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Unit Test 6
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.


1 Complete the missing words in these sentences. The first letter is given.
1 Because tobacco companies cant advertise on TV, they use s________________ at
sporting events such as Formula 1 to publicise their products.

W______ o______ m_________ tends to be the most effective form of advertising

because you trust the opinion of the person who tells you.

I receive so many f________ s_________, I never need to buy the product!

Im always getting l___________ through my door for pizza delivery or personal loans.

Sports men and woman are often used for celebrity e______________.

I usually cant read whats on a b_____________ unless the traffic isnt moving.

They have a really short and memorable s_____________ on their adverts.

Television c_____________ seem to get louder and longer!

I think the e_____________ in Milan would be a good event to launch our new spring

10 The new p___________ campaign on the buses and underground is really imaginative.
2 Complete these attention-grabbing word partnerships with one part of the body.
11 _______________ catching
12 _______________ watering
13 _______________ teasing

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3 Read about an advertising agency. One article is missing in each line. Write it in as
shown in the first example.
Our advertising agency was set up in the nineteen eighties

when companies were spending fortune on publicity


campaigns and when advertising budget might equal


twenty per cent of even smallest companys annual turnover.


We began by targeting some of larger companies but discovered


that this market was saturated. Instead there were lot of


small businesses which had never considered benefits


of using the Internet, for example, as advertising tool.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT


4 Complete these two presentations with phrases a-j. One presentation is more formal
than the other.
a Right, lets get started.


Feel free

Could I have your attention please?

to see you

Id like to welcome you

please dont hesitate to interrupt me

to outline

Thanks for coming

tell you

(21)___________________ Good (22)_______________ everyone. On behalf of everyone
here (23) _______________ to our company. This morning wed like (24)
_______________ the concept weve developed for the campaign. Well be looking at the
types of media we intend to use and finally Ill talk you through the schedule for the launch.
If you have any questions, (25) _______________.

(26) _______________. Good (27) _______________all. (28) _______________. This
morning Ill (29) _______________ about the new concept and also about the types of
media well use. Well finish by looking at the schedule. (30) _______________ to ask any
questions you want.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT