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UNITS 0 BE ACTIVATED 2) age 1 = Inelsoure 2 neo am 1 2 > ‘ : ‘ 2 a | Designation se snthortnd strong 7 a setaated megs ees reer Bans einen WE ena bts oe canes chy ota ‘836m 00 (ape F} ‘Third Army Third Army Yontgomery, & 12605 8 Sep 45 Nome 1 0 2 epanteens uF Petite, Wither) rah iy RWIS tec, tor ieee. Sei wgita oe Packie tp (ies oer ae {Uden enemy tonto, of america, Inc) ssa mr Fekudl! pot Lt dog Fatth Amy SE Hols, Hk SHO HDL 2, 2 0 wD A itaetbayot the cer ay eRe of St. Lovis, Mo) se tag tangethae nk Pun Amy eth Any Dott, ach 81037 Mg Mh teen 50S D2 Co (Hv) {Gea toaten tovor fatat seca’ Bee ba (iss FL ny Prth my Hakmsooy Wich SS 27 un tome 2) 0 THD 8 Ss ih) eee ime Gittigen Copter, tapas, ‘et Lansing) tne) 3 Tem imy ttn ny | © 55205 0 Sep AS ow » en Patt Ary 525 wes me 6 0 0 6 6 Sew oe ‘DEPARTMENT OF THE ATOOY ‘the Adjutant General's office Washington 25, D.C. fay0-1 222 og Hen (5 gut 45) oscor-a 2 august, 1988 cummoe: sottwation of thite'ot the CrountzesReservee or Ceumanting Generale Third aray Fourth army Firth say L. Referense 19 mde to letter, thie office, AGAO-I 322 cme (5 Jun 48) escort, 8 June 1945, eubject, "Procedures for Activation and Organization of Organizes Reserve Unite”. 2. ‘The 8k24 Engineer Aviation Battalion te allotted to the Organized Reoorvee. ea RIL tent ce 4k, The following untte are regcaignated ae indiented and ellotted to the organised Reserves Present Deotenation 2k8th Army Postal Untt 836th Army Postal Unit 636th Engineer Conouflage Compeny _Headgquartere and Headquertere Conpeny, 3654 Bngincer construct icn Group 2o8TeA g Truck canpany bth mrensportat ion Truck Company 598th Engineer Depot Platoon 386th Enginoer Utilitice Detachment Headquarters end Headquartere Selth tranoportation Traffic Regulation Company, Hed Regulating Station Group 5. the unite eted in the attached sneloeure ore aeotened ond will be aotivates and argantzed ao Indionted, at the earliest precticuble date. 6s: The unite Loted tn column 2 of the inclosure are entitled to the hiotory of the unito Listed in Colum 9, vhich vere inactivated on the dates show. x 7. Personnel vill be provides fron sources avatlable to you in aocardence vith the provietene of Seotien VI of Inglooure 5 to letter, Headquarters, Army Ground Forces 326/215 (6 Jun U6) GikoT-11, 6 June 1946, oubject, “Training ant Adniniotraticn of the Civilion Componente", ae anented. £8. Zquizment will be requiattioned in cocordance with the provielone of Gtreular 61, war Departaent, 19K7, ne anented. ay 314.223 achus) Aste, uw Onltans, ba i élsles__2/13 /us ptm ©. MN Mt rs ane 482/43. ay Cabs, ee s Lalalya 129g fie col pee ews Sa /y at lalede 2 $3 Mhrgvca’’ phils Wifyy ory Ire 238 Life4 Mist - Sit ees allay Tae ae To: MBobulosotcom Ean Facousare-mh2-army md, Tim Mority/TA Staite Tax Anhsts/USGTax Anahets, XOLz0stn@aal con, mopeenOsnet. net oroUsorsycom, CPTRetmanGacl. com, Inschubern@soet net, Schutas@usar-onht amy. Subject: Bo, 726 ROB ‘Thiet info about the un that wal we wil be geting the plaque from on June 23, ‘They ae working in sending a rep tothe event but if no, the son of Cp im Ecker wil resent to us, “Tis wil be the thir part ofthe ceremony. ‘26th ROB BO ‘Shop Company (car & locomotive) Captain Wilam Chenaut, Commander '55G George Myers, Round House Foreman, provided ths inf, (Corporal Jim Ecler, worked in the round house. ‘Sept 43 Activation (Comp Harahan in New Orleans ‘Tech taining on the Santa Fe RR in New Mexbo around Oct 1st Departed overseas from Camp Anaza in the LA Area in Dec 10th heading to Bombay, arived Jan Lith, in Gauhat ASSAM (provence) 115 Raid Miles foreach Bn (5 BnCis in ste) “Took aver the Bengal & Assam RR fom Pandu to Lumding on March 1st 1943. Left the area Octnber 27, 1945. ‘rived in States on November 24,1945, Uni was deactivated after the war ‘They sil have reunions yearly, next one is September 20-22 in hlcotcht, OH att him ‘RootsWeb: WORLDWAR2-L [WORLD WAR Il] 726th Railway ©... hitp://archiver.rootsweb.comith'ead/WORLDWAR2/2003-09/1063. fo MS re cet and ges FE grey te sopre by ty cone ome | Sewetws | FamyTiee | Miling ste | Meetge Sourde | WebSite | Passwords fp Discover interesting facts about your family on Seach aresony | WORLDWAR2-L Archives Archiver > WORLDWAR2 > 2003.09 > 1063492377 From: Subject: (WORLD WAR I!) 726th Railway Operating Battalion. Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 18:32:57 EDT ‘This thread: + WORLD WAR I 726th Railway Operating by Mom35227; ‘Re: [WORLD WAR I] 726th Railway Operating Battalion by Janice ‘RootsWeb funded nd supported by Angst. cam ae Curly RootsWeb commun. eam ere, ‘AboutUs | Contac Us| acceptable Use Poly | i ‘Copy @ 188-2006, HyFomy chm ne. ond Re svbssres ett 5152006640 PM. DEPARnEET oP 1 ‘The Adjutant Genera Washington 25, 3. 0. rad © office 0-1 822 (4 tiny 48)-K SUBJGON: Reconstitution of Certain ranspartntion Corps mo: Chict, Ary Picld Zorces [BY ORDUR OF THD SHCRDDARY OF mE aR: detent Fa OT Copies furnished: Directors of Orvanseation and Zrai 08 Poreonnel and Administration, 03 Gnict, Historical Division (6 copics) Quartermaster Gencral (Atte: Heraldic Section) (6 copies) astatomD 476th quartoranstor Romount Troop Be76tn Qunrtersnater Drua Clocning Platoon bu7?th Qinrternastor Drun Tiling Platoon SeiGlet nad 891608 Quirtorraster Trick Companies ‘eth Sipuad Alreraft Warning Company + Yogro enlisted personnel Page 2 to tnclosure 1 to totter 40 se cB Tawa, “anied SeSepeamer ions, ? uSORIOTED ast op unas, Hooaquartore, 72h Dos Group, Honey seneNGeens aoe and 4988 Doty Squadrons, Hoowy Zssin odtcel Dieponanry, Aviation Exraqunetores S08 S008 Group, fosey Sraeke SreUn ant sth Bos Seaone, Hoawy Soot Dopot Bopats Squadcon Sthdarine Onrnand Syunsron 21 Paslograpiie Frocireomat Dotecksont Bo Sigua Cospeny deities Sitcin Spctncos aviation Piro Petting Pistoos BiaGee Poflosn Syevren sae eueu6th Bicinoor Avietion ZotteLions (include itecnod hopleis and HotSeat) 16th Eogtnvor Potrotecs Bratetbetion Company Heeth Engineer suppiy Dotecheent Spot Bnesnece Bock rusher Doeehoost Tork adc Engineer Ligne Poston Compentes Beate cna 2550, Reginoer ombot Bavtalione (include attnched Hecsont) Piate S76uh and Solth Baginoor Light Pontos Companies [Poth etnoer Yatatennass Carper Sighs Hegtsecr Gonstraction Bettelion (Snetudoe attached Mesion}) Gerth Snclncor Heavy Shap Compr ‘oth Sheineer Bee Depot Comper orth Eaginoss Forsetry comny Eonamartere tad fendgrartere Gompeny, 1267%h Bagizcor Construction Gco%p (Cineludes attached Medical) 45th Ghonieal Entorntory conpeny SSatn quncteranator Romane Broop Sarth Guactersaster Depot Gomeay ist, "45th ond *468th Ghaplais and Medi cel) ‘i Wondguartors and Hondquartors Dotechnent, *36th, *39th, “108th, *45th, *6dth Tapeh, “S10th, 28, *70th, #1554, 169th nad “1790: quartersaster Battalions, Hobslo “Solst, *s0O2i, *SG, *BH04th, *sIOSth, *8z06t, *SOTEH, TAME +s. ‘Ssu10th, ssalith, "aizth, ei6sd,, "Sisdth, swissth, 2ieéth, *Bi67th sS46ith, *5u6dtn, +9670th, *OG7Let, “e724, *aELet, +9622, +9964, S0bth, s36s5tn, BEiEth, eGeE7EH, sBo4ath, *3549th, *sEsOIR, MgESLst, *3e52d,"ssa60th, '83970th, ‘*BE7Lst ,'*8972d, #35024, *3504tN, *4046E, and *4390th Quattoranstor Truck Odmpante: 445th Sigial Heavy Construction Battalion, Avintion 90th Station Hopital Soth, Gist and 1734 Hataria Control Detackzonte 406th intiaireraft Artiiiory autonatic Weghons Ba: lion (Sentzobii0) (includes Chaplain and attached Medice:) Page 1 to Inclosure 1, * Negro enlisted personnel aa ALi RSTO Lh qi SRI CTE] WAR IBPARMENT f estmtem a mepasm | ho Adjutant General's Office f ATRIAL Washington 25, D.C. q 0 seo (18 Sap 45) |B septamien 186 8 Sinus sunmors Tor Comanding Generals, a Sostan’ Charleston, Mew York, Hampton Roads, / How Orieaney Sesttloy don Presotocs aad ot Angelos Ports of Eabarkation 1. ms The unite Listed in the attached Snclosure vill be inactivated ot the eppropriste deposition centors, in accordmes with the tnetractions conteined in etter, thie office, ab S22 (16 Jul 49) OBAI-GPIUA, Al uty 1945, Subject, "Inateuctions for the Donobiltzatton of Category TV Unite at Diepoattion Contere", as anonded. ‘be Concursently with inactivation, tho units ere transferred tn a Anective statue to the control of the Mar Depnrtaont. 2, Direct correspondence te authorized. 5. Obligate the mppropriate allotment published tn Section IKI, Ciresler 178, nr Departaent, 1945, as mnendod, to tho oxtont necessary. ‘BY URIER OF THE SECHBTARY OF WAR: 2 Inet. Z, Uist of latte JL, Copies furnished, LG Cet eds Commending Generels, Bon cent ‘hry Air Forces ‘ Aray Ground Toreos ‘ray Service Forces ‘icfa of Tockntcnl Services Office Ghife of Ordnance, vaton Gyrréion Building, Dosrott, a2, Menten Air Toomnioal Servioe Comma Divistone of tho nr Department Gonerel Stast Bnelnver Gentral Stock Sntrel sevcry Bovtsn's Sank Building, S14 North Brondwey, St Lowe 2, Missour Chief, Wational Guard Bureau, was ee RESTRICTED ( ‘AR DEPART. ¢ Tho adjutant General's Office “ashington 25, D, Cy 2) eteber 19k Organization History, Chief, Hictorieal section, Anny Tar College. 2s Revert is sade of the following: a. Auonduent of letter, this office, Al 322 (27 Sop 44) OBaI-GICR-ti, Gated 29 Soptonbor 1944, by deleting ali reference to the constitution ani authority for activation of the units listed in coluaa 1, and substituting there for units listed in column 2, per Ad 322 (13 Oct 44) OBAL-GIGCT-l, dated 17 October 1944: 1 A fig & Ha Det, 288th QK En, tobile Bq & fq Dot, 286th Qh Bn, Hobite Hig & Hq Det, 289th i Ba, Nobile Fig & Hg Det, 287th Qll Ba, Hobie 4384th QE Truck Co 268th Qt Truck Co 385th QM Truck co 469th Qi Truck Co 2386th QY Truck Go 470th i Truck Co 87th Qt Track Co Urist Q: sruck Co 4388th QM Truck Co 442d i Truck Go 389th Qk Track Co ALTA i Truck Co b. Amendment of letter this office, 36 322 (29 Sep 44) OB-I-aFRPC-H, Gated 5 October 1944, by deleting ali reference to the constitution and cuthor~ Sty for activation of the unite 1isted below, per AG 322 (13 Oct 44) O8-I-AFRPG- 4B, dated 14 October 19442 1, 506th Fighter Gp, 8 {i57eh Fighter Sq SB ‘58un Fighter Sa, SE eas" Bigneer Sq SE ve STR Se pc 4. Constitution and authorSty for activation of the 624th Military Police Coapany and the 354th, 355th, 356th, 357th ant 358th Medical Sorvico Detachnents (Dispensary), per AG 328 (20 Oct 44) OB-I-SMUOU-lH, datod 14 October 9k: 2, It ie desired that any additional historical data be transaitted direct to The quarterssster Goneral at the caflicst practicable date, ani a copy of action taken be furnished this office, By onder of The Secretary of Tar: BAPria, ‘adjutant General. WAR DEPARTIENT he Adjutant General's Office ‘Washington 25, D.C. 4G 514.7 —_— OB-I SUBIECT: Organization History. or Chief, Historical Section, Kray War College. Report is mide of the following Authority for activation of units Listed below, on 15 July iota, at stations indicated, por letter, Hoadquarters, Army Grouné Forces, Sal/éa7 (Engr) (15 dun 44) GvGCT, dated’ 15 June 1844: wat suucToN 296th Engineer Conbat Battalion Fort Riley, Kansas ig & iq Co, 1161st Engr C Gp canp Howe, Texas Hg & Hq Co, 11620 Engr C Gp Cosp Bowie, Texas ig & He Co} 11682 Ener © Cp Camp Gordon, Georgia iq & Ha Co, 1264%tn Ener © Gp Cenp Breckifridee, Ky. Hig & He Co, L1s6th Enge C op Camp Swift, Texas: b, Constitution and authority for activation of tho 17th Para chute Maintenance Company, 17th Airborne Division, at Canp Forrest, ‘Tennessee, per Ad 522 (28 Jun 44) OB-I-GNGOT-K, dited 29 June 1944, c+ Authority for disbanduent of the unite Listed below, as of 23 aren 1946, por AG 522 (28 Jun 44) OSI-SAOUAL, dated 80 June 1944: oar staT10% a 3 TC @, Constitution and authority for activation of the 2019th and 2020th Ordnance Iaintenance Companies, Air Foree, on 27 duly 1944, per 4G 522 (16 Jun 44) OB-T-APRFO-K, dated 27 June 1844, 2. It 4s desired that any additions] historical date be transnitted @irect to The Quartermaster General at the earliest practicable dato, and © copy of action taken bo furnished this office. By ordor of the Scorotary of ars 3 In Lh ‘ajutant Genorele 24-92100-39 WAR DEPARDONET ‘The Adjutant. General! Washington oftice December 11, 1942. onganteation Bistory. Ohier, Eotorteal Section, Aray Var College. 1, Report, 19 made of thveteatgantion gine? Ballvey Operating Tattalion na ony 2.0, per XG -320,2 (12-25-82) CD--3 on ‘The Gisth Badlvay GMaginesr Battalion, Commanicabions Zone van constituted Rotarve uxit nnd allotted to the Seventh Service Comand hy Table "2" ‘ellen of rope pertatng te Appendix 0-3, WO, abit shed tn Sey, ‘aginver Battalion (Rallvay Operating) per AD 320.2 Magineers dated Jane 20, 1933; reallotted to the Sixth Service Cenmand ver AO 32-596 Ratlvay Unginecr Battalion (9-71-38) dated Yobruary 9, 1939, The CL5th Eagtneer Battalion vas Tedsalgasted the 726th Suginecr” jon and nesizned to he Sixth Service Command per £9 320,2 (2-811) u(Ret) Yao, dated Pobruary ened to Third Reserve hres per AO 327 0% dated Yovanber 1, 1937s 2. Tt te desired that any additional historical dat mitted direct to The Quartersacter Generel at the earlie Ante, and a copy of action taken be furnished thie offic be trans- practicable By onter of the Secretary of War: Adjutant: General. copy Sumtahed: ‘The Quartermaster General .