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Selection OF Bull

"Consider there to be five main categories in the evaluation for masculinity:

1. Testosterone influences bone growth. When a bull is sexually mature, bone
growth stops. This is not so in the skeletal development of a steer or low
fertile animal because the lack of testosterone delays the ossification
process, particularly in the anterior half of the body.
2. Hair and hide are influenced by hormones as well. Coarse hair is a sign of
masculinity. When selecting a bull, look for ample hair on the sheath and
crest of the neck. The hair should be darker on the neck, crest, upper shank,
lower ribs and thighs. A hair coat with a lot of glisten indicates the secretion
of zebum, which helps control external parasites. Look for a smooth-waxy
appearance along the spine. The hide should be loose and active. There is a
reversal of these characteristics in old bulls when libido is lost. The same is
true in bulls that have been sick with a high fever and some bulls that have
been overfed.
3. 'The muscles of bulls should be well defined and readily seen. Do not
confuse muscle and fat.
4. The testicles of a bull that is too fat cannot descend correctly in the
scrotum. This causes a lack of testosterone secretion, which causes him to
become fatter. This in turn suppresses muscle development and decreases
fertility. Fat distribution on low fertility bulls is similar to that on low fertile
cows and steers; namely on hips, pins, flanks, groin, shoulder, neck and
5. A healthy bull should be alert and pay close attention to his
Conformational checkpoints to judge for correctness.
checking the legs for "arthritic swollen knees which is a highly heritable
the topline should be straight particularly in young bulls,
there should be greater weight on the forelegs of the bull while the opposite
is true for the cow, view the bull from the rear to observe that the sacral
vertebral are straight with no indication of wry tail,

sickle hocks and straight hocks should be discriminated against because

they will weaken and not bear up to servicing of cows, the testicles should
hang square and not twisted and be of the same size,
face should not be pinched in or narrowed down into the muzzle nor should
it be dished across the bridge of the nose, the face should be flat or
somewhat 'Roman-nosed' meaning convex when viewed from the side, ears
should be small and tightly set under the homs, a dip should appear ahead of
the dock of the tail, when viewed from the rear the hindquarters should be
sloping to the sides, the point of the pins should be somewhat flat with the
point of the hooks and not lowered excessively, and the britches or twist
should not be developed to the point of beefiness."

Get bulls from best breeding cows. Breeding cows are defined as females from
families who are likely or have passed on desirable traits to daughters or sons.
Look for females who are;
Efficient producer of a high-value milk (ie; protein)
Females from long-lasting cow families
Good shed traits
Strong udders
Different bloodline (outcross)
and other criteria are reproductive which you already know