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Deva sahaykrita.

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Eternal Wisdom
has answer to
every problem
Those who are aware of 'Self' do not
indulge in anti-social activities.
Patanjali Yog begins beyond mind and only then is one able to
Maharshi attain real consciousness. When we go beyond mind then divini-
ty, sense of completeness and broadness comes in personality. Mind has desires.
It has sufferings of past and imaginations of future and fear for unknown. That is
why we do not dare to take new initiatives, because that which is unknown, is
complex and mysterious and under wraps. Those who dare to jump into the
unknown offer something new to the world. When man jumps to know the
unknown mystery unfolds, research takes place, illusion, confusion and fear
evaporates. Mind is selfish and narrowness, restricted by limitations and inhibi-
tions. To obtain Virat (extremely huge), Aseem (That which is limitless) and
Anant (Infinite) you will have to reach 'Chaitanyabhav' (state of enlightment).
We have created centres for life outside. Desire for worldly things, such
as land, money, house, power, post and youthfulness and other physical proper-
ties starts from here. Decline of life starts from here because man accepts his
existence and personality out of periphery of consciousness. Then, the bench-
mark of happiness is also created outside the periphery of consciousness. Earlier,
individual was considered to be great because of his broader view, asceticism,
sacrifice, abstemiousness, struggle and values of life and purity of mind and
body. Now, razzmatazz and outlandishness are considered as symbols of great-
ness. Accumulation of wealth has become the reality and that is the reason for a
man to repent. Man contemplates on the things that he has accumulated during
his lifetime. In fact, all these have become so ephemeral that he is unable to to
carry it with him after death. He loses his sleep and peace of mind to earn more
money, position and power.
'Tatwagiani' (One who has eternal knowledge) says that man repents not
for death but due to fear of losing everything. He fears from where he will go
after death. Great thinkers have pondered deeply over these issues and centre of
their thought process is life and death. Nowadays, we think everything is cen-
tered on life. The concept of development and science completely revolves
around life. Man fears from death, so, he does not think about it at all. We have
never been in conflict with materialism, science and development. But this is
equally true that the last goal of life is self-realisation. The dream of a healthy,
prosperous and happy life will remain a dream without balance of materialism
and spiritualism.
A spiritual man is free from corruption, communal-frenzy and criminal
activities. He recognises true form of 'Self'. He sees an expansion of 'Self'. He can-
not ditch others or become a traitor. He cannot indulge in bribery, theft, dacoity,
murder and other criminal activities. Only spirituality is the answer to problems.

Swami Ramdev

May 2010 YOG SANDESH 3

Yoga Science Camp
Memories of ‘Global Yoga’
at Kathmandu, Nepal

Shining Yoga: Nepal’s President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav Enlightening people: Indian Ambassador to Nepal Rakesh
inaugurating Yoga science camp at Dhoolikhel, Kathmandu. Sood and Swami Ramdev Maharaj lighting lamp at Patanjali
Yoga committee office, Kathmandu.

Calling peace: Nepal’s Prime Minister Madhav Kumar and All ears: Swami Ramdev is addressing representatives of
Yog-rishi Swami Ramdev Maharaj performing 'yajgna' along Nepal business and industry federation, during his Nepal
with Balkrishna Maharaj. visit. Acharya Balkrishna is also in picture.

For the sake of health : Sadhaks performing Yoga at Dhoolilekh, Kathmandu. May 2010 YOG SANDESH 5
Swamiji Maharaj has announced his political purification campaign, a nationwide debate
Respected has begun. It is a good sign, a process to get the answer through question or to arrive at a
decision by logic. From 18 to 20 years of his social life, Swamiji Maharaj taught yoga and patriotism to almost
30 million people. Not only this, his message reached 300 million people associated with these 30 million peo-
ple directly and 1000 million people through television and other media. From Ramnavami 2009 to
The announcement of this Ramnavami 2010 respected Swamiji Maharaj educated nearly two million people for 'Bharat Swabhiman", a
reform programme of the nation. He made the announcement to build a new India in the meetings of 'Bharat
Bharat Swabhiman campaign, aiming to change the system, Swabhiman" and Patanjali Yoga committees. The announcement of this Bharat Swabhiman campaign, aiming
to change the system, has brought new hopes in the hearts of millions. It has also addressed the concern of To which
consciousness or
has brought new hopes in the hearts of millions. the people sitting at the top of the power or those who want to be there. After a nationwide debate over this
campaign, Swamiji answered some key questions raised by some well-known journalists. Here are some world you want
the human
But on the other hand, it has expressed the concern of the people sitting at the beings to
top of the power or those who want to be there. move?
Baba, aren't you afraid of these
Dear Readers, powerful people sitting at the
Divya Yog Mandir
(Trust) has been Swami ji
publishing Yog I have devoted myself to health,
Sandesh for the prosperity and honour of nearly 115 Swami ji
last seven years million Indians. This mission of Man's conscious-
in black and white Patanjali Yogpeeth and Ayurveda, ness, character,
which is serving millions of people
colours but now today, has become the center of faith.
behaviour, knowl-
the management Many of the saints, sages and edge or life have
No one can do any damage to it. babas are discussing your move,
has decided to what is your opnion? four levels- besti-
publish it in four ality, humanity,
colours. We are divinity and ultra-
proud to bring a Swami ji free state of con-
Many questions are arising
all new magazine due to your dual role, what Neither discussion nor comparison sciousness. We
in a new look for would you say? to anyone. At present, all the spiritu- want to achieve
our readers at the al and nationalist saints are support- divine conscious-
ing me. I respect all of them. But as
same price. From Swami ji far as nation, religion and spirituali-
ness. This is the
this May, our ty are concerned I always idealise call of every soul.
readers will Dual role, accountability or responsi-
bility is the work of great courage. If great saints like Maharshi
experience a very I fulfill the role of a Yogi, yoga teach- Dayanand and Swami Vivekanand.
diiferent and er or Rajguru with honesty and Apart from the saints, Sahid-e-Azam
informative responsibility, then there is no place Bhagat Singh, Bapuji, Bismil and
content. It is only for these types of questions. Dual Azad were also ideal personalities of

character but not dual responsibility our country.
because of the
love and support invites questions.
of our readers How fair is a political purifi-
that we are able cation campaign by a saint?
Responsible and honest people
to take this have no place in politics.
significant step. Swami ji
We have kept
emergence as the Swami ji Great saints like Swami

likes of our
Either you amend the Constitution Dayanand, Swami Vivekanand and
readers in mind, Shri Arvind say that only responsi-
while publishing and Election Commission's model
code of conduct and write that only ble, honest and pure people should
it. Please send us have the right to take hold of power,
corrupt, dishonest and irresponsible
your feedback so criminals have right to fight the elec- property and systems. Whenever

of the world that we can

improve our
tion. There is no place for honest
people in power. If it cannot happen
power goes into the wrong hands, it
is always misused. Lord Krishna
says, 'Arjun, it is not important for
Aacharya Balkrishna magazine with then only honest and responsible
people should be in politics. We will me in this world to do something or
your support. get success but still I am fulfilling
editor, Yog Sandesh definitely complete our mission.
my responsibilities. My religion is to
establish the truth, protect the good

6 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 7

not happen was that before the eve
in front of the people of the nation.
of the Independence, the conspiracy
But now we will give a compact and
of the Transfer of Power Agreement
the best exception. The nation has
took place and after that just like the
grown with Ram and Krishna that
British government did, the people
means the truth, and not with farce
in the power converted the democra-
of Ravan and Kans. Truth lies in
cy into a 'loottantra'. The only differ-
every human being's inner side.
ence is being earlier, it was the
Whenever there are two exceptions
British people and now our own
human beings and terminate the in front of them, they always choose
people are looting the nation. That
evil from the world. Who will puri- between the truth, honesty, culture,
means corruption is the biggest hur-
fy the world if the saints don't? religion, spirituality and noble
dle in front of the nation's develop-
ment. At that time there were scarci-
? ty of capital, technical talent and social evils. We want to build a soci-
? other professionals in India. Today, ety with a spiritual vision. Whenever
Many of your admirers, critics, we have no shortage of human the nation's power, wealth, resources
rationalists and intellectual Lots of problems and challenges resources, talent, capital and tech- and arrangements will be ruled by
writers are questioning from come across your way; do you nology. So firstly, we will make India truth then poverty, hunger, illiteracy,
where Swamiji will bring an think that you will succeed? self-sufficient through indigenous unemployment and Naxalism will be
honest man? technologies and later when the eliminated automatically. When
development of basic infrastructure
Swami ji country will become prosperous
Swami ji When I began my journey I was com--
? then world's capital will be our
strength, not weakness. Foreign
will happen, all-round development
of the country will be the next step.
In our country almost 99 per cent pletely alone. I neither had money, How will you And finally India will emerge as the
awake a person investment makes the poor country
people are honest. Cruel tantras surname nor a godfather. I did not poorer and powerful nation superpower.
and corrupt system force a com- take recourse of religion or any castee with individualist more powerful.
mon man to become dishonest. So to get success. Truth, honesty, self- thinking, who
there is no dearth of honest men in confidence and willpower are always always says Despite your mission being holy ?
India. Only one per cent of top with me in my journey. My work is 'let's refrain' ? why are the oppositions coming all Swamiji,
most dishonest men are here. They worship for me and without being from every the time?
make country's 99 per cent peo- selfish, I serve the humanity. Apart
At a time when world is talking politics has
problem of about globalisation and liberali- become very
ple's life hell. So, we have to reveal from that I feel lucky to win the trust
You have their true faces. of crore of people. And with this rev- country and sation, you are emphsising on Swami ji dirty. Why you are
attained such a Indianisation. How strong is putting your
olution I want to make India the mostt society? your belief in terms of logic, sci- In my opinion, there are three main
revered position. powerful nation in the world. Now ence and development? reasons: (a) A few corrupt, dishonest hand in it ?
Is it prudent to ? they are my power, so that I don't and untrustworthy politicians who
put everything Politics is purely a vote game have the fear of losing anything. The Swami ji enjoy complete control over power,
at stake? and the corrupt officials have time when Lord Rama and Through Swami ji wealth and resources and think that
divided the nation's public/ Yogeshwar were fighting with devils yoga, we will I'm not against technology. I want power will eternally be with them.
votes into religion, castes, lan- like Ravana and Kans, nobody expand his my country's capital and talent to be More than 99 per cent public is with
guages and regions. What you expected that Lord Ram would win consciousness. used with world's latest technology. I us. (b) Even multinational companies
have to say? over the evils. But at the end, truth and some of the world's most power-
won. Likewise, nobody expected that
His individualist want to make globalisation and lib-
ful nations see India as the biggest Swami ji
thinking would eralisation our strength, not weak-
the Indians could defeat the powerfull ness. Approximately 300 lakh crore market. Some Indian leaders also act
Swami ji British who had already established surely include as their agents and do everything for To clean the
of rupees deposited in foreign banks
Almost 50-60 per cent citizens their roots in the country. But the humanist, is black money. Then tell me, do we them (c) People are not protesting dirt, we will
were not willing to vote because efforts by the Mahatma as well as thee spiritual and need foreign investment? You know, because they are scared of these few have to put
they didn't know whom to vote for. freedom fighters made it possible for evolutionary such companies are also run by our corrupt leaders. Therefore, they are hands to it.
Swami ji All the politicians are corrupt. We the Indians to free the country from thinking. people and there is no shortage of saying with trust and love that
Our national the British Rule. The same thing will Baba…politics is very dirty. Do not
Nothing will
will include them with us in mak- talent in the country. In fact, we happen if we
security, honour, ing the country completely free happen in our revolution too. The should use them and pay them the take the risk of cleaning this. As you
fame, prestige from poverty and corruption. Apart good will withstand against all all know our well-wishers, parent, will sit as a
right value for that. Today India con-
and national from that, we are including almost the odds. tributes of about 30 per cent of the- and our loved ones, the Gurujan silent
pride are more five to ten lakh people of a district workforce in the world. don't want to see us amidst any risk spectator.
as the members of 'Bharat or danger. For me Rashtradharma
important than Swabhiman' and we train them to
? and Yogdharama both are equally
my own dignity, get free from diseases and addic- A senior journalist from Times ? important. I must say that patriotism
security, fame tion. These members are the prime UK asked, Before 1991 India is the supreme of all religions.
Would you work for vote?
and reputation vote bank for us which will include indulged in nationalisation. Why
etc. My all castes, religion, regions and the country did not develop at
homeland has languages. The people of the that time? Swami ji
the first right on nation love me by going beyond Voting takes place once in five years.
the barriers of religion, languages, Swami ji The main goal of our movement is to
me. regions and conservations. Earlier, make society free from diseases and
there was no other ideal exception One of the main reasons why it did
8 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 9
Family Name : Verbenaceae
Latin Name : Clerodendrum
serratum Linn.
English Name : Turk's Turban Moon
characteristics & benefits Aacharya Balkrishna

Sanskrit : Bhangi, Brahman

yashtika, Kharshak, Medical Usage Stomach toxins
Padya. Headache Drinking 100 ml water mixed with
5 gm powdered Bharangi clears
Gujarati : Bhrangi the stomach. A body massage with
Applying a paste made from boiled
Hindi : Bharangi Bharangi on the forehead eases this mix is also beneficial.
Bangali : Bamunhati Hiccup
Telugu : Gatuvarangi Eyes Bharangi root powder mixed with
Placing Bharangi leaves with a lit- 1 tsp sugar, taken thrice a day,
This shrub is tle oil on the eye cures inflamma- cures hiccups. Feature
Bharangi found in almost tion and cysts.
all parts of India. But, it is abun- Stomach worms
dant in some places like the Ear pain Stomach worms are cured by
Himalayan foothills, Bhopal, drinking the soup of 3-5 boiled
Kumaoun, Garhwal, Bengal and Fluids extracted from Bharangi
roots are beneficial. Bharangi leaves in 400-500 gms of
Bihar. water.
Asthma and cough
External feature Enlargement of testis
- Equal part dry ginger and
It is usually found in bunches. Bharangi Mulatvka powder with 2 A paste made of Bharangi root's
Bharangi trees normally have four- gms hot water soothes asthma and bark and water eases the swelling
fold branches. At the places where cough. on testicles.
there are Davagni (jungle fire), - 2 gms ginger mixed with its origi-
only Mulastambh (main trunk) is nal volume relieves breathing Laxative
Bahuvershayu (multi year old). problems. Consuming 5 gms of powdered
The leaves are three to eight inch- - Kaper powder and honey used Bharangi seed with diluted curd, It is useful in curing
es long, and can be one -and-a-half 4-6 times a day cures soar throats. cleans the stomach and nullifies cough, wind (wata)
to two and a half inches wide. infections. Excess amounts cause sedative problems,
These are linear, rectangular, oval, Goiter diarrhea. digestive disorders,
sharp, smooth and slightly thick, swelling etc. It is
A paste of Bharangi root and rice
face to face, each with three leaves
helps in decomposing a goiter. Herpes also a kind of blood
even with reverse cycle. Flowers purifier and a cough
are normally an inch or more in Tuberculosis Bharangi juice extracted from ten- remover. It is useful
diameter. Its colour is generally der branches and leaves cures her- in breathing prob-
blue or light pink, with fragrant 1 gm Bharangi-root powder and pes. lem and fever. It
branches. Its fruits have one to Shunthi powder taken with hot cures cancer,
three divisions and have muscular water cures tuberculosis. Inflammation worms, inflamma-
joints. They turn purple and black tion and fever etc.
when ripe. In the summers, it is Blood clot Eating Bharangi seeds fried in desi
puspagum (coming out of flower) ghee cures inflammation.
time and year-end or early winter A mix of 4 gms equal parts of
is falagam (time for new fruit to Bhrangi, Peepal, Keranj, cedar Boil (Phoda)
come) time. powder and sesame, taken twice a A bandage made using Bharangi
day, helps dissolve blood clots in leaves soothes the affected area.
the uterus.
10 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 11
form a political party
rty with the aim
is a religious country, but here politics has tarnished religion. Vote bank of eiliminating institutionalised
itutionalised cor-

politics is executed under the guise of so-called secularism just to get
India ruption. The party has been named
power. One sage has decided to make this country powerful through
yoga, a knowledge that makes everyone powerful.
'Bharat Swabhimaan',
an', and is closely
associated with country's
untry's identity.
I am influenced
nced by every
deed of Baba. It is almost impossible
Bharat ka
DIA's jage'
to find an uncorrupt
pt person, but
Baba has ignited andnd initiated the
process of honesty among the youth
to ensure the futuree of the country.

It is his initiative
ative to bring Ramsev Phathak
back to India the blacklack money that
has been deposited in foreign banks. 'Harikiankar'
The Congress has ruled this country Laksya hamara aage badhna,
more than any other er party and it is vighnon se hame dar nahin.
only right to punish h those have lead- Sada kantakon per chalaten hain,
ers who have deposited sited money samj
samjhauta hum karen nahin.
Prasad Bismil, Sardar Patel, Lala abroad for personall gains. The man
Lajpat Rai and Mahatma Gandhi Per hit
h mein hi jivan arpit, apni
in the saffron dhotii is trying to ka
chinta karein nahin.
Aditya Narayan made the supreme sacrifice for our reconstruct the nation ion and is power-
Chopra freedom. But today, under the guise ful enough to throw w a challenge to Bhala kisi ka yadi hota hai, marne se
of philanthropy, our politicians are hum darein
darei nahin.
(With obligation from
destroying the country. They only
Ramdev the government. His is greatest assest
Tufanon m mein chaltein hain hum, nij
Punjab Kesari) appeals is the nation and itss people. This has
kashton ko kahein nahin.
have selfish goals. This is unaccept- added to the worries es of the govern-
able to a true Indian. This country to vote for right Lobh moh mein kabhi na fasein,
party and right ment. If a fanatic doesoes something
The sage is a yoga guru, Swami should not become a slave again. unpleasant to him, then who will be julmon ko hum kahein nahin.
Ramdev, whose yoga is spread Hats off to Baba Ramdev, who has leader. At the Tan arpit hai
h matrubhoomi hit,
same time baba accountable?
from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. entered politics to rid the country of aatankon se darein nahin.
corrupt leaders. While people suffer has urged the The governmentment should
The flag of 'Bharat Swabhiman' government to
Unnati pat
path per badhana sikha,
is flying high. silently the attrocities of corrupt and ensure his safety. After his peeche ko hum hatein nahin.
selfish leaders, Baba Ramdev's deci- freeze Rs 500 or announcement to launch aunch a national Awasyakta
Awasyaktayen hain simit, kabhi
The announcement by yoga sion to enter politics is much wel- 1000 just to have party, it is inevitiblee that his image dikhawa kkarein nahi.
guru Baba Ramdev to enter politics come. All our leaders have taken an a check on the and his life will be targeted by politi-
black money and Kintu aabh
aabhawon mein bhi jeevan ,
has stirred politicians, because they oath before Lord to be honest and cal parties, who might ght go to any tanik bitayen
bitay kabhi nahin.
are afraid their "regime" may be faithful to the country and its peo- get rid of the extent to harm him. m.
overturned. disease Aamish andaan madira machhali kabhi
ple, but are corrupt and disloyal. In India politicians
iticians talk only swapn se chhue nahin.
subsequently. So
In a country often called the Anyone can guess the fate of everyone should of religion, poverty etc. On the other Bidi ya cig
cigarette tambaku, jeevan bhar
land of Aryans, where Lord Ram a country where all ill-doings are support him. hand, Baba has taught
ught yoga to piyen nahin.
was the ideal king and Lakshman executed in the name of religion, everyone, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Kisi ki akk
akkahd baton ko hum, kabhi aaj
the ideal brother, what can it be where leaders are competing with Christian, without any discrimina- tak sunen nahin.
called today when politics has led to each other to become rich, every tion. He is committeded to enhance Dambhi ka sir sada hi kuchala, kya
bloodshed among brothers? Where government department is oiled the pride of the nation.
tion. While hon- hoga yah gune nahin.
once there was 'Ram Rajya', today with the grease of corruption. ouring the families of the Mumbai Jeevan saara
sa jiya shan se, ro-ro kar
demons of politics have made cor- Such thoughts makes us attack and the Parliament
iament attack, hum jiyen nahin.
ruption their main target. It is a fact shiver. Baba assured them that entire Shoshan kkarein na kabhi kisi ka, kisi
that the arrival of Baba Ramdev can nation is with them.
m. As a response, ko dhokh diya nahin.
help control the country's corrupt Like a simple we should say - Go ahead Swamiji,
yogi, Baba Ramdev has Satya niti ke path per chalet, badhaon
culture, because he believes that the entire nation is with you. mein ruke
ruken nahin.
only patriotism is his mission. made everyone agile Swamiji is patrioticc and wants to
and aware. He has enable the youth too be the pride of 'Harikinkar
'Harikinkar' anyaya kahin ho , uske
Looking into the past, we taught people to practice the future.
aage jhuke nahi.
ascertain that India spread the the yoga in a routine way. He Bhrasht au aur bhrashtachari se, kabhi
message of non-violence to the has never pretended. He In order to free India of cor- prem hum karein nahin.
world. Helping others and doing never claimed to improve ruption, we appeal to every citizen Swabhima
Swabhiman Bharat ka jage, karmhin
noble things has always been a part one's future by analysing their to support Baba Ramdev,
amdev, the torch- hum banein
bane nahin.
of Indian culture. We not only hope, horoscope. He never promised any- bearer of India's pride,
ide, so India's Yoga karie
karien nit rog bhagayen, rakt
but firmly believe that Baba Ramdev one to get him a government job pride and dignity will be everlasting. alpta gahen
gahe nahin.
will eliminate sinful leaders from through clout. But people followed Param pita se darein hum, nij
politics. We know how effectively him, and his fan following has manmani karein nahin.
non-violence was implemented dur- increased with time.
ing the freedom struggle. Thousands
like Sahid-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, Many leaders are feeling the
Sukhdev Singh, Rajguru, Ram heat with Baba Ramdev's move to
12 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 13
Rishi Swami Ramdev Maharaj, the man who has taken
Yoga the responsibility of making this world disease-free, is
now planning to field his candidates in upcoming elections. But this
decision has not got down well with many people. Renowned journal-
ist Omkar Chaudhary talks to Swami Ramdev on doubts and necessi-
ties of stepping into the world of politics. Here are some excerpts:

For ?

Ramdevji, we have heard that
you are stepping into the
world of politics. Are you also
preparing to contest elections?
English education structure. We
Swami ji have decided to save this nation. If
there No, no! I will neither contest elec-
tions nor agree to any political
we have to uplift every person,
then we have to make this nation a

will be position. But yes, our candidates

will contest on all 543 seats in the
true Bharat and bridge the gap
between India and Bharat, then we

have to take a big decision.
coming Lok Sabha elections. But
before that we will make 7 to 10
lakh members in all districts. 10%

? of the beliefs of a
contender have an impact.
Are you hopeful that systems
There are so many parties and
will change? 90%
of ideologies and concepts
politicians in this country. So, Swami ji are made by the central
what made you initiate some- leadership.
I am not the only one to say this,
one into politics and send crore of Indians are saying this.
them to the Houses? Everybody wants the system to
change but the question is who
Swami ji will make the change? The work, I
am doing is not just my wish, it's
I want to do three things that these desired by many. To fulfill this
parties have not done. Firstly, I desire, somebody has to come for-
want to end the economy of black ward. And for this, if a local leader,
money. The black money deposited who's not recognised at the nation-
in foreign banks needs to be al level, comes forward then it will
brought back, so that it can be not happen. Politicians have ruined
used for the developmental work. the system so it's futile to expect
For this, we need to have a tough anything from them. Actors and
law with the provision of death sportspersons are busy in their
sentence against the corrupt peo- work and the common men does
ple. Secondly, we need to have fast not trust businessmen. Neither of
track courts and even the
Swami Ramdev President should not be able to
forgive the guilty. Unfortunately,
them is ready to shoulder respon-
sibilities. Therefore, we took a
decision and it's in the different
our President has this right that direction. Change will come by
even after the terrorists have been staying away from the greed of
pronounced guilty, they are not power and money.
hanged to death. It's a big misuse
of the right. And lastly, we want to
alter the policies in India, need to
make changes from the beginning ?
to end. We have to purify our fully How can you guarantee that
corrupted political system, crooked the people whom you will
administrative system and the choose to contest the elections
? ? biggest challenge is the financial
crisis of the country. If develop- The name of Sachin
If we talk about electoral poli- Many of your supporters are ment takes place then problems Tendulkar for Bharat
tics, a lot of money and power saying that Ramdevji should like Naxalism and unemployment Ratna has been
are being used in elections. not enter politics. How do you will end. People will get more doing the rounds.
How will you compete with it? explain them the need for health facilities. The primary rea- For the last two
doing this whole thing? son as to why we are witnessing years no one has
Swami ji Naxalism, illiteracy, hunger, insuf- been awarded Bharat
ficiency, poverty, and unemploy- Ratna.
If they want they can use the mone- Swami ji ment is the lack of development.
tary power, physical power or the Had there been no corruption,
None of my supporters are saying
power of the law. I don't care about then these huge amounts would
that. That is why I said that I want
this. People have a fear, but now
have been utilised for the develop-
Swami ji
this fear has also ended. Some The very concept
7 to 10 lakh people from one dis- ment. of award has been
people opine that Swamiji should
trict and other parties can have politicised. Till date, I
not venture into this kind of poli-
Cont. from Pg 15... 50,000, one lakh or two lakh peo- haven't been able to
tics, where the situation is very ?
will be honest and not become ple. They can give them free drinks figure out whether
bad. But my opinion is that if poli-
corrupt after winning? or whatever they feel like. The peo- People want to know which these awards are
tics were so clean then there
ple we will choose will be with us. organisations are threatening given to the deserving
would have no need for a saint to
Today also 75 per cent of people do you? And how much danger do people or to flatterers
We have enter into politics. Secondly, I tell
Swami ji not vote and those will be our
everybody that people often say they pose? of politicians? As far
I will take the moral responsibility
strength. That is why I am not wor- only one aim that that corruption should be removed as Sachin is

You have been

of all my candidates and if some-
ried about any of these frivolous
whosoeveris but who will take the initiative. Swami ji
concerned, he is the
pride of the nation.
demanding the
one fails, then we can dismiss
them even after winning the elec-
involved in The questions you are asking me
had been asked six months ago… It's a long list. However, this is the Personally, I am not a
cricket fan but a fan of
ban on the use of
Rs1000 and 500
tions. We have only one aim that ? corruption, now the latest news is …(burst into result of people's immense trust
and faith in us. Moreover, foreign
Indian sports. I believe
whosoever is involved in corrup- especially laughter) that people are now say- that even cricket
notes. In his tion, especially economical and There are so many millionaires ing that only Baba has the guts to companies have a different per-
budget statement, and billionaires in the economical and spective to look at things. Their
shouldn't be played
moral corruption should be hanged give them a tough competition. much in the country. It
the FM mentioned to death. Whether that person is Parliament. Do you think they moral corruption Now even the conception is chang- perspectives are based on religion has adversely affected
about having a from our organisation or is some- truly represent the 80 per cent should be hanged ing. The things you were asking and there are very big organisa- the nation and has
unique logo (on one in power elected by us, this of our poor population? to death. were very depressing and convert- tions that are supporting them totally destroyed the
the lines of Dollar, law must be applied to one and all. ing into the real expectation. endlessly. In fact, people who feel indigenous games of
Euro and Yen) for Only two things can stop crime, Whether that threatened by the movement have the country, and has
our currency. Are either morality or punishment. The Swami ji person is from also joined them. There are three also caused the
you satisfied with punishment is there for anyone The first thing is that some things our organisation
? power centres from where we keep country a great sense
who crosses the line of morality. Don't you think that the mes- on getting the information regard- of loss that it has
all these? need to be seen in the concept of or is someone in ing their ploys. It's a big issue, and become commercial.
having representatives. Also peo- power who has sage is conveying that Baba is The game should be
heading towards a power cen- I do not speak on them because I
ple's representatives do not have a
Swami ji ? big role to play. The political par-
been elected by tre? am afraid of death. But having said played during a
They print large us, this law must this, I will fearlessly keep on work- prefixed time, which
ties, their beliefs, ideologies and does not destroy
amount of currency Don't you think that all non- concepts play a role. Hardly 10 per be applied to one ing for the needy.
notes because in political people who tried Swami ji (diminish) the
the end it reaches cent of the beliefs of a contender and all. ? productivity of the
their hands at politics failed to have an impact. Ninety per cent of
them only. They bring in change? Every person in the country knows country as well as
ideologies and concepts are made that the power is under Baba … If Is the security provided to you does not affect
reach the adequte enough?
bureaucrats and by the central leadership. We need you are talking about the centre of the youth.
they do not want to Swami ji to concentrate on the contenders of power then I think I am right
stop the printing of
I have always said one thing that I
any party and the character of a there at that place. Why Swami ji
notes. The PM and party is defined by the character of should I bother to get those
Rahul Gandhi had do not believe in comparing myself its representatives. Also, as far as Yes, I have been provid-
things which I already have?
agreed that the or criticising anyone. Secondly, it personal characteristics are con- ed with security.
The things we possess can
printing of high needs to be seen how great the cerned, if any billionaire comes to Although I have told
not be the prime goal for
denomination notes personality was of the people who the fore, there should not be any IB officers where I am
should be stopped. tried to bring in change. How pop- problem as long as he has not been if I depend on the
High value notes ular and worthy they were. What involved in any financial scam. He government machin-
can be comfortably was the nature of their service to should not have earned money by ? ery for everything
transported and the nation? And how big was their committing crimes or being corrupt then anybody can
printed.Once we character spiritually and national- What according to you are the come and do
or through unfair means. It is not biggest challenges to the coun-
stop printing them, ly? The personality is very vulnera- bad to earn money. Politics is not a anything.
it will automatically ble; the citizens of India scan you try and what are the solutions?
resolve all word for poverty. And also it's not a
thoroughly to see how reliable you word for wealth. Moreover, it is
the issues. are and what have you contributed more important to know how pure Swami ji
for this nation's development. and fair their money is.
The biggest solution is to end cor-
16 YOG SANDESH May 2010 ruption in the country. And the May 2010 YOG SANDESH 17
Rishi Swami Ramdevjee Maharaj has explained Geeta in "Geetamrit" . Swami
Yoga For readers of Yoga Sandesh, we are publishing this series of Ramdev
explanation of Geeta by Pujya Ramdevjee Maharaj.

prajahati yada kaman turbed in mind even amidst the threefold
sarvan partha mano-gatan miseries or elated when there is happiness,
atmany evatmana tustah and who is free from attachment, fear and
sthita-prajnas tadocyate –– 55–– anger, is called a sage of steady mind." these sensual objects departs when one
duhkhesv anudvigna-manah starves them by restraining the senses
"In the material world, one who is from indulging in them. But although the
sukhesu vigata-sprhah unaffected by whatever good or evil he
vita-raga-bhaya-krodhah action is restrained, the craving remains
may obtain, neither praising it nor despis- subtly within the mind. So the craving
sthita-dhir munir ucyate –– 56–– ing it, is firmly fixed in perfect knowl- attachment for taste of sense objects
yah sarvatranabhisnehas edge." remains present. So until all desires for
tat tat prapya subhasubham "One who is able to withdraw his sense objects completely vanish along with
nabhinandati na dvesti senses from objects, as the tortoise draws the residue of craving, it is impossible to
tasya prajna pratisthita –– 57–– its limbs within the shell, is firmly fixed in attain the ultimate goal. Geeta very clearly
yada samharate cayam perfect consciousness." states that it is not possible to restrain our
kurmo 'nganiva sarvasah senses by torturing our body. For that we
indriyanindriyarthebhyas will have to learn how we can control our
tasya prajna pratisthita –– 58–– visaya vinivartante senses. Thus disciplined lifestyle and
niraharasya dehinah knowledge of supreme are real tools to
rasa-varjam raso 'py asya control our body and soul.
–– 55-58–– param drishtva nivartate –– 59–– Thus the control over the senses is
Lord krisna said: O Partha, when a root cause of stabilising the mind. Now
man gives up all his desires to sense grati- tani sarvani samyamya
yatato hy api kaunteya Lord Krishna reveals the reasons for which
fication, which arise from mental concoc- one cannot possess a stable mind. Those yukta asita mat-parah
purushasya vipascitah vase hi yasyendriyani
tion, and when his mind, thus puri- indriyani pramathini who have spiritual intelligence with dis-
fied, finds satisfaction in the self crimination and power of observation are tasya prajna pratisthita–– 61––
haranti prasabham manah–– 60––
alone, then he is said to be in trying their level best to withdraw their
pure transcendental con- mind repeatedly away from objects of the dhyayato visayan pumsah
sciousness. senses and directing it internally within in sangas tesupajayate
–– 59-60–– a form of meditation. But the senses are so sangat sanjayate kamah
"One who is not dis- kamat krodho 'bhijayate–– 62––
"The embodied soul may be restricted strong that they forcibly invade the mind,
from enjoyment, though the taste for sense disrupt this meditation and forcibly over-
objects remains. But, ceasing such engage- power the mind and indulge it in contem-
ments by experiencing a higher taste, he is plating sense gratification and bodily –– 61-62––
fixed in consciousness." attachment. How is it possible that the One who restrains his senses, keep-
"The senses are so strong and impet- senses can carry away one's mind while ing them under full control, and fixes his
uous, O Arjuna, that they forcibly carry they are intently striving? It is because the consciousness upon Me, is known as a
away the mind even of a man of discrimi- senses are so restless and turbulent that man of steady intelligence.
nation who is endeavouring to control they are besieging the mind and direct it
them." towards sensual objects that will gratify
these senses by engaging the mind in Cont. on Pg 20...
Lord Krisna states that the desire for sense contemplation.
May 2010 YOG SANDESH 19
Geeta's philosophy is that unrest in
the world is due to the negative veloc-
ity like anger, greed, infatuation, and
Geeta's jealousy which are the attributes of
philosophy negative feelings. Peace can only be
restored if positive feelings rule our

Cont. from Pg 19...

carry away a man's intelligence. Therefore,

Needless to say if someone –– 66–– "The O mighty-armed, one whose senses are
accepts pleasure, pain, glory, defeat,
profit, loss, all in the same stride One who is not connected with the senses restrained from their objects is certainly of
steady intelligence.
without involving oneself into the Supreme [in Krishna consciousness] can are so strong
outcome of the action and maintain have neither transcendental intelligence and impetuous,
the same peaceful state of mind in nor a steady mind, without which there is
no possibility of peace. And how can there
O Arjuna, that –– 69––
every situation, then it is said that he they forcibly forever.
is a man of steady intelligence. So be be any happiness without peace? What is night for all beings is the
'stithpragya' and have faith in the carry away the time of awakening for the self-controlled;
In 66th verse explaining some psy-
divine. chological element, it is said that mind mind even of a and the time of awakening for all beings is vihaya kaman yah sarvan
While contemplating the does nothing if expression is not connect- man of discrimi- night for the introspective sage. pumams carati nihsprhah
objects of the senses, a person devel- ed with it. Wisdom only sees but emotion nation who is Although this statement seems to be nirmamo nirahankarah
ops attachment for them, and from makes that dynamic. So it is spirit of the endeavouring to self contradictory, it describes the meaning sa shantim adhigacchati–– 71––
such attachment lust develops, and doer that makes thing happen. Otherwise of specific indicators. Mean to say that the
mere looking is a waste. For example a control them." esa brahmi sthitih partha
from lust anger arises. object which seems unnecessary to an nainam prapya vimuhyati
man sees the snake. But he starts running ignorant is indispensable to the knowl-
when sense of fear creeps in. Here, getting sthitvasyam anta-kale 'pi
edgeable. Here 'night' symbolises dark- brahma-nirvanam rcchati–– 72––
krodhad bhavati sammohah scared is the 'emotion'. Emotions can be of ness. For example, ordinary people are
sammohat smriti-vibhramah two types: positive and negative. Love, engaged in actions but wise people find
excitement, hope, peace are positive emo-
smriti-bhramsad buddhi-naso
|buddhi-nasat pranasyati–– 63–– tions whereas envy, resentment, anger,
darkness there. It doesn't charm them.
Wise people believe in selfless action but
–– 71––
discord, hatred are negative emotions. But normal people do not think it to be inter- A person who has given up all desires for
raga-dvesa-vimuktais tu both provide velocity to brain. Geeta's phi- esting. gratification, who lives free from desires, who
visayan indriyais caran losophy is that unrest in the world is due to has given up all sense of proprietorship and is
atma-vasyair vidheyatma the negative velocity like anger, greed, devoid of false ego-he alone can attain real
prasadam adhigacchati–– 64–– infatuation, and jealousy which are the –– 70–– peace.
attributes of negative feelings. Peace can A person who is not disturbed by the
prasade sarva-duhkhanam
only be restored if positive feelings rule incessant flow of desires-that enter like
hanir asyopajayate
prasanna-cetaso hy asu
our brain. That's the 'Chabhavayat' of the
rivers into the ocean, which is ever being –– 72––
buddhih paryavatisthate–– 65–– filled but is always still-can alone achieve That is the way of spiritual life, a life
indriyanam hi caratam peace, and not the man who strives to sat- which helps a man to have a clear perception
nasti buddhir ayuktasya isfy such desires.
yan mano 'nuvidhiyate of everything. In 7th verse of chapter 2 of
na cayuktasya bhavana
tad asya harati prajnam There are some basic differences Geeta: Arjuna said that I have become
na cabhavayatah shantir
vayur navam ivambhasi–– 67–– between the approach of Western psychol- 'Sanmudh', i.e. I have no idea what to do. I
asantasya kutah sukham–– 66––
tasmad yasya maha-baho ogy and Indian psychology of the Geeta. have been caught in 'moha'. In this verse, it is
nigrhitani sarvasah Western approach is that we should raise stated that the situation of 'Brahmi' paves way
–– 63-65–– indriyanindriyarthebhyas our desires, we should accumulate resourc- for 'illusion'. At the end of Geeta, it is said that
tasya prajna pratisthita–– 68–– es for the advancement of the civilisation. 'Nashto mohah smrtirlbdh' which means my
From anger, complete delusion aris- At the same time Geeta says - As rivers, infatuation has been destroyed. By all this, it is
es, and from delusion bewilderment of ya nisa sarva-bhutanam riverines merge with the sea, but they clear that the main goal of Geeta is to destroy
memory arises. When memory is bewil- tasyam jagarti samyami never become furious with them, similarly the root cause of 'infatuation'. Lord Krishna
dered, intelligence is lost, and when intel- yasyam jagrati bhutani when desires come to a person, he or she very clearly told Arjuna that according to
ligence is lost one falls down again into the sa nisa pasyato muneh–– 69–– should never run behind the desires. Sankhya philosophy and 'Smaarth Marg', it is
material pool. your duty to fight being a Kshatriya. Because
apuryamanam acala-pratishtham By this verse it is clear that the per-
But a person free from all attachment samudram apah pravishanti yadvat no action could be more holier than to fight.
son, who has attained transcended Although to die and kill is horrible but for a
and aversion and able to control his senses tadvat kama yam pravishanti sarve consciousness, should not abstain
through regulative principles of freedom sa shantim apnoti na kama-kami–– 70–– Kshatriya it opens the gates of heaven. If you
from action. It is not neces- will not indulge yourself in war due to some
can obtain complete mercy of the Lord. sary for him to sacrifice infatuation, then the people who respect you
For one thus satisfied [in Krishna the 'karma'. He should will doubt your abilities. They will call you
consciousness], the threefold miseries of
–– 67-68–– perform his duties irrespec- coward and condemn you in many ways.
material existence exist no longer; in such As strong wind sweeps away a boat tive of their outcomes. In this
satisfied consciousness, one's intelligence on the water, even one of the roaming way peace of his mind also remains Cont. on next issue...
is soon well-established. senses on which the mind focuses can intact. Like a sea he remains quiet
20 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 21
The core philosophy of our culture, limitations and prin-

ciples is complete sanctity i.e., economic and
moral sanctity, complete Indianness i.e, thrust on swadeshi
and discarding foreign products and thoughts completely,
and also complete organised and disciplined people, i.e we
should be able to march ahead together.

(A movement aimed at freeing India of
We will thrust upon complete
Indianisation of education, health
care, laws, economy, agriculture
and administration. eases, de-addicting them from
diseases, evils, corruption and making social evils. We will instill dutiful-
ness and nationalism in citizens
it a morally sound and strong nation) The ways to achieve the
above three objec-
that will help make India an ideal
and powerful nation. Any village
that would be 90-100 per cent
tives - yogmay, free from addiction and
Three main objectives of Membership diseases and would be healthy,
Bharat Swabhiman are: Movement hygienic, self-dependent and mor-
ally sound will be our ideal village.
Only the Lok Sabha has
[1] To end corruption and bring back the Rs 258 lakh the right and power to stop
crore parked in foreign countries. To try to include the the activities of black econo- How will India become
Rs 60 lakh crore black money deposited in our country my, make laws for a corrup-
in the mainstream economy and in the development of tion-free society, end crime,
corruption free?
the nation. To make an effort to stop the business of and the day-to-day functioning [1] India will have 300 lakh crore
black economy forever. of the state. In order to achieve rupees of surplus money once
[2] To formulate capital punishment for people involved our objectives, we will choose 543 black money economy ends. That
in corruption, rape, dowry deaths, cow slaughter, terror- MPs from 626 districts of India means India's GDP (Gross
ism and adulteration to ensure safety and security to the and they will accomplish the task. Domestic Product) will touch 350
115 crore Indians. To have fast-track courts for the lakh crore rupees and the annual
We need to enroll 7-10 lakh mem- growth rate will be 20 per cent. In
speedy delivery of cases, ensuring fast justice to the vic- bers of "Bharat Swabhiman" in
tims of heinous crimes. As the President has the power short, India will be the biggest eco-
every district who will elect a rep- nomic power by 2020. At present
to repeal death sentence, we will ensure that criminals resentative to accomplish the
guilty of heinous acts are kept out of the ambit. the GDP of the USA is 619
above three tasks. We will free lakh crore rupees and
[3] Bureaucracy was set-up by the British to loot India India of corruption and change India will surpass it by
of its the resources, to oppress the common man and to the flawed system. In addition to that time.
rule upon us forever. We will change all such laws made that we will make everyone an
with malafide intentions, for the benefit of the nation. ideal citizen by eradicating dis-

22 YOG SANDESH May 2010

[1] The central and state govern- of black money deposited in other dollars (Rs 516 lakh crore) has
ments have an annual budget of Rs countries. The government can been deposited in foreign coun-
20 lakh crore and 80 per cent of take action under the various sec- tries. Half of this black money Our
this amount is siphoned off by cor- tions of Economic Offence Act. For belongs to the corrupt people of culture,
rupt bureaucrats, leaders and busi- example, every year 80,000 people India and the other, to the devel- tradition
nessmen. Former Prime Minister Demonism, visit Switzerland of which 25,000 oping world. Only three per cent
& duties
Rajiv Gandhi also accepted this make yearly multiple visits. Why? of the world population constitutes
fact. In our mission to change the humanism and The answer is that they deposit the people involved in the circula- When Ravana,
establishment, we have to first divinity are money in the Swiss Bank. These tion of black money. These people Kansa,
stop the circulation of black people are either a part of the have left other 97 per cent people
money. not establishment or are being protect- in misery. We have to bring back
Mahananda and
the British start-
[2] Almost 17 crore hectare of land different ed by it. this money to our country and ing oppressing
make our country strong.
is under the control of the govern- forms of life 2. The circulation and flow of the people, when
innocent people
ment. These lands are either given black money can be stopped by A theft in one's house has a dis-
to the multinational companies on but different having a policy of swapping the turbing effect on the home budget. were writhing in
[2] We will spend these 300 lakh lease at throwaway prices or used layers of Only those existing big denomination curren- Similarly, a few corrupt people pain, and when
crore rupees in 626 districts of the for illegal encroachment. people have cy notes with new currency. have made our country poor, desti- there was furor
country. This means that every dis- one's Secondly, all old currencies should tute and deprived. All conscious and sorrow
trict will have 50,000 crore rupees [3] The mineral resources of our
character. been able to expire after a fixed deadline. Black and sensitive citizens have the around, then
for development. That way, if every country like coal, iron, gold, silver
district has 500 villages, then every and other precious stones are We have to change the money, corruption, fake currency desire to end corruption and other God Rama, God
and terrorism will end at once. sins. But the problem is who will Krishna,
village will have 100 crore rupees given on contract at throwaway
start and systems take the responsibility to end this Chanakya and
for development. prices. In addition to that, corrup- Eventually a time comes when lit- malice? Only that person who is
whole India with [3] What will be the future of kids,
tion also exists in the process of reach lower that were tle efforts yield big results. Come known at a local and national
other revolution-
awarding contracts, doling out jobs aries came to the
Bharat the youth, the talented people, and transfers. subcon- free from join us change the destiny of 115
crore people of this country.
level, is equally respected by all rescue and
and has done some service to the
"Swabhiman" Dalits, Mahadalits, labourers and
farmers? [4] Barring few honest and patriot- scious to any desire of  nation is capable of taking this
ended the suffer-
ings by changing
If every district will have 50,000
ic leaders, most of the leaders are medium sub- power, The core philosophy of our culture
responsibility. He should be coura-
the system and
the agents of foreign companies. geous, capable of defeating cor-
crore rupees for development that conscious to assets and is complete sanctity (economic and ruption and should have a nation- thus presented a
money can be spent in agriculture, money. moral sanctity), complete wide network. role model to us.
rain-water conservation, irrigation, highest sub Indianness (thrust on swadeshi
Proof of the existence of  Therefore, like
waste management, electricity conscious- and discarding foreign products
God Rama and
generation, education, health care black economy and thoughts), and also complete
etc. This will help in the develop- ness. organized and disciplined people
These qualities are rare in any
leader, industrialist etc. God him-
God Krishna, we
Most of the ment of nation and every region In addition to the Swiss banks, Rs (to march ahead together). have to act as a
political workers' 258 lakh crore are parked in the self has sent one such person who catalyst of
will be self-dependent. Millions of is replete with these qualities and
aim is to earn banks of 60 other countries. Rs 60  change and not
money and
people will get jobs and everyone has come to life to free Mother
will have dignity. Demands for job lakh crore are circulating in our If a king lives lavishly, his people be greedy for
power. But our own country. The Switzerland gov- India from sins. money and
spiritual and reservation will ebb. Talented peo- are poor and destitute. When the
social workers' ple will contribute to the develop- ernment and Swiss Banks have king lives with austerity, his people  power. This is
aim is to do ment of the nation. given information about huge live in prosperity. The core of this our spiritual, reli-
amount of black money. Tax- He is no other than Baba Ramdev.
nation service
The unemployed youth and labour-
movement lies in yoga, spiritual- Under the aegis of nationwide net- gious, social and
and not to earn Justice Network, Transparency ism, culture, truth, service and national duty.
money and ers will get minimum salary of Rs International and others have esti- work of "Bharat Swabhiman" we
God. So, our main aim is just not will initiate change at the village
power. We have 10,000 per month and farmers will mated that there is approximately to change the system but to bring and district level. The helm of this
to always keep get due price of their crops. Rs 258 lakh crore black money an honest change within ourselves. movement will obviously be in the
this ideal in our Everybody will get high quality from India. The National Council
mind. Most of We should get rid of all our weak- hands of respectable Swami
education for free and nobody will for Applied Economic Research
the political nesses, break shackles of slavery Ramdev ji Maharaj who will take
be illiterate or hungry. With the and more than 40 committees have
workers wake and construct an ideal society, an this movement to conclusion.
help of Samskar and Yoga, educa- accepted that more than Rs 60
up two months ideal nation and a new era that
tion will be imparted in our own lakh crore are flowing as black
before the elec- works honestly and truthfully. The aim of honest and truthful
tion. But we will language and this will give every- money in the financial veins of worker:
work two hours body an equal opportunity of India and this is debilitating and 
everyday with development. Corruption and lack crippling the entire financial sys- Muktasangoahanwadi, dhrutyuat-
of development are the only rea- Hanuman and Arjuna, the heroes sahasamanvitah
utmost dedica- tem. of system change, were despaired
tion for two sons for problems like illiteracy,
years and inte- destitution, population explosion, initially but later it metamorphosed Sidhiya sidhiyo nirvikarah, karta
grate whole improper hygiene, hunger and in to hope, jest and win. As per the satwik uchyate (Geeta 18-26)
India with Naxalism. Spiritual development
Solution estimates by Tax Justice Network
and the World Bank, 1.6 trillion The best worker is one who is free
Bharat will help solving all menaces 1. The government departments
"Swabhiman". dollars (Rs 72 lakh crore) of black from desires, ego and remains
infesting the country. namely Enforcement Directorate, cheerful and in the same frame of
Home Ministry, Defence Ministry, money is being gathered annually
mind irrespecitve of if he wins or
Sources and proof etc. have complete information in Swiss Bank and other banks in
of plunders regarding the volume and sources 60 countries. Till now, 11.5 trillion
24 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 25
we import readymade technology from
foreign countries through multination-
al companies, we provide jobs to engi- Decreasing
neers and technicians from other countries.
This means, we export jobs to developed coun-
tries. Had we produced them in our countries,
we would have given additional jobs to Indian
Employment Serious threat to
the livelihood of
1.80 lakh
engineers and technicians. It is also possible to
generate more opportunities in the fields that skilled workers
are disappearing suddenly.
Adidas, Puma and Lotto
have established their
sportswear industries in
Article Jalandhar, posing threat to
the livelihood of 60,000
Rajeev people. This will also pose
Dixit a serious threat to the
livelihood of 1.80 lakh
skilled workers of Uttar
Pradesh, West Bengal,
Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra
This results in a situation where the and Delhi.
capabilities of most of our engi-
neers and technicians are not util- The figure of
ised and other countries benefit unemployed people at
from it. In addition to it, when we
import a foreign technology, the job
of an engineer is only confined to
maintain the equipment. It is a
known fact that not much skill is
Increasing 17.20

required in maintenance while
technical expertise is required in
developing new technology and do
research. This means that engi-
neers and technicians are not
Unemployment In 2008, the official data
had put the figure of
unemployed people at
17.20 crore. This is the
data of registered users
MNCs like from employment
employed according to their
Adidas, Puma, and 5 per cent scientists. When a growth of a few sectors. In the last The products of multinational com- exchanges. Thousands of
capabilities and skills. people do not turn at the
Duke, Nike and doctor leaves the country, we loose five years, the organised sector has panies are same as the small-scale
Lotto have Industrial countries' also get bene- Rs 3.5 crore. Whereas he earns Rs developed to a great extent, while industries. The effect of competition employment exchange to
entered in fits from the skilled labour who 60 crore in America, which is 20 job growth in this sector remained is very much evident from the slow get their names regis-
readymade migrate from India in search of times the money spent on making stagnant to merely 1.5 per cent. pace of growth of the 10.3 lakh small- tered. If the names of all
sportswear greener pastures. These people get of them are honestly com-
him a doctor. On the other hand, This means capital investment in scale industries. Due to this factor,
business, leading high-quality education in Indian piled then this figure will
there is a dearth of qualified doc- this sector has been huge but cre- the number of sick industries is reach to 40 crore.
to the loss of technical institutions and move to tors in our country with 5000 peo- ation of jobs in this sector was increasing continuously, resulting in
livelihood to developed countries like Germany, ple scrambling for the advice of one quite feeble. unemployment of lakhs of people.
millions of tailors.
Moreover, the
Britain, America and others with-
out giving benefit to the parent
doctor and in villages this ratio
is 45000:1. On the other hand, in the small-
The government estimates say that
1.84 crore people add to the list of
About 3.75
readymade country and this process of brain- scale industry sector, the capital unemployed people every year.
lakh skilled labours
garment industry drain contributes largely to the The major chunk of Indian talent is investment has been minimum, but lost jobs
is quickly gaining development of already industria- shifting to the US. Between 1957 to the most important fact is that 80 If this is not enough, the MNCs have
its foothold in the lised countries. They provide both 1965, the number of Indian doctors, per cent of the total employed pop- completely wiped out indigenous BATA and other plastic
country. economic and historic benefits. engineers and scientists were 1000 ulation lives in unorganised indus- skills and crafts in the name of devel- shoes industry have
but it grew to 4000 between 1966 to try sector. In the year 1986-87, 10.1 opment. Craftsmen and artisans have wiped out lakh of cobblers
As per the study of Centre for 1968. Till 1977, 16,849 Indian doc- crore people were employed and it been badly affected by the fast pace across the country.
Research, Planning and Action tors, engineers and scientists had was 10.7 crore at the end of 1987- of modernisation. If shoe industry is VIMCO destroyed match-
(New Delhi), India suffered the loss migrated to the US. 88. By 2008, the number of small- modernised, then who will be worst stick industry of
of $130 billion. If this does not stop, scale and cottage industries had affected? Obviously, the cobbler. If Shivakashi and Haridwar.
more than 75 lakh skilled people Due to liberal economic policies, reached 5.8 crore. More than foreign companies come here to sell Pepsi and Coke
would migrate by the end of the foreign contracts have flooded the 640,000 small-scale industries have processed sugar cane juice then who destroyed 2525 small-
century. At present, 2.5 crore country and till 1995 more than become sick due to the competition will be affected? Your next door juice scale industries that
Indians are working abroad. As per 20,000 contracts had run in the thrown at them by big multination- seller only. And if water is being sold resulted in the loss of jobs
the study, there are 32 per cent of country but it reached to 45,000 by al companies and are on the verge by them, then only God knows what for 3.75 lakh skilled
engineers, 28 per cent of doctors 2008. This resulted in unwanted of closure. will be the fate of this country. labourers.

26 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 27

Manisha Chauhan

Hot and dry winds Heat rash Cholera

During summers, sunrays fall directly on our body. During summers, th body releases a lot of sweat. Cholera is a dangerous ailment, and is very common
During this season This affects our thermal control system, resulting in Rashes develop when the sweat ducts swell. This during the summer. If not treated at the right time, the
we also need to red eyes, nausea, headache, anxiety, the face turns often leads to discomfort and itching. Heat rash is patient may even die. The bacteria reach the body
red, pulse rate slows down and body temperature usually on body areas covered by clothing. When you through contaminated food and water and spread
take care rises. are out in the sun for a long time, the chances of suf- from spit, feces and insects. The symptoms are nau-
of our diet. Herbal vides relief from heat
fering from heat rashes increase. sea, indigestion, urine infection, vomiting and dehy-
dration. Eyes caves inward after sometime.
treatment strain the mixture and
Mix 10 gm neem Herbal take a bath with it.
Rub fresh onion powder with 10 gm of treatment every one hour.
extracts on the body. It sugar crystal in equal Rub tulsi wood Herbal
During summer a and apply the paste on treatment Take 10 grams
provides immediate portions of water.
Ways to relief from hot and dry
Filter the paste and
drink it to reduce the
number of small red
rashes affect the skin.
the affected parts of
the body. Take 5-10 drops of
(pieces) each of stone
apple (bael) and

Boil a kairi(kachcha cardamom extract for mango and crush it
effect of hot winds. Put crushed henna with 500 grams of
Tamarind paste aam) and rub its peel a relief from nausea.
with cold water can be When a patient leaves in water and water. Boil it, then mix
on the body. Take 20 gm
applied on a bald head looses consciousness take a bath with it. it with honey and
to bring relief from because of hot and dry Henna leaves also mango leaves, crush sugar crystals. Drink

Diseases dry winds and loss of winds, give him 5-10 provide relief to the them and boil with ½ 5-20 grams as per the
consciousness. gram Shankhpushpi rashes. kg water. Filter it when requirement.
powder with milk and only ¼ of the mixture
Mix tamarind in Cumin powder remains. Drink with Take saffron of
honey for sound sleep. mixed with home gypsum weed
in summer water; dip a piece of
cloth into it and rub it
all over your body.
Take a kairi
(kachcha aam) and
made ghee eases down
the burning sensation
Take 6 gm of
(Dhatura) with batasha
and swallow it.
This eases down the boil it., and make a in the body. pomegranate leaves,
mix it with 20 gm Mix 10 grams of
effect of hot winds. glassful of Panna. Powder of dried neem leaves with cam-
water and crush it.
changing Mix 2-4 drops of Stone apple (bael) orange leaves mixed Mix the paste with phor and eat 11/2 gm
The Despite taking extra with ghee works well. of it.
weather has care, we may fall prey to Ushirasav with water. juice and paste of its sugar syrup. Give this
diverse impacts various diseases. For Drink it after lunch leaves (apply on the Boil neem leaves, solution to the patient
on the human body. We example and dinner as it pro- forehead) also help.
will discuss some diseas- Hot and dry
es that occur commonly winds Home remedies Home remedies Home remedies
during summer. It is The patient should lie in a cold place. Cold water Rub ice-cubes on the body for immediate relief. Drink coconut water regularly. Extract of cam-
unusually hot and sunrays Prickly heat strips are to be put on the chest, head and soles. phor mixed with water can be taken at regular
are so sharp and harsh or summer Put an ice bag on the patient's head. Mix fuller's earth (multani mitti) with milk and intervals.
that they cause inconve- apply the paste on the body.
nience to a lot of people
rash Rub onion juice on the temples and soles of the Take out seeds from red chilies and crush it. Mix
person. Apply barley paste on the body. Mix turmeric powder with honey and apply the it with honey and take it at regular intervals.
during the summer. Cholera paste on the affected parts.
In the case of nausea, drink a mixture of lemon, "Mix mint extract with carom seeds and water
sugar and salt. Repeat this process. Apply the mixture of neem and mustard oil. and drink it. Boil large raisins (munakka) in
Goat's milk mixed with ice also provides relief. water and give it to the patient.
Onion and vinegar chutney also provides relief.
28 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 29

You can calculate the amount of urine
diseases with the help of two formulae mentioned
Chemicals like above.
urea, carbolic acid, It increases the amount of hormones in
manganese and uric pregnant cows and lactose in milk produc-
cancer acid completely kill
the bacteria present ing cows. When the cows are given dry
Cow urine is in our digestive husk their quantity reduces while quantity
which helps to
system. That is why
cow urine is consid-
of minerals increases. On the other hand,
when green grass and water is given in their
diet, the quantity of minerals decreases but
capacity of cow urine
Made of Cow urine is an herbal cure ered very effective
the quantity of cow urine increases. The
cancer. in all types of Asthma
five panch rasa, medicine with Panch rasa contagious chemical composition of the same cow It is a dangerous and incurable disease
cow-urine is bitter, Urine strengthens brain, cures
diseases. It also thrice in a day may differ. which can be treated by taking 10-40 ml of
pungent, hot, COW controls the growth the purified cow urine mixed with turmeric
cough, stomach ache, constipa- various harmful Medicinal properties powder for two weeks.
sweet and salty. tion, and is also useful in colic and mouth
diseases. Among cow, buffalo, sheep, goat,
It can cure almost all diseases. Filaria
elephant, camel, horse, donkey, cow urine is How to treat catabolic Take 20-25 ml of cow urine for 40 days on
Ayurveda also considered best. Metals like gold, iron and and metabolic disorders an empty stomach. You can also mix jaggery
regards it as toxins like vatsnaam, jimson weed and dog-
There are more than 18 types of miner-
and turmeric with cow urine.
poison are purified from cow urine and
a complete after being treated from cow urine they are
Properties als found in green leaves and grass given to Stomach related diseases
of cow urine Dip small harar (an herb) in cow urine for
herbal suitable to be used on body. cows in their diet while cow urine has 24
types of minerals. All the diseases that 24 hours and after it dries, roast it with
medicine. There are many quali- ghee. Take 5-10 grams after lunch and din-
Due to the presence of elements like Dr. Ramjeet occur due to the deficiency of these miner-
ties in cow-urine. It is a ner.
potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, Sharma als are cured very soon. This is the reason
great source of miner-
urea, phosphate, ammonia, creatinine, its why it is beneficial in diseases like Pica, White discharge or Vata disorder
Patanjali Cowshed als and elements like
pH value is 8-10. Cow urine is used to treat anemia and various other deficiency Take 15 kg of cow urine and mix it with
nitrogen, phosphorus,
various illnesses too. You can drink it, use it related illnesses. chittamul, dry ginger, marich and pipal pow-
uric acid, carbonic
for massage, can be used in Nasyam (a pro- der.
acid, urea, vitamin A, Other properties of cow
cess in which a liquid is injected in the
B, C and D, lactose, urine are as follows: Jalodar
nose) and is also beneficial in anemia and
enzymes, hormones
for hot cloth massage. Physical creatinine and phe- Cow-urine has angiostatin that enhanc- Take 25-30 ml of cow urine regularly in
properties es the effects of phemothera puric morning and evening for one year.
Cow urine that is 2 to 7 days old is con- nols. Due to the pres-
sidered best for the purpose of drinking. of ence of copper, it agents. There are some agents that Tuberculosis
While taking cow urine one should avoid kills harmful bac- also multiply the effects of certain Take calf urine regularly.
cow-urine teria. medicines from two to 80 times.
spices, heavy food and any kind of addic-
tion. Children should be given a dose of 5 The pH value Poisonous proper- Constipation
of cow urine ties of various Add a pinch of rock salt in 30 ml of cow
gram and adults can have anything between
is 8-10 so medicines disap- urine and drink it.
10-30 grams.
it is a sure pear after keep- Ricketts
Cow urine production shot medicine
for indigestion.
ing them in cow
urine for sometime.
Mix cow urine with saffron and give it to
An adult cow produces 8-10 kg of cow kids for one month.
Its color is
urine everyday relatively to her size. yellow but Jaundice
Scientific observations say the amount of when left Take cow urine for 21 to 41 days regularly.
urine should be 0.67 multiplied by the open, it
amount of dung. This can be calculated becomes
other way too. oxidized.
Amount of solid sub-
Amount stance taken x 1.52
of urine = (litres)
(In litres) 1.03

Amount of urine (In litres)
= Fresh dung x 0.67

(Kapha, Pitta, Vata) Due to the abundance of pitta in cow urine, it is regard-
Tridosh ed as an effective pitta destroyer. It can treat kapha and vata too. Some
nashak textbooks of ayurveda consider it as 'Tridoshnashak' and are very effective
in diseases created by the imbalance of kapha, pitta and vata.
30 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 31
Ayurveda is a complete healing system and the
benefits of this system are as follows

Healing the entire

In this system, a Vaidya not only
examines the affected parts of the
body but also the patient's mind,
soul and the imbalance of vata,
human excreta and other ele-
ments. This is the reason why
there are different treatments for Acharya Balkrishna
the same disease for different
patients and consequently medi-
cines also differ.

botanical substances like Nux

Psychological and Vomica (Kuchla), Bhilava those food items that suit the inter- toms but on the root causes. Thus,
(Semecarpus anacardium) and aak nal dynamics and nature of our the fundamental cause of the dis-
physical form of as they are poisonous. However, body and helps in eradicating the ease is eradicated that
disease they do not know that these sub- disease. On the other hand, those provides relief.
stances are taken inside the body things are prohibited which
According to the ayurveda, diseas-
es do not have only physical or after certain processes. As a result, increase the ailments and are not Preserves
they don't contain their natural suitable for the body. This enhanc- traditional system
mental form. Body related ail- es the immune system of the body
ments affect the human mind and properties and become beneficial
for the human body. and cures the diseases soon. Thousand years of tradition has
mental ailments affect our body. been preserved in our ayurvedic
This is why while treating a dis- system. Thus we do not have only
ease, the mind and body should a healing system but our culture is
not be segregated. All diseases Every medicine is in a Inexpensive and preserved through Ayurveda.
should be treated differently chemical form simple treatment
according to the form of psycho-
logical or the physical form of Every ayurvedic medicine acts like In modern day treatment system,
body. According to Acharya a tonic. These herbs enrich both medicines start only after lot of Saving foreign
Charak, kapha, pitta, vata and mind and body and it can also be tests are being done. This causes currency
mind are the roots of every used by healthy people. These physical and mental problem and
disease. herbs not only heal the patients one has to also spend a lot of The ayurvedic treatment system is
Our sages have done research for but enrich the healthy persons by money. On the other hand, a good for the economy of the coun-
centuries before making the use of developing the immune system of skilled Vaidya knows all after try because of the availability of all
ayurvedic herbs. The basic sources the body. Chywanprash and checking our pulse rate and this medicines and nothing needs to be
of all these herbs are botanical Chandraprabha Vati are very good saves time and money. imported. On the contrary, there is
gardens, animal products (cow examples of it. a huge demand for these
urine, milk, ghee) etc. As chemi- products abroad.
cals are not used in ayurvedic Eradicating diseases
medicines they do not have any
from the root Yog-Dharma
kind of side-effect. Presently, a Importance of devel- Ayurveda is not just a healing sys-
class of allopathic doctors has
raised their doubts over the use of
oping immune system In this healing system, a disease is tem but a way of life. We cannot
treated not on the basis of symp- separate it from our life.
certain metals like copper and few The stress is given on the use of

32 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 33


3 10 17 24 31

4 11 18 25

Yog Gram is set amidst the silent mounts in a span of about 100 acres by
WED 5 12 19 26 Patanjali Yogpeeth. It is a Gram but has all posh amenities that you could fancy
and caters to the needs of everyone, it gives you a chance to give your sickened
and wearied body and mind a total overhauling, in the presence of renowned
THU 6 13 20 27 Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj during the time of camps. You can also have
benefit of Ayurvedic Panchkarm, Yogic Satkarm & Naturopathy here, as well.
FRI 7 14 21 28
Situated about 25 kms from Hardwar railway station and about 15 kms
SAT 1 8 15 22 29 from Patanjali Yogpeeth, two routes can be taken, to reach Yog Gram. Going
from SIDCUL side, one has to cross a stream, make one's own treks or follow the
vehicular treks in the jungle area, thoroughly enjoying the nature's adventure.
SUN 2 9 16 23 30 The occasional flight of peacocks, maina, eagle, baaz and goraiya and colourful
sparrows on the way cannot be missed. The other route is while coming by
National Delhi Highway to Hardwar, follow the diversion from Bahadrabad along
the canal crossing the Gram Dhanori, Bairaj bridge, driving past Teliwala, you
reach Aurangabad. From here Yog Gram is just about a km away.

Centre of Medical Science & Research in Yoga,

Naturopathy and Panchkarma, Haridwar Uttrakhand

YOG GRAM Phone: +91-9760095231, 225/

email :,
4 days
Yoga Science camp 01 May to 20 June 2010

to be Organised in different cities

Place Date & Contact No.

Goa 1-4 May
9503313181 to 190
Buldhana 6-9 May
Eastern Maharashtra 9404868908 to 917
Kutch 9 May

Beed 12-15 May

Western Maharashtra 9404890651 to 660
Rohtak 16 May

Mehboob Nagar 18-21 May

Andhra Pradesh 8096088380 to 384,
8096088390 to 394
Bangalore 23-26 May
Karnataka 9686579930 to 940
Raiganj 28-31 May
West Bengal 8972389865 to 869,
W. Champaran 2-5 June
Bihar 7654087-300 to 309
Itarasi 7-10 June
Madhya Pradesh 7828301711 to 720
Bhiwani, 12-15 June
Hariyana 08059437671 to 675
Solan, 17-20 June
Himachal Pradesh 9805091861 to 870
36 YOG SANDESH May 2010
Syed Abu Muhammad contributed nies to trade. These companies
largely to literature and their work increased exploitation and made Kripalu
SWADESHI MOVEMENT became a source of inspiration for
revolutionaries, liberal leaders and
their roots stronger in the country.
After winning the Battle of Plassey Bagh
The British Gandhians. in 1757 in Bengal, these companies Ashram

'THEN' & 'NOW'

started collecting tax. Even during
always By the end of 1908 the move- the famine in Bengal in 1769-70, the place from
provoked ment was on the wane, leading to the Company exploited the people
the emergence of the revolutionary where Baba
Muslims to and strengthened its roots. The Ramdev Ji
movement, with a charged up
deteriorate the youth for support.
Company introduced Regulatory Maharaj started
impact of Act -1773 and started ruling some 'Yog Kranti' to
division of Bengal during but the movement continued. The Swadeshi The Swadeshi movement parts of Bengal. Within a matter of make India a
The the British regime result- extremist faction established a movement and built a platform for further strug- time, a foreign company began to healthier nation.
ed in the Swadeshi movement that stronghold in Bengal. gle and filled nationalism in the rule our country. The colonial rule Now, Patanjali
kept heart of common Indian. The lasted 350 years with the East
spread across the country. The Swadeshi movement inciting Yogpeeth is
Lokmanya Tilak, Ajit Singh, Lala movement weakened the hold of India Company. They not only working to estab-
benefited greatly from voluntary communal sen- British government and colonial plundered our resources but
Lajpat Rai, Syed Haider Raza, organisations who prepared the lish Rishi
Chidambaram Pillai , Bipin timents time thinking in a big way. It completely enslaved India for 200 years.
Parampara, a
mandate for the struggle. and again. altered the cultural landscape of
Chandra Pal were instrumental in Swamiji is of the view that creation of clean
spreading this movement to the Realising the importance of the country. more than 5000 companies work- and healthy India
various parts of the country as a indigenous industries for self- Communal During the colonial rule, the ing in the area of zero-technology under the aegis
full-fledged political public strug- dependence, many textile mills, Jaishankar mindset Swadeshi movement was very such as flour, salt, cold drinks, of 'Bharat
gle through their speeches and soap and matchbox factories, Mishra 'Savyasachi' weakened the strong in Haridwar and 'Lal juice, chips, soaps, oil, cream, Swabhiman' and
other efforts. The movement was leather firms, banks and insurance Associate Editor Swadeshi Building' of Kripalu Bagh Ashram powder, shoes, and clothes are 'Vyavastha pari-
extremely popular in Rawalpindi, companies came into being. Many 'Yog Sandesh' played a crucial role in the free- exploiting our resources without
of these companies failed as their
Movement. vartan'. Depleting
Kangra, Multan, Haridwar, dom struggle. This 'Lal Building' contributing to the prosperity of
Mumbai, Pune, Punjab, Uttar owners did not have business acu- However, the values, hunger,
has been a silent witness to the our country. This is a major road- and unemploy-
Pradesh etc. men. They ran these factories with movement itself freedom movement in the country. block in the development of the
patriotism. But many others sur- was responsible ment has result-
Though all leaders were unit- Kripalu Bagh Ashram was estab- nation. Every single penny that is
vived and did a good job. to deviate from deposited in any foreign country is ed in national cri-
ed in the cause of swaraj, there lished by Swami Kripaludev ji
the right path. dangerous for the foreign currency sis like situation.
were huge differences among The swadeshi movement had Maharaj. It was a shelter for
famous revolutionaries like Ras reserve of the nation. The econo- This is less of
extremists and liberal leaders deep cultural impact on the cultur- Though democracy and
about the pace and way of move- al landscape of Bengal. This was revolutionaries Bihari Bose and his friends. my of the nation is our backbone
and a source of power. We cannot more of
ment. Without a consensus, and the golden period for Bengali litté- were honest to In 1611 in Machilipatnam "Loottantra" To
with no way to bridge the gap in rateurs. Authors like Rabindranath let our country become weak by
their goals. (Andhra Pradesh) and on 11 buying foreign products. They change this sys-
belief, the Indian National Tagore, Rajnikant Sen, January, 1613 in Surat, the
Dwijendralal Roy, Mukund Das, have exploited and drained our tem is necessary.
Congress split into two factions, Mughals allowed foreign compa-
Cont. on Pg 40...
our national language Hindi and country being exploited by global-
Swami Cont. from Pg 39... by imparting education in regional
languages like Gujarati, Assamese,
ization and industrialization?
Destruction of the Swadeshi econ-
Reach the
Ramdev Ji resources for centuries, so we need Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu or omy and exploitation of the coun- last man
Maharaj to bring foreign currency by trade Kannada, then why are we slave try should stop immediately. Why of the
with foreign countries, and must of Lord Macaulay's education sys- has the conspiracy of making India 115 crore
Says encourage export. Creating tem? Why do we insult our lan- a wretched country not been
demand for our products in for- guages again and again? As per stopped? population
that no country eign countries is very necessary the Article 343 and 344 of the
for the empowerment of our coun- Indian Constitution, education, Question: 4 Swamiji believes
in this world can that the objectives
be great without try. administration and justice delivery (A) Why are the 34,735 laws that
should be made in Indian lan- were made by the British during of Bharat-
realising the Shri Maharaj urges every Swabhiman and Yog
importance of guage. During the British era it their regime for the purpose of col-
Indian to take an oath to not use will reach the last
was our compulsion, but now we onization, looting our resources,
indigenous products manufactured by multi- man of the 115
should get rid of that thought. One oppression and exploitation, still in
industries, indig- national companies like Lux, crore population.
per cent of the people are deciding use today? Why has the legal sys-
enous healing Lifebuoy, Rin, Liril, Rexona, Pears, "We will make you
the fate of 99 per cent of the popu- tem not been changed for the wel-
system, indige- Colgate, Pepsodent, Close-up,
lation and that just because of the fare of the nation under Article 372 free from diseases
nous technology, Ponds, Lakme, Dettol etc in our
language. Why? (A) of the Constitution? and protect your
indigenous daily life. Coke and Pepsi are poi-
sonous drinks and we should also (C) When MLAs, MPs and health through yoga
knowledge, (B) When compulsory voting can
not consume mineral water under other minister send their children save our democracy and can end
and will unite a
food, language nation that is divided
and pride for his the brand name Aquafina and to good schools, colleges or univer- corruption completely then why
Kinley. Maharaj also urges us to sities and get their family and rela- hasn't voting been made compulso- by cast, religion,
country. We To change the prevelant system in province and lan-
not consume junk food from tives treated in a good quality hos- ry?
want to make McDonalds and Dominos and they India, Baba Ramdev has launched guage through the
pital, then why does the common
every Indian self- should not be promoted at any the Bharat Swabhiman movement, (C) When liquor and tobacco com- power of yog.
man not have access to the same
dependant and cost. Although some of the prod- with a focus on the nine policies facilities and benefits? In devel- panies can be made liable to bear People's power will
India among ucts manufactured by foreign com- oped countries like Canada and the cost of problems caused by ultimately prevail
powerful nations panies are of good quality, but we Britain, people representatives their products, then why is there over the political
of the world. should not promote their use as send their kids to government no law created against them for power, and we will
Swadeshi lan- they are harmful for the economic schools and get health treatment at destroying thousands of lives every compel the political
guage, sam- growth of our country. Today, Swami ji has raised several government hospitals. This is year? These companies are respon-
sible for misleading people
establishment to
askar, vedic Indian companies are producing questions related to Swadeshi. We because the education and health work in the favour of
knowledge and good quality products that are have to ponder over these ques- infrastructure in these countries towards their products by publish-
ing attractive advertisements. people by adopting
nationalist pride being used in daily life. There is an tions and become a partner of are of high quality. Why can't such indigenous policies
will be the face urgent need to promote indigenous change in the system. a syste, be adopted (D) Five types of criminals - those and system. This
of an ideal India products if we want to avoid eco-
Question: 1
The in our country? who indulge in corruption, rapist, way we will live with
in the world. nomic slavery. Without promoting British When poli- terrorists, adulterators, and those complete freedom
indigenous products we cannot (A) When we can eradicate The ticians and who cause TB and cancer to mil- instead of partial
One who win over unemployment, hunger 99 per cent of diseases through government desperate highly-placed lions by creating pollution should freedom."
and poverty. Indian system of healing, then why bureaucrats get
made are we following the foreign sys-
increased its youth associated with
be given life-imprisonment and
To change the system Swami capital punishment.
India has established Bharat Swabhiman tem of treatment? oppression resorted to government col- All
(E) We give capital punishment to
strong Trust. Bharat Swabhiman move- (B) When Swadeshi healing and terrorist
leges and hospitals,
the criminals mentioned above and
then the government
ment has nine policies and objec- system can cure BP, thyroid, then suppression. schools and hospitals a death penalty to terrorists, and have one
When the history tives that are as follow what is the need to spend Rs 6 activities will automatically start functioning also punish the rapists, who violate answer
of India's devel- 1. Swadeshi way of healing lakh crore annually? Why does the
Swadeshi healing system face
and then in proper manner and which in the sanctity of mothers, daughters Bharat Swabhiman. I
opment is writ- turn would benefit the common and sisters. When tough laws can request you to
ten, our names 2. Indian education system insults, ignorance and an indiffer- the method man of this country. AIIMS is a be created against those who are associate with this
should not 3. Indian economic system ent attitude? of political high quality government hospital spreading pollution, then why movement and
appear in the list and University of Delhi is also don't we have a provision to award
4. Indian legal system Question: 2 struggle the death penalty to those people?
inspire others to be
of traitors. Our known and reputed government a part of it too
names should 5. Protection of Indian culture (A) When yog education can
make our children abstemious, vir-
was university because high-profile What can we conclude from this? Swaraj can be
be included in people, including politicians and That the intentions of those run-
the list of patri-
6. Making a hunger-free, unem- tuous, strong, intelligent, princi- completely bureaucrats, are associated with ning the system are not pure. Are
established by
ployment-free, corruption-free pled, caring for parents, patriotic Swadeshi move-
ots, the ones prosperous India. and can be freed from the clutches
different. these institutions. these people protecting criminals? ment, awakening
who made India of violence, sex and crime, then Question-3 (F) When Rs 18,20,000 crore can the Bharat
strong and who 7. Rural self-dependency Swabhiman by
why are we advocating sex educa- When the Swadeshi system be collected by imposing 2 per
promoted indig- 8. Environment conservation and tion? cent of transaction tax, then why changing the sys-
enous products. can save more than Rs 30 lakh
cleanliness crore annually and India can do we unnecessarily have 64 types tem and fulfilling the
(B) When we can make our dreams of a healthy
become a superpower from this of taxes to rob the people of 50 per
9. Population control children a doctor, engineer, IAS or India.
money alone. Then why is our cent of their income?
IPS officer, and scientist through
one month after another judgement was passed on 23 January 1911 by the special
Barely court against Sarvarkar regarding other cases for instigating people to kill
Jackson. The special court repeated its earlier judgment in letter and spirit against him.
Sarvarkar was given two life-imprisonments in one life. In fact, thousands of people were
waiting outside the court to know the outcome of the judgement anxiously. But the result
surprised most of the people. However, when Savarkar heard this judgment, he said to one
of his friends that he was ready to face the punishment because it is the only way to attain "This is not a
freedom, dedication and sacrifice. time to cry, but a
matter of great
pride. Pains and
Savarkar sarcastically retorted
Savarkar that at least the judge had accept- sufferings are
Special ed the Hindu belief of reincarna- necessary to
tion by passing two life imprison- attain
ments in a single life to him. freedom.
Post judgement, Savarkar changed
into clothes made for prisoners.
Hareendra The number 32778 was embossed
Shrivastava on plate that was tied around his
neck. There was also a rare letter
'D' on the plate - meant for dan-
gerous. In fact, the plate bore the
time of his punishment (1910) as Veer
well as the day of his release Savarkar
(1960). Savarkar devoid of all
worldly pleasures wore crown of
thorns on his head. His body was
tied with chains. Before being
sent to Kalapani, he was put in
Mumbai's Dongri jail and fatefully Even animals and birds do the
in the same barrack where same. If family means 'Human
Lokmanya Tilak, his guru, had family'-then we have been com-
been kept twice. pletely successful in our life. This
is true we set our house on fire
The most memorable meeting was
with our own hands, but on this
held between him and his wife,
blaze rests happiness and pros-
Yamunabai. He politely asked her:
perity of millions of families for
"Why are you looking at me like
the better future. Cannot we take
this... don't you recognise me?" "I
solace from this fact?"
am your husband. I am the same
man with the same soul, only This meeting of husband-wife was
clothes have changed. These heart-rending. He was removed
rough clothes are better for win- from Dongri jail to Mumbai's
ter." Bhaikhala jail and was soon sent
to Madras by a special train and
Sawarkar's 19-year-old wife cried
then to Andaman by 'Maharaja' - a
her heart out after hearing such
large ship. How worthy was the
harsh words. Her husband was
name of the ship for Savarkar!
wearing rough clothes and hands

tied with chains was standing After continuously running for
28th behind the bars was intolerable four days, the ship reached Port
for her. Then Savarkar told her to Blair. After stepping-out of the
May wipe-out her tears, "This is not a ship, Veer Savarkar headed
On the time to cry, but a matter of great towards his barrack in the jail.
HAD WORE CROWN OF Eve of pride. Pains and sufferings are
necessary to attain freedom. We
Only people with the strong will
could survive the inhuman torture
THORNS FOR INDEPENDENCE Jayanti should not shed tears. Don't worry;
we may meet again in this life.
meted out in the jail to them. Veer
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, pop-
Having an issue and expansion of ularly known as 'Mrityunjay' lived
family is not the only aim of life. there for 11 years.

He was born on 10 April, 1627 in Syonari Fort of Pune in Shaji Bhonsle. At the time
Shivaji of his birth, his maternal grandfather and father were fighting for opposition
armies and this had badly affected relationship between Shaji and his wife Jeejabai. This rift
grew with time and Shahji got married in other family in 1630. Jeejabai took Shivaji to her
father's home far away from the hands of the Mughals. At that time, Shivaji was merely six-year-
old. However, it was only in 1936 that he was able to see his father for the first time. It became
possible only due to the agreement between his parents. Shahji had two trusted servants.

One of them was Dadaji Karandev.

Shivaji He was in charge for worship.
Special Security of Shivaji and his mother First
was on his shoulders. He was wor- victory of
thy and a principled man. In fact,
the credit for Shivaji's good educa- Shivaji in 1646
tion goes to him only. He used to without shedding
fulfill his duty with utmost devo- a drop of
tion. Dadaji's foresight helped blood.
Shivaji immensely. In addition to
taking care of jagir, he left no stone
unturned in providing good educa-
Shahji. He understood the impor-
tion to Shivaji. That was the time
Lala Lajpat Rai when Maratha youths used to con-
tance of a fort. Since he had a
strong hold Mawalis, they guided
centrate more on their war-skills
him by treeking the right routes for
than education. Shivaji learnt horse-
him. They were aware of all the dif-
riding and arms training at very
ficult routes therefore helped him
young age. Nobody could match his
in building a fort. About 20 kilome-
well-acquired skills. Dadaji had
ters away from Puna was Toran
given him all that knowledge that
Fort. However, the way to reach
was necessary to learn that time.
there was very difficult. But the
He used to listen to stories of
caretaker of the fort became a
Ramayana and Mahabharata with
friend of Shivaji and he introduced
interest. His religious beliefs were
him with his Mawali friends. Shivaji
very strong. He used to hate
made him happy and also threat-
Mughals because of their oppres-
ened him to leave the fort. He was
sion policies. These feelings per-
frightened of Shivaji. He surren-
sisted in his mind forever.
dered the fort without any fight.
Shivaji established friendship This was the first victory of Shivaji
with Mawali youths. He identified in 1646 without shedding a drop of
their traits and respected them and blood.
even made them realised of their
Shivaji was merely 19-year-
pride. That was why these tribal
old when he had captured Toran.
always supported him. Dadaji also
His message to the king of Bijapur
gave him training to manage jagir.
stated that he had captured the fort
Desire to attain freedom was always
for benefit of kingdom of Bijapur
there in his heart since his child-
and it will be very beneficial for him
hood. When he entered his youth,
to have a support of youths like
his childhood desire started taking
Shivaji and was ready to pay twice
concrete shape and he began to
as much tax to him compared to

remain out of the home for days.
other jagirdars. When messenger
He used to contact people who
was showering praises on him,
were not the part of any kingdom.
Shivaji was strengthening his secu-
This resulted in the grapevine that
rity. He had launched an extensive
Shivaji had become part of dacoits.
drive to engage youths in his army.
Such grapevines also reached
King delayed in replying and that
became a boon for Shivaji. While
SINCE CHILDHOOD He took these rumours very
seriously and assigned a jagir to
digging the land, he found a khaza-
na which helped him to purchase
Shivaji. Due to responsibilities, it arms for his army. He planned to
became quite difficult for him to build one more fort. So, he decided
disappear from his home. There to make it on the Mahobida hills in
was a transition in his nature. There Rajgarh which was three miles
was no fort in the kingdom of south-east from Toran fort.
ly promotes international peace
and security. (2) It also promotes
respectful and just relationship
between the countries. (3) It pro-
motes respect towards the interna-
tional laws and (4) Promotes the
resolution of international issues
with mediation. This all means that
India has the responsibility to
work for the benefit of the
entire world.
The Section 3 of Article 51
encourages creating respect
towards the international laws but
the reality is totally different as
there is no such international law
which can be effectively and legal-
Jagdish Gandhi Gandhi and Saint Spread the idea
Mahatma Vinoba Bhave
ly used by the whole world for the
betterment of humankind. Thus, of Udarcha
gave the slogan of 'Jai Bharat' to the such a law does not hold ground ritranamat
world. Let the world be one family. and we can say that there is no
Let everyone, in this world live in such international law and the
peace and with unity. When we say
'my country', 'my nation', 'my moth-
world is hence, completely lawless. Kutumbkam',
Due to the lack of stringent inter- that is for a gener-
erland' then we need to understand national laws, world today is fac-
the feelings of our great culture and ous person for
ing many problems, including ter- whom world is like a
civilisation. By interpreting it in rorism. We all must agree that
other ways, we belittle the great family. May the
there is need for international laws
perspective of our culture. To save that can be implemented to eradi- inspiration of
the world from approaching catas- cate terrorism from the world. 'vasudev kutumb-
trophe, in fact, it is the time to kam' be a guideline
spread not just the word of 'vasud- The culture and traditions of
for the common
hev kutumbakam' (Whole world is India are completely different from
family) and the thought of the the rest of the world. There was a public for 'jai jagat'.
Article 51 of the Indian Constitution fight between two ideologies dur- However, on the one
but also to work for a world consti- ing the freedom struggle. The aim hand, there are peo-
tution. of the British was to financially ple who are trying to
gain from countries like India. The create rift and on the
To save the Now the time has come to freedom struggle in India helped other hand there are
make, India, an exemplary place to
world from live in. This is a land of Ram,
the world get rid of colonialism.
also people who are
Now the time has come to fight
approaching Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, against the fears of a Third World striving to make the
catastrophe, Mohmmad and Nanak and great War, nuclear weapons and world -
souls like Vivekanand, Gandhi, terrorism. The solution for the fear a family.
in fact, Kabir and Vinoba. Spirituality is of problems like tsunami, interna-
it is time to
spread not just
the word of
the base of our culture and it will
not be right to limit its confines. In
fact, the boundaries keep increas-
MAKE THE tional terrorism, degrading envi-
ronment and the ever-escalating
pace of human's movement
ing and decreasing. Everything is
the creation of the supreme soul.
'Vasudhev Kutumbakam' is written
WHOLE towards catastrophe lies in build-
ing a world organisation. Nobel
laureate and Economist John

(Whole world in the four Vedas and can be found
is family) in other Shashtras. In fact, it is the 15th Timberjun said, "The problems of
mankind cannot be solved by the
responsibility of India to make the
world a better place by following
May countries themselves, only the
International world government can do it. And it
the teaching and commandments

Family Day is possible only if the UN is made
of the Vedas. more powerful." It means that only
While drafting Indian a stronger world organisation can
Constitution, a complete care was give security to every nation. The

taken to incorporate the thoughts India has two great ideals, 'vasudev
of truth, non-violence and brother- kutumbkam' and the Indian
hood. The sense of world peace Constitution's Article 51. India is
and security is innate in the Indian known as the 'Jagatguru' because
Constitution Article 51. (1) It clear- of these two ideologies.
46 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 47
'Pranayama' off Three-years-old psoriasis got cured
the incurable disease Shradheya Swamiji
Respected Swamiji, Ragards,
My name is Monica Soni, a resident of Sukheda
My name is Indira, I am a non - resident village, Ratlam district, Madhya Pradesh. I was suffer-
Indian staying in UK since 1981. In 1991, I was ing from psoriasis disease for last two years. I was
diagonised with lung sarcoid (inflammation) which under the treatment of three allopathic doctors in
consequently destroyed the lung tissues. I consult- Udaipur but got no relief as such. I came to Patanjali
ed doctors and told them that I had breathing Yogpeeth in May 2009. There I was under treatment of
problems. The doctors told me that the problem Vaidya 'Sushant Mishra' for eight months. It completely
was primarily due to cold and they prescribed par- cured my psoriasis disease. I went for Panchakarma
acetamol, four times a day, and advised rest. Being four times which was also very beneficial.
a working lady, I could not afford complete rest. In There are misconceptions about psoriasis that it is
1992, I suffered from pneumonia and terming it a hereditary disease, a sporadic disease and patients
simple flu the doctors prescribed me the same set never recover. I want to tell them that if they regularly
of medicines, which gave me temporary relief. practice yoga, such as Kapalaati, anulom - vilom for at
Five years later in 1997, on a number of occasions least half -an-hour in the morning and evening along
it so happened that I would faint while working. with proper medicines then this disease will be cured
While consulting a doctor I was asked to narrate forever. When I consulted senior doctors and teachers
my medical history and based on the narrative I at Patanjali Yoga Yogpeeth they also said that this dis-
underwent a (lung tissue) biopsy. According to the ease is not hereditary. With proper lifestyle and system-
report, there was a bug which was eating up the atic food habit and Yoga - Pranayama while using
tissue and the surgeon told me that had I not con- Ayurvedic medicines this disease can be completely
sulted him on time, things would have gone out of cured.
hand and six months is the maximum that I would Yours
have survived. Monica Soni
Neither my husband nor my son could Village - Sukheda, District - Ratlam
believe it. To begin with, the doctors gaves me Madhya Pradesh -457,333
Pradniciline (4*4) and Paracetamol(2*4) but it did
not work. After continuing the same for two years,
though there was some relief but there was no
Regained my lost health
respite from inflammation, cough and weakness. and happiness
All along my husband and son were the most sup-
portive. It was in 2004 that my well-wishers sent a Revered Swamiji,
copy of your DVD. With its assistance, I started I am Rajan Sharma from Amritsar. Initially I had
practicing Yog, slowly and steadily, things started zero faith in Yoga, but on insistence from some of my
working out for me. Now I can walk at a quicker friends I saw your programme on Aastha channel and
pace, breathe easily and in fact work without that changed my preconceived notions. For the last 20
much of a problem. I am 52 now and very happy. I years I was addicted to tobacco, betel leaf and now I
along with my husband came to Patanjali Yog have given them up totally. I was suffering from depres-
Peeth, learnt Yog and a lot about ayurveda from sion as well as waist pain for last ten years, and with
Acharya Bal Krishna ji Maharaj. The kind of ser- the help of yog pranayam, I have regained my lost
vices that you are providing through Patanjali is health and happiness. Now I teach Yoga lessons to oth-
really praiseworthy and is indeed a great gift to ers on a regular basis.
the mankind. Thank you Swamiji.
Indira, Rajan Sharma, Amritsar, Punjab
Mahendra UK

48 YOG SANDESH May 2010




After Yoga now preparations Truth should rule over Power Yoga Guru to be seen in the
on for Rajyoga and Property - Swami Ramdev role of national teacher
In the series of Mumbai- Yog Guru Baba Ramdev (real name Ramkishan Delhi. The announcement made by Baba Ramdev regard- New Delhi: After attaining Power Yoga, Baba Ramdev
his India Travel, Yadav ) has said that his 'Bharat Swabhiman Movement' will ing the participation in 2014 elections by fielding candi- has now decided to enter the world of politics. It is
he spoke that fight in the next Lok Sabha elections and he will field his dates for all 543 seats has caused a flutter among the noticeable that he will not accept any post in politics or
districts meetings candidates in all 543 seats. He said his aim is to make India other political parties. Questions are being raised regard- will contest election. Instead, he will bring a change in
are being corruption free and in the process, he himself will neither ing his entry into politics, and moreover, if Baba Ramdev the political arrangement with the help of his workers.
organised by the contest election nor will accept any political post. He told thinks that politics is dirty then why is he so interested in While initiating his political mission, he declared to field
Bharat that the party under which the election will be contested will it? Traditionally, sages are supposed to stay away from 543 candidates in the next Lok Sabha elections. While
Swabhiman and be announced after three years. Membership drive has been the throne then isn't Baba forgoing the traditions? During launching the 'Bharat Swabhiman Satta Parivartan' mis-
Patanjali Yoga launched in all the 626 districts with the aim to enroll 7-10 a special meeting with him about the present scenario of sion, he said that after the next General Elections, a new
Samiti. He lakh members in them. Candidates will be announced once the country and his motives, he said that his motive is to India will be built where there will be no place for pov-
addressed the the party will be formed. Yoga guru said his first and fore- make truth rule over power and property and the country erty, starvation, corruption, murder, loot and more such
Sadhaks and most aim would be to utilise the Indian black money, i.e. Rs a place for peaceful co-existence for every religion. heinous crimes. Only those with honest and clean
Sadhika's of Yoga 258 lakh crore which is lying in the foreign banks and Rs 60 When he was asked about the misconceptions being image will be elected to the Parliament.
and talked lakh crore in the Indian banks for the development of the spread by the so-called seculars about the definition of
extensively about country. "It is our primary agenda to bring back the Indian 'Hindutva', and what, according to him, is 'Hindutva' he Yoga Guru told The Times of India, the mission of
the Bharat money back and to use it within the country," he said. replied that the religious, cultural and social thinking Bharat Swabhiman is to bring back the black money, Rs
Swabhiman and based on ideals is at the core of India. There is no place 300 lakh crore kept in the Swiss Bank and other foreign
Yoga and The black money deposited in Swiss Bank has not yet for individualism and it is required to think on a human, banks. He said he will use this money to develop of the
appealed to link been revealed. Meanwhile, to stop corruption, the govern- nationalist and spiritual approach and thus secular- nation and thus eradicating illiteracy, hunger, poverty,
as many people ment should be printing the notes of lower denomination peaceful is Hindutva. Replying to another question, he unemployment, Naxalism and terrorism. Over more
with this as sinstead of Rs 1000 and 500." Second point of agenda will be accepted that distorted face of politics is pervasive and than 40 million people do not get food and other neces-
possible as the to get provision of death sentence for the people involved in everyone admits that politics is dirty but to clear the sary things. On the question of lacunas in the present
responsibility of corruption, rape, dowry deaths, cow slaughter, terrorism and murk one needs to get into it. If one wants to clean his politics, he said there are many who need to be removed.
spreading it to adulteration for the security of 115 crore people. To accom- house he will have to plunge into the dirt. On asking him Change is the need of the hour therefore Bharat
each and every plish this, he will try to establish fast track courts for early that will his move to join power not violate the tradition Swabhiman has been developed to eradicate corrup-
one throughout decisions. Thirdly, there will be a change in the policies, cor- of the sages, he said that he had announced that he will tion. Ramdev wants to change the existing arrangement
the country. rupt political and administrative policies made by the British never accept any position. He aims to bring honest and that is prevalent since British period. He said, "I have
for the good of the nation and to indigenise education, patriotic people for the better future of its people. placed my declaration paper before the people, who
health, law, economy and agriculture. have approved it and are ready to follow my ideology."

50 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 51


A Few rich are using money Govt is not honest in bringing Remove corruption before
to conspire - SWAMI RAMDEV back black money Naxalism - SWAMI RAMDEV
New Delhi: Baba Ramdev lambasted people over corruption Patna: If the black money is returned to India, then vari- Everyone should participate to remove
and various other issues. He said that a few rich are using ous problems, including migration, unemployment, star- irregularities: Raman
their money to plot against others. The money which should vation and poverty will disappear and country can prog-
have been used for the progress of poor and dalits is adorn- ress at a rapid speed. Raipur: "If one thinks of bringing Naxalism to an end,
ing the garlands of politicians. then steps should be taken to wipe out corruption com-
During his participation in 'Indian Pride, a Spiritual pletely and then only we will be able to make the country
He has appealed to the Prime Minister for death pen- and Social Movement, Swami vehemently criticised poli- a super power," said Ramdev while addressing students
alty for the corrupt and rapists even if it is a saint. On being ticians and bureaucrats and said that more than half the at Chattisgargh Public School. He said that fear, starva-
asked whether the garland of rupee notes in the politician's black money in the Swiss Bank belongs to them. He also tion and corruption is everywhere in the country, how-
neck is any hint towards Mayawati, he clarified that it was added that about half of the country's population is on ever, there is not dearth of money but due to corruption,
not meant for her. "I respect all the sisters. All the people the verge of starvation and India's Rs 300 crore is in for- we are unable to make progress. He also said, "Today, I
would have understood the person I am talking about." Baba eign banks. Somewhere the government is not honest to met slum dwellers and was shocked to see their plight.
Ramdev expressed unwillingness to join politics. He said, "I bring back the black money. If law is a sour-point then Their children are studying in schools which has no facil-
will not join politics but I am starting a movement for why is the government is not asking for a list of Indians ity and till the time all provisions are provided both poor
Independent India. Under this movement, candidates will be whose money is lying in those banks? He mentioned that and rich will not be able to study together and the coun-
fielded on all the seats in the next elections. Its aim is to until corruption is not considered anti-national, the gen- try will not prosper and the aim to make it a super power
eradicate corruption and make India independent. No one eral public will keep dying of starvation. will fail."
becomes a saint by just dressing like one. They are hurt by
the deeds of such self-professed, maligned and false saints.



The White Collar people have Will field candidates on 543 My Chandragupta will be the epi-
replaced the British - SWAMI RAMDEV seats centre of the power- SWAMI RAMDEV
Guwahati: Renowned Yoga Guru Ramdev said that though it Bharat Swabhiman Trust will form The biggest challenge is to remove corrup-
has been 63 years since the country became independent, a political party tion from the country
things have not changed significantly because of the persist-
ing system. He said that the white collar people have Haryana: Addressing a press meet, Yoga Guru Ramdev Patna: Addressing a meet, Baba Ramdev once more
replaced the British. "Our previous Independence movement said that Bahart Swabhiman Trust, Patanjali Yogpeeth clarified that he will not contest elections or accept any
has become insignificant and that is why, we are running a will form a political party and will field candidates on all political post. But he will not let the corrupt, dishonest,
countrywide movement of Swabhiman and Yoga, so that a the 543 Lok Sabha seats in the next General Elections. criminals and cowards rule the country. In order to
healthy India could be established." Ramdev also empha- He said that on an average, there will be seven to ten lakh remove corruption, to bring back the black money and to
sised that whites left the country but their system still exists. members in every district and every member will be solve the problems of unemployment, poverty, starvation,
Things cannot be improved without changing the system. He charged about Rs 11. The amount of money collected illiteracy and Naxalism, he will handover the administra-
said that whites used to exploit us but the government is no during this drive will be used for contesting elections. tion to those who will help him to bring a change. While
different from them. Therefore, time has come to change the However, he said that he will not contest election or claim addressing the media, he said that eradication of corrup-
legal system and promote our own laws and build a new for the post of the Prime Minister. In fact, he will help the tion is the biggest challenge before the country. It is due
India. Indigenous education and medical system will get candidates to build a new India. to corruption that problems are rising in the country.
preference under the new arrangement.

May 2010 YOG SANDESH 53


Only corruption free

nation can progress: Baba Ramdev to cure politics
Chauhan Baba Ramdev prepares to contest next
elections indirectly
COURTESEY Talking to reporters in Hyderabad, Baba Ramdev said
that the politics of country has become corrupt and peo-
DAINIK JAGARAN (Bhopal) ple are not getting answers to their problems. "Politics is
The Chief Minister of Madhya just breaking the country and I will unite it through
Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan Yoga." He also informed that his Bharat Swabhiman
called corruption a biggest challenge Trust will make at least 5 lakh members in each district
to deal with. He said that if country who will contest the 2014 General Elections. The trust
has to march on the path of progress has already started preparing. However, he also said that
then it needs to remove corruption he will not contest himself but prepare the people for
from root. While addressing the pro- sure. Replying to a question on Telangana issue, he said,
gramme, the CM also said that the "The fire of Telangana is all because of corruption and
function organised by the Bharat prejudice and the situation reached this stage because
Swabhiman Trust and Patanjali people were not given their dues." He said all the states
Yogpeeth will help the society. should get equal money for expenditure but it's not hap-
pening. When the states will get equal budget, the ques-
He further added that corrup- Swami Ramdev tion of separate state will not arise. Expenditure in every
tion free administration along with district will be equal. Baba Ramdev opposed the
Yoga and spirituality will make India
further informed
that 'Bharat Genetically Modified food and said that when America
stronger, healthier and progressive. and Europe are against it, why is India in favour of it? In
Chauhan also said that to stop cor- Swabhiman' is
no condition should GM food be permitted in this coun-
ruption, the government should print running more try, as it will lead to several types of diseases in people.
notes of lesser denominations than one lakh When people will be sick, how will the country develop
instead of Rs 1000 and 500 notes. classes free of and be powerful? He said poison is being injected in
cost and it aims people with the use of pesticide. Speaking on the contro-
to run more versial BT brinjal, he said that instead of consulting edu-
than 11 lakh cated people, the government should consult farmers, as
such classes in they are the right people to talk about it. He added that
Talking about the aims of we all know that about 99 per cent of Indians are farmers
2010-11 so and less educated, this is one of the foremost reasons for
Bharat Swabhiman, that people are
Ramdevji said, "The aim of the him to oppose pesticides and fertilisers vehemently.
movement is to change all the
able to attain Expressing his desire to remove corruption from the
incorrect policies and corrupt total well-being. country, he said that we need to stop the printing of
system completely and to bring About 50 per higher denominations of currency. This will not only help
back the black money. It also cent of the in dealing with the issue of fake notes but will also help
includes building healthy and money is spent in eradicating terrorism from India. By bringing back the
strong nation without the black money too, we can completely get rid of corruption.
on medicine, He also said that he is appealing to the government to
scourge of unemployment, therefore, if they
poverty, starvation and bring back the black money, so that it can be used for the
illiteracy. become strong developmental work and also to eradicate poverty, star-
it will be saved. vation and unemployment. If citizens of the country
become honest, corruption will get uprooted on its own,
Baba Ramdev said. The corrupt and the rapists should be
hanged, so that everyone will learn from it.

54 YOG SANDESH May 2010


Ramdev Thoughts
Bharat Swabhiman Trust will Before being a Hindu, Muslim,
addicted to cigarettes lose six minutes
field candidates in Lok Sabha Sikh and Christian, we are
Those humans and our creator is one,
of their life with every smoke. If you
smoke 10 cigarettes a day, you lose one hour of
elections - Swami Ramdev even if we call him by different
names. God has made us
life. Within 20 minutes of a smoke, harmful sub- Conspiracy is being hatched humans and sent us in this
stances like nicotine and tar get dissolved in the Rakesh Kumar world hence our first and fore-
blood. You are harmed even if you are around against the saints most Dharma is humanity. We
smokers. Chief Central in
New Delhi: The presence of devotees in the ashrams of humans have been innately
charge, Patanjal
Chewing tobacco results in lung, mouth and Yogpeeth,
saints and yogis is nothing new. If people connected with endowed with love, kindness,
throat cancer. Mouth and throat cancer are mainly Haridwar
sex racket or involved in drug trafficking mingle with the truth and non-violence by God.
caused by tendu leaves. Tobacco chewing results devotees, then police apprehends them and says that Swami Ramdev Hence, these are our core val-
these 'Babas' run sex racket and are running drug Mafias. said that if ues. True humanity is in being
not only in lung-related diseases but also in heart government will
diseases. Most people who smoke suffer from The image of Babas will be maligned in seconds even if unaffected by the external
they are innocent. Similar conspiracies are being hatched not implement dharma and religions. A per-
heart diseases. There are high chances of fever the anti-
and wounds not getting healed if you chew tobac- to malign the saints. This revelation was made by Baba son who believes such values
Bhastrika Ramdev while addressing a press meet at the Constitution corruption laws
co a lot. Working in a tobacco factory can cause in next three is the true human. These are
you to lose eye sight. And if one does not smoke Pranayam can Club. He also added that a few political and powerful years, then he the thoughts of Yogarishi
but is in constant touch with active smokers, then cure asthma, people have hatched this plot. He said, "Till now several will field his Swami Ramdev.
his chances of getting lung cancer is 20 per cent Babas have been caught in various issues with the verac- candidates to
higher than those who neither smoke and have no
heavy breathing ity yet to be confirmed. Even saints with clear images fight the
contact with active smokers. Therefore, passive while walking, may be implicated in the future." He also said that the corruption in the During his
smoking is equally dangerous. and cough- Bharat Swabhiman Trust will field its 543 candidates in next elections.
Husbands of women who smoke have 16 per related the next Lok Sabha elections. When asked about Baba
Bheem caught in the case of sex racket, Ramdev replied
He informed
that Bharat
cent more risk of getting lung cancer. There is no diseases. that those actually committing sin in the name of Dharma Swabhiman travel,
medicine or herb in the world which relieves you should be unmasked. Trust will work
from tobacco addiction. However, all doctors So, people for the
agree that one can get rid of addiction through upliftment of the Swamiji made sure to visit the
sheer will power. should adopt Yog
in their life and Commonwealth Games, poor and to
harijan clusters. He enquired
about the reasons behind their
Swami Ramdevji Maharaj is of the view that
tobacco, liquor, sex and misconduct with women
stop the using
tobacco in any
mark of British slavery corruption as it
is the root
grief, bad state, drug addiction
and ailments. People living in
destroys the culture and may result in dangerous cause of all the Raipur (MP) harijan cluster
life-taking diseases. That is why lakhs of people form. Not using The countries participating in
tobacco and problems. He welcomed and felicitated him.
have stopped using tobacco products like bidi, Commonwealth Games have a shadow of said, "I have Swamiji advised them to prac-
pan-masala, and cigarettes in Yog-Vigyan camps. inspiring others told the Prime
Their life became peaceful and happy after adopt- too will give
British slavery tice yoga and leave addictions
Minister and live a good life.
ing Yog. meaning to the Had the Indian leadership been strong would the organi- Manmohan
zation of the Commonwealth Games be in Indian hands? Singh and During his visit, he also
Pranayam is very effective in treating tobac- Anti-Tobacco met minority groups across the
Day. Most participating countries were once ruled by Britain Rahul Gandhi
co-related diseases. Bhastrika Pranayam can cure and still nurture the system ignoring national pride. that I will country. Muslim brothers were
asthma, heavy breathing while walking, and support quite enthusiastic about
cough-related diseases. People should adopt Yog Congress but 'Bharat Swabhiman'. In this
in their life and stop the use of tobacco in any for this, they will series, he even went into a
form. Not using tobacco and inspiring others too have to take mosque in Hyderabad, Andhra
will give meaning to the Anti-Tobacco Day. steps to remove Pradesh and spoke to Muslim
31st May corruption." brothers.
Prohibition day

56 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 57

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Nagaland Navashahar 9814880088
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Coimbatore 9363102488 "Moradabad,Rampur Road" 9927063521 "Kolkata,
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Salem 9944127744 Muzaffarnagar 9359317793
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Bargarh 9777433044 Surajpur Kasna Road" 9910407269
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"Mumbai,Belapur" 022 67214071/ Sunam 9463676768 "Sarasima,Tripura" 03823 222427 "Kolkata,
Balasore 06782 262812 "Noida,Sec. 26" 9811688223
72 Tarantaaran 9915045404 West Tripura 9436188848 Satish Mukherjee Rd" 9830037551
Berhampur 9437122776 "Noida,Sec. 34" 9837094135
"Mumbai,Bhandup" 9004691053 Krishnagar 9434343094
Bhadrak 9437297497 "Noida,Sec. 8" 9910032999
"Mumbai,Vashi Sec. 19" 9819856592 Malda 9434981127
"Mumbai, Worli, G.K. Marg" 9821118765
Gautam Nagar" 9437231424
Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Orai 9935848332
Midnapur 9932208029
Pratapgarh 9839029569
Mumbai, Worli, Murshidabad 9932488979
"Bhubaneswar,Nayapalli" 9937929834 Rai Bareilly 9839129116
Dr. A.B. Road 9821118765 Abu Road 9414154042 "Agra, Kamla Nagar" 9897007181
"Bhubaneswar,Rasulgarh" 9438734568 Renukoot 9453324857 Raiganj 9434247288
"Nagpur,Ambedkar Chk." 0712 2778283 Ajmer 9829523111 "Agra,Barahkhamba Rd." 9897500500
Bolangir 9437570677 Sant Ravi Das Nagar 9415449486 Rampurhat 9434326580
"Nagpur,Lokmat Bhawan" 0712 2448283 "Alwar,Bus Stand Rd." 9414401321 "Agra,Sector - 16B" 9897327755
Choudwar 9437666028 Shahjahanpur 9208034040 Ranigunj 9434002234
"Nagpur,Sadar" 0712 2528182 "Alwar,Tej Mandi" 9414017756 Aligarh 9359512771
"Cuttack,Bajrakabati Rd." 9438369660 "Saharanpur,Delhi Road" 9411959905 "Shyamnagar,24 Parganas" 9331036752
"Nagpur,Suyog Nagar" 9422804236 Balotara 9460461427 "Allahabad,Kareila Bagh" 9335137703
"Cuttack,Rajendra Nagar" 9437016323 "Saharanpur,Raiwala" 9897277411 "Silliguri,Pradhan Nagar" 9832066480
"Nanded,Stadium Road" 9823088808 Banswara 9414567567 "Allahabad,Ram Bagh" 9415236885
Jaraka, Jajpur 9437027310 Sant Kabir Nagar 9936248265 "Silliguri,Burdwan Road" 9832041418
"Nanded,Shivaji Nagar" 9423702333 Baran 9928382139 Ambedkar Nagar 9919567035
Jharsuguda 9937728187 Sitapur 9235736718 Tarakeswar 9732970544
Nandura 9890519051 Bhadra 9413536955 Amroha 9412144550
Kalahandi 9437070764 Sultanpur 9451494301 Uttarpara 9732970544
Nasik 0253 6990208 Bharatpur 9414679868 Auraiya 9760095207
Kantabanji 9437124211 Sonebhadra 9415679062
Panvel 9224273173 Bhilwara 9414115423 "Azamgarh, Kurmi Tola" 9415208163
Khurda 9437480348 Unnao "9450365426"
Parbhani 9403525301 "Bikaner,Rani Bazaar" 9252063246 Azamgarh,Delight Bhawan 9415208437
Koraput 9437236687 "Varansi,Durgakund Road" 9452309100
Parli - Vaijnath 9822503465 "Bikaner,Shardul Ganj" 9413557138 Baliya 9451551467
Nayagarh 9438362035 "Varanasi,Sigra" 9452276777
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Nation building work by Swami is commendable Swamiji is working to change the condition and service. He said that a saint should
— Awadheshanand Maharaj state of the country — Satyamitrananda Ji have a feeling of sacrifice and
social service.
The chief of Parmarth Niketan,
Swami Chidanad Muni said that
Ramdev has taken a huge respon-
sibility to change the system and to
restore the lost pride of India.
Swami Ramdev is neither bothered
Swamiji is about the administration nor is he
above interested in power. He is playing
religion, caste his role very well to eliminate cor-
rupt politics from the country.
and creed and
gives Mother Saint Sadhvi Ritambhara
said that the aim of Swami Ramdev
importance to is to establish Vedic values in the
humanity country. At present, the energy of
the country is divided between Swami Ramdev has warned the
Acharya caste and creed and he has given a politicians for spreading corrup-
vision to the society. We are always tion and exploitation of society.
Balakrishna with him. This has created a flutter amongst
Hathyogi Maharaj said that Yoga is the people sitting at high positions.
the pristine knowledge of India but Bharat Swabhiman Trust's mission
it was lost and Swami Ramdev has is to completely eradicate vote pol-
publicised and promoted it not just itics.The founder of Patanjali
in India but throughout the world. Yogpeeth Trust, Swami Ramdev
The kind of legacy that he has cre- said that the wealth of this country
ated will lead to the progress of the should be used to uplift the poor
nation. He said that Acharya and dalits, instead of adorning the
Balkrishna Maharaj has played an neck of politicians with garlands. If Maharishi
illiteracy, starvation, poverty,
important role in the progress of
unemployment, Naxalism and ter- Valmiki
Ayurveda. Dharamshala
rorism have to be eradicated then
Kothari Mahanta Rajendradas
Maharaj of Shree Panchyati Badaa
we need to bring the black money and the
back to the country.
the Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Akhada, Udaaseen, said that organisation of
THE Sant Ravidass
Parishad, said by constructing lan- Swami Ramdev is working to give He added that crime, corruption
gar and dharamshala on the occa- and malpractices are all pervasive.
sion of Ram Navmi, Swami Ramdev
direction to the world. He has
The system needs to be changed Meal (langar)
dedicated his life for the eradica-
is a benevolent
INAUGRATION OF has made it clear that he is dedi- tion of corruption. with the help of Bharat Swabhiman,
cated to work for the poor and
Speaking on the occasion, Swami
if India has to become a strong
nation and its lost pride and pros-
needy. He added that the kind of
social service Swami Ramdev and Harichetanand Maharaj said that perity has to be re-established.
Acharya Balakrishna are doing is Trust's main minister Acharya Gyandass ji
SANT RAVIDASS MEAL (LANGAR) commendable. He also said that Balakrishna said that the opening
Bahart Swabhiman Trust is praise- of Maharishi Valmiki Dharamshala
PATANJALI YOGAPEETH. worthy as it will work for the peo- and Sant Ravidass Langar on the
ple of this nation. He said that the Ram Navmi has added significance
doors of Patanjali Yogpeeth are to the aim of nation building move-
always open for food, medicine ment.

the occasion of Ram and knowledge for the common
Navmi, Acharya man. Acharyaji said that right now the
Baldev Ji Maharaj poor class of the country is suffer-
(Arsh Gurukul, Kalwa) and acha- The founder of Bharat Mata temple ing from hunger, unemployment,
rya Pradyumn Maharaj (Arsh and the president Shankaracharya illness and harassment. There is
Gurukul, Khanpur) inaugurated Swami Satyamitrananda said no one to ask about their well-
Maharshi Valmiki Dharamshala Swami Ramdev has heralded the being. Swami Ramdev has moved
has about 5000 beds and these will healthy life with yoga and has beyond caste, religion, community
be available free of cost to the changed the condition of the coun- and creed and gives more impor-
needy. try with the help of Bharat tance to being human, that's the
Swabhiman Trust. He has never reason why Maharishi Valmiki
Speaking on the occasion, Mahanta bothered about criticism and has Dharamshala and Sant Ravidass
Gyandas Ji Maharaj, chairman of fulfilled the responsibility of social Langar were established.
62 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 63
power decreases and he becomes

THE DREAMS prone to various other diseases.

Yoga transforms a person. For it,
one needs to pledge not struggle.

OF FARMERS Swami Ramdev said that exhaling

makes high-headedness go out and
removes lust. The one who lives his

ARE BEING life as a karmayogi gets rid of all

unhappiness. If a person gets
involved in the shivir (camp) emo-

FULFILLED tionally, his or her behaviour, char-

acter and viewpoint all changes.

Yoga is beyond religious

a press conference, Swami
Ramdev stated that politi-
cians have always consid-
ered farmers as a vote bank, and Swami Ramdev
not much has been done to improve
Patanjali Food their conditions. But now with the While teaching 'bhramari' and
Park is a gift of help of Food Park, their condition Yoganidra (sleep), he said that
Swamiji for the can be improved immensely. God's grace will fall on the person
country and However, he also criticised the gov- who enchants 'Om'. Inner soul Workshop of
farmers ernment's food policies that allow opens. One attains knowledge of
the foreign companies to have God and Veda. While imparting permanent
Tikait access on Indian food grains and knowledge on the reasons of BP, Yoga teachers
seeds. He said, "Both our daughters stress and exertion, he added that
positive viewpoint and thought pro- completed
of the country is 17.5 crore hectare Patanjali Vishwavidyalaya and cess removes greed and changes
Yoga is meditation Patanjali Ayurveda College. He said
and about 10 crore hectare can
be used for farming activities. If
proper irrigation facilities are pro-
for life as it begins
with Pranayam.
that Ayurveda is world's oldest
medical and spiritual science. The
the behaviour of the person.
Yogarishi Swami Ramdev said that IYogapeeth',
n the second
phase of 'Patanjali
Swami Ramdev Yoga is not bound by any religious
vided then we can utilise this 10 performed all the way in which Swami Ramdev is boundaries, its just like the pure training workshop
crore hectare land completely. eight packages of healing the world with Yoga and Ganga which gives lives to people organised for about
He also added that by implement- yoga and Ayurveda, is incredible. He also of all classes and religion, similarly 1500 selected teach-
ing this, the problem of food and explained them in added that the knowledge imparted Yoga is a thought that is to make ers from 600 dis-
grain shortage can be meted out. detail to the follow- by Patanjali University and Patanjali tricts was success-
ers in Kathmandu. the whole mankind healthy.
And we can develop the agricultur- Ayurveda College has reached fully completed on
He also empha- He also stressed that Yoga is a
al economy of the country and sised on many parts of South India. Many 25th April 2010.
make the lives of millions of farm- Pranayam and students and doctors pledged to use strong medium to cure body, and During the work-
ers and farming- related workers Aasan everyday only Yoga and Ayurveda for healing the whole world is following it. shop, he also dis-
prosperous. and gave his pre- the patients. In fact, doctors were Science has also acknowledged it cussed about Indian
cious tips too. very excited about working at to be scientific and beneficial. pride, system
Illness does not discriminate change and various
between rich and poor, Hindu and national issues.
Acharya Balkrishna in Yog Shivir in
discussion with Mahendra
Singh Tikait at Pantanjali
and food are in a danger. Just like
imported food items, our girls are
Doctors from Muslim, it just gets to people. Only
yoga is the answer. Without it, a
Yog Peeth
significantly following the western
culture. But with the introduction
Tamil Nadu Kathmandu human cannot be healthy and his
inner power cannot come out.
of Yoga and Ayurveda, both can be
in Patanjali Yogapeeth completed
The President of Bhartiya Kisan Yog is the base of Patanjali itself in future.
We all are with Swami
Union, Mahendra Singh Tikait,
extensively discussed the problems
Ayurveda is a life science being healthy. That is
why everybody
Ramdev in making his
that farmers face. He said that the Acharya Balkrishna should practice
Yoga. It can cure Life is the game of dreams come true :
work done by Ramdev and Acharya A yurveda is a heritage of our Acharya Balkrishna
Irresponsible Balkrishnaji in the field of Yoga and
Ayurveda will be remembered by
sages. That is why Ayurveda is not
long persisting as
well as incurable dis- thoughts Respected Acharya Balkrishna said
politics has generations to come. Acharya
a science but a life science. We can eases. espected Swami Ramdev that we all are partners and helpers
made farmers' build lives of others by using it Swami Ramdev is
Balkrishnaji mentioned that politi- wisely and also to improve our lives doing social service W hile addressing yoga followers, in making Swami Ramdev's dreams
condition cians are solely responsible for bad through the medium come true. We need to understand
worse too. So, the life of every Ayurveda of Yoga, Ayurveda Swami Ramdev said that life is a
conditions of farmers. Floods, fam- practitioner should be developed game of thoughts, one who is able the need of a family for our overall
ine, hunger and even suicides are and spiritualism. development. Sadness is in our
Acharya and good. Balakrishnaji was to control his thoughts can make
caused due to the improper farming addressing Ayurveda students and his life blissful. The person, who is thought, happiness is in our mind.
Balkrishna.. policies. The total agricultural area Saints have taught us about life.
doctors from Tamil Nadu at stressed, suffers from BP, his self-
64 YOG SANDESH May 2010 May 2010 YOG SANDESH 65
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