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January 2016 — Volume 10 Issue 1—
1—Happy New Year!
20 Village Road Open Mon , Tues, Wed 10am – 4pm / Sat 9am—1pm

P.O. Box N-1207▪ Nassau, Bahamas ▪ Tel (242) 394.1886 ▪
Website: ▪ We are also on Facebook—
PROMOTING THE VISION: ”By the Year 2020 more visitors will be attracted to The Bahamas by Bahamian Art,
Culture and Heritage than by merely sun, sand and sea.”

Ask Brigitte Bowyer how long she’s
been painting, and she’ll tell you that
she doodled on her high chair and
later was punished in school for drawing in her text books!
The artist was educated in Germany
as a graphic designer, “although I
really always wanted to be a painter,
and study at the famed Sorbonne in
Paris.” But the protective father of this
only child found Paris in the 60’s too
dangerous for his little daughter and told her that she should study
something more practical then painting “pictures”. He later relented,
and organized a very successful large solo show for her in her
home town.
Brigitte left Germany for the United States in 1966 and lived in
Ohio for 13 years. When this mother of 2 active young daughters
badly needed an outlet for her creative energies, she began exploring with watercolour – and was immediately hooked! She uses a
‘wet-on-wet’ technique which starts with wet paper where one drop
of paint blooms and creates wonderful images all over. This artist
likes to live on the edge, and loves to make these happy accidents
The artist then spent 10 years on Hilton Head Island, painting South
Carolina’s mysterious Low Country, before moving to her husband’s
native country, The Bahamas where she now lives and works on a
peaceful island in the beautiful Abacos. Her timeless impressions of
her adopted country are evidence of her deep appreciation for
these island’s transparently turquoise seas and vibrant tropical
Brigitte has conducted successful watercolour workshops and
taught private classes in Europe, The United States and The BahaPainters such as the great Edgar Whitney, Rex Brandt, Ray Loos
mas. She believes that the painting of a luminous, rich and sucand Don Dennis were Brigitte’s teachers. She says one learns as
cessful watercolour should be fun, and does not happen by chance,
much from fellow students as from any teacher, and as a teacher
but is the result of dedication, preparation and practice. (The above
herself, “one ought to really pay one’s students for the insights
text is printed courtesy of the artist’s website
learned.” Her unusual landscapes, seascapes, and sketches are on
display in many banks, hotels and corporate institutions as well as INTERESTED? PLEASE CONTACT THE GALLERY FOR MORE
in countless private homes all over the world. Such collectors include, among others, novelist Pat Conroy and Mr. and Mrs. Sean
Connery. Brigitte has been commissioned to paint as many as 50
paintings at one time for such clients as hotels and interior design- WATERCOLOUR WORKSHOP IN FEB
ers. She also has won over 70 awards for her work— among them
many First and Best of Show prizes.

The Transforming Spaces Committee is
pleased to announce plans for its 2016 Art
Tour entitled ‘SWELL – Community + Collaboration’ which will take place Saturday
and Sunday, March 12 and 13.
Now in its twelfth year, Transforming
Spaces has been a significant component in
the development of visual art in New Providence having catered to over 4,000 persons
from The Bahamas and abroad. Every year
Transforming Spaces has redefined its mission to promote local artists, reflect current
trends in Bahamian art, and expose and
educate patrons about the inner workings of
the Bahamian art industry whilst challenging
both artists and audiences to create and
perceive art in new and innovative ways.
The art tours have provided a window into
the galleries, studios, artwork and lives of
the best visual art organizations and practitioners in the country by not only transforming and improving the quality of the Bahamian physical, economic and social environment through artistic endeavours, but by
also exposing Bahamian Art to the world.

with a shuttle bus which can be accessed at
their leisure that will be constantly available at
specified intervals between the art spaces. Art
Tour Ambassadors will be accessible at all the
spaces to assist patrons with their needs, and
food, drink and entertainment will be available
at the Towne Hotel.
The Committee is also very pleased to announce that the Charitable Arts Foundation
has once again come on board as a major
sponsor of the event as it has done for many
years. Other persons and corporate entities
wishing to become sponsors can contact the
Committee at
Tickets will be available for purchase at the
beginning of February. More information concerning the Tour will be available shortly on
the new website

Transforming Spaces was recently incorporated as a non-profit organization and is
poised to enter a new phase of existence
and purpose with a complete re-branding of
its image and activities scheduled to be
launched on Friday, January 22. Transforming Spaces 2016, therefore, will also be offering several exciting changes to its format,
including incorporating the Towne Hotel on
George Street as the main curated exhibition space, in conjunction with the following
satellite galleries: Central Bank of The Bahamas, The Great House at the Central
Bank, Hillside House, Popop Studios ICVA,
and New Providence Art & Antiques at
Popop, all of which will offer a series of
openings and events throughout the week,
leading up to the weekend’s activities.
Well known for its popular interactive bus
rides to visit the various galleries on a strict
schedule throughout the day, this year, patrons will be treated to a revised structure

The late Jackson Burnside (left), founder member
of Transforming Spaces, is shown at Doongalik
Studios during the TS2011 Tour with Ron and
Isabella Overend, owners of the Towne Hotel
which will be the main venue for theTS2016 Tour