Support our Giving Campaign and magically turn this paper into an interactive whiteboard…

Okay, it’s not exactly magic, but close to it! Thanks to generous donations from parents, teachers, neighborhoods, family foundations and community members, the Mary Lin Education Foundation has provided our school with 11 interactive whiteboards this school year! Our teachers say the technology has helped engage students in a new, *magical* way and helped make paper handouts virtually… disappear!


We now have interactive Promethean boards in every class from 2nd-5th grades and one mobile whiteboard. Just two more grades to go!  5th Grade completed (purchased 2 in Fall 2009)  4th Grade completed (purchased 2 in Fall 2009)  3rd Grade completed (purchased 1 in Fall 2009)  2nd Grade (purchased 5 in February 2010) 1st Grade – 4 BOARDS NEEDED  Kindergarten - 6 BOARDS NEEDED

approximately $28,000.

Each board costs approximately $2800 to install and includes teacher training. In order to have an interactive board in EVERY class we need to raise

How can you make magic?
• • •
Make a tax-deductible donation to the Mary Lin Education Foundation by returning this form with check, cash or credit card info to your child’s teacher or put in the magic hat in the school office. HONOR SOMEONE! Donations of $25 or more can be made in honor of your favorite teacher, friend or anyone special to you. A *magical* honor card will be displayed in front of the school. Ask your employer if they match donations. You can DOUBLE your donation— now that IS magic!

Last Name: _____________________________________First Name: _________________________________ Street Address: ____________________________________________________City: _________________________ State ____________ Zip___________________ Home Phone (________) _________ - ____________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ [ ] $10 [ ] $25 [ ] $50 [ ] $100 [ ] Other ____________

MY $25+ DONATION IS IN HONOR OF: _________________________________________________________________ MATCHING CONTRIBUTIONS: If your employer matches donations please enclose a signed Matching Donation Form. METHOD OF PAYMENT [ ] Check enclosed. Please make check payable to the Mary Lin Education Foundation. [ ] Bill my Credit Card. Card Type: Visa Mastercard Discover

Number: _______________________________________________CVV Code: __________ Exp Date: __________ The mission of the Mary Lin Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is to help Mary Lin Elementary School achieve its educational goals by providing instructional, physical, and technological opportunities for the enrichment of all Mary Lin students. Learn more at

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