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Jason Pomeroys Abstract

The scientific evidence that green houses gases, caused by human activities since the middle of
the 20th century, are largely responsible for global warming is now overwhelming (IPCC 2007).
The concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere will be double that of pre-industrial
times by as early as 2035, and will subject the Earth to an average temperature rise of over 2
degrees centigrade or, in the worst case scenario, an increase of 5 degrees centigrade. Such an
increase would mean a change in temperatures comparable to that of the last ice age to today
(Stern, 2006). With 80 million barrels of oil consumed on a daily basis (Opec, 2008), we are
witnessing unprecedented levels of fossil fuel depletion and its consequent contribution to global
warming in our quest for economic prosperity, technological advancement and satiation of a
consumerist culture. Global statistics demonstrate that the energy requirements to sustain our
built environment and its infrastructure are having dire environmental consequences, which is
reaffirmed by the global perspective that buildings now account for almost a half of the world's
carbon emissions (World green building council 2008; US department of energy 2008).
The needs of the 'Green Consumer', awoken to the 'Inconvenient truth' of global warming and the
depletion of natural resources, has become an important social classification for which the
building industry have needed to address. The Green Consumer's environmental, social and
economic consciousness is manifest in the green buildings that they buy or rent. In adopting a
more sustainable approach to design, developers are not only satisfying their own corporate
social responsibilities in the preservation of the planet, but attracting the green consumer and
corporation and increasingly reaping the economic benefits.
The lecture explores a particular collaboration between Sime Darby Property - a company
committed to 'developing sustainable futures' and Broadway Malyan, an International,
Interdisciplinary design practice of British origin that embraced sustainable design and its
processes before the term 'sustainability' became a la mode. Jason Pomeroy, Director of
Broadway Malyan Asia Pte Ltd and Adjunct Professor will provide an insight into sustainable
design in SE Asia, using as case studies the micro scale of the 'Idea House' - the first carbon
neutral dwelling in SE Asia; through to macro scale of 'Sime Darby Vision Valley' - a regional
network garden aeropolis of 80,000 acres.
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