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A Santosh Rahul 1110100202 Sec-A

School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada

A Santosh Rahul
Ph. No: +91-7396118848
B.Arch., V year, Section A, Reg. No. 1110100202

Professional Practice Assignment-1

A.Santosh Rahul; 1110100202; 5th Year; Section-A; B.Arch.


A fresh graduate has recently applied for registration with COA. The architect, being very good at
marketing himself secured an interior design project for a commercial space of 3000 SFT. a month before he
applied for registration. The time being one of the critical factors for the project, the deadline for submission of
design and drawings preceded the application date of registration.

a. Would the architect be able to provide services before he receives the registration decision and
certificate? Explain with proper reference to Architects act and code of conduct in not more than 2030 lines.

The Architects Act 1972 (Ch4, Clause 36)

If any person whose name is not for the time being entered in the register falsely represents that
it is so entered, or uses in connection with his name or title any words or letters reasonably
calculated to suggest that his name is so entered, he shall be punishable with fine which may
extend to one thousand rupees.
After graduating architecture degree, without COA registration he cannot be called as an architect
and he cannot provide any drawings and design for approval. He can approve after once his name
is entered in the register with COA. He cannot be practicing architecture without proper
registration with the council.
He has limited scope for interior design of commercial space. As the project is small he can work
on the project, but he cannot work on large project. He can only work on dcor and finishes and
he cannot provide municipal drawing. Only too few basic works that needs his assistance.

b. The young architect has taken a decision to provide design services and submitted the design and

drawings. But due to unforeseen factors the registration decision and certificate were delayed.
Meanwhile, a registered architect came to know about the above scenario and stole the project from
the young architect by convincing the client about the young architects registration status and used
the same design with some minor changes. Discuss the case in ethical perspective. What can the young
architect do in this scenario?
Every architect, either in practice or employment, subject to the provisions of the Central Civil Services
(Conduct) Rules, 1964 or any other similar rules applicable to an Architect, he shall :vi. Not give or take discounts, commissions, gifts or other inducements for the introduction of Clients
or of work
Architects (professional conduct) regulations, 1989 Point 2


The project being stole by a registered architect is unethical. The registered architect has done wrong
but the young architect cannot prove as he was not registered to do that work. He cannot approach
any legal body citing that his design was stolen and there is nothing he can do in such case. So we must
be aware and careful enough to exhibit your design to others. Proper licencing needs to be done prior
to execution.

For a site measuring 36 m. X 27 m., and abutting road width 12 m. provide the maximum permissible built-

up area, minimum setbacks and any other applicable open spaces. If a builder wants to develop this site into an

apartment complex, how may 2-bed flats would he get per floor assuming the min. flat size is 1000 SFT (including
the walls). Please provide needed not to scale but proportionate site plan.
Site area= 972sqm.
Minimum front setback= 3m
Minimum remaining side setback=4m.
Organised open space: 5% of site area = 48.6sqm (using 60sqm for open space as per design)
Area left for construction= 500sqm (total area- setback area and open space)
Minimum area of one flat = 1000sqft. = 93sqm
Max no. of flats possible on one floor = 500/93 = 5
According to Municipal administration and urban development (m) department

Site plan following byelaws: