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Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


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Table of Contents _______________________________________________________ 2 Going back in time 50 years back __________________________________________ 3 Let’s come back to 2009-10 _______________________________________________ 4 So the Paradox is …_____________________________________________________ 5 And the 1st Secret is ……..________________________________________________ 6 What’s so great about this? _______________________________________________ 7 Something you may want to think about … __________________________________ 8 The 2nd Secret now out of the bag __________________________________________ 9 Time to shatter some myths about Budgeting ________________________________ 10 Summarizing, _________________________________________________________ 11 Yes, But ….___________________________________________________________ 12 So what to do in this situation? ___________________________________________ 13
Ready-to-use Expenses Book_________________________________________________ 13 The Spreadsheet Solution ___________________________________________________ 13 Personal Finance Software from abroad _______________________________________ 14

Setting the record straight _______________________________________________ 15 The Current Situation __________________________________________________ 16 So what’s the remedy? __________________________________________________ 17
14.99 Reasons to go in for Enrich Software _____________________________________ 18 Our customers say _________________________________________________________ 22 What’s Peace & Prosperity (for Your Entire Family) Worth? _____________________ 23 How to Order for Enrich Software?___________________________________________ 24

Some Parting Words ___________________________________________________ 25

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Going back in time 50 years back
We are now in 1959-60 when your grandparents or possibly even your parents were heading the family. Do remember in those days, it was rare, if not impossible, for women to go for an employment or earn money. So it was mainly the head of the family who was a male and perhaps the only earning member in the family. Let’s assume that your father was this person. From his single income, he would be supporting his aged parents (your grandparents), his brothers (your paternal uncles), his unmarried sisters (your aunts), his wife and children. As you may be well aware, family planning was unheard of in those days and hence the number of brothers, sisters and children would be quite many. From his limited income, he & your mother were running the household which was  Feeding and clothing all these people and also  Giving decent basic education to your uncles, you and your brothers so that you can get employed,  Getting your aunts & your sisters married (which is a remarkable achievement by itself)  Not to mention the medical expenses of the aged people.

On top of all this, they probably even managed to buy a piece of land and construct a small house. Even if they did not do this, they did not leave a mountain of debt for you and you siblings to service.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Let’s come back to 2009-10
Coming back to 2010, look at the lives of most people. As you are well aware, joint families are extinct now. When the parents themselves are sent to old age homes or left to rot on their own, where is the question of supporting brothers or sisters? And hence the family consists of husband, wife, one child or at the most two children. And in most households, both the parents go for work. With women well educated, they earn as much as their husbands, if not even more. So the family has considerable disposable income. Given the additional income and the smaller family size, we should normally expect prosperity and happiness. The reality is however just the opposite. There is so much financial insecurity in most families. And according to a nationwide social research, the main reason behind most familial disputes is money-related. This is really funny because everything, starting from wife going to work to having fewer or no children, is based on economic criteria only. And that is not the end of story, either. If we take a hard look, almost everything that we think is ours, right from the home that we reside in to the cell phone we are using, is owned by somebody and we are paying EMIs. Not a very comforting thought, isn’t it?

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


So the Paradox is …
Let’s pause for a moment and reflect on this strange situation!

With little money and lots of people, there should have been lots of anxiety and mountains of debt.

Likewise with more income and less people, prosperity, joy and happiness should be the order of the day.

But we are seeing the exact opposites.

What is the reason for the sadness in most families today?

More importantly, what was the secret of the success of the earlier generation?

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


And the 1st Secret is ……..
(If you are anxious to know the secret and skipped the previous pages, please go back and read the entire stuff. Only then you will really appreciate the Secret) You might have observed that Your father/ grandfather writing down something regularly in their diaries Mother / grandmother noting down some figures in the kitchen calendar. So what were they writing? The IPL scores or passwords for their internet banking? The IMEI numbers of the cell phones? The additional PIN for their credit cards required for online transactions? Absolutely not! What they were writing down were the income (once a month entry) and expenses (on a daily basis). (I can hear you saying “Yeah! My dad has 40 diaries from the year he started working full of details like bus fare or milk. But that’s foolish! I wonder why he wasted all his time doing that!”)

What he or they did was not at all foolish but something very profound

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


What’s so great about this?
Researchers and nuero-physicians have found out that the process of actually writing something down, leaves a permanent imprint in the memory. Its really important to know that even those few minutes which were spent in writing, we have to be necessarily aware.

We can be mechanical when it comes to signing our credit card charge slips (in fact, most of us do just that) but if we are to write down the expenses for the day, we must necessarily need to invest put some effort in tracing and recalling what we did with the money. And when we do that on a regular basis, we become more aware of our money. That’s the power of writing things down.

So what your parents or grandparents were doing, probably even without realizing this power, was bringing awareness to their finances. That coupled with another habit (the second secret, which we shall shortly see) helped them be on top of their money, despite the very limited income. They would know exactly how much money was left before the next salary came in and what their commitments were. This system gave them enormous power to deal with situations.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Something you may want to think about …
In this context, it is worth bringing to light some of our own habits that drain our hard earned money, although unconsciously.

We seldom know, despite all the technology at our command, the balance in our bank accounts or for that matter the amount of money we carry in our wallet or handbag. I had the privilege of speaking in various Rotary and Lions Clubs on the aspect of financial freedom. And when I asked the members about the money they were carrying on their wallet, most did not have a clue. If this is the status of the elite of our society which has access to the latest in IT, what to say of the masses? Again, I have observed lengthy queues on 15th and 16th of alternate months in front of the Electricity Board offices (last days in Tamil Nadu for making utility bill payments) and a majority would be the office goers wearing ties and carrying helmets.

Likewise, the number of Income Tax assesses who file their IT returns on the last couple of days is huge and often well chronicled in newspapers with photographs.

And it is said that a good portion of banks’ revenues come from the late fees from their credit card holders.

And one can go on and on.

RBI has announced that the amount of unclaimed matured FDs in nationalized banks alone runs into a few hundred crores and if we take into account the deposits with other banks and institutions like post offices, it would be much much more. That is the level of seriousness to which we address our principal amounts.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


The 2nd Secret now out of the bag
Our previous generations did not stop with just keeping track of the money by recording their incomes and expenses. They did one other thing and that was Budgeting.

You would perhaps recall the hectic midnight discussions between your parents especially when festivals like Deepavali would approach. Your father would get a festival bonus within which the entire event has to be managed. Any shortfall would be met from the contingency funds. So, they would budget 60% of the amount for clothes and this would be further sub-divided into budgets for dresses for individual family members. 10 – 15% would go for crackers and the rest for making special sweets or dishes and possibly a movie that would be released in that time. And once they did this, they would strictly adhere to the budgeted amounts but also tolerate a small deviation if it was worth it. And that was how they made festivals enjoyable as well as affordable.

Contrast this with the current situation. With the advent of credit cards, it is no longer necessary at all to have the money to buy things. And because we pay by just swiping the credit card which is nothing more than signing the charge slip with a flourish (often without even verifying the amount), we do not even understand the gravity of our purchase. And when the bill comes a month later, we often take recourse to the MAD factor (Minimum Amount Due) and then pay an exorbitant interest on the unpaid amount for some more time to come. So, there is often no planning before the purchase and no taking stock of what we spent after the event as well. The result is there for all of us to see.

Coming back to Budgeting that was well followed earlier, it needs to be reinforced that this was not a solitary exercise for specific festivals alone but a way of life. Every month, the salary amount would be divided for several heads such as rent, provisions, milk, education, newspapers etc and would be spent accordingly. Any excess spending would be clearly identified and there would be a commission of enquiry to go into that. The aftermath would be to either increase the budget or treat it as a stray event with due safeguards not to let it happen again.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Time to shatter some myths about Budgeting
Unfortunately, we have many misguided notions about the concept of budgeting itself and hence we have not understood its power. To most of us, the word Budget denotes scarcity, sacrifice and tightening of belts which is totally anathema in this era of consumerism. For some of us, Budget is a bad word signifying very low quality as is evident from budget meals, budget airlines or budget hotels.

But Budget is not all that. It is merely a limit that we set for ourselves based on the importance of the expense or our affordability or both. Lets take the case of eating out and entertainment and let us assume that we have set a budget of Rs.2000 for this for a specific month. If that amount is based on certain birthdays or anniversaries in the family or to celebrate any achievements that are likely and if this amount doesn’t eat into our savings goal, then it is a fair budget. But if there is no budget or if this amount was pulled out of the wind, then it lacks any sanctity and is unlikely to be respected.

Why people tend to buy a cell phone, for example, for twice or thrice the amount that they had originally earmarked? That original amount itself was not arrived at after careful consideration, in the first place. And given our ability to justify any and all of our actions, we do not even feel the pinch of our excessive spending.

Having a budget that is well arrived at and spending within that amount, gives tremendous power to the person and the family. But this is not easy because anything that involves effort & discipline is seldom pursued with vigour and easily abandoned. Hence the deplorable status of the budgeting exercises at the national level and the organizational levels as well.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


It can be clearly seen that by keeping a record of the incomes & expenses regularly as well as following a sound budgeting system, our fathers and theirs led an extraordinary life within very limited means.

It therefore follows that if we follow these two golden principles or Secrets with our higher incomes and much smaller family sizes, we would certainly have higher savings without sacrificing the quality of our life.

Would you agree?

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Yes, But ….
(We know what you are going to say and have pre-empted your concerns) Although conceptually and emotionally this might appeal to you, we know fully well that it will not get implemented even in letter, leave alone in spirit.

Why are we so sure? Simply because we hardly do any writing these days.

When is the last that we wrote a letter to our parents or even to our friends?

We send an email or send a sms or just call up. The volume of handwritten post cards or inland letters has shrunk drastically in the last couple of decades thanks to our lethargy and also to the alternatives that are now available.

So, to expect someone to take a diary and start noting down the expenses regularly is to ask for too much, atleast for the 99% of the population. And that is just the beginning.

If we are to get some benefit out of this exercise, we must arrive at some patterns in spending. And to do that, we must regularly write down our expenses and also add the figures for individual expense heads during a month.

As such we think that we are doing a favour to somebody by just writing the expenses. It is quite unlikely and perhaps even impossible, to write legibly and do the totaling as well.

And if we are serious about the budget, we need to consciously keep track of the actuals vis a vis the budgets which many would consider as a no go.

But then unless we do these two things, there is no way that we can even have a clue of our money status.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


So what to do in this situation?
People have over time, tried different models to help them keep track of their money and we will see a few of them.

Ready-to-use Expenses Book
Some enterprising people thought about making this system available in the form of a notebook with columns for the expense heads and the rows for the individual days of the month. This is certainly an improvement over the plain diary but the same disadvantages persist. You still need to write down regularly and what’s more you are stuck to the limitation of the number of expense heads in the book. And then you need to total the amounts, which we have already seen as cumbersome.

The Spreadsheet Solution
And when personal computers started become affordable, a few zealous people felt that they have cracked this imbroglio when they started using a spreadsheet for this purpose. True, you do not need to do the totaling up on your own because the program would do it, if properly set. But to use it in the first place, one needed to know the mathematical formulae and set them in the spreadsheet.

This was not a skill that everyone had and hence only those who had the willingness to learn and implement it could take advantage of this medium. But this was also not without its share of flaws or limitations. After a few entries, the user would feel that it would be better to have an additional field or a new facility which will again involve programming and more importantly testing. And thus what started as a very interesting project would soon end up as a pain that takes a lot of time and effort without the commensurate benefits.

Further, only the creator of the spreadsheet program would be able to use it and hence the entire task of recording the expenses of other family members too fell on this person. Hence, of the many people who started on this road, only a few survived.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Personal Finance Software from abroad
Those who were looking for something simpler and easier to use, tried personal finance software programs, most of them developed in the US. Given the high level of functionality and features that these software products offered, they required an elaborate initial setup running into several screens asking for hundreds of data points. This really put off even the enthusiastic people because they either did not have the required information or did not have the patience to do it. Further, these software products were designed for the US market which is quite different from the Indian flavour and the terminology used was also quite alien to our context. Hence, these otherwise reputed and great products failed to gain acceptance, even in the pirated mode.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Setting the record straight
At this juncture, if it appears to you that people were keen but were hampered by the lack of availability of a good solution, we would like to set the record straight.

It would be an exaggeration on our part if we suggest that many people were keen to follow these proven principles of personal finance. Although they were well practiced even as late as the seventies or eighties in our own families, they have lost the charm for the current generation and hence have become ‘Secrets’. So the mainstream population was not even aware of the power of these habits nor did they even want to know.

Most of them who started earning high salaries at quite early years in their careers, felt that there was no tomorrow and also had very high confidence that they could continue their lifestyle forever. And when the spouse started contributing to the family kitty, this became even more reinforced. And our economy too moved dramatically from one of scarcity to plenty which led the present generation to pursue consumerism like their western counterparts. With the availability of easy credit in the form of personal loans or the credit cards, sky appeared to be the limit for most families.

Austerity was the last thing that they even wanted to hear, let alone practice.

So, software companies, in addition to developing India-specific software, also had to invest a lot of time, money and effort to get such people interested in managing their money which they were not willing. This further aggravated the situation of availability of useful software.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


The Current Situation
So we are now in a situation where people have PCs at home without quality software to manage their money and at the same time are facing several moneyrelated issues, such as:

a. Not knowing where their hard-earned money was going. Many people are finding themselves back at the ATMs to withdraw money but without a clue of where their earlier withdrawal went.

b. Paying bills at the last minute or even late hence coughing up penalties in addition to wastage of time and mental agony

c. Unable to make sense of the bank and credit cards statements. Even the statements from the tech-savvy banks would show the description a deposit entry like XLG 908909, which doesn’t really say anything at all. The issue is further compounded in a credit card statement which shows only the name of the merchant establishment that could be different from the name of the shop patronized by us, leading to lot of confusion.

d. Inability to trace the details of a transaction within a reasonable time frame given the absence of a system.

e. Making crucial financial decisions on spending or long term Investments without even the basic information on their current status.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


So what’s the remedy?
NRich Software P Ltd, started with the Mission of “Making Readily Available, Useful, Easy to use, Affordable and Robust Software Products to Millions World Over”, launched Enrich Software. Our objective was and is, very clear.

We want every person who has with a computer at home to become familiar and gradually intimate with his / her personal finances so that he / she takes powerful decisions and eventually Save Much More Money from the same income.

With this objective in mind, Enrich was developed specifically for the Indian user. We tested it many times so that our customers do not face any major challenge at their end. To help them use it without any support whatsoever, we designed it on the same way that we would normally earn and spend and added relevant help available within the software at the touch of the key. By keeping the manual intervention as low as possible, we were able to keep costs down and hence made it really affordable for an average Indian family.

We invested a lot of our resources to educate the prospective customers on the benefits of using our software regularly and this approach has won us customers from all over the country.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


14.99 Reasons to go in for Enrich Software
It is excellent if you can write down the transactions like your parents in a diary or a notebook and that is a great way to start.

But Its even better to do it in 'Enrich' because :

1. Trail of Cash expenses and income. Let’s say that you have withdrawn Rs.5000 from your bank account either by ATM or the regular process today. A few days later when you go to the ATM again to withdraw cash and ask yourself “where did all that money go?”, you are unlikely to get any answer except perhaps some big ticket expenses. Although you had spent the entire amount, there is no clue on the outflow. And you continue to do it week after week or month after month and you are still clueless. By logging the transactions in 'Enrich', you will have a clear track of your cash outflow and inflow too!

2. Clear and unambiguous Bank and Credit card statements : If you deposit a cheque from your tenant in your account, the statement would at best show ‘clg’ and you must refer to your pay-in-slip (if you still have it and able to trace it) to see if your deposits have been credited into your account. In the bank statement generated by 'Enrich' , this particular transaction will have a description ‘Rent for Dec less repair expenses of 325/-‘. I leave it your judgment as to which is clearer. Likewise your cheques and your withdrawals from ATMs. The statements from the bank will certainly be sketchy compared to those from 'Enrich'.

Credit card statements are worse because a restaurant that you have patronized might be registered under a different name for the Credit card purposes and the other name will only be mentioned in your statement. This leads to lot of confusion and doubt in your mind because you do not remember having done any transaction with the supplier as mentioned in the statement. The credit card statement from 'Enrich', on the other hand, will clearly state that on 29th Jan, you spent Rs.565/- at Lancashire restaurant with family on a special occasion. Again, I rest my case.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


3. Top Income and Expenses to help identify the leaks. Most people remember only large value transactions and forget the adage ‘little drops make a mighty ocean’. They are blissfully unaware that their impulse purchases, frequent eating out etc that add up to a tidy sum. This accounts for a substantial portion of their total expenses and thus their total income. 'Enrich' through its Top Expenses Report throws light on your spending patterns by showing those expense heads which consume a sizable amount in the decreasing order. The top entries will constitute the bulk of your total expenses. Thus a person will become aware of the leaks that have crept into his system without his knowledge. By fixing these leaks (meaning breaking those habits), he can prevent an occurrence of such expenses in future which means that a rupee not spent is a rupee earned. Thus he will have more money left for Productive investments.

Likewise, the Top Incomes report will reveal those sources which truly contribute to the family income. Those that consume much of time and effort but yield little, can be identified and the energies can be channelized into sources that are truly productive.

4. Zip Search based on description. Many a time, we spend a lot of time and effort searching for details of our past expenses or income. Because much of those information exists in different islands like bank statements or receipts or discharge slips which are equally untraceable. Instead, if a meaningful description is typed into 'Enrich' at the time of logging in the transaction, one has to just enter a phrase and all transactions whose description would match that phrase will be immediately listed. To make it even better, the user can even give a date range for the search. For example, purchase of a cell phone in the past 8 – 10 months can be retrieved instantly by giving cell as the search phrase for the duration say Feb. to march 2004 and the details will be immediately shown. If the cell phone has one year’s warranty, one can claim it if eligible by quoting the date of purchase.

5. Income and expenses listing : when one looks at the abnormally high expenditure in a period from the Summary Reports and is unable to account for it, he can generate the listing of those expenses incurred during that period and this will reveal all the transactions for that period. One can just use his memory for better things than for remembering the details of all past transactions. And this can be done perpetually in 'Enrich'.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


6. Regular debit and credit for frequent transactions based on a single entry : Today, everything from a house to a cell phone is purchased using credit and paid by EMIs. Writing all these transactions manually is very cumbersome whereas in 'Enrich' all these transactions are captured by a single entry.

7. Information of ATM Withdrawals. Although this has been dealt with in detail earlier, it is necessary to amplify the issue of withdrawing cash using ATM which has become more or less a norm. one frequently observes that after withdrawing the cash from the ATM, most people shred the transaction slip after just a glance. When they get the bank statement, they are amazed that they have done so many withdrawals from the ATM with nothing to show for the amount withdrawn. The bank statements from 'Enrich' would show the ATM location (if keyed in at the time of logging in the transaction in 'Enrich' ) along with the description of the withdrawal. For example, 18th March 2005 ATM RK Salai cash for paying school fees Rs.2500.00 as shown in 'Enrich' is much clearer than 18th March 2005 ATM Rs.2500.00 as mentioned in the bank statement. Would you not agree ?

8. Income summary for a year. Most of us consider only our salary as the income and hence make all our calculations based on that. But there are investments say in RBI Bonds that pay interest half-yearly, in Senior Citizen Scheme that pays interest on a quarterly basis, the rent on your property that comes on different dates and with reduced amounts sometimes and so on. The income summary therefore gives a correct picture of your inflows by taking into account all your various incomes coming in at different points of time.

9. Expenses summary for a year. If the clarity on Income is 60 %, that on expenses is probably 15 % only. Most of us look at only big ticket expenses but fail to recognize those myriad of transactions that drain our earnings without our awareness. The expenses summary therefore shows the various expense heads on which our money keeps flowing out on a regular basis and copiously that too !

10. Savings summary for a year. Because of the lack of awareness on both income and expenses, savings is often a question mark for many people and they are really clueless about it ! By just entering your income and expenses transactions n 'Enrich', you will clearly see savings (or the lack of it) for every month forever. And all these without any counting or use of calculators from your end and if you have forgotten to put an entry, you can do it and the savings position will get dynamically altered.

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Imagine toting up all the income and expenses totals manually and arriving at a figure and then realizing that there were a few incomes and expenses that you have not reckoned with!

11. Variance summary for a year. Budgeting is a very powerful exercise at every level be it an individual, family, Organization or even a Nation. Failure to adhere to the budgets one has specified himself is a pure recipe for financial disaster. In 'Enrich' you can specify the budgets and know on which expense head and in which month you have exceeded the budget and do some analysis so that it does not happen in the future.

12. Alert when your expenses exceed the Budgeted amount: This is alarm at its best. While the variance summary can be termed as a post mortem for future analysis, the Variance Alert happens as soon as the actual expenses exceed the budget. If the negative happens on the 20th of a month, it is an indication to the person that some amount of belt tightening must be done in the next 10 odd days. This helps in reining expenses to a large extent and adds to the financial stability of the family.

13. Caution when the bank balance is insufficient to meet the cheque amount. Giving PDCs or Bank mandates for EMIs is very easy but if the balance in the account is insufficient to meet the payment, then it would all turn nasty. There would be penalties imposed, charges from the bank for bounced cheques and can also invite legal hassles. 'Enrich' checks the accounts (maintained within the software) from which PDCs have been issued 3 days prior to the due date of realization of the cheque and if the amount is insufficient, it gives out an alert to the person concerned. An alert and sane person will either deposit some cash or ask the person concerned to present the cheque a couple of days later so that he does not face any embarrassing situations.

14. Holistic view of Family Finances : Even if individual Family Members write down their own transactions, the Income and Expenses of the entire Family cannot be dynamically consolidated. 'Enrich' provides a concise yet comprehensive picture of the entire Family’s Finances from the individual records.

14.99 All of these for all your Family Members & most importantly, Forever

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Our customers say
We are reproducing the feedback from some of our customers below Simplicity and absolutely user friendly. An excellent software for personal use Mr Jaganmohan, Chennai Enrich Software is best & useful for anyone - Mr.Subramanian, Sivagangai Money not wasted in money earned. Enrich software prevents wastage. Dr Sivasubramanian, Trichy Enrich saves manages all my monetary affairs. Enrich is like an accountant in 24.7 service – Mrs.Maragathamani, Chennai Enrich Software helps me to manage my money and time effectively. – Mr Muruga Barathi, Pudukkottai. Enrich is so simple but elaborative, user friendly, all in one handy account `E`book Dr Sankara Venketesan.B, Vallior Very very wonderful Enrich software. My accounts are on my fingertips. Enrich is my bank in my hand. Easy and user friendly. Thank you. Mr Vimal G V, Salem Easy to use. No tension. Specially I saved my golden time. Thank you for your software. Mr.Damodaran, Gudiyatham Enrich Software fully supports my financial plan. Thank you. Mr.Anantha Mohan, Pollachi Enrich is a tension-free software for my business and personal accounts. I know which are the avoidable expenses Mr. Saravanan.V, Chennai To keep my money only in my wallet Dr Ilango, Dharmapuri It is so easy to work out for a middle class family too Mr. Muthu kumar.M , Coimbatore To Monitor and keep expenses under check Mr. Sundara Natarajan.N Trichy It is useful maintain our income & expense - Mrs Geetha Ramesh, Chennai Easy and best. Mr. Shanmugam.V Hosur

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


What’s Peace & Prosperity (for Your Entire Family) Worth?

Some words in conclusion.

Many people think that earning is most important. We differ. We firmly believe that Savings is more important than earning. History has shown many thousands of people who earned well, perhaps even extraordinarily but died paupers because of their extravagance.

We do not want that to happen to you and hence we strongly recommend that you immediately start following these 2 principles of Recording your incomes and expenses & Budgeting.

We firmly recommend Enrich Software because of the many benefits that you can reap from using it regularly.

You can now save money that you would have paid as penalties for late payment, save time which otherwise would have been spent in searching for details of your transactions and most importantly gift your entire family Peace and Prosperity, Forever!

How much would all these be worth for you?

What you pay for Enrich as a Lifetime Fee is probably less than what it would cost you for an evening out for a movie and dinner with family.

Just pay Rs.995/- & get Enrich Software delivered to your doorstep

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


How to Order for Enrich Software?
1. Visit our Order page on our Website ( fill up the details and click on ‘Submit’.

2. Email to giving your contact details including your full address with pin code and phone number(s). Please indicate whether you want to avail of the Pre-Paid or Post Paid option. (See below for details)

3. SMS your order to 8144414433 giving your contact details including your full address with pin code & email id.

Whether you order online, by email or by SMS, please indicate your Preferred Payment Option. (Details are given below)

Available Payment Options:

Pre-Paid: Just deposit Rs.995/- (by cash, cheque or fund transfer) into our Current Account (Indian Bank 807216050 or ICICI Bank 602205040694) favouring NRich Software P Ltd. We will courier the Software to you at no extra charge.

Post-Paid or VPP: On receiving your order, we will send Enrich software to you through India Post and you can pay on delivery to the postman in cash. (There is an extra fee of Rs.50 to be paid to the Postman for this service)

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever


Some Parting Words
I have given the essence of prosperity and abundance in this Guide and I really wish you all success in Saving More, Forever.

Although you now know the Secrets, it would be of no use to you unless you really start putting these immortal principles to work. And the first step towards that is to order for Enrich Software. It doesn’t end there. The key to success lies in using Enrich regularly, preferably on a daily basis.

And Enrich is to be used not only by you but by all members of your family. Your Children will learn the basics of money Management and the value of money if they are asked to maintain their incomes and expenses in Enrich. Your spouse will now have a real opportunity to use the computers that you have bought for the home.

If you have any feedback on this Savings Guide or about our products, please write to me

With warm regards

V S Badri Narayanan

Revealed, Twin Secrets To Save More, Forever