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Vladimir Hampl

Metro Atlanta, Georgia
Mobile/Text: (404) 427-1292 

Experienced in developing products and innovating technical solutions for the paper industry, leading to revenue
growth and increased profit margins. Good communicator with ability to convey complex concepts. Scientific
expertise and innovative approaches in the lab with a track record of 20 patents. Development of new designs,
improvement of existing products, reduction of manufacturing costs, and successful scale-up of concepts to
• Product Development
• Innovation
• Project Management

• Continuous Improvement
• Cost Savings
• Profit Generation


8/2015 - present

Research Scientist
Contract assignment in Corporate Research & Engineering working on tissue improvements. Performed lab
experiments to improve facial or towel tissue properties, analyzed data, and documented results in summary

Evaluated modifications to tissue paper to increase machine speed (>10%).
Proposed and tested a novel concept to improve tissue softness.

SCHWEITZER-MAUDUIT (formerly a division of Kimberly-Clark), Alpharetta, GA

1995 - 2014

Research Fellow (2008 – 2014)
Served as a company-wide technical expert and solved technical problems. Led major R&D projects within the
company and also joint projects with customers. Planned laboratory experiments and analyzed, interpreted,
documented, and communicated results. Developed next-generation designs primarily using filler technology.
Provided advanced understanding of paper structure to assist in product development. Assisted Manufacturing in
improving productivity, quality, and uniformity and reducing waste. Protected Intellectual Property (IP) by
drafting patent disclosures.

Developed and commercialized products resulting in over $400 MM in long-term profits.
Served as lead or co-inventor on 20 U.S. patents, many of which were also granted in other countries.
Generated over $100MM in profits by using inorganic fillers or pigments to achieve desired product
characteristics and performance attributes.
Developed and helped commercialize papers for fire-safety compliant cigarettes which are printed
with “burn stopping bands” resulting in over $200 MM in profits.
Managed a project to develop products for the Chinese market (sales increase of 20%).
Developed and commercialized new consumer grades such as tampon overwrap, drinking straw wrap, and
Ran scale-up to commercialization trials in paper mills and printing/coating facilities in the U.S., France,
Brazil, and Poland.

Improved productivity by optimizing the surface characteristics of paper for printing with aqueous
solutions for 25% faster press speed and by reducing the incidence of cracks which reduced waste
during slitting by 10 – 20%.

Vladimir Hampl

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Project Leader (2001 – 2008)
Guided a technical research team of 3 scientists and 2 technicians. Assisted Manufacturing in reducing waste
and increasing productivity. Led several joint projects with major customers to develop new products. Provided
advanced understanding of paper structure, especially the role of inorganic fillers, to assist in product
development. Supported Sales with customer visits, technical knowledge and sample preparation and provided
support to Marketing.

Worked jointly with a Canadian customer on a project to significantly reduce combustion products using
filler technology (>80%).
Led a project to enhance understanding of how paper structure and inorganic fillers affect the generation of
carbon monoxide. Developed new designs capable of reducing carbon monoxide levels by 50%.
Reduced overall waste by 10-20% in printing with aqueous solutions by improving specifications and
manufacturing practices and by reducing wrinkling on presses.
Led the transfer of grades between paper machines and mills in the U.S., France and Brazil to achieve the
most economical sales mix (savings of $150 MM).

Senior Scientist (1995 – 2001)
Directed several joint research projects with major customers to develop new products. Invented new designs
and assisted Manufacturing with technical issues. Visited customers with Sales, provided technical knowledge
and prepared samples.

Grew sales 35% by developing new paper designs: carbon fibers for increased heat transfer, addition of
flavors, and using calcium carbonates of different size and structure to optimize opacity (10%+) , color,
porosity (50%+), diffusivity, and cost (savings over 20%).
Led the R&D portion of a joint project with a customer in Japan to develop and commercialize papers that
reduce the amount of smoke by 50%. The new designs using unique carbonates captured over 15% of the
market share in Japan.
Led the R&D portion of a joint project with a customer to develop a manufacturing process for papers that
can be made directly on a paper machine and meet the requirements for fire safety compliant cigarettes.
Products using these designs captured 50% of the U.S. market.

M.S., Chemical Engineering, University Of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
B.S., Chemical Engineering, University Of Rochester, Rochester, NY

TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry) - Member
AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) - Member
Continuing Education courses on Papermaking, Pigments in Paper, Chemicals in Paper, Pulping and
Bleaching, Coating, and Gravure Printing
Microsoft Office, Minitab statistical software
Design for Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt, Stage Gate, Project Management