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St. Ignatius College Preparatory
Observation 2016

Teacher’s Name: Chad Zullinger

Department: Visual & Performing Arts

Observation Date: Mon. 11 April 2016

Observer: Patrick Lannan





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The purpose of the collegial observation is to provide teachers with the opportunity to
visit other classrooms and learn from their colleagues. These observations are collegial, not
supervisory, and are intended to promote collaboration.



Students will record a narrative for a video documentary about an American

(1) how to use the hardware (computer vs. ipad);how to share files among
small group colleagues for this project; timeline reminders
(2) time given to work on projects

Use the space below to record what happens during your visit.

Class started immediately after the bell rang
Chad begins by holding up both a laptop and an ipad and explains to students what
work they want to accomplish on each platform with explanations of the rationale for
switching from one platform to another.
Chad then spoke about how to share files for this project and where to store them
(which to store in the cloud and which to store on a hard drive).
He then gave students a reminder about where to submit their completed work and
gave them time to work in small groups on their projects. He explained to students
that they should share with me whatever information I asked for about their
I spoke with four groups while they were working.
Group 1: this group explained that they had developed a story board for their
documentary and that they were expanding the information from the story board so
they would have the actual text for their narration written out verbatim.
Group 2: this group explained that they had their narration written and that they had
selected and downloaded mp3 files, they were waiting to record their narration while
one group member started to assemble their project in iMovie
Group 3: this group was in the process of recording their narration and “bouncing”
the files into MP3 format
Group 4: this group had already recorded their narration and were in the process of
moving the files to their iPads to match narration with slides and music

What activities, resources, or strategies did you observe that you might be able to use in your class?

1. I was impressed with the manner in which Chad had prepared students to complete
a complex task by breaking the task into smaller assignments. Students had
prepared for their documentary with background reading, brainstorming essential
questions, choosing 4 distinct EQs among the members of the group, conducting
research to answer the EQ, reporting / summarizing their research with a two page
essay, transforming their essay into a story board, editing their story board to two
minutes of narration
2. Students spoke with great facility both about music and about their research
subjects. One student explained to me the difference between tonal and atonal
music and another spoke about the difference between Pete Seeger (who had
chronicled American folk music) and Bob Dylan (who was more of an organic
intellectual whose working class roots afforded him with a capacity to empathize with
civil rights activists).
3. Students understood how to work with the software and hardware. Wow.
After your observation, please email or meet to discuss questions or comments.

In our follow-up conversation, Chad and I spoke with each other about how he taught
students to write essential questions. He described the assignments through which he
provided the scaffolding students needed to develop this skill. Several of these he
developed newly this year. He assessed the skill on the mid-term exam.

A copy of the completed observation should be placed in the EIT portfolios of both the observer and
the teacher. Additionally, the observer needs to provide a copy to Jeannie Quesada.