Illegal Immigration: What I Learned About Mexico...

in Mexico
By Rene Guerra

The other day I received an email from someone who identified himself with the Internet ID name Footsoldier-Aztlán*, and who confided being a Mexican immigrant, now a U.S. citizen, former Marine, and university-educated, for he had used the GI Bill to get his college degree.
---* Aztlán is accurately explained by Wikipedia as: "From Nahuatl: Aztlán, pronounced [ˈastɬaːn]) is the legendary ancestral home of the Nahua peoples, one of the main cultural groups in Mesoamerica [From central Mexico down-south to Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua]. Aztec is the Nahuatl word for "people from Aztlan". Aztlanistas are Chicano and Mexican irredentists who seek to re-populate with Chicanos and Mexicans, legal or illegal, a vast region of the United States, secede it --some think through ballots, others, through bullets-- under the name of Aztlán, and then annex it to Mexico. This new Aztlán would encompass California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah. Prominent Chicano California Democrat politicians, such as former California State Assembly Speaker and Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, militated in MEChA, which stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (Chicano = American citizens of Mexican descend), the epitome of all Aztlanista organizations. The two Democrats have never repudiated it. They support illegal immigration.

Of course, Aztlán will never materialize, unless one of the several internal or external forces attempting to undo America succeeds, and America is then regressed back to agricultural age, such as it would happen, for example, if nuked (e.g., either Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan or Iran facilitating -either by volition or dereliction-- portable nuclear-bombs to Islamist massmurderous terrorists). In such circumstances, America would be rendered so helpless that all hyenas and buzzards now circling around her would jump on the carrion that America would have then become; Mexico, of course, would then "reclaim" Aztlán. The gist about Aztlán is, however, that --aside either its absurdity or its feasibility-- the Aztlán theme is being used by the Left either directly or through its main front, the Democrat Party, to balkanize America even further, to use it as fuel to exacerbate their preferred way of politicking: ethnic and class warfare. That’s why the Left --including the entire high hierarchy and a huge sector of what is the core of the Democrat Party-support balkanizing-themes such as Aztlán. Back to Footsoldier-Aztlán, he was contesting an article I had written about how phony Cinco de Mayo is as compared to the realities around the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, during the French occupation of Mexico. In that article I addressed briefly the issue of illegal immigration from Mexico. He contemptuously and ironically asked me that if what I wrote in the article was all I had been taught about Mexico from K-12 through graduate school. I answered Footsoldier-Aztlán that I learned it in Mexico, where I lived for two years when an American electronics firm sent me there, in my condition as an electronics engineer, to help upgrade the engineering capabilities of its local manufacturing plant in Mexico City, becoming in the process familiar with, among other things, Mexico’s history, civic festivities and politics. And I told him that I had learned much more about Mexico . . . in Mexico. I told him I learned that the problem of illegal immigration stems mostly from the fact that Mexico has conveniently decided to use the U.S. as its dump for those Mexicans it rejects as --in the words of a cynical Mexican politician**-- "social refuse". I learned also that Mexico uses them not only to generate national revenue from remittances, but also to attempt to cause menacing disruptions in the American fabric***.
--- ** Carlos Hank-Gonzalez, who from a meagerly paid primary-school teacher that paved the sidewalks of Mexico City walking in hole-pocked-sole shoes to work, “rose” to one of the richest men on the planet. He “rose” through the ranks of the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional), the arch-corrupt political party that dominated Mexico for 71 long years, and which would make the Chicago Democrat Machine look like kindergarten. He eventually became mayor of Mexico City --a post in Mexico where the loot is mouth-watering fabulous to Mexican politicians-- and, hence, rotten rich, from sheer venality. Hank-Gonzalez used to boast that Mexico sends north its “social refuse” (hordes of pauper, illiterate Mexicans, mostly Indians), “de tal manera que esos gringos pendejos se hagan cargo de ellos” (so that those a@#hole gringos take care of them.)

--- *** Former Mexican president Vicente Fox publicly boasted “…I am the President of 100 million Mexicans in Mexico and 20 millions Mexicans in the U.S.…”., fostering divided allegiances among Americans of Mexican descend and pointing to the illegal presence of millions of Mexicans in the U.S.A. Then Mexico uses MALDEF, LULAC, La Raza, MEChA, the Mexica Movement and other racist and irredentist entities operating within the Chicano community to, in effect, control many of Mexican descent in the U.S.

So I learned that the illegal-immigration from Mexico has at least the following five main drivers: 1. Spread poverty in Mexico with 47% (2008) of the population below the poverty line, which makes it enormously attractive to impoverished Mexicans to cross the border illegally. That is something sad to say of country that is coterminous with the U.S., whereas Chile, another Latin American country, at the extreme south of the American continent, and without the bountiful and valuable natural resources that Mexico is blessed with, has only 18.2% (2005) of its population below the poverty line. For reference, Canada was at about 10.8% in 2004. The U.S. was at 12% in 2004...although with the socialization the Obama and the Democrats want to impose on America, we could end up being another basket case of a socialist society. By the way, notice that, instead of having the equivalent to a FICA tax for Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Compensation, Chile has a system -adopted since 1980-- of individually owned private personal healthcare and retirement investment (IOPPHCRI) accounts. Chilean retirees are getting fat monthly checks from their IOPPHCRI accounts. If you want to know more about the Chilean system, contact José Piñera, Cato Institute Co-chairman, Project on Social Security Choice and the Milton Friedman’s Chicago Boy that spearheaded the creation of the Chilean IOPPHCRI system. His brother Sebastián --a conservative billionaire and, like José, a Harvard economics PhD-- is the democratically elected new President of Chile since last March 11, 2010. 2. An aggressive intent and premeditation among the Mexican elites that --rather than incorporating Mexico’s marginalized population into Mexico’s economy in productive, creative way-- opt for dumping them into the U.S. as what they cynically and callously refer to as "social refuse": they are pauper, mostly illiterate, unskilled and, generally, coming from Mexican Amerindian enclaves (Tarahumaras, Toltecs, Yaquis, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Maya, etc.). Those are the "browns" that the balkanizing-Left makes reference to with great frequency, when taking or writing indistinctly about Mexicans living illegally in the U.S.A., those legally living here legally, and American citizens of Mexican descend or Chicanos, as MEChA calls them. 3. An aggressive, relentless and continual push in the U.S. by the Left to force the U.S. to eagerly and encouragingly suck --like a giant vacuum cleaner-- that "social refuse". The Left readily converts such

"social refuse" into cannon-fodder for the Left’s ideological/political purposes. The Left is assisted actively by its fronts: the Democrat Party, along with its stooges, proxies and "useful-idiots" (aka "liberals") in the "mainstream" media, academia, the intelligentsia, the arts and entertainment, organized labor (unions) and a plethora of other leftist fronts such as irredentist joints (MEChA, MALDEF, LULAC, La Raza, the Mexica Movement, etc.),, MediaMatters, ACORN, Organizing for America, leftist think tanks, the leftist blogsphere and cyber-space, and a plethora more of other leftist fronts. Check The Left and that huge retinue will be referred hereinafter to as the Backstab America Mob (BAM). 4. A derelict, complicit attitude by RINOs such as John McCain, who, given that he is running for re-election, is now trying to bamboozle us with feigned postures of anti-illegal-immigration bravado. Lindsay Graham is another sample of those RINO vermin. The RINOs have been complicit in the sense of giving the Democrats grounds to claim that there exists "bipartisan" support for illegal-immigration when endorsing blanket amnesty disguised as "comprehensive" immigration reform. Although not full-fledged RINOs, add also the Bushes and, per their record while in office, Michael Huckabee and Mitt Romney. 5. The gluttonous greed of many U.S. employers that provide stable employment to illegals at sub-standard salaries, plus the myopia of small contractors and heads of households that offer illegals occasional occupation (gardening, landscaping, housekeeping and the like) to illegals, for low wages. But I learned more about Mexico as related to the hordes of "social refuse" they dump into the U.S.; that is, I learned as well that Mexico is potentially overall rich and that Mexico could perfectly be a powerhouse on a par with Japan, South Korea, Germany and others, for, besides other riches, it has:  Vast natural material resources in the form of petroleum, natural gas, coal, iron ore, silver, copper and other minerals, including some respectable deposits of uranium. Vast extensions of arable lands in the center and south of the country, plus a climate that could allow planting and harvesting multiple crops per year. Seaports on the Pacific and the Atlantic, trade gates to Asia, Europe, and to both coasts of the Americas. A massive population that --if educated and skilled and incorporated productively to the domestic economy-- could sustain a thriving internal market for durable and non-durable goods and services that

could later be exported at competitive prices.  A coterminous border with the U.S., a most technologically advanced society and the most powerful economy in the world, from which Mexico could have absorbed, since decades ago, by osmosis, capillarity or simple emulation, the many U.S. advancements as, wisely, Canada has.

I furthermore learned that the main problem of Mexico is that it wasted 71 long years under the boot of the infamous PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional), which spent almost three fourths of a century flirting with socialistoid policies --which means squandering the national treasure and stifling private entrepreneurship-- and in a looting orgy, plundering the national coffers. The arch-corrupt PRI used the leftist card, in part to blackmail the U.S. during the Cold War with the threat of supporting the Soviet Union if not left alone looting the country. The leftist card was used in part, also, to co-opt its own arch-corrupt Left into quietness and into helping to cover up for the endemic, pervasive and intense corruption at all levels of government. There was also the entente between the Mexican government and the domestic Left of lending its territory as a haven for terrorists of all sorts, particularly Leftist ones (e.g., it was from Mexico that Fidel Castro embarked his guerrillas to Cuba, ending up where he and his brother Raul are: Cuba’s communist Dear Leaders.) The Mexican government has been for decades and decades practically an apparatus of systemic and systematic venality and peculation gone wild. I, besides, learned that, to make things worse, corruption is deeply embedded also in Mexican society in general and not only in government. Sadly, the PRI made of Mexico practically, not only a kleptocracy, but also a kleptosociety where almost everybody cheats on, and steals from everybody. (When paying for something in Mexico, always watch for your change!) There is the prevalent and pervading surrealistic and bizarre notion in Mexico that, if one gets cheated, it is only because one deserves it...out of one’s ingenuousness and candidness, virtues the two that the average Mexican considers stupidity and imbecility. If you are robbed it is only because you are a pendejo (i.e., a crass, slobbering idiot a@#hole). Cheating on and stealing from others seems to be a cherished pastime and hobby for many there. If you are a cheat and a thief, you are smart; if you are honest and candid, you are an imbecile. As an example of the cynicism of Mexicans regarding dishonesty in government, they resort to poetic rhyme when referring to the last year of a presidential term, of which they say: “Este es el año de Hidalgo

…pendejo el que deje algo” Which, losing the rhyme and rhythm, translates verbatim to English as: “This is the year of Hidalgo …an a@#hole is he who leaves anything behind.” They mean that the last year of a presidential term is the last chance that public functionaries and employees have to loot the coffers. They go into a piranha-frenzy during the last year of any presidential term; it is like the Soviets leaving Austria in 1955. Miguel Hidalgo (y Costilla) was one of the founding fathers of Mexico, but Mexicans don’t hesitate to profane his sacred name in cynical lyrics to joyfully celebrate public officials’ and employees’ feverish venality and looting at the end of any presidential term. That’s another "accomplishment" of the PRI in Mexico: it perverted the Mexican ethos in that respect. Moreover, I learned that the PRI, along with the Left, systematically promoted and used hatred of America among the populace to distract it from the real causes of the misery that the vast majority of pauper Mexicans live in: socialistoid policies and pervasive, endemic, systemic and systematic corruption. As a consequence, America was, and still is, the favorite bogeyman and punching bag of the average educated Mexican . . . despite that more than 40% of Mexicans would like to emigrate to the U.S. In a nutshell, Mexico is no friend of the U.S. at all; when given the slightest chance, and if it can get away with it, Mexico is always ready to hurt America. I additionally learned that, not fearing any significant pressure from its duped masses, the shameless ruling elites in Mexico just keep looting the country, and do practically nothing to incorporate the majority of the population productively into the domestic economy. Thus, the Mexican ruling elites keep their masses uneducated and unskilled, constituting an annoying burden that can be easily disposed of by dumping them on the U.S., a "maneuver" from which they can profit in the form of billions in remittances by illegals. I told Footsoldier-Aztlán some of my experiences when I lived in Japan for a year and a half, when an American telecommunications company sent me there along with other American engineers. At that time, in the early 1980s, that company was considering partnering with a Japanese counterpart. The antithesis of Mexico, Japan doesn't have natural resources at all, except for a very highly skilled, educated, and even cultured, population with zero illiteracy, even among the blind. Japanese small-talk interlocutors used to tell me, sighing, how they wished it was them and not the Mexicans who lived in Mexico. They used to say that, with the natural resources Mexico has, and

being coterminous with the U.S., they would easily surpass America as the most powerful nation on earth. I then told Footsoldier-Aztlán that, instead of being the overall rich country Mexico could be, shamefully, Mexico largely relegates itself to mainly running maquiladoras (assembly plants for foreign companies), exporting hydrocarbons, exploiting tourism, sucking remittances from Mexican living illegally in the U.S.…and, particularly, dumping its indigent and unskilled masses on America. I then turned the tables on Footsoldier-Aztlán, and asked him: “Is that the country that you Aztlanistas want to annex a vast part of America to?” Finally, I said to him: “The First Amendment gives you the right to have any opinion on any matter, even such a zany but dangerous one as Aztlán is. I therefore wholly respect such sacred right of yours to think what you want, to the point that I would fight to the death for you to enjoy it…despite that I entirely despise such nauseating Aztlanista opinion of yours.” I got an email reply from Footsoldier-Aztlán assuring me that he too loves the First Amendment. But he didn’t retreat an inch from his treacherous Aztlanista beliefs; he is an Aztlán true-believer and will use the First Amendment to help undo America from within, much to the pleasure of the Democrats and the rest of the Left and the entire BAM...and all other enemies that circle around America like hungry hyenas to destroy her and devour her. How many millions more of them will we get from the amnesty bill that Obama and the Democrats plus RINOs in the U.S. Congress are preparing to shaft us with? Are we going to just sit on our hands waiting for it to happen? Are we going to be so lame and pusillanimous? Are we going to allow Obama and the BAM continue their rampage on America? What are we made of, for God’s sake? Don’t we have a life in front of us, a family to care for, progeny to worry about? Aren’t we in "...the land of the free and the home of the brave? If you are standing on the sidelines, you must rather become organized and hands-on-active. And realize that becoming active does not mean forwarding emails and articles on this or that, or attending political lectures, unless they are for hands-on-activism training. Getting hands-on-active means participating and encouraging others to participate in, at least: 1public protests/demonstrations, 2- precinct canvassing for neighborhood organizing/activating, 3- phone banks, 4- voter registration drives, and 5fundraisings. To that effect, visit and register with, where you can opt to register as a non-fee member, or make a donation of just $25 to get full access to a wealth of information and training on activism.

We the People must stop the destruction of America that Obama and the Democrats are now engaged into. We must do it lawfully and peacefully, of course, disregarding all provocations from the Obama regime and the BAM. If We the People work hard, audaciously and intelligently, we shall overcome!

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