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St. Ignatius College Preparatory
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Chad Zullinger

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Music Appreciation A


Meredith Galvin



During this school year I will improve my assessments by assigning and collecting
assignments through Canvas for my Performing Arts courses.


First 5 minutes:
Class is settled into seats in the back. Chad has them grab iPads and move two rows forward
“campfire style”. This does an excellent job bringing everyone in closer.
Body of Class:
Chad recaps what students did on Monday in his absence and clarifies questions and progress.
They move onto their next Listening Example. This is #3 “Maple Leaf Rag”. Chad plays the
sample and moves this example into a conversation about rhythm, specifically syncopation.
Students know that these listening samples will be a part of the midterm and that they are
working on collecting information.
Students have a text reading (on Canvas) defining syncopation. Chad has them learn to
conduct a 2-beat measure, a 3-beat measure, and then they experiment with playing both at the
same time. Write this down: Syncopation – when meters of 2 and 3 occur at the same
Moves to describing Ragtime music and the strains within – melodic sections. Chad draws clear
comparisons to pop music so students can understand the equivalencies. Students correctly
identify that the instrumentation is on piano.
Lessons transition into tempo: adagio, andante, presto. Chad has the rhythmic music examples
on Canvas. Plays various examples and explains to students what they are seeing/hearing of
the various tempi. Video selections are delightfully unconventional (particularly the John Cage
and the choice of Bumblebee player) so students are more likely to maintain viewing/listening
engagement than if they were simply or more passively listening to a recording.
Let’s take a couple of minutes – what do you want to know more about Scott Joplin,
Ragtime music. Chad draws student attention to the fact that Joplin is African-American and
when he was alive and creating. Students are encouraged to be curious about that rather than
overlook that significant detail. Chad uses terms like go find a question you want to answer,
chase down more information, go down a rabbit hole – this pushes the students to
ask/answer their own questions rather than simply be given questions to answer. Chad
circulates clarifying questions; students will send him their questions for review. This is a
building exercise to prepare students for larger question/research project to be done in a couple
of weeks.
Chad directs students to download Popplet – Lite. They are going to create a mind map to

define these terms related to Tempo. Chad talks them through the first steps. They will find
images online to graphically illustrate the words and definitions. Students are set to work and
Chad again circulates to clarify instructions, offer suggestions, and supervise progress.
Last 5 minutes:
This will become Blog Post #3. Chad gives students options for how to export that image or
screenshot it so that they may upload it to their blog. Thank you for rolling with things today.
1. One of my former Dance 1A students turned around during the discussion of parent reaction

to Ragtime music and acknowledged that we had talked about this in dance. Yay! Students
remembering and making connections among courses.
2. Great work reminding students to put iPads down when not needed. They were definitely
wandering into games and other distractions, but you successfully interrupted that and kept their
focus on you.
3. You do a wonderful job staying animated and engaging during these lecture/listening
4. Excellent navigation through many technical elements and tools. Particularly since you were
up against an obstacle in that arena, you did a great job requesting help from students and using
whatever was available.
5. Thank you for supporting Galen in his Music Appreciation class.
1. Continue with your level meetings with Galen and create a routine of them that you think you’ll be
able to continue when Gillian returns. Invite Galen to observe your class in action as well.

Post-Conference Date:
Chad and I spoke immediately after the class and again a couple of weeks later. We specifically
discussed how his student questionnaire comments reflected movement toward his goal for the
year, with regards to Mixed Chorus and Music Appreciation and the use of Canvas.

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