminating intelligence. The point of this fall Bible tells is eating the Forbidden Fruit. It is the point at which human beings develop “self” and man looses his connectivity with his consciousness and the root [Light and Truth] within. He begins a journey into darkness, he leans on material power and money for sustenance but in ignorance he digs his own grave. He seeks Light and Truth by his mind but his mind fails to grasp the Truth. He tries to control his destiny by material power but ends in disaster. The modern world now is witnessing the peak of this journey into darkness. The material exploitation in the ignorance of simple Truth of Nature is disrupting earth’s functioning to maintain its energy to matter ratio or the temperature of the environment. The earth has been unwinding to sustain her self and she has reached a limit and she is breaking down. Thus the temperature of Earth is peaking and falling abruptly causing climatic catastrophes. We are witnessing increased disasters from fire and wind. When the cycle changes we are witnessing increased flood and snows causing huge destruction. Forces of nature, which other wise supported life, to day is working as double edged sword destroying humanity on earth. The increased heat is shearing the various ecological systems. It is making the individual, family and society as a whole unstable. The tendencies of war terrorism, and violence is increasing. The next few years to 2012 could very critical to human survival

The hope for the World – The Key to Awakening
The future of humanity of the world thus appears bleak from material perspective. However, we see Light and hope the moment we connect to the consciousness and see the light and intelligence governing the system. The death is inevitable to a living universe. But when we visualize universe as living then we get hopes of survival against time and death. Life is designed to survive and conquer time and death through a process of reproduction. Here one reduced cell of the Father leaves behind the body and enter the womb and unite with a second selected reduced cell. Here the Father’s Essence unites with its pair to form one soul. The Father’s Essence now creates that initial perturbation of life. It all starts as a wave originating from a point that exists in the Father component of the soul. The wave is created in relation with the pair leading to Quantum Dance. The one soul thus formed, opens as two templates to create two new worlds out of the one in time. The two New Souls created involves energy and matter taken from the body. Imagine the DNA duplication and division of cell here. Biblical creation of Adam and Eve can be understood from this point. The Creator Spirits now exists in the middle as resistive force and law keeper [judge] defending Truth and sustaining the balance between left and right. The Spirit here is the perceiving element that experiences the change and acts to balance and sustain the system. For one universal system there is no second body into which the Father’s Essence can go to create a new body. This means the Father’s Essence or the one selected Seed or the Son, should leave His Fathers Kingdom or His ruling position to enter the body that is collapsing and deteriorating under time to conceive and recreate a new

world out of the old. This means the Supreme Consciousness and Intelligence hides in the womb and goes into recreation and restoration mode. During this phase what rules us is the inferior knowledge of human consciousness and mind that has become slave to matter and money and is aligned with material force directed to center and collapse. In this context of biological thinking we can visualize Calvary as conceiving point of New Time, which is due to emerge and initialize itself as the darkness peaks. The universal cycle of time could be visualized as Knowledge Cycle or information cycle that unfolds and enfolds in time. Our hope now exists in Jesus Christ and the revelation of Truth of Nature and gaining the Knowledge to sustain the world and lead it in right direction. The SECRET OF CALVARY and GOOD NEWS needs to emerge as a science beyond the bondage of religion. Modern day organized Christianity lack Life. No wonder the Christian Nations ruling us today have filled the world with weapons of mass destruction. The human mind that has eaten the forbidden fruit and become slave to material world has been exploiting the material field and energy that is directed to disorder and collapse as predicted by GTR of Einstein and Non Linear Science. The hope now exists in the emergence of Strange Attractor around which the system collapses into new order. This Strange Attractor is nothing but the conscious field of Christ that is expanding from within. In contrast to material world that is contracting and constricting the conscious field of Christ or God is expanding. Before the material world tends to collapse, under human conscious field and inferior intelligence that has become slave to material world, the conscious field of Christ would break the womb and reveal the Mind of God and there by the Truth of Nature. The revelation of Truth would make all the nations and religions to bow to the power of God and get liberated from the Clutches of evil and darkness. Only this can defeat the conquering motive and corruption growing in humanity. This is accompanied by enfolding of the conscious field of Christ into two. This is judgment. More about it is discussed in my sites, Truth of Nature – Awakening to Truth - Bio-Physics of Bible -

A Humble Request – The article is the product of over two decades of self less research, guided by His Grace, after I gave up a lucrative career in biotechnology to live as a small farmer taking the responsibility of a combined family that was collapsing. It brings to you the basic substance and arguments for a Living Universe Theory. Those of you who are reading this, if you feel there is substance in my work, please spread it to as many people as possible. Specially try calling the attention of the TV, Media People, Ministries, Leaders and scientist of the world who are determining our fate. The Truth of the Good News, Knowing God and returning to our spiritual roots is the only means to survive the End Time Disasters. I am convinced beyond doubt that humanity will “Awaken to Truth” and Truth will have its victory. We are going through pains of delivering Truth. More we delay heavier will be the destruction and the pain the world has to endure. I have spent one life time, listening to my consciousness and its call. It was a sacrificial life of walking the difficult path by taking the cross. Today in my family the

younger generations have taken high profile jobs in modern world. My teachings to them, the sacrificial life, I led for them seems to be going in vain under the influence of modern world environment. The devil of “self” is manifesting to cause a split and fall. The defeat of evil and saving the future for our children cannot happen unless there is change in the environmental forces. We need to stop the mind pollution and “self” forces disintegrate, family, community, society, and the whole world I live on the last of my resources as I exist on the net to communicate to you all. Your help to spread this message is vital to bring the much wanted defeat of devil and transformation of the world. The future to the world exists in Knowing the Truth and Awakening to Truth.

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