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ae @ scsnm WAR DEPARIMERT ‘The Adjutant General's orrice was! jashington December 11, 1982, AG 314.75 OB-I SUBJECT: © Organization History. Chief, Historical Section, Amy War College. 1 foro ime of ratentemonio Sal TBB Ratan ain Operating Battalion as the 739th Re!lw tine Bai or SD Eo Cee Re eer see, meee aloe Ret Gommaloetions Troops, vas constituted me “a Orgeatecd anit @nf allotted te he Second Service Commend by A} 790.2 Oreenized Reserve (10-12=71) dated Octeber 15, 1921; orgsnized about Moverber 1921; changed from GHO to Zone of Cormmnications by Table “F"', ,7% of Troops pertetning te Avpendix 0-3, P, rmudlished in July, 197%; _Enstnecr. 2ailway Yottelion redectinnte: Puginesr Battalion (Meilvay Qyerstias) by 29 30,2 ‘Fnginnsr dated Inne 20, 1933. the 5654 Mgluwer Rettatton ven retestenmted the T)ith Seatnnor Mtistten ent Clthtrew fren the Seeste Serytce soeeend nod sllotted te tl 1) (res? 1 Seted Yebra 2. It 4s desired that any additional historical data be trans- mitted direct to The Quartermaster General at the earliest practicable date, and a copy of action taken be furnished this office. By order of the Secretary of War: Adjutant General. Copy furnished: ‘The Quartermaster General . HISTORICAL DATA i ‘739th Railway Operating Battalion TC 739th Engineer Battalion Railway Operating (Former], 953d Maincer Battalion Railway Operating (Formerly Organized Reserve eta Rie ae Han (o there] eae as