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Helix Service Assurance

Distill massive amounts of information into valuable insights &

assure peak performance with a unified service assurance suite
A holistic view is a necessity
With increasing customer requirements, tougher competition and more complex networks and
information systems; Communication Service Providers (CSPs) cannot properly deliver without a
holistic view of their network. Operational Support Systems (OSS) must provide them with the
ability to:
Quickly identify and resolve service and network faults
Automate business processes
Smoothly integrate new technologies from multiple vendors
Significantly improve quality and availability of service while reducing operating expenses

Helix: big data ready, automated, and customer-centric solutions

Helix provides CSPs with market leading solutions for the management of network performance,
fault and customer experience. The solutions models and measure network and non-networkrelated data from various perspectives such as customer specific, service generic and network
Our suite satisfies the entire scope of requirements for next-generation services (VoIP, video, data,
and value-added services, as well as legacy telephony services), and supports various xed and
mobile technologies, including LTE, 3G, CDMA, GSM and IMS-based networks, switched & optical
networks, Ethernet & MPLS transport services.

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Helix Performance Management

Helix Performance Management (PM) helps CSPs stand by
their promises, and offers a cost-effective, scalable
solution for managing performance and quality of service
(QoS) for multi-domain, multi-technology, multi-vendor
and multi-environment networks.

Helix Fault Management

With its advanced correlated alarms capabilities, and
automation rules, Helix Fault Management (FM) enables
NOC users to visualize the malfunctions of the network in
real-time, while reducing the period needed to respond to

Helix CEM
Helix Customer Experience Management (CEM) offers an
end-to-end unified view of customers interactions across
the network. Built on Hadoop technology, our solution
supports large quantities of data in near real time with
long retention periods for xDRs, KPIs and KQIs queries.

We chose TEOCO because we were looking for a partner that can provide a robust,
efficient OSS solution.
General Manager OSS/VAS Data, North American Tier 1 Operator

TEOCO Corporation | 12150 Monument Drive, Suite 400 | Fairfax, VA 22003 |

Why Helix Service Assurance?

Assure. Analyze. Optimize.

Data-Driven. Results-Oriented.
TEOCO is a leading provider of planning, assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service
providers (CSPs) worldwide. We leverage our expertise in big-data and real-time capabilities to help over 300 of the
largest service providers in over 100 countries to run their networks and businesses more efficiently, profitably and
to optimize the customer experience.

TEOCO Corporation | 12150 Monument Drive, Suite 400 | Fairfax, VA 22003 |