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Edcomm Banker’s Academy-Sponsored Beijing Rural Commercial Bank Delegation Visit

s the Victory Bank

Edcomm Banker’s Academy-sponsored Beijing Rural Commercial Bank delegation recen
tly visited The Victory Bank in Pennsylvania.
New York, NY, May 06, 2010 -- Edcomm Banker’s Academy-sponsored Beijing Rural Co
mmercial Bank delegation recently visited The Victory Bank in Limerick, Pennsylv
ania on Feb. 1. The Beijing Rural Commercial Bank delegation visited The Victory
Bank, as well as other prominent financial institutions in the area after compl
eting six days of customized Product Development classroom training from Edcomm
Banker’s Academy.
During their visit to The Victory Bank, the Beijing Rural Commercial Bank delega
tion met with Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joseph W.
Major and President and Chief Lending Officer Richard L. Graver to reinforce the
six days of Product Development training they received.
Edcomm Banker’s Academy’s custom Product Development training covered the design
process for new products and services, how to set up a target market, market se
gmentation and demand analysis, the design method for product differentiation, c
ompliance control and risk assessment for product design, product test run and p
ricing adjustment, new product risk assessment and management, and much more. Af
ter completing the Product Development training program on Feb. 2, the Beijing R
ural Commercial Bank delegation earned a Banker’s Academy’s Certification attest
ing to their mastery of the content.
For more information about programs like this, or to find out how Edcomm Banker’
s Academy can customize any training program, log onto or
call +1.212.631.9400.
Established in 1996, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank is a joint-stock commercial b
ank with a shareholding structure of overseas investors, numerous local well-kno
wn enterprises and public investors. Beijing Rural Commercial Bank aims to creat
e value for customers, profit for shareholders, future for its employees, and we
alth for society.
The Victory Bank is a locally owned and operated commercial bank headquartered i
n Limerick, Pennsylvania. The bank was founded to optimize the financial lives
of businesses, professionals, and consumers by delivering an exceptional client
experience based on honesty, high-integrity, respect, and unparalleled personal
service. For more information on The Victory Bank, visit
or call +1.610.948.9000.
Edcomm Banker’s Academy is a 23-year-old multimedia education and communication
consulting firm specializing in the development of creative business solutions t
hat improve productivity, customer service and market share - providing bottom-l
ine results. Edcomm Banker’s Academy has had the privilege of assisting many dis
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Training specifically designed for Banks, Credit Unions and Money Services Busin
esses (MSBs).
Edcomm Banker s Academy ( is headquartered in New York Ci
ty with locations and representation throughout the world.
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