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This is an individual assignment where everybody had to choose their
own questions that provided by the lecturer. When Puan Intan gave me a new
task and pointed the question for my assignment, I felt that the question(topic)
was so difficult because it is about communication with the hearing impairments
students. Im started to find the articles through internet and read the books
related with the questions. Puan Intan asked me to do question number 8. In
the beginning, this assignment was challenging but the lecturer and friends
help me to overcome these problems. I had been face off with a lot of
challenges and problem especially to get the information to complete this
I was informed by my friends that some of my classmates will leave the
course after failed for their previous paper. It was like a disaster to me because
among them they were my close friends and same goes to Puan Intan, where
our new EDU lecturer, Richard Neles replaced her on the third tutorial. Anyway
life must goes on. This assignment really helping me in the way to improve my
communication skills when facing the students with major hearing problem.
After the brainstorming web I researched and began writing a very detailed
outline. The outline included the effective ways for teachers to communicate in
the classroom. The trouble with the assignment was that the topic I choose to
write about was too broad. I had to narrow my focus. So I chose to write about
the real situation that happened in our country.
This made my writing process go by a lot smoother. I already had half
of my facts from my previous outline. From there I researched some more and
gathered enough information to write until 15 pages. I focused on how the
teacher managed to handle these type of students and what kind of
communication skills that can be use. In my opinion, the task that has been
given by our lecturer can help us during exam and improved our knowledge

about this subject EDU 3106. This is because we also need read a lot of
articles to find the information. At the end of this assignment, I found that I have
been gain a lot of knowledge about the writing essay and it also gains my
knowledge about the communication skills. This assignment also help me to
memorise some information that I can use when performing the teaching that
involve lot of communication.
When talk about the weaknesses, I can tell that I had wasted a lot of
time when finding the relevant articles. This matter happened because I was
lack of knowledge when finding articles via internet. Sometimes the whole day I
did not found the relevant articles that I wanted. So to improve it, my friend
suggested that I need to learn about tips to find the relevant articles through
In this assignment I added some graphic organisers and included the IThink map. I heard about I-Think map when I was attending a course in
Kuching last year. It was fun where we can create I-think map by our own. I
also found out that making a mind map for the graphic organisers is the best
way to manage ideas and gives me more understanding about the information
given. By making a mind map, I can do the summary neatly without much
hassle. It is more difficult to look out for main ideas in the article without proper
ways of organising it. Mind map of course is the best method, and it is suitable
way for organising information. I also learnt a lot from other English teachers in
my school. There, I able to share the ideas about the topic given.
Finally, I sincerely hope that this task can help me to become a super
teacher where I can handle and communicate better not just the normal
students but also the special students like the hearing impairments students.
Thanks to all people that directly or indirectly in helping me to complete my
assignment especially my tutor, Mr. Richard Neles, my friends and my wife.
Thank you very much.

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