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Bumpers College Students Earn International Programs


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Rachel Muzzy, in the human nutrition and

hospitality innovation program, is
participating in an international program in
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. Funding from the
Dean's Office and three endowed
scholarships have enabled the International
Programs Office in the Dale Bumpers
College of Agricultural, Food and Life
Sciences at the University of Arkansas to
award 28 scholarships to current students
for global experiences.
Support from the college along with funding
from the Cordia Harrington International
Experience, Preston E. LaFerney
International Agriculture Endowed Scholarship and the Richard D. Locke International Agriculture
Endowed Scholarship made the scholarships possible.
The mission of the Bumpers College International Programs Office is to provide structured
international experiences that enhance the marketability of students for career and academic
Students earning scholarships include Taylor Pruitt, Morgan Marley, Allyn Simpson, Kelsey Johnson,
Laura Ortega, Bailey Carpenter, Callan Lichtenwalter, Mersady Redding, Zachary Tipton, Emily
Keeling, Tye Cheney, Samuel Goll, Macy Shirley, Mackenzie Ruebling, Kathryn Lauer, Taylor Peck,
Emily King, Kylee Sigmon, Lisa Gaddy, Benjamin Birney, Elizabeth Blum, Tasneem Chowdhury,
Tessa Constant, CarLonda Sandidge, Rachel Muzzy, Jordan Griffin, Alex McLeod and Karlee Pruitt.
Johnson, Ortega, Lichtenwalter, Redding, Goll, Shirley, Lauer, King, Sigmon, Constant, Muzzy and
McLeod are also members of the Honors College.
The Bumpers College participates in the community development program in Mozambique; offers
faculty-led opportunities in China, Greece, Italy and Belgium; courses and exchanges in France and
Belgium; and internships and research in India, Brazil, Philippines, Scotland and Uganda.
Alex McLeod, an agricultural communications student, is participating in the Scotland Internship
Exchange at Rural College in Edinburgh.
"I will be working for the Agriculture Communication Services Unit on marketing and social media
for the school," said McLeod. "I will gain a lot of hands-on experience that will prepare me for my
future career. When applying for a job, international experience is important because it shows that I
am able to adapt to new situations."
Kylee Sigmon, another agricultural communications student, plans to go to Greece for the food,
agriculture and sustainability program.
"My work as a national beef ambassador made me aware of sustainability issues within the beef

industry," said Sigmon. "That sparked my interest in agricultural sustainability. My goal is to

educate others and give them a positive perception of agriculture. This faculty-led program will open
my eyes to diversity in agriculture and I hope to form an honors research project that involves
international agriculture and potentially sustainability."
The scholarships range from $1,000 to $1,600, and recipients were chosen by a committee after
submitting an application, a statement of purpose and description of their international activity, and
a recommendation letter.
"I want to absorb and learn as much about agriculture as I can," said Marley, also an agricultural
communications student planning to travel to Greece. "Recently, Greece's struggling economy has
impacted its agricultural industry. By immersing myself in Greek agriculture and economy, I will
gain a valuable global perspective, which is essential for setting myself apart in today's competitive
job market."
Faculty members who selected the recipients include Bruce Ahrendsen from agricultural economics
and agribusiness; Jeff Miller from agricultural education, communications and technology; Charles
Rosenkrans from animal science; Mary Savin from crop, soil and environmental sciences; Fiona
Goggin from entomology; Han-Seok Seo from food science; Laurie Apple from the School of Human
Environmental Sciences; Mike Evans from horticulture; Jim Correll from plant pathology; and Gisela
Erf from poultry science.
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