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February 2016 — Volume 10 Issue 2 — The month of Love!
20 Village Road Open Mon , Tues, Wed 10am – 4pm / Sat 9am—1pm

P.O. Box N-1207▪ Nassau, Bahamas ▪ Tel (242) 394.1886 ▪
Website: ▪ We are also on Facebook—
PROMOTING THE VISION: ”By the Year 2020 more visitors will be attracted to The Bahamas by Bahamian Art,
Culture and Heritage than by merely sun, sand and sea.”

February 28 - March 16

always the wood used is this show came from
trees that were downed in storms or that were cut
because they were ‘in the way’ of development.

“Growth” the second group exhibition of works by
wood artists Jeremy Delancy, David McGorrin,
and Robin Hardy (shown above right) will open at
Doongalik Studios on Sunday, February 28 from
3-6pm. Inspired by the success of their “From
Within” Exhibition last year, the artists have come
together once again to showcase their fascination
with this medium with a presentation of beautifully turned Bahamian wood items that can be
functional, decorative or fanciful.

While most of the artwork will have been turned
on a lathe, other processes such as dying, burning
and staining have been used to make each piece
unique and worthy of any art collection. Turning
wood is a fascinating process and although you
might start your piece with a particular end result
in mind, the wood sometimes takes on a life of its
own and might well turn into something completely
Popular wood artist, Robin Hardy, will be set up
on site with this lathe daily from the second week
of the Exhibition to demonstrate the wood turning
process and to instruct interested persons in how
to turn their own pen, as well as showing them the
difference of the various woods! This was a well
attended added feature at last year’s exhibition.
The Exhibition will be on display until Wednesday
March 16.

Delancy stated, “The name of our show is not
only about the local woods that we use but also
about our own growth as humans and as artists.
Wood is an artistic medium unlike any other. In “GROWTH” WOOD EXHIBITION
its grain we can see the forces of life, change, WORKSHOP, WAH-KEEN & TS 2016
and adaptation that are at work all around us. As TS 2016 & CREATIVE NASSAU



WORKSHOP WAS A SUCCESS! Her five students
worked hard and enthusiastically—one even made her
first sale on the first day! (below right) We plan to
hold another one later in the year, so stay tuned!


The Transforming Spaces Team is in gear for their new and revised
annual Art Tour entitled “SWELL:Community+Collaboration” that
will take place on Saturday and Sunday March 12 & 13!

SEVERAL SALES—Thanks for your support!!
Well over 100 pieces
of amazing art, essays, poems, 3-D
models and installations from students of
Grade 7 to 12 depicted the traumatic
experience of ‘WahKeen’ and provided
them with an excellent
outlet to deal with this
harrowing event.

from the
sales will
assist with
the Long

Transforming Spaces has been transformed in several ways for
*It has been incorporated as a non-profit organization;
*It has new branding and logo with TS t-shirts available for sale;
*Art Tour will take place primarily downtown and it is no longer a
structured group tour- patrons can enjoy the events on one or two
days on their own time;
*Main Gallery is the Towne Hotel with VIP Preview on Friday night;
*Other venues are ‘Satellite galleries”: Hillside House, Central Bank
(incorporating 3 spaces: The Main Hall, Verandah House and The
Great House), the D’Aguilar Art Foundation, PopopStudios International Centre for the Visual Arts, and New Providence Arts & Antiques;
*Buses will be used as a shuttle service from 10am-2pm;
*TS Ambassadors will be available at all points of the tour.
The TS ticket price is still $35 and will also include a wristband
(which is a new feature to be worn on the weekend tour). Tickets
are available from NAGB (which will also be opened for extended
times during the tour weekend with free parking and access to the
Brent Malone Exhibition to TS patrons), Hillside House, Bahama
Hand Prints, Doongalik and The Place for Art (cont’d next page…...

Elkino Dames’ art students from LW Young paid a visit to the
Doongalik Compound to view the Long Island Exhibition!

TS2016 (cont’d) :
The ticket will allow patrons access to all TS weekend activities.
The week of activities will start in the evenings 6.30-9pm at the
Satellite Galleries. On Wednesday evening there is an Opening at
POPOP “Triple Double” along with NEW PROVIDENCE ART &
ANTIQUES’ “Build and Battle” Junkanoo Rush out from 8-9pm. On
Thursday evening, events will take place at HILLSIDE HOUSE
“Tourists Only” and in CENTRAL BANK’s Main Gallery, and Verandah House. There is no charge for these Openings and wine
will be provided.
On Friday from 7pm-9pm there will be a special limited VIP Cocktail Reception at The Towne Hotel to preview the Exhibition and
meet the artists. Tickets are $100 and will also allow you to access
to the Saturday and Sunday events.
On Saturday and Sunday the Satellite galleries will offer patrons
an additional art event from 10 am to 2pm along with the addition
of the viewing of “The Fringe” Exhibition at CENTRAL BANK’S
Great House and D'AGUILAR ART FOUNDATION’s Exhibition of
‘Jammin’ IV”.
Patrons may drive to any one of these galleries and park during
that time frame to gain access to a shuttle bus service that will
transport you between all of the galleries, including the Towne
Hotel where you can view the exhibits at your leisure. The shuttle
bus is expected to stop at each space in 30 minute intervals.

CREATIVE NASSAU We are happy to report that our CN
Markets are now taking place TWICE A WEEK—each Wednesday
and Friday—in Pompey Square from 9am—5pm. The CN artisans
sell ‘true-true’ Bahamian hand made products. Please check our
Creative Nassau facebook page for this month’s photos!
This photo by
Rosemary C.
Hanna shows one
of the CN Market
artisans, Angie
Lightbourn, busy
at the seaside
collecting Bahamian shells that
she uses to
produce her
hand made items!

CN RADIO Tune in to Island FM 102.9 on radio or Cable TV this
afternoon at 5—5.30pm for a repeat of our interview with watercolour artist, Brigitte Bowyer Carey (below left with Patti and Pam in
the studio) or log on at!

On Saturday the main event Gallery at the Towne Hotel will be
open from 10 am until 10pm and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday.
Free parking (with your wristband) will be available at the parking
lot at Holy Spirit Church for Popop on Saturday only and on both
days at Hillside/Towne Hotel in the parking lot to the north of Hillside or at the Central Bank (or the shuttle will drop you there up to
2pm) or at the NAGB for persons preferring to walk to the venues.
The Towne Hotel's exhibition will be on the top floor where a cash
bar and musical entertainment will be available. A cash bar and
refreshments will also be located on the ground floor pool area.
There will be volunteer TS Ambassadors at all of the stops, on the
shuttles, and in the parking lots to assist patrons throughout the

Check the
TS2016 website
on a regular
basis to keep
you informed of
updates and
news on this
year’s tour , and
share with your
family and
friends in Nassau and abroad!

Creative Nassau is extremely proud to announce that they have
completed the filming of a BAHAMIAN STRAW DOCUMENTARY
that was written and produced by Patricia Glinton-Meicholas at The
Counsellors Limited (TCL)! Sincere thanks is extended to Joan
Albury (pictured below left) at TCL for the Company’s expert assistance, the Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation for their kind donation
and support, and the Jackson Logan Burnside III Design Library
and Research Centre for funding towards the project.The Straw
Documentary will be launched in the near future, so watch this

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