Planescape: Torment chat. Held at #interplay on April 7, 1999 at 6:00 - 8:00 pm PST.

Editted log file prepared by Silverdawn of Baldur's Gate Chronicles (http://www. In attendance were: Striding Dragon: Guido Henkel, Director Colirama or BISColin: Colin McComb, Designer. Pinchy: Dan "Pinchloaf" Spitzley, Lead Programmer Tim: Tim Donley, Lead Artist Jim: Jim Gardner, Programmer Clover: Krys Card, Public Relations Meghan: Meghan Jenks, Public Relations <Meghan> Welcome to the Planescape:Torment chat! If you have a question for the team, here's how to get on the list: If you are using an IRC client, type "/msg meghan addme" without quotes. <Meghan> If you are using your browser to chat, click on my name to highlight it , click on the Whisper button in the lower right of the chat window, and type "a ddme" without the quotes. Remember to click on the Talk button again after whisp ering! You MUST be in #interplay when your turn comes up or you will be skipped. <Meghan> If you're waiting in line to ask a question, now is a good time to type it into a text editor like Notepad, highlight the text, hit ctrl-c to copy it, and when your turn comes up, hit ctrl-v to paste it in. Remember to keep questio ns short and sweet :) <Meghan> Please do NOT ask when the release date is. The information is availabl e elsewhere. Don't ask questions that are answered on the website! Also, please refrain from profanity or vulgarity out of respect for our younger attendees. <Meghan> This is a moderated chat. You won't be able to talk until it's your tur n. Please DO NOT change your nick to make a comment or ask a question. Repeated nick changes will get you banned from the chat. * Meghan takes a deep breath. <Meghan> Hi everyone :) <Clover> Meg, lets do intros <Meghan> Are you guys ready? <Tim> yup <Meghan> Yes, Clover, I know :) <Clover> ok, ok <Pinchy> Uh huh Uh huh Uh huh * Meghan nudges Clover. <Clover> Oh, me? <Meghan> Would you folks please introduce yourselves, and your roles in creating Torment? <Clover> I'm Krys Card, the PR manager for Black Isle Studios <Pinchy> Dan "Pinchloaf" Spitzley. Lead Programmer. <Clover> Tim? Guido? <Striding_Dragon> Guido Henkel, director of Torment <Clover> Director? <Clover> Dang! <Striding_Dragon> Director! <Tim> I'm Tim Donley. Lead Artist among the finest bunch of artists... ever! <Clover> Director of Torment is interesting <Pinchy> Tim's typing as fast as he can. <Clover> Go tim go <Striding_Dragon> Clovis: Well, they changed my title some time ago... <Meghan> Great.. do you guys have any announcements? News? Comments? <Pinchy> They can' <Pinchy> They can

<Striding_Dragon> I love our fans! <Pinchy> They can't call him Sugar-Drawers anymore. <Tim> We are the fans slaves <Clover> Really? I didn't get the memo <Clover> but Director of Torment is probably pretty accurate... <Clover> ;) <Pinchy> PLANESCAPE RULES!!! WOOHOO! <Meghan> Anything else? :P * Clover smacks Dan <Pinchy> Ouch. <Meghan> Now now, kids. <Clover> Calm down there, mister <Meghan> Play nice. This is work, remember? <Pinchy> If you can call it that. <Pinchy> So, what's first? <Meghan> Sssshhh.. at least let them *think* we're working. <Meghan> Ready for questions, then? <Pinchy> Yup. <Pinchy> This is Tim's party, though. <Tim> Fire those questions at us <Pinchy> I wasn't headlining. <Meghan> Okay :) I think we have 3 or 4 people in the queue :P <Meghan> ChaosMage, you're first. * Tim looks at Dan sideways. === Mode change "-v Meghan" by Meghan === Mode change "+v ChaosMage" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, ChaosMage <ChaosMage> Can Nameless One dual-class into Cleric? If so, will he be (1) gener ic Cleric or (2) Priest of some particular Power? <Pinchy> Guido? <Pinchy> As we've mentioned before, the Nameless One has been 25th level in all classes. <Pinchy> He will not have the option at the game's outset to be dual-classed, bu t he will gain the appropriate powers subsequently. <Striding_Dragon> I don't exactly remember if you can dual-class to Cleric.... M aybe someone could run into Chris' office real quick to ask. <Tim> According to Chris Avellone there is not the standard Dual Classing in thi s game. <Clover> Chris Avellone is the lead designer <Pinchy> He's sort of a scabby Jack-of-All-Trades. <Clover> and an all around swell guy... <Pinchy> The Nameless One, not Chris Avellone. Yeesh. <Clover> I know, I know <Clover> (although Chris is kind of scabby...) <Pinchy> In certain places. <Clover> Eeewwww <Tim> As to the second part he will not be a priest of any particular power <ChaosMage> Thank you! <Pinchy> No problem. <Tim> Chaos: Thank you! <Meghan> Give me a GA when it's time to move on please. :) <Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v ChaosMage" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Kyote" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Kyote <Kyote> The AI pathing in BG was terrible, as you all probably know. I'm just wo ndering what's been done to improve the AI pathfinding in Torment? If anything? <Pinchy> This was addressed to a certain extent in the patch. <Pinchy> The problem had to do with keeping the <Striding_Dragon> We will increase the number of nodes from the get-go...

<Kyote> To a certain extent yes, but there was room for improvement. I'm wonderi ng if that's been done. <Pinchy> number of path nodes down to a managable <Meghan> Hey! It's Colin :) <Pinchy> level on a low end system. <BISColin> Hey! It's Meghan! <Striding_Dragon> which will allow for a deeper search, but there are obviously always limitations to path search algorithms. <Pinchy> We have increased the max for Torment. <Kyote> increased it? Oh, that /is/ good! Great. Cool. :) <Clover> Hello, BIS Colin - please introduce yourself <Pinchy> It will be user-changable in a similar fashion to BG. <BISColin> Okay, Clovis. :) <Kyote> thanks guys. Peace. ;) <BISColin> Colin McComb. Designer. <Pinchy> If you have a high-end system it should be better. <Kyote> is a k6-2 300mhz high-end? :} <Clover> Hello, BIS Colin - please introduce yourself <BISColin> What, again? <Pinchy> That system should be quite sufficient. <BISColin> Can't stay for long - I have placement to finish up. :) <Kyote> Figured, the engine's not that changed from BG. Uhm. I'm spamming. i'll shut up now. Thanks! <Clover> Hello? <Pinchy> Thanks for talkin'. GA <Meghan> Hello, Clover. <Meghan> Thanks Kyote! === Mode change "-v Kyote" by Meghan === Mode change "+v ALee-Oop" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, ALee-Oop <ALee-Oop> Are there any plans for BIS to do a D&D game based on the DragonLance universe? <Striding_Dragon> We do not have the rights to Dragonlance. <Pinchy> Unfortunately we don't have that license. <ALee-Oop> Bummer, any idea who does? <Striding_Dragon> I wish... I'd love to kill Raistlin... <Pinchy> I don't expect it's something we can get very easily, either. <Pinchy> I'm not sure who has it. <Pinchy> SSI probably lost it some time ago. <ALee-Oop> That's a pity, you've done so well with the others, thanks for answer ing, though. <Clover> I'm back <Pinchy> Any idea, Guido? <Pinchy> You're welcome. GA <Striding_Dragon> I have no idea. I believe... === Mode change "-v ALee-Oop" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Silverdawn" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Silverdawn <Silverdawn> Guido has stressed that he would like a shorter game so everyone ca n finish it without losing interest. How many possible paths are there to finish ing Torment to provide replay value? How branched is the plot? <Striding_Dragon> SSI's license has expired. Maybe Activision has it. <Pinchy> This is probably a question for Colin since he's the only designer on r ight now. <Striding_Dragon> I think it's really impossible to count... <BISColin> We have a number of sub-quests that you can undertake in any number o f ways. There are several possible endings as well. <Striding_Dragon> There are so many branches in the tree that build the story th at it's really impossible to tell. <BISColin> We take into account your actions throughout the game for our endings

. It's practically personalized. <BISColin> I'm done. <Silverdawn> Is there a linear main path or not really to tie it all together/ <Pinchy> There is a main plot path, but it's resolution is again based on your b ehavior throughout the game. <Striding_Dragon> Colin? <BISColin> There are choke points where you have to complete certain quests befo re you can move on, but within the areas between choke points, you are free as a bird. <Pinchy> Sorry, that should be "its". <Striding_Dragon> Mind you.... <Silverdawn> How would you distinguish it from BG on that score (besides length) ? <Striding_Dragon> the basic idea is a very story driven and singular plot one... <Striding_Dragon> I think of it as being linerly unlinear... <Pinchy> I think one of the biggest differences will be in the way dialog progre sses. <Meghan> (By the way.. if you've asked a question and have another one, you can get back in the queue) <Striding_Dragon> Because it's so slow you mean? <Pinchy> You will notice considerable differences in dialog choices depending on how you are playing the game. <Silverdawn> (Meghan addme :) <Meghan> Hehehe <Meghan> Add yourself :P <Pinchy> Guido is right, actually. <Pinchy> We have so many triggers to parse that we need to modify the dialog sys tem so it handles it more quickly. <Pinchy> Rest assured this will be done. <Pinchy> GA <Striding_Dragon> Yaddayaddayadda.... <Silverdawn> thanks <Pinchy> Sorry to get boring, Guido. <Striding_Dragon> :-))) <Meghan> :) <Pinchy> :) === Mode change "-v Silverdawn" by Meghan === Mode change "+v MarLo" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, MarLo <MarLo> I know laws of Physics can be broken in PS. Will that be implement in th e game, can you give us an idea how they will change (just an idea....) and how hard was that to put in? <BISColin> Don't apologize, Dan! Run over and smack him! <BISColin> Wow. Tough question. * Clover smacks whomever needs to be smacked (that's my job) <Meghan> The time is now 6:30pm Pacific <Pinchy> Physics changes will be presented as the plot necessitates. <BISColin> It's a little hard to do that with the engine we've got. <Pinchy> Gravity may be different for some spell effects if they are designed as such. <Tim> There is a bit of reality warping (at least visually) <BISColin> We do some really cool stuff with art. <Pinchy> No duh, Colin. You've seen the screen shots, haven't you. === Gavlin is now known as Gavlin-Strife <BISColin> Sorry, Tim. Was that giving anything away? <BISColin> Screen shots? We have screen shots? <Tim> not at all. hahah <Pinchy> GA <MarLo> thx === Mode change "-v MarLo" by Meghan

=== Mode change "+v Star-Fyre" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Star-Fyre <Star-Fyre> Hello all :) <Star-Fyre> *1) in the movie file located on the BG cd's (with the D3 movie file ) <Star-Fyre> , are all those shots cinematics from Torment, or were they made jus t <Star-Fyre> for BG's Torment advertisement? <Star-Fyre> *2) it was mentioned <somewhere> that bringing up menus and such wil l be <Star-Fyre> less intrusive..does that mean it will be like Descent : Freespace w here <Star-Fyre> all menu's were bright colours with transparent background window so that <Star-Fyre> u could always c the main game screen behind it? <Star-Fyre> *3) are any expansions being considered? <Star-Fyre> *4) how many monsters/spells will be in the game (approx of course : )? and <Star-Fyre> since most spells will be new unique funky stuff..does that mean we won't <Star-Fyre> see any of the regular spells in the game (ie. magic missile, meteor swarm, cure <Star-Fyre> light wounds?) <Star-Fyre> thanks... <Clover> Yipe <Tim> 1) Some were made exclusively for that movie <Pinchy> 1. They were not final movies in the game. Some could be included, I gu ess. * Star-Fyre terrifies clover with all the long words :) <BISColin> 3. Not at the moment. We have to see how the game does. <Tim> 2: There are some transparencies in the menus <Pinchy> 2. The new popup menu WILL be translucent. You can see through it, but there is a colored webbing in between. <BISColin> 4. We'll see some ordinary spells, but most of them are brand-new and cool. <Pinchy> 3. No expansions are currently planned, but time will tell. <BISColin> (sorry, Tim... I hate to keep giving your art away) <Tim> 2: The menu system has been drastically redesigned from BG (Thanks to a li ttle help from MC Guido H) <Pinchy> 4. Lots o' critters. <Star-Fyre> lots... <Star-Fyre> uhmm..good detail :) <Star-Fyre> hehe <Striding_Dragon> Tim: You hated me for the changes back then... :-) <Pinchy> 4. There will be regular spells in the game as well. <BISColin> 4. Lots and lots of monsters. <Tim> I know but you were right. HAHAHAHAH <BISColin> Guido: Past tense? ;) <Star-Fyre> okay..thanks :) * Tim laughs out loud at the whole irony! <Striding_Dragon> Colin: Well... <Pinchy> You can't impress people with big spells unless you have small ones to give them scale. GA <Striding_Dragon> Colin: I didn't know the situation has become that serious.... === Mode change "-v Star-Fyre" by Meghan === Mode change "+v ALee-Oop" by Meghan -Meghan- You're next! Please have your question ready. <Meghan> Go ahead, ALee-Oop <ALee-Oop> Are there going to be any points with "infinite monster respawning" l ike there was in BG?

<BISColin> Guido: Smell the wood burning? Those are torches. <Striding_Dragon> There will be a few... <ALee-Oop> Because that started slowing down my machine, big time. <Striding_Dragon> It's an integral design element that has to be in the game som ehow somewhere... <Striding_Dragon> however, it is not taken to extremes and used very sparsely, I 'd think. <Pinchy> That depends on the designers. There are several places that could have infinite respawning. <BISColin> ALO: Until certain places have been *cleared*, they'll respawn. <Pinchy> However, combat is not really the basis of the game, so it will probabl y be kept to a minimum. <ALee-Oop> Cool, cool. Thanks. <BISColin> Dan: Really? oops. <BISColin> I mean, "right!" <Pinchy> Hey, Colin. I said it's up to you guys. <Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v ALee-Oop" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Silverdawn" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Silverdawn <Silverdawn> What is the state of the game engine that will be displayed at E3? <Striding_Dragon> We don't know yet... === Join: talandor is from Canada <Striding_Dragon> E3 is not here yet. :-) <Pinchy> Guido, what exactly are we showing there? <Striding_Dragon> Seriously, we're trying to show the state of the game then and it's hard to tell what exaclty that will be like. <Silverdawn> Well how many abilities are not yet implimented <Striding_Dragon> Of course we're trying to get it as "final" as possible, but w ho knows... <Silverdawn> eg dialog, art, plot, etc. <Striding_Dragon> Things happen. <Striding_Dragon> Dialog will be there. <Striding_Dragon> Art will be there <Striding_Dragon> Plot will be there <Tim> Art will be there. <Pinchy> The art is almost totally finished. <Striding_Dragon> Almost totally? <Silverdawn> I know BG spent a lot of time doing data entry just before Q&A :) <Tim> The version shown at E3 will be as complete a version as we can make it <Pinchy> Hey, I'm just a dumb programmer. <Striding_Dragon> Same here <Silverdawn> 2) Calling Guide Director seems to be be another indication of Inte rplay getting closer to the movie business. Why was it changed from Producer? <Silverdawn> Guido.. :) <Striding_Dragon> Because I hated the title <BISColin> Just for fun on the movie poster. <Tim> He changed it himself. <Pinchy> I didn't know it had. I still consider him just plain old Guido. <BISColin> Plus, he has one of those folding chairs with his name on the back. <BISColin> And a megaphone. <Pinchy> He wears a beret, too. <Striding_Dragon> No, seriously while we're on it.... <Tim> But Colin has the beret <Meghan> cough <BISColin> and shouts 'CUT!' occasionally. <Striding_Dragon> I think Producer has a very bad connotation and I didn't want to live with it any longer. <Pinchy> I can't wait for Colin's nude scene. <Striding_Dragon> So now I am a "Project Director"

<Striding_Dragon> PinchY: ????? <Silverdawn> Sounds like you are building a road ;) <BISColin> Nude scene? That wasn't in my contract! <Pinchy> Well, since we were talkin' movies..... * Tim wonders what dan is talking about. === Join: Laresek is from Canada <Striding_Dragon> Casting couch anyone? <Pinchy> Well, your contract's changed!!! * Clover wonders why a she hasn't written a press release about the nude scene.. . <BISColin> Get my agent on the phone! <Meghan> Okay! <BISColin> Yeah, Clovis, get on it! === Mode change "-v Silverdawn" by Meghan === Mode change "+v MarLo" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, MarLo <MarLo> Is the spell system like BG (I mean, resting 8 hrs without interuption t o learn them)? Or since they are really wacky, will they have a different learni ng mechanism? And how do we get them in the first place? Can we buy them or will they all have to be remembered? <Clover> (dude, you are so fired) <Pinchy> Colin? <BISColin> Hoo boy. <Striding_Dragon> Folks I have to take a call here real quick... excuse me, plz. I'l hollar when I'm back. <Pinchy> I know many spells come from remembering things from your past. <BISColin> There are multiple ways for spells to work out. <BISColin> Some of them are from the resting thing. Some are memories. Some are scrolls. Some are gifts. <BISColin> Some can be bought or bartered. <Pinchy> In other words, we don't know. ;) <Pinchy> Just kidding. <BISColin> No, we do know. <BISColin> There are just so many ways we can do it, though... <BISColin> Does that answer your question, vaguely? <MarLo> Yup. How many spell is there then? 20? <Pinchy> It's certainly very different from traditional D&D spell learning. <MarLo> If there is so many ways..... <BISColin> Ha. Nice try. ;) <MarLo> hehe.... <Pinchy> The number of spells is up in the air a bit. I think we have over 80 sp ells in paper, but it's just a matter of how many we can finish by the time the game ships. <MarLo> Ouch! A lot of art.... <Tim> Quite a bit <Pinchy> You'd be surprised how fast Eric Campanella can race through it, though . <Tim> But doable. * Clover senses Tim is overworked <Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v MarLo" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Kyote" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Kyote * Tim looks at his stack of paper * BISColin smells sulfur. <BISColin> Dan, get those matches away from Tim. <Kyote> I found the voice acting in Baldur's Gate was pretty darn good, all in a ll. Any of the voice actors from BG making an appearance in Torment? * Clover applauds Tim on his new use of the /me option <Pinchy> Not sure yet.

<Kyote> not a particularily important question, but one I am curious about. How much of the voice acting has been recorded so far, anyway? <Pinchy> We plan VO, but it hasn't been cast yet. <BISColin> We haven't really decided yet. That's a Guido question. * Tim bows graciously. <Kyote> ahh, voice recording hasn't even begun yet? I'm a bit early then :) <Clover> Is Guido still on the horn? <Pinchy> Probably. <Pinchy> The voice acting will come nearer the end of the project. <Tim> Guido is away for a sec but I believe we are looking into the exact talent s now <Clover> Kyote - I think those things go in fairly late in production, yes, guys ? <BISColin> ... when we don't have time to change it... <Pinchy> Generally. <Clover> right <Striding_Dragon> I'm back... whazzzup <Tim> Clover. Yes * Kyote offers Easter candy to the Interplay and Black Isle doods. <Striding_Dragon> sorry about this. <Pinchy> DUDE, YOU MISSED IT GUIDO!!!! <Pinchy> IT WAS SO RAD!!!! <Striding_Dragon> What???? * Tim eats it up. <Striding_Dragon> Hmmhhh... * Striding_Dragon wonders <Pinchy> Shhhh! Shhhh. He's falling for it. <Clover> (so does Guido, apparently) * Tim smiles happily at Kyote. <Pinchy> GA <Kyote> It wasn't THAT good a question Pinchy, goodness.... === Mode change "-v Kyote" by Meghan === Mode change "+v ALee-Oop" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, ALee-Oop <Striding_Dragon> Maggie... Clovies... please explain <ALee-Oop> How will multiplayer dialogue be handled? Will it be the same as it was in BG? When I started a MP game, that other players complained that they ha d to stop doing something if I (the leader) talked to anyone. * Meghan is on the phone. <BISColin> That's not really an issue here... <Striding_Dragon> There is no multi-player in the game, so we don't really have that problem. <Tim> Thats simple. No Multiplayer. <BISColin> Dan? Your turn. <ALee-Oop> Doh. my bad. :) * Pinchy looks innocent. * Striding_Dragon is hungry! <Pinchy> Entropy has left Interplay? Wow, no more missed deadlines! <BISColin> HA HA HA... sorry. <Pinchy> Am I the GA guy? <Pinchy> GA <Tim> i think we're ready for another <Tim> ga === Mode change "-v ALee-Oop" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Nickelle" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Nickelle <Nickelle> With the revival of the CRPG genre and the huge success of BG have th e expectations for Planescape been altered? In the wake of more and more CRPG Ti tles what plans from marketing to fire up the masses to get into Torment? <Colirama> Yes, Dan, you're GA.

<Colirama> Hey, Clovis, that's all you./ <Pinchy> Fan dancing! <Tim> Actually, we are probably allowed to do more of the game we want. <Tim> Now that BG is such a success. <Colirama> Krys? <Striding_Dragon> For the question... <Colirama> Hello? <Colirama> helloooooooooooooooo <Striding_Dragon> To a degree, yes, the perception has changed... <Striding_Dragon> and everyone now thinks every RPG has to be the next Baldur's Gate or even better... <Pinchy> We now have to wear chain mail to work. <Striding_Dragon> It's a bit of a problem here, bringing some people back for a reality check... <Tim> and our expectations have always been pretty high. <Striding_Dragon> but I am hopeful we can handle it. <Clover> Yes <Clover> What <Clover> Colirama? <Striding_Dragon> I am not talking about the team here! We always knew what we'r e doing and to what degree this game. <Colirama> Read the question, Krys! <Striding_Dragon> can or can not be a major success. <Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v Nickelle" by Meghan === Mode change "+v me" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, me <Clover> (I was checking email) <Pinchy> GA, I say! <me> I know that the nameless one is immortal, but is there anything that CAN ki ll you (Gods or the like) or otherwise have a permanent effect on you or your en viornment, like curses put on you, someone chopping you into pieces and scatteri ng them all over the multiverse, etc? Also how can he be every class, due to ali gnment conflictions- such as paladins must always be lawful good and bards must always be partially neutral, thieves can be any alignment exce <me> anything by getting knocked into that coma? <me> I'm done <Tim> Wow. <Pinchy> Things CAN kill you. <Pinchy> They just have to violate your body so much that you can't return. <Striding_Dragon> I mean, even if you're immortal, total destruction... <Striding_Dragon> of your body will bring an end to your existence. <Pinchy> As for the races, we don't deal with paladins or bards in Planescape. <Striding_Dragon> Being dragged throug hthe planes of Earth eternally will bring an end to you.... <Striding_Dragon> there are ways... especially in Planescape. :-) <Colirama> As for the classes, he wakes up with different alignments. :) <Pinchy> Sorry, classes. <Colirama> He chooses his life course each time he dies and awakens... a tabula rasa, if you will. <Tim> The alignment thing reflects multiple lifetimes. <Pinchy> Tabula rasa? Didn't I eat that for breakfast yesterday? <Colirama> No, I believe that was your body being violated. <Pinchy> Woo! <Meghan> Oh my. * Colirama pauses for imagery <Colirama> Good enough answer? <Meghan> Enough, enough, my brain hurts! * Pinchy imagines Colin pouring him a bowl of cereal... Ahhh..... <Clover> Ew.

<Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v me" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Flabbyjack" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Flabbyjack <Flabbyjack> Who are you, and what are you doing here? *I have a complaint* Pe ople think that when I tell them about the Interplay site, that its a porn site, please change the name to Flabbyjack Incorporated. I don't like being squelche d, I want the respet I deserve... oh, nevermind. Here comes the question, "ANY chance of a public editor? Its tough to do, but really enhances the game in all ". Please elaborate beyond the normal yes, no, or lea <Striding_Dragon> Hahahahaaa! <Flabbyjack> Yes, quite amusing. <Clover> hehe <Pinchy> Tough question. <Striding_Dragon> I was laughing about the pronsite part.... <Meghan> It's so true :) <Striding_Dragon> We couldn't even access our own site because of the Firewall.. . :-) <Meghan> Hehe <Pinchy> An editor is a sticky issue. <Meghan> We can't even access some of the sites we advertise on because of the f irewall :P <Colirama> A pronsite? Is that some sort of German tool? ;) <Pinchy> The main problem, as I stated in an earlier chat is the mass of tools t hat are needed just to run the editors themselves. <Striding_Dragon> I did not know that! <Flabbyjack> Well, it adds A LOT to the game. <Striding_Dragon> What adds a lot to the game. Porn? <Colirama> lol! <Pinchy> We use Borland database utilities that the public would need to have ac cess to. <Flabbyjack> Basically, is an editor out of the question? (not this question) <Meghan> Oh come on! How am I supposed to edit this out of the log and still ha ve it all make sense?! :) <Pinchy> We don't have the ability to redistribute them, so I'm not sure how it would work unless we rewrote the entire database system. <Flabbyjack> Can it at least have porn? <Tim> I think Dan is hinting that a public editor takes a lot more work than jus t issuing out the ones we use. <Striding_Dragon> :-) <Tim> haha <Striding_Dragon> We can issue an editor actually.... <Meghan> Okay okay this is a G RATED CHANNEL :) <Striding_Dragon> but people will have to buy Borland's Delphi package for a cou ple of hundred bucks to run it <Flabbyjack> Or, with an editor, I could import my OWN porn! (No, not porn of my self) * Meghan hides the fact she's snickering. <Pinchy> In my opinion, an editor would be possible, but it would require a cons tant source of support which just doesn't exist right now. <Striding_Dragon> Meghan: Snickering? <Flabbyjack> Hey, if anyone "G" is on this channel, they don't know what porn is , right? <Striding_Dragon> We have you! <Striding_Dragon> Flabby: Which is good... <Meghan> Oh my :) <Pinchy> GA <Meghan> I can just imagine what Flabbyjack's org^H^H^party will look like. === Mode change "-v Flabbyjack" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Entropy" by Meghan

<Meghan> Go ahead, Entropy <Entropy> Uhm yeah. How will memory be handled in torment?.. when a character l oses memory or an old memory emerges (brining spell or skill, perhaps?) ... <Striding_Dragon> Obviously we can't make the player forget... <Pinchy> Colin? <Striding_Dragon> which poses a problem all by itself... <Striding_Dragon> so we decided that the player character does not lose memory a ny more as soon as we enter Torment... <Entropy> In character/ Out of character knowlage syndrome. <Striding_Dragon> The memories will come back in almost a flashback fashion... <Striding_Dragon> we have not decided how or whether we will display that graphi cally. <Entropy> Kind of like the dreams in BG? <Colirama> He recoveries memories through dialogues and journal entries and perf orming actions that ring true to his old self. <Entropy> Oh <Entropy> Hmm.. Murder.. yum <Striding_Dragon> Murder? <Entropy> Yes <Entropy> cold-blooded <Entropy> mass <Colirama> Possibly. :) <Entropy> murder <Pinchy> Yes, murder is one of them. <Striding_Dragon> Pinchy!!! You did it again! <Striding_Dragon> :-))) <Entropy> Simply put, annihilate half sigil <Entropy> if not all of it. <Colirama> BAD DAN! BAD DAN! <Striding_Dragon> Kill Raistlin! <Entropy> dead bodies everywhere <Pinchy> What did I do????? <Colirama> Well, before you do that, Entropy, you have to cope with some very ir ked people. <Pinchy> GA, already! === Mode change "-v Entropy" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Star-Fyre" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Star-Fyre <Meghan> The time is now 7:00pm Pacific <Striding_Dragon> Especially AFTER you do that. :-) <Star-Fyre> *1) How big is the game map in comparison to BG (referring to overla nd maps, <Star-Fyre> town/cities and dungeons (or equivalents)? (approx. of course) <Star-Fyre> *2) also...just to clear up..theoretically, the main guy is not immo rtal.. <Star-Fyre> he is close..but not really..since as long as he can die (in any man ner) <Star-Fyre> he is no longer immortal (by definition)..YES, i know..i am being pi cky :) * Star-Fyre steals some of the candy Kyote gave Interplay before <Star-Fyre> :) <Striding_Dragon> 2) Yes, you are beingpicky. It's all relative. :-) <Star-Fyre> :) <Striding_Dragon> Anyway... the game is about half the size of BG <Pinchy> 1. Hard to say. 1/2 maybe. You have to remember, though that we don't h ave nearly as many open field screens as BG did. <Striding_Dragon> in terms of map size and area to cover. <Colirama> 2) more immortal than most people. :) <Pinchy> Most of our areas are pretty heavily populated. <Tim> Well, size-wise our maps probably add up to half and then some

<Tim> But oh my goodness the people you will see in them <Star-Fyre> hehe * Tim grabs a little bit of candy from Star-Frye <Pinchy> Give that back Tim! <Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v Star-Fyre" by Meghan === Mode change "+v MarLo" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, MarLo <MarLo> I know Greg isn't here, but here's a marketing Q: How will you sell PS:T ? It's a lot harder to understand than BG and a little more mature. Do you have any tips you can give me (I work at a computer/game shop and I have a hell of a time convincing people. They usually like the "arm for a weapon" idea ;-) <Colirama> Clovis, I just got your mail. <Clover> Did you laugh? <Clover> Figured it was up your alley... <Pinchy> Good question. <Colirama> Oh yes, I did. "up my alley," so to speak. <Striding_Dragon> It's not easy... <Colirama> This is an answer for Ms. Card, I think. <Pinchy> Personally I would point out that it has great RPG gameplay, but a sett ing that is new and different. <Striding_Dragon> Even here within Interplay we had a hard time... <Tim> The weirdness you mention seems to help sell it. <Striding_Dragon> explaining to people what we're doing and why we're doing it.. .. <Clover> Yikes, that's a hard one <Striding_Dragon> Questions like is it 3D, does it support Voodoo... all the kin d of crap you don't want to hear came up... <Clover> We're (I'm) trying by contacting the press and doing it through them <Striding_Dragon> numerous times. Anyway... We are trying to seel people on the exotic world. <Clover> Do you read CGW? <Striding_Dragon> The fact that the ga,e break with some of he traditions found in other games... Having... <Clover> There's a great preview Johnny Wilson wrote in the April issue that cov ers a lot of what the game is about <Striding_Dragon> said that however, you need to be careful not to alienate peop le on the other hand because... <MarLo> Clover: Yup, when I have time <Striding_Dragon> they migh tbe afraid, the game is soooo different that hey don 't like it anymore. <Striding_Dragon> It's walking a thin line. <MarLo> I see that! <Striding_Dragon> Clovis: Actually.... Johnny pretty much blew that one. <Clover> I try to emphasize the art, and what different cool things they've done with the engine <Pinchy> 'Dem pitchers is purdy! <Clover> Relating it to BG and then backing up from there is a good way to go <Clover> Also checking out the web site is a good thing too <Striding_Dragon> Comparing Elves with Bauriers is not <Clover> It really gives people a sense of the mood and setting created by the k ick ass art team * MarLo hopes Tim sees the compliment! <Clover> I think marketing is really pushing online audience to get them into it * Clover does too <Striding_Dragon> Yes, Clovis does too. <Tim> i do <Colirama> Tim sees all. <Tim> all the stufff is due to the whole team <MarLo> Ok, I see. Compare to Bg + nice art. Thanks!

<Clover> We had a huge online following with BG, and we're trying to replicate t hat <Pinchy> Ugh. Shouldn't have had that quesadilla. * Clover thanks Dan for sharing <Striding_Dragon> The problem is that BG was in the Forgotten Realsm, which ever yon knows... now <Colirama> Dan should be GA now. * Pinchy gives Clover a whiff. <Pinchy> GA <Pinchy> GA <Pinchy> GA * Clover passes out <Striding_Dragon> Torment is in Planescape which not so many people know about a nd it is just hard to duplicate the... === Mode change "-v MarLo" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Trumpace" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Trumpace <Trumpace> Many of the mystic creatures (no matter whether they are good or bad) in AD&D have an ingenious intelligence. But in BG many of the creatures were li mited only to fight, this does not fullfil their alleged intelligence by any mea ns (imho). Now to my question: Is there a larger action and interaction clearanc e for the creatures in this regard in PS:T? Will the monsters act " more intelli gently "? or will the monsters fall again into fight without <Striding_Dragon> fascination people had with the prospect of finally... <Striding_Dragon> getting a reall cool Forgotten Realms game. * Meghan smacks Pinchy. * Pinchy considers himself officially smacked. <Tim> If our scripters and programmers have their way the creatures will be a fa r bit better. <Colirama> The monsters will act more intelligently. Many of them will force the player into dialogue or to make choices. <Trumpace> :o)) <Colirama> They aren't just killing machines. <Trumpace> ok, thx <Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v Trumpace" by Meghan === Mode change "+v ALee-Oop" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, ALee-Oop <ALee-Oop> Are you guys going to do a promotion like they did with FO2 and name an NPC after a fan? Cuz, if you do, I think there are a lot of good NPC names i n this room right now...(hint hint.) And porn (or pron) adds a lot to the game, IMHO. :) * ALee-Oop sells soda to wash down the easter candy. <Pinchy> Interesting idea. <Striding_Dragon> We are indeed thinking down those lines, yes <Pinchy> I'll put your name in one of the game code's comments. <Tim> I think Guido has about a million ideas for that he can't talk about right now. <Colirama> "Aye, I'm Flabbyjack, head factor of the Dustmen." <Tim> Too big a secret <Striding_Dragon> Tim: :-)) <ALee-Oop> Of the promotion and not the porn, I assume... <Pinchy> Porn is easy. Comedy is hard. * ALee-Oop is King of the code comments! * Meghan withholds comment. <Colirama> Isn't that the other way around? <Meghan> Thank you, Colin :) <Striding_Dragon> No <Colirama> Going boldly where Meghan fears to tread... <Pinchy> Thank you Colin for the Obvious Joke of the Day

<Meghan> *grin* <Pinchy> GA <Colirama> Thank you, folks, I'll be here all week. <ALee-Oop> Thanks. :) <Meghan> Hehehe <Colirama> Don't forget to tip your waitress. === Mode change "-v ALee-Oop" by Meghan === Mode change "+v me" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, me <Clover> groan. <Pinchy> The skunk, or your dog? <Meghan> The dog :) <Colirama> Me? <Colirama> Me? <me> Are you going to be visiting any other planes in Torment, you don't have to say which ones, just if you will be visiting tons, some, a few, just staying in Sigil, etc. I can't wait to go on a scenic tour of the abyss! <Striding_Dragon> A few. <Colirama> You'll be visiting a number of them. :) <Colirama> Some. <me> Maybe if I'm lucky I can buy a retirement place down there :) <Pinchy> Colin, Guido? I don't want to give anything else away. Especially that Bruce Willis cameo. ;) <Striding_Dragon> Yes, the Bruce Willis cameo... <Clover> I thought it was Leonardo DiCaprio (hence Guido's "King of the World" c omplex) <Colirama> I can't give any more detail than "some" because Guido's right down t he hall... * Striding_Dragon kicks Clovis! <Pinchy> With a very large club. * Tim snnickers. <Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v me" by Meghan * Colirama avoids making the obvious joke === Mode change "+v Kyote" by Meghan * Clover watches as Guido breaks into the pose and yells "I'm the King of the Wo rld" at the top of his lungs <Pinchy> Thanks, Colin. <Meghan> Go for it, Kyote. <Pinchy> Good question. Let me answer it. * Tim waits with baited breathe. <Colirama> I think the answer is NO. Resoundingly. * Colirama waits with bait on his breath. <Pinchy> I feel a GA comin' on. <Meghan> He's there, honest... * Meghan nudges Kyote. <Pinchy> Uuuuhhhhhh....Uhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! <Pinchy> GA!!!!! * Striding_Dragon laughs really hard shaking his scales * Tim nudges Kyote. <Kyote> That last question, ahem, makes me think of something...What's the matur ity rating on this game? I realize from what I've read on the site that it's a f airly complex and strange game, and the Planescape setting seems a bit stark and deep, so I was wondering if you guys would rate this M, by the ESRB...and do yo u think that's the rating it should have? <Kyote> SORRY! <Kyote> :) <Pinchy> Woohoo! <Meghan> WOOHOO! * Colirama nudges kyote

<Meghan> :) <Meghan> jinx <Pinchy> Very Immature! <Kyote> My father had a VCR Programing Emergency last time,a nd this time, my do g wanted in. Busy household :P <Colirama> What the... HEY! <Meghan> Hehe <Pinchy> I would expect an 'M'. <Colirama> We've had to tone some of it down. <Colirama> But we'll still probably pull in the M. <Tim> Mature subject-matter , certainly. <Pinchy> Especially that school bus part. <Clover> Guido wanted to cut down on the gore, yes, Mr. Director? <Kyote> Yeah, I expected an M. What I really meant was that I was hoping no one has made you remove content to get a T rating when your vision dictates an M... <Striding_Dragon> Yes, I wanted, but they just keep doing it... <Striding_Dragon> I'll have to take out my red pencil some time and just go thro ugh all this excessiveness. <Pinchy> Bye Flabbyjack! * Clover thinks Pinchy is too late * Pinchy frowns. * Clover consoles Pinchy * Pinchy slides over on the couch. <Kyote> Good answer guys, thanx ;) <Clover> (dang) <Pinchy> GA <Meghan> Oh boy. <Meghan> Go ahead, Silverdawn === Mode change "-v Kyote" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Silverdawn" by Meghan <Colirama> whoa... I think I see some pron coming... <Silverdawn> How restricted have the Designers felt by TSR's Code of Content? Ho w much has Wizards of the Coast relaxed those rules? * Meghan grins at Colin. <Colirama> Not too much. <Meghan> Really? <Pinchy> Colin? <Meghan> *eyebrow* * Pinchy thanks Clover. * Clover says Pinchy is welcome <Silverdawn> And to defend BG, I think it is safe to say that the pathfinding an d monster AI will be much improved in Tales of the Sword Coast and especially BG 2 :). <Colirama> WotC is a lot looser about these things, and as far as I can tell, we have much more freedom than we would have had under the rule of the Dragon. <Tim> We seems to be able to do preety much what we set out for. <Clover> Thanks, Silverdawn <Striding_Dragon> Yeah, the buyout to Wizards helped a lot. <Colirama> Obviously, we don't have things that would get us banned in other cou ntries.... <Silverdawn> Any swearing, drunkeness, etc.? <Colirama> ... but we get a little more freedom than we did at TSR. <Pinchy> Or accepted, depending on the country. <Clover> You should know, Colin... <Colirama> No swearing - though 'pike it' and 'berk' both are pretty nasty when you think about them. <Clover> (even Spiderman?) <Colirama> The Snuff and Sodomy Club was never actually published, Clovis. * Pinchy wonders how Spiderman fits into the equation. <Clover> bummer

* Tim perks up at the mention of Spiderman. <Colirama> Though we did work in some references. :) * Pinchy sings Kajagoogoo songs to himself. * Clover knows how Spiderman takes it, right Colin? <Pinchy> GA? <Meghan> OH my. <Meghan> Yes. * Colirama takes the 5th. === Mode change "-v Silverdawn" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Nickelle" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Nickelle <Nickelle> I think part of the huge success that BG had was the excellent fan si tes, like BGChronicles, that helped hype the game early and consistantly. Is the lack of Planescape fan sites to this point a concern at all? <Striding_Dragon> I absolutely agree. <Tim> We would sure like to see more <Colirama> I blame PR. <Striding_Dragon> It is a concern indeed, and we are trying to better ourselves. .. <Striding_Dragon> to get more material into the fans' hands so that they can get more excited about the game <Pinchy> I just think the public hasn't been provided with enough pictures of me to spark their interest. * Clover congratulates Silverdawn <Striding_Dragon> We will hyave regular updates on the website almost every DAY for the next months! <Striding_Dragon> Get this! <Clover> Thanks, Colin <Striding_Dragon> And... <Colirama> Sure, Krys. :) <Clover> Or photos of Guido, for that matter <Striding_Dragon> We will have new materials posted on the site as well in a muc h more regular fashion../ <Nickelle> Excellent <Striding_Dragon> You have probably noticed the MP3s,m the new wallpaper, etc. I t's all just the beginning, but we are taking <Colirama> "UPDATE! Colin and Chris spent the day laughing and throwing spitball s at each other!" <Striding_Dragon> this thing very seriously and want to make sure that we give e nough material and information out <Striding_Dragon> to get people really excited about he game. After all.. <Striding_Dragon> we've spend over two years of our miserable lives, creating it ... <Pinchy> I will be sending an update for Guido to post tomorrow. We're sort of a lternating days. <Clover> "UPDATE! Colin and Chris spent the day laughing and throwing spitballs at each other!" - does this surprise anyone? <Pinchy> It surprises me that I wasn't invited. <Clover> me neither, Dan <Colirama> You heard the laughter. Invites are implied. <Pinchy> GA <Nickelle> Your attendance in the very appreciated! === Mode change "-v Nickelle" by Meghan === Mode change "+v ALee-Oop" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, ALee-Oop <ALee-Oop> This question is for Tim, "The Art Guy". What programs do you use fo r you artwork? What do you recommend an asprining computer game artist go about practicing with? <Tim> Lightwave <Colirama> It's the All Night GA Dance Party!

<Meghan> Thanks Nickelle!! <ALee-Oop> er "aspiring" not whatever the hell I wrote... <Tim> Well, you want to know Photoshop and the like <Pinchy> TILEPICS is a must. <Tim> But most of all you want to pick subject <Tim> subject matter that interests you <Tim> at least at first. That will get you through a lot of frustration <ALee-Oop> Thanks for the tip! :) Frustration is never a good thing. :) <Tim> Lightwave. Max, Photoshop.. all those will help of course <Tim> Does that help you out? <ALee-Oop> Sure all I have to do is find a way to afford those... <ALee-Oop> :) <Tim> HAHAH get a sketchbook <Tim> and draw with your pencil for now <ALee-Oop> Hehe...the next best thing, eh? <Pinchy> And then extrude the image into a 3D model with your hands. <Tim> exactly <Clover> Thanks, Dan, what a mentor <Colirama> That's how Tim started. <Pinchy> Hey, I'm on the case. <ALee-Oop>'ll have to demonstrate that one... <Pinchy> GA === Mode change "-v ALee-Oop" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Kyote" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Kyote <Colirama> I think it helps that Tim is the son of god. <Clover> (don't encourage him) <Meghan> Think of anything, Kyote? <Tim> Thanks <Pinchy> God? I thought it was... oh. Nevermind. * Tim looks angelic. <Pinchy> I think his Dad lost the remote. <Meghan> Okay. === Mode change "-v Kyote" by Meghan === Mode change "+v TruthSword" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, TruthSword <Meghan> rofl * Colirama laughs and laughs <TruthSword> NPC interaction in Fallout was very deep and in BG not-so-deep. Sin ce story is a major element to the game, could give some descriptions on the con versation system and depth of NPCs? * Clover thinks it's the hair cut <Meghan> The dog reprogrammed the VCR. <Clover> (Tim's not hers) <Pinchy> Our dialogs are much closer to Fallout than Baldur's Gate. <Colirama> The conversation system is still the basic tree structure. <Colirama> ie, their statement, your list of responses, their reaction. <Striding_Dragon> Yes, they are very rich, very dep and VERY long... actually I have decided that we need someone... <Pinchy> In fact, most of our designers came from working on Fallout 2, so they had certain expectations about how dialog would be handled. <Striding_Dragon> to go over them alltogether to tighten them up, that's how lon g they have gotten. <Colirama> However, most of our dialogues have a minimum of 20 nodes, and most h ave a lot more. They're very deep. <Meghan> The time is now 7:30pm Pacific <Colirama> Guido is worried about localization. :) <TruthSword> cool. thanks <Pinchy> GA <Striding_Dragon> Not only localization... I think

* Colirama slaps Pinchy around a bit with a large trout <Meghan> Go ahead, Silverdawn === Mode change "-v TruthSword" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Silverdawn" by Meghan <Silverdawn> What is the status of the secret project? It's been over a month si nce the last chat... * Tim slaps Colirama around a bit with a large trout <Striding_Dragon> it is becoming a matter of fun and gameplay. <Colirama> The secret project? <Clover> Guido? <Colirama> Oh, THAT. <Striding_Dragon> Oh boy... * Pinchy does something indescribable to Colin with the father of that large tro ut. <Striding_Dragon> Are you sure you want to ask this question? <Clover> No, he's not * Meghan help <Colirama> AARGH! AAA ::choke:: <Meghan> er.. sorry <Silverdawn> It ties into your increasing fan interest :) <Silverdawn> or is that material being released differently now ;) <Striding_Dragon> Silver: I'm afraid. As much as I'd love to talk to you and eve ryone else about this... <Clover> yes, the material is being released differently <Striding_Dragon> I can't. Maybe Big Tuna can help some time when he's online ag ain. <Clover> It's probably better something done with Greg offline <Clover> :) <Striding_Dragon> Maybe post the question on the messsage board. It is really hi s resort! <Silverdawn> ie. same status..thanks <Clover> Yep, thanks for understanding <Pinchy> ga <Meghan> Go ahead, me === Mode change "-v Silverdawn" by Meghan === Mode change "+v me" by Meghan <Pinchy> Yo me! <me> So, let me get this straight, you have lived many past lives, and from the time you first wake up at the beginning of the game to the numerous times you go into a coma and awaken, another different past life emerges that you live until you next "death?" And so do you start off with all of the benefits and power pe rtaining to that class, like hitpoints and weapon specialization for a fighter, proficiencies, spells (or spellbooks for spells that can be me <Colirama> uh oh... my computer is starting to bluescreen... <Clover> I don't think Guido or I were prepared to answer that in a manner that would have pleased everyone :) <Striding_Dragon> Clover: Yes, I agree. <Clover> Thanks. <Pinchy> I think there is a misunderstanding. <Pinchy> When you wake up, you are still the Nameless One. You have not been tak en over by a past life. <Pinchy> My understanding is that there will be some plot-related reason as to w hy your memory is not wiped when you die again in this game. <Clover> Where is Big_Tuna anyway, Guido? <Pinchy> Since Colin is rebooting, I can't really give a better answer. Sorry. * Tim looks around for the Tuna-man. <Meghan> ga? <Striding_Dragon> Clovis: I have no idea. <Pinchy> GA, as long as ME is done. <Clover> (back to Clovis, I see)

<Meghan> <Meghan> <Meghan> <Pinchy>

You mean as long as you are done. I swear, the grammar in this place. All done, me? :) No, the question asker. Does he have a rebuttal?

*** Disconnected from for about 2 minutes <Pinchy> I just tried it. "The server returned Extended Information". Whatever t hat means. <ALee-Oop> any response to the animal magnetism thing? <Meghan> It means the server is full. <Pinchy> What can I say. The chicks dig me. <Striding_Dragon> Okay, we need to take care fo that. I'll have to talk to Finit e first hting tomorrow <Meghan> IE sends that error message back erroneously. <Meghan> Too many connections, in other words, a busy signal :) <Pinchy> We're gettin' the hits, baby! <Pinchy> GA <Meghan> Hehe <Meghan> Go ahead, Entropy <Meghan> No one is next. === Mode change "-v ALee-Oop" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Entropy" by Meghan <Pinchy> It's Miller time! <Entropy> uhm <Entropy> miller time? <Entropy> .. <Entropy> question is.. who is the lady of pain <Clover> Ooooh <Entropy> whats her bust size <Pinchy> She is everyone and noone. <Tim> Mystery <Entropy> whats her pet dog's name? <Striding_Dragon> Like yours... <Pinchy> She is life and death. <Entropy> Hm. I like her already. <Striding_Dragon> The Lady is cool... actually she's hot! <Pinchy> She is male and female. But don't let that get out. <Entropy> Dragon: yeah. Spank spank spank <Tim> 1: Lady has to keep her secrets. <Striding_Dragon> ROL <Striding_Dragon> And secrets she has... <Entropy> you're probably her son or her brother. oh well <Striding_Dragon> Better! <Entropy> you're her disfigured lover! <Pinchy> Like why does she shave off her eyebrows and paint them back in? <Striding_Dragon> :-)) Disfigured? <Entropy> disfigured? .. dead! <Striding_Dragon> you mean like Colin? <Pinchy> Anyone in the queue? <Entropy> dead lover. That sounds almost like the matrix <Clover> Yes, like Colin <Meghan> Yup, 2 or 3 people. <Striding_Dragon> Anyway... <Entropy> necrophilia <Entropy> anyway <Striding_Dragon> Uhoh.. <Pinchy> GA, then. <Entropy> -v me === Mode change "-v Entropy" by Meghan

=== Mode change "+v ALee-Oop" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, ALee-Oop <ALee-Oop> Will there be any "public beta testing" for the game? It seems an in creasingly popular thing to do, and probably efficient and affordable. <Clover> Good Job, Jim <ALee-Oop> Seems as though the queue is thinning out a bit.... <Pinchy> That's up to Guido and management, I would assume. <Striding_Dragon> We haven't really decided upon that yet. Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on how comfortable we feel wit hthe game. <Pinchy> Hey Jim! <Jim> Heeelllooo <Striding_Dragon> Most of th etesting will definitely be done in-house, but... <ALee-Oop> So it's in the think tank, right? <Pinchy> It can create a lot of negative publicity if it's not handled correctly . <Striding_Dragon> there's a slight chance we will have separate people beta-test it. We're talking about it. <Striding_Dragon> It can also create a lot of good publicity... <ALee-Oop> That is definitely ture. <ALee-Oop> Especially if it is given to cool people...cough... <ALee-Oop> hint. <Striding_Dragon> Aha! <Pinchy> Ga === Mode change "-v ALee-Oop" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Nickelle" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Nickelle <Nickelle> This was alluded to earlier, but I think Striding_Dragon was unavoida bly detained at the time. Curious about voice over work. Great Job in BG...using the same actors/or company for Torment? How much $$$, ballpark, is spent on Voi ce Over Talent? <Clover> With BG, we did it with people who were in very close proximity to Ipla y <Striding_Dragon> Okay, VO... <Pinchy> Not sure on the budget. Probably confidential. <Striding_Dragon> We haven't decided yet exactly how much we will have acted and recorded... <Clover> Guido will do most of the VO himself! <Striding_Dragon> we have looked into some talent to use for the recordings but sadly the first choices... <Striding_Dragon> fell through because of scheduling conflicts. Can you believe it, Chris Rock got an offer from Fox the very day... <Striding_Dragon> he wanted to make up his mind and say "Yes" to us. He would ha ve been perfect for Morte! <Nickelle> This Radio Vet is up for the me...LOL <Striding_Dragon> Clover: With my accent? <Striding_Dragon> We have other people in mind however and some really cool pepo ple at that. We'll see. <Clover> Yeah, sure, why not - you know who you are! (and back to Clover, I noti ce...) <Striding_Dragon> As for the money, I'm afraid I am not at liberty to discuss th at... Dsorry! <Nickelle> no problem. <Meghan> *sniff* I did VO for the Infinite Worlds trailer and they didn't use it . My chance to be famous is gone! <Clover> Meghan, hate to break it to you... * Clover bites her lip <Meghan> Be gentle.. * Meghan sniffles. <Meghan> ga? * Tim looks at Meghan sympathetically.

<Pinchy> GA <Tim> GA === Mode change "-v Nickelle" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Gavlin-Strife" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, Gavlin-Strife <Gavlin-Strife> Are there any other CRPGs currently being thought up at BIS? * Clover decides against torturing Meghan's psyche <Pinchy> Yup. Can't talk, though. <Clover> Gavlin - yeah, lots of stuff <Clover> is always in the works <Gavlin-Strife> No information can be released? Not just a hint? <Clover> but since we're a public company, everything has to come about "officia lly" by announcing it with a press release <Striding_Dragon> Not even I know about that... <Gavlin-Strife> Dang. <Tim> Can we say numbers.. One? Two? Two-hundred? <Tim> haha <Clover> We have two other in house projects and some out of house <Gavlin-Strife> Oh man... <Clover> 2 out of house, I think <Clover> so 4 all together and counting? * Tim beams. <Clover> I know, it sucks - we'd love to spill our guts, but we'd get in big tro uble :( <Pinchy> What about thay Little House on the Prairie RPG? <Gavlin-Strife> That's cool. I guess we'll just wait around. <Jim> too racy <Gavlin-Strife> I don't know about that... <Clover> Oh, yeah, forgot that Dan... <Gavlin-Strife> I was hoping Ravenloft. <Pinchy> No combat. <Pinchy> We don't have that license, either. <Clover> Gavlin - as soon as we're ready, we'll move on it! <Gavlin-Strife> All right<G>. <Clover> Expect some HUGE announcements in the next few months <Gavlin-Strife> One more question, if that's okay... <Striding_Dragon> We need a PEZ-RPG <Pinchy> Ready. On your mark! Get Set! GA! * Jim smacks his lips <Pinchy> Pez? Wow! <Clover> I hate pez * Jim wants PEZ <Clover> bleh === Mode change "-v Gavlin-Strife" by Meghan === Mode change "+v MarLo" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, MarLo <Pinchy> Well you don't have to play the game then, do you? <MarLo> Guido: What's this thing about a record in the message board? And your o ld nick was Guy? Where does that come from? [We really need good questions, plea se people! ;-] <Striding_Dragon> PEZ is coll.... hey, you won't believe this... <Clover> what a waste <Striding_Dragon> Today I went To Taco Bell - with Big Tuna - and I saw they hav e the Chihuahua PEZ dispenser now! <Striding_Dragon> Is that cool, or what? * Tim looks stunned. <Clover> You and Tuna went to TACO BELL??? MY God! <Pinchy> You Quiero Sugary Snacks! * Clover feels woozy <Pinchy> Put your head between your legs, Clover!

<Clover> That's "yo quiero" Dan <Tim> Guido has a record and his Nickname is Guy <Clover> Dang, Dan <Striding_Dragon> Tim: Did you have to tell???? <Meghan> Uh, I can tell everyone's getting tired :) <MarLo> I want details! <Clover> (I can hear you guys giggling down here) <Striding_Dragon> My nicknameWAS Guy.... no more <MarLo> And do you have any cool things plan to put on the IP auction for PS? Ma ybe a pre-release version (would really sell! ;-) <Meghan> You know all of this gets logged and posted on websites, right? ;) <Clover> Guy Smiley, no? <Meghan> Yeah, like BGC, Silverdawn says :) Complete and unedited ;) <Pinchy> A pre-release version? Yikes. <Pinchy> GA? <Meghan> I like the sudden silence! rofl <MarLo> I'm sure it would sell higher than 300$! === Mode change "-v MarLo" by Meghan === Mode change "+v k" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, k <Clover> Yes, GA <Pinchy> Our fingers are palseyed. <Pinchy> Ummmm.... Anyone for Duran Duran? <Pinchy> Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand..... <Clover> Turn it up - I can't hear it down here <Clover> Sing it, Dan <Pinchy> The Reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark..... <Meghan> Hey Jim.. by the way, could you tell everyone what you do on the Tormen t team? <Meghan> k? Are you there? <Pinchy> He's under the desk. Wait a minute. <k> here <k> sorry <Jim> I am one of the programmers <Meghan> Oh my word. Get him outta there! <Meghan> Thanks Jim :) <Jim> I also like to solder stuff <k> 2 part question <Jim> MMmmmmm..... Wires....... <k> OK. all the planars/cutters know that we will have special freinds\bodypart s who will help us in play, and I think help determine the success\outcome of th e game, ie. role-playing. <Pinchy> Yeah, you should see his officemate's mouth! <k> Will there be magical devices (not aretifacts) in the game that also alter t he ultinmate fate of our hero? And will there be different outcomes to TORMENT based on the class of THE character? :) <Striding_Dragon> This is getting too close to the game's resolution..... I'm af raid :-) <k> :( <Pinchy> That's really a Colin/Chris question. I think the behavior of the main character is important to the outcome, but not the class itself. <Pinchy> I could be wrong. <k> hmm <k> :) <Tim> There is some 'yes' to the question about the artifacts/items. <k> will there be magical weapons, staves. wands that are only useable by specif ic class? <Pinchy> Girls on Film, Girls on Film...... <Pinchy> GA? <Tim> There are items usable by only specific people.

<Clover> Sing it <Tim> ga? === Mode change "-v k" by Meghan === Mode change "+v ALee-Oop" by Meghan <Meghan> Go ahead, ALee-Oop <ALee-Oop> Personal question. Your proudest moment in gaming, either a game, or a facet of the game that you guys have done that you're that most proud of. <ALee-Oop> 2) You guys had a lot of cool giveaways for FO2, any plans for a publ ic-release party on this one? <Pinchy> And so we dance into the fire. That fatal kiss is all we need...... <Clover> I got 2 <Clover> Not at this time - we're still working it out. We'll know more when we get closer to release. We had talked about doing something cool jointly with W otC <Pinchy> Proudest? Hmmm. I can't really say for Planescape, but I was pretty hap py with the scripting work I did in Fallout 2. <Striding_Dragon> Proudest moment: When the first "Realms Of Arkania" shipped an d people were literally running down my door to buy the international rights! <Tim> Sounds corny but just making this game is pretty fun. In that sense I am p retty proud of what we are doing here, now. <ALee-Oop> Hahaha. <ALee-Oop> Tim is the man of hype, eh? <Pinchy> Setting up some of the silly stuff in Broken Hills was a blast. <Tim> hype... naw... truth hahahahah <Striding_Dragon> As for the give-away. We're constantly cracking our minds over that still. We have some really cool ideas, but Clovis actually ran into some p roblems with that.... <ALee-Oop> Oh yes, I remember that stuff...the arm-wrestling... * Tim give ALee-Oop a hug. <Pinchy> Yeah, there just aren't enough arms and legs to mail around. * ALee-Oop smells chocolate all over TIm's breath. <ALee-Oop> HAHAHAHA! * Tim pops some gum in his mouth. <Pinchy> GA <Meghan> Okay, last question, and then we're done :) === Mode change "-v ALee-Oop" by Meghan === Mode change "+v Gavlin-Strife" by Meghan <Clover> Do you guys have chocolate? * Pinchy wonders why Tim laughs whenever /me types 'GA' <Gavlin-Strife> Do any or all of you play AD&D? Any campaign setting in particul ar? Favorites, etc? <Pinchy> Damn! the second ME didn' <Pinchy> t work! <Meghan> Only once a year or so when I can get enough people together :) <Striding_Dragon> Ravenloft.... non-AD&D Shadowrun! <Pinchy> I really don't have much experience with pen and paper. I'm more of a C RPG man, myself. <Tim> AD&D from way back <Gavlin-Strife> Cool. <Jim> I've palyed AD&D a bit <Jim> Greyhawk, FRealms, Spell Jammer, Darksun <Gavlin-Strife> Do you try to enable certain attributes from AD&D table-top into your CRPGs? <Tim> Settings.. well mostly the custom stuff was a blast. <Pinchy> I did play some Paranoia years ago, but nobody around here seems to. I guess it's a pretty tough game to GM. <Tim> Th fun. The fun of role-playing. We want it. You get it! <Pinchy> I think we try to put the sense of freedom of exploration into the game s we do. <Clover> Looks like were wrappin' up - it's nearly 8pm my friends

<Gavlin-Strife> Are there any plans for a complete multi-player CRPG? <Pinchy> Ususally we're pretty successful. <Clover> not any we can talk about yet <Meghan> Yeah, it's time to go home :) <Gavlin-Strife> Dang. <Tim> Aww <Gavlin-Strife> Well, thanks. <Pinchy> My muffins! * Jim saddles up and rides off * Tim waves at Gavlin <Pinchy> Who was the masked programmer? === Mode change "-v Gavlin-Strife" by Meghan <Striding_Dragon> Thanks guys... I reallly need to eat... I am starving... Clovi s didn't get pizza this time.... <Tim> Thanks everybody! <Clover> Thank you all very much for coming - keep an eye on the web site for t he latest information and to find out when the next chat is :) <Meghan> Thanks everyone for coming.. :) <Striding_Dragon> Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! * Pinchy gives everyone a big high five! <Striding_Dragon> See you next time * Tim jumps up and down * Pinchy punches Tim in the gut. * Clover didn't get pizza because Guido keeps calling her Clovis * Tim grimaces. * Jim laughs <Clover> (so there) <Tim> thanks * Meghan waves goodnight. <Tim> ...dan * Pinchy follows up with a knee to the groin. * Jim hands Tim a band-aid * Tim runs around in circles. * Jim explodes <Tim> Thanks and Goodbye <Clover> Turn to for the latest Torment information a nd updates (I sound like MSNBC or something)