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In HDTV format, "i" and "p" stand for

interoperability and posturing audio.
intensity and phase of pictures.
interlaced and progressive scanning.
institutional and pay-per-view programming.
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When running cable horizontally on the exterior of a home, use cable clips spaced:
4 to 12 inches apart.
18 to 24 inches apart.
24 to 36 inches apart.
36 to 42 inches apart.
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Which channels are generally referred to as VHF channels?

14 through 83
2 through 6
7 through 13
2 through 13

What is the purpose of the different coaxial cable listings for use within buildings (e.g., CATVP, CATVR, and CATV)?

Handling various data speeds such as 64 Kbps, 1.544Mbps

Operating in different electromagnetic environments
Varied jacket resistance to the spread of fire
Maximum current-carrying capabilities
What is the preferred method to attach an overhead drop to a house?
Use a P-hook screwed directly into the siding
Attach the drop with a clamp to the power mast 12" below the power attachment
Screw the house hook into a solid point on the house such as an eve or support joist
Attach the aerial drop to the telephone attachment point
While testing continuity of a pre-wired outlet in a customer's home, you measure 1.4 ohms instead of the 75-ohm
terminator that you installed on the outlet. What does this probably indicate?
You have a disconnected line.
You have an open in the line.
You have a short in the line.
You have a "hot ground."

Which of the following is a good general practice to follow with regard to the customer's property?

Hide any damage to property caused by the installer.

Offer the customer cash totaling 50% of cost of any necessary repairs.
Treat the property better than you would your own.
Thoroughly inspect property before starting any work to document existing damage.

The telephone test set, also known as the butt set, will NOT do which of the following tasks at the consumer premises wiring?


Dial out
Receive calls
Measure Noise
Monitor phone conversations
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for which of the following?
Compliance with mandatory workplace health and safety standards
Safety standards for overhead and underground electric utility and communications installation
Regulation of all non-Federal radio waves and interstate telecommunications
Censorship of all inappropriate Internet content created in the United States

On a mid-span attachment, the cable sag from span clamp to span clamp should be:
not more than 12 inches from the strand at any point.
4 inches per 50 feet.
6 inches per 100 feet.
not more than 4 inches at all times.


When installing cable through a carpet-covered floor, what should the installer do?

Pull a small area of the carpet away from the tack strip before drilling.
Drill directly through the carpet with carpet bit.
Drill from the basement up through the carpet.
Secure the cable directly to the tack strip where possible.


MoCA uses which protocol for transporting packets?



In the distribution system, what is the purpose of a directional tap?

It directs a specific amount of signal and directs it to individual ports for customer connection.
It distributes signals from the node or amplifier to the customer's television set.
It amplifies the signal if necessary to ensure sufficient signal levels.
It is used to provide sufficient baseband levels to the set-top box.


Which device prevents MoCA signals in one home from interfering with those in another home?
POE filter
Ground block


Which of the following best describes the term "aspect ratio"?

The ratio of picture size to video resolution

The diagonal scan ratio of an 80 MHz refresh rate
The ratio created during digital compression
The ratio of horizontal width to vertical height


When troubleshooting a completed installation, your first meter reading should be taken where?

The tap on the street

The ground block
The splitter output in the basement
The wall plate behind the television


Egress can best be minimized between the tap and terminal device by:

double crimping each connector just behind the collar.

cutting off the braid and foil around the dielectric.
using a 7/16-torque wrench to tighten all connectors not attached to customer equipment.
coating all treated or waterproof connectors with lock-tight and RTV.


From the items below, select the best next troubleshooting step if low levels are measured at the input of a set-top box
causing snowy pictures.

Check RF Levels at the line extender

Replace the drop using a lower loss cable
Replace the tap with a lower value
Check RF levels at the ground block


Which of the following is the least favorable cable fastening choice?

UV stabilized, nonconductive, non-corrosive, impact resistant fastener

Steel cable clip for concrete, mortar, stucco, or wood with self-tapping screws
Horizontal and vertical aluminum siding clips
Staple gun specifically designed for coax attachments



Which of the following is a recommended practice for safe use of an extension ladder?
Place the ladder on the strand so that it faces away from the house.
When climbing a ladder, face the ladder and use the three-point climb.
The recommended working height of the ladder is one foot less than the overall length.
When descending, face away from the ladder and use the two-point climb.
Cable telecommunication's coaxial cable, fittings, and electronics are designed to have a nominal impedance of:
10 ohms.
50 ohms.
75 ohms.
300 ohms.


What is a name for an IPv6 deployed wireless router modem?



What is the term for the foam or solid polyethylene material found in coaxial drop cable?




The center conductor

The dielectric
The shield
The jacket
Fainting spells, hot dry skin, and high body temperatures are symptoms of what condition?
Heat stroke
Heat exhaustion
When inspecting an extension ladder, an installer should be concerned about all of the following items EXCEPT:
cracks or splits in side rails.
frayed pull or tie down ropes.
missing identification labels on side rails.
worn or missing ladder feet.
Which one of the following is NOT a measure of voice quality?


Which of the following best describes when a body belt and safety strap should be worn?
At all times on the job
If you will have to reach out beyond an arm's length
When working from a ladder at the strand
When working in an MDU attic


What is the function of the modem power pack?

It converts a DC input to an AC output.

It converts a DC input to a DC output.
It converts an AC input to an AC output.
It converts an AC input to a DC output.


0 dBmV is equal to ________ across a 75-ohm impedance.





1 mV
10 dB
10 mV
What RF levels are commonly considered to be an indication of sufficient analog video level at the RF input of a TV set?
0 to -5 dBmV
0 to +15 dBmV
+11 to +20 dBmV
+ 15 to +25 dBmV
When you encounter an unsafe work environment at the premises, what should you do?
Finish the job as quickly as possible.
Explain to the customer that the job will need to be rescheduled.
Leave the premises and call the authorities immediately.
Call a coworker for back up.
Which of the following is correct regarding the digital video service's parental control feature?
Restricts viewing by channel only.
Restricts viewing by TV rating or movie rating, but not by channel.
Restricts viewing by TV rating or movie rating or channel.
Requires the customer to always use a parental control code that the cable company assigns him.
What is a best practice with regard to carrying a hand line while climbing a ladder?
Secure the hand line to a loop on your body belt.
Use a break-away clip attached to a loop in your body belt.
Carry the hand line in your free hand while climbing the ladder.
Have a coworker throw it to you once you have reached your work area.




In North America, the frequencies used in the forward path of a sub-split broadband telecommunications network are common
42 MHz and below.
54 MHz and below.
54 MHz and above.
65 MHz and above.
Which of the following is a common HDTV format?
What is the purpose of performing the sound (hammer) test on a utility pole?
To ensure the pole is not electrically hot
To ensure the pole does not have dangerous knots
To check the condition of the pole above ground
To determine whether the pole is metal or wood


What is a common cause of back injuries associated with ladder handling?

Ladders being removed from the truck, carried, and replaced

Ladders being secured at the strand
Falling from the ladder while working
Incorrect placement ratio of the ladder



You have almost completed an installation. Before connecting the cable to the CPE, you check for signal with the SLM and
find none. What is the best next step?
Tell the customer someone else will be out to fix it.
Go to the tap and check for good signal.
Go to the ground block and check for good signal.
Check each connection for a possible bad connector.

A tap has +5 dBmV out of the ports and a value of 14 on the face plate. How much signal would be expected on the input of the
+9 dBmV
+14 dBmV
+19 dBmV
+28 dBmV



How does the modem identify itself to the headend?

Serial number
Model number
Job number
MAC address
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If the RF input to a two-way drop splitter is +7 dBmV, what RF level would you expect at one of the outputs?
3 dB
3 dBmV
11 dB
11 dBmV


All of the following will determine how effectively and efficiently you complete an installation EXCEPT:

your technical skills.

your product knowledge.
your communication skills.
your title.


If the signal levels to the customer's TV set appear to be correct but the picture quality is poor, what should the installer do?

Tell the customer the TV set is defective.

Replace the set-top box.
Replace all of the drop fittings.
Compare your test TV's picture to the customer's TV picture.


If an amplifier has "54 - 1002 MHz" printed on its label, what does this indicate?

It has 54 dB of gain at 1002 MHz.

It has 54 dB of attenuation at 1002 MHz.
It has a useable downstream frequency range of 54 to 1002 MHz.
It has a useable upstream frequency range of 54 to 1002 MHz.


Which of the following specifies the United States standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment?

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

National Electrical Code (NEC)
Emergency Alert System (EAS)
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)


Customers who purchase HD televisions must purchase or lease a (an) _________ to access encrypted digital programming:

X-Box or Wii
V-Chip or HD-Chip
HD or HE blaster


Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding a DVR:

A device that allows customers to fast forward through television commercials and watch only program that they choose
A device that allows customers to view their favorite programs at convenient times
A device that allows a customer to store content in a digital format on a hard disc for personal use at a convenient time
A device designed to allow customers to share television programming with friends and family via the internet


Which is a correct statement about the use of a company vehicle?

Park in the customer's driveway whenever possible.

Place items that need to be carried in the vehicle on the passenger side floor or dashboard.
Park on the customer's lawn and avoid making left turns.
When possible, park so that you will not have to back up when leaving the premises.


Which one of the following is an "active" device?

A/B switch


Your drill's plug has a 3-prong electrical plug but the customer's electrical outlet is 2-prong. What should you do?

Carefully cut the ground prong flush to the plug, then plug it in and continue the installation.
Inform the customer the house is not properly wired for Internet service.
Follow the company's procedure for handling this situation.
Run an extension cord to an outlet with a 3-prong plug.


What does an operating system do?

Manages the application programs

Commands the computer language
Provides digital service troubleshooting capabilities
Operates a computer's cooling system


Why are there two brightly colored plies of nylon inside a safety strap?

This special type of nylon only comes in red

Red nylon adds extra strength to the strap
To help make the strap visible in dim lighting
To indicate strap wear requiring replacement of the strap



For a cable company to offer telephone service, what must be installed at the house?
Optical fiber
Set-top box
Special telephone
No work should be done at the strand under which of the following circumstances?
When wind gusts exceed 10 mph
When it rains at a rate of 1" per hour
During an active thunderstorm
When air temperature drops below 32 F


When strand is not available and all clearances can be met, attachment to the pole can be made using a:

span clamp.
drive pin and 1/2-inch ring.
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A key service that requires MoCA in the home is:

High speed Internet

Multi-room DVR
Video on Demand


As it relates to extension ladders, what is the belt buckle rule?

Always belt off before beginning your work.

Always wear your climbing belt and safety strap when working on an extension ladder.
Always keep your belt buckle inside the side rails.
Always belt off when working from a mid-span.


What is a preferred method for first floor interior cable routing?

Through an unfinished basement or crawl space

Through a window or door frame
Through wall fishes in external and internal walls
Around door and window frames


What is the definition of the term "egress?"

Signals getting into an HFC network

Citizens Band radio interference in an HFC network
RF signal leakage from an HFC network
Excessive noise generated in an HFC network


When measuring the resistance of a short piece of unterminated cable, your ohm-meter should read approximately:

75 Ohms.
0 Ohms.
4 MegOhms.


Glass fiber:

is composed of two glass sections: the core and the cladding (which surrounds the core).
is a hollow tube.
has cladding with a higher index of refraction so that light can escape the core.
has a higher attenuation than coaxial cable.


In North America, the frequencies commonly assigned to the reverse path are:


15 MHz and below.

42 MHz and below.
50 MHz and below.
65 MHz and below.
The gain of a house amplifier is expressed in what unit?


What is the preferred location for installing a cable outlet?

In the same stud cavity as an electrical outlet

At least 40 inches separation from the closest electrical outlet
Six inches below and a minimum of 18 inches horizontally from an electrical outlet
In the adjacent stud cavity to an electrical outlet


Which of the following is NOT a possible cause of problems on a MoCA network?


Non-MoCA compliant amplifiers or splitters are used in the home network.

Home coax cable damage and/or loose F-connectors.
Ham radio signals within the home or nearby leaking onto the home network.
A run of series 59 coaxial cable to a MoCA device that exceeds 300'.
Which of the following are normally included in a daily vehicle inspection?
Tire rotation, brake and rotor inspection
Radiator flush, oil level, tune-up
Emergency flashers, beacons, horn, lights
Vehicle registration, octane pressure, gauges



Long-sleeved shirts or jackets, and gloves are worn when pole climbing to:
protect the climber from sunburn.
protect the climber from splinters.
protect the climber from shell rot.
protect the climber from stinging insects.
To calculate the attenuation for a given piece of cable, you need to know:
the velocity of propagation and signal frequency.
the length of cable and its loss per foot.
the high pilot amplitude and conductor resistance.
the voltage and loop resistance.


Name the IP addresses that are used to communication within a LAN or broadcast domain.

loop back
unique local


Two installers at the same location are comparing signal levels they have just measured on their respective signal level
meters. The measurements are within one dB on analog channels, but differ by approximately 15 dB on the digital channels.
Which of the following is a probable cause for the difference?


The meters are not accurately calibrated.

One meter had an incorrect channel plan installed.
The signals were out of phase.
The headend was not properly aligned.
Use the following data to determine the best size drip loop for series 6 cable. Formula: Bending radius = 10 x cable's
diameter. Diameter = .272 inches.

2-1/2 inches
3 inches
5-1/2 inches
7 inches


It is good practice to ask the customer to turn on the TV set and check the reception:

after the set-top box is connected.

at the end of the installation.
before you begin the installation.
before you move the television.


The purpose of the messenger wire in an aerial drop cable is to

provide a NEC compliant ground connection.

reduce signal leakage.
improve surge suppression capability.
support the cable in overhead installations.


Wall studs in houses are typically located:

12 inches on Center.
16 inches on center.
20 inches on center.
30 inches on center.


The frequencies passed by a Point of Entry (POE) MoCA filter are:

5-42 MHz
54-750 MHz
5-865 MHz
5-1002 MHz


An NTSC analog television channel is:




not considered part of basic services.

6 Megahertz wide.
4 Megahertz wide.
another name for a pay channel.

A customer who is upset about treatment received from the cable company can best be handled by using empathy. What shou
Tell the customer it is not your fault.
Try to understand how the customer feels and communicate that you will do your best to correct the problem.
Put the blame on the section or individual who caused the problem.
Tell the customer that it is the company's fault and that you will try to correct it.
The component outputs (Y, PB, PR) of a high definition set-top box are connected to an HD TV, but the picture's colors are
wrong. Which of the following is the probable cause?
The TV is not really high definition.
The PB and PR cables are reversed.
The Y cable is not connected or is defective.
The received signal is not high definition.
While troubleshooting a digital tiling problem, a signal level meter (with digital signal capabilities) measures -20 dBmV on a
digital carrier at the customer's TV set. Of the following which is the best next step?
Do nothing; digital signals are lower in level than analog signals.
Check the signal level at the ground block.
Check the number of events purchased.
Call dispatch to "hit" the set-top box.


Which of the following statements is true?

MoCA networks are based on nodes thus each MoCA device on the network can communicate with any other MoCA device.
MoCA is also used in wireless networking but requires special antennas.
MoCA can also operate over unshielded twisted pair cabling.
Customer owned IP devices such as laptops cannot connect to MoCA networks under any circumstances.


The FCC rules require that all signal leakage of _____________, in the aeronautical bands, must be logged and repaired.
5 V/meter measured at a distance of 10 feet
10 V/meter measured at a distance of 10 feet
20 V/meter measured at a distance of 10 feet
50 V/meter measured at a distance of 10 feet


"Tiling" in a digital video picture can commonly be attributed to which of the following?

Low signal level

Defective return amplifier
Micro bending in the coaxial cables
Mixing analog set-tops and digital set-tops in the same home


What is a drop or suspended ceiling?

A ceiling that is attached directly to ceiling joists

A ceiling used to catch paint and other debris from construction projects
A ceiling supported from a series of metal brackets hanging from joists
A ceiling that is supported in the corners by vertical studs


Which factor determines the number of tap ports required at a specific location?

The number of potential customers

The RF signal level out of the node
The line extender location
The type of coaxial cable used


A signal leakage reading of 5 uV/M at 116 MHz has been detected from 30 feet away. Which of the following is true as it
relates to FCC leakage regulations?

This leak must be re-measured from a distance of 10 feet.

This leak must be repaired but not logged.
This leak is probably coming from an amplifier.
This is a normal leakage level and repair is not required.


If the RF input level to a drop amplifier is +1 dBmV and the output is +16 dBmV, the amplifier gain is

15 dBmV.
15 dB.
17 dB.
17 dBmV.


Which of the following organizations developed the standard for the analog television signal carried in U.S cable
telecommunications systems?

National Television Standards Committee (NTSC)

National Cable Television Association (NCTA)
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)


All of the following are considered to be necessary before working aloft EXCEPT:
inspection of safety strap and climbing belt for cracks or visible defects.
survey the climbing route.
notification of joint use utility pole (easement or access restrictions).
pole inspection for insufficient depth of pole base, evidence of collision from a moving vehicle, rot or insect infestation.


The guideline for determining the minimum bend radius for any size cable is:

The distance between your thumb and forefinger.

10 times 1/4 inch.
5 times 75 Ohms.
10 times the diameter of the cable.


What is the proper way to clean a hard hat?

Paint it when it gets very dirty or scratched.

Use an oil-based product like gasoline or turpentine to remove grease or tar.
Wash the hat in a washing machine and apply a coat of auto wax.
Use water and a mild detergent.


Typical attenuation (signal loss) through each leg of a two-way splitter at 1002 MHz is:

1 dB.
2 dB.
4 dB.
5 dB.


Numbness, cold extremities, waxy or blotted skin are symptoms of what condition?

Heat stroke
Heat exhaustion


In North America, the audio carrier of a standard television channel is ______ MHz higher in frequency than the video carrier.



The practice of combining multiple digital streams into one 6 MHz channel space is known as:

block conversion.
switched broadcast.


All of the following may affect signal strength EXCEPT the

length of the drop.

size of the drop cable.
channel frequency.
grounding method.


Which of the following will likely compromise the impedance of a coaxial cable?

Temperature fluctuations
Peak loading periods
Six-inch drip loop
Kinking the cable


An NTSC analog television channel is:


not considered part of basic services.

6 Megahertz wide.
4 Megahertz wide.
another name for a pay channel.
What electronic device is used to help the installer identify specific wires within the customer premises?
Signal Level Meter and Test Lead
Tone and Probe Kit
Volt-Ohm-Milliameter and Test Probes
Proper wire labeling on both ends of the wire


The drop cable installation should NEVER

run across a roof.

run around the exterior under the eaves.
run underground around the base or slab.
go directly from an outside to an inside wall.



Leakage detection equipment is used by an installer to perform all of the following EXCEPT:
ensure there is no signal leakage after completing an installation.
assist the technician in the correction of drop-related signal leakage.
troubleshoot the drop.
improve cross-talk performance.
What gauge ground wire will you use if you find it necessary to bond two ground rods together?








When speaking with the customer, what is it important to do?

Speak clearly and simply, avoiding industry jargon and idle conversation.
Use lots of technical terms to impress them.
Stand closely and speak loudly to be sure the customer can hear what you are saying.
Laugh and joke a lot to let the customer know you are happy and like your job.
Which of the following statements is true concerning splitters?
They divide signal power to provide more than one signal output.
They always amplify the signal.
They are active devices and require power to operate.
They are only used inside the customer's premises.
What is the primary purpose of a television test set?
It is a last resort to prove that the system picture quality is always good regardless of what the TV repairman says.
It is used to determine whether poor picture quality is due to a system/drop problem or the customer's TV.
It is used to check the quality of the coaxial drop cable.
It is used to adjust amplifier RF levels.
Wire used to interconnect different grounding electrodes must be:
minimum #14 gauge solid or stranded copper.
#6 gauge copper or larger.
#6 gauge copper clad steel or larger wire.
#14 gauge solid or stranded copper or other corrosion resistant material that is insulated.
0 dBmV is equal to ________ across a 75-ohm impedance.
1 mV
10 dB
10 mV

What is a primary consideration when selecting the location of the drop attachment and hardware on the outside of a custome
Select a place where the outside hardware will be conspicuous so that other technicians can find it.
Select a place where the drop cable from the pedestal will always be in a straight line to the house.
Select a place as close to the bonding point (ground block) as practical.
Select a place away from other utilities to prevent interference.
The wide blade on the AC plug for the TV is connected to which of the following?
A DC source







Using a VOM is a simple way to test for which type of problem with the consumer premises wiring?
Ringer Equivalency Number (REN)
Shorted-out wiring
Improper use of color code
Wire corrosion
When are traffic cones used outside your vehicle?
Only in heavy traffic areas
Only at construction sites
When hanging a drop across the street
Anytime the vehicle is parked near traffic
When strand is not available and all clearances can be met, attachment to the pole can be made using a:
span clamp.
drive pin and 1/2-inch ring.
What is the term used to describe the method for running cable from an origination point to the first outlet, from the first
outlet to the second outlet, from the second outlet to the third outlet, etc.?
Loop through
Home run
Continuous flow
What type of cable is used specifically for underground drops?
Messenger drop cable
UL listed drop cable
Quad shield drop cable
Flooded drop cable
Which of the following represents the standard HDTV aspect ratio?