Chapter 1: Awakening “MMM! MARSHMALLOWS EVERYWHERE”. *starts to eat marshmallows* “AAH! NOOO MARSHMALLOWS!” *is pulled away* “NOOOOOOO!

” *fades* I awoke and rolled my eyes around, adjusting my focus and looked at my surroundings… “There’s blood all over the room, my head is throbbing, what happened here?” “Damn I must have done some freaky drugs” Written on the ceiling was a note, scribbled in blood, were the words GET OUT OF HERE. But when I sat up, more notes on the walls: RUN! , HELP ME, Must Escape! There were two funny ones aswell Jon wuz here, F**king Your Mum! Jon is not here no more, Jon is now insane I quickly got off the bed and looked around, the entire room was covered in notes, and by an unlucky chance I smelt something foul, disgusting, gut retching.

As I moved closer the smell, it got worse, I was so worried with bad feelings I used a tissue I had and turned the doorknob… it opened… I vomited, a torn up body, hanging, maggots all over, and a bloodbath of intestines. I started to ponder that something was very wrong then I said to myself while rubbing my head in confusion “I really gotta lay off those mushrooms!”, suddenly *BANG*a gunshot was heard and it almost deafened me, followed by screams, and then a loud thud, then running, getting louder, then more running, I saw a man appear in the doorway, he was tall, had short dark brown hair, he was wearing denim jeans and a shirt with a pullover he said “we need to get out of here NOW!” I came to stand behind him and saw him with a shotgun. He looked toward the screams from a second ago and shot and then he stuck his middle finger up to it, he turned to me and I saw he had green eyes and before noticing I was human and then he gave me a revolver and said, “I don’t know what is going on but I know we HAVE

to get out of here! I’ve just seen things that will scare you out of your mind” “Literally?” “Just come with me!” We heard scraping then a loud scream and the scraping coming closer, we looked round the corner and tiptoed quietly so we wouldn’t be heard, there was a thing that wasn’t human anymore, it was normally clothed, but it had a mask on and was like a mime, except it moved fairly quickly, but only…it was wearing a strange mask, a bird face mask… I got a name for it, a Sniffer. It was carrying a giant rusted blade, dragging it along the ground stained in dried blood, it heard and saw us and came towards us ”Oh Bugger!”, fairly slow even though the blade looked very heavy, my head started to throb again, I fell to the floor, and told him “Help me! I can’t move!” he grabbed me and lifted me up dragging me quickly away. I flipped the Sniffer off and shouted “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE” We managed to get into some kind of room, there was a tunnel which went

horizontal downwards with a long ladder, reaching about 150 feet long and another blood note that said: watch your surrounding or you’ll lose the chance to escape! , we heard it and turned, its shadow got so close but we closed the door and used a strong bar to lock it just in time as it got closer, about 2 inches thick of hard steel was the width of the door, that should stop it…”My names Jeff Quinne, Thanks to me your alive!” So now I know Jeff then I introduced myself “I’m Myrddin Hands and I am taking charge!”, then I got a fun idea, I shaked my ass at the door and shouted through it “Ner Ner ner Ner Ner! You Can’t Ca…” *RIIIP* “Mary Virgin of the Dogs with Doughnuts!” The blade missed my ass by a millimeter. It left a huge gaping hole in the door before the Sniffers arm came through and tried to pull up the handle on the door. I spun round and shot it in the veins, green blood oozed out violently as its arm retracted and made more holes with the blade trying to get in. I tried to fire again *click* “AGH FUCK!” The clip was empty, I threw the gun at the Sniffer. There was no time

to decide what to do so we went down the tunnel ladder. We reached the bottom after about 3 minutes, our arms were strained badly. The tunnel was very dark and very long, we were in a sewer tunnel and it was hard to see through, because there were no lights, just some flickering torches. My head throbbed more, “guuh…” I mumbled quietly, Jeff noticed I was in pain so we rested for a minute. Chapter 2: Strange Symbol We went down and heard an abnormal noise nearby round a corner to a grate, so we moved slightly closer to it and we both watched our back, while I looked round where the noise was and there was another Sniffer. It was busy ripping someone apart, they were already dead, but then I noticed that the Sniffer had a strange symbol carved on its back, 3 circles with a triangle surrounded by a big circle, Jeff walked out in front of it and shot it in the back, he thought it would die, it turned and began to come at us, it dashed, swinging its

blade but it missed Jeff by a chance, Jeff had dived sideways and was running off down the tunnel, I legged it as it noticed me “BOLLOCKS!” It echoed as we sped away from the Sniffer, it started to run but we were too fast, we managed to escape it. We slowed down and turned around, it was gone. I wiped the sweat from my head and took a breather. “Phew…That…Was…Close…” I said while out of breath. We started to walk. But when we reached the end, there was a problem, it was a dead end, no exit, just a wall. Jeff got angry so he kicked the wall, but that was a good idea… the wall was made of only a few sheets of paper, it was clever thinking but then we saw a HUGE hole behind the paper wall inside, like the inside of a silo that has a well with a never-ending fall. There were some railings near the hole but just with a small width to walk along… it was so hard to get along, Jeff slipped and fell and I ran and grabbed his hand just before it would have been too late. He clinged on strong enough to hoist himself up and back on, then he quickly

scrabbled along and over in time, before it fell down. We saw light at the end of the tunnel, but when we reached it, we noticed it was another person, a woman with just a torch to see around, the lights were dim and most were broken, she said “Who’s there?” in a shaken voice, so I responded “my names Myrddin and were not one of those things, show yourself!” She came out of the darkness shivering looking traumatized, she had turned slightly insane, she was about 27, and she was short and had long blonde hair. She was wearing a shredded shirt and a pair of black trousers. She was covered in cuts, but it formed the symbol I saw on the Sniffers back. I asked “who carved that symbol into you? She responded “I don’t know, I woke up like this” “My name is Mary Toen” “I was ambushed and kidnapped but I don’t know who by so I’m not sure what to do” sounding even more scared. Jeff said “you should probably stay with us, do you have a map of this place?” Mary said “yes I do, I found it next to a

blood note which said, 1, 2, 3 don’t kill thee.” “What the fuck is this? A game?” “I don’t feel like I’m being controlled so no dude” We opened the map, there were 3 numbers, 2 was near where I found Jeff and Mary and 1 was at the end of the map, 3 was in the exact middle, but there was another 3 numbers down the side, 964, along the lines where the numbers were, I said “must be some sort of code” we arranged the numbers and came up with 078964213, a phone number we presumed. I got out my phone, it had a text message, and it was like another blood note except through the phone which said: you can get out alive, but you must leave one behind. Jeff and I had a bad feeling about this. I dialled the number, the number was non existing, but then I got a text…from that number, “IMPOSSIBLE” I shouted, this was really confusing, I decided to open it, it said: don’t try and save that of the one or you’ll lose all and your own one.

We started to walk, it was horrible smelling and you couldn’t see too well, so it was hard to get along the way. *scrape*, I turned around to find that the Sniffer had found us, Jeff pointed at it and shouted “STALKER!”, then from a unlucky moment, my head started throbbing, I dropped to the ground, I couldn’t move away because I was in so much pain, it came towards me… raising its huge blade, Jeff grabbed me and pulled me away just in time before it swung its blade, It had swung sideways and it got caught in the wall. The sniffer got angry and it grabbed it and pulled it out with barely any strength. These things were very strong. Mary got scared but because she pointed the torch at the Sniffer it looked at her and went after her, it looks like she’s the one we have to leave behind, Jeff pulled me up and we ran away while we heard screams and a death cry. We then heard a loud crash behind us, the ceiling had collapsed and killed them both leaving no way back. She was dead the second it got her, we stopped and looked at the map, and saw

we were near to an exit, we got to it, saw it… But it was blocked by a huge steel door, locked, chained and padlocked, with the symbol I’ve already seen, I said to myself “now what?” Jeff said “don’t worry, I can blow it open with the gun, there’s 2 shots left”, he aimed and shot and they all fell down easily, too easily, but when we opened it, it led to a huge hall. I looked at the map and my face turned from depression to pissed off, there was a company logo at the bottom, it was a toy treasure map from McDonalds. Jeff was just about to move when I noticed a trap, I grabbed his arm and pointed to the trap. “Look, a knife is snagged to a rope, someone’s trying to kill us!” He looked at where he was going to step, a thin string, ready to be used. We jumped over, it was hard to see, but I saw another corpse, hanging on a chandelier. There was a hammer on the floor, a sledge hammer, I thought it would be of use if we encountered another Sniffer.

There was a torch attached to the side of it with tape. I pulled the sellotape off and switched it on, it flickered and shone a good bright circle. But then I heard a weird sound, pointed the torch in that direction, and saw a blood note being written, by thin air, run run as fast as you can, a new one appears, at ten past midnight. I saw a huge clock, 10 past midnight was due in 37 seconds. Chapter 3: New Monster All of a sudden we heard messed up sound, screeching coming closer from behind the corner, then a creature emerged and came running towards us. A two legged thing, green ugly legs, a backpack, and ugly eyes, looked at me, panting and starting to screech and moan, it was just about to scratch us with its leg as an arm so I smashed its head with the sledge hammer, it stumbled, screeched loudly, and then just fell, it was dead, it gave me a name looking at it, an Oggle.

These were rather weak, but were fast runners, at least I did some DIY. We proceeded towards the other side of the hall, and saw a flickering light below a door, and laughing. I knocked on the door and asked “is anyone there?” *Thump* “Hello?” said from behind the door, I responded, “are you human?” the person behind the door opened it. They were a rather tall person, had a jacket, a pair of leather gloves, some baggy trousers, and a pair of trainers. They had black hair and had blue eyes. He introduced himself “I’m Ian Seyvar, I was knocked out before I regained consciousness here, I found a lot of weapons and I’ve been here 2 days.” “I was camping around this area because I wanted to find out more about this place.” I looked over his shoulder, he had a lot of weapons, A Katana, A Shotgun and A Golf Club. I noticed he was holding a revolver. He handed me the revolver and said “there’s only 2 barrels left, that’s 12 bullets, use them wisely!” Then I told him

to follow us, he accepted and we moved with haste. While we were walking, I heard another weird sound, Ian said “watch out, there’s a Monster round the corner” he threw a small bottle of blood and a Sniffer went to collect it, so I snuck up behind it and smashed its spine with the hammer. The Sniffer fell like a chunk of jelly, made it kind of funny in a way seeing as they were so strong. I asked Ian “how did you know about that?” he replied “I researched a lot on this place, so I know most of the things about it, its why I lived for 2 days, I was actually trying to get in, I knew that if I came, they would take me inside, clever idea right?” Jeff and me looked at each other, turned back and said at the same time to Ian “idiot”. We continued on to the corner from where the hopefully dead Sniffer came and found a few corpses lying on the floor, then all of a sudden, an Oggle appeared from a hole in the wall, it

jumped at me, but before it could attack, Ian shot its head off with the shotgun. Ian then said in a worried voice “phew, we should watch all areas to make sure none of us dies” “Good idea” I replied. “Ok everyone take a position” I told them. Then a weird sound was moaned “Skuuuuuuuu…..” “Uh oh, a Skuffer is coming, ready your guns guys” Ian told us. It came round the corner, it had caved in eyes, and just the muscle and its face, only a mouth, there was black acid dripping from it, burning the wood below. It stepped and fell in the acid hole, smashing its head to bits on the edge of the floor and falling in dead. “Ouch that’s gotta hurt!” “I think Lawnmower would be a better name!” “Like hell idiot!” Ian kicked me in the shin hard. We moved on incase another one came, but we came to the kitchen, oh no, there were at least 8 Skuffers, blocking the way out of here, I could see them more clearly, they were ugly looking, had only a nose

and mouth, looked like jelly, had no arms, had blue gelatinous legs, and were very creepy looking. We decided we would need food, and we were in luck, a few cupboards had some food in, a dozen breakfast bars, some clean fruit and a lot of water bottles, it was as if it was a test or something. Ian shoved the food into a rucksack he had. We had no time to think what to do next so we decided to go back because of the Skuffers, but when we turned round, there was no way back out, it had been barricaded with barrels somehow without us knowing, and we knew that the only way out now was through the horde of Skuffers. I came up with a plan: I would run round one corner while Ian and Jeff went round the other. What I had to do was distract them so Ian and Jeff could open the door without being attacked. Chapter 4: Deadly Thing

I did so, we split and once we were ready in our positions, I shouted “hey MORONS!” as a random idea, they saw me and wobbled like jelly slowly towards me. I got my hammer ready just incase. Ian opened the door and slipped behind the corner of the door as Jeff followed. I quickly ran around the corner and through the door, Ian closing it as I came flying through just before they could turn around. The sledge hammer went flying because it slipped out my hand and had landed right next to me, unfortunately, it had smashed a rather large hole in the floor, and was hanging by its edge. I put my face up and chuckled kind of nervously just when I said “I’m not paying for that!” I pulled it out and accidentally smacked myself in face, the Sledge part had flew off and hit me in the forehead and I stumbled and blacked out. When I finally regained consciousness, I could see Ian and Jeff opening and looking

at objects in the room. We were in a Bedroom. I asked, “How long was I out for?” Ian looked at his watch and replied “about 6 minutes, you’re a light sleeper” I got up and stumbled slightly because I was still half asleep, I tried to move straight but I stumbled and hit into a wall face first, I thought to myself. “ARGH! I can’t think straight!” Suddenly, the wardrobe doors opened and an Oggle jumped out and screeched at Jeff, showing it was going to attack, luckily, Ian smashed its head with the barrel of the shotgun before it could attack, it fell sideways landing flat on the floor and laid still, dead from the hit of a barrel. I noticed something on its back so I got a closer look. A note was carved into it which said HIDE! We took no time to figure a plan so we looked at each other and we knew we all had the same idea We all crammed into the wardrobe, but nothing came, so we went into the corridor, It was a very bad idea, there was a Sniffer coming towards us. We opened a door to the left of us, walked in strafing

sideways, and closed the door behind us. The room was empty, except, the walls had screaming faces pushing through the wallpaper, just still screaming faces. But they didn’t stay still for long, the wall stated to cover with webs of blood and the faces came through as a body, their faces looked like a skull, their body was covered in blood with large chunks of skin missing and lots of cuts. All of them at once came through, moaning and crawling, we decided to take some action before they got us. We readied our weapons but then a sound was heard that wasn’t any of us *crack* the sound came from above as part of the ceiling became a rather large hole, a mans face appeared and said, “quickly, get up here!” just as these things were about to touch us, he held his hand out and we all got up and we were pulled up in time before they got the chance to attack. He closed the hole up and stood up, he was about 23,around 6 ft, he had long hair, a grim face, blue eyes, he was also wearing a shirt which said, “what are you

looking at?” and a pair of black trousers. He introduced himself, “I’m Ethan Mictor”, we looked around, we were in a bathroom, blood smeared all over the walls. The sink and bath were full of blood. I saw another blood note, although, different blood, it said: ITS GONNA FIND ME! A chill ran down all our backs, I said “I think the next monster we meet is going to be deadly, very deadly.” I heard another moan, “Servuuu… Mafurr…. Exreis…..” I opened the door carefully, peeked round, and almost fainted, a colossal monster, spikes on its chest, no face, only a mouth that had dagger teeth, blades for hands and arms, and its legs were made of stone, it lifted its head… and turned towards my direction, it somehow sensed our presences and came towards us, very fast, then a miracle happened, a person appeared from behind it and started shooting at it with a revolver, so we all crammed out and helped, I shot it once in the head, it started to roar, we all went for

the head, and killed it after a group shot. The person turned and started to run off “WAIT! He disappeared. He just ran off… not normal. This was a very big place, starting to make me freak out slightly. We walked past the monster and found a humongous hole, we looked in, and all became puzzled, there were chains and a cage that must have been housing the creature…as if it was not meant to escape… but it did. Chapter 5: Bad News We heard chatter, human chatter, just over the hole, we could just about jump it, Ethan jumped first, then Ian and Jeff and then Me. We got over to the chatter, and found corpses? Then when we looked up, we saw why, Disturbed souls were floating around the room aimlessly. Then they looked at us and started chanting “eyush…….” “eyush…..” “eyush….” “Quick! Call Ghostbusters!” Ethan blurted out, and then we fell to the floor, laughing madly. About 20 seconds later we got up

and wiped the tears of hilarity from our eyes before proceeding onwards. We saw another door and walked to it casually, they were doing no harm, the door led to an elevator, we went in, and saw there were only a few floors left to access. We decided to go up, the doors closed, it rose, all of a sudden, we heard a weird creaking sound. Then the wire pulling us up snapped, and we fell… *BOOM!* when I regained conciseness, I found both Ian and Jeff just about alive. Ethan was without a scratch, god knows how he got away with such a crash. Ian was stuck under a metal column and Jeff was out cold, I pushed a piece of metal off me and got up. I walked over to Jeff and shaked him but it was no use, he wouldn’t wake up. I felt something warm after shaking him, Oh no… blood was spilling from his head heavily, I tried to stop it but it wouldn’t work, I felt his pulse,*thump*…then a long pause........*thump….*Then no more

pulses came, he was dead… a few tears came, and then I couldn’t cry… I knew I had to escape, no time for tears. Ethan had helped Ian out… He could barely stand and he fell to the ground, and said rather quietly “let me rest for a moment”. After about 10 minutes, he stood up and said “it still hurts but I can move my legs alright now” he took Jeff's gun from his cold,dead hands and we climbed through a small gap in the top of the trashed elevator, it lead to a large area, “an Asylum under this house? no wonder it’s dangerous! A freaking looney bin was right below us!” I said to myself rather loudly. looking around i saw blood everywhere... and a trail of fresh blood... then we heard shouting, “Wh..WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?!” “DEAR GOD IT’S HIDEOUS! *Screams*”. Ian Asked “Must be a Sniffer, right guys?” Ethan must have been moronic, he ran into the darkness and it must have been a miracle that he even returned! But when he showed his face, he was dead white.. He fainted very fast and then I knew at that very moment... there

was something worser than all these monsters I've seen so far… or he’s just a wimp who been living in his mothers basement for most of his life. I was very wrong, i saw into the darkness and saw not something more dangerous, but something uglier... an insane child, covered in stained blood, the face was bone completely, they walked like an old person with a bad back, its legs were bony and dark yellow, their heads twisted and twitched violently, and its sound went with a sort of panting like a dog, but in a scary way... kind of like the Sniffer. It was clenching a hammer to attack with, although when I shone the torch at it, it came towards me... freakishly... I quickly flicked the switch off, and it stopped? I moved towards it, it was almost a statue, but their heads were still moving... twitching violently... I looked past it and saw about 30 behind it... they were all still as well, I signaled Ian to come as Ethan was thrown over his shoulder. We sneaked

in-between with our hearts racing... THUMP THUMP THUMP almost so loud we could hear each others. Ethan came through and looked blankly into Ian's back, he got off his shoulder and quickly walked in line with us. We got past them and saw a whole corridor of the rooms of the insane people... we walked past and saw flashes from all of them, and we heard screams, maniacal laughing and more insane sounds. “COME TO AREA 14, THERE IS AN IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT!” was screeched from an alarm speaker. I said in a rather angry voice, “Area 14? What is this, Roswell all over again? There’s no damn area 14 and there’s no freaking aliens! THIS STUPID HOUSE IS THE CONSPIRACY!” We walked further only to find a large downfall from above, no way through, but there was some fresh paint beside us, and we saw a door handle... it must have been

painted for a reason. I tried opening it, no use.. then I tried tugging, and when I gave up, I started storming around, and smacking my head on the opposite wall. While I was bashing my head Ian walked up to the door, and turned the handle the other way... it opened and made me look like a complete idiot. Chapter 6: Danger Ahead It wasn’t a door, it was a sort of cupboard, but it had a large hole at the bottom that we could all just about fit through. It was a tunnel, we crawled through, and when we got there we found it led to a sort of... torture room? There were all sorts of contraptions, one for stretching the bones and skin till it ripped in half, the others, a pendulum, a spiked coffin, a crocodile pit? i looked inside it... just barely a few skeletons of the crocodiles were left, but i saw a corridor by the side of its inside, we all jumped in, Jeff landed on top of a skeleton and It collapsed, “Dude that could have been an artifact!”, and walked down the corridor, it got narrower and

darker, but when i reached the end, i saw crushed bones, it was a closing wall, we turned back around, but that part was closing too, i saw a narrow gap in the ceiling and told everyone “Quickly! Climb up!” We all scrambled up as fast as we could... Ethan’s leg got caught and we tried to pull him up but it was too late and he couldn’t be saved, we watched as he was crushed slowly, his bones twisted as the blood was splattered, we heard his screams, dear god it was terrifying, he was being crushed by walls, and couldn't escape. We heard his last scream as the hole closed, I looked around, we were in the ventilation system, it was stinking, but it looked new... which I couldn't care less about at this point. Then Ian tugged me, I turned my head to him and said, “What? Found something?” but he was trembling and then replied, “no… I have claustrophobia”. I turned back and said. “Would you rather freak, and be left to be murdered by these screwed up things? Or would you rather

escape? I already know the answer, so lets move Phobia Boy!” He whacked my leg, by brining his fist down on it, he almost broke my bone “I HAVE A NAME ASSHOLE!” I almost cried but then laughed “Ok Asshole, if that’s your name” I chuckled manically We moved on,it got darker and became impossible to see, and then we heard lots of creaking, but we came near to a grate cover which I could just about see, but suddenly a strange sound came from the creaking metal as I was going to open the grate. *Eeeerrrrrchh* “Not Good…” *metal twists* “you have got to be kidding!” *metal bends* “aaagh!!!” We fell down the bent metal like a slide and came into a room, I coughed up the dust and stood up then tried to look around in the pitch black, I strafed and stepped then slipped. But I grabbed an edge of something. Ian lighted a match and looked around, he saw me and grabbed my hand hoisting me up as he did. I turned and looked where I slipped, and saw a hole, with another

symbol, three 6s in a circle, the sign of Omen. I called it a Devil Hole. We looked at each other, nodded and jumped in. “Geronimo!” it was a big hole. About 3 seconds later we landed, I got up managing to stand with my nearly broken leg, but when I turned around I saw that Ian was out cold, he had enough pain put on him already, I took one of his matches and lit the area around me, we were in a sort of… military base, I looked to the left and grinned. Weapons and supplies all ready for whoever got it, I saw the poor bastard who couldn’t fight off whatever ripped him apart, I also saw a medical cabinet beside the corpse, I went and woke up Ian and said, “hang in there buddy, I can’t make it without you!” He woke all of a sudden, looked at me, and said “were getting out alive, one way or another!” he saw what I was looking at, he got up and looked at the weapons and

knew each of them, saying what they were. “Hmm, Standard Military AK-63, Heavy Duty, Grenades, White Phosphorus, Light Duty, ah, Shotgun, 8 Gauge, Heavy Duty, *gasps* Oh goody! It’s a Precision Rifle Type 8C!” “You can’t get these for love nor money; they only manufactured 4900 of these” He looked through the scope, “excellent point, good aim, oooh! Laser Sight!” he flicked on a switch, and then said, “Even better, it has torchlight!” he flicked another switch on. “Look, that’s good, and it also can hold a Knife in it, only military knifes though”. I looked at him and said, “You play too many video games dude!” “I WAS A MILITARY SOLDIER 8 YEARS AGO, YOU PLAY TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES!” he vibrated my eardrums. Chapter 7: A New Voice He handed me the Precision Rifle and said, “How lucky you are, there’s a whole box of

bullets and clips behind you, and the rifle is already full” A huge smile came through because I always wanted to try a gun like this. I fiddled around with it then pretended to shoot, my finger slipped and I accidentally pulled the trigger *BANG* “AAH!” I flinched and looked down, a bullet hole around 8cm was in the floor, which is where the bullet went. “Damnit!” I muttered. Ian facepalmed and said “you idiot, the safety’s off” I pointed it at him and shot a bullet near his feet, looked up and said, “You’re the idiot for calling me an idiot, idiot” Ian sighed and asked, “Whatever, anyway, where’s the door?” We looked around a whole 360, there was no door, but we saw a square of light in the middle of the room, we looked up, a window? I put out my match and then started to look for a ladder. Ian picked the AK-63 up and shot the window out, he collected all the items, and put them in his bag. “Agh! We need a

ladder to get out of here!” Is what thought angrily in my head, then Ian warned me to step back, he also told me why, “I only shot the window out because I was bored, but now you need to stand back, I’m about to bomb the wall!” He took out a grenade and pulled the pin. “FIRE IN THE PIEHOLE! *laughs* 3, 2, 1 COVER!” He rolled the grenade towards the wall and we ran and ducked behind the cabinets. We waited for the boom, but it didn’t go off so I poked my head round the corner to check, then it went off. *explosion* A cloud of smoke faded away, there was the wall, still standing… Ian walked up to it and kicked where the grenade blasted the wall. A large chunk of bricks fell forward and Ian stepped through. “Physics my ass!” “It should have goddamn fallen when the grenade went foom!” He turned around and called me to come through “keep up slowcoach!” I ran to where he went, but he was not in sight. I stepped through, “BOO!” I swung

round and whacked whatever made the sound with my fist… I had just punched Ian’s lights out “aaaw F...”*clop, clop, clop* *chi. ching* “Don’t move!” a voice ordered me “raise your hands, slowly!” I noticed it was a feminine voice. As I raised my hands, I said “a lady eh?” “Now, turn around, slowly...” I turned around, and looked at her, she was wearing military uniform, full military, and she even had her name tag on the uniform: Ellen Sayiko. She had green eyes and blond hair, she was quite tall. In her hands were 2 weapons: A Sawn-Off Shotgun and a Meat Cleaver. She aimed the Shotgun at my head and asked, “Who are you?” I stuttered “M...M...My...Myrddin...Hands” She responded a bit confused “Myrddin? Well that’s a name I haven’t come across before, where’s it from?” “Wales…” She started to laugh, “The name sounds so funny!”

She dropped her weapons and laughed madly, falling to the floor, rolling around, chuckling and giggling, but my face was white…ghostly white, she had dropped the meat cleaver and it hit the ground, almost close enough to me to chop my toes off, I was lucky to escape. After Ellen stood back up, still chuckling slightly, she noticed I was pale white, and then said to herself “oops” with a cheeky smile. She pulled the meat cleaver out from the ground and picked up the shotgun and then a footstep that wasn’t ours was heard. *floorboards creak* *panting* *evil low pitch laugh* I shouted “DUCK!” and shot directly over Ellen, killing the enemy in the process. It was an insane child. There was a bunch of insane children behind it, with many different weapons, Machetes, Kitchen Knifes, Hammers, Screwdrivers, and one was holding a rubber duck which had an evil smile on it but then they all stopped moving and they all screeched simultaneously “THERE IS

NO ESCAPE, YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE THIS PLACE!” “DUCK!” said a voice from behind, we ducked and a grenade landed in the middle of the insane children. *BOOM* *smoke clears* Blood splattered all over the place with limbs everywhere “Well, that was an epic kill!” We turned round and I saw Ian stood up. “I’m still kinda angry that you hit me, but I deserved it” “Then don’t jump me!” I responded angrily. *Ian laughs quietly and then says* “your crazy man!” “I’ve already seen it!” Me and Ellen looked blankly, and then I responded clueless “Seen….what??” *Ian laughs loudly and responds* “THE END OF THE WORLD!” He fell to his knees and made an evil laugh, very low… *Thunk* Ian fell down flat faced, and a shadow appeared from behind, when it emerged, I saw… Jeff! I jawdropped and almost fainted “Hey Man! And also, Ian is possessed, sit down and Ill explain how I’m flesh and bones living right now…”

A dog appeared behind him and Jeff spoke his story “ok… right, I was out cold, my heart did stop, but I could still hear you… I don’t know how, but I just could, about 20 minutes after you had disappeared, a dog came, the dog next to me is the one who helped to save me, he dragged me out of the elevator, and a man appeared, a doctor, he bandaged my head and gave me a rifle” *pulls out a precision rifle* “he helped me up and introduced himself” “I am Sigel Asynko” “I was a patient in this crazy loony bin, but I escaped 4 years ago from this hellhole, I will help you get out if you do me one favor, help me find my daughter, she’s stuck in one of these cells, they brought me back here to test me, and now I escaped, they’re coming for me, my daughter is the answer, she’s in cell 43XF on floor 9, Floor 9 is extremely dangerous, so don’t faint” “When we got down there, there was a rather big problem, a HUGE monster was guarding the hallway, patrolling up and down, It was eyeless, noseless, but it had ears, tiny ears on the inside of its head, neon dark navy body. It looked like the

Skuffer, but a hell of a lot uglier, it had claws sharper than a dagger, and its feet had claws too, but with extra spikes developing, pendulum shaped spikes curved between the middle spikes on its feet, pendulum shaped and so sharp that if it hit you, it would go right through you…” “I named it a Skubig” Jeff took another deep breath and continued on. “The lights were perfectly lit, but we couldn’t make a sound or that thing would see us, but then it saw us and I don’t know how, but it ran off, away from us!” “I could see from those murderous eyes, it was going after his daughter!” “All of a sudden Sigel disappeared, I then heard screams, I knew they were his, so I turned in an instant and sneaked towards it, but… when I got there…” Chapter 8: Cheating The Book Jeff started to shake slightly, then said the words: “Blood…everywhere…dead…” he then continued on “Sigel was ripped apart, by a Skubig, and it somehow noticed me before it turned around to face me and

screeched, but then a thump from behind killed it, when the Skubig fell down, I saw Sigel’s daughter, she dropped to the floor, and cried…but then started to laugh…it was too late, shed been…tested…infected by those things, she looked into my eyes, her eyes showed the lust for blood…” A tear dropped from his eye and he mumbled “I…had…to…shoot…her” His story was longer than this, but he finished by saying “Ill tell you the rest when we escape from this nightmare” Ian awoke and stretched but looked blank for a few seconds, then turned to me and asked, “Who am I?” I face palmed and said “oh dear jesus, he’s got amnesia!” We then had our gang, Amnesiac Ian, Zombie Jeff, Military Ellen, and me, Normal Myrddin. “Hold on, where’s mummy?” *Thwock!* Ian fell again flat faced, Jeff smashed him on the head with the butt of the rifle “Mummies right here mate, she’s called pain.” “The amnesia should wear off in a bit, only if we’re lucky.”

We must have been sitting there for at least 20 minutes till he came through, he woke and stretched, looked blank, then stood up and said “Where are we?” “I remember you punching me and then I think you thumped me with something in the back of the head…” Ian went to hit me when Ellen jumped in front of him and said “HEY! We don’t know what this place is so we’ve got to concentrate on getting the hell out of here!” Ian turned and saw Jeff, but he didn’t recognize him, Ian turned back to me and asked “Who the hell is he?” “Jeff Quinne, the guy who saved my life.” “Uh, still don’t know him” “THAT’S BECAUSE YOU HAVE SLIGHT AMNESIA!” “No I don’t” “You do, you just don’t remember because you have amnesia” “I don’t have amnesia! “YOU DO YOU TWAZZACK!” “WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!” “TWAZZACK!”

He turned to Ellen and asked her what twazzack meant. “What's twazzack mean?” “Only Myrddin would know that” “Myrddin?” He pointed at me and continued on. “Oh that girl with the long hair?” I got angry and exclaimed “IM NOT A GIRL RETARD!” He widened his eyes and laughed “HAHAHAHAHA! YOU LOOK LIKE ONE!” He stopped laughing and asked me what he asked Ellen “What’s twazzack mean dude?” “Nothing, just similar to twat.”

*Eeeeerchhh* we all looked towards the sound, the walls were closing in on us! “SPLIT UP, TAKE A WALL AND PUSH!” We split up, a pair to a wall. We pushed as hard as we could but it wasn’t working. The walls were very slow closing so we still had time to figure out a plan.

A drop of blood hit my head, I looked up, “Look! Another blood note! I pointed it out and we looked up, I was trying to unscramble it, it was all jumbled up, either that or I just couldn’t see it too well. Ellen screamed the words “STOP STANDING AROUND AND READ THE DAMN NOTE!” “IM NOT WAITING FOR BLOODY CHRISTMAS HERE!” I replied shocked slightly “OK ok! Jeez…” I pointed the torch at it, it read “Oh my, you might as well cry, there’s no way out, except the spout, climb up the side, you’ll find a little light” “Climb the walls? How the fuck are we meant to do that? Plungers? Jetpacks? Ice picks? Our Lips?” “GET DOWN!” we all ducked and Ian threw a grenade at the wall opposite the broken one. He then said, “ONCE THE SMOKE CLEARS, GO TRHOUGH, AND HURRY! WE’RE ALMOST OUT OF TIME!” *BOOM!* the smoke cleared and we all ran for it, We came into a lit room and saw a huge blood note on the wall, it boldly read “YOUR DOOM!” with a large arrow

pointing down. It was a long ladder that was attached to a very dark hole which was very…very long, it was so long that you couldn’t see the bottom. “Hold on, lets see how far this hole is!” Ian took out a flare stick, he lit it, and threw it. we watched the light fade away…then saw it coming, upwards only bigger! “Err guys, what the fuck is happening?!” Ian told us all, “GET BACK QUICK! TAKE COVER!” we all held against the wall and covered our faces using our hands for protection. A large fireball shot up through the hole, like an Atom Bomb but luckily, the ladder was not vaporized, the fire rumbled back down the hole and cleared. I was rather shaken up. “What about the dog?” I turned to the dog but then flipped out scared, the dog was a skeleton, it had been vaporized by the blast, and I mean vaporized, just bone was left of it, poor thing, wouldn’t have stood a chance. I laughed slightly because the teeth were all destroyed and it looked like a funny face.

Chapter 9: Down the shaft We started to climb down the ladder, heck, we even played a game, we did a bit of role-play “I’m Chuck Norris and I’m going to hit you with my fist in my beard!” It was so much fun and it passed the time I noticed we were reaching the bottom… but there was a little problem, the ladder was broken and had come apart, a huge black hole, probably leading to death below, it bent off curved, it was leading towards a tunnel just below and opposite us, so I said, “Ok, be careful getting over this hole, go one at a time” We all took our turns and made it over safely. “Hold on, where’s the path?” A huge snore came over the whole place. “WHAT THE HELL! THE AUTHOR HAS FALLEN ASLEEP? HEY YOU LAZY BASTARD! WAKE UP!” Then a booming voice raised and said “Hm? Oh…Sorry!” A huge hand came into the area where we were standing and a click of a finger revealed a new path, I then responded “Oh thanks, (whisper) you bloody twat...”

“I HEARD THAT!” *Gunshot* Ian had just shot a hole in the ceiling before saying an order, “Stop the friggin argument before I hit one of you with this barrel and trust me, it wont be pretty!” Chapter 10: The Underground Mystery We followed the path, it led to a room, a twisted room? It didn’t look right, a chair was on the ceiling, food was floating in midair, and a corpse got up and stating to dance like a zombie “Reminds me of Thriller...” *BANG!* Ian shot it and the corpse fell down, but through the floor? I noticed a picture on the wall, it was jumbled up, but some of it was missing, the missing parts formed a piece, like a jigsaw shape, It was a jigsaw, a puzzle or test. “This room in out of control! NOTHING MAKES SENSE! THIS WHOLE THING MAKES NO SENSE!” Ellen walked up to it, and picked a piece of the puzzle up, and placed it in the right place, the area glowed and it somehow linked itself to the picture. She did the

entire puzzle and it glowed, and then it went up in flames, but a note showed…a fire note? It said “Look to the left, hurry, try not to lose your leg!” We all turned to our left and saw a rectangular door shaped section as a block raise into the wall, a wall going into a wall, we all ran but Ian tripped and didn’t get through in time, the block lowered and Ian was stuck behind the wall, but we could talk to him because the walls were thin enough for sound to pass through “Damnit! What should I do now?” I replied calmly “Stay put, don’t move, do… “Stand back!” We all moved back. *BOOM!* part of the wall fell down and Ian came through. “Owned! Heheheh...” I then pointed shocked and said “Man stop cheating all the time! Haven’t you read the script?” Ian then responded “What Script? Man this is a fantasy world, it’s the author who’s making this happen, and he definitely has one freaky imagination!” We continued on, and found a door, but not just one door, at least 13 doors, 13 is an unlucky number

I walked up to the first door, and opened it, *Shreeeeeeeeee* A heavy wind came over me and sucked me into a vortex, I came flying out of door number 8, right into the wall, head first. I stood up rubbing my head before throwing a heavy tantrum “Ok, kinda pissed now, IVE JUST FLEW INTO A GODDAMN WALL!” “Man has just discovered that people really can fly” Jeff quoted before laughing. Ian looked at a door, it was door number 5, he walked up to it, opened it, and was sucked in too, *Shreeeeee* “AAGH!” He appeared about a minute later, came out of door 9, landed right on top of Jeff as he was passing, they were on top of each other and their lips touched “Ultimately Gay!” I shouted as they both retched and spitting in disgust as they both got off eachother and stood up. Ellen walked up to door 13 and just as she was about to open it, she looked at us all and said, “13 unlucky my ass, this is the right door you brainless idiot”

She pulled the door open and pointed “Look, a path, just goes to show you are stupid” I pointed angry and shouted “IM NOT STUPID, I JUST SUCK AT GUESSING STUFF RIGHT AND PROBABILTY!” Chapter 11: Getting Seriously Stupid *turns handle on other door* “Huh?” Ellen looked very confused, she then fainted. I walked to the opened door and shouted very loudly “THIS IS GETTING SERIOUSLY FUCKING STUPID NOW!” Everyone came and looked, Ellen woke up and stood, then we all saw, not a new path, not another door, but 26 doors. “Which one is the right one? For christ sake this is starting to be a whole load of bullshit, and it’s making me very very angry, sad, and confused, and for some reason, jealous, don’t ask, I have no idea why I feel jealous, maybe it’s the house that’s making me insane. I already saw a dog get vaporized, it’s just getting crazy”

Ian ran up to a door and shouted “I RECOGNISE THIS FOR SOME REASON!” He swung it open and jumped in, about 15 minutes later for some reason, a door opened at the end and he flew out like he was chucked, and then another voice shouted, the voice was slightly Italian too, but it said “You come back to my restaurant again and ill cut your balls off and use them for meat, then ill take your dick and use it for a sausage and serve them to you, you understand me?” Ian looked back at the open door and responded “OK Ok…jesus” Then the Italian man threw something at him and shouted “And take back your backpack full of shit! Stupidè foreigner!” The door slammed and Ian pulled his pack up and walked to us, falling all over the place and walking like he was on magic mushrooms because he just had a backpack full of food and water bottles slung at him by an Italian muscled guy. When he got to me he explained why that Italian guy was so angry at him. “When I was about 6, I knew this restaurant, and that chef, I threw a rage

that day because he didn’t bring me what I wanted, I wanted an ice cream machine refill, and he said I had enough, enough? I only had 2 liters of his machine, that wasn’t enough, so I ran into his kitchen, bit his chefs legs, threw boiling water at the chef from the pan, ate all his cheese, took a dump in one of his foods, which got delivered unfortunately, and smashed his cupboards with a frying pan, I also smacked him on the head with it. He then caught me and threw me out, it seemed that door was a replicate hell of the one I went to. In that hell, there were 40 clones of him, my mum and dad were angry leprechauns and the other chefs were bunny rabbits with chainsaws, they were mutilating carrots that talked, I felt sorry for the carrots, they even tortured one. And for the rest of the restaurant crowd, well they were all monkeys eating Trinitrotoluene for some reason, and if you didn’t know, Trinitrotoluene is T.N.T and when the chef caught me, the rabbits interrogated me about a mother carrot. After that he threw me out, that’s why he threw me out to begin with.

“Hold up, all our names are on these doors?” “Why?” Ian looked back at me and explained “It’s what happened to me, they are your very own personal hell.” “P-p-personal?!” Ian laughed and responded “you gotta deal with it, I think this is the way to escape, DO IT!” Ellen looked and screamed with joy jumping in the air and clicking her heels together still in joy “MY NAME ISNT HERE! YAHOO!” “Yes it is” Ellen stopped laughing, and turned angry “You are kidding me right?!” I sighed and laughed slightly. “Heheheh….No I'm not kidding, look” I pointed her door name clearly out, she sighed “Ok, I got a plan, we each take our turns one at a time” “Alright then” “IM FIRST!” Jeff had flung himself at a door and raised his arm and said a sort of oath I guess “I want to get this over with, let it be done!” As he opened the door I snuck up behind him and pushed him in “Adios!”

“Heheheh…I wonder how his hell is?” Chapter 12: Welcome To Your Personal Hell “It’s been ag..” *BOOM* the door smashed open and Jeff flew out landing in the dust face down. He heard a running, vibrating the ground “OH SHIT!” He rolled backwards and onto his feet and slammed the door behind him and sighed. “Jesus that was lucky” his face was near purple He walked over to us, and spoke up “Ok… My personal hell, was unusual in a way, it was a mixture of different events… A Slide was first, but this slide, was really fucked up, it had spikes and landmines all over it, and I got pushed onto it, I had to dodge all of them, and as you can see *Jeff shows his gash on his arm* I was cut by a spike, but after the slide, was a playground, of dead child souls, and in the middle of all the souls was a man, he had a knife, with blood, and he turned, but I was also a child because when I spoke because I noticed my voice changed, he chased

after me, and we went into a maze, after I got out of the maze I came face to face with a Behemoth and it was colossal, its arms were bulging heavily, and its claws, one swipe of them, and your butter..” I interrupted and said “You mean screwed!” “No…I really do mean butter.” He continued on “Just before the last event was a puzzle, it took me a while to solve and once I got through, my last event was 2 doors and it was a life or death situation, blood note on my last part and it said” “One door to freedom, one door to eternal damnation” “And I chose the right one.” “The behemoth came through the other door just as I opened that one back there. Thank god I got out” I sighed and raised my hand “Ok…My turn” I walked up to the door and opened it *BOP* “That’s for pushing me bitch!” Jeff had booted me up the lower back and straight in, I screamed with fear as I fell down a dark hole “WOAAAAAAAAHH!” *thud* I stood up, coughed the dust up and vomited slightly, and looked around while rubbing my sore ass. “What on

earth?” 3 tunnels, with blood arrows pointing in all 3 directions, another note was below them, I read it out loud “3 tunnels,3 puzzles, 1 chance, fail them, you’re dead.” I thought out loud “Hmm, No one is here?” “BOGEY BUM!” I laughed but then sighed “Well, gotta get this over with” I chose the tunnel on the right “Number 3 lets go and see” I walked down it, it led to a door, I opened it and stepped through, Light shone all around me and I was in a….a maze. It was a glass maze and below it, was bubbling lava, I saw a lever in the middle of the maze. “That’s gotta be the way out of here.” I managed to dodge these kind of holes in the glass and I reached the lever safely. I pulled it and I dropped through a glass door, kind of like a trapdoor, I was going into the lava! “AAAAH!!!!” *Smash* A part of it was made of wood and It went pitch black all around me as I fell into the darkness. *Smack* I had

stopped falling but I hit something face first “Ow….” The thing I hit opened and I rolled out *Thud* “First Torch Lit” A voice said from a mangled speaker. I stood up and shook myself off. It seemed this was a test of whether I was worthy of escaping here. “Ok! Middle one now!” I ran down this tunnel and saw a paradise scene, “FREEEDOM!” *Smack* I hit a wall at full force. “Oh Bollocks…” I felt my head bleeding, it was only a little bit luckily “I’ll be ok” I stood up and saw a little splat of blood on the wall. “Jesus I hit hard” “Hold on…What’s 4x 67?” “AH CRAP I GOT AMNESIA!” I had lost memory of mathematics “I just hope it comes back to me” I looked at the wall and saw a drip, a paint drip…it was fresh paint! “Someone or something has been here..” I turned to my left where I noticed the door. “There it is, and damn my head is starting to get sore” I pulled open the door

and almost fell over with shock. It was a replicate of that painting with those stairs on the walls and the floor and the ceiling. “What am I supposed to do?” I walked towards it and hit thin air “Hold on!” I tapped where my nose hit and I heard the sound, it was a sort of…. barrier. The barrier flashed with colours and came up with a program, it was interactive. “It’s a puzzle!” I touched a piece, it became highlighted and a computer voice spoke “Please input desired movement direction” another screen showed up by the other one. I pushed up, and the part I highlighted moved up and pushed the other 2 on the right up. “Kinda like a 2D rubix cube” It must have been about 10 minutes before I figured it “Puzzle Complete, please proceed to opposite door and activate lever to finish completely” The hologram cleared and I walked over to the other side, but just as I passed through the hologram I fell. “AAGH!” *Thud* I landed face first on the concrete, my nose started bleeding as I stood up.

The room started to shift “Please Quickly Proceed” Beeps from everywhere started happening, and I figured it was a timer. I jumped up and ran to the other side covering my bleeding nose as the part behind me started to shift, I jumped to a ledge and scrambled up just as the middle shifted, I pulled the lever and it sounded with the voice “Puzzle Completed” The floor below me opened just as the part I was standing on started to begin shifting. Chapter 13: Puzzle 3, Impossibility? “AAAAH” *thud* the door opened before I hit it this time and I came smashing into the dust. I stood up and my head stated to throb suddenly “Uuugh…Not Again!” The room went blurry, and I punched myself in the stomach to keep conscious, but unfortunately, I blacked out, only for like 5 seconds because I stood straight back up, don’t even know how, but I just did. The second torch lit and the computer voice said “One remaining puzzle, please complete to finish test”

I looked to my left and saw the last tunnel “alright, lets finish this shit” I walked down it to find the door, I opened it, and looked blankly before almost fainting, there were about 50 platforms escalating down a dark hole, couple were rigged with electricity, the computer said “This is the final puzzle, you must choose the correct platforms, choose wrong and 800 volts will surge through you” “800 VOLTS?!” “Goddamn…” I jumped down carefully and got to the 2nd to last platform, I saw the lever on the last platform so I jumped and landed safely, I pulled the lever and the platform rotated suddenly “What the fuck?!” I slid off and managed to grab an edge, but my grip wasn’t good enough…so my fingers slipped and I fell down the deep hole and landed back at the tunnels “FUUUUUUUUUCK” it echoed just as I landed hard into the dust, flat on my chest and face *Thud* “Oof! That hurt like a bitch…” “All Puzzles Completed” The floor opened below me and I fell down… still in laying position…

I couldn’t see a thing but just after I saw some light then I was able too see the door, the light was slitted through it , and screamed and flailed my arms and legs as I went to smack into it. “AAAH!” I smacked into it, opened it and fell through. I barrel rolled right into the wall. I stood up and was just falling almost all over the place. I closed the door light headed. “Wow what the hell happened?” I managed to explain simply what it was like and then when I finished I saw Ellen shaking and pale like a ghost. “Wh...Why me…” I placed a hand on her shoulder and said boldly “You gotta do this, look, if you do this ill give you a car if we escape, it will be a good car too, a Porsche!” She agreed then mustered all her strength and stood up, then walked to the door like jelly. As she opened it she hesitated so we pushed her in. It was cruel but she wouldn’t have moved otherwise. I closed the door just as she disappeared and I

turned and sighed. “She’s probably gonna take twice as long as us!” “I got an idea lets play a game while we wait! Jeff jumped up and screamed the words OK! 21 DARE!” I facepalmed and sighed “Lets not get out of hand then, no kissing, hugging is ok..” I was the first to hit 21. Jeff thought of a dare then came up with an idea “I dare you to shout ICUP” I looked blankly and said “Wow seriously? Ok but this is rather stupid” “ICUP!” It echoed all around the area we were in. “Let’s just play something different.” “I spy!” Ian smiled as he came up with the idea just after he shouted it. “Ok Myrddin, you’re first!” I did my grouchy face and sighed “Ok.. I spy with my little eye something beginning with D” “DOORS” Ian had shouted and he was jumping shouting “I GOT IT RIGHT! TOO E..” I interrupted and said “Dude, you got it wrong” Ian stopped and looked blank, then sat down embarrassed and he shaked his fist

at me while saying, “I was pretty close you lousy cheapskate!” Jeff shouted dude, which was the answer, because we are all guys or dudes as I would call a man. It was Jeff’s turn but he was zoning out. “Ok Jeff, it’s your turn!” I had to shout it because he wasn’t focused. He came to and looked, then noticed what I said. “Oh sorry!” “Ok…I spy with…what the fuck?” I fell over laughing but Jeff and Ian were running, I looked up and saw why “FUCK! 3 SKUBIGS?!” I jumped up, turned and zoomed the other way, I ran faster than them, sped past them and smashed into the wall, I went down hard but got straight back up, I saw them and they were backing us up into a dead end. They screeched and panted while crawling towards us. I ran up to Ian, took his backpack and took a Grenade out of it, I then ran up to a Skubig and pulled the pin then shoved it in its mouth before it could bite me “Merry Christmas Bitches!” I shouted as I dived and rolled backwards. It exploded and Jeff shouted “Its still July

damnit!” Bits of skull landed everywhere. 2 Skubigs were left. “Hm?” I noticed a Sledge hammer lying on the ground, it was just like before. I picked it up, raised it quickly above my head, and the sledge flew off and smacked Jeff in the face. “Oh the irony!” *thud* Jeff stumbled backwards and smacked into the wall, then slid down unconscious. “Epic Failure” Ian quoted. I started whacking the 2nd Skubig with the wood which became indefinitely pointless, I then snapped it in half and drove a piece of the wood through it. It screeched and fell down dead. “AAAGH!” Ian was being cornered and Jeff was out cold. “FUCK THIS!” I charged with my piece of wood and drove it into the Skubig’s back, it screeched but still moved, and it turned to me “Oh buggery hell!” I legged it down the corridor and heard a gunshot “Bye Bye Asshole!” Ian shot it up the ass, it roared and then died and I fell laughing madly, a bullet up the ass, a one in trillion shot. The door opened and knocked Ian down by accident as he was walking to me, then the door was opened fully and Ellen

walked out, without a scratch! “The whole fucking puzzle…the walls collapsed when I put a foot forward, it was too easy!” I jawdropped and then sighed before I mumbled under my breath. “Lucky bitch…” “OI!” She shot near my foot. “All puzzles have been completed.” The computer voice faded away and the speakers exploded and shrapnel went flying. ”Trippin!” I laughed but then a bright light shined and a door appeared where Jeff was still lying. “HEY! WAKE UP!” I shouted at him but he wouldn’t budge, then I remembered the water Ian had. “Ian, pass a bottle of water!” Ian opened his backpack and fiddled around…a lot. Chapter 14: Missing Supplies “Where the hell?” “I’ve searched the whole damn thing!” Ellen was keeping quiet, that’s when I noticed her. “Hey! Do you know what happened, I promise I wont get angry” I was lying but she didn’t know it. “I…I replaced the food with…toilet rolls…” I facepalmed and said “Toilet

Rolls? They aren’t there!” She then fell over laughing “IT WAS A JOKE! HAHA!” Jeff came to and looked blank then Ellen looked at Jeff and pointed clearly thinking it was him. Once he stood up he was silent for a second and then spoke confused “Uh…What?” “You know what happened to the food and water didn’t you?” She sneered at him. He looked blank and Ellen kept on accusing him “YOU!” “Goddamn where is your proof?” “STOP FIBBING!” “What did I do?” “AARGH!” She punched him and continued ranting “YOU!” “Uh…I have no idea what happened!” “You hesitated! WHERE IS IT?!” “Stop accusing me for christ sake, I have no idea where it is” Then I figured it out “The Dog!” Jeff sighed and said “yeah I guess, he was skinny to the freakin bone” That explained it all. Jeff noticed the door behind him so he opened it “This is…”

“What is it?” “A NEW PATH!” I fell comically and stood up angry pointing at him in rage “I KNEW THAT YOU THICKHEADED DUMBASS!” He opened the door fully and swung his hand in a follow gesture “Ok come on people!” we walked down it and came to 3 tunnels “Goddamn!” we all looked and they each had a note above. “Road, Grass, Leaves, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” “Maybe it’s a clue?” Jeff quoted, and then I replied “No shit Sherlock!” We all decided the middle tunnel and we walked down it. *Chug chug chug* “What the…” The ground started shaking and vibrating, a bright light and steam came, a steam train was heading this way! “BOLLOCKS!” I exclaimed. We all ran back and saw another steam train heading this way, I looked to my sides and saw 4 crevices on the left “Quickly, into the crevices!” “Fuck that!” Ian took out a grenade “Last one!” He kissed the grenade and threw it behind his back, it bounced off the floor then landed and rolled before it

exploded…but it landed 5 feet away so ended up completely missing the train… “STUPID GRENADE!” The trains were still moving but were rather slow “Bloody Hell it’s like the frigging titanic sinking!” “WHAT NOW?” “I’ll handle this!” Jeff took a metal pipe and shoved it where the train was now, it stopped it and it stopped moving, he took another metal pipe from the wall and ran to the other train. He shoved it where the other one was and it stopped that as well. We all wiped the sweat from our heads and took a breather. “Hmm…” “Something on your mind Myrddin?” Ellen was looking at me blankly while Ian and Jeff were discussing football. “Well yeah…I figured were screwed with being able to escape.” “Ey you two, stop talking bout how much you love each other and get your ass following! Ian had interrupted us and was signaling for us two to follow.

We climbed inside, it was a complete wreck. “This is about average for 2nd class on Eurostar Trains” “Just hope the ticket man don’t catch me” A door opened at the end of the carriage and a man stepped through, he was missing an eye, his clothes, blood stained, dark red, but…he was the ticket man. “Oh bollocks! Err… can we pay later?” “TICKETS PLEASE!” The ticket man boomed. “I swear you already took our tickets” Ian was pale because of this. “Hold on, I have a ticket” Ian pulled his rucksack off and kneeled then he fiddled round in his bag and brang out a shotgun but before he could stand the ticket man raised his hand and used Telekinetic Powers to hold him against the wall, he started to choke him. He then boomed in his low voice “YOU CANNOT HURT ME!” “Oh, but I can!” Ellen drew her Sawn Off Shotgun and did a back flip over him. “Say goodbye!” “WHAT?!" The gunshot blew a huge hole right through him. Ian fell and landed on his feet He stumbled and Ellen looked through the hole and waved at us, she

even shoved the gun in and blew upwards. The body fell down and was still. “Ticket Man, Bang Bang!” It was like a song. We went through the end of the carriage door and noticed something carved into the side of the wall. “Dragon Of Flames The Omega D?” “Hmm…” I took Ellen’s shotgun and shot the name so it didn’t show clearly. Chapter 15: Paradise? “You dumbass! THAT WAS MY LAST SHELL!” I emptied the clip and handed it back. “It’s still a weapon, you can whack the crap out of an enemy yeah?” she took the gun. “Screw you!” she shouted. She flipped me off and walked down the end of the carriage in a storm. We followed her and suddenly saw her on the ground covering her head….but she was completely still. “Hey lazy ass! Get Up!” She wouldn’t budge Jeff said “She’s dead?” “I don’t know!” She moved suddenly and jumped up, “I’m ok!” We all looked

blankly. I sighed. “Whatever, lets move losers!” I lead the way to the end of the train, we reached an open door, it was very thin and the rest of the carriage was crushed, it was a mystery that was unsolvable. “Crap, gotta squeeze through this tight gap!” We all squeezed through, and got out into the rest of the track, and we saw a beach, palm trees, then they all shouted “FREEDOM!” They all saw a paradise, like the one I saw, they all ran *Smack* *Smack* *Thud* *Smack* *Boom* and they all hit the wall, blood splattered, and the wall fell, revealing a new path. Jeff stood up then brushed himself off. Then looked at himself and screamed. He started speaking in Ellen’s voice “AAAH! IM NOT ME?!” “Myrddin HELP!” I calmed Jeff down and said, “If that’s really you Ellen, something is wrong, if its you Jeff, GET A GRIP DUMBASS!” Ian came to and stood, then he acted like Jeff “HOLY SHIT, IM IAN?” Then Ellen came to and started acting like Ian, “Whoa, I’m a girl? AWESEOME!” I shouted to get everybody’s attention “HEY YOU THREE,

SHUTUP, SIDDOWN AND LISTEN!” “Ok, Ian, Your in Ellen’s body, Jeff, your in Ian’s body, and Ellen, your in Jeff’s body, I don’t know why or how, but somehow, your minds have swapped with each other.” “WELL FUCKING FIX THIS PROBLEM!” I threw the empty revolver at her head and ordered her loudly, “SHUTUP I SAID!” “Hmm…BINGO! I think we can solve this if we come across another wall.” Ellen who was in Jeff’s body looked at me and pointed to the left, “How bout that wall?” She pointed to a similar wall. It had a blood note, strangely enough it was multicolored “Smash Smash Smash, Bang Bang Bang, Crash Crash Crash, You’re All Fools!” we heard a growling by the broken wall, and we saw evil red eyes peering through the darkness. “Oh bloody hell!” Everyone readied their weapons, and it came out, a cat… “What?” The cat was talking and it was staring at us, like we had fish stuck to us or something “Hello… you must be the ones.” We looked at each other and looked back “The…Ones?” It licked its paw then held it up at us and

rephrased “Yes, The chosen ones.” We all shouted “CHOSEN?” “Yes, like I said, you are the chosen ones, the ones to retrieve The Eyrki Soigné” “What the fuck is that?” “A very powerful Idol…It possesses the powers to destroy the world, you must destroy it before it...” “STUPID FELINE!” A man appeared and kicked the cat 3 meters across the track. Then shot it in the head. He noticed us then pointed an AK-47 rifle at my head “Who are you?” “My...Myrddin Hands, what’s it to you?” “Oh...” He looked at the cat and sighed. “That cat… is not a cat at all, it is simply an Info Demon, they tell lies of things that lead these survivors to the death, and it’s about to resurrect itself!” “RESURRECTION?!” It levitated into the air and it…transformed, into a behemoth. “Oh yeah, they’ll take a dangerous form.” “Bollocks!” I took out Jeff’s pistol and shot into its head, it roared loudly and fell down, dead. “My pistol! I named her Eileen!” I dropped the gun to the floor and

had taken out the katana I had with me. “Empty clip Sucker!” It was a shock for me, the others were normal. “Who are you?” The mystery man introduced himself, “I’m Jeff Quinne” Jeff had repeated himself, and then I kicked him in the shin “NOT YOU IDIOT!” I looked at the mystery man, he introduced himself “What I am is none of your concern. If you do not recognize me then it is pointless to ask me.” “What?” “Just call me The Biohazard” So now we have a person called Biohazard “Eh...Ill just call you The B” “Fine with me” “Hold on! You’re the guy that helped us defeat that colossal monster!” “That’s me” “Why’d you run away?” “I was getting back to my group, they died earlier on from an Info Demon, and it ripped em apart so I legged it before I was got.” Jeff was being slapped by Ellen “You’re an idiot! Keep your big mouth closed!” There

was a big slap mark across his face. He stumbled and I grabbed Ellen’s arm and asked “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You’re going insane!” She slithered back into a corner and a few tears dropped. “I...I’m…I’m sorry…” “Hey, I was coming this way, where the hell did you come from?” “We been going all over this godforsaken place for the last…uhh…Damnit I don’t know but it’s been ages!” I noticed something was different, Jeff and Ian and Ellen were acting like they were in their own bodies. “Hold on…your you!” Ellen and Jeff looked at themselves and were gleaming with joy, except Ian “Damnit…I liked being a girl…” Ellen stood back up and pointed at Ian before shouting at him “GROW UP! YOU’RE A MAN NOT A WOMAN!” “So you’re implying that girls are sissies?” “Uh…SHUTUP!” “Yo! We need to blow this wall down!” Biohazard tapped the wall and it echoed “see?” “Ok…any of you got any explosives?” We all shook our heads to

say no. “The last explosive we had was a grenade, and it failed its job” “That’s pretty lame” “Tell me about it” “Ok!” “IT’S A SAYING DUMBASS!” “DON’T INSULT ME!” Biohazard pointed his gun at Ian’s head and ordered him. “YOU KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT OR ILL BLOW THAT DAMN SMILE OFF!” Ian stepped back and actually manned down “Sorry dude” “We are completely lost!” “I got some dynamite!” Biohazard took out a stick of dynamite and placed it by the wall, then lit it and shouted while running fast down to the train for cover. “RUN AWAY OR YOULL BE BLOWN TO BITS!” We all made a run for it and just made it to the train before the dynamite exploded. *Boom* The dynamite exploded and the wall was down. We all climbed out from the train and walked over to the downed wall, we heard wind in the distance. “Outside?” “Well let’s go and see!” I held my hand up just before they put a foot forward and ordered everyone to stay put. “Im going in

first” Biohazard handed me the Ak- 47 and a torch “Be careful!” “I will, im not 5 for god sake!” I switched on the torch and it exploded. It burnt my hand “AAAAGH” I shouted in pain. I pulled out the torch I had in my pocket, I tried switching it on but it was dead “Damnit! No Power…” I sighed and readied my Ak-47 for any new or crazy monsters that popped out. I almost slipped off the path when I stepped forward, I looked where I was, I was standing at a…gorge, and on the other side was the path. “AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!” I screamed in anger, the others came running and saw why. “Holy Mother…” “ITS BIGGER THAN THE GODDAMN GRAND CANYON!” “Hmm….” Biohazard was thinking out loud. “I’m gonna ditch these bastards somewhere where they’ll all die” “Scuse me?” He turned and jumped in shock, we all were pointing our weapons at him and before he could flee Ian grabbed him and lifted him before taking

him and holding him over the edge of the gorge “Want to rephrase that?” “Ok, LET ME GO!” “Not till you apologize and promise you won’t ditch us, were saving you, we could leave you behind did you forget that?” “NO!” “Um..I mean yes!” Ian turned and looked at us “This dude is playing some angle, don’t let your guard down!” Suddenly Biohazard grabbed Ian and was almost throwing him off but Ian was too strong and he overpowered before he grabbed his neck lifting him high “DON’T EVEN TRY!” He shouted as he tightened his grip. Ian then lifted him completely and threw him backwards, he landed right in front of a Info Demon “Ah Shit!” Biohazard shouted as he rolled forward, he lifted his hands as if he was holding the AK, which he gave to me, I waved and shouted “Dude you gave it to me!” “DAMNIT!” The info demon turned into a infernal behemoth, full scale flame. “DEATH TO YOU PUNY HUMANS!” “Death to your momma!”

It scowled and its huge claw flew at Ian smashing him into a wall “NEVER TALK ABOUT MY MOMMY!” Because its mother came out, this was 3 times bigger. Ian put his hands up to the wall and shrieked. “I TAKE THAT BACK, SHIT?” “TIME TO DIE!” It howled. As it went to attack I shot it in the head with my AK-47 and it died instantly. “One Shot Kill Bitch!” I shot the other in the head and it died too. “That was shittin easy losers!” They were all blank and shocked. “What?” They all started to point, not at me, not at anyone else, but… I swirled round and saw a gigantic behemoth, 10 times bigger than the others. I shot its head and the bullet bounced right off. It grabbed my gun and threw it into the gorge and then it picked me up and threw me all the way over the gorge right into the wall on the other side, just missing the edge. I tried to stand up but it wouldn’t work. The behemoth picked everyone else up and threw them over to me, we all landed on the path. When we got up the behemoth was gone... but what

I wanted to know was why it threw us over and didn’t kill us? We all got up and gathered our weapons, Ellen had lost her meat cleaver, but still had the empty gun, I had lost my katana, Ian still had the AK-63 and some other weapons, he handed me a knife and gave Jeff a golf club. Chapter 16: The Stairway Of Hell We went down the path, and found a staircase, except it was endlessly endless. “Your…Papa…” “what?” “I have no idea why I just said that” “Then don’t say it” “SHUTUP” Jeff shot near my head and just missed. We walked down it…..and walked….and walked…we couldn’t see the bottom even after 20 minutes. “Holy shit how long is this thing?!” After like 5 more minutes we saw the bottom. We reached the bottom and we came into pitch black, I got out my Precision Rifle and switched on the light, I shoved in the knife and shone the light

around, it looked like…A coliseum…For battles there were swords on the floor

with bones which basically proved my point. Jeff walked over to a skeleton and picked it up, he then held it like a puppet and spoke “Hello, I Am Gladiator, The Dumber!” “I shall kill you with staring!” It was really funny. *BOOM* the wall exploded opposite Jeff, knocking him down and the Behemoth which threw us over the gorge crawled through. “Oh god not you again!” Jeff sighed “what do you want from us?!” It turned to Jeff and its eyes glowed deathly red, it was lusting for blood “I WANT YOUR HEAD!” “I’m sorry dude but I need this to see, move, basically everything, I would give it to you but…it’s attached to me understand?” “THEN ILL HAVE TO RIP IT OFF!” “Or..You could do that but im sorry this is mine.” “I WILL RIP YOU LIMB BY LIMB”

“Shut up you fool!” “DIE TIME!” It bellowed before it raised its huge hand. Jeff took a sword and shouted “You’re asking for it bitch!” He ran and drove it into the behemoths leg before it could attack, it went right through and blood gushed out heavily. The behemoth howled and was in agony as I could tell. It was stumbling and it was going to fall. “TIIIIIMMBEEEEER!” I yelled as it fell. It landed right in front of Biohazard and it landed on his foot. 2 seconds later Biohazard felt the pain. “AAAAAAAAAGH!” His foot was stuck under a 10 tonne Behemoth “GET IT OFF ME! YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” He was screaming at the top of his voice. *thwock* I knocked him out with the butt of my rifle. “We can sever his foot, or, we can try to pull him out” “SEVER HIS FOOT” They all said at the same time “Yeah…Don’t do blood.”

“Err…Bloods been all over, and now your saying you don’t like the sight of blood?!” “Joking! Hahahaha!” Ellen shot between my legs just missing my balls “Hahahaha….Shut up” I was freaked out. “Ok I’m Sorry!” I shrieked in shock. “How we gonna get biohazard out?” “Well, He was gonna kill us, I think we should leave him behind.” Ellen shouted “NO! THE MORE PEOPLE WE HAVE THE BIGGER THE CHANCE OF ESCAPE!” I thought for a min to myself “Well…I don’t know how to escape, this place is fucked up, and we are fighting 10 tonne behemoths here.” “HOLD IT” Jeff shouted inconspicuously I turned to him and sighed “What?” I moaned. “Nothing” He smirked

“THEN WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SHOUT FOR?!” “I was bored” “Then don’t do it!” Biohazard woke up and began screaming again “GODDAMNIT SHUTUP! TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!” “HOW CAN I TAKE 10 FREAKING TONNES LIKE A MAN?!” “JUST TRY!” “EVERYONE SHUTUP!” Ian was fuming. Biohazard kept quiet for a minute just as Ian spoke “Right Biohazard, You have two options, we can try pulling you out, which might break your foot, or, we can cut your foot off.” “CUT MY FOOT OFF?! HELL NO!” “Well decide before I do” Biohazard pulled his foot out without even struggling, he then sighed, wiping the tears off his face. “Awww, I wanted to cut it off” Jeff sighed

I looked at him and exclaimed loudly “YOU’VE GOT ONE FUCKED UP MIND!” “Indeed I do” “Freak…” “Well I can’t help that I’m becoming this way because so much blood has been shed.” “Whatever, hey Ian come here for a sec I wanna talk to you” I didn’t get a response so I turned and called to him “IAN!” I noticed Ian was bobbing his head, and then he started talking randomly “Teenagers scare, the living shit outta me, they couldn’t care less, as long as..” “IAN!” He continued on, “The boys and girls in the click, The awful names at the stick, your never gonna fit in much kid…but if your troubled and hurt, what you got under your shirt” He then shouted “WE’LL MAKE THEM PAY FOR THE THINGS THAT THEY DID!” I tried shouting louder “IAAAAAN!” He

then just mumbled gibberish, and then I noticed a wire coming down his chest. He was listening to music, because I could hear it very faintly as I got closer, I tugged his headphones out and put them in my pocket “KEEP YOUR GUARD UP IDIOT! YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN KILLED!” “Ok jeez, can’t help liking My Chemical Romance.” “WELL YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN EATEN RETARD!” “IM NOT A RETARD!” “YOU ARE FOR NOT FOCUSING ON THE MATTER AT HAND, IF IT WERENT FOR US, YOUD BE DEAD!” “Not true...” “YES IT IS!” I punched him in the solar plexus and he keeled down to the ground in pain. I looked around, I couldn’t see an exit. “Where the hell do we go now?” “Uh…How bout the wall?” “I don’t think we should go through there after a goddamn 10 tonne

behemoth came out of it, there are probably more monsters through there.” We all looked around “No dice” I sighed “Fine…Lets move it people” We all walked up to it, it was cramped by debris “We gotta climb this broken shit” So we all climbed up the debris and over, when we got there the wall collapsed behind us and we were in pitch black “No-One Move” I switched my light on and shone around, I couldn’t see anything, I turned to everyone and suddenly I heard manical laughing. “Oh Shit!” “Shhh!” I signaled everyone to get back to back. More manical laughing happened before I saw a glow of a red eye. “MUHAHHAHAHAH!”

It was an insane child, it had a kitchen knife. It charged towards me with the knife and drove it into my leg before I could do anything “AAARGH!” I yelled as I kneeled down. Ian saw it just about to bite me and he shot it in the head with the AK-63, killing it instantly. I went to pull the knife out but Ellen stopped me. “If you pull it out you could damage your leg and then you might not be able to move” Everyone picked me up and carried me over to the wall where they laid me and surrounded me “You’ve taken us through hell and back, if it wasn’t for you, we would all be dead” I saw more insane children coming, there must have been at least 50 or more. “We die protecting you!” They defended me as they fought off the horde. Everything went blurry and I couldn’t see “IM GOING BLIND!” They were everywhere, my sight faded….

Chapter 17: Man Down! I woke, my eyesight focused…I was back where I woke, but…everything was different, then I noticed a button on the ceiling. I got up and pushed it, then I heard talking “Oh jesus...” “I think he’s dead” I recognized the voice, it was Ellen’s voice. I tried to shout but it just came out as a mumble. “Ellen!” I mumbled, then my eyes refocused, I was still in pitch black. I couldn’t see anyone, and I was laying here, I then felt my leg, the knife was gone and it was bandaged up. I managed to stand up. I then saw my rifle on the floor. I picked it up and switched the torch on. “What the fuck?” A bloodbath was all around me. But…there were no bodies of my friends, just the insane children’s bodies. I noticed something hanging off my neck, I looked at it, a Walkie

Talkie was attached to me with the frequency 48.7 Megahertz. I held the talk part to speak and I spoke into the fuzz. “Hello?” I got a response “Myrddin?!” It was Ian, I answered back “Where the hell are you?” “That’s the thing, I don’t know” “Don’t know, where you are?” “Narp” Ian sighed and asked me a question “More to the point, you were dead, but you’re not, we thought we lost you, your still in the darkness right?” “Yep, are you coming back for me or what?” “Well there’s gonna be a delay” “How long and why” “We are stuck in some kind of maze, luckily we stayed together” “Oh well, I still got my rifle” “That’s good, cos I saw a Sniffer near where you are” My eyes widened “WHAT?!”

I could hear the scraping nearby. “It was asleep when we saw it, just asleep on the floor like a little baby” I got angry “BUT YOU DIDN’T KILL IT?!” “It looked too innocent to be killed” “INNOCENT? THAT THING IS LESS INNOCENT THAN A BOWL OF PORRIDGE” “Um, how’s porridge innocent?” “SHUTUP” I saw the Sniffer come out of the darkness. It breathed heavily as it came my way, I aimed and shot at its legs, the bullet pierced but it still moved, it’s as if the Sniffer felt nothing, it went to run but I shot at it wildly, it still came towards me so I turned and ran as fast as I could. It cornered me and went to swing its blade but I ducked, rolled out the way and ran right past it. I ran down a narrow corridor and turned left, an Oggle came running towards me but I shot it in the head and it fell

down, I kept on running, jumped over the body and headed down another corridor, I encountered an insane child which I kicked in the face smashing it into the wall and landing just as I legged down another corridor, I was running out of breath and I heard the sniffer catching up, but I then got an adrenaline rush and zoomed down a long path with all my might. As I kept on turning I held my walkie talkie to my mouth and held down the button before speaking “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!” “We are out of the maze, Over” “DAMNIT IM IN IT!” “Well…” I saw some light and used my last lot of energy and leapt into the light I saw everyone as I stood up, and then the wall closed like a door behind me vertically. I went to hug Ian but he moved out the way and I tripped, smacking into the floor in front of me. “DAMNIT IAN!”

“I thought you were gonna punch me” I snorted “I was gonna hug you for christ sake” “Oh” Ian came and picked me up and gave me a bear hug, almost hugging so tight it hurt. I tapped his shoulder, choking and managing to speak I squeaked the words “Ok…Let….Go” My face was turning purple before he noticed it “Oh shit, sorry!” He let go as I collapsed on the ground, before I got up breathing heavily. “Jesus...You have the tightest grip in the world I bet” “This is the most fucked up nightmare I ever had” Jeff stated “Except its not a nightmare, its real.” “Exactly my point” I thought for a second then had an idea “Hold on, what if this all just a dream?” “I can test that theory” Ian threw a fist and knocked me to the ground. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?”

“The awnser to your theory that its not real, if its been like an hour, then this is most definitely real, because we feel pain, in dreams you cant, you think you do, but it would just be a headache, or a minor bruise.” I stood up and my nose bled “Goddamn, I need a tissue” “Here” Ian handed me a tissue “Thanks” I said sarcastically “Be grateful, because I only hit gently, I could have broke your nose if I wanted” “YOU ALMOST DID” “Shut up already, and quit whining, its people like you who drag everyone’s efforts down” “And If I wasn’t here, you might have been stuck here retard!” “FOR THE LAST TIME IM NOT A RETARD!” “You Are..” “Do I even remotely look like a retard, do I act like one? I have more brains

that you ever discovered brain cells, YOU FREAKING DIPSHIT!” “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” “NEVARR!!!” “Nevar isn’t a word Ian, Never is, Nevar isn’t,your putting emphasis simply on the second E, god it’s like you are thinking of Peter Pan, Nevar Nevar Land, but in my case, Its Dumbass Whoreface Land!” “PETER PAN IS ONE OF MY PROGRAMS!” “Uh…” “I ALSO LIKE DORA THE EXPLORER” “Ian…Calm…” “SHUTUP! MY FAVORITE PROGRAM IS TWEENIES AND BLUES CLUES!” “Ok…Eno..” He interrupted and continued on “I LOVE TELLIETUBBIES! TWINKYFATARSE, DIPSHIT, COCAINE, HEMP and HO!” “Tinky-Winky, Lala, Retard, Poo” “TOM AND JERRY!” “Oh for the love of god…”

“SHUTUP!” “I can’t believe this” We all were laughing madly, Ian was going loony, and I was just standing there, being attacked with words from children’s programs “HUNGRY HUNGRY CATTEPILLAR!” He was going fucking nuts. *smack* Ian fell to the ground, knocked out cold “I don’t wanna hear him ranting on about baby programs, its pissing me off.” Jeff had knocked him out with the golf club “We need to unload some unessacary weapons, and keep what we need, the extra weight is slowing us down” “Great idea, but what?” “We can drop the shotgun” “THANK GOD” Ellen threw the shotgun away, not the sawn off I shouted at her “FOOL! YOUR SHOTGUN, THE SAWN-OFF!” “Oh…”

She went to look for it and came running back and curled up to the wall “Stay Down!” “Wh…” I was interrupted and she pulled me and jeff to the floor making us lay down “Whats wrong?” She whispered “Theres a patrolling monster nearby” “Skuffer?” “If its got no eyes, then I guess it is whatever you called it, a Scooter or something” “Skuffer not scooter” “Oh, Ok” Ian woke up and looked around, we tried calling out, whispering to him but he was too far away “Ian!” I whispered as loudly but quietly as I could He called out to us but didn’t look around, he ran off and then came running back after like two minutes “SHIT!”

He ran straight into the wall, knocking himself unconscious. All off a sudden I could hear scowling, but different pitches, for…..each, it seemed there was more than one, I heard the footsteps and a Skuffer came running out, charging at us. I shot at it taking it down, and then silence…we stood up and I sighed “This is gonna be harder than I thought…” “MYRDDIN LOOK OUT!” Ellen jumped infront of me and punched down another sniffer that managed to sneak up without being seen. “Goit” Ian woke and shouted “TANGO 12, 7, and 8 O’CLOCK!” “What?” “ENEMIES ALERT!” We looked up , skuffers were coming from everywhere, and I mean everywhere “DIE!” Ian drew his AK-63 and shot them down, fighting them off, *click* “NOW

IS NOT THE BEST TIME! IM OUT OF BULLETS!” I took my rifle out and took out the remaining ones. One survived and started crawling. “Game over, Bitch” I walked over to it and crushed its head under my foot “We are fighting in pitch black, but, the enemy group numbers are increasing every time we encounter some” “HOLD IT!” “What?” “Blood note!” Jeff pointed to it “Darkness is also an advantage, but not an advantage to you” “I got a bad feeling…” “Like when you eat something moldy?” “Yeah…wait what?” “What is that?” Jeff pointed forward into darkness A red eye came, I walked forward, towards it and yet I still saw nothing but the eye.

“What the hell?” “GET DOWN!” Ian ran and covered me by throwing me to the floor as a swish of something sharp just missed me. “Die….” A mysterious voice spoke. I switched on my torch and shone it around, sweeping for the neon red glow, I spotted the red eye and saw a form. It was deformed severely, its arms were now jagged, sharp blades, its legs were sharp claws that dug into the concrete ground, its face was wrapped up in black scarves and the red eye in-between the scarves. “Dusk Angel” “What?” “The name for that thing” “the dusk part works but that’s no fucking angel to act like” “YOUR BLOOD WILL BE SHED!” The Dusk Angel spoke. “Not if I shoot you first!” “TRY IT!” I shot at it but it deflected the bullets with its arm blades.

“IM THE ONE HELPING YOU OUT OF HERE!” It pointed its blade arm at me. “What?!” We all looked in shock except Jeff who just stood still normally, like he didn’t care. “So the blood notes are yours?” “YES THEY ARE!” “Oh…Then I’m not going to follow them anymore, I don’t wanna die” The Dusk Angel face palmed and got angry “Follow the goddamn notes idiot!” “Why should I trust you?” “Reasons that are not meant to be known…” It cackled and a shroud of light covered him and when they were gone the Dusk Angel had disappeared. “Phew…” “He’s helping us?” “I don’t belive that shit for one second” I sighed and went sad “I think its our only chance Ian” “Ugh…FINE!”

He got angry but then calmed down. Ellen started to speak “We’re all going to die aren’t we?” “Hell No!” Jeff pointed the gun at biohazard “He was the cause of all this shit to happen in the first place” “THAT’S BULLSHIT! IF IT WASNT FOR ME YOU’D BE DEAD!” “He is right” A person emerged. “Hi im…” Ian shot the person dead “NO MORE CHARECTERS!” “What the hell man?!” I walked over to the corpse. “Uh Ian… come here” He came over, the face was Britney Spears “We just killed a celebrity?!” “Eh, who cares” “I agree” We all laughed but suddenly something strange happened, the face started to morph, into my face, and everyone else’s.

“Morpher?” “That’s a fucked up monster, we gotta watch out” “Hold up, this isn’t a monster!” Jeff walked up to it and grabbed the skin of the morphing face. “IT’S A ROBOT!” He pulled up the skin and over, it was a metal face inside “Wow, What kind of nightmare is this…” “Your Mothers!” Jeff fell over laughing. “THAT’S IT!” Ian went berserk and ran towards Jeff, kicking him in the stomach with impounding force. Jeff coughed up blood “Oh shit…” He vomited up a pack of cigarettes. “Why the hell would you eat cigarettes?!” “No Reason…” He passed out.

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