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AmplideX FMR1

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Looking for Fragile X?

What have you been missing?
State-of-the-art technology to aid in the diagnosis
of Fragile X syndrome and associated disorders
Asuragens CE-marked AmplideX FMR1 PCR IVD Kit
detects CGG repeats in the FMR1 gene to aid in the
diagnosis of Fragile X syndrome and associated disorders,
such as Fragile X-Associated Primary Ovarian Insufficiency
(FXPOI) and Fragile XAssociated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome

Accurately determines zygosity, first pass

High level of confidence for detection of all
expanded alleles 1, 2
Greater sensitivity than Southern Blot,
including detection of low abundance
mosaic alleles
Reduces Southern Blot testing to 2% or less
of all samples

Asuragens FMR1 PCR technologies identify a

wealth of molecular information in each sample.

Comprehensive genotyping reveals AGG


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AmplideX FMR1

ASURAGEN Diagnostics

AmplideX FMR1 PCR Kit (Part Number 76008)




FMR1 F,R FAM-Primers


50 L

A proprietary FAM-labeled primer pair for human FMR1 gene amplification

by PCR

FMR1 CGG Primer


50 L

An unlabeled CGG primer for probing the number of CGG repeats by PCR

GC-Rich AMP Buffer


1.2 mL

A buffered solution containing PCR amplification reagents

GC-Rich Polymerase Mix


5 L



1.0 L

A proprietary solution used in PCR mastermix preparation

ROX 1000 Size Ladder


200 L

ROX-labeled DNA fragments for sizing from 79 to 1007 bp


A polymerase mixture optimized for the amplification of GC-rich DNA

AmplideX FMR1 workflow

1. Stela Filipovic-Sadic, Sachin Sah, Liangjing Chen, Julie Krosting,
Edward Sekinger, Wenting Zhang, Paul J. Hagerman, Timothy
T. Stenzel, Andrew G. Hadd, Gary J. Latham and Flora Tassone.
A Novel FMR1 PCR Method for the Routine Detection of Low
Abundance Expanded Alleles and Full Mutations in Fragile X
Syndrome. Clin. Chem. 2010 Feb: 563 399-408.
2. Liangjing Chen, Andrew G. Hadd, Sachin Sah, Stela Filopovic-Sadic
Julie Krosting, Edward Sekinger, Ruiqin Pan, Paul J. Hagerman,
Timothy T. Stenzel, Flora Tassone, and Gary J. Latham.
An Information-rich CGG Repeat Primed PCR that Detects the
Full Range of Fragile X Expanded Alleles and Minimizes the
Need for Southern Blot Analysis. J Mol Diagn. 2010 In Press.

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AmplideX FMR1 PCR Kit
(P/N 76008) 100 Reactions

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