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26 Highest Paying Jobs in The states for 2016

Nearly 6 in ten (68%) people report the fact that salary and compensation is just one of their
top rated considerations in the event that determining where you can work. So for people
who really need to earn a large paycheck, which inturn jobs deliver the highest pays?
According to Glassdoors latest article highlighting the 25 Best Paying Opportunities in
America to get 2016*, doctors, lawyers and research and also development operators are
buying the biggest income. This report is entirely based on people with these jobs who have
shared their wages on Glassdoor over the past season.
Which other jobs offer the highest salaries? Look at complete effects:
1 . Medical professional
Median Bottom Salary: $180, 000
Range of Job Spaces: 2, 064
2 . Lawyer
Median Foundation Salary: $144, 500
Volume of Job Opportunities: 995
3. Research & Development Supervisor
Median Foundation Salary: $142, 120
Quantity of Job Opportunities: 112
5. Software Advancement Manager
Mean Base Pay: $132, 1000
Number of Task Openings: several, 495
a few. Pharmacy Supervisor
Median Base Salary: $130, 000
Quantity of Job Spaces: 1, 766
6. Technique Manager
Mean Base Salary: $130, 500
Number of Task Openings: 701
7. Software program Architect
Mean Base Income: $128, 300
Number of Task Openings: 655
8. Integrated Circuit Artist Engineer
Median Base Wage: $127, 500
Number of Work Openings: 165
9. THAT Manager
Median Base Pay: $120, 500
Number of Job Openings: several, 152
10. Solutions Recorded
Median Foundation Salary: $120, 000
Range of Job Availabilities: 2, 838
11. Bridal Manager
Average Base Earnings: $120, 500
Number of Work Openings: one particular, 452
doze. Applications Advancement Manager

Median Base Salary: $120, 1000

Number of Job Openings: 263
13. Pharmacologist
Median Base Salary: $118, 000
Quantity of Job Openings: 4, 502
14. Programs Architect
Mean Base Pay: $116, 920
Number of Job Openings: 439
15. Money Manager
Mean Base Salary: $115, 500
Number of Work Openings: only two, 582
18. Data Scientist
Median Platform Salary: $115, 000
Number of Job Open positions: 1, 985
17. Risk Manager
Mean Base Earnings: $115, 000
Number of Task Openings: one particular, 137
below. Creative Home
Median Basic Salary: $115, 000
Range of Job Open positions: 696
21. Actuary
Median Base Salary: $115, 000
Number of Task Openings: a hundred seventy five
20. Info Architect
Mean Base Income: $113, 500
Number of Work Openings: 762
21. Income tax Manager
Median Base Pay: $110, 500
Number of Task Openings: 1, 495
25. Product Fx broker
Median Platform Salary: $107, 000
Availablility of Job Availabilities: 7, 758
23. Layout Manager
Median Base Wage: $106, 500
Number of Task Openings: 510
24. Analytics Manager
Median Base Income: $106, 1000
Number of Work Openings: 988
25. Facts Systems Administrator
Median Base Salary: $106, 000
Availablility of Job Open positions: 147
Yet , a handsome salary does not necessarily always equal job total satisfaction, as recent
Glassdoor Economics Research has revealed.

This survey reinforces the fact that high pay continues to be linked with in-demand skills,
higher education and working in careers that are safeguarded from competition or
automating. This is why we come across several careers within the technology and
healthcare industries, said Doctor Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor Main Economist.
Theres no doubt that pay is one of the leading points most job hunters weigh in the event
that determining where to work. Nonetheless our exploration shows that a major paycheck
isnt necessarily stuck just using long-term full satisfaction in your work. Instead, once we dig
much deeper into what keeps employees satisfied when theyre in employment and having a
company, we discover that tradition and ideals, career possibilities, and trust in senior control
are the biggest drivers from employee pleasure.
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*Methodology: For a work title to get considered intended for Glassdoors 25 Highest Paying
out Jobs in United states report, job titles must receive more than 75 salary reports shared by
Circumstance. S. -based employees in the last year (1/24/15 1/23/16). The number of task
openings every job concept represents effective job merchandise on Glassdoor as of
2/23/16. If work titles have similar median foundation salary, the position title along with the
higher availablility of job spaces receives bigger rank. This kind of report takes into account
job headline normalization that groups comparable job titles. C-suite level jobs ended up
being excluded out of this report.