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UWRT 1104  

Assignment One  
Emerson Creech  
Background information: Charlotte Hornets are in NBA franchise located in Charlotte, North
Carolina. The Hornets are owned by former all time great Michael Jordan. Charlotte plays their
home games inside Time Warner Cable Arena. There are 30 teams in the NBA, 15 in each
conference. The league is split up into an Eastern and Western Conference. Charlotte plays in the
Eastern Conference, in the southeast division. Other teams in the southeast division include,
Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, and Washington Wizards. The Hornets are coached
by Steve Clifford, who has been with the team for three seasons. NBA regulation games last 48
minutes total, with 12 minute quarters. Each team is allowed five players to start the game.
Coaches can choose how many players they would like to use over the course of the game.
Normally, coaches use about 7-10 players per game. Charlotte was previously known as the
“Bobcats”, before changing the name to “Hornets” in the summer of 2014. The original Charlotte
Hornets franchise played in Charlotte from 1988-2002, before moving to New Orleans. Two
years later, the Charlotte Bobcats were born. The Hornets uniforms are white (home), purple
(away), and teal (alternate).  
Players: The players are what makes the game go on. They are the people who wear uniforms
and play the games.  
Coaches: Coaches are in charge of making sure players know what their assignments are. The
coaches prepare the players for the game.  
●   Kemba Walker: Is the best player on the Hornets, averaging a team high 20 points per
game. Kemba plays point guard, meaning he brings the ball up the floor and sets up the
offense. When Kemba brings the ball up, he already has a play in his mind ready for the
offense to run. Sometimes, he may pass the ball to a teammate. Other times, he can
dribble the ball to the basket and try to score. Walker stands 6’1”, and is the shortest
player on the Hornets roster. However, Walker uses his size and quickness to dribble past
defenders. Kemba was drafted by Charlotte in 2011 as the 9th overall pick.  
●   Michael Kidd-Gilchrist: Also known as “MKG”, the third year pro has missed a large
majority of this season due to a shoulder surgery in the preseason. MKG made his season
debut on Friday, January 29th, 2016. Sunday’s game would mark only the second game
he has played in all season. Kidd-Gilchrist is known around the league as being a great
defender. While his offensive game has room for improvement, Kidd-Gilchrist averaged
10 points per game last season. Kidd-Gilchrist has played started at small forward since
being drafted #2 overall in the 2012 NBA Draft.  
●   Marvin Williams: After playing his college basketball at UNC, Williams has played for
multiple teams in the NBA. The veteran signed with Charlotte last summer as a free
agent. Williams starts for Charlotte, playing power forward, and is averaging 13 points
per game this season. Williams was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks, where he played from
2005-2012, before signing with the Utah Jazz in 2012. After playing two seasons with the
Jazz, Marvin signed with the Hornets in the summer of 2014.  

Comment [1]: Overall  a  really  great  assignment  man,  i  
can  honestly  say  i  learned  a  lot  about  basketball,  the  
NBA  and  the  Hornets  as  a  team.  i  didn't  know  they  
were  a  pro  team,  i  thought  they  were  in  the  minor  
leagues,  so  that  is  really  cool.  you  may  want  to  read  
over  it  out  loud  and  work  on  some  sentence  structure  
and  odds  and  end  grammatical  tweaks  but  really  good,  
thank  you  i  enjoyed  reading  it.  
Comment [2]: Over  all  great  background  information,  
this  may  sound  stupid  and  i  know  who  MJ  is  but,  you  
could  use  some  more  detail  here,  this  is  a  great  
opportunity  to  maybe  describe  him  as  a  player,  and  
what  led  him  to  buying  the  Hornets  and  when  he  
bought  them.  
Comment [3]: Wow  i  didn't  know  the  teams  in  the  
southeast  division.  This  is  a  great  observation  for  none  
NBA  fans.  
Comment [4]: Great  detail  here,  i  will  be  honest  i  totally  
did  not  know  this  information  so,  the  way  you  described  
it  and  broke  down  the  key  essentials  of  this  sport  helps  
me  as  the  reader  be  able  to  continue  on  reading  with  a  
general  knowledge  of  your  paper.  
Comment [5]: Great  information  on  the  History  that  was  
given.  I  feel  that  was  needed.  I  also  feel  that  you  could  
have  talk  a  little  more  about  them  being  the  Bobcats.  
Comment [6]: Great  idea  giving  a  general  image  of  who  
the  major  "players"  are  on  the  court.  Consider  maybe  
standardizing    your  descriptions  of  the  players,  in  one  
sentence  you  may  say  Kemba  and  the  next  call  him  
Walker,  it  might  help  your  readers  to  call  each  player  
by  one  name  whether  that's  Kemba,  MKG  or  Williams.  
Good  detail  outlining  the  roles  each  player  has,  if  we  
are  required  to  do  more  characters  in  later  assignments  
consider  doing  the  hornets  coach,  might  be  good  info  
for  your  readers  to  read.  

Basketball: The basketball is the most important piece to the game. Without it, there will be no
game played. Players use the ball to dribble, pass, and shoot. A basketball can vary in sizes
depending on what league. NBA basketballs are the biggest size.  
Hugo the Hornet: Hugo is the Charlotte Hornets mascot. The job of a mascot is to get the fans
involved in the game, and represent the team’s name. Hugo is a teal colored Hornet that wears a
white pair of Air Jordans. Mascots can be involved in many different activities during a game.
Often times, mascots will participate in games during timeouts, and other activities to get the
fans involved with the game.  
Basketball goal: Besides the actual basketball, the basketball goal is the second most important
piece to a basketball game. Players use the ball to shoot it into the goal. A shot that is within the
outside arc is worth two points, while shots from beyond the arc are worth three points.  
Observation One  
Sunday, January 31st, 2016  
Charlotte Hornets vs. Los Angeles Lakers  
4:00mins: Charlotte opened the game by taking a 7-0 lead over the Lakers. The game began by
the Hornets making their first two three point attempts. Kemba Walker scored the first basket for
the Hornets. Los Angeles appears to be unfocused. A capacity crowd is inside Staples Center.
The crowd does not appear to be a factor in this game thus far. The only time there was a
significant roar from the crowd was when Kobe Bryant was introduced.  
7:00mins: The Lakers has regained their focus, and have jumped out to a 10-9 lead. Los Angeles
missed their first three shots before making four straight. Charlotte called a timeout after losing
the lead. Charlotte appears to be frustrated with their defensive play. Fatigue may come into play
later in this game. The Hornets are currently playing in their final game of a four game road trip.
The three previous games were in Sacramento (last Monday), Utah (last Wednesday), and
Portland (last Friday). The Lakers last played on Friday, in Staples Center against the Los
Angeles Clippers.  
12:mins: Coming out of the timeout, Charlotte scored ten consecutive points to take a 19-10 lead.
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has scored an early six points. He has been aggressive with the ball,
driving to the basket to get close shot opportunities. Kemba Walker has shared the ball well
early, dishing out three assists so far. The Hornets came into this game with injuries on the
roster. Cody Zeller (shoulder), Jeremy Lamb (toe), Nic Batum (toe) and Al Jefferson (knee) are
all out for Sunday’s matchup. With the absence of Al Jefferson (original starting center), and
Cody Zeller (backup center), Spencer Hawes stepped in as the starting center tonight. Nic
Batum is the usual starting shooting guard. However, with his absence, Jeremy Lin played
starting shooting guard on Sunday.  

Comment [7]: Great  observations  on  this  one,  i  can  
really  tell  you  know  about  the  game,  it  reads  like  a  
commentator  is  right  there  on  the  court.  it  would  have  
been  nice  to  know  who  won  the  game,  even  though  i  
know  30  minutes  was  the  cut  off.  Is  having  injured  
players  something  that  is  normal  for  Basketball?  it  
seems  that  both  teams  must  be  barely  limping  with  all  
the  broke  people,  it  might  be  good  to  add  some  general  
knowledge  about  how  teams  handle  injuries.  

16:00mins: Kobe Bryant has been defended very well by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist thus far. Kobe
is leading the Lakers in scoring, with 17 points per game. However, Bryant is yet to score a
basket. Marvin Williams has been rebounding the ball effectively, with five boards so far. The
Hornets have been able to get second chance points off of their own misses, by collecting
offensive rebounds. The second chance points seem to be deflating the motive of the Lakers on
21:00mins: At the conclusion of the first quarter, the Hornets have a 21-17 lead. The Lakers got
a late surge from Kobe Bryant, after he scored six late first quarter points, cutting the Charlotte
lead to four. Marvin Williams has extended his scoring total to four following the first quarter.
Both teams appeared to be tired as the quarter wound down. Each team will need this timeout to
rest. The crowd has begun to become a factor in this game. After Bryant knocked down two
three-pointers, the crowd began to bring an uproar in the building.  
27:00mins: After bench players for each team entered the game, Charlotte remains in the lead,
27-18. Kobe has played more minutes than I originally suspected he would be coming into this
game. He has been nursing multiple injuries all year long. Los Angeles called timeout following
multiple defensive lapses. Lakers head coach Byron Scott appears to be frustrated with his
team’s hustle.  
30:00mins: Charlotte holds a 41-31 lead going into a television timeout. Marvin Williams and
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist have done their share of scoring so far. Williams has totaled 11 points to
along with eight rebounds. Kidd-Gilchrist has recorded 12 points and collected six rebounds.
Charlotte appears to be on the brink of controlling this game. The pace of the game is playing in
the Hornets favor. The offense seems to be running smoothly, as the Hornets have knocked down
eight three-pointers in the first half.  
Observation #2  
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Hornets  
February 3rd,2016  
3:00mins: Charlotte is playing in their first game since returning home from their four game road
trip. The Hornets appear to be ready to play, having two days of rest to prepare for this game.
Starting point guard Kemba Walker will not play in this game due to knee soreness. Jeremy Lin
steps in as the starting point guard. Lin seems focused in the early minutes, and ready to take on
the role.  
8:00mins: Cleveland jumped out to an earl 11-5 lead, after point guard Kyrie Irving makes two
kquick baskets. Lin is undersized compared to Irving, so this could present a mismatch playing
into Cleveland’s favor.  
11:00mins: Playing power forward, Marvin Williams has entered the scoring column quickly.
Williams has six points through the first four minutes. It appears that the Hornets want to slow
the pace down on Cleveland. Meaning, instead of running up and down the floor at full speed,
trying to get fast break opportunities, Charlotte wants to slow the pace down and set up an

13:00mins: Cleveland’s LeBron James is regarded by some as the best player in the world. He is
being guarded by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Kidd-Gilchrist is the best defender on the Hornets
roster. He will have the tough task of guarding James tonight. Kidd Gilchrist is doing a fine job
so far, as James is yet to score.  
15:00mins: With their offense tonight, Charlotte has been able to get fairly open looks from the
field. Cleveland does not appear to be on the same page on defense. Cleveland calls timeout to
discuss defensive issues, following two quick Hornets baskets.  
17:00mins: The two teams seem to be getting a little frustrated with each other. While going for
a rebound, Charlotte’s Spencer Hawes was flailing his elbows at Cleveland’s J.R. Smith. Hawes
was trying to get Smith off of him, and Smith did not appear to like Hawes’ actions.  
19:00mins: While backing down LeBron James, Spencer Hawes knocked James to the ground,
trying to score the basketball. J.R. Smith too exception to the fact that Hawes knocked over over
James, and pushed Hawes in the back. At this point there needs to be players stepping inbetween Smith and Hawes, before this scene gets ugly. While Smith and Hawes bowed up to
each other, the two players were separated.  
21:00mins: There is certainly a new mood inside Time Warner Cable Arena, following the
skirmish between Spencer Hawes and J.R. Smith. The intensity between the two teams was
escalated, following the event. The physicality on the low block between Cleveland’s Tristan
Thompson and Charlotte’s Tyler Hansbrough is something to be noted.  
23:00mins: In the midst of all this jawing between both teams, Jeremy Lin is having a fantastic
game. Lin has scored 15 points so far, collected four rebounds, and dished out five assists. The
offense seems to be running smoothly. Point guard Brian Roberts has just checked into the game
for Jeremy Lin. Roberts does not usually get much playing time, but has been asked to play in
the absence of Kemba Walker.  
25:00mins: Through his first few minutes of action during this game, Roberts does not appear to
be frazzled by the moment. The fourth year pro has stepped into the game and knocked down
two consecutive baskets. Roberts, standing 6’1” is undersized on the court. However, much like
Walker, Roberts is able to use his quickness to his advantage to get open jump shots. He is able
to convert on these jump shots thanks to his improved shooting this season.  
27:00mins: Rookie power forward Frank Kaminsky has stepped in and had a great game for the
Hornets so far. Kaminsky has 15 points in the first half, and was able to knock down two three
pointers. Standing 7’0”, Kaminsky is able to stretch the floor out with his shooting ability, and
make big power forwards guard where they are not usually comfortable. While Frank is a great
shooter, he can also drive to the basket, and post up on defenders.  
30:00mins: The first half of this game between Cleveland and Charlotte has been a roller coaster
ride thus far. Emotions has been shown on the sleeves of the players on the court. Both teams
want to win this game very badly. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has done an excellent job rebounding

the ball so far. Kidd-Gilchrist was able to rack up eight rebounds in the first half. Even though he
is slightly undersized, due to his thin frame, Kidd-Gilchrist uses his timing and leaping ability to
beat Cleveland’s players out for rebounds. Kidd-Gilchrist has also been able to scoop up two key
offensive rebounds, which allowed the Hornets to start each possession over again with a new
shot clock. After both possessions were regained, the Hornets were able to convert on both, with
jump shots.  
Observation #3  
Washington Wizards vs. Charlotte Hornets  
February 7th, 2016  
3:00mins: Charlotte is playing in its second game in two nights, after losing to the Miami Heat,
98-95. Washington comes into this game following a win against the Sixers. Both Charlotte and
Washington currently sit under the .500 mark. The Hornets are 24-26, while Washington is 2226. This game is important for both teams, as they each want to fight back into the playoff
6:00mins: The game began quickly for Hornets’ shooting guard Nic Batum. Batum scored six
points in the first four minutes. He appears to be ready for a bounce back game, after only scoing
12 against Miami on Friday. Cody Zeller has been getting back to his old role, as the starting
center, replacing Al Jefferson. Zeller returned Friday against Miami from a shoulder injury that
kept him out two weeks.  
9:00mins: Kemba Walker has done a nice job facilitating his teammates thus far. Walkers has
three assist to start the game. Walker is also doing a nice job rebounding, with three rebounds
already. Charlotte does not appear to be tired, considering they played a game the night before,
Fatigue could come into play as the game progresses.  
13:00mins: The pace of play is fairly moderate. Both point guards are doing a nice job making
sure their offenses are ready to play. Washington point guard, John Wall, is a North Carolina
native. Wall is one of the best point guards in the league, and will make an appearance in the
2016 All Star Game.  
15:00mins: There is a very nice crowd inside Time Warner Cable Arena tonight. The crowd
noise is making it difficult for the Wizards to communicate with each other. A loud home court
is a great advantage for any team to have. Jeremy Lin has made an impact off of the bench, early
in this game. Lin has recorded five points so far, to go along with three assists.  
17:00mins: Batum and Walker have provided a spark in the backcourt for Charlotte so far.
Batum has 13 points in the first half, while Walker has recorded seven points and five assists.
Spencer Hawes has come off of the bench and provided eight points, including two three
pointers. The bench has played a big role in the game so far. Jeremy Lamb has come off of the
bench and provided six points.  

20:00mins: After a back and forth paced first quarter, Charlotte and Washington are tied at 2525. The game has been even thus far. Neither team could establish its dominance in the first
quarter. As the second quarter begins, the bench players for each team will be on the floor for a
little bit of time. Frank Kaminsky has seen his playing time increase as of late. The rookie has
been able to score eight points per game thus far for the Hornets. Kaminsky has established
himself as one of the core members of the second unit.  
22:00mins: Rebounding has been an issue for Charlotte so far in this game. Washington is
currently outrebounding the Hornets, 25-18. These rebound that Washington has collected are
allowing them to get second chance points (in the case of an offensive rebound), or end a
Hornets’ possession (in the case of a defensive rebound). The big bodies down low for
Washington are Marcin Gortat, and Nene. Gortat has six rebounds, to go along with five points.
Nene has recorded five rebounds and two blocked shots.  
25:00mins: Washington has been using its advantage on the glass, and has been able to gain a
nice lead. The Wizards appear to be more focused than the Hornets. Nic Batum is keeping the
Hornets in the game, as he has knocked down three consecutive jump shots. John Wall is
providing the scoring for Washington so far. Wall has 15 points, and has converted on three of
his last four shots.  
28:00mins: The Wizards continue to use their dominance on the glass to retain their lead. If the
Hornets want to regain the lead, they will have to be more aggressive rebounding the ball.
Hornets’ small forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has been quiet thus far. After scoring 17 points
against Miami on Friday, Kidd-Gilchrist has only put up five first half points.  
30:00mins: Charlotte head coach Steve Clifford continues to look for the right lineup to put on
the floor. In tonight’s game especially, coach Clifford has shuffled players in and out more than
he usually does. Coach Clifford is a big believer in defense and rebounding, two elements that
the Hornets have struggled with so far.  
Basketball is a game consisting of 12 minute quarters, with 48 minutes being played in a
total game. If the game were to go to overtime, each overtime session would last five minutes.
The minutes that each player plays per game can vary. Usually, starters average between 30 and
40 minutes. Players who come off of the bench usually play 15-25 minutes per game. A
“rotation” is a lineup that the head coach puts together, consisting of starting five, and usually 35 players coming off of the bench. There is an 82 game schedule for all 30 teams in the NBA.
The league is split up into an Eastern and Western Conference. Each team will play teams from
the opposing conference twice in a season (once at home and once on the road). Games played
between teams from the same conference can vary. Teams in the same conference usually play
each other 3-4 times each (this includes games played between teams in the same division).  
Ironically, players in the NBA are given six fouls before they foul out, while players in
college are given only five. This is due to the fact that NBA games are eight minutes longer than

college games. Once a player receives his sixth foul, he is disqualified from further action during
that particular game.  
Looking for specifically at the Hornets, Kemba Walker is the team’s leading scorer.
Walker is averaging 20 points per game, and has only missed one game this year. The second
highest scorer on Charlotte is Nic Batum, averaging 14 points per game. Judging by that gap
alone, it is apparent that Walker does a large amount of the Hornet’s scoring. Scoring is the name
of the game. As a team, Charlotte averages 101 points per game (15th in the league). While
offense is very important in basketball, so is defense. Charlotte is 14th in the league in total
defense, giving up 101 points per game.  
Search  Terms:    
1.)   Rules  of  basketball.  
2.)   Individual  player  statistics.  
3.)   Injury  status  of  players  for  each  game.  
4.)   Conference  standings  updates.  
1.)   Basketball  Basics.  Chris  Martin.  Breakthrough  Basketball.  October  17th  2013.    
2.)   NBA  Wesbiste.  James  McKay.  Charlotte  Hornets  season  statistics.  February  7th  2016.  
3.)   RottoWorld.  Taylor  Wright.  Charlotte  Hornets  injury  report.  February  7th  2016  
4.)   ESPN  NBA  Standings  Reference.  Mark  Stein.  Eastern  Conference  Standings.  February  8th  
For  my  interview,  I  interviewed  current  Charlotte  Hornets  intern,  and  family  friend,  James  
McNeil.  James  is  22  and  is  currently  a  senior  at  UNC  Charlotte.  He  is  graduating  this  May  with  a  
degree  in  marketing.  As  part  of  a  paid  internship,  James  is  working  with  the  Charlotte  Hornets  
as  a  member  of  the  marketing  department.    
1.)   What  is  your  favorite  part  about  working  for  the  Charlotte  Hornets?  
“The  game  day  experience  unbelievable.  The  crowds  are  always  electric  inside  Time  Warner  
Cable  Arena.  Seeing  the  players  give  it  their  all  every  night  is  really  something  special.  The  
Hornets’  fan  base  is  spreading  quickly.  The  community  atmosphere  amongst  the  fans  is  
2.)   Who  is  your  favorite  player  on  the  current  Hornets  roster?  
“Kemba  Walker  is  definitely  my  favorite  player.  His  attitude  every  game  is  the  same.  He  just  
wants  to  win!  He  goes  all  out  every  game  and  will  do  anything  for  the  Hornets  to  win.  He  is  a  
great  leader  for  this  young  team.  His  scoring  ability  is  one  the  best  in  the  league.  He  is  really  a  
special  talent  to  watch.”  
3.)   What  has  been  your  favorite  memory  since  working  with  the  Hornets?  

Comment [8]: I  like  how  you  compare  the  differents  
between  NBA  and  College  basketball.  

“I  started  working  with  the  team  this  past  July.  So  far,  my  favorite  memory  has  to  be  the  game  
where  Kemba  Walker  scored  52  points  against  the  Jazz.  It  was  an  unbelievable  game.  He  was  
knocking  down  every  shot  he  took.  He  had  the  entire  team  on  his  back,  carrying  them  to  
victory.  The  crowd  was  very  loud  during  that  game.  We  were  so  happy  for  Kemba.”  
4.)   Why  did  you  decide  to  accept  the  internship  with  the  Charlotte  Hornets?  
“I  love  the  NBA  and  have  been  a  passionate  Hornets  fan  for  a  while  now.  It  was  really  a  no-­‐
brainer.  I  applied  for  the  internship  last  January,  and  when  I  got  the  call  saying  I  had  the  
position,  I  was  so  ecstatic.  Inside  the  marketing  team,  we  have  a  family  like  atmosphere.  
Everyone  is  committed  to  the  team,  and  doing  our  best  to  create  new  marketing  strategies.”    
5.)   Do  you  think  the  Hornets  will  make  the  playoffs  this  year?  
“I  do.  I  really  do.  We  have  been  getting  it  together  as  of  late.  We  are  finally  healthy  again.  We  
definitely  have  a  good  shot.  Right  now  we  are  on  the  outside  looking  in,  but  hopefully  a  late  
push  will  propel  us  into  the  playoff  picture.”    
The Charlotte Hornets franchise may be young compared to other teams in the NBA, but they are
growing quickly. The state of North Carolina is known for the presence of basketball within the
state. College basketball teams like North Carolina, Duke and NC State have had success on a
national level. Since the Hornets were founded in 1988, the franchise has not won a
championship. While the search for their first title continues, the fan support continues to grow.
Fans in the Charlotte area and state of North Carolina have become more and more involved with
the team as the years pass. It is important to have a good fan support in professional sports. Fans
provide revenue for the team from ticket sales, merchandise sales, and concession sales. Fans are
what make sports so special, and the Hornets fan base is moving in the right direction.  

Comment [9]: With  the  propose,  it  has  some  great  
information,  however  i  think  the  purpose  of  it  is  to  kind  
of  give  your  reader  an  idea  of  what  you  are  planning  on  
researching  for  the  remainder  of  the  semester.  
Consider    adding  some  things  you  would  like  to    
research,  maybe  "what  the  Hornets  have  to  do  to  get  
in/  win  a  championship"  or  "how  injured  players  may  
affect  the  endurance  of  the  team  as  a  whole"    then  
outline  what  your  hoping  to  learn  in  future  assignments.