5 Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Smoky Mountains It’s the time of year when love is in the

air. Make it ay for your special someone with a romantic getaway to . You’ll find everything from breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventures and eclectic shopping. How can you a memorable Valentine’s D the Great Smoky Mountains friendly local culture to go wrong?

Here are five sure fire ways to show your Valentine just how much you care: 1. Rent a romantic cabin retreat! Surround yourself with nature’s wonders, p lus all the amenities you desire, in your own private mountain hideaway. Witness a majestic mountain sunrise through your cabin bedroom window or count the star s in the evening sky while relaxing in your own private hot tub. The opportuniti es for romance are unlimited! 2. Stroll hand-in-hand through Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies! Where else can you climb a mountain, wander through a tropical rainforest, visit a coral re ef, and (yikes!) explore a shark lagoon all on the same day? A visit to the Ripl ey Aquarium brings together the natural beauty of both the ocean and the mountai ns in a single weekend. Together you can explore an undersea wonderland featuri ng some of nature’s most intriguing aquatic creatures including a giant Pacific octopus, dartfrogs, stingrays, and trumpetfish. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to say “Be my Valentine!” 3. Remember the moment with local arts and crafts! Don’t just give your Vale ntine candy or flowers. Remember the day with unique treasures that will last fo r years to come. Did you know that The Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community is the nation’s largest concentration of independent artists and craftsmen? You do now, so take advantage of the opportunity for romance. Along an eight-mile loop in Gatlinburg, you’ll find everything from hand-thrown pottery and hand-woven ba skets to jewelry, artwork, quilts and so much more. 4. Frolic in the snow! It’s February and peak season for that great winter w hite stuff! A clean blanket of snow across the landscape can inspire the romanti c in each of us, especially when paired with a roaring fire or a warm comforter for two. But first, make time for a bevy of the fun outdoor activities like skii ng, sledding, skating, and snowboarding. And, okay, while some of the snow on th e slopes may be artificial, the romance you share with your Valentine is sure to be the real deal! Don’t forget to make snow angels together! 5. Enjoy a romantic meal for two! Food and romance go together like, well, y ou and your Valentine! The region’s collection of local eateries offers a cascad e of culinary choices ranging from home cooking to fine dining. Whether you cele brate with a scrumptious breakfast at sunrise, a picnic lunch on the go, or dinn er by candlelight, your passionate palate is sure to be pleased. You can start a tradition of mountain-top romance this Valentine’s Day. You’ll want to celebrate for years to come with a lovers’ vacation in the Great Smoky M ountains!

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