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Eagle Forum Collegians 16th Annual Summit Report Fall 2009

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Who’s in control?
by Eric Norige Michigan State University Who runs your life? Americans are in charge of their circumstances more than any other culture. We drive ourselves wherever we want to, whenever we want to. We choose what to buy, what to sell, and for what price. And we need Eagle Forum Collegians to keep it this way. Americans have rejected Socialism. We don’t want some nameless bureaucrat deciding how much profit we make in our business, or deciding that certain medical treatments aren’t appropriate. Americans are starting to buy into the idea that experts know the “right way” to do things. In many fields, the “right way” leads to inventions and technologies that enrich our lives. In the social sciences (psychology, sociology, economics, environmental science) it leads to experts taking away our choices to produce a better society. Scientific models are always incomplete simplifications of the real world. The experts’ “right way” will never lead to a perfect society because they will never be able to account for the little changes that are critical for real world outcomes. How do we get off the slippery slope leading to no freedom? We need a continuing stream of educated, capable leaders safeguarding our freedoms from those who want to centralize power for their own benefit, and to protect us from those who would take away our decisions in order to run our lives the “right way.” Eagle Forum Collegians works to develop leaders by bringing students together with the best and brightest conservative thinkers, both of their generation and the previous.

Eagle Forum Collegians 16th Annual Leadership Summit – July 9-10, 2009

A Nation at Risk
by Bethany Burrell Verity Institute Sirens fill the air and panic grips every American. It’s a nation’s worst nightmare. Iran has launched a nuclear missile and we have less than 33 minutes to respond. The question is, “Can we respond?”

above the country, an electromagnetic pulse would eradicate the nation’s electrical power causing utter chaos. To avoid catastrophe, Americans must prioritize innovative defense technology.

range ballistic missile was successfully intercepted within seven minutes of launching. Ellison stressed how President Barack Obama’s new budget slashes missile defense spending by more than one billon dollars. According to Ellison, not until Americans choose to prioritize missile defense will America be the home of the brave.

For 30 years, Americans were prevented from developing technology for nuclear warfare because of the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty originally signed by the Nixon administration. Ellison comThis may be an mended President Iranian dream, but George Bush for it is closer than withdrawing from most people realthe ABM Treaty, ize. Riki Ellison, and thereby startfounder of Missile ing America’s D e f e n s e experimentation A d v o c a c y with technology Alliance, was a to destroy missiles compelling speakduring their flight er at Eagle Forum time outside the Collegians earth’s atmosSummit. Phyllis Schlafly with Riki Ellison phere. According Ellison warned, “In this generation, Iran to Gen. Henry Obering, “We’ve gotten is our number-one threat.” The launching beyond being able to hit a bullet with a of an intercontinental ballistic missile bullet. We are now able to hit a spot on a from anywhere in the world would give bullet with a bullet.” The United States America no more than 33 minutes before performed the most realistic operational obliteration. Even if detonated high test in December 2005, when a long-

The Collegians Summit unites ideals with action and passion. Young conservatives are treated as a crucial part of the movement. Leaders of today, not tomorrow. Students who believe in the principles of limited government and freedom come away from the Summit inspired to continue fighting with diligence and hope.

Deborah Garrett
Huntingdon College



Pro-life and Campus Challenges
baby’s muscles and organs. Its features by Eva Zitterkob Southwestern Oklahoma State University become more defined, teeth and taste buds form, and some babies have been Abortion affects everyone associated observed hiccupping. By the third with the act and changes them forever. month the baby is very active. It can Women who abort are six times more sleep, wake, and exercise its muscles. likely to commit suicide and have a The sex can be visually determined and 65% chance of chemical depression. family resemblance can appear. All the Post-abortion trauma can impact anyone organs and systems of the body are involved. Trauma symptoms include working. naming the aborted baby, comparing the In the fourth month, ages of other children the baby’s ears are to the one aborted, functioning and it chemical depression, can hear its mother’s violence and even heartbeat, as well as suicide. Even the external sounds. The abortion process has mother starts to feel major risks, including her baby’s movecardiac arrest, hemorment. By the fifth rhages that require month, the baby may transfusion, endotoxjump to loud sounds. ic shock, cervical lacIn the sixth month, eration, uterine rupits skin and lungs ture, and even death. become more developed. During the Kristan Hawkins Listening to Kristan of Students for Life seventh month, the Hawkins gave me baby can recognize more insight to strengthen my opposi- its mother’s voice and use 4 of the 5 tion to abortion. Mrs. Hawkins senses. The baby’s skin thickens with a informed us that within the first month layer of fat in month eight. The last of the pregnancy, the baby starts show- month of the pregnancy, the baby grows ing arms, legs, and muscles. It has a one half pound per week. regular heartbeat, and the foundations of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous Abortion is not the answer to an unexsystem are already established. That pected pregnancy, nor is it an easy out. means that the baby is susceptible to Abortion is killing an innocent life. It is pain. very important for anyone considering abortion to get all the facts before makIn the second month of pregnancy, brain ing a decision. Who are we to say who waves start controlling 40 sets of the can be born and who can’t?

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Collegians Summit

Saving Freedom For The Sake Of America
by Kevin Hoffman Grove City College Senator Jim DeMint (SC) wants nothing more than to save freedom. Government cannot be allowed to control the lives of its citizens, and the power of choice must be allowed to succeed. Deregulation and competition must be a part of the solution for America. In order to “save freedom,” according to Senator De Mint, we must return to the things that work in America, things that have their foundation in the basic principles of freedom. It is not principles of freedom that have kept us dependent on foreign nations for our energy supply, and we can be certain that government-run health care will not be based on those principles.

Very inspiring for young conservatives, and a place to share great new ideas.

Bryan O’Neill
Tulane University

Phyllis & Collegians

Students enjoy lunch in between sessions

DeMint’s proposed Our very own educahealth care plan is tion system is an example of why prinbased entirely on ciples of free market freedom. It gives Senator Jim DeMint capitalism are often financial tax incenavoided. Since the tives to every 1970s, when the Department of American who wants to buy personal Education was created, the quality of our health insurance. The real goal of consereducation has declined in relation to the vatives should be to foster an environrest of the world, even though we spend ment that produces the greatest amount $10,000 on each student per year. of quality health care and education.

SIXteenth annual leadership summit The New Case Against Immigration
by Deborah Garrett Huntingdon College The immigration debate for the last several years has focused on the flood of illegal immigrants. Conservatives have rightly argued that unless we enforce our nation’s laws on immigration, we are supporting lawbreakers and the breakdown of internal security. Mark Krikorian, the executive director of Immigration Studies, argues that the real issue is the number of immigrants, not just their status as illegals. The number of legal immigrants has risen alarmingly. Krikorian states, “Annual legal immigration – the number of people awarded permanent residency potentially leading to citizenship – has risen from fewer than 400,000 in 1970 to nearly 1.3 million in 2006.” the world’s refugees, we cannot contain vast millions of people and remain prosperous. Limiting immigration into the United States is beneficial to other nations since it preserves the economic stability of the U.S., enabling it to lead in humanitarian efforts. One of the main reasons why so many want to come to the U.S. is to achieve economic stability and enjoy the freedoms of American society. Placing educational standards on immigrants would greatly reduce the influx and allow low-skilled Americans to obtain desperately needed jobs. Massive immigration of any type, Krikorian argues in his book The New Case Against Immigration, does not benefit the United States economically as it once did. Immigration may have brought us a rainbow of diversity, but that is not what made America great. What made America great are the ideals and principles our nation was built on. These ideals, applied to society, allow freedom to flourish, giving people the opportunity to succeed. “Never before has one party been so dominated by such a power-grappling agenda,” Rep. Bachmann said. An increase in laws, taxes and regulations is like a set of heavily restrictive shackles. Each law is like another link in the chain; each tax increase is like a pound of iron weighing us down. In an effort to equalize, the federal government’s endeavors only enslave. Bachmann called for help from young patriots to stem the erosion of the traditional American values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. “The rug of freedom is being pulled out from under you,” she said. “We’re in a slow surrender of our national sovereignty.” If we want to enjoy the freedoms our grandfathers fought for, we must speak our minds and share our beliefs. Saving our sovereignty demands no less. Personal freedom cannot exist without economic freedom; the former cannot exist without the latter. “Our nation is aching for you,” Bachmann said. “This is your test of bravery.”


I learned so much. Thank you! Makes me want to be bold and run for office someday!

Landon Cook
Brigham Young University

From the left we hear rhetoric tying illegals to the claim that they do Mark Krikorian the jobs Americans will not take. Conservatives continue to emphasize the cost of pro- Krikorian explained that today’s immividing social benefits such as health grants’ struggle with assimilation is difcare and education to illegals. ferent from the past because technology enables them to live in a sub-culture. Illegal immigrants add a greater threat Many immigrants today, illegal and to national security because they enter legal, never fully embrace American the country undetected. Some have a culture. While America would like to criminal background. cure world poverty and welcome all of

Stop the Imperial Judiciary
by Cossette Haner George Wythe College

Missiles, terrorism, economic manipulation – those are external threats to the United States. However, there is a threat just as dangerous. It is an internal vice that can destroy the fabric of our nation. Rep. Trent Franks (AZ) compared our nation to a ship. A ship will stay afloat on an ocean, but if water gets inside the craft, the ship will sink. Rep. Franks said he believed the Supreme Court can be the water that sinks our ship of state. Franks explained that the judiciary was never designed to have legislative power. “The Judiciary was supposed to be the weakest of all the branches of government, but now it may be the most dangerous.” When judges create social policy or law, they are stepping beyond constitutional bounds. He used as examples the Supreme Court decisions in Roe v. Wade and Dred Scott v. Sanford. When the judicial branch encroaches on the other branches, the delicate balance protecting us from tyrannical government gets thrown off. Franks asked, “How did we accept this notion of letting nine unelected officials dictate social policies? Supreme Court justices seem to believe that moving their agenda through the judiciary is a right. When they do this, they become a threat to the Constitution they swore to uphold, and in doing this, they threaten the people’s freedom.” Rep. Franks quoted Abraham Lincoln: “We, the people, are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts – not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution.” Agreeing with Lincoln, Rep. Franks suggested that we, the people, have the right, and duty, to check judicial supremacy.

Saving Our National Sovereignty
by Emmalee Mattern Oklahoma Christian University Day one of the Eagle Forum Collegians Summit opened with a motivating speech by Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. With as much energy as any of the 18-24y e a r - o l d s , Bachmann bounded up the steps with a shining smile and eyes aglow with the passion of a woman on fire for her country. the American people, and she warned that the trust involved in cooperation doesn’t come from taxing citizens into poverty. The foundations of freedom cannot be cast aside to achieve betterment for the greater good. The recent call for a global currency, governmental buyouts of private corporations, and rising income taxes are not the kind of governmental intrusion we need.

Bachmann urged Rep. Bachmann the students to contrasted the sovbecome active ereignty designed advocates of indiby our Founding vidual freedom Collegian with Fathers with the and sovereignty. Rep. Michele Bachmann power grab by This must be accomplished with the cooperation of those holding government offices today.

The conference as a whole was well organized, sophisticated and demanding of deep intellectual involvement, which I loved. It was so refreshing to be around so many like-minded conservatives, and it provided me hope I thought had faded last November 4. Emmalee Mattern
Oklahoma Christian University

Emmalee Mattern with Rep. Trent Franks

by Emily E. Hammon Baylor University Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation gave a fascinating presentation on marriage and poverty. Children of single mothers are five times more likely to be impoverished than those living in a two-parent home. Children raised in a single-parent home have higher instances of teen pregnancy, failure in school, substance abuse, and emotional issues. Even the likelihood of obtaining a high school diploma is much lower in single-parent homes. Hollywood actors have greatly contributed to the acceptance of births to unmarried women. Americans have been presented with a glorified, nonjudgmental approach to the family, and


Marriage is the Cure for Poverty
they have succumbed to the rhetoric. This has led to an illegitimacy rate that has skyrocketed to 38% in the U.S. today. Single-parent homes account for two-thirds of the nation’s poor. Every year, $250 billion dollars is spent on welfare benefits for single parents. Marriage directly combats poverty. If women living in poverty were to marry the biological father of their children, two-thirds of them would be lifted out of poverty. Rector gave a poignant and entertaining analysis of what marriage accomplishes in regards to poverty and child welfare, and what can be done to strengthen marriage. He emphasized the importance of educating young Americans about marriage so they can pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

Summit Scholarship Info
Win a trip to the 17th Annual Eagle Forum Collegians Summit in Washington, D.C. July 15-16, 2010! Winners receive round-trip airfare and lodging (Wed., Thur. & Fri. nights). In approximately 500 words or less, tell us about either: A. The most successful conservative event you helped coordinate or the most outrageous liberal event you helped oppose on your college campus this year. B. Your personal experience defending conservativism on campus. OR Submit a 30- to 60-second YouTube video of a conservative event you planned or attended, along with a short 100 word description of your experience. Deadline for submission is May 1, 2010. Include your name, address, school name, phone number, e-mail address, and one short letter of recommendation from a professor or mentor at the school you attend. Mail essay and info to: OR Blake Bachman, Eagle Forum Collegians 7800 Bonhomme Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63105 If submitting a YouTube video, make sure you provide the link to your video! Visit for registration forms, pictures, resources, and our blog. For the most current info, fan us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


Utilizing Facebook And Twitter
by Lisa Moyer Wheaton College The online world of Facebook and Twitter has been steadily gaining momentum. People of all ages use these sites as sources for news and social updates. Cherilyn Eagar’s presentation at Eagle Forum Collegians Summit on spreading conservatism via the internet Cherilyn Eager & Rep. Steve King was especially relevant. Cherilyn explained the many options for sharing ideas, candidates, and events. Options include Twitter updates, Facebook groups, information about events, fan pages, and links. These tools have a significant impact because of how many people are active online. Facebook and Twitter also provide a great way to promote a conservative outlook on current events.

Eagle Forum Collegians


but it’s very beneficial to be connected with established conservative bloggers. Especially if you want to spread the word about an event or a news story that mainstream media isn’t covering. Blogging is an effective way to advance the conservative movement. Cherilyn Eagar encouraged us to take our internet involvement a step further and resolve to help conservatives online. Social media is an effective way of sharing conservative principles with others.

A Challenge to Uphold Traditional
by Alex Rose Thomas Edison State College Congressman Steve King (IA) addressed Collegians on a number of pressing issues occurring in the political arena today. He challenged them to be leaders in today’s generation. His advice was to be the best you can be, and never put yourself in a place where there is no possibility of success or failure. Cap and Tax legislation was a main theme of his address. He explained the dangers of Obama’s “spread the wealth” policy. King warned us to stand up against the rise of socialism. He also warned against the dangers of the global warming policies that are used as an excuse for more government control of business and the private lives of the American people. Rep. King called on us to stop the progressive mindset of the left wing and not acquiesce to the liberal agenda. Judeo-Christian values need to be put back into place, as well as taking a stand for causes worth fighting for. King’s final charge was to always do the right thing, even when the wrong seems to be more popular.

Cherilyn also discussed the importance of blogging and websites. You can set up your own blog or site to comment on current events,

Scholarship Winners
Jenny Clem, Oklahoma State University; Ashley Reynolds, Oklahoma State University; Josh Pillow, Oklahoma State University; Emmalee Mattern, Oklahoma Christian University; Cossette Haner, George Wythe College; Megan Roberts, University of Missouri-Columbia; Bethany Burrell, Verity; Alex Rose, Thomas Edison State College; Landon Cook, Brigham Young University; Kevin DeAnna, American University; Luke Nowlin, University of Tulsa; Jason Csehi, Kent State University; Daniel McShea, Notre Dame; Kristen Sides, Missouri Baptist University; Deborah Garrett, Huntingdon College; Lisa Moyer, Wheaton College



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