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MHI Catalog - Full View of Record Page 1 of | MAR Ware LOU EUS itage Collection Online Full View of Record ca Choose format: Standard fomat Rel-Bb MARC.ags paces ett = Contains he folowing pels) of materials: books manuals ‘General description a the collection: Miltary Ralway Service, 724th Relay Operating Battalion Dison, Timetable No.2 ‘consis ofan Operaing Manual containing ating of sation stops, distances sanals and remarks, The manual crtains special | Instructors signal aspecs,nerpretatons and iisvatons wh nstucions. The manual alsa induses ast of ofcers, and ‘map of the area patois by the 724th Rasway Operating Bataon Drvsion. Timetable No.2. was elective 20 Novernber 1044 infrance. U.S. Army Miltary History Insitute Carle Barracks, Carle, Pa, 17013-5021 ‘The 724th Raway Operating Baton was operating two raltoadsin Franca by 20 Novernber 1944. The main ne operated tarts git Yoo Miran aetteneiano Choose format hup://aheewebop: 3/26/2010 Yous Dene Pe, Kenen Bakdwia (2-8-2) neve Piesch Onkband Base ,ca era Gn x20 KP. V8 Biessh O488,C4 Cuciwecn, Les Tacoby 4/51 Gu eee A VE DieseL CAG, CA Encimker: bes TAceby 4/51 3R8 TABS, Advance Herdguaaters Teletype Communications Stare Seoul, Honea a/st Stefion Weads Les Taecby Chandine DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Office of The Adjutant Goneral washington 25, D. C, AGAO-I 322 (29 Jun 55) RES | 8 duly 1955 70: Commanding General Second army 2+ feeing wits vin be imetietal ot the ete preticatedatas | Hq & Hq Co, 2ist Trans Port Comi B 195th Ord Co (Field Supply) 2hkth Ord Co (Field Supply) 294th Trans Co (Car) 298th Ener Co (Depot) Hg & Hq Det, 306th Communication Recon Bn 307th Army Bend 311th Ouartermaster Co (Graves Registration) Hg & Hq Det, 330th Ord Bn (Maint & Sup) 330th Chemical Co (Maint) 333d Engr Co (Pipeline) 336th Engr Det (Utilities) 341st Engr Co (Pane? ridge) 348th Ord Ballistic end Technical Sve Detachnent 3634 Ord Co (Amo) 370th MP Det. (Criminal Investigation) 379th Evacuetion Hospital (Smbl) 382d Evacuation Hospital (Smb1) 384th Chemical Co (Decontamination) 388th Engr Co (Pipeline) 368th Evacuation Hospital (750 Bed) 420th Engr Co (Dump Truck) 430th Engr Bn (Cons) U70th Qi Co (Bakery) ATist WM Co (Salvage) 484th Engr Bn (Cons) 487th Trans Co (Light Truck) Hg & Hg Co, 503d Communication Gp (Recon) 630th QM Co (Graves Registration 699th i Co (Reclm and M in (8" How. 858th Ord Co (smo) &724 QM Co (Bath) (Smb1) 882d Grd Co (HAM) 89th Med Det. (Vet Food Inspection) (Medium) 923d Ord Co (HAM) THE apy office of The Adjutant Generel Wastington 25, D. C. hoio-t 320 (2 May 52025 no May 1991 J supseer Se seas TO: Chief of Transportation 1. Reference ie uade to the following messages: a. DA 89076, 20 April 1952. Db. DA 89037, 23 April 1951. 2, The following unit will be reorganized as indicated, at the earliest practicuble date thorized Str OFF 0 iN 3. a. Personnel required will be furniehed fron eources under your control or available to you. b. Personnel rend ered surplus vill be reassigned as you direct. 4. a. Rquipment required and not available vill be furnished in accordance vith the normal cupply procedure b. Equipment rendered excess will be disposed of in accordance with current procedures riate allotments in 5. Obl necesoary the appre accordance wit! 5 SB5S255203295 ov 50 50. #or referunce to enlicted cruur y THIS ORIGINAL TLLYSTRATION IS THE PROPERTY*OF THE HERALDIC BRANCH OQMG WV STINCTIVE IMSLENIA FOR TA sal CANS. RWY OPERATING BNe 20,FEB.1955 a ) ang LE OH e ERMA Que QOFrY Wiel ped BEL Wk te Pe ot © Fath Tuan Ray Opng Ba SUDO Coe of Acam ard Distinctive Insignia fer the 72th ‘Tamspertekien Radway Opssating Uadtshian TOs Ze Tho comb af drm for the 72th Tecreportabion MaiIemy Operating Tettelfen ds apprevads The Mlanamy ond dceertption are ag fotlom: BIAZOR GID: Por pale or and gules (brick red) a winged reltnay thiol wilh mo8t fecoeion $n Sos 1» in chic? 2 Meundedis ani a Mersah teyle all comterchangede e GET: done, ROTO: hente of Destiny. Te diteld dy in tho colors of tho Txampertation Comms Bo wlagel ridimy choot mut trea: erbeltae the unite emits rel Hewadendis soprecoaks te cepsitentions tampon dure: Moule War II att tao Rescan taupe eqrbelizes the waite Keqenn sarvicts gc The distinohive dnsionde fer the (alith Treneperistson 2at ay Oparnting Tattalion 4s spproved, ‘Tho distinctive 4nstenta consists of ge eiald and mabia of the crab af sean fir th ergankoation, vite de deauribed ta paragraph 1, 70 DE WGUIs As pwoneethed iy current reqiletdens. 3. The nogroved dmming for vse in tho mumfecture of tho digtinchive insignia vill, be foamidod on or about 28 larch 2953¢ commander and ft meant of “A* amp. the Batons HW grup, di uml he prob of superrog ack fepine by "Koren workers. Other Campeny” men red repeing te Pow he ct by Camm gers Mie in norbere. Mo frm other come pune probed the beraa "A" Co Paoy men bet in Pann anda smal Fon north to Tejon and. Worj 0 ete Tat farang person Foremun Retard Boyer: Wing car Shop former fo sergeant of 5" Cerspen the ME group, tt PT. Di Sion Ca into Joep Bowl, former sont and lorem ot ar oniterencs, Societe conto ender ek“ Company kop equipment ang. “Some fines hen ere wen nthing cet ne for Tavatng the ural orm, wed foe als GU sup” Mev Buel Si Other “B Conpeny veteran tld St thts pis work oa snd herd frome: anda loeding foo sa jae tank alery smsnion, nd Eidos fer te on ght a, th whch over 90% fhe Army ue Se cmpem “ker Mt Scho, fomer Hewt-ot cod comnodig the Th now nia Srtiee apa, Seneehime Dison, td hieddps Dvn Aan Tr fester Jame Ls errno to Batalin cacti er, pred Sliced mee forthe rand te lect efor daring ts yearn Kore. General tie Tard Compr Jor J; Power terme apni nd jute oped th Reem il rd been ee iy coopertite hed make te Tait wins s moet Me Powers ras sted president ofthe okt ERO. hwscaton wih Me Spreng visepresien snd PT” Dries Condor Chater M. Kit, former etalon sergeant mejor, scree wee Ergo pred the remit wa and Bin Shoe sid heh ‘more would attend next year. aa) 3, Inspection car, on gost coos! ‘obove Andang, wos painted ond ‘pumbored lke PRR presiden’s cor 4. Le George Winton, Thoms R. Socea, ond Copt. John Powers help display one record of 724th 5, Ls Rickards, Kool Winton- fai, cid MeMurre ot = mainin sation on trip of courier in 4. Hsptel talon, moved by the Tatty provided Stateside cies phere forthe wounded, Mat-boy Sn Hosptol Teale #108 wes PRE thimes sont by President Fronlin 7. Copt. Wood, Sat. ‘Mertin yan, and Ut. ‘Spreng pose aboard "Peace Tro before im tip fo - Manson Tim, ‘The material from the Center for Military History would be useful to me. I didn't know about the ould like to get a copy oft. Ill send to you the Rail Classics article as well as some other material. In Korea currently, the 25th Transportation Battalion handles rail ‘movements control. In 1997 there was an article about this in Pac Stars & Stripes. Do you know exactly when the 724th TROB was inactivated in Korea? Eric Achy Site 3 OPllh snail mail address: Eric Sibul 1421 S. Garner St. State College PA 16801-6331 >From: Tim Moriarty@tax org >To: "Eric Sibul" >Subject: Re: 3rd TMRS >Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 13:56:14 -0400 > > > >Eric: > >I can send to you what I copied from the unit file at the Center of Military >History. Largely it's a lot of activation and inactivation data, but you might >find it useful, A vet of the Korean War's 724th TROB also sent a copy of a Life >magazine article on the 3rd TMRS, and if you havent seen it yet, just send your >snail-mail address and I'l mail it to you. > >The 3rd was inactivated as a reserve rail HQ in Saint Louis in the mid-1970s and >was later reactivated in Anniston, AL. I believe its designation now is 3rd >Transportation ‘Movements Control Agency. While at Fort Bliss early last month I >saw someone in desert fatigues wearing the patch, but I know its rail days are >long gone. > >Tim > >PS My snail mail address is: > >Tim Moriarty >2781 Prince Harold Court >Herndon, VA 20171-2441 > >I got a copy oft from the Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis. It ‘was >photocopied without a date listed. I can send you a copy if you like. By the >way, I am writing a detailed history of the 3rd TMRS during the Korean War. I >would appreciate any sources of information on this topic. > > Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at vilslong, Pusanjin, and “Lite Chi cngo.” places unknown to. most péople, are part of an unforgetable ex perience to some 100 PIE men of the TRith Transportation Railway Operating Battalion, the Pennsylvania Railroud sponsored unit that west to Korea in June, 195]. Many of the 724K PRR teterans of Korea, with their wives, wel in ther Grat annual reunion recently with ther veterans of the Unit at the Penn Sheraton Hote Philadelphia, to. eat a turkey dinner, dance, and talk over time. Reminiceone sounding Korean words. ralroed terms, and GA. sang. were big features of the long vas the 721th main bill seaport railhead on Korea's ‘cont, Pusanjin eas its main tion yard, and “Little Chicago (photo at left) was a marketplace ext up by Korean refugees aeroes Pusan right: cohavay. “We'd just blow the whisle a0 we went through.” recalled Maryland Di Vision Freight Conductor Panquale_P. Annoue, Je, former corporal in“ onpany, the operating group. “Koreans veould scurry off the track in froot and st up shop again ae wo passed.” PT Division Assistant Road Foreman of Exgines Joncph F. Spreng, former leu tenant of “C” Company and Atlantic Disivion Block Operator Abrahars Re Rickards, former Headquarters Company Fieutenant and chiel train Sapatcher Sf win makeups (tzains in Korea were Hanted by siding lengths to 35 tnd of the cast coast line's 99 tunnel: fone. near Tanyang, below Wonju, made a early 360° turn inside a mountain. Mr Spreng recounted incidents of snipers firing passing trator, “Once they bombed a tine portal and stopped out teain.” he recalled, “but ye thee de tain in reverse and escaped. George Wintoniak, master carpenter, Attoona, and William J. Packer, engine man, “Willamsport, spectively farmer 2. At feat tip of "EUSAK Express” ore 0. Softee end ROK officials Brg. Gen. Yount, le, Ut Cel. Schofield, Sth let 1. Fist diesel locomotives for wie in Ko rea (800 hp. road-iwtchor) ore unloaded ft Pusan fom Joplin Vielory-lune, 1931 SOE epee ae ata hl) -. -3561st" Ordnance "Heavy Automotive Meintonance Company 607th Ordnance: Biss” Arnamcrit: Madintonanco Battalion 6234Ordnance Base Autonotive, Maintenance Battalion Ze pos ities Seoation (Motorized): (155mm Gun Tractor Drawn) ‘lst: Tank’ Battalion’ ¢ 2, Concurrently ‘ith inactivation, the units are transferred to the contrél of the War Derartment, 3s Diroct corresponionce is authorised. . de. Obligate tho appropriate allotaent published in Section IIL, Giroular Yo, 178, War Doyartmont, 1945, as anendod; to the extent nocossary. i: BY CRDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR: Copies furnished: Conmanding Generals, Arny.Air- Forces Arny Ground’ Forces Aray Servico Forces Office, Chiof of. Ordnance, Union Goardian Bldg,, Detroit’ 32, Michigan Chiefs of. Technical Services Chicf of Transportation (Attention: Movements Branch, Returning Troops. Branch) Divisions of the War Departnont Goncral Staff: Chicf, National Guerd Bureau, WDSS 2 RESTRICTED 224th TROB History additional processing, all the forces were united, with the exception of "Sacva's Raidera" (named for 2nd Lt. Tom Sacca). These were the men who had been given leave late, missed the main body. On 8 July 1951, thé main body of the 724th TROB boarded the US Army Harbor Beat Yerba Buena at Pittsburgh for the trip down the Sacremento River to the US Arey Transportation Corps Pier at Fort Mason, the Port of Embarkation, where we boarded ‘the USNS President Jackson, When the TAT .(To’accompany troops) equipment was loaded ard finsl arrangements made, the flags went up and we sailed from the pier. With the help cf a TC tug we headed for the open bay and the sea, There were many eullen faces, with the weather aimcst as bad, The Golden Gate Bridge wes impressive in the morning fog and drew many comments from the’ men. Fairiy: good weather prevailed for the trip from San Francisco to Yokohara, Japan, “"- At Yokohama, etght hour passes were issued, and the 72hth TROB took over, The following morning we were all aboaré again enroute..o-Pusan. On the morning of 25 June 1951 the 72Kth TROB sailed through the breakwater of, Pusan and finally landed in Kérea- a beehive cf activity. whose who had never been to the : Far East.é@idnit know what to think end questions floated from man to man. Those who had been. t9 Korea before, began to brush up onthe: language, which surprisingly..enough came back, The initial assignment for the 724th TRUB was to the 3rd Transportation Military Railway Service with the responsibility of ¢perating the Kerean National Railroad from Pusan to Teagu; Pusan to Masdn; and from Pusan to Chipyong with a detachment at Yong Dong Po. On 30 June 1951, the first. two of thirty-five 800 -HR GMC “diesel engines, numbers 2000-200], arrived in Pusan. The locomotives. were deproceased and put into cperation by GMC rep- resentatives George Bilby and Jim Polak attached to the 724th TROB along with "B# U2, personnel. This was a historical event in Korea because these diesel engines were the first to arrive in Kerea and operate over the Korean National Railroad. When peace negotiations with snemy forces were talking place our operating boundries became more flexible.The operation of the Main Line was extended to Taejen, and the East Coast Line to Yengeu, The Giesels arrived-in Korea in time to be assigned the mission of transporting a special train for representatives to the proposed peace conference at Xaesong, near the 36th Parallel, The engines were dispatched on 2 July 1951 to Seoul with our distinctive unit insignia on both sides cf the diesel hoods, The train arrived in Seoul ten hours and forty-five minutes after leaving Pusan — a-very gocd run. On 6 July. 1951, "Sacca's Raiders", one officer and sixty- three EM arrived in Pusan aboard'the USNS Veigel, after having made short stops at San Diego, California; Yokosuka, and Yoko~ hama, Japan. i and his staff greeted, the men and tried 10 Seve UEnS SS SBR and Join the unit at Pusan but their orders ‘had been cut to Inchon, and.the troop CO ‘couldn't change ‘them, Two days later the "Raiders" debarked at Inchon, and a day leter Joined the unit in Pusan. ._ Thirty-five GNC HP diesels were assignéd to the 3ra TMRS , With their operation and meintenence controlled by the 712th : 3 scs/dec SUBJECT: Organization History. ‘70 Chief, Historical Section, Army War College. 1, Report is made of the ordering inte active militery service of the United states TS Nov 43) OB-1-SPMOU-M dated 11 November 1943. 2, It is desired that any additional historical data be transmitted Atrect to The Quartermaster General at the earliest practicable date, and 8 copy of action taken be furnished this office. By order of the Secretary of War: Less ‘eae Copy furnished: ‘The Quartermaster General. ma a312 08800 gekta TROB History nef, 1 xitehen, 1 reor- G80 had-piped drainage, electr- iciogsseteem, eng other a: agentes tc ‘the train, Vehicles wereipoavided.tgz transportdtion“ or -perscnnél to and from work ateag; ykure the men ‘were adgigned’-tc civilian equivil~ enve’ oftheir Amag: jobs: office workers’ “tewer men,, maintenance, yardoagiérs, .cte.,The 920,'emplojees ‘asaidtea in every wey make our shay’ a-memorableé and instryctive one. General Grant, aceording,t¢ history, took Hichmond, So did the 72uAti TROB -meny years lave yuthern hospitality was at its pet. Uaually a’Gl is trepted: with roughness .in a town,-not is the Gity. of. Richmond. Criginally the" tour was to-be 60 days, dut-another. 30 days were adéed: On ‘completing our tour we were complimented by .the Livisicn.Superintendent, ‘R.G, MeGhee., for our. conduct;.and genéral. compstence. It was a credit tothe unit. Later, detachnents trom otuer organizations followed tough w e plan. a ee egee - ‘ return from Bichmond, we found ‘avery elaboyate: diesel instruotion car #100. belonging: to the: Elestro~Motive Division of the General MotereCorp,, with instructors A.A.. Michels and ALR, Nouk, Mel Sudnedilér “Ma cr-the Training Center, also ‘spent some tims with tle car, Av that time ve were told we svuhocied “In all phases of Ciesel operation and main- tenance, Many other: ¢lasess were neld in the Hanks Enginehouse where diesel mechanical inatruction films were shown and studied Most of the. filmg had béen taken at La Grange, Illinois, for . ithe United. States Navy. Diesel films for Army use had not been made, but-since the engines used by the Navy were similar to ‘ours, the films Helped considerably, roe Atter excelerated training, many elerts came. The offictal calert ¢ame ch or abovt 1 April’1951. The firgt -dperating eche- sdule publiched by: ‘the: 724th TAOB was icsued and made effective : 2 April 1953, 8 Aprii/2952 found’an advance «unit of 20-men from 46" Go, moving from #prt’Eustia to Oakiand aray Base, Oakland Calirornia, fo# intenbitied training iti tho operation of the” GMC dteuel “engines. that: had been assigned to ie unt for ve mission in. Korea, Thoss responsible for: the ‘Oakland ti cea course were;. Erik Nielsen, R.V. (Divk)-Dean,; J. ray pete and George Bilur, ot the duc ~ Spee) Zolak, On 29-May 1951, the sedend. portion C Bosna oF ‘130 mah, "boarded sa Teblal. tretp tre ee ae + The G&0 agéim came to our aid, dnd’ the MAIN 7505 was one of the beet ie eveetacseeci en” Four. very’ comforiabic ‘teosers hos Sealing Dodeee reer Alliance, alohg nith twin diners 980°930 were made avintabie’ The. gantng unité were two of the pest units eves wan been eG rails, and were under the expert’ supervision of ka Lascke: ny sare’ ogtop. efter leaving Fort Bustis was Richhiond. aero soeeral men,” neir wives d fond farewell, and all of th of. the C40 -Main Stree é : oh cooeemprovees Wnile theres we wore Joined oo een tO MER.UE good Luck. tron the Solin. Under’ the able hantting of the Gabe we enniven neinnati,, Ohio and'were turned’ over to the New Yori | thence Big Four; Wssouri Pacitic, Sante Fe; and the ote the 7 o i 3 “Santé Fé; and ‘the : “Fagitta to Bittsburgh, Waldcogete, and Camp ptononan, Artes ': 8 cars: 3 sleepers, 1. eattorp-and.tcagp car. Thi ae ay UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED 1 2 2 4 5 6 7 T/0KE Authorized Strength Unit histor Ttem Final a b e abioed which entit Wo. Designation Location Status _No Date Changes Off WO EM Agg _w/Inactivatio: portation Philadelphia, Pa A 55-202 18 Mar 44 1,2 26 0 56 82 706th Ry Grand (15 Feb 45} ay B 55-225 10 Sep 45 None 26 1 91 118 717th Ry Operat franaortali 1. Hg & Hg Go, 706th Fy maior e (12 Dee 45 > ira > A 55-225 10 Sep 45 None 26 1 789 816 724th Ry Operat Transportatio (28 Jan 46) on 5. WGRRRRRPSTETIAFc: 55-225 10 Sop 45 Wone 26 1 0 27 750th Fy Operat (20 Oct 45) A 55-235 4 Oct 43 1,2,3 24 2 599 625 756th Ry Shop F Transporta| (15 Dee 45) Inclosure 1 to Ltr, AGAO-I 322 Org Res (19 Mar 48) GNGCT-¥, 25 March 1948 Z 2uth TROB Histor: The 724th TROB was originally formed as the 493ra Engin~ eer Battalion in July, 1923. On 20 June 1933, the name was ghanged to 493ra Engr Bn (Railway Operating); It was redesi- gnated as the 724th Engr Rwy Opr ‘Bn on 21 Feb 1941; and on 1 Dee 1942, 1t was again redesignated as the 72kth ROB, TC, and beeane affiliated with the Penneylvania Railroad Company. It was ordered into active military service 21 Deo 1943, lese per- sonnel and equipment, organized 28 Dec 193 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and served the remainder of World War II. It was inaoti~ vated 26 Jan 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. On 30 July 1947, Ee wag redesignated as the 7etn'IH0p, and réouned arfiiiation e PRR. Reactivated 31 March 1948 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the 72ith was allotted to the Organized Reserve Corps and ase~ igned to the 2nd Army Command, The ORC and the PRR planned ex- teneive advertising campaigns to recruit pessonnel. Many. rail~ roaders answeréd the call, but not enough to bring the 724th TROB up to reserve strength. The Pennsylvania Military District and unit instructor worked with the assistance of many, and made the time spent in the reserves very iffformative, Training came unger the 706th Transportation Grand Division, Many, many tria~ 1g ond tribulations round the unit under Strength. those ascin~ very and, altho rea 7 area, they foraed the micleus of a very efficient organization ‘At weekly training meetinge in the early pert of July, 1950 rumors lew sofserning the 72ith TROB being clertea, In th 5 second week of July,1950, the alert finally came, and the 7244 TROB was one of the first reserve units activated, oO we fi : 1950, Key personne) and officers were called, and’ on 1 ae the unit wee agtivated asa group. he personnel consisted-of 17 officers and 93 enlisted men, Pre shipping ro sedure| eee coupletea with orientation and phyeicale; and orders were pub ifGhed PND, 2nd Army, giving 1 Soyt 1950 ee the reporting Aate at Fort Eustis, Virginie, Usited States Army Tranerortation * Genter, under the 7oznd Transportation Grand Division. atte: several: weaks of processing ap4 reception pr fillers; the 7al dessguation was changed once sgain to the 72vth TAGs Ba (cocon leisel). It was assigne Eustis Miliary Reiirosde20 sept 1950. At ents tine thor sat wore reooiving training 4n the methods of operation, book of rules, etc,, to complete unit strength Glue cusistiin porary On Bepiénber 30, 1950, the post command ordered 15 Engines | Bon ehipped to the PIPELINE. When this information wad recoded! ur unit thet : charge had Band prenlaee eee ee nine orreaere: ia as a unit, Even so, other men of th Beye eee ree: Abi > e unit were si Avenaeen Proving Grounds and, Holfbind, Mas, and Little Creek For some time : Transportation Compe, Yineinia Wiitary District, 2nd Army the Chesapeake and fio Ral troad Greene te one sseueeaNe wh th sonnel on their property 4 ‘road Company the training of per- arrangements, comple 25828 Mee to ed Virginia area, Final cut with 6 officers and 6b EM nascd’ to weve pe tee omaer 332 ent installation in the 17th Ste Passes Toney ery convent— Richmond, Virginia, The ee See Passenger Yards of the 0&0, Tgepertation Corps had provided DEPARTMENT OF THE ARNY The Adjutant General's Office Yashington 25, D. C. AGAO-I 322 Org Res (19 liar 48) GNGCT-Ni Gees SULJECT: Activaticn of Units of the Organized Reserves TO: Commanding General Seccnd Army 1. Reference: Letter, Headquarters, Arny Ground Forces, 226/215 (6 Jun 46) GNGCT-11, 6 June’1946, subject? "Training nistration of the Civilian Components", as amended. sportation Corps is withdrawn 3, The following units are redesignated as indicated: Present Designstion ATT Transyortation Corps 4, The units listed in the attached inclosure are assigned to the Second Army and will be activated as Class C units and organized by the Conmanding General thereof, as indicated at the earliest practicable date. a, These units will be affiliated with the Ponnsylvania Railroad Company. 5. The units listed in Column 2 of the inclosure are entitled to the history of tho units listed in Cclumn 7, which were inactivated on the dates shown. 6. Personnel will be provided fron sources available to you in accord- ance with the provisions of Section VI of Inclosure 3 to reforence letter. (7 4 dou (s7 vad 97 tod istituted 1 Orcanized Reserves * Redesignated 20 June 1933 as {93rd &; Redesignated 21 Fotrvary 19.1 a3 724! Battal ion| Operating Battalicn, 2 93 724th grated 3 ‘Teanspor' 943 lesa 7rgonnal + Sam icurton, Texas Ordered 1 and equipment, and org Inactivated 28 ow Jorsey Railway Orerating jelphia, Pennsylvania; allotted to Activated 310 Gs u 2 Corps, assigned to Second Arny the Organized Ras Ordered inte wilitary service 19 August 1950 at Priledelphia, Pennaylvanie % personnel and Released from active military service 26 May 1955 le: returned to Reserve status at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Northern Fr Ardennes~Alaace UN Sunmer-Fall Offensive Second Korean Winter d Korea Surmer-Pall 1952 Third Koresn Winter Korea Sumer 1953 VEGF Soring Offensive e DECORATIONS Meritorious Unit Commendation, Streamer embroidered KOREA Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, Streamer embroidered KOREA 1950-1952 PARTIEUT OF THE AR The Adjutant Genoral's Office Washington 25, 0. C. AGAO-I 322 Org 2cs (2 un 48) cscomH 14 June 1988 SULJECT; Reorgenizaticn of ORC Transportation Corps Units 0: Comending General Sccond Ary 1. Reference: Letter, this office, AGAQ-I 322 02 (3 Jum 43) OSGOT-H, 8 June 1948, subject: "Procedure for Activation and Orgen- ization of Organized deserve Units." 2, The following units will be reorganizod as indicated, at the earliest practicable date: Authorized Stro Units Bios OFF __wo Vs. «= a 3. a, Ad@itionel personacl, if requireé, will be provided fron: sources availnbic’ te you in secorance with the provisions of Sceticn VI of Inclosure 3 to letter, Hondquarters, Arry Ground Foreos 526/215 (6 Juno 1946) GuGOT-IL, 6 June 1946, cubjoct, “Training and adzinistration of the Civilian Conponcnts,"as ancnéee. , Personnel rendered surplus will be reassigned by you, 4, Zquipnent will be requisitioned in accorcance with the provisions of Circular Yo. 61, War Separtucnt, 1947, as ancndod. 5. Obligate funds te the extent necessary fron Ore: allocations availnble to your, headquarters. ‘SECURITY INFORMATION SECTION ITT ~ REDESTGNATTONS 4M QO Ref 10-2474, 9 Nov 51 = 33 tbl: (p21) 1/3 x Para 6 (exehy 1éth 18th V3 x Para 7 ist 7st 48892! i Bee : From 1/0% 55-2241, 21 Feb 52 (cola 7 55-500, 29 3 a 19 WL es Col 48955 lst Trons LOkst Trans Harbor 55-500, 29 3 2 ue arbor Craft Graft & Marinc w/C 1, 2, Go ‘int Go Celis: 46," i Re, uit Dot (less Tors and orea SEOREY eT SOPMATION SSRETORIOW WIT COMEMDATION. Dy dtrection of the Socretary of the Army, under AR 220-315, the Meritorious Unit Commendation is emrded to the following units of the United States army for oxception:lly noritorious conduct in the performnce of ourstunding service curing the perfods indlested. The eltution roads ss follow? 724" Transportation Railway Operating Battalion Constituted in July 1923 as 493" Railway Engineer Battalion, in the Organized Reserves Redesignated 20 June 1933 as 493” Engineer Battalion (Railway Operating) Redesignated 21 February 1941 as 724" Engineer Railway Operating Battalion Redesignated 1 December 1942 as 724" Railway Operating Battalion, Transportation Corps, and affiliated with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company Ordered into active military service 21 December 1943 less personnel and equipment, and organized 28 December 1943 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas Inactivated 28 January 1946 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey Redesignated 30 July 1947 as 724" Transportation Railway Operating Battalion, affiliated with Pennsylvania Railroad Company Activated 31 March 1948 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; allotted to the Organized Reserve Corps, assigned to Second Army Ordered into active military service 19 August 1950 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Released from active military service 26 May 1955 less personnel and equipment and returned to Reserve status at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Inactivated 23 September 1955 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CAMPAIGN PARTICIPATION CREDIT World War II Northern France Ardennes-Alsace Korea CCF Spring Offensive UN Summer-Fall Offensive Second Korean Winter Korea Summer-Fall 1952 Third Korean Winter Korean Summer 1953 DECORATIONS Meritorious Unit Commendation, Streamer embroidered KOREA gs Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, Streamer embroidered KOREA 1950- 1952