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Brookline MA, 02445 (716) 472-3655


Summary; Accomplished & Innovative leader with proven experience in driving industry best practices in business
transformation strategy, customer experience, organizational assessment, marketing-communication & performance
metrics systems. Track record of accomplishments that ensure optimal productivity & profitable growth.
Industries: B2B, B2C, Consumer, Retail, High-tech Manufacturing, Telecommunications, B2B, Insurance and Healthcare.
Demonstrated leadership of:
Strategic Planning & Road Maps
Strategy & Program Management
Consumer Research
Project Management
Performance Metrics
Customer Experience

Organizational Development
Journey Mapping
Global Customer Service
Executive Coaching

Net Promoter
Stakeholder & Employee Engagement
High Performance Team Management
Traditional, Digital & Social Media
Market Research & Data Analysis

Business Analysis & Development

2010 to 2016
Advanced materials company solving customers' most complex technical challenges in high growth global markets.
Global Director of Customer Experience & Marketing Communications
Accountable for maturity & organizational assessment, strategic planning, developing positive brand awareness and
business growth efforts including the movement toward an enterprise customer-centric strategy, value proposition and
culture. Promoted based on impact performance in global business & organizational development, strategy
transformation, branding, problem solving and marketing communication programs. Successfully managed research,
marketing communication and global customer service team responsible for the creation of programs, standards and
metrics that ensured optimal productivity and improved customer experience. Restructuring led to downsizing.
Led strategy and execution across numerous high-impact communication and business development
initiatives including corporate renaming/rebranding that within 2-year period that resulted in;
o 12% improvement in brand awareness,
o 11% growth in net profit,
o 253% improvement in customer satisfaction,
o 367% increase in inbound social media leads and a 340% return on investment.
Successfully launched new product development for EvaPro3 that resulted in exceeding sales goals by
14% and visibility goals by 24%.
Reorganized and directly managed Global customer experience organization. Developed strategy and
supervised implementation of Customer Relationship Management program at Materion that resulted in
over a 3-year period business and reputational transformation including;
o a NPS score improvement from 23% (average) to 58% (very good).
o A 53% reduction in complaints and 40% improvement in time to close under 10 days.
o Departmental employee customer satisfaction improvement from 38% to 87%.
BlueCross BlueShield (Excellus & Healthnow)
Internationally recognized and regions leading health plan.

1998 to 2010

Director Corporate Communications & Customer Experience

Selected to plan, develop and implement marketing communication strategy and tactics for BlueCross BlueShield
business and consumer products that facilitated brand awareness, strategic growth and customer satisfaction. This
included market research, loyalty, brand strategy, leveraging all communication channels and direct management of
a cross-functional support team. Transitioned for enhanced role.
Directly managed sales support and corporate communication department that facilitated strategic
growth resulting in 16% increase in sales and 220% improvement in brand awareness (2 years).


PG 2

Developed growth and retention strategies through analytics that resulted in a 10% improvement in
retention over a 2- year period.
Developed and implemented the concept of Blue Pages (a personalized after sale benefit guide) that won
1st place from BlueCross BlueShield association and contributed to a 14% customer satisfaction
improvement in post- sale materials.
Developed award winning direct response campaign for the Medicare division that improved lead
generation by over 26%.
Developed new sales toolkit and training program that resulted in 32% increase in sales closure.

Benderson Development
1987 to 1996
Privately held company that services a diverse mixture of customers including consumer products/services, retail, and
commercial /residential development.
Executive Director Marketing Communications
Successfully managed the in-house advertising agency and consulting services for Benderson Development including
all of its business, products/services locally and nationally. Responsible for developing maturity and organizational
assessment, research & strategic roadmaps that resulted in integrated strategy and integrated communications
programs that transformed business. Career decision to move into medical.
Worked with strategic business units to analyze organizations and develop unique strategies and
implementation plans that resulted in improved awareness and business growth for B2B and B2C
customers. On average saved organization 33% in marketing communication cost with 11% improvement
in ROI metrics.
Supervised development of departmental budgets. Developed and grew a revenue generating coop
advertising program 140%.
Executive MBA program - Masters in Business Administration
University of Buffalo

Bachelor of Marketing Communications

Rochester Institute of Technology

Society of Vacuum Coaters Board of Directors

Jewish Family Service
John Grampa CFO, Materion
"Peggy is a results oriented topline performer. She is a self-starter that quickly creates a roadmap to achieve
anything put in front of her, big or small. At Materion she was instrumental with many initiatives that helped drive
growth and topline performance including;
Successful global rebranding of Materion to 12% improvement in Brand recognition,
Implementing the Net Promoter customer satisfaction program and led improvement initiatives that took
the Materion score from a rating of 23% (poor) to 58% (good) over a two-year time frame
Launching and optimizing the company's first Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
She is masterful at strategy, communications and customer relationship management and creatively uses her
expertise, and market knowledge along with data to help drive growth and top line performance.
Every organization needs an energetic, enthusiastic Peggy Sullivan.